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Can caption boxes be muted?6molynsi2018-02-03 10:10:00
Jet logistics2Basher6192017-12-11 09:51:00
Different Starting Positions for Versus Level5IrishGuyJay2017-11-19 21:42:00
Controlinator Output Only Upon Initial Press of the Button?7IrishGuyJay2017-11-18 14:14:00
How do I link levels in LBP that are unpublished from my moon (or hidden?)2petethepug2017-10-18 04:17:00
WHERE is the music sequencer?4molynsi2017-07-31 08:02:00
Namco Classics DLC8SmithyBlacksmith2017-06-14 01:36:00
Everything's disappeared!5Sir monacle2017-04-15 15:21:00
3D camera rotation.3Sir monacle2017-02-22 10:22:00
In/out help.4Sir monacle2016-11-29 13:02:00
Help Wanted: Need players who own a Move Controller/PS-Vita!8SmithyBlacksmith2016-11-26 06:49:00
Bugged DLC? Help?1SmithyBlacksmith2016-11-26 06:10:00
Where to find radioactive material?1CamostarAtIsabella2016-11-24 16:19:00
Holograms with Physical propperties.9Sir monacle2016-09-24 11:23:00
Popit instructions3JL - wopdido2016-07-26 08:02:00
Changing music tempo freezes game?6Retsamehtmai2016-04-02 20:14:00
Problems with Emitting.3JL - wopdido2016-02-07 20:29:00
hologram through glasslayers8JL - wopdido2016-01-30 13:26:00
Destoying emitted chunks?5JL - wopdido2016-01-12 17:56:00
Broken floating emitter1JL - wopdido2015-12-31 09:00:00
Gravity question4JL - wopdido2015-12-30 12:29:00
Scoreboard6anoken2015-12-26 05:52:00
Dowloaded DLC6JL - wopdido2015-12-20 10:13:00
I am searching a community level9mdkd992015-10-22 16:24:00
Music Issue5Mawile2015-09-30 22:43:00
Where exactly you unlock the Holo Suit in the Cross Controler pack?2Koenji2015-09-24 01:59:00
Oops... did I just "Good Grief!" someone?1Commander_Teal2015-09-23 00:14:00
Need help again7SackGirlSorceress2015-08-14 19:09:00
Littlebigplanet 2 help5SackGirlSorceress2015-07-31 04:15:00
Wireless Controlinator Question2Kato2014-12-12 20:16:00
Need a Skilled Creator's Help8AlexStarkie2014-11-27 05:40:00
I can't use dlc decorations in other people's games.5gurren0092014-11-24 01:03:00
That Elusive Andreas Hat3The11thWheatley2014-11-21 22:24:00
What happened to my level!?7TenebrisNemo2014-11-21 19:12:00
Locked level glitch?8MrDonoB2014-11-10 09:23:00
Follower problem5Darthvadre112014-11-09 18:08:00
Any tips on creating costumes?4EleoMod2014-11-08 17:34:00
Never got my RSBR shirt4ItzDennisz2014-10-31 16:20:00
A strange and magical 3D level26virtesem2014-10-28 10:33:00
LBP2 Interactive Music6Verschleppen2014-10-23 12:27:00
[SOLVED] Multiple Captions1Rainbro Dash2014-10-22 22:15:00
DC Comics DLC7kevinunknown5132014-10-22 04:48:00
Level Links in Versus Levels5Rainbro Dash2014-10-17 08:02:00
Help with Sackbot A.I.!!4maestro268012014-10-15 00:03:00
Account/Log-In Name Change?10RV-20132014-10-13 22:30:00
Making a camera system6MrDonoB2014-10-09 00:28:00
Drawing with grids VS drawing without grids: how, why, when11Vintovka2014-10-08 19:44:00
How do you make a spawning system for how many players are in a level?6nfsinternational2014-10-07 20:36:00
How did they pull this artistic style off?6Biv2014-10-07 15:44:00
I need help with water in my level4megaminopenguins2014-10-05 04:11:00
Magic mouths aren't working!8Cal-man12014-10-04 09:37:00
Help me with my boss!!!6Laxen3332014-10-03 17:04:00
How do you test a multiplayer game by yourself?9GribbleGrunger2014-10-03 12:43:00
How to make a rolling carpet like in DC Comics ?7Batdroopy2014-10-03 11:58:00
Help! I have reached the top of the thermometer25Cal-man12014-10-02 19:32:00
Where is the TV Static material?3Treppemanss2014-10-02 02:25:00
Motion controller and DC Comics Cape power up not working?2tabuu92014-10-01 22:58:00
Downloading DLC from a foreign PSN store3Oddmania2014-10-01 08:30:00
Saving/Backup!8RV-20132014-09-29 21:10:00
How do I make hazards "hurt" a vehicle.5Biv2014-09-29 00:01:00
Logic Optimization4SEWO972014-09-24 00:19:00
How big is the LBP2 Create space?4SilverTriforce72014-09-23 02:28:00
Help - Making 1 large object dissapear?13Kewes182014-09-21 11:44:00
Triggering a sackbot animation4Biv2014-09-21 06:13:00
Loading My Cross-Controller Level Disconnects Vita on White Loading Screen4koltonaugust2014-09-21 01:05:00
I need tutorials on creating costumes12EleoMod2014-09-20 18:34:00
How can I convince someone into buying this game?7mr_D222014-09-20 11:38:00
Profile won't record play/completion stage icon nor play data. Please help!16Flyojumper2014-09-19 20:14:00
simple logic help ? (random sequence help)4littlebigveteran2014-09-17 13:42:00
Item states between linked levels.4Biv2014-09-16 00:59:00
Online playing UNPLAYABLE, since last two updates6XxSuperRyugaxX2014-09-08 22:46:00
Major problem !!!4darkknight20102014-09-08 04:14:00
Issues with publishing.4Verbal832014-09-06 16:27:00
Placing Material Without Overlapping Other Materials6Undifined2014-09-06 03:41:00
Are you good at management logic tthat ties sub-system logic elements together?3DreadRandal2014-09-03 19:52:00
Looking for testers/feedsback3Lollie2014-09-02 12:45:00
Whats Going on with My Lbp2 Profile?!5Rehmy2014-08-30 05:42:00
Is there a way to get the Cross-Controller Pack items without having a Vita?11Tyler2014-08-29 19:45:00
Music request1Jonarrthan2014-08-28 07:43:00
ooooooooooooooooooo8Rainbro Dash2014-08-28 04:14:00
Signal Division8Tynz212014-08-26 22:40:00
Music Sequencer question5Willman42014-08-26 14:41:00
Memorizer Time of Day Recording3SilverTriforce72014-08-26 00:48:00
Planning and constructing in an efficient way?12Laxen3332014-08-25 17:12:00
Simple Logic Help Please??4June192014-08-23 13:02:00
Yeah, I'm late to the party. Top down attacks tutorial.3Biv2014-08-22 01:30:00
3D trails for spaceship shooter?17Laxen3332014-08-21 12:35:00
My dc lvl kit dlc is lost!4CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-20 01:53:00
This must be east...90-degree turn-pause-turn-pause-etc9Biv2014-08-20 01:07:00
Advanced RPG Inventory Logic.12TranscendantAether2014-08-19 19:46:00
How can I make good scenery?12Darthvadre112014-08-19 01:49:00
Epic boss battle8Laxen3332014-08-18 18:29:00
I Need Smme Music Recommendations3Kato2014-08-18 17:07:00
Adding photos to a published level8nickram2014-08-18 10:48:00
Level refusing to spawn more than two players12YungDaVinci2014-08-15 02:43:00
8-bit and 16-bit encoders/decoders?18Jacob467192014-08-14 22:42:00
Does wired or wireless take up more thermo?5YungDaVinci2014-08-13 21:20:00
I'm going to ask the strangest question in the world6chronos4532014-08-13 19:10:00
optimization5JKY2014-08-12 17:30:00
Toggling with a receiver3Rainbro Dash2014-08-12 03:53:00
objects SFX sounds3Jonarrthan2014-08-12 00:57:00
Life Bar feedback loop help?11SilverTriforce72014-08-11 22:11:00
Controllinator Question9Rainbro Dash2014-08-11 04:16:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 won't start after intro3Dobbed2014-08-11 00:38:00
Dividing conbut I'd rather do it neatly.ollinator joystick outputs4JFM27962014-08-10 16:17:00
Cross controller dlc run through3ahzman3502014-08-09 19:58:00
Sticker Question!10blacksackman2014-08-08 08:29:00
DLC Question3SilverTriforce72014-08-07 20:52:00
Therm and Lag Questions!12SilverTriforce72014-08-06 21:11:00
How do I rank players in versus levels?9Darthvadre112014-08-06 17:58:00
Star Wars Music6Verbal832014-08-05 23:16:00
My Moon Level Corrupt3superjoe142014-08-05 21:50:00
Desynchronized Audio5blacksackman2014-08-05 09:04:00
Level Link Help!8RV-20132014-08-04 21:25:00
Changing spin speed of power-ups?3YungDaVinci2014-08-04 13:10:00
Logic Help?3Candy_Kisses_xx2014-08-03 12:54:00
Emitters aren't working4Darthvadre112014-08-03 05:34:00
Music...8KingstonSupreme2014-08-02 14:02:00
Invisible hazards3chronos4532014-08-01 19:44:00
Positional Decoration Spinner?7Smuffy042014-08-01 18:56:00
Memorizer Questions5cheese77102014-08-01 16:00:00
100% items glitch on "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Negativitron"4Biv2014-08-01 15:13:00
Moar Boss Help Needed4Dobbed2014-07-31 09:34:00
Move Pack Error6blacksackman2014-07-31 08:56:00
Imported profile but..3midnight_heist2014-07-31 06:43:00
how do I make an item float in the air?11nickram2014-07-30 14:08:00
logic simulating the hero cape5one-mad-bunny2014-07-30 01:44:00
Signals and Timer Differentiation6Mikell Williams2014-07-29 21:04:00
Best Way to Make a Movie?5CirkuzFr3ek2014-07-29 20:47:00
Pod moderation4OrreKorris2014-07-29 10:56:00
Tethering to a point with signal strength?14amiel4455662014-07-28 23:27:00
Another Memorizer Question4SwagosPuntos2014-07-28 23:06:00
can't enter play mode on my created level6nickram2014-07-28 13:43:00
How do you create Super Mario Bros.8rave2014e2014-07-27 23:40:00
Lost all DLC I paid for5Unknown User2014-07-27 17:14:00
Exceeding 100% analog signals9Tynz212014-07-26 20:52:00
Sackbot Fisticuffs. (Fighting Logic)9Mikell Williams2014-07-24 19:07:00
Choosing an output based on the strongest of two inputs?7YungDaVinci2014-07-21 21:06:00
A Hope for Homestuck (Advanced Logic Inquiry)5Mikell Williams2014-07-20 16:15:00
Creating your own stickers?8YungDaVinci2014-07-18 23:52:00
Getting rid of the offscreen player indicator5damian_tsl2014-07-17 23:11:00
A Question on the Reliability of Level Links15Crazed Creator2014-07-17 01:44:00
Character Selection Menu on a different level [using memorizer]?6wally-2172014-07-16 20:30:00
Where is the Memorizer?5piggabling2014-07-16 04:08:00
Controinator register button press help4SilverTriforce72014-07-16 00:56:00
Creating with Cross Controller12Krymzonsky2014-07-15 19:11:00
Multiplayer player sensing?4Woutery2014-07-13 14:27:00
LBPC Particles Question10RV-20132014-07-11 21:51:00
Sackbot Following Light Help8SilverTriforce72014-07-11 08:43:00
Super Score Bubbles3dyna2014-07-10 21:16:00
Boss Help !11darkknight20102014-07-09 07:27:00
Unable to earn trophies and pins?4SwagosPuntos2014-07-08 00:26:00
Top Down Jumping9DaFrontPorch2014-07-08 00:00:00
Emitted Bouncing bullets help7KingerBrocku2014-07-07 19:59:00
Sensor of grab. help7vusco2014-07-07 17:33:00
Dividing a Memorizer Theory and Building A Save System with 100+ Variables5Rpg Maker2014-07-07 05:35:00
Memoriser Question2SwagosPuntos2014-07-06 11:55:00
Green Liquid in the DC Comics DLC7Thepowaofhax2014-07-05 23:23:00
Multi-Input Pathing (Simpler way?)6amiel4455662014-07-05 00:12:00
Decoration Spinner help..7dragonboy2692014-07-03 23:39:00
Sackboy controlled Sackbot Walk Speed4Littlebigluke2014-07-03 10:12:00
Emitting Sackbots into foreground/background4YungDaVinci2014-07-03 02:56:00
Help with Counting! HELP!10RV-20132014-07-02 21:29:00
prize bubble list2mastercrazyhand2014-07-02 17:54:00
General Level Design Tips?6YungDaVinci2014-07-01 06:34:00
Music Sequencers5dyna2014-06-28 22:16:00
I lost everything i ever loved...10Tikaki-MooMoo2014-06-27 07:19:00
New Activity Glitch8sackboy2062014-06-24 18:29:00
Disable "Hold to Retry!" Function6DawnBreaker_232014-06-23 01:47:00
Cutscenes Without Sequencers Question4Kato2014-06-22 20:22:00
Create Mode increasingly more unstable11XboxSmasher0072014-06-19 16:24:00
What in the Hey is this thing?9Tikaki-MooMoo2014-06-19 14:22:00
Boss Battle Help5Dobbed2014-06-19 04:13:00
emitter-thermo issues?20Tynz212014-06-17 06:00:00
Binary vs analog where display of numbers is needed.10tdarb2014-06-17 05:32:00
One Ups, Or Lives logic5KingerBrocku2014-06-16 21:30:00
Score givers and Sackbots4one-mad-bunny2014-06-16 02:56:00
Duplicating profile on several PS3s for teaching a workshop4damian_tsl2014-06-14 22:13:00
How do i get DLC on to LBP2?4Woutery2014-06-14 18:03:00
Pixel Art Help Needed6Zohnar2014-06-13 12:16:00
Frame animation6Sean882014-06-08 13:55:00
How would you suggest I memorize an inventory?7Tynz212014-06-06 03:20:00
Problems with the transition from film cameras7vusco2014-06-05 21:11:00
Platformer Logic Help!4KingerBrocku2014-06-05 03:18:00
Logic Glitch??13Tynz212014-06-03 20:37:00
help replicating lockstitch's obstacles2KingerBrocku2014-06-03 02:57:00
Logic, Menu, spawning etc.2dyna2014-06-01 00:26:00
EDIT: Now something big...11L1N3R1D3R2014-05-26 23:57:00
Help With Controllinators!6xRystar2014-05-22 01:48:00
How do you wire 2 emitters with a randomizer so every 'set time' 1 emits at random?10Hana_Kami2014-05-04 11:35:00
1,440 minutes of create ERROR? Pin not counting time8Tipico2014-04-28 19:01:00
Rotating blocks around a common point4Ayneh2014-04-27 22:55:00
Memorizer...9dolphins-r-lame2014-04-24 06:01:00
Movment HELP6HyperFlash2014-04-24 05:07:00
huh? (zoom on logic issue)2amiel4455662014-04-20 03:30:00
Sackbot Tag issues3JawboneX2014-04-19 21:01:00
A motion level help11HyperFlash2014-04-19 05:13:00
Score bubble confusion!6James-p2014-04-17 19:47:00
Glitched Wall Jumping...15AmazingKittyCat2014-04-17 19:31:00
Non-slippery glass?5AmazingKittyCat2014-04-15 14:49:00
Unicode spaceing5Sean882014-04-10 12:22:00
Timer display help7SuddenEnigma2014-04-04 05:18:00
Bolt Issues?3flyinhawaiian2014-03-27 03:08:00
Emitters keep wildly changing position10TEENWULF2014-03-22 12:42:00
Paintinator fire other stuff?...15TEENWULF2014-03-16 19:40:00
File and Data, GONE! Thanks to File Corruption and Sony...5Tikaki-MooMoo2014-03-16 02:17:00
Where do I get this or how do I make it?12SuddenEnigma2014-03-14 15:32:00
Theck in the Glitched Layers3Rainbro Dash2014-03-12 01:30:00
uhh... (logic question)3amiel4455662014-03-11 08:51:00
Toy Story Costume Pack ?? Does it even exist?9v0rtex2014-03-11 05:16:00
Deleting Memoriser Tags problems6Sharfik19952014-03-10 00:56:00
I need some top down help please8Sean882014-03-09 13:47:00
(Solved) Starting LBP2 Problem on My New PS34JustinArt2014-03-08 16:57:00
Recording levels question3dragonboy2692014-03-07 17:50:00
question about sounds7AmazingKittyCat2014-03-04 01:08:00
MY PINS?? (platinum is missing)4pj152014-02-21 19:35:00
3D Glitch Question7Spaceraoul282014-02-19 16:54:00
Emitted stuff not appearing....9AmazingKittyCat2014-02-18 06:11:00
Could you, would you animate a dog for me, please?7ApeCheese2014-02-16 23:37:00
LBP.me Lists?3madcowj2014-02-10 06:53:00
Freezing...4dragonboy2692014-02-07 02:17:00
Overheating question...11dragonboy2692014-02-04 04:04:00
Questions about Signal Addition using the OR Gate7Ali_Star2014-01-29 09:46:00
Controlinator Up Down Reversed9Mymagic12122014-01-28 05:39:00
DC Dlc problems3Sean882014-01-24 13:55:00
Detect which sackbot is grabbing?4dragonboy2692014-01-24 00:32:00
Water Level Control3Jauw2014-01-22 17:06:00
DLC level5Sean882014-01-22 12:44:00
Quick question on the (seemingly) almighty memorizer4chronos4532014-01-21 09:28:00
Trying to Ace Dc dlc....anyone have a Material list?6James-p2014-01-18 16:12:00
Movers veering out of line..6Kiminski2014-01-16 14:08:00
Wall Jump Conveyor?3flyinhawaiian2014-01-15 16:43:00
Emitting objects in front of the glitched layers4Rainbro Dash2014-01-13 22:09:00
Camera logic help12aratiatia2014-01-08 02:43:00
Music Player and Music Sequencer Stop Playing3XboxSmasher0072014-01-07 19:33:00
A Way to Remember the Order in Which "Things" are Activated?10Ali_Star2014-01-07 09:30:00
I reset my profile data, but...I can't play11AmazingKittyCat2014-01-06 14:49:00
Purchased Dc level pack and..3bzrgzr2014-01-03 21:17:00
Help with turning off music.13GribbleGrunger2014-01-03 14:14:00
Locked levels...Level links and such...7James-p2014-01-03 10:34:00
Positional Sequencer Glitch4Seku2014-01-02 01:53:00
Super Bunnio - How did he do it?3RabidJellyfish2014-01-02 01:40:00
Memorizer Help (Reset/Save Speed?)4amiel4455662014-01-01 20:56:00
Music won't play.2GribbleGrunger2014-01-01 16:20:00
X-Con3Roosterland2013-12-30 03:53:00
Memorizer Help (Logic)4amiel4455662013-12-29 15:39:00
Count number of player in a level5lucas_turci2013-12-15 23:47:00
Detaching Items3Littlebigluke2013-12-14 20:09:00
Fire without flames....!?!7James-p2013-12-13 19:28:00
Quick question about reducing lag9airide1012013-12-11 23:04:00
Making Snow8H-O-S-M-A-R2013-12-10 19:28:00
Logic Probe Help (I need logic help)4amiel4455662013-12-10 15:46:00
"Undo" keeps failing...7dragonboy2692013-12-07 04:55:00
Coloured unicodes and spaces3Sean882013-12-05 15:23:00
Sprite design8Sean882013-12-05 15:18:00
Need some logic help :) (controllinator+animation question) First time posting5Incandesca2013-12-05 05:12:00
i need a bit of logics help3xXbugyofanXx2013-12-03 09:13:00
How do you make Multiple Stages within a level?7Dobbed2013-11-30 13:58:00
Repeating signal faster than NOT gate?9Felyne2013-11-19 06:39:00
Reduce Logic Lag?6Felyne2013-11-19 05:47:00
Attract-O-Tweaker particles6Elifia Kamigawa2013-11-18 06:17:00
Microphone (and headset) chat, but won't record on sackbot3kaspardividian2013-11-17 05:01:00
Sackbot control replacement4airide1012013-11-15 01:13:00
Sackbot Score Subtractor and Adder7Felyne2013-11-12 20:26:00
Looking for something9RoseBros32013-11-12 03:57:00
RPG Battle System help8Littlebigluke2013-11-09 20:46:00
How does this work?3OskerGreene2013-11-09 18:40:00
Game Cameras3Reader90012013-11-08 21:12:00
your shape is getting too complicated.4DreadRandal2013-11-06 15:18:00
Cross Controller Offline?2airide1012013-11-05 22:53:00
Separate 'Local Space' Cameras for each player.17Elifia Kamigawa2013-11-04 19:33:00
Tag Sensor Problem14Robo49002013-11-04 12:10:00
Do I lose any data if I use a new PSN account?6Ryanz192013-11-02 10:38:00
in search of a sticker5pj152013-11-01 02:52:00
Final Story Mode Level Bug3MattTheWorm2013-10-28 02:43:00
I need help with sackbots...13TheSadDemon2013-10-27 18:18:00
Why is everyone saying v in comments?5Hana_Kami2013-10-24 22:01:00
Put on your best Fry...8DreadRandal2013-10-23 19:05:00
How do I get objects to move throughout layers?4Littlebigluke2013-10-23 16:06:00
How do I control which sackbot a player goes in?8Ryanz192013-10-19 20:02:00
dividing and multiplying analog signals?5amiel4455662013-10-12 17:12:00
Decrease level loading time?5dragonboy2692013-10-09 07:12:00
Timer/Counter/Projectile Sensor Glitch?2amiel4455662013-10-05 08:26:00
"Failed to join because player is busy"?2airide1012013-10-04 22:02:00
Follower is too weak8dragonboy2692013-09-29 02:08:00
LBP2 & Musical scales2liamdaniels2013-09-27 20:51:00
Freezing8N-k122013-09-27 07:15:00
Question: How do you make a code lock?8Jorel415336252013-09-26 22:10:00
DLC Help needed!4Jorel415336252013-09-25 22:12:00
I have trouble making an arm for a controllinator item.6N-k122013-09-25 07:36:00
Player Score Sensors?4Okami2013-09-21 22:18:00
Music Sequencer2LBCC_MrK2013-09-21 01:34:00
Hiding timers until button is pressed3Unknown User2013-09-20 08:15:00
Power Meter ?? Any idea5dexterlab972013-09-17 15:32:00
Create my own contest?2pj152013-09-15 02:55:00
LBP1 to LBP2 vs. LBP2 to LBPK2Unknown User2013-09-15 02:47:00
Detect 1 of 4 sackbots with a grab sensor?4Art-in-Heart2013-09-12 08:58:00
Controlinator+gun+overheat=HOW???4dexterlab972013-09-11 12:17:00
Muppets Pack part 1 problem3Unknown User2013-09-11 00:00:00
emitter problem.7Madman_Asunder2013-09-08 01:27:00
Hiding the score circle thing?3dragonboy2692013-09-07 03:12:00
Problems with Tag labels5Erikson242013-09-04 20:07:00
Logic help for 2v2 team based spawning.5Unknown User2013-09-04 09:08:00
Halp! Free Paintinator Problems.6N-k122013-09-03 17:54:00
Need help with Controlinator + Camera!4Unknown User2013-09-01 05:04:00
FONTS FONTS and even more FONTS9L-I-M-I2013-08-31 05:41:00
Sliding Puzzle Help.3SirenScribble71892013-08-30 20:10:00
Cross controller Air vent material....Tweakable?? (SOLVED)5James-p2013-08-30 18:17:00
Can you make my level look pretty? Artist?3IdeaBanka2013-08-29 09:09:00
Logic limits6dragonboy2692013-08-29 00:31:00
Touch sensor3Unknown User2013-08-27 05:02:00
i need help making music3Unknown User2013-08-27 02:22:00
Color help5dragonboy2692013-08-22 00:50:00
Capture Lag problem5SCHWITZER-19452013-08-21 23:01:00
Dimensions of visible screen portion6Unknown User2013-08-18 12:40:00
How do I make a gun to have overheat ammo4dexterlab972013-08-17 14:55:00
Create Mode Freezing13Mopkins2013-08-16 19:13:00
Help needed! Very hard to explain! Lol!11Sonicthefellow72013-08-16 04:27:00
A Dual-Action Pulley Lift [SOLVED]3Unknown User2013-08-16 04:08:00
Closest Torso to any rare "T-shirt"?3Unknown User2013-08-15 09:33:00
Speed up ticks? (Logic help)12amiel4455662013-08-15 07:56:00
Corner jumping5Caliboy45992013-08-14 03:46:00
Some Sort Of Way To Change Motor Direction [SOLVED]18Unknown User2013-08-14 02:44:00
What is the best/easiest way to take screenshots?3IdeaBanka2013-08-13 02:48:00
Stack-able Percentage? (logic help)5amiel4455662013-08-12 23:00:00
Winter and Autumm Creator Packs6H-O-S-M-A-R2013-08-12 06:28:00
More than 4 players playing together at once?4Unknown User2013-08-10 20:59:00
Theory of Object Cost and Emitters4Rpg Maker2013-08-10 18:19:00
Crown Question2dragonboy2692013-08-10 01:33:00
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selector switch position based on number of tags?6Brannayen2012-11-27 22:57:00
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how long to delay gameplay?7Smudge2282012-11-26 18:27:00
Train wheels Help.19Spaceraoul282012-11-19 19:50:00
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Moving Background Help3Buttarms2012-11-16 04:07:00
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LBP2 Pipe Organ?3EndofLight2012-11-12 00:06:00
fast objects and missed collisions3Unknown User2012-11-11 15:48:00
Need help creating a Special Level.15Unknown User2012-11-10 21:30:00
Quad-pedal Mech. how do I make it?10XxHAMADEHxX2012-11-08 19:10:00
Question Related to Published Levels3Ali_Star2012-11-08 12:54:00
Moving Platform Problem4Unknown User2012-11-08 11:33:00
Need help with 2 pins (applies both to LBP2 and LBP Vita versions)5WyomingMyst2012-11-05 05:53:00
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Top down fighter.6Sackie2012-11-02 14:42:00
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Level limit on Earth?10MatrixEchidna2012-10-26 14:27:00
Top down view?3Unknown User2012-10-24 01:27:00
My best level has been moderated, now what?17JakePutz2012-10-23 17:13:00
Logic/controllinator issues11Unknown User2012-10-22 23:10:00
Did i forget or did the Sequencer change a bit?3Lord-Dreamerz2012-10-21 20:36:00
Please help!!!5Ryanz192012-10-21 19:21:00
Directional Timers5Kaboosh992012-10-21 11:44:00
Single Player Versus Mode3silmedriel2012-10-20 22:47:00
how do you make the green text bubble that explains controls?3joelombardo8302012-10-19 23:46:00
Need Advice with level links.2Unknown User2012-10-19 19:25:00
dissapearing and reappearing foreground?9harbingernaut2012-10-17 18:11:00
Level diary?4Liquid_Blood_2012-10-17 00:38:00
how make a sackbot have collision4Nxzluzxiii2012-10-16 00:48:00
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headache inducing lag in create mode due to logic.4harbingernaut2012-10-14 02:21:00
How to make a platform level?8Unknown User2012-10-14 01:13:00
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tag/ tag label limit?16harbingernaut2012-10-13 03:03:00
Something to play with?2Brannayen2012-10-13 02:52:00
CONTROLLINATOR issues -- what chips do I use to make sackboy exit?4Unknown User2012-10-12 23:01:00
what is the best substitute for a trumpet?3Killzone36522012-10-12 19:35:00
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Turn based co-op?4Unknown User2012-10-11 03:49:00
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Organized Way of Emitting Enemies5Rainbro Dash2012-10-09 09:20:00
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close proximity decreasing HP6wolfy_6162012-10-06 19:34:00
Emitter/Destroyer Logic Help?4Unknown User2012-10-06 18:50:00
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Eye Blinkng?!3Unknown User2012-10-06 08:35:00
Where did these glitched materials come from?2lve_msg2012-10-04 22:20:00
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What makes a good side-scrolling shooter?3Unknown User2012-09-27 03:01:00
Counting from a group?4Unknown User2012-09-24 21:55:00
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How to give 1 point? instead of 10 for sports games3lilballer222012-09-24 20:20:00
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Invisible fire and/or electricity in LBP2?11Hana_Kami2012-09-17 18:20:00
Lighting Glitch?3Tynz212012-09-17 04:10:00
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movie camera problem2SirGreenDay2012-09-16 23:39:00
How to make a patrolling Sackbot?10Unknown User2012-09-16 20:54:00
Spinning sunburst2bluesteel7892012-09-16 20:19:00
this is normal?8neto3332012-09-16 17:10:00
Thermo and how to create with it?10Silvantor2012-09-16 10:29:00
Level Link Issues...5Unknown User2012-09-16 09:03:00
Looking for a particular type of glitched material to make an Earthbender7Unknown User2012-09-15 21:59:00
Rotators5Rainbro Dash2012-09-15 21:22:00
Strange bug and just...weird. Please help me!11Silvantor2012-09-15 18:42:00
Need anwser as quick as possible3Silvantor2012-09-15 13:56:00
Thermo issues4aster60002012-09-15 13:13:00
Game freezing in create mode4Mopkins2012-09-14 12:39:00
Counters versus Timers8minifat2012-09-12 22:54:00
animated ants7SirGreenDay2012-09-11 03:12:00
Weird shadow glitch6Unknown User2012-09-10 05:33:00
horizontally objects rotation.3HellYeah19822012-09-10 00:47:00
candelabra object?3SirGreenDay2012-09-10 00:44:00
Slap Sensors on objects4Unknown User2012-09-09 15:38:00
Question about connecting levels5Unknown User2012-09-08 17:21:00
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Backround Help9Unknown User2012-09-07 23:25:00
Top Down Exploding Barrel Help7cthulhu822012-09-07 23:24:00
Move pack's "black goo" effect?3Unknown User2012-09-07 10:20:00
Health help needed!3ConanUltimate2012-09-07 08:18:00
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Help with Camera views7anarchowolf2012-09-07 00:03:00
Issue with score givers & sackbots6Radishlord2012-09-06 22:08:00
Top down level help7Brannayen2012-09-06 12:01:00
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Getting back into LBP :D3Unknown User2012-09-04 18:18:00
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Network being slow, or is it just me?4Ali_Star2012-09-03 20:27:00
3D cam problem!6SuperROBO12012-09-03 17:35:00
Multiple tag detection with counter display??3Shade_seeker2012-09-03 16:11:00
Cascade detection of completed tasks? (A,B,C,D,E)11Unknown User2012-09-03 08:50:00
Hologram help3wheelbbase9112012-09-02 06:20:00
I'm the Definition of "Epic Fail" When It Comes to Creating Levels So.....12Chris---Kristy2012-09-02 05:51:00
2 questions You may could help me with...3Unknown User2012-09-01 06:46:00
4 controllinators2HellYeah19822012-08-30 18:34:00
Can someone please upload a video of my level series?4Unknown User2012-08-30 05:16:00
Design Help4Unknown User2012-08-30 02:28:00
Item Sending: Is this possible or not?11amoney19992012-08-30 02:27:00
Flame as in Full Metal Rabbit?9Unknown User2012-08-29 19:16:00
Can a sackbot pick up a powerup during actual gameplay.10WyomingMyst2012-08-29 02:25:00
ASHAMED to ask (but will anyway)7futureboy2012-08-28 08:47:00
Need help resetting a sequencer3Restingbird2012-08-28 02:14:00
Level completion percentage5airide1012012-08-28 00:13:00
help with level links please...6Unknown User2012-08-27 05:02:00
Not a good sine.6Kalawishis2012-08-27 03:14:00
Less Than 1003Mopkins2012-08-25 13:00:00
Expanding signature photo3airide1012012-08-24 22:59:00
Graphic bugs shadows/stickers/lighting10ryano7752012-08-24 16:27:00
Moving layers7Dfw862012-08-24 07:01:00
Multiple Spawning Points3Unknown User2012-08-24 05:53:00
Feedback loop health6airide1012012-08-24 04:14:00
Disc VS Digital7Nick9309302012-08-23 16:29:00
Health6airide1012012-08-23 05:05:00
Toy Story2bluesteel7892012-08-22 22:02:00
Help with some helicopter logic14Unknown User2012-08-22 21:39:00
boss construction and test.2HellYeah19822012-08-22 04:15:00
logic help needed.7unnatural2012-08-22 02:06:00
Baddie boundaries (AI issues)4Unknown User2012-08-22 01:29:00
Issue with Attract-O-Gel?5CirkuzFr3ek2012-08-21 21:51:00
I Want To Make Your Level's Logo!32curtislarkin2012-08-21 17:57:00
Select co op and vs2Unknown User2012-08-21 14:44:00
Need music sequencer people for top down shooter custom music2airide1012012-08-21 04:01:00
Where is the Progressive Level?8one-mad-bunny2012-08-21 02:01:00
Problem with Electronic Cube7user112012-08-20 23:19:00
Pantheon Corrupted3SP33D-0842012-08-20 19:48:00
Help with initial spawn and game end with sackbots3jjdragon2012-08-20 17:26:00
Make a emitted object move with you6Dfw862012-08-20 15:34:00
introduction movie with out respawn until it ends?3HellYeah19822012-08-20 08:43:00
Strategy Game like Battle Isle or Advance Wars7Unknown User2012-08-20 08:23:00
Costume stickers problem.4SP33D-0842012-08-20 00:18:00
feedback loops and verses 4 player systems5JKY2012-08-19 21:26:00
Repeat Stop Logic1Unknown User2012-08-19 19:55:00
Local Space still broken?7Kiminski2012-08-18 17:12:00
Lbp1 lost level plays help!3Unknown User2012-08-18 16:22:00
Entering a controlinator level invisibly?7MicGorbachev2012-08-18 03:33:00
Gobotron Glitched1SP33D-0842012-08-17 22:57:00
Keeping track of lives in a level2Unknown User2012-08-17 19:44:00
Help! Online problems!2Unknown User2012-08-17 16:20:00
Beta Vest Help [LBP2]6Unknown User2012-08-17 11:48:00
help reporting users2Unknown User2012-08-17 08:08:00
need help with my cut scene level12Unknown User2012-08-17 02:32:00
LBP2- How to reduce Thermometer levels4Unknown User2012-08-16 23:49:00
I need help getting back to Creating.8madmarsrocks2012-08-16 21:49:00
Timer/Counter partial reads.4Unknown User2012-08-15 23:01:00
forced scrolling5HeySK2012-08-15 22:45:00
Is there any way to have a light with no physical presence?3merkaba482012-08-15 13:59:00
What does sync do?5Unknown User2012-08-15 13:29:00
Points for speed?5Ungreth2012-08-15 10:04:00
Sequencer problems?6Unknown User2012-08-15 03:02:00
2 easy score questions(Solved)6JKY2012-08-14 10:37:00
Logic works in Create mode, not in Play mode.13merkaba482012-08-14 00:27:00
Adjust minimum activation of analog stick digital signal with no latency? (Solved)8SSTAGG12012-08-13 16:14:00
Help with Hair?8Unknown User2012-08-12 14:55:00
How do you stop the camera monster2Unknown User2012-08-11 20:40:00
My emitter won't emit6Dfw862012-08-11 12:51:00
Help with sending a wireless battery signal3Dfw862012-08-11 10:51:00
Platforming Ideas?3Unknown User2012-08-11 06:14:00
I need some logic help :)5Lbphart32012-08-10 03:14:00
Random randomizer?3Brannayen2012-08-09 01:15:00
Issues/Glitches/Bugs...5Chris---Kristy2012-08-08 22:31:00
Please Help!5Unknown User2012-08-08 22:31:00
Advanced Mover/Follower + Gravity Problems29Ali_Star2012-08-08 21:18:00
3D Background Lighting11LittleBigSnooth2012-08-07 12:32:00
Need help creating or having something made to requrements.3ghostrider1352012-08-07 07:49:00
piano sequence and error.3HellYeah19822012-08-07 07:02:00
LBP 1 online problem3danthi662012-08-07 01:20:00
HELP me1HellYeah19822012-08-06 19:00:00
Profile Saving Unknown Error Question8Hana_Kami2012-08-06 10:25:00
7 Levels Left to Complete...3Chris---Kristy2012-08-06 04:26:00
growing plant path such as eve's asylum4star the shi tzu2012-08-05 09:22:00
Timing in/Out-movers8Unknown User2012-08-04 14:14:00
Need help with logic for a conveyor belt with turns.3yugnar2012-08-04 02:00:00
Level gone from earth6Deurklink12012-08-03 21:32:00
A question regarding decorations and stickers.5Niffan2012-08-03 16:08:00
Sackbot Song Recording2Wolf2012-08-03 07:08:00
Invisible lights?14jjdragon2012-08-03 04:53:00
What's F4F?4bigl0uc0ntra2012-08-02 19:33:00
Camera Issues17Mopkins2012-08-02 19:26:00
I Need Help With Some Logic6Unknown User2012-08-02 13:44:00
Non-Stick Material10Unknown User2012-08-02 07:19:00
2 Advanced Movers, 1 Object8Ali_Star2012-08-01 21:34:00
sackbot camera respawing3pj152012-08-01 14:12:00
Better Picture?6Unknown User2012-07-31 00:25:00
Eye finding.6amoney19992012-07-30 21:23:00
DLC Question..13Wolffy1232012-07-30 19:20:00
LBPCentral Sticker?2L1N3R1D3R2012-07-30 17:58:00
strange logic8slidedrum2012-07-30 06:53:00
Transforming sackbot5jjdragon2012-07-30 04:45:00
Mind the Gap... putting rotating pieces into a platform.4HeySK2012-07-30 01:35:00
Can you record direct feed gameplay? Then I need your help!3Unknown User2012-07-29 21:17:00
Odd things going on little big planet 25Sacko532012-07-28 23:38:00
Jam Doesn't Work!!!6Unknown User2012-07-28 22:08:00
Profile transfer between PS3s7Holguin862012-07-28 19:34:00
Temporary Hovering Sackbot4jjdragon2012-07-28 15:06:00
Need help with helicopter logic and how to make a jetsub.3Unknown User2012-07-28 03:27:00
Planet/Moon Decorations Won't Save7synchronizer2012-07-27 20:21:00
Need someone to make mario/banjo kazooie style music4jjdragon2012-07-27 17:51:00
(Failed to connect to player)3Unknown User2012-07-27 12:14:00
Cool pages5Unknown User2012-07-27 12:05:00
Sackbot Head vs Body Movement L35xxMATEOSxx2012-07-27 01:25:00
Verifying Damage At a Range2Unknown User2012-07-26 23:38:00
quick question5Unknown User2012-07-26 04:39:00
Game Freezing While Playing My Level10Garak1012012-07-26 02:47:00
Need help with player specific checkpoints (versus level)8HeySK2012-07-26 02:15:00
Scrolling Camera with move3Unknown User2012-07-26 00:57:00
Sackbot = Sackboy6dante3vergil2012-07-25 21:38:00
Vehicle (Car) suspension help5Silvantor2012-07-25 12:54:00
Were do I find the lightbox?2Treppemanss2012-07-25 01:11:00
What is a clan war and what do you do in one?10Unknown User2012-07-25 01:10:00
Need help finding sticker/object..3Unknown User2012-07-24 19:58:00
how to participate in the Community Spotlight5vusco2012-07-24 19:08:00
Ammo Logic13Mopkins2012-07-24 13:29:00
Skippable cutscenes11Unknown User2012-07-23 21:32:00
Logic Help, I.e Item Logic and or Weapon Logic.3Archon4532012-07-23 21:23:00
Camera Help for My Pinball Game ( Explained Better)9curtislarkin2012-07-23 17:03:00
help no body can play my lvls4HellYeah19822012-07-23 01:21:00
HELP! Lbp2 Data is all Gone!3Unknown User2012-07-22 22:00:00
Camera Help for My Pinball Game2curtislarkin2012-07-22 19:41:00
what censor do i need to use with "End Game" censor????7Unknown User2012-07-22 11:32:00
Multiplayer Top down CAMERA HELP5Unknown User2012-07-22 05:25:00
[SOLVED] Versus Mode Badge Doesn't Go Away4WoodburyRaider2012-07-21 17:32:00
How to make an object move like the roborat ?4Unknown User2012-07-21 11:38:00
Menu Help. Urgent5curtislarkin2012-07-21 06:16:00
Tutorial and/or level for "ember" glitch?4dal-n-pok2012-07-20 22:00:00
How do I...4Unknown User2012-07-20 03:13:00
Is there a tool for this?4Unknown User2012-07-19 21:42:00
Creatinator Help!15HeySK2012-07-19 14:42:00
Save music to PS33Unknown User2012-07-19 07:18:00
Sackbots shoot wrong way!5Unknown User2012-07-19 04:39:00
Sackbots running and jumping in the background?3Unknown User2012-07-19 04:10:00
How do you use a font pack?3uzman2012-07-18 23:06:00
menu design3slidedrum2012-07-18 22:51:00
Level Design And Awesomeness Help3Sackpapoi2012-07-18 17:37:00
Backing up work6Sean882012-07-17 14:21:00
Help I want a cool sig.10Ben212012-07-16 23:57:00
In what level do you find the rust sticker?3uzman2012-07-16 22:02:00
LBP1 data got corrupted.6majormel842012-07-16 07:17:00
Mining Rock Points Logic Fail, Again10SilverTriforce72012-07-16 04:11:00
Question about giving paintings away as prizes5Behonkiss2012-07-16 03:12:00
[SOLVED] What is this decoration?5WoodburyRaider2012-07-16 01:03:00
Thermo Issues11Mopkins2012-07-15 19:14:00
What Should Additional Players Do in Single Player Sackbot Levels?14synchronizer2012-07-15 02:46:00
Need help getting plays :l8Unknown User2012-07-14 20:16:00
Level overcrowded, any way to fix/cheat it?5Patofan2012-07-14 14:24:00
How to make a Silhouette style level?22hellfire2012-07-14 14:24:00
Limiting Rotation Direction with the Brain Crane.5Hallm32012-07-14 10:38:00
I need help with Music4venat2012-07-13 17:51:00
I need help with a WIP (Substitute for Incredibles mask)2Niffan2012-07-13 15:28:00
Good icon seems impossible?8PixelJam2012-07-12 11:53:00
Toy Story DLC Level kit missing!2Sacko532012-07-12 03:05:00
help with creating epic lasers5Unknown User2012-07-11 23:25:00
Rotating Environment Trouble: Doors and Miscellaneous Moving Objects11synchronizer2012-07-11 21:15:00
Recreate LBP 2 Pre-Beta Space-shooter?5synchronizer2012-07-11 01:03:00
More Efficient Hit Zombie Hit Detection Logic (NOT Solved)7BIGGamerer2012-07-10 15:45:00
Switch between sackbots with multiple players3Nick9309302012-07-10 03:51:00
Sackbot custom checkpoint problems.3Unknown User2012-07-10 03:41:00
PROBLEM: Sinusoidal Animation Shape18synchronizer2012-07-10 02:55:00
Hungry Caterpillars Song1sleepsinrain2012-07-10 02:24:00
No spawn until everyone is dead?14Hana_Kami2012-07-09 23:50:00
Ball and Wall/Alleyway/Bricker (or whatever you want to call it) Logic8Ali_Star2012-07-09 13:32:00
2 Player Camera Issues2aratiatia2012-07-08 21:28:00
Health Bar logic15Mopkins2012-07-08 17:58:00
Destroyer Help8curtislarkin2012-07-08 15:58:00
Reset Level Portions Upon Dying???4Unknown User2012-07-08 13:11:00
Local Space Joystick Rotator, of sorts...8Ostler50002012-07-08 12:24:00
Problem Backing up/Loosing objects4GranolaCrunch2012-07-08 07:56:00
Costume Helper. I help with costumes!2amoney19992012-07-08 01:01:00
Need to make grab perminent7GribbleGrunger2012-07-07 17:42:00
Quick Question on Impact Sensors4Ali_Star2012-07-07 13:39:00
Recording Audio2Unknown User2012-07-07 05:35:00
multiplayer spawn issue3Unknown User2012-07-07 03:06:00
top-down controlinator help4macy_112012-07-06 22:46:00
Air Hockey Logic ( I'm Lost!)5curtislarkin2012-07-06 20:13:00
Follower problem12Nazar_Ops2012-07-05 20:37:00
Invasion: LA The Remake Beta Sign Up2Unknown User2012-07-05 02:33:00
2 Thin layers with a motor bolt13dutch2012-07-04 21:53:00
Problem with material tweaker4GribbleGrunger2012-07-04 15:19:00
I Cannot Collect Stickers Or Community Objects!4LittleMonster2012-07-04 02:53:00
More Bugs :D Yay!!12xtremesackboy2012-07-03 19:52:00
What if someone got an Mm pick, deleted itl, and republished it without any changes?10Unknown User2012-07-03 18:14:00
Health Pickup help6Unknown User2012-07-02 04:38:00
not so advanced logic question6JKY2012-07-01 22:56:00
Need Logic help.7Unknown User2012-07-01 20:34:00
Colour of a set line of text6Sean882012-07-01 19:18:00
Is there a way to use DLC you already payed for on new PSN ID same PS3?6Hana_Kami2012-07-01 00:55:00
Sound Help9Unknown User2012-06-30 08:33:00
Play a sound when emitting an object3jblalock782012-06-30 04:42:00
versus game: entrances and checkpoints2Ungreth2012-06-30 04:18:00
Incredibles costume pack...6Savagen2012-06-30 00:11:00
Grabbable Objects10guitarsareboring2012-06-29 23:35:00
Shadow Glitch?Bug?4xtremesackboy2012-06-29 18:13:00
Object ownership issue7KnutsoPX2012-06-29 16:07:00
Emitters within emitters to save thermo... downsides?3Unknown User2012-06-29 07:17:00
[HELP] Artificial gravity with Sticker Panel material and collision12Unknown User2012-06-29 03:16:00
Different randomizer output every time.8Deurklink12012-06-29 01:35:00
LBP1 problem still persists3Hana_Kami2012-06-29 00:58:00
enemy shooting at player4Unknown User2012-06-28 21:37:00
Best time to publish here??5hellfire2012-06-28 14:04:00
Static object?!15Muffin_-_Knight2012-06-27 18:21:00
how to animate a solid material2Unknown User2012-06-27 03:48:00
4 Leg spider mech1Killzone36522012-06-26 23:25:00
Random Movement4Mopkins2012-06-26 20:19:00
Need a bit of Help with Counters4Unknown User2012-06-26 20:03:00
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Adding in or Cutting Out?4GribbleGrunger2012-06-24 13:24:00
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Special Characters in Level Titles?3Hana_Kami2012-06-23 08:43:00
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Search Movie in LBP3user112012-06-23 02:18:00
how can i cycle emiters?19SirGreenDay2012-06-22 20:44:00
how do you set your controls ?3ythyth2012-06-22 20:10:00
The thread is closed?5Unknown User2012-06-22 08:56:00
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Some way to cheat the Dive In! system?5Patofan2012-06-20 11:41:00
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Player Sensor woes (UPDATE: FIXED)4Unknown User2012-06-20 07:17:00
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how to create this3vusco2012-06-18 07:43:00
get beautiful background6vusco2012-06-18 07:33:00
[SOLVED] Getting the flame off the candle12GribbleGrunger2012-06-18 07:28:00
"50 Unique Plays" Trophy help8BillyCrash1002012-06-17 19:58:00
how do you make the tv effect? i searched and cant find3SirGreenDay2012-06-17 18:47:00
No Druid in the Shop?5Dhana7772012-06-16 22:31:00
[SOLVED-Video Inside] How to get a sticker panel to follow and orbit a player?6SkaterOllie7952012-06-16 20:16:00
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Where can i download an official update for LBP2?4Kern2012-06-16 11:53:00
Q about followers10SirGreenDay2012-06-15 02:19:00
how do you make curvy conveyors?6SirGreenDay2012-06-14 20:57:00
Community Spotlight5Unknown User2012-06-14 14:45:00
How to make a gun4Unknown User2012-06-14 03:24:00
Where to begin learning about making music?3Smokeeye1232012-06-14 02:30:00
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Do you know about a good music level?5Unknown User2012-06-13 19:56:00
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Unwanted Sounds9goranilic2012-06-13 08:43:00
Tentacle object?3Unknown User2012-06-13 04:08:00
How do people feel about forced deaths?8hellfire2012-06-12 21:02:00
How to make 3D background layers?3Unknown User2012-06-12 01:37:00
LBP2 Move Pack not downloading?2Killzone36522012-06-12 00:31:00
Playstation Plus, LBP23Unknown User2012-06-11 22:20:00
25 Online Versus Wins trophy help.6Unknown User2012-06-11 22:07:00
Guitar tabs to musicsequence.6Unknown User2012-06-11 19:30:00
Rolling help1wait wtf2012-06-11 19:12:00
Help LBP beat em up all attacks at the same time9Kanji2012-06-11 16:06:00
Are there usable items in the Move Pack if you dont own a Move?2SirGreenDay2012-06-11 15:17:00
Sticker panel visibility - how is it prioritised?8Ungreth2012-06-11 09:28:00
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Extra Layers Cascade Glitch?3EndofLight2012-06-10 07:18:00
LBP2 Profile Transfer using Data Transfer (ethernet) - HELP PLEASE6Unknown User2012-06-10 06:18:00
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Player Ownership & Score Board13Unknown User2012-06-09 20:02:00
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how do you use extra layers?4Fonk Derok2012-06-04 15:18:00
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Basic Logic Problem6Unknown User2012-05-24 11:03:00
Reseting in out movers?4Valeview2012-05-23 18:18:00
How to use ( power-ups, etc. ) by pressing this button w/o riding the controllinator?2Unknown User2012-05-23 14:28:00
How In The Devil.....3Unknown User2012-05-22 19:29:00
Help With Rpg Inventory4Unknown User2012-05-21 03:58:00
Server Issue?9shane_danger2012-05-20 19:38:00
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I have a project I've began sketching for but I'm not sure how/what to do. HELP!8huntedstorm2012-05-10 12:40:00
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proper etiquette for using community prizes in a published level6Brannayen2012-05-09 22:49:00
Menu camera help!2PixelJam2012-05-09 19:28:00
How Do you Make Sticker Animations without the move pack?6koenervon2012-05-09 10:34:00
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Can i get LBP1 materials on a USB stick and install?5Unknown User2012-05-07 17:24:00
Colour changing stickers/objects6Unknown User2012-05-06 22:56:00
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Level bans?4Rovelius2012-04-27 02:51:00
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Help with making Advanced Elevator LBP21Sacko532012-04-25 04:33:00
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Problem with movers4CragmiteBlaster2012-04-24 19:27:00
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On Screen Sticker Limit3Rainbro Dash2012-04-23 01:15:00
change a object's weight?11Lord-Dreamerz2012-04-22 23:37:00
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Help i need an microchip that makes an sackboy even little as an object.2Unknown User2012-04-21 20:03:00
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poor framerate after loading profile backup2Eanikran2012-04-20 01:58:00
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How do I make "Highest signal" selections?8RonPierce2012-04-18 15:25:00
Tag sensor help3Unknown User2012-04-18 06:35:00
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Level Information Needed! A Fan-Based LBP Story-esque mode!1Unknown User2012-04-17 22:45:00
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Music Experts please lend me your talents2venat2012-04-17 18:57:00
How far can I push the thermometer without lag?5Frenzie2012-04-17 18:14:00
Changes to your profile could not be saved due to an unknown error9Ungreth2012-04-17 08:47:00
Destroy build destroy6Captain_Dinosaur2012-04-17 00:12:00
People are not playing my level's for some reason.3Unknown User2012-04-16 23:03:00
Subtitles stopped working4Reef19782012-04-16 20:38:00
How to make certain decors change to player color?8Unknown User2012-04-16 05:57:00
Moving platform physics5Death_with_an_H2012-04-16 04:36:00
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Need a Good, Original Name and Animation Ideas.3Kaboosh992012-04-16 01:10:00
Lbp2 ai3Unknown User2012-04-15 19:25:00
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How do I make a menu for my level?3Unknown User2012-04-10 02:02:00
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This area of the level is too complex.4Patofan2012-04-09 20:50:00
Cameras and the controlinator5Unknown User2012-04-09 18:55:00
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Best way to create soundtracks?5PixelJam2012-04-08 13:31:00
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LBP2 Glitched Holo and Stretchy Arms2TREMIC12012-04-08 05:31:00
[SOLVED] Is it possible to speed up music transitions?1iArekusu2012-04-07 21:23:00
Help needed with imposible (probably) logic.21fly_4_a_jedi2012-04-07 04:32:00
How did lockstitch do that?6Unknown User2012-04-06 23:11:00
Dat Glass6Captain_Dinosaur2012-04-06 19:04:00
im making a free running level and i have no idea to starton the logic3Unknown User2012-04-06 03:00:00
How Do You Create Custom Materials?2aar26972012-04-06 01:16:00
Where is the Attract-O-Gel?5Unknown User2012-04-06 00:06:00
music sequincers2R0T_IN2012-04-05 16:30:00
Machinima Help - Is the lip sync bust?9Unknown User2012-04-05 14:37:00
can someone reduce thermo with this chip?11evret2012-04-05 14:11:00
how the?3Unknown User2012-04-05 08:10:00
what does angle mean in wobble bolts5Unknown User2012-04-04 23:43:00
Double tap analog in direction to run?4lilballer222012-04-04 23:17:00
3D Layer Dilemma6Unknown User2012-04-04 23:00:00
All Fired Up! (No Pun Intended)7Unknown User2012-04-04 20:38:00
is there any tips on detail?3Unknown User2012-04-04 17:29:00
Make things move in the direction they're facing?7RonPierce2012-04-04 14:07:00
how do i get a lbp spotlight?4Unknown User2012-04-04 13:03:00
how do you make a mech?3Unknown User2012-04-04 03:51:00
How to end a movie?4Unknown User2012-04-03 21:42:00
Prize giveaway logic6DreJ12122012-04-03 18:33:00
Elliptic orbit [UPDATED]13KnutsoPX2012-04-03 17:15:00
Game Freeze when leaving it for a while2Unknown User2012-04-03 15:20:00
A Problem with Controllinator and a Selector5Patofan2012-04-03 15:14:00
stickers and light3yodavid2012-04-03 06:32:00
In need1CLC4life2012-04-02 22:00:00
Game locked up "Live Select Self" Normal?6RonPierce2012-04-02 21:21:00
How to take Better Ingame Video/Photos?4RonPierce2012-04-02 13:10:00
Walking object help1Unknown User2012-04-02 06:15:00
alternating controlled objects3yodavid2012-04-02 06:14:00
Animate a character made of material10CLC4life2012-04-01 22:11:00
Scrolling combat text, yes or no?5RonPierce2012-04-01 21:26:00
Tag sensors are not working!!! Help ASAP!!3Unknown User2012-04-01 08:25:00
Where can i get this costume?3mrhollywood123452012-04-01 01:41:00
Shadow glitch3danthi662012-03-31 22:33:00
Ps3's been acting weird6wait wtf2012-03-31 03:39:00
Costume Help2Unknown User2012-03-31 03:23:00
Health Bars without the .1 delay, and more than 66/100 per hit?8RonPierce2012-03-30 19:11:00
Same tag count?3RonPierce2012-03-30 16:32:00
How to 'Follow' random player or tag?2RonPierce2012-03-30 14:11:00
How to make combos?3EndofLight2012-03-30 03:23:00
Cinematic Logic: How do I make a logic that detects multiple players?4Unknown User2012-03-30 01:14:00
score giver help3Unknown User2012-03-29 23:47:00
Moving snake formation platforms23Archideas2012-03-29 15:44:00
sackbot help?5Unknown User2012-03-29 15:30:00
Sticky Situation16Pookachoo2012-03-29 04:01:00
Linked List2Unknown User2012-03-29 02:26:00
Need help from a logic master!13Brannayen2012-03-29 02:11:00
Lights Spazzing Out After Using Paint Tool7Sackpapoi2012-03-28 20:31:00
Increasing the value of a score bubble?4Unknown User2012-03-28 19:24:00
How to make my game more action packed?3Waffleboy02012-03-28 19:15:00
Emitted object possibility7Unexpecter2012-03-28 10:17:00
little big store6yodavid2012-03-28 01:26:00
"See Dlc Used In This Level"4GranolaCrunch2012-03-27 18:46:00
What is this material, and where do you get it?4Unknown User2012-03-27 07:46:00
What should be the level title?6Unknown User2012-03-27 05:44:00
Couple of newbie questions about decorating a level, and backgrounds.7Unknown User2012-03-26 04:42:00
How do I make a Movie?6Unknown User2012-03-26 00:10:00
online co-op player cameras?3Ungreth2012-03-25 22:30:00
Level theme ideas. anyone?8nerzdadestroyer2012-03-25 20:50:00
Artillery help3Unknown User2012-03-25 13:23:00
emmiter on following hologram11yodavid2012-03-25 07:13:00
Confused New Creator7miffytherabbit2012-03-24 20:11:00
Argh... The Movie Cams!!6Kaboosh992012-03-24 09:28:00
Rolling Dice.2SuddenEnigma2012-03-23 09:07:00
Invisible Barriers and Material List5Unknown User2012-03-23 01:53:00
See through walls? Ugh...12ZackBoy2012-03-22 03:09:00
Dive in 3 Versus/cooperative wins3Apple20122012-03-22 02:49:00
Sticker Panel Question.7Unknown User2012-03-22 00:15:00
Hologram In/Out mover?8TradeMarkSG2012-03-21 05:13:00
Footstep sounds?2TradeMarkSG2012-03-21 03:04:00
Invisible, selectable, and editable material?14Ungreth2012-03-20 21:21:00
Looping jetpack sound?3PixelJam2012-03-20 19:28:00
Trying to make a pac man game, but having issues15Brannayen2012-03-20 19:12:00
The 'BALL' object...9Unknown User2012-03-20 12:39:00
scoring with sackbots40yodavid2012-03-20 06:18:00
Minigame Ideas, Anyone?9DominationMags2012-03-20 03:48:00
Ai Racers, need help!3Unknown User2012-03-19 21:13:00
Is it possible for the Creatinator to shoot different kinds of things?7Unknown User2012-03-19 14:30:00
How to make a Sackbot Flip?4EndofLight2012-03-19 01:21:00
Wierd Shadow and Lighting glitch8Unknown User2012-03-18 20:24:00
That's a lot o' tutorials9xxMATEOSxx2012-03-18 20:10:00
Kick an object lbp25lokesea2012-03-18 11:15:00
Weird Pin Glitch (help out please?)10Unknown User2012-03-17 13:35:00
Overhead Level Help3EndofLight2012-03-17 02:11:00
Top down multiplayer HELP3Unknown User2012-03-17 02:04:00
inFamous 2 Music?3Kaboosh992012-03-17 00:35:00
1940's Cars?3Unknown User2012-03-16 22:50:00
I need help!5Unknown User2012-03-16 17:08:00
Cameras for Local and Online Play8Unknown User2012-03-15 21:16:00
Sackbot Recording Issue?4Undarivik2012-03-15 21:06:00
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Object that follows you help8Unknown User2012-01-07 21:08:00
Multiplayer Turn Based Help5Ali_Star2012-01-07 19:54:00
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[SOLVED] Move Pack Paint Tool...?5112042012-01-06 02:27:00
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Point and Click Item text , Help Please6Unknown User2012-01-05 16:57:00
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someone please help3Unknown User2012-01-05 10:24:00
Cant pick are unlock pins on my profile?5The_Lil_JoKeR2012-01-05 06:04:00
Super noob build question9Unknown User2012-01-05 04:34:00
How to stop one method and simultaneously start another?3Rainbro Dash2012-01-05 04:11:00
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Resource refining system3Unknown User2012-01-04 09:39:00
Sackbot and score giver help8Masseyf2012-01-04 07:27:00
LBP2 won't recognise my profile D:15Unknown User2012-01-04 06:39:00
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Little Big Planet 2 level templates?5Unknown User2012-01-03 22:37:00
Tank Tread Testing (Bolt Stretch Theory)6Unknown User2012-01-03 20:19:00
Level deleted >.<16Giftfrosch2012-01-03 19:23:00
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Tips on making a Desert Enviorment?11Unknown User2011-12-21 18:08:00
Scenery help?3GoldenSnake1232011-12-21 16:33:00
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How to Make a Movie?3donta1332011-12-21 06:28:00
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bot logic - disabling one side of right stick?4Unknown User2011-12-20 20:52:00
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Making a proximity sensor lower a winch once only5Unknown User2011-12-15 20:20:00
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ON and OFF from different sources3GribbleGrunger2011-11-02 19:21:00
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Basic Push button to start menu help needed please.6Unknown User2011-10-20 19:46:00
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Assign an alpha color to existing captures?5hesido2011-10-16 21:31:00
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Downloated items10Unknown User2011-10-13 17:58:00
Transering PSP to PS32Unknown User2011-10-13 11:14:00
The "Busy" notification6Unknown User2011-10-12 21:28:00
Black Points Problem10Unknown User2011-10-12 12:16:00
Victorian London Hangout-(Ideas needed.)7Rather Tasty2011-10-12 02:23:00
logic conflict. need help.9unnatural2011-10-12 01:55:00
How do you make a forward momentum effect for levels?4Unknown User2011-10-11 22:04:00
Scoreboards11Unknown User2011-10-11 19:13:00
[SOLVED] Logic help please3Unknown User2011-10-11 18:11:00
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Is the "Marie Vest" stickerable.30fighterwindplus2011-10-10 20:46:00
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Dive In trophy not registering?11MicGorbachev2011-10-10 08:16:00
Slice n' Dice crash?2Unknown User2011-10-10 02:21:00
How do u get text to appear in a purple bubble in levels?7unnatural2011-10-10 00:42:00
Sackbot doesn't transmit the player color3Unknown User2011-10-10 00:27:00
help with Button press counter10Butaneflame2011-10-09 20:05:00
animation help9GribbleGrunger2011-10-09 18:37:00
I NeED HELP w/Top Down RPG Tutorial6Unknown User2011-10-09 14:53:00
Why doesn't my level record the high scores?4Corchito2011-10-09 10:40:00
3D Rendering6Speedynutty682011-10-09 07:46:00
Help with restarting a sequence5jjdragon2011-10-09 01:51:00
AND gate not emitting5jjdragon2011-10-08 21:49:00
Why are my hologram animations not visible during online play?5unnatural2011-10-08 19:41:00
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Moving background...How?7StarrKable2011-10-07 19:31:00
Score giver in versus mode6Unknown User2011-10-07 16:29:00
Sackbot jump height8Unknown User2011-10-07 14:57:00
Mushroom tree?5Unknown User2011-10-07 03:00:00
Off-screen detection4Slurm2011-10-06 15:47:00
Multiplayer Controlinator Help3Unknown User2011-10-05 23:10:00
Need Tip's And Or Hint's In Making Music1Thug_Life_EQ2011-10-05 21:27:00
Advanced Movers/Rotators out of calibration?4Xenifus2011-10-05 00:13:00
[SOLVED] The "shrink" sound effect3Unknown User2011-10-04 22:23:00
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Get'n Ready To Make My First Original Music Sequencer (Any Tips?)1Thug_Life_EQ2011-10-03 19:40:00
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two things i want!2GribbleGrunger2011-10-02 13:52:00
music2Unknown User2011-10-02 06:35:00
Help Implementing Logic6Unknown User2011-10-02 05:36:00
A little help with creating scenes...3Unknown User2011-10-02 05:08:00
Creating a music showcase w/ track selections.2Rapidkirby3k2011-10-02 02:59:00
a small problem wih my CC13 submarine(contraption challenge)2Unknown User2011-10-01 21:20:00
Help by transforming lbp items?5Unknown User2011-10-01 08:21:00
4 player turn base logic help!3Thegeckoo2011-10-01 05:52:00
Logic genius needed! Special follower logic.13Death_with_an_H2011-10-01 05:49:00
Need help with Chalkboy logic (HELP)6The_Lil_JoKeR2011-10-01 01:42:00
LBP2 math5Turtlelink22011-09-30 23:39:00
Making A Flipping-Open Bridge5OcamposMoon2011-09-30 20:20:00
Level completed??? (LBP.me)4celsus2011-09-30 15:47:00
sticker material question1GribbleGrunger2011-09-30 14:42:00
toy story question4GribbleGrunger2011-09-30 13:00:00
Why can't I resize certain objects?5Rainbro Dash2011-09-30 10:46:00
How do I record sounds/voices/music/etc with the ps eye?6Brannayen2011-09-30 02:37:00
Logic Problems (Using Move Pack)2Unknown User2011-09-29 21:07:00
Level freezes every time I try to edit or play it9Nedritarian2011-09-29 21:06:00
Group Hug of 20,000 Pin?7flyinhawaiian2011-09-29 15:08:00
Steve_Big_Guns style sackbot jetpack logic help4Unknown User2011-09-29 11:45:00
How can I copy a copyable level?3Unknown User2011-09-29 09:58:00
3D camera glitch question3GribbleGrunger2011-09-29 08:18:00
Controllable Animated Hologram Characters4Rainbro Dash2011-09-29 07:23:00
Custome Badger Glitch?6Unknown User2011-09-29 01:53:00
At World's End (MM Pick) Question5DominationMags2011-09-28 21:12:00
dire need of assistance please2Unknown User2011-09-28 18:58:00
No Save-Prompt after Trainings-Lession3Schnupsi2011-09-28 09:38:00
What exactly is a sprite?10Rainbro Dash2011-09-28 05:01:00
Holiday DLC4Unknown User2011-09-28 04:31:00
What kind of game should I make ?2Unknown User2011-09-28 00:13:00
Looking for costume piece7lbp2goty2011-09-27 23:01:00
[Glitch Report] Move support calibration & charging/next-to-no-charge move controller2Cronos Dage2011-09-27 21:43:00
Hologram color set to player color...7xquake2011-09-27 19:17:00
Hologram Collision17alaskadawn2011-09-27 07:43:00
How to make cars dodge?5OveReAction2011-09-27 06:07:00
What hair is this?7mrhollywood123452011-09-27 04:00:00
2 VS 2? lbp23lilballer222011-09-27 01:47:00
They say there's no stupid question, so...2Rovelius2011-09-27 01:20:00
LBP2 glitched out on me.7Thug_Life_EQ2011-09-26 20:16:00
Hologram Blur7Rainbro Dash2011-09-26 19:39:00
multiple checkpoints active in versus?7Hana_Kami2011-09-26 19:33:00
sticker panel conundrum5biorogue2011-09-26 17:15:00
Question - How do I level link?4Unknown User2011-09-26 04:33:00
Cloning3Unknown User2011-09-26 02:23:00
Team Deathmatch?4lilballer222011-09-26 01:07:00
Should I even bother with the move pack?13Brannayen2011-09-25 19:41:00
LBP.me1Speedynutty682011-09-25 15:49:00
Top down Hologram Track5kuppokid2011-09-25 15:23:00
Controllinaters: "Controlled by nearest player" option7LFiers2011-09-25 11:03:00
Menu Logic HELP12venat2011-09-25 09:54:00
About secret pins3Unknown User2011-09-24 19:09:00
Realistic gun noises for lbp2?3lilballer222011-09-24 16:17:00
Random Emitters9Unknown User2011-09-24 05:27:00
I need a hat. Help me!9Unknown User2011-09-24 01:30:00
Where is the sticker tool?3Squidge992011-09-23 22:36:00
making the hologram jumping?2Unknown User2011-09-23 12:28:00
Destroyed sackbots to trigger cutscene?3lilballer222011-09-23 01:43:00
Movinator Cursor, and sackbot movinator with controlinator?3Hana_Kami2011-09-22 22:25:00
Do I need the Move for Create?6Cheezy WEAPON2011-09-22 20:08:00
Controllable Sackbot Arm Animation4jblalock782011-09-22 15:35:00
Movinator Cursor + Emitter4Unknown User2011-09-22 13:51:00
Switch Sackbots Without Switching Controlinators8Unknown User2011-09-22 01:22:00
Randomizer doesn't output4Trader3472011-09-21 22:26:00
Sticker Panel pictures FAILING!5LBNinja2011-09-21 21:48:00
Movie Camera - Fade tool not working?9standby2502011-09-21 18:53:00
8bit Side Scroller?10Rainbro Dash2011-09-21 07:52:00
Paint Tool. Please help!2Unknown User2011-09-20 22:49:00
help please....8Unknown User2011-09-20 19:46:00
Move Controller Colour4Sean882011-09-20 15:35:00
Where is the sticker panel material?8Unknown User2011-09-19 23:57:00
Playing with People?!16Unknown User2011-09-19 21:44:00
Controlinator output: Active6Trader3472011-09-19 20:47:00
Music sequencer Tips, Text tutorials, info?3EleoMod2011-09-19 19:18:00
Paint Tool Question....13Godzilla2011-09-19 19:17:00
Creatinator Laser Beams?7Unknown User2011-09-19 18:23:00
Double-recording sackbots?3InfiniteTwilight2011-09-19 17:32:00
Creating a single 3D object (not 3D layer gltich)5Unknown User2011-09-19 07:11:00
All of my paintings. Corrupted.4Unknown User2011-09-19 06:29:00
3 odd things to confirm.. better solutions?12Death_with_an_H2011-09-19 03:58:00
2nd Waterfall material?8Undarivik2011-09-19 02:44:00
A question about editing published levels.6SnipySev2011-09-18 22:04:00
A few questions...6hershysnickers52011-09-18 21:36:00
How to create a fighting game LBP2?6Unknown User2011-09-18 21:17:00
Creatinator Prompts4julesyjules2011-09-18 19:57:00
don't want movinator cursor firing continuously5DragonSackBoy2011-09-18 01:41:00
Exact grid movements?5koltonaugust2011-09-18 01:01:00
Have move pack, don't have move.7Trader3472011-09-18 00:01:00
Cant edit my lvl!8Unknown User2011-09-17 18:21:00
Eye Camera flipping photos2Behonkiss2011-09-17 17:37:00
...Sticker panel not layering good...22Lord-Dreamerz2011-09-17 15:32:00
Problem with new instruments?4Destiny_Waits2011-09-17 14:54:00
Weird Movement Bug/Glitch4IvoYaridovich2011-09-17 02:44:00
Random music select3OveReAction2011-09-17 02:29:00
Lbp costumes? bow and arrow4lilballer222011-09-17 02:07:00
Detect Sackboy's Limbs4Unknown User2011-09-17 01:45:00
Lethal Explosion Ideas8Unknown User2011-09-17 00:17:00
Paint Stickers not Loading8xero2011-09-16 19:39:00
LBP2 - Breaking SFX in create with only sackbot/circuits/chips8Trindall2011-09-16 17:58:00
Rotating... backlight I guess?2Xaif2011-09-16 17:46:00
About the Movie Camera2OcamposMoon2011-09-16 17:18:00
DLC not loading5Unknown User2011-09-16 17:13:00
QQ about move code3Chaos_Martin2011-09-16 10:10:00
my level ideas1killerbrainbow2011-09-16 08:57:00
restricting cursor movement16tdarb2011-09-15 23:51:00
Using extra layers for backgrounds?4lilballer222011-09-15 22:07:00
Cross forum Controlinator help please.2Butaneflame2011-09-15 21:17:00
Detect controller3Godzilla2011-09-15 19:13:00
making sprites on the sticker panel3Ash_uk12011-09-15 18:46:00
Magic Mouth not appearing?2Undarivik2011-09-15 15:13:00
Move onjects freely using Adv. Mover and PS Move7OveReAction2011-09-15 10:56:00
Make music loop to a specific position.4ColmiYveul2011-09-15 09:35:00
(Move) It's just not grabbing.14shotgun_692011-09-15 01:17:00
Level intro test help9celsus2011-09-15 00:34:00
What am I doing wrong here?7Tricky2011-09-14 21:02:00
Trophy/Achievements4Unknown User2011-09-14 20:50:00
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Help! My PS3 keeps beeping three times on turn off!7hershysnickers52011-09-14 12:57:00
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Track individual players?6Unknown User2011-09-14 04:29:00
Voices But No Text...3GreenGhost282011-09-14 04:20:00
Creative process?9Unknown User2011-09-14 03:31:00
Where is the paint tool? found6tdarb2011-09-14 01:23:00
LBP2 Move Pack8Unknown User2011-09-14 01:09:00
Sackbot Limit??23CommToad2011-09-14 00:11:00
How did this guy do it?6Whitemon2011-09-13 19:21:00
HELP! Sack bot Throwing speed and trijectory2Thegeckoo2011-09-13 18:52:00
still can't get rotating local space camera to work...3trianglepigsquar2011-09-13 17:26:00
Cant get views for my levels anymore :(11Unknown User2011-09-13 13:51:00
Making movies and cutscenes with sequencer3Coconuts2011-09-13 11:34:00
Hearted items won't show up!5LFiers2011-09-13 07:32:00
Making a floating enemy move left and right and fire projectiles6Behonkiss2011-09-12 21:14:00
dividing an analog signal in half8tdarb2011-09-12 18:36:00
Help creating a drone6Unknown User2011-09-12 15:08:00
New Score Multipliers (1.06)6v0rtex2011-09-12 13:41:00
Making a grabbable ball attatched to a grab-sensored piston4Behonkiss2011-09-12 04:28:00
creators pack 2?!4dermZ962011-09-11 23:47:00
Looking for two objects...4dal-n-pok2011-09-11 23:33:00
Stickers on microchips8Tricky2011-09-11 20:49:00
Bleeding off Excessive Momentum4Speed Racer2011-09-11 17:01:00
Need a tune -out- of the game!2MonarioBabii2011-09-11 15:23:00
Invisible AND solid material needed!9FEAR2011-09-11 05:56:00
Local Space 3D Camera... "Not Working As Advertised"...3Fang2011-09-11 05:33:00
Anybody know the lbp2 music used in this5Unknown User2011-09-11 03:13:00
Sackbot emotions?2Trader3472011-09-10 23:02:00
How to make Konami code?4nunsmasher2011-09-10 21:32:00
Holo or Neon? Your Opinion.18Ali_Star2011-09-10 21:16:00
3D Layer Glitch Question...5Godzilla2011-09-10 21:03:00
LBP2 thriller/horror music help?3Unknown User2011-09-10 19:30:00
Make things happen only once10Unknown User2011-09-10 11:00:00
Emitter doesn't emit 1/20th of the time.4Trader3472011-09-10 08:28:00
Why don't things work like they should?4Death_with_an_H2011-09-10 08:26:00
Syncing Music Sequencer w/ lights2Unknown User2011-09-09 23:25:00
Update 1.06 ruined my DISC, DO NOT INSTALL3Unknown User2011-09-09 23:21:00
3D layer and you.5Unknown User2011-09-09 19:12:00
Move trigger sensitivity help?2Death_with_an_H2011-09-09 18:50:00
Select-Rewind Glitch, Is This New?2damaz102011-09-09 18:38:00
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1.06 Not Downloading?16Sackpapoi2011-09-09 15:55:00
theck in background3balunn2011-09-09 15:21:00
Impact Sensor Problem2Aegonian2011-09-09 15:09:00
Tis the season for a question...2Unknown User2011-09-09 13:14:00
Bolted Checkpoint/ Enterance3Undarivik2011-09-09 00:31:00
Sensing button release?8112042011-09-08 21:57:00
Logic order6Tricky2011-09-08 21:13:00
Level Breaking Glitch5DaSpoony2011-09-08 21:06:00
Trouble with narration over a cutscene10croissantbuncake2011-09-08 14:29:00
1.6 Deleted "Costumes" Personal Section2redwes2011-09-08 01:54:00
Problem with game camera and Local Space (Pictures included)9GhostViper2011-09-07 23:56:00
Sackbot running towards tag refuses to run down ramp5Behonkiss2011-09-07 23:08:00
hearted page no longer showing my hearted items2dragonights2011-09-07 23:06:00
Sections disappearing5Perfectnothing002011-09-07 22:50:00
Update 1.06 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!13Unknown User2011-09-07 21:38:00
Emitter failed to emit sensor?2Death_with_an_H2011-09-07 16:46:00
How do u make a flying object move around on its own?3Unknown User2011-09-07 13:13:00
New update affecting notes in music sequences?23Rainbro Dash2011-09-07 11:38:00
Angle Sensor Use26tdarb2011-09-07 10:16:00
Caterpillar help!!!4Unknown User2011-09-07 07:04:00
Import problem lbp to lbp24Unknown User2011-09-07 05:07:00
Simple Left/Right or Up/Down enemy movement help please.10Unknown User2011-09-06 23:23:00
Hold for attack?7Unknown User2011-09-06 20:01:00
Space Shooter Camera Help5DarkDedede2011-09-06 19:18:00
storing numbers (and manipulating them)3Tricky2011-09-06 08:12:00
Portal logic3zzmorg822011-09-06 02:54:00
Snapshot camera with no countdown?5Unknown User2011-09-06 02:26:00
Cameras only triggering once10InfiniteTwilight2011-09-06 00:05:00
How to end a game on a helicopter like l4d 2?4Unknown User2011-09-05 17:44:00
Flaming sackbot?5Unknown User2011-09-05 13:57:00
Rocket Rotators?2nk8272011-09-05 06:06:00
Using lights to signal danger approaching8InfiniteTwilight2011-09-05 00:29:00
Making objects disappear and reappear8InfiniteTwilight2011-09-05 00:15:00
Why does this happen?3lve_msg2011-09-04 21:55:00
Costume Control Question...4skumchunk2011-09-04 19:56:00
Ninja Gaiden style flip jump...2Godzilla2011-09-04 17:27:00
Possible to disable sound of winch?1Unknown User2011-09-04 17:01:00
Gyroscopes, Followers and what-not11bdT960002011-09-04 10:41:00
help3Unknown User2011-09-04 07:36:00
Lethal sackbot zombie that doesnt look lethal?6Unknown User2011-09-04 04:28:00
Questions about LBP 2 Physics3Yoove2011-09-03 20:30:00
Turn off checkpoints in a Versus level.7Unknown User2011-09-03 19:06:00
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Dangers of overheating?8Trader3472011-09-03 13:10:00
Problematic pistons and looney logic!6Trader3472011-09-03 11:15:00
Ghosted camera!? (can't edit)10Unknown User2011-09-03 10:13:00
jghjghhjg3neil94442011-09-03 02:43:00
Randomizer reset4Tricky2011-09-03 02:00:00
Follower problems2Trader3472011-09-03 00:24:00
"Bee There" -- How to create something similar?4Rainbro Dash2011-09-02 23:54:00
Wireless Controlinator and levels changing randomly5Unknown User2011-09-02 23:17:00
Music Creation: Frustrated, Please Help!8Unknown User2011-09-02 22:32:00
repetitive randomizers ruining randomness8tdarb2011-09-02 21:43:00
Freeze mechanic8KnutsoPX2011-09-02 15:03:00
Emitters4Unknown User2011-09-02 07:41:00
Building with limited space on the thermo4Trader3472011-09-02 07:26:00
Decorations won't show up in play mode5Wolf_AssasSin_X2011-09-02 06:22:00
Sackbot emission/player enter controlinator question (complex logic)2Trader3472011-09-02 04:21:00
lbp.me question12GribbleGrunger2011-09-01 18:29:00
Making a Dispenser Stop11Unknown User2011-09-01 17:27:00
is this possible?4Tricky2011-09-01 08:23:00
Level Idea Help...3Unknown User2011-08-31 21:58:00
Cant find any sackbot wall running tutorials5Unknown User2011-08-31 20:18:00
How to make sure a certain sackboy automatically enters a certain controlinator?11Unknown User2011-08-31 19:12:00
Helicopter Logic fail8Strodigy2011-08-31 16:56:00
Throwing out the garbage16GribbleGrunger2011-08-31 16:25:00
How do you single out Community Fonts?11romancrisis2011-08-31 15:44:00
Getting Levels at least Noticed11Unknown User2011-08-31 13:02:00
Magic Mouths6Unknown User2011-08-31 08:56:00
Preferable method for controlling sackbots5Trader3472011-08-31 07:02:00
QR Codes and YOU!7xero2011-08-31 06:54:00
Tractor Beam (Please Close)22J_wulfke2011-08-30 22:24:00
followers and tags selecting6tdarb2011-08-30 21:34:00
Sackbot Controlinator (and other things)3Protoraptor2011-08-30 19:15:00
Running out of tags?19Unknown User2011-08-30 17:54:00
Score Giver Colors5Rpg Maker2011-08-30 14:22:00
selector cycle8Tricky2011-08-30 08:01:00
Targeting Redicule6Undarivik2011-08-30 02:46:00
Emitter malfunction?3Trader3472011-08-30 02:45:00
Deleting part of an emitted object?5Unknown User2011-08-29 20:43:00
I have been nagged lately.11Unknown User2011-08-29 19:18:00
Game Camera focusing issue6Xaif2011-08-29 18:39:00
Rotator problems9RabidJellyfish2011-08-29 17:12:00
Reset timer to full?3Trader3472011-08-29 09:16:00
game enders and completion5tdarb2011-08-29 07:36:00
Sword Melee Animation5rambo34162011-08-29 03:30:00
Sackbot tag sensor3Trader3472011-08-29 01:51:00
Tag sensors5Tricky2011-08-28 20:28:00
Slap button?4Unknown User2011-08-28 18:28:00
Help with Cameras/Mouths?3flyinhawaiian2011-08-28 15:54:00
Entrance for joining players5Trader3472011-08-28 12:54:00
Hologram Material2Unknown User2011-08-28 10:21:00
Will this work in mulitplayer?4Trader3472011-08-28 07:47:00
Sackbot respawn points6Unknown User2011-08-28 04:34:00
Emitting fire balls3Unknown User2011-08-28 04:27:00
Question about logic priority6Katil922011-08-28 02:57:00
Objects Can Jump Too!3BeaversLikeWood2011-08-28 02:41:00
target lock4tdarb2011-08-28 00:54:00
Boundaries died...1Speedynutty682011-08-28 00:43:00
How can I make a fully playable -Solo- level?6MonarioBabii2011-08-27 23:19:00
creatinator emitter problem16TEENWULF2011-08-27 18:36:00
Regenerating health bar?2Unknown User2011-08-27 18:29:00
Wandering level...4fullofwin2011-08-27 18:27:00
Material Question...7Unknown User2011-08-27 17:16:00
Auto scrolling Sack-Runs level?7Lord-Dreamerz2011-08-27 10:29:00
Glowing text3Trader3472011-08-27 09:57:00
Wireless Logic4lbp2goty2011-08-27 08:56:00
Special attack cooldown logic?5Unknown User2011-08-27 03:13:00
Paradox and Time travel... with emitters!8MonarioBabii2011-08-27 01:29:00
Stickers and decorations7Unknown User2011-08-26 23:26:00
Available layers through logic.8MonarioBabii2011-08-26 19:53:00
Why do the mech gods hate me?7NcLc20102011-08-26 16:30:00
Remotely Detonate Emitt Object6Unknown User2011-08-26 15:34:00
Where to Begin15Unknown User2011-08-26 14:43:00
Grid rotation problems4Katil922011-08-26 14:00:00
Outline material colors2fly_4_a_jedi2011-08-26 02:20:00
Logic fail6Trader3472011-08-26 00:21:00
Can't find level >_<4GreenGhost282011-08-25 20:26:00
Flee...but not THAT far.8Unknown User2011-08-25 18:10:00
need help with sackbot hitbox3Unknown User2011-08-25 16:21:00
i need piece of art!8Shadowriver2011-08-25 15:19:00
capture question3GribbleGrunger2011-08-25 13:53:00
Sackbots Health Bar6Flame Dragon2011-08-25 13:07:00
What qualifies a level for "Cool Levels"?11Trader3472011-08-25 08:42:00
What's better in making things stay in place?16romancrisis2011-08-25 02:06:00
Have an object follow a path3Tricky2011-08-25 01:32:00
attack animation keeps looping?3Unknown User2011-08-24 23:03:00
Controllinators3tdarb2011-08-24 22:43:00
Making a movie?3Unknown User2011-08-24 18:19:00
sackbot respawn3TEENWULF2011-08-24 16:23:00
Disabling score display at level start?3tdarb2011-08-24 15:46:00
Crushing and Cave-In Points for a Damageable Car3Unknown User2011-08-24 14:39:00
Level Re-publishing.1MonarioBabii2011-08-24 11:33:00
In a Creative Toss-Up14nunsmasher2011-08-24 09:15:00
Publishing Concerns2OcamposMoon2011-08-24 04:12:00
Music making problem3Trader3472011-08-24 02:33:00
Emiiter Problem10Tileno2011-08-23 22:03:00
Sackbot destroyer not working properly5Unknown User2011-08-23 21:18:00
Retro camera woes.2DarrienEven2011-08-23 20:07:00
Score Giver woes6Unknown User2011-08-23 19:34:00
LBP2 level link locked5Unknown User2011-08-23 17:31:00
Sackbot Costumes?3Unknown User2011-08-23 15:20:00
not picking up my PSeye camera to record speech5TEENWULF2011-08-23 15:06:00
Checkpoints and Sackbots.3Godzilla2011-08-23 14:26:00
Stickers on Score Bubbles4romancrisis2011-08-23 07:14:00
Flickering Stickers problem?6Lord-Dreamerz2011-08-23 02:25:00
Need help4KnutsoPX2011-08-22 22:11:00
A selection within a selection7Julianotis12011-08-22 21:48:00
Rewiring a Sackbots default actions - Possible?7talbot-trembler2011-08-22 14:59:00
Sackbots on Skateboards.7sellfcon2011-08-22 12:02:00
Stickers to Decorations.9MonarioBabii2011-08-22 11:38:00
The Logic of Mind Control.9RtooDee22011-08-22 11:03:00
Complexity error message on non-complex level? HELP!11Unknown User2011-08-22 08:47:00
Dynamic Profile Pictures? O.o3chronos4532011-08-22 07:32:00
Importing LBP 1 objects and etc. bad?8Unknown User2011-08-22 06:34:00
Movie Camera cutscene doesn't stop after last shot7Behonkiss2011-08-22 06:12:00
Advance mover control with logic chips?5Unknown User2011-08-22 04:49:00
What Dlc5Unknown User2011-08-22 02:20:00
Top-Down V.S. Movie Camera6Unknown User2011-08-21 23:38:00
Race starter5Tricky2011-08-21 23:14:00
Problems with the movie camera3Trader3472011-08-21 23:07:00
How do I attach a score giver to a prize/score bubble?5Unknown User2011-08-21 22:35:00
How do I create this logic?4CoolEnergy2011-08-21 17:44:00
Lethal sackbot with costume that doesnt look lethal?4Unknown User2011-08-21 16:17:00
Music9Unknown User2011-08-21 04:47:00
Strange logical error12GameRoom2011-08-21 03:34:00
LBP2 sounds6Unknown User2011-08-21 01:10:00
Uncloseable Magic Mouth?4Undarivik2011-08-20 23:41:00
How do I make falling platforms?7Unknown User2011-08-20 21:18:00
counter?3Unknown User2011-08-20 20:17:00
I can't learn logic.31littlebigmeteor2011-08-20 18:19:00
problems with holo???7Unknown User2011-08-20 17:44:00
Problems in create mode7TEENWULF2011-08-20 14:17:00
Logic Help - Related to Selectors, Destroyers and Pulses9Ali_Star2011-08-20 12:06:00
From what DLC do you find the rotating vent that are usually found on roof tops?3romancrisis2011-08-20 08:29:00
logic lag22CardboardBoxMan2011-08-20 06:46:00
Start the sackbot4CardboardBoxMan2011-08-20 05:33:00
Forced Player Colour12xero2011-08-20 04:14:00
Sprite Logic10Jedi_19932011-08-19 19:06:00
help me10Unknown User2011-08-19 17:55:00
Sackbot Combos4Unknown User2011-08-19 17:00:00
Any other useful DLCs?10romancrisis2011-08-19 16:28:00
Scoregiver logic for 4 players4Unknown User2011-08-19 15:41:00
Game Camera Help3Unknown User2011-08-18 23:18:00
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small nuance with the score indicator6Unknown User2011-08-18 21:50:00
Problem with Sprite Logic8Unknown User2011-08-18 20:00:00
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Making Dracula's Castle in LBP2, need help with atmosphere.1Unknown User2011-08-18 06:44:00
Trying to emit a series of individual player-triggered floating platforms7Behonkiss2011-08-18 02:37:00
HELP ME: Cameras for a Self-Made Level Menu3Unknown User2011-08-18 01:30:00
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Hologram Limits8littlebigmeteor2011-08-17 12:13:00
Randomizer25Tricky2011-08-17 12:08:00
camera zooming out7Tricky2011-08-17 07:27:00
Having a platform move up and stop at a specific point + Flying characters17Behonkiss2011-08-17 04:26:00
Menu Help?6nunsmasher2011-08-17 04:15:00
Strange logic failure with pulses (somewhat solved, but not really)14SSTAGG12011-08-17 01:43:00
How do I make a Flamethrower?6Strodigy2011-08-17 01:13:00
Your level has diverged?! Thrown back into pod?12LittleBigDes2011-08-16 12:38:00
Reducing Thermo!12Bang1262011-08-16 10:58:00
Layer changing while holding an object4Unknown User2011-08-16 08:55:00
Rage at Mm! (With a call for help! T-T)9Speedynutty682011-08-16 05:46:00
Simon Memory Game!? Help!6Unknown User2011-08-16 04:49:00
Sackbot AI question3Strodigy2011-08-16 00:33:00
Wanting to make a conveyor belt5InfiniteTwilight2011-08-15 22:29:00
Creature/Sackbot issue3Unknown User2011-08-15 20:41:00
How do i create a multi-directional elevator/lift?8Unknown User2011-08-15 05:51:00
Invisible Limitation for sackbots?3Reyals2011-08-15 03:33:00
How to make your own sticker???3Unknown User2011-08-15 02:47:00
Making an RPG2Unknown User2011-08-15 02:32:00
"Level link error"?4OneEyedBanshee2011-08-14 23:31:00
Starting level in controllinator?4Unknown User2011-08-14 22:51:00
Sackbot Recording Issue6Undarivik2011-08-14 21:16:00
Binary to decimal help (double dabble)4tdarb2011-08-14 18:32:00
Problems with controllinators5ZackBoy2011-08-14 18:21:00
Please... Help... Cannot understand...7LBNinja2011-08-14 05:17:00
randomizing objects emitted13tdarb2011-08-14 01:31:00
I thought this logic was easy!6Unknown User2011-08-14 00:42:00
Very random and stupid question...4Unknown User2011-08-13 23:55:00
Nearly Impossible to get 100% on Eve's Asylum - Help!3Unknown User2011-08-13 22:08:00
Follower Troubles2Scifiguy2011-08-13 20:43:00
LBP2 Loading Glitch2Unknown User2011-08-13 17:43:00
posting pics on a thread...8wolfy_6162011-08-13 13:28:00
maybe I'm mistaken, but....6Brannayen2011-08-13 11:35:00
scoreboard 25% and 50% trophy4Unknown User2011-08-13 09:09:00
Can custom soundtracks be set as level music?2Unknown User2011-08-13 06:44:00
Uploading Pictures to LBP2?5Rpg Maker2011-08-13 06:24:00
Character Selection in a Board Game-esque Thing4SLS102011-08-13 02:08:00
Level link troubleshooting3Robmandx2011-08-13 00:14:00
Make score bubbles give you more points? x2000...7LittleBigDes2011-08-12 10:39:00
Coming up with puzzle/platforming levels5kuppokid2011-08-12 06:47:00
Ragdoll effect...5bmoney23102011-08-12 04:48:00
LBP2 Store On Maintenance? 8/11/116Unknown User2011-08-12 04:21:00
Logic behind Turn based combat10wait wtf2011-08-12 03:32:00
Help with using Tags In Music Sequencer14SR20DETDOG2011-08-12 02:30:00
Need a whistle!6Chiyo182011-08-11 18:54:00
Need help on my Russian levels please...9LordMagicPants2011-08-11 17:31:00
Objects that Trigger Countdown9Greensmurfy2011-08-11 03:41:00
400 Bad Request?3CJP1202011-08-10 19:12:00
3D Material Rotation in Bkgd?3dal-n-pok2011-08-10 16:10:00
Wandering Popit8craigmond2011-08-10 12:25:00
Logic Help3lbp2goty2011-08-10 08:37:00
Need help with some simple logic6Unknown User2011-08-10 04:10:00
Help! My profile is ruined! (I think)4Joey98982011-08-10 04:03:00
Can you make players start in different locations?5Unknown User2011-08-10 02:09:00
Recovering lost data4Scifiguy2011-08-10 00:08:00
LBP2 image question5Unknown User2011-08-09 23:15:00
Piston Problem4illuminationx2011-08-09 19:50:00
My level has disappeared..8Unknown User2011-08-09 19:44:00
Ok what should I do with this....6Unknown User2011-08-09 19:18:00
How do u make a start menu?6Sackie2011-08-09 19:11:00
Weapon Changing Logic?3112042011-08-09 19:11:00
Choosing materials and creating a good theme?10Unknown User2011-08-09 16:41:00
Once again, I need help...9Unknown User2011-08-09 15:46:00
Resetting sounds, emitters & obstacles4LittleBigDes2011-08-09 11:26:00
moderated creation4Unknown User2011-08-09 10:44:00
Dive In doesn't work really well !!!5SackBoy982011-08-09 06:26:00
Crazy eyes3Unknown User2011-08-09 01:18:00
Nukes in LBP2...9Godzilla2011-08-08 21:52:00
Perfectly Still Sackbots?13Unknown User2011-08-08 21:17:00
My LBP2 levels do not show up?2stuk712011-08-08 16:50:00
ban together to make a HP,atk, def system7Chaos_Martin2011-08-08 16:32:00
Status Bar7Unknown User2011-08-08 14:26:00
How to make a fish shoal move?7Unknown User2011-08-08 14:02:00
Advanced Logic Help17clarkdef2011-08-08 09:52:00
conveyor help4thespacemonkey1872011-08-08 07:53:00
Magic Mouth Text HELP5Unknown User2011-08-08 02:55:00
an annoying glitch with the extra layers3wait wtf2011-08-07 23:54:00
Mm Leaving LBP?2wolverine_20082011-08-07 22:22:00
How do you make it so sackbot's aren't able to go through each other?4PetStars2011-08-07 22:14:00
How do you change the color of the hamster tube?4romancrisis2011-08-07 21:11:00
Magic Mouth Text Problem!3UberOrbPS2011-08-07 20:32:00
Sticker creation problems3Unknown User2011-08-07 19:21:00
Selector Nnull6Unknown User2011-08-07 19:08:00
Climbing Sackbot?2flyinhawaiian2011-08-07 18:36:00
[Help] LBP2 Copyrights ?4samalot2011-08-07 18:06:00
Are the materials in LBP1 available in LBP2? URGENT!3SPONGMONKEY562011-08-07 11:20:00
SackBot Surfboard Logic?12Lord-Dreamerz2011-08-07 10:48:00
Transforming rifle help.5illuminationx2011-08-07 08:04:00
How to Open Buzz Wings?6flyinhawaiian2011-08-07 02:04:00
Controllable Sackbot and Cutscene Problems3fighterwindplus2011-08-06 23:34:00
Hide And Seek Logic Help8Unknown User2011-08-06 22:03:00
simple music box question4tdarb2011-08-06 19:32:00
Erase Ownership Details on an Object you Made?6RibShark2011-08-06 19:11:00
Count objects in area20Unknown User2011-08-06 16:33:00
Is it possible to adjust a camera like this...?5PetStars2011-08-06 16:30:00
Snow effect8Unexpecter2011-08-06 13:50:00
transitions help4Unknown User2011-08-06 01:28:00
No danger tools in my poppit.8PetStars2011-08-05 22:05:00
Need help on making a player location dot map thing.5PetStars2011-08-05 20:16:00
Hey quick question about getting plays.12Unknown User2011-08-05 20:14:00
no easy solution4Unknown User2011-08-05 10:54:00
Can't Find Purchased Stuff...6Unknown User2011-08-05 01:22:00
How do you make a sliding door with a in/out mover?5PetStars2011-08-05 00:32:00
Wanting To Find The Name Of An Item6Vector-Espio-Fan2011-08-04 23:37:00
Where can I find a cave themed music from?9LittleBigDes2011-08-04 13:00:00
Can a sackbot stick and run?4shotgun_692011-08-04 00:44:00
Can't find Alien Costume in LBP2 Toy Story Level kit14Unknown User2011-08-03 23:02:00
Score board, level links questions...19LittleBigDes2011-08-03 17:09:00
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Immune to missiles.5Godzilla2011-08-02 17:00:00
How to create an effective waypoint system for an RTS?3POOP20022011-08-02 13:43:00
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new sackboy death??12dragonights2011-08-02 09:12:00
i need a 3D cam 360 rotation3supertwinbros142011-08-02 05:42:00
How to randomly emit only ONE thing from a large array?9Unknown User2011-08-02 04:05:00
Score Giver3Tileno2011-08-01 22:29:00
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Multiplayer-ability?4Unknown User2011-08-01 22:01:00
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emitter help12balunn2011-08-01 13:12:00
100 point Health and energy bars. Help please!14huntedstorm2011-08-01 12:30:00
lapcounter?8Unknown User2011-08-01 10:54:00
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Destroying a bound pad?3Unknown User2011-08-01 07:51:00
Level dying on me...5abyssalassassin2011-08-01 01:31:00
Can you make a sackbot stick to something? or make it sticky?12PetStars2011-07-31 23:23:00
LBP2 wont start6Unknown User2011-07-31 22:37:00
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Backgrounds2Unknown User2011-07-30 07:31:00
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White Neon Eyes5Unknown User2011-07-30 00:17:00
whats wrong with the search function?6BlackThornDust2011-07-29 23:46:00
Prepublishing levels6Willman42011-07-29 23:10:00
Comparing Counters?14Chicoleunis2011-07-29 22:16:00
Too short, too long?3Unknown User2011-07-29 19:50:00
Text PSN or Level Title problem5tripple_sss2011-07-29 19:09:00
LBP Scary Level1Unknown User2011-07-29 17:24:00
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Making the Game Camera follow the Sackbot you control and not you6Unknown User2011-07-29 04:27:00
Flying enemies3Unknown User2011-07-29 03:43:00
I want to "disable popit controls" without really disabling them.5Sehven2011-07-29 03:39:00
What would YOU like/not like to see in a resort level?3PetStars2011-07-29 00:16:00
Copyable Locked Level?5WoodburyRaider2011-07-28 21:41:00
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Button and 3 values7DragonSackBoy2011-07-28 20:40:00
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Stop Level Badges from appearing faded?7Gawdl3y2011-07-27 17:43:00
Cutscene help in Versus Level4triforceguy12011-07-27 13:02:00
LBP2 Search Results Problem3Thug_Life_EQ2011-07-27 06:02:00
the teleporters from the level, Downtown RolePay2wait wtf2011-07-26 23:20:00
How to make a sackbot.....2lbp2goty2011-07-26 22:59:00
Creating a user interface (menu), help?!2melomaniac2011-07-26 21:12:00
Make drawing possible7the_eddster2011-07-26 20:58:00
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How can i make sackbots act at a specific time ?4Unknown User2011-07-26 00:12:00
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Lighting Problem?4Unknown User2011-07-25 22:12:00
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Points going to random players for some reason5Unknown User2011-07-25 04:13:00
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Demitting in LBP216schm02011-07-25 02:11:00
Paint drip/spray (no paint gun)4Unknown User2011-07-25 01:58:00
How can you switch between sequencers?2IAmChavez2011-07-25 01:47:00
How do I make a score-based prize giver as seen on levels like the Tower of Whoop?10PetStars2011-07-24 19:24:00
Multiplayer help.3Unknown User2011-07-24 18:56:00
Robots using controlinator move left right but not up down?1Unknown User2011-07-24 17:21:00
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Car Loop HELP.3Unknown User2011-07-23 11:11:00
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How do I recreate a known tune in the music sequencer?4Turbo_Egg_Salad2011-07-23 03:41:00
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In/Out movement with extra layers?6ZackBoy2011-07-22 08:17:00
versus level score logic help5Unknown User2011-07-22 03:06:00
Horribly Complicated Mover Problem (acceleration, deceleration, rotation & dampening)7Unknown User2011-07-22 01:23:00
How do you make a sackbot "attack" when facing a certain direction? (Left and Right)9PetStars2011-07-22 00:34:00
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more then 3 layer platforming?7DarrienEven2011-07-21 22:56:00
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Reporting somebody10StaticLinuxpro2011-07-21 16:54:00
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Music Sequencer Tempo, can it be changed in-composition?6melomaniac2011-07-21 00:54:00
Checkpoint Help???3Unknown User2011-07-21 00:19:00
[i]Cameras.[/i]8Speed Racer2011-07-20 23:39:00
Making left and right do individual stuff.13Unknown User2011-07-20 16:01:00
Start own contest11Chaos_Martin2011-07-20 15:44:00
repeated game freezing.2LBNinja2011-07-20 15:08:00
Teleporting Sackbot. Help needed.8Unknown User2011-07-20 01:34:00
Help with Publishing LBP1 levels in LBP214romancrisis2011-07-19 23:51:00
How to make a moving water snake?12Unknown User2011-07-19 23:36:00
how do I fade out hologram material7biorogue2011-07-19 17:31:00
Lap Timer11superfurryanimal2011-07-19 16:59:00
Follower/Menu follower/idea help3venat2011-07-19 08:46:00
Logic not for the feint of heart11Unknown User2011-07-19 06:35:00
Key frames?3LBP2_Tutorialist2011-07-19 06:02:00
Thermo impact of wired vs. wireless logic9Speed Racer2011-07-19 01:51:00
Help with some logic please10Unknown User2011-07-18 18:13:00
subtitles6Unknown User2011-07-18 06:13:00
Logic Help11Unknown User2011-07-18 03:52:00
On Hand Teach me how to make MUSIC12venat2011-07-18 03:46:00
Automatic Enter on Controllinators4lve_msg2011-07-18 02:38:00
Mover help.7Marioface52011-07-18 02:32:00
Fonts15Unknown User2011-07-18 02:02:00
All my levels on my moon are gone and I can't import them (data corrupted).4Turbo_Egg_Salad2011-07-17 20:08:00
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Spawn on Controlinator?7Unknown User2011-07-16 19:24:00
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Missing Items?7Unknown User2011-07-16 14:41:00
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Basic sackbot Camera6Sean882011-07-15 18:34:00
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DLC (specifically Incredibles) recomendations?13waffleking232011-07-15 12:56:00
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Proximity Follower23Unknown User2011-07-15 00:08:00
Controlinator and enemy sackbot issues...9Unknown User2011-07-14 22:41:00
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Info about controllinator8Unknown User2011-07-14 15:10:00
Update Download.5Captain_Dinosaur2011-07-14 09:14:00
Lap counter- end of the game3Unknown User2011-07-13 23:41:00
Modded pod?2TheMonkeyBlade2011-07-13 22:26:00
Tag labels5Willman42011-07-13 21:53:00
Help! Costumes!6Unknown User2011-07-13 21:31:00
Using backups on other PS3s4Unknown User2011-07-13 20:18:00
SingleLife Levels and EndGame when dead10Unknown User2011-07-13 18:48:00
Best method of showing text/cutscenes6sp0ngyraver2011-07-13 02:28:00
Quick Sackbot question2lbp2goty2011-07-12 23:41:00
2 questions10ZackBoy2011-07-12 22:20:00
Wireless Damage Sensor9fighterwindplus2011-07-12 20:41:00
Tag Lags9Unknown User2011-07-12 17:48:00
Sackbot Rolling15lbp2goty2011-07-12 11:02:00
"Front View" in create mode... in play mode?4Unknown User2011-07-12 09:23:00
Help with sound recordings and copyright issues for Duke Nukem level18Lordwarblade2011-07-12 09:14:00
100% completion8Unknown User2011-07-12 07:37:00
Sackbot Logic Help!4lbp2goty2011-07-12 03:33:00
Sackbot Logic Help!2lbp2goty2011-07-12 03:18:00
Merging materials two different thicknesses5Unknown User2011-07-12 02:06:00
Problem with a puzzle3Unknown User2011-07-12 01:59:00
Making Sackboy spawn at a certain point.8Captain2011-07-12 01:45:00
Questions about transferring info across a level link23Speed Racer2011-07-12 01:37:00
Please help!6mrhollywood123452011-07-12 01:10:00
Uploading a picture without Playstation EYE8lbp2goty2011-07-11 23:52:00
Need some ingqame help with cameras and sackbot cutscenes please.2Unknown User2011-07-11 21:30:00
how can i make a sackbot16BlackThornDust2011-07-11 21:28:00
I'm Experiencing Difficulties....11FEAR2011-07-11 18:34:00
Cutscene 911!849er Nation2011-07-11 18:00:00
Photos upload???2Unknown User2011-07-11 17:13:00
Hologram - Quick Question6Unknown User2011-07-11 12:45:00
Sackbot Question.......1lbp2goty2011-07-11 11:18:00
Sackbot Sound effects6lbp2goty2011-07-11 09:53:00
Projectile following sackbot?6lbp2goty2011-07-11 09:34:00
Need help with community search!18Unknown User2011-07-11 09:21:00
Problems with emiter4Katil922011-07-11 08:59:00
Death after Health bar runs out.9Unknown User2011-07-11 04:40:00
How to Make a Pistonless Elevator Door?5Unknown User2011-07-11 03:38:00
Freezing while Moving Items?3flyinhawaiian2011-07-10 20:47:00
Can't Get 10 Story Versus Wins Trophy5lemurboy122011-07-10 20:38:00
A quick question (hopefully)15Eternal_Rise2011-07-10 19:32:00
How to make a "dead" sackbody?3Unknown User2011-07-10 10:44:00
I need help figuring out how to build a hatch like doorway.3Unknown User2011-07-10 04:46:00
Question about Algorithm17Katil922011-07-10 04:06:00
Someone did a glitch and made my sackboy on fire! Help!13Unknown User2011-07-10 00:03:00
How to Put together health bars, respawn checkpoints and the aiming system3Unknown User2011-07-09 22:33:00
Strange "Ghost Camera" Glitch1Ali_Star2011-07-09 21:31:00
Selecting a car then spawning inside the selected cars controllernator2Unknown User2011-07-09 17:54:00
Sound of emitted water3Unexpecter2011-07-09 15:51:00
Problems with advanced mover!!!7Katil922011-07-09 15:00:00
Stop acting with sackbots4venat2011-07-09 11:53:00
Music Sequencer Problems! Skipping, Distortion etc.6LFiers2011-07-09 08:27:00
camera activation scale help6ShadowTyphoon2011-07-09 07:31:00
How to Make an Elevator That Detects All the Players?2Unknown User2011-07-09 07:23:00
Never ending level :o11Masseyf2011-07-09 06:11:00
Rts unit movement is sticky11Unknown User2011-07-09 03:03:00
Can't use lbp.me4Unknown User2011-07-09 02:59:00
Cloning Machine4ffjjbb2011-07-09 02:42:00
Multi Floor Elevator2ffjjbb2011-07-09 02:38:00
Help please,Can't Get the sackbot checkpoints right.3Unknown User2011-07-09 00:54:00
Score points!!6Unknown User2011-07-08 23:40:00
Rewind glitch7KnutsoPX2011-07-08 23:08:00
how do i?6BlackThornDust2011-07-08 20:59:00
Help with Font5Unknown User2011-07-08 20:58:00
Help with positioning Sackbots7Speed Racer2011-07-08 20:04:00
Best way to give away fonts12Ayneh2011-07-08 19:12:00
Having trouble signing in...13PetStars2011-07-08 18:53:00
Problem publishing16Unknown User2011-07-08 18:46:00
Custom Bagde7Unknown User2011-07-08 17:54:00
Whoa!!! What BIG eyes you have!9GreenGhost282011-07-08 17:18:00
I screwed up...3Stunkel2011-07-08 16:08:00
How: top down walking12ShadowTyphoon2011-07-08 06:09:00
Make a Sackbot walk backwards?7Spazz2011-07-08 05:36:00
Torsion Suspension5Unknown User2011-07-08 02:01:00
Logic Help!3PSN:AAM27302011-07-07 23:20:00
Less Thermo intensive signaling, is it possible?18hesido2011-07-07 22:43:00
Help with Various Problems?4flyinhawaiian2011-07-07 22:03:00
I need help with Logic.9Cactii2011-07-07 20:56:00
Wings(Decoration?)... Can't find...2Unknown User2011-07-07 20:10:00
magic mouth problem9GribbleGrunger2011-07-07 19:40:00
How to make a Health Bar6Unknown User2011-07-07 18:34:00
How do you make sackbots grab things eternally?4LBNinja2011-07-07 18:12:00
Weird Sound Problem. Related to LBP2 maybe?13Godzilla2011-07-07 16:52:00
cutscene8wolfy_6162011-07-07 15:58:00
Need help with Sackbots dead.4Unknown User2011-07-07 11:46:00
help with sackbots please??3wolfy_6162011-07-07 10:32:00
Banned for unclear charges, everything to lose98Antikris2011-07-07 10:12:00
Problems with Holograms11Katil922011-07-07 07:24:00
My Profile's Screwed Up, Help!5Joey98982011-07-07 03:02:00
Can't find myself or my levels through text text search3tabycatmeow2011-07-06 20:27:00
Oh crud...Game freeze...4waffleking232011-07-06 15:08:00
Realistic torch10Godzilla2011-07-06 06:22:00
Fireworks5optimafrogg2011-07-06 04:43:00
Is it possible to glitch your sackboy/bot to hold a object/weapon?9Unknown User2011-07-06 01:54:00
Making a Ninja level... DLC packs?11LBNinja2011-07-05 22:08:00
Seperate cameras for players.4PetStars2011-07-05 21:21:00
Best DLC for level creators?19Masseyf2011-07-05 05:30:00
Profile Reset (Lost All Work Back to June 6th)5Nick9309302011-07-05 04:58:00
Buying DLC in parts and then as a whole?3TREMIC12011-07-05 04:50:00
How do you make a sackbot flee a tag?7Joey98982011-07-05 03:46:00
sticker dlc from lbp carrying over to lbp2?11Unknown User2011-07-05 00:35:00
LBP Super Brawlers3lark98-22011-07-04 17:57:00
Different build date? HELP!!!3Unknown User2011-07-04 16:46:00
Please help with Green Glow7Unknown User2011-07-04 16:18:00
Different Ways of Giving Away Prize Bubbles3sp0ngyraver2011-07-04 05:31:00
Grid-Based Movement3Dan9309302011-07-04 04:23:00
Explosions9Zero101002011-07-04 02:42:00
Controllinator Selector(Help!)4Dan9309302011-07-04 01:03:00
Level Links help5Lord-Dreamerz2011-07-03 22:11:00
Can't enter any level, not even SP levels.2Unknown User2011-07-03 12:13:00
Best Way to Punch2fighterwindplus2011-07-03 07:58:00
History kit or Incredibles Kit?6DarrienEven2011-07-03 07:22:00
Follower8smartboy4942011-07-03 03:26:00
Need a greater then symbol for pathfinding algorithm10Unknown User2011-07-03 03:25:00
Movement Detector6Katil922011-07-02 23:24:00
Level starts (intros) are hard...2Rovelius2011-07-02 22:21:00
Question about material glitching11Katil922011-07-02 22:05:00
Can?t enter levels9Unknown User2011-07-02 21:50:00
Rocket Jumping!8Unknown User2011-07-02 20:14:00
Layer & Material Questions4Flame Dragon2011-07-02 18:19:00
missing logic chip6GribbleGrunger2011-07-02 17:11:00
Sensors and emitters Not Working!..?2Unknown User2011-07-02 13:36:00
uplaoding my pics3supertwinbros142011-07-02 10:45:00
Unable to Utilise Twist Glitch :(13rialrees2011-07-02 10:36:00
Uh-oh! The Creator's Toolkit is corrupted! Help!10robbit102011-07-02 06:57:00
Top down guns11Zero101002011-07-02 03:14:00
Logo design?2Unknown User2011-07-01 22:40:00
Help with saving created objects?3Unknown User2011-07-01 21:49:00
3D Cam3smartboy4942011-07-01 18:36:00
My Sackbot Freezes!! Help plz3Unknown User2011-07-01 17:46:00
Need help!5Unknown User2011-07-01 15:01:00
mic3Unknown User2011-07-01 05:34:00
I'm getting barely any plays!95LBP2_Tutorialist2011-07-01 04:11:00
Modelling clutch behaviour in car16Ayneh2011-07-01 03:05:00
Where are all the levels2Squidge992011-06-30 14:01:00
Question about coloring!!4Katil922011-06-30 09:34:00
Letter code sequence2wait wtf2011-06-30 04:48:00
Level over-heating for multiple players.15celsus2011-06-30 01:47:00
Published Level, Locked w/ no Details10kuppokid2011-06-30 00:32:00
Timer speed scale / controllinator input bug(?)11hesido2011-06-29 23:26:00
Level emmiters15Unknown User2011-06-29 21:14:00
Do Tron stickers glow in the dark?2LittleBigDave2011-06-29 20:45:00
This game is UNPLAYABLE!40Unknown User2011-06-29 13:56:00
Failed to connect to (insert player here) because they are busy, please try again10Unknown User2011-06-29 12:45:00
Oh no! Recent changes to your profile...error message!?5LittleBigDes2011-06-29 12:07:00
Clearer Photos?14Fang2011-06-29 08:20:00
Water move4Unknown User2011-06-29 01:58:00
Manual Vehicles?6kuppokid2011-06-29 00:56:00
Scoreboard 25% help7Unknown User2011-06-28 19:29:00
Backing up data and the Moon4Godzilla2011-06-28 15:23:00
Creating a Boss help11kuppokid2011-06-28 14:17:00
Emitters help in create mode.3Unknown User2011-06-28 12:37:00
Ways to display circuitry in play mode?8sp0ngyraver2011-06-28 04:39:00
A second moveset?8Unknown User2011-06-28 04:27:00
Button layout4Zero101002011-06-28 02:34:00
sackbot animation2Unknown User2011-06-27 23:03:00
Racer Scoring help7Unknown User2011-06-27 22:44:00
Enemy Sackbot A.I13fighterwindplus2011-06-27 21:41:00
Sackbot death animation3Unknown User2011-06-27 21:35:00
3d camera problems3OutcastZeroOne2011-06-27 21:13:00
Invisible tools so cant create3ghostrider1352011-06-27 17:35:00
Foreground and Background Tools.3Godzilla2011-06-27 17:26:00
Sackbot checkpoints!!! HELP! (Reward=huge)6Unknown User2011-06-27 17:18:00
Controllinaor problem...3Unknown User2011-06-27 16:51:00
createnator light?8pj152011-06-27 15:08:00
Custom Stickers2Flamento2011-06-27 10:47:00
snow/ash effects7Unknown User2011-06-27 09:21:00
Strange behaviours with joystick and advanced rotator10SSTAGG12011-06-27 07:32:00
Followers that ignore certain players?2Unknown User2011-06-26 21:06:00
Camera sequence at start of level9Unknown User2011-06-26 20:05:00
Mirroring/flipping objects?11DoomeDx2011-06-26 19:40:00
How to force a player into controllinator, but not the usual way...5Screeno2011-06-26 18:30:00
Mana Bar7fighterwindplus2011-06-26 17:46:00
Anyway to pick up dlc items without going though the levels?4Unknown User2011-06-26 12:24:00
Top Down Racing Game Starting Grid Randomiser6superfurryanimal2011-06-26 11:18:00
VS thermo vs Normal Thermo?3celsus2011-06-26 05:13:00
Level link bug HELP PLEASE4Unknown User2011-06-26 04:23:00
Sackbot ENLARGE?9Unknown User2011-06-26 03:24:00
subtitle help2Unknown User2011-06-26 00:53:00
Decisions Decisions.7fighterwindplus2011-06-25 23:01:00
Need help to build logic for hologram bullets!!5Unknown User2011-06-25 19:58:00
Prehistotic Moves help5GribbleGrunger2011-06-25 18:40:00
What should I do?4nk8272011-06-25 15:51:00
Waterpoofing Sackbots?7Unknown User2011-06-25 13:14:00
Jump cancel advice =S4Unknown User2011-06-25 09:46:00
revival?2Unknown User2011-06-25 06:07:00
Can't exactly think of a name for my problem =S8Unknown User2011-06-25 02:56:00
Sprites without Holo?3Brian_Istenes2011-06-24 19:49:00
Top down mech legs going wild on me13Lordwarblade2011-06-24 19:37:00
Which DLC is essential to creation?4Unknown User2011-06-24 19:08:00
Getting controllable sackbots to aim properly with Paintinator/Creatinator10JKthree2011-06-24 17:38:00
music sequencer help3balunn2011-06-24 15:58:00
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Homing Attack(HELP)5fighterwindplus2011-06-24 06:43:00
Different controller input names at different times9hesido2011-06-23 22:30:00
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Switching controls??2Unknown User2011-06-23 21:26:00
Replay help3GribbleGrunger2011-06-23 19:52:00
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Any glitches with LBP2 and Marvel Level Kit...1Godzilla2011-06-23 14:32:00
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Help with Camera Tool?3Fuji12011-06-23 03:39:00
Teleport to Scoreboard?7optimafrogg2011-06-23 03:25:00
Moving levels?2Unknown User2011-06-23 03:07:00
HELP strange glitch Plagues me7ToborTheRobot2011-06-23 02:34:00
Health level up logic5Speed Racer2011-06-22 22:32:00
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sequencer play once??12wolfy_6162011-06-22 16:00:00
Logic Help12BeaversLikeWood2011-06-22 08:54:00
Piston Movement7BeaversLikeWood2011-06-22 06:20:00
How/where do you get this material?4Unknown User2011-06-22 04:25:00
Discreetly killing Sackboy4Unknown User2011-06-22 02:52:00
decorations7Unknown User2011-06-22 02:31:00
Satellite Dish Decoration3BeaversLikeWood2011-06-21 22:57:00
multiple controlinators help4Unknown User2011-06-21 22:20:00
Logic problem (fairly simple)5Dexiro2011-06-21 22:06:00
Magic Mouth Query17Macnme2011-06-21 11:48:00
Obstacles?3Unknown User2011-06-21 08:06:00
How do you make a menu4Unknown User2011-06-21 04:38:00
Looking for Two Peculiarities1warlord_evil2011-06-21 02:01:00
Sackbot Questions9Unknown User2011-06-21 01:04:00
lbp servers (403)3Unknown User2011-06-21 00:46:00
How to expand an object ?9Unknown User2011-06-21 00:02:00
How to make a motor bolt change direction?6Unknown User2011-06-20 23:55:00
Reload cycle??4Unknown User2011-06-20 22:59:00
Couple of problems stopping my first created level from releasing.6Unknown User2011-06-20 22:51:00
"The Mercenary" - Project Help Thread12SSTAGG12011-06-20 22:16:00
electric shaver?4LBNinja2011-06-20 21:25:00
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Help with trophe!1DeKa13572011-06-20 17:40:00
Soundless Sticker Switch5Undarivik2011-06-20 16:23:00
Soundless Sticker Switch6Undarivik2011-06-20 16:23:00
Grass material?3WoodburyRaider2011-06-20 15:41:00
'2 Free Packs' on the Store in LBP217Mr_Fusion2011-06-20 09:10:00
question about downloading from playstation store4Brannayen2011-06-20 04:31:00
Counter decrement rather than increment9Unknown User2011-06-20 01:24:00
Advise for avd programming counter11Unknown User2011-06-20 00:09:00
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Playstation Symbols in subtitles/description?4DoomeDx2011-06-19 14:58:00
Awarding points on killing other player,3Unknown User2011-06-19 11:28:00
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logic help with rolling after falling2SkaterOllie7952011-06-19 09:01:00
Cant find an item...help?3Unknown User2011-06-19 08:50:00
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Any way to disable Magic Mouth sounds?3Rpg Maker2011-06-19 02:24:00
Creating Urban Environments2piggabling2011-06-19 02:13:00
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Prober health system in a topdown level?4DoomeDx2011-06-18 20:53:00
Topdown shooter - Proper health system?2DoomeDx2011-06-18 20:50:00
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Linking an intro movie to a level9MicGorbachev2011-06-18 12:05:00
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Magic Mouth text3Sean882011-06-17 13:32:00
Help with logic.12Unknown User2011-06-17 01:43:00
How can I do this?9Unknown User2011-06-16 19:55:00
Switching cameras back and forth3Unknown User2011-06-16 19:18:00
Object randomly invisible in play mode! Argh!3Boscoe2011-06-16 18:20:00
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How to make a moving cloud?6Unknown User2011-06-16 02:31:00
Help Setting an Actor Sackbot on a Controllinator5Unknown User2011-06-15 22:25:00
Sending a DOWN signal?8Unknown User2011-06-15 22:19:00
my son has spawn "cancer". need help please14Unknown User2011-06-15 22:09:00
Triggering Sackbot acting.2liamdaniels2011-06-15 21:44:00
Power modulation of tags32Unknown User2011-06-15 19:00:00
Music Question3Unknown User2011-06-15 10:17:00
Tower of Whoop jump pad4Unknown User2011-06-15 06:54:00
Aaaaggggghhhh!!!! X(9nk8272011-06-15 06:18:00
Advanced "Mover" Logic16Nick9309302011-06-15 05:37:00
Building a pulpit?2Unknown User2011-06-14 22:55:00
Help resetting pistons to original postion (+images)16LittleBigDes2011-06-14 21:45:00
Level no longer playable3zabel992011-06-14 21:12:00
Spawnpopcancer?5LBNinja2011-06-14 16:56:00
Just wanted to ask a few things6Unknown User2011-06-14 09:36:00
Plasma Tool not showing up?2nunsmasher2011-06-14 05:42:00
Help with 25 Versus wins Trophy10Unknown User2011-06-13 23:15:00
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Music Help3Valgee2011-06-13 20:44:00
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Help!!7AbdiHMA2011-06-13 20:26:00
Magic Mouth question8KnutsoPX2011-06-13 18:39:00
Moving an object with controllinator in different directions.2Unknown User2011-06-13 18:25:00
Disabling Six-Axis8BloodShot90012011-06-13 16:05:00
Help with helicopter physics?8Unknown User2011-06-13 01:59:00
Question about water (DLC)5Unknown User2011-06-12 15:11:00
A.I in TopDown Levels?3DoomeDx2011-06-12 12:56:00
Follow/Gravity Logic HELP Please5venat2011-06-12 12:02:00
Score Target???????2Unknown User2011-06-12 07:31:00
What is the LBPC sticker?4BloodShot90012011-06-12 06:52:00
HELP Upgrading HD without losing LBP progress and saves?6Unknown User2011-06-12 00:43:00
Camera and Rotation Issues12Unknown User2011-06-11 23:12:00
Controlling Gravity, Then What? (open for suggestions, not one of those fix-er-ups)18Phazerz1232011-06-11 22:35:00
Timer Workaround?9Brian_Istenes2011-06-11 21:18:00
randomizer logic6Unknown User2011-06-11 20:08:00
Need a bit of help with my airlock-ish-thingy2Unknown User2011-06-11 17:20:00
Problem with Point Bubbles4frexy182011-06-11 14:03:00
Ran into a problem3Unknown User2011-06-11 12:02:00
Lookin' for a little help here.4Unknown User2011-06-10 10:30:00
Blast Radius4Wolf2011-06-10 04:16:00
People getting 4,000,000 points on story levels3Unknown User2011-06-10 03:15:00
Sackbot not grab?4WoodburyRaider2011-06-09 18:16:00
3d Layer Glitch made specifically for LBP2?4Whitemon2011-06-09 17:58:00
Ideas that I can't figure out. LBP25Unknown User2011-06-09 15:57:00
Why won't my sackbot act accurately?7Unknown User2011-06-09 15:04:00
Overriding Player Sensor on Sackbot?2Unknown User2011-06-09 08:39:00
Snap To Grid4Wolf2011-06-09 05:58:00
Moving objects in the 3d layers10KnutsoPX2011-06-08 20:50:00
Boat?!?!13Squidge992011-06-08 20:39:00
Thermo-Defiance, HELP ME!2PoD CREW2011-06-08 18:18:00
Spawning sackbots with creatinators4Unknown User2011-06-08 16:30:00
Co-op level ideas!8Jakeamorris252011-06-08 11:55:00
Quick Question on Multiplayer Cameras.11Ali_Star2011-06-08 10:38:00
[Advanced?] Multi-Floor Elevator17Archideas2011-06-08 08:15:00
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Projectiles and Scoring? Linking a player to their projectile4SSTAGG12011-06-08 03:52:00
Motorstorm Apocalypse DLC isn't showing up5Unknown User2011-06-08 02:22:00
Kesakitty Levels....4Unknown User2011-06-07 21:55:00
Help me think of a better name!4lemurboy122011-06-07 21:21:00
Change amount of points gained from destroying a brain?4Unknown User2011-06-07 04:44:00
Stop creatures from wandering?3Unknown User2011-06-07 02:14:00
Winter Hat (with earflaps) help!2Unknown User2011-06-07 00:59:00
Question about Connectors5Unknown User2011-06-06 23:30:00
Need someone to record my level6RagTagPwner2011-06-06 20:25:00
the year of 20127Unknown User2011-06-06 18:11:00
Hologram material.....3Godzilla2011-06-06 17:19:00
Spotlight toggle in movie camera mode5Unknown User2011-06-06 08:11:00
level design, music, and names! Oh my?!4Unknown User2011-06-06 05:52:00
Music4Unknown User2011-06-06 03:19:00
Sackbot recording help2Unknown User2011-06-06 02:11:00
The Most Terrible Thing2lemurboy122011-06-05 23:17:00
365 Long Term Publisher Pin23Unknown User2011-06-05 20:03:00
How do I make my sackbot act, but be inactive until someone walks into it's radius?5Unknown User2011-06-05 13:44:00
Captured object failing before being placed4UberOrbPS2011-06-05 04:19:00
Score Giver Problem11Wolf2011-06-05 04:14:00
How to become known?11ScorpSkull2011-06-04 23:33:00
Emitters which fire at the player9Unknown User2011-06-04 23:11:00
Perfect Level Icons?14onaga6662011-06-04 22:41:00
level start problem3Unknown User2011-06-04 16:15:00
Grapple hooks in create mode3Veyneru2011-06-04 12:38:00
can't jump or use jumpads3Unknown User2011-06-04 11:28:00
Feedback on my level please?2Unknown User2011-06-03 19:48:00
Level keys?4Brandon2011-06-03 12:27:00
Help getting an image without a PS3 Eye Camera12Unknown User2011-06-03 08:15:00
sackbot grabbing sackbot4Unknown User2011-06-03 01:16:00
Togglable Gyroscope on a Timer?5Unknown User2011-06-02 20:13:00
Help: Movie Making5Unknown User2011-06-02 17:48:00
Thermo help5Chaos_Martin2011-06-02 16:33:00
Walkthrough Tweaker?3LBNinja2011-06-02 15:35:00
LBP2 won't accept my save data?3CYBERSNAKE2011-06-02 13:58:00
Water colour.6Jakeamorris252011-06-02 09:58:00
Using a "timer" to display "health"4Unknown User2011-06-02 09:41:00
I need some LBP2 fonts5robbit102011-06-02 06:34:00
How to create a One-Off Switch effect?3Unknown User2011-06-01 21:47:00
Multplayer Camara3venat2011-06-01 21:46:00
Help with logic :(2Unknown User2011-06-01 17:32:00
Freezing Sackbots6Flame Dragon2011-06-01 15:29:00
How do you earn this pin?17Unknown User2011-06-01 14:11:00
Putting things on a missile2Unknown User2011-06-01 11:41:00
All DLC missing after PSN outage?4dragonember2011-06-01 00:20:00
Question regarding material8Godzilla2011-05-31 19:37:00
3D layers + thin layer = FAIL9Unknown User2011-05-31 17:39:00
Multiple Cameras for multiple players?3Unknown User2011-05-31 16:31:00
How to Make Pixel Animations?5Unknown User2011-05-31 15:41:00
Black hole?11METALPUNKS2011-05-31 03:32:00
Looping Foreground Inconsistencies14synchronizer2011-05-30 21:55:00
Half cycles in pistons?4Unknown User2011-05-30 20:47:00
Profile Corruption?2Super_Clone2011-05-30 18:43:00
Help with making a level flow10XboxSmasher0072011-05-30 17:19:00
creatinator and grab3Unknown User2011-05-30 11:37:00
help with building please..3Unknown User2011-05-30 02:15:00
Feedback looped variable values for a damage system???1SSTAGG12011-05-29 23:26:00
A few super simple questions~16Unknown User2011-05-29 21:47:00
I need help with a part of my FPS?6Unknown User2011-05-29 20:17:00
teleport help5wait wtf2011-05-29 19:24:00
Not recieving Trophies/Pins8Unknown User2011-05-29 17:39:00
2 Annoying Glitches...10onaga6662011-05-29 13:15:00
I need logic help (Sequencer Positional)12venat2011-05-29 05:59:00
Problem with emitted projectiles4Mysteltain2011-05-29 02:53:00
Combat A.I help4wait wtf2011-05-28 23:46:00
How do you make it so a controlled Sackbot, cannot grab?6Unknown User2011-05-28 19:56:00
Movers interfering with Controlinator!4Unknown User2011-05-28 17:09:00
Friends list trouble5robbit102011-05-28 07:41:00
LBP2 Pod music anyone?1choeb2011-05-28 02:56:00
Lights that work in background layers?3Unknown User2011-05-27 23:27:00
Need help with bicycle rotation!9nunsmasher2011-05-27 20:39:00
Versus Highscore Bars4lemurboy122011-05-27 19:45:00
Multiplayer Sackbot problem3onaga6662011-05-27 18:41:00
Laser Pigeon Level?4jblalock782011-05-27 16:56:00
Jump of sackbot4Unknown User2011-05-27 14:53:00
Best Audio Option (USB Line-In Audio?)4MrLongJohn2011-05-27 01:36:00
Linking levels: but without replay option.6Unknown User2011-05-27 01:27:00
Lots of animated holos on screen lead to missing sticker images6hesido2011-05-26 19:45:00
How should I build my level!?8nk8272011-05-26 15:08:00
Need Help: One life race with points reset to zero.7Unknown User2011-05-26 14:01:00
How do you trigger sound effects in a movie using a sequencer?3SkaterOllie7952011-05-26 08:28:00
Grabable Holo Glitch (Makes you fall)7Unknown User2011-05-26 07:58:00
Would This Be Removed By Copyright...?9Fang2011-05-26 06:07:00
Emitters problem3ffjjbb2011-05-26 03:15:00
Interactive Music Sequencer10lemurboy122011-05-26 00:48:00
Is there a cure to SpawnPop Cancer?4Unknown User2011-05-25 23:58:00
Mystery holes in level, won't go away :(13LittleBigDes2011-05-25 23:34:00
Image inappropriate?8Stinkin Mushroom2011-05-25 19:43:00
How to make pixel perfect sticker placement?5hesido2011-05-25 15:39:00
Ammo Refill without touching...5onaga6662011-05-25 15:11:00
Slanting Subtitles a big no no.7RtooDee22011-05-25 13:39:00
Top down shooter (Heath bar regenerate)6Unknown User2011-05-25 11:39:00
Best way to sync sounds with pistons/movement?18LittleBigDes2011-05-25 10:45:00
My level has a glitch...1Ares_262011-05-25 07:22:00
Failing emitters6Dortr2011-05-25 03:41:00
Need a name?7Unknown User2011-05-25 02:46:00
I'm back (sort of...) What did I miss?3SSTAGG12011-05-24 23:29:00
electricity5Unknown User2011-05-24 21:31:00
Changing Diagonal Input Size.5Unknown User2011-05-24 19:52:00
Sackboy Can't Jump!6Unknown User2011-05-24 14:12:00
"Scoring system for 4 player versus games". Projectile hits to give points.4LFiers2011-05-24 12:22:00
Need help to figure out the general logic7Unknown User2011-05-24 04:49:00
Drag-able stone?23LittleBigDes2011-05-23 19:08:00
Player HUD question4KnutsoPX2011-05-23 17:47:00
Need urgent help :(6Unknown User2011-05-23 15:00:00
LBP1 to LPB210Unknown User2011-05-23 13:15:00
Stickers messed up5Bourne_2011-05-23 06:51:00
Ghost Glitch?7Rpg Maker2011-05-23 04:04:00
How to make water8Wlachen2011-05-22 22:07:00
Forcing the player to move in a certain direction.3Unknown User2011-05-22 19:37:00
complicated material6Unknown User2011-05-22 19:20:00
Top down shooter. (Shooting things)5Unknown User2011-05-22 19:01:00
Problem with making a movie3Unknown User2011-05-22 16:27:00
Trophies don't unlock (two)2AwesomeArnold2011-05-22 16:18:00
Controlinator Query - Uncontrolable Controlinator5Hallm32011-05-22 15:11:00
Selector problems6Chrree2011-05-22 11:44:00
Sackbot running faster6Bourne_2011-05-22 11:27:00
Problems with movers.9StarrKable2011-05-22 10:51:00
Moving Sackbots to the glitch layers9Unknown User2011-05-22 04:03:00
camera shake6Unknown User2011-05-22 00:58:00
I am gltiched. HALP.4roux-2011-05-21 23:29:00
Controllinator input ports disabled?8lightofthefuture2011-05-21 23:07:00
Littlebigplanet items won't go over to my lbp2!3Unknown User2011-05-21 22:12:00
Need Cam per-player Tricks6Lord-Dreamerz2011-05-21 21:56:00
Split Screen Vs Level5Unknown User2011-05-21 18:10:00
Help with Teleporter3TheManofSteel3kO2011-05-21 17:56:00
How to make Hedge Hopping3Unknown User2011-05-21 17:55:00
Tag Sensor isn't working right.5Unknown User2011-05-21 17:44:00
Can`t play any level1Unknown User2011-05-21 15:28:00
Pixel Sized Font5Rpg Maker2011-05-21 14:27:00
Can`t zoom in/out4Unknown User2011-05-21 14:11:00
Game camera troubles.2Unknown User2011-05-21 03:33:00
Controlinator Problem!5Ares_262011-05-21 02:28:00
Hiding checkpoint lights?8roux-2011-05-20 21:03:00
Is LBP1 forward compatible?5Xaif2011-05-20 18:55:00
Invisible hazards6ATMLVE2011-05-20 16:34:00
Wobble bolt mech1Adam90012011-05-20 15:27:00
Switching between playable Sackbot and animations?1thespacemonkey1872011-05-20 14:27:00
Sackbot animations in score screen.3Ali_Star2011-05-20 12:57:00
Make Lethal Holograms?6Unknown User2011-05-20 02:28:00
spinning platforms6Unknown User2011-05-20 01:45:00
Killing the Player.12Unknown User2011-05-19 23:35:00
Breaking bounce pads3Megafig2011-05-19 22:02:00
Theck/Thack material?6Willman42011-05-19 21:55:00
sackbot controled to a toggle looks like it lags1SkaterOllie7952011-05-19 21:07:00
Recording Sackbot Bouncepad Animations7MrLongJohn2011-05-19 15:15:00
controllinator screwing with the creatinator :(6Unknown User2011-05-19 08:33:00
Help Creating Falling Columns14Unknown User2011-05-19 03:17:00
A question about elevators9Unknown User2011-05-18 21:26:00
Critical topdown racer problem; need help.11CragmiteBlaster2011-05-18 20:56:00
Can LBP1 Data be deleted and not mess up LBP2?8Tmjtk2011-05-18 19:21:00
Over complex warning message?18LittleBigDes2011-05-18 14:33:00
How to Import/Record outside music with Mic2Snrm2011-05-18 03:15:00
Backgrounds?4Unknown User2011-05-17 23:57:00
Sackbot Logic Help10Unknown User2011-05-17 13:35:00
Help! Co-Op Level.4Jakeamorris252011-05-17 12:36:00
Melee Attack2rambo34162011-05-17 03:55:00
Music Help?10Snrm2011-05-17 00:40:00
Scoreboard help (not game completion scoreboard) :(14Unknown User2011-05-16 21:56:00
induvidual player emitter?5littlebigveteran2011-05-16 21:17:00
Controlled Sackbot Jumping disabled6The Don2011-05-16 18:36:00
How to get plays?11Willman42011-05-16 15:54:00
Lag or gap when looping custom music5Antikris2011-05-16 14:32:00
Not receiving ?Community Spirit? and ?A Series of Tubes? Trophies.7dbibby882011-05-16 11:01:00
Destroying/Emitting to save thermo6Bourne_2011-05-16 09:34:00
my subtitles aren't working outside of create6dragonights2011-05-15 22:12:00
LBP2 + What's New?3Moonface2011-05-15 20:15:00
Sticky substances for a top down racer8CragmiteBlaster2011-05-15 18:07:00
LBP2 / lbp.me still not working?3roflwaffle2011-05-15 18:04:00
Hologram, Hellogram10GribbleGrunger2011-05-15 14:20:00
How to make a Sackbot Fly/float like the Hansel & Gretelbot fairy ?2Butaneflame2011-05-15 00:39:00
Troublesome HUD...6Unknown User2011-05-14 17:32:00
Checkpoint Trouble2CragmiteBlaster2011-05-14 15:20:00
Player specific checkpoints21KnutsoPX2011-05-14 15:06:00
Best way to make Tube Logic?14Lord-Dreamerz2011-05-14 14:00:00
Analog Signals and Timers4Unknown User2011-05-14 06:31:00
Can you control objects with controlinator without jumping in it??8Unknown User2011-05-13 22:55:00
A really awful glitch... Please help!!11thi7662011-05-13 19:07:00
Hovering vehicle?12fullofwin2011-05-13 13:53:00
Controlinator Cameras7BlackToof2011-05-13 03:35:00
Logic4Squidge992011-05-12 20:17:00
Sackbot custom animation etc.7Unknown User2011-05-12 07:00:00
advanced elevator help?11littlebigveteran2011-05-12 03:14:00
Help with creatinator3Unknown User2011-05-11 22:40:00
Does Nauxed sackboy glitch cure work offline?2Unknown User2011-05-10 23:07:00
Anybody want to give me feedback?13Unknown User2011-05-10 10:51:00
Score by time, giving it only to players that are alive?10Unknown User2011-05-10 00:29:00
Rewind help please11GribbleGrunger2011-05-09 19:03:00
Help Required with Logic28Unknown User2011-05-09 18:07:00
Individual Score Sensor16Bourne_2011-05-09 07:19:00
Help with Level Menu4flyinhawaiian2011-05-08 22:47:00
Story Vs. Visuals22Wlachen2011-05-08 20:41:00
Four player ride HELP11Unknown User2011-05-08 19:26:00
Any Star Wars Music Maker out there?3julesyjules2011-05-08 17:47:00
Flee from waypoint?6maddoggnick962011-05-08 17:09:00
Level overheat Question. . .6rialrees2011-05-08 12:00:00
Portal Gun Logic Frustration6BeaversLikeWood2011-05-08 05:16:00
RPG Level System9Wlachen2011-05-08 02:18:00
R1 commands7UberOrbPS2011-05-07 21:04:00
Controling a Projectile8Jakeamorris252011-05-07 12:23:00
Top Down view in out mover10Unknown User2011-05-07 10:22:00
Where has my logic gone wrong?19Unknown User2011-05-07 04:19:00
could use your ideas...not that im out of my own18Unknown User2011-05-07 01:23:00
Danger Tweaker question6Unknown User2011-05-06 20:57:00
drift over time?2Unknown User2011-05-06 07:00:00
How to make a switch toggle reverse motion of a series of pistons14Unknown User2011-05-06 03:47:00
Need contraptions help please :)13Darksonic2011-05-06 01:21:00
Music Experts10craigmond2011-05-05 18:40:00
How do I make a Sinking Ship?6Unknown User2011-05-05 18:36:00
Problem with teleportation.5CragmiteBlaster2011-05-04 20:14:00
Gorilla pod1lewied1232011-05-04 17:07:00
Score giver!!13Unknown User2011-05-04 16:32:00
Cut Scene linked to Co-op Level5BeaversLikeWood2011-05-04 12:28:00
Glitch to make materials with no collision?13ShadowTyphoon2011-05-04 08:44:00
Music Sequencer Looping Delay13rambo34162011-05-04 07:37:00
Sackbot Attack Animations {Request}3ffjjbb2011-05-04 04:53:00
screen recording?2Unknown User2011-05-04 02:09:00
rotating a wheel left or right.8Unknown User2011-05-03 20:52:00
Resettable Inputs in a Sequence4Ali_Star2011-05-03 19:31:00
The Sticker Tool4GribbleGrunger2011-05-03 18:51:00
Bob the Boss (You will not survive)57Archideas2011-05-03 16:06:00
Shut Up Emitters8Jakeamorris252011-05-03 10:46:00
Respawning Sackbots?3Unknown User2011-05-03 03:17:00
Multi-Pivit Robotic Arm5Unknown User2011-05-03 02:40:00
Dialog problems7OutcastZeroOne2011-05-03 01:00:00
Magic Mouth problem7triforceguy12011-05-02 22:00:00
Camera fixed behind vehical2Unknown User2011-05-02 21:25:00
Importing Little Big Planet 1 Costumes After Starting Little Big Planet 23Unknown User2011-05-02 19:17:00
Bot Speed logic14Lord-Dreamerz2011-05-02 01:32:00
How to make a planet "orbit"?9Unknown User2011-05-01 21:36:00
Advanced Movers behaving weirdly?9Qrii_Nakari2011-05-01 20:13:00
Minimum Output18TehUberZac2011-05-01 19:41:00
GOOD voice capture3nk8272011-05-01 17:57:00
Sackbot attacks and offensives8TREMIC12011-05-01 16:31:00
A couple of Creator Questions12triforceguy12011-05-01 11:19:00
joining flat layers to flat layers5Unknown User2011-04-30 23:41:00
Grr score giver why wont you behave?12Dortr2011-04-30 20:53:00
game ender for 1 player3danger sackboy2011-04-30 15:03:00
Camera soft pan transition in sequencer?5SkaterOllie7952011-04-30 14:05:00
LBP1 Things on LBP27Unknown User2011-04-30 02:42:00
Can Old Levels Get Noticed?1Joey98982011-04-30 01:16:00
Speech Bubble Glitch4L1GhTmArE2011-04-29 22:42:00
Controlled Sackbot not collecting score/prize bubbles7rialrees2011-04-29 21:44:00
Artillery Cannon: movable AND retractble?7Unknown User2011-04-29 21:17:00
Bot Emotions41Lord-Dreamerz2011-04-29 20:46:00
Can checkponts be assigned to individual players?4roux-2011-04-29 19:49:00
HELP Creators BLOCK!?15Unknown User2011-04-29 18:52:00
Probability12Rpg Maker2011-04-29 18:11:00
Remote Control Sackbot with Logic on Chip Help: Switching Controllinators?8flyinhawaiian2011-04-29 18:09:00
Music works in Create, but...5roux-2011-04-29 17:05:00
I have problems with LBP 2 Thermometer7Unknown User2011-04-29 06:33:00
3d layer glitch help5GribbleGrunger2011-04-28 20:34:00
sack bot help5Unknown User2011-04-28 17:19:00
Moving Sackbot and Sackboy through Hamster Tubes in multiple directions9Unknown User2011-04-28 13:54:00
How do I make a Survival level! HELP!5Unknown User2011-04-28 13:26:00
Are there any drawbacks to publishing a level (movie) with sublinks?5Stampy2011-04-28 10:57:00
Full direction mapping?4Dortr2011-04-28 08:58:00
need help w/ cycling logic3Unknown User2011-04-28 06:15:00
Direction Specific Spin8IronSkullKid992011-04-28 01:33:00
Randomizer7Unknown User2011-04-28 00:07:00
No-Collision Material?15Unknown User2011-04-27 23:54:00
Er randomizers..4Dortr2011-04-27 20:59:00
camera swiTCH12Unknown User2011-04-27 18:28:00
push out and retract3Unknown User2011-04-27 17:42:00
No music in pod24GribbleGrunger2011-04-27 16:36:00
3D Glitch - Foreground Disappearing?6standby2502011-04-27 00:50:00
how to get plays?2Ignition2462011-04-26 20:45:00
Draw in Help4venat2011-04-26 18:50:00
Score Display Unit6Unknown User2011-04-26 18:04:00
Need help understanding logic17Darksonic2011-04-26 16:08:00
Looking for amazing music sequencer levels1Unknown User2011-04-26 15:32:00
Crazy Sackbot! STAY IN THE CONTROLINATOR!4GreenGhost282011-04-26 04:19:00
A Couple of Sackbot Questions7Unknown User2011-04-26 02:52:00
Music player on story mode?2Unknown User2011-04-26 00:33:00
LBP2 hates me!!!12Unknown User2011-04-25 22:51:00
Making a Sackbot Punch and Kick?7Unknown User2011-04-25 22:10:00
Emitter Problems13TheOshenator2011-04-25 18:56:00
Holographic hit-testing6Ignition2462011-04-25 02:27:00
Remote Control Sackbot Not Working?9flyinhawaiian2011-04-25 01:43:00
Okay... Camera and natural lighting troubles...12Unknown User2011-04-24 18:41:00
Why is Q censored?4anoken2011-04-24 17:57:00
Bubble combo in VS mode5Mother-Misty2011-04-24 16:13:00
Problems with lbp2 dlc2Unknown User2011-04-24 12:01:00
Phantom Speech Bubble4celsus2011-04-24 07:35:00
camera shift4Unknown User2011-04-23 21:25:00
Odd time signatures in music sequencers.3Dortr2011-04-23 21:15:00
DCS Text?5Jakest1232011-04-23 20:28:00
Making Sackbots not jump6Unknown User2011-04-23 19:19:00
Cancel out attacks7Unknown User2011-04-23 19:17:00
Music over music or resume music?18Unknown User2011-04-23 15:55:00
Score Giver - Just You8riverad082011-04-23 05:58:00
Sackbot + Paintinator default aiming position?!6Unknown User2011-04-23 01:09:00
HEY! You didn't build that!20GreenGhost282011-04-22 18:13:00
Unplayable Bug!3Unknown User2011-04-22 17:46:00
Need help making a code!5StarrKable2011-04-22 16:25:00
Sackbot help6Squidge992011-04-22 14:26:00
Making cameras follow sackbots?3Unknown User2011-04-22 11:26:00
Scoring Trouble8Unknown User2011-04-22 02:29:00
Creatinator w/sackbot5Unknown User2011-04-22 01:10:00
Player Dependent Spawn Locations?5shane_danger2011-04-21 23:45:00
Versus: Picture in picture15montana_92682011-04-21 23:13:00
LBP1 and LBP2 communication3Unknown User2011-04-21 22:11:00
sackbot help8Unknown User2011-04-21 19:41:00
Moving something from background glitch to regular space during gameplay?6Thegide2011-04-21 19:39:00
Need help to build advanced wave logic!!8Unknown User2011-04-21 12:08:00
Mysterious floating cardboard in my level?13GreenGhost282011-04-21 05:29:00
Solid Hologram?18Unknown User2011-04-21 03:30:00
motor bolt strength help8Hana_Kami2011-04-21 01:01:00
How to get points from Projectiles?6Unknown User2011-04-20 18:03:00
Need Help with rotator2Unknown User2011-04-20 17:54:00
Logic Inconsistency?13galacemiguel2011-04-20 04:35:00
Help! My Sackboy is claustrophobic!6galacemiguel2011-04-20 04:04:00
Projectile sensor issue3Unknown User2011-04-20 03:48:00
How To Organize Created Objects5rambo34162011-04-20 02:06:00
What are some of the other LBP2 websites with forums to showcase your level?5Turbo_Egg_Salad2011-04-20 01:53:00
Controlinator - PLEASE HELP11Unknown User2011-04-19 23:51:00
What Is The Best Ice Material?18DominationMags2011-04-19 22:40:00
Emulating delayed speech7Jaymes_Keller2011-04-19 21:43:00
Toggler on a seqencer question2DoomeDx2011-04-19 21:04:00
Emitter+timer+trigger = :S11Unknown User2011-04-19 19:48:00
Following rotations9ikbeneland2011-04-19 18:34:00
Weird Slurpee Question......5Godzilla2011-04-19 14:27:00
LBP Profile transfer question5UberOrbPS2011-04-19 02:28:00
Score Sensitive Doors?6Unknown User2011-04-19 01:48:00
Game Camera local space bug...trying to get fix confirmation from MM3LittleBigDave2011-04-19 01:11:00
Can someone with the UK Version play with someone with the NA Version?3Unknown User2011-04-18 23:51:00
Cannot Play for some reason :(5Unknown User2011-04-18 23:15:00
4 player sackbot checkpoint8danger sackboy2011-04-18 21:12:00
comphermc's timer health bar % issue5Unknown User2011-04-18 19:08:00
Losing Movie camera controls5Unknown User2011-04-18 18:20:00
[NTK] Dive In 256OveReAction2011-04-18 12:36:00
HD DVR please help15nerzdadestroyer2011-04-18 12:01:00
Can a Timer Control the Speed/brightness of an Object?5SR20DETDOG2011-04-18 09:49:00
Help with zombie barriers2LBP2_Tutorialist2011-04-18 05:14:00
HELP! i need answers...2Distinct-Creator2011-04-18 03:13:00
Sackbot holding items?3Unknown User2011-04-17 22:25:00
This object is getting to complicated problem.4DoomeDx2011-04-17 21:32:00
Spinning blade6Unknown User2011-04-17 21:12:00
Subtitles eluding me?11septamus1122011-04-17 20:49:00
selector Cycle wrap2Unknown User2011-04-17 20:01:00
How to split cameras!7Iop3302011-04-17 15:45:00
Corrupted Profile! I lost heaps of work!!15LFiers2011-04-17 14:18:00
Need Help with numerous things6BeaversLikeWood2011-04-17 09:07:00
No jetpack in LBP2?7riverad082011-04-17 05:54:00
Separating 2 players6Unknown User2011-04-17 04:36:00
Emitted level links5Discosmurf2011-04-17 01:34:00
Can't enter Levels.. Why?3Unknown User2011-04-17 00:30:00
How do you...7Darkcloudrepeat2011-04-17 00:04:00
I still don't get this...14PetStars2011-04-17 00:04:00
Move & LBP22Unknown User2011-04-16 23:50:00
Lost all dlc3TheBlackKnight222011-04-16 23:38:00
Giving points to a controlled sackbot5Unknown User2011-04-16 22:58:00
Couple of logic questions7SirGreenDay2011-04-16 18:57:00
Snap, crackle & pop in create mode?!9LittleBigDes2011-04-16 17:09:00
Decorations (LBP 1)1Unknown User2011-04-16 15:35:00
Versus mode timer question.........2Godzilla2011-04-16 15:15:00
Sackbot Talk/Emotion Help2Unknown User2011-04-16 14:39:00
Trigger happy sackbots.4Discosmurf2011-04-16 13:41:00
Restarting All Over Again For The Fourth Time!5GranolaCrunch2011-04-16 12:22:00
LBP2 Attract Mode Levels3Unknown User2011-04-16 07:04:00
Sackbot Keeps Getting Squished5rambo34162011-04-16 06:18:00
More logic headache for me :(5Unknown User2011-04-16 05:35:00
Help with a counter going up and down8riverad082011-04-16 03:17:00
Spawnpopcancer?!?!!?!?26williamsmithxo2011-04-15 20:12:00
Sackbot 3D glitch6Unknown User2011-04-15 18:54:00
transferring PS3s... export both LBP2 AND LBP1 profile?8Conall-Star2011-04-15 18:08:00
How to make a ladder?7DoomeDx2011-04-15 15:53:00
Sackbot that can point??6Ace292011-04-15 14:55:00
Help with 'sub-menus'...3liamdaniels2011-04-15 12:05:00
Idk whats its called??5Khriz1342011-04-15 12:02:00
I need a dragon!!!5Unknown User2011-04-15 08:31:00
Display for current score4Unknown User2011-04-15 07:18:00
Odd Scoreboard Bug?2GranolaCrunch2011-04-15 07:17:00
Help me Decide Please!2Shadow_Wolf_19872011-04-15 03:30:00
Creating custom stickers ?11Aven1981_UK2011-04-15 02:22:00
Camera on sackbot help4Sean882011-04-15 02:05:00
Help with hit detection during a boss battle that uses creatinator as a weapon.3Turbo_Egg_Salad2011-04-15 01:19:00
Follower and logic19Unknown User2011-04-15 00:43:00
Other players in a Single Player Level3ccapel2011-04-15 00:02:00
projectile sensor problem4Brannayen2011-04-14 22:41:00
What do I have to look out for to keep my profile/account safe?5Unknown User2011-04-14 21:45:00
Holo and impact sensors.4Discosmurf2011-04-14 21:17:00
Is my level too hard?9CYBERSNAKE2011-04-14 18:56:00
Controls are the bottom of the screen?7DoomeDx2011-04-14 17:52:00
How do I make solid colours?7ZackBoy2011-04-14 17:16:00
Movie Sequencer Trouble5Unknown User2011-04-14 15:27:00
train bomb survival1Squidge992011-04-14 13:55:00
top down RPG - sword logic help needed1Unknown User2011-04-14 13:36:00
This shape is getting to complicated5Unknown User2011-04-14 12:45:00
Need help making a mine cart.9Unknown User2011-04-14 07:12:00
timed emmitting?5Unknown User2011-04-14 03:53:00
Complex/moving objects in 3D layer background?4Unknown User2011-04-14 02:40:00
Single pulse?9Unknown User2011-04-13 21:25:00
Creatinator Noise5Unknown User2011-04-13 20:08:00
Boss Bomb4Squidge992011-04-13 19:07:00
LBP Birthday cake costume?3Unknown User2011-04-13 18:10:00
Internal Combustion Engine10Unknown User2011-04-13 12:56:00
2-way switch stops working & falls off?13LittleBigDes2011-04-13 10:46:00
Is there any way to recieve a prize bubble without opening it?5standby2502011-04-13 01:24:00
Randomizer question4Unknown User2011-04-13 00:18:00
Someone wanna test a menu part of my level?12celsus2011-04-12 22:41:00
Recharging Health Bar8Unknown User2011-04-12 20:57:00
How do i make a menu?2DoomeDx2011-04-12 18:04:00
Data transfer w/ level links3KnutsoPX2011-04-12 17:54:00
Help resetting sinking platform?7LittleBigDes2011-04-12 17:23:00
Spark Effect11Unknown User2011-04-12 17:14:00
Don't know how to make platformer11ShiftyDog2011-04-12 16:42:00
Music Sequencer Question8Unknown User2011-04-12 15:23:00
Voice-acting limit?5Qrii_Nakari2011-04-12 15:22:00
Can't Move Stickers?1Green-Tomato2011-04-12 13:34:00
How to get noticed???7dyna2011-04-12 10:36:00
anti gravity6Unknown User2011-04-12 06:18:00
Projectile damage logic16Unknown User2011-04-12 05:51:00
H204Unknown User2011-04-12 05:48:00
I NEED help on making a good looking explosion!8LBP2_Tutorialist2011-04-12 05:35:00
How Do I make Sackbots use Power Glove6Unknown User2011-04-12 02:31:00
Creators!! What is your secret??17Khriz1342011-04-11 23:39:00
Need a Statue7Squidge992011-04-11 23:03:00
I am having trouble finding this Shirt thing.......4Unknown User2011-04-11 23:00:00
Voice acting - Having a little trouble.4standby2502011-04-11 22:59:00
Trouble triggering scoreboard5Discosmurf2011-04-11 21:02:00
Modelise magnets behaviour8Slurm2011-04-11 15:45:00
Infinite loop. How is this done?2Unknown User2011-04-11 09:05:00
Need this music's MIDI File1yoda97yoda2011-04-11 06:37:00
Where do you get the scary teeth on LBP2?8Unknown User2011-04-11 02:49:00
Four-Legged Walker Problems6BeaversLikeWood2011-04-11 02:42:00
Choice logic issue4Unknown User2011-04-10 20:54:00
Background Tools2Number7Million2011-04-10 19:38:00
Hologram Collisions - Overload?1Unknown User2011-04-10 19:33:00
Annoying captured object Glitch...anyone :(16celsus2011-04-10 18:24:00
Is it possible to make a sackbot crouch?9springs862011-04-10 14:59:00
Wireless Logic...ummmm3julesyjules2011-04-10 10:34:00
Forgive my ignorance but (and yes, I'm embarrassed for asking)... Why are my movie...5Unknown User2011-04-10 09:29:00
Sackboy stickering causes auto zoom. any workaround?4Unknown User2011-04-10 07:20:00
Movie Help1Rokusho2011-04-10 05:59:00
Emergancy! D:3Distinct-Creator2011-04-10 05:27:00
help with activating highest value logic6dragonights2011-04-09 22:50:00
Lethal sackbots!!!7Unknown User2011-04-09 22:38:00
Sackbot with Rocket-boots6Coreyeatpie2011-04-09 22:38:00
The score board isn't working.8Unknown User2011-04-09 20:31:00
Northern Lights and platforming elements5Unknown User2011-04-09 08:31:00
Respawn with Health Bars6kdille132011-04-09 06:36:00
Best way to use Fonts?4jblalock782011-04-09 05:16:00
cutscene question7biorogue2011-04-09 02:27:00
Publishing a level question?3Godzilla2011-04-09 01:25:00
Overheating however not Overheating...3Azure_Mist2011-04-08 22:07:00
Logic Stops Working4hungryhippo2011-04-08 20:58:00
Hologram Question5Rokusho2011-04-08 19:25:00
how to make sackbots run faster5danger sackboy2011-04-07 17:21:00
Area too complex..8Ace292011-04-07 13:49:00
Level Building Strategy5hungryhippo2011-04-07 07:34:00
Negativitron Spiraly Mouth11Unknown User2011-04-07 01:52:00
Please HELP ME!!!6Unknown User2011-04-06 23:08:00
How do I end a Cut Scene level (with/without a level link)?6discokrakken2011-04-06 20:56:00
Rare lbp2 week one t-shirt, does it come out only once?4Unknown User2011-04-06 19:55:00
Distributing holograms evenly between point A and B16Linque2011-04-06 18:13:00
Flatness using a Game Camera6Xaif2011-04-06 17:38:00
I can't spawn in entrances or checkpoints!2Unknown User2011-04-06 07:08:00
Tree stump decoration!!2Iop3302011-04-05 23:40:00
Profile Limit?8hungryhippo2011-04-05 22:52:00
Sticker Bleeding Problem3hungryhippo2011-04-05 22:48:00
Level Options Help6xtremesackboy2011-04-05 22:05:00
Creating a multiplayer level4ThisDudeRufus2011-04-05 21:21:00
Is there a limit to how many stickers you can use before it starts glitching?14Unknown User2011-04-05 20:27:00
Sackbot with a flashlight on the right hand?5DoomeDx2011-04-05 19:42:00
8-way directional movement4Ayneh2011-04-05 18:18:00
Sackbot follow problem8Zantze2011-04-05 16:51:00
Vehicle wheels impact sensor problem help6Unknown User2011-04-05 01:55:00
Question about the checkpoints4Unknown User2011-04-05 01:17:00
Transparent Stickers?2BonBonBoi2011-04-04 23:41:00
Vehicle for twin stick shooter4Unknown User2011-04-04 22:33:00
Sack-in-a-clock costume?2Unknown User2011-04-04 20:32:00
2 players only one vehicle?5Unknown User2011-04-04 20:22:00
Counting the number of objects?4Unknown User2011-04-04 19:52:00
Stop sack bots from moving through each other..5Unknown User2011-04-04 19:09:00
Emit blood from a sackbot?3DoomeDx2011-04-04 17:59:00
Spikes keep functioning after being destroyed5Unknown User2011-04-04 17:47:00
Top down vehicle model needed! ( Halo )1Iop3302011-04-04 17:11:00
Several camera questions9Chrree2011-04-04 16:48:00
I need a photo of the Scarlett Hair1Unknown User2011-04-04 16:30:00
Sound Loss When Hiding Layers4Moonface2011-04-04 15:17:00
Making the perfect pentagram24Ungreth2011-04-04 15:07:00
Headshot Detection?3DoomeDx2011-04-04 12:15:00
Level creation problem3gormee2011-04-04 08:26:00
Question about thermometer efficiency6zabel992011-04-04 08:22:00
All of my progress in LBP2 is gone!23Rottinghouse2011-04-04 06:31:00
Help with moving my level (in create mode)2Julianotis12011-04-04 03:55:00
Requesting mentor on LBP2 films / movies with sackbot acting logic triggered by seque2Unknown User2011-04-04 01:46:00
Big and Small Items2Julianotis12011-04-03 19:20:00
Player Sensor...need a "trip wire"22Unknown User2011-04-03 18:59:00
Magic Mouths & Cutscenes help5IronSkullKid992011-04-03 18:49:00
Levels From the Endless Fun Trailer?7flyinhawaiian2011-04-03 18:32:00
How to color painbals8Julianotis12011-04-03 17:53:00
controlling objects6Brannayen2011-04-03 04:06:00
Disable Controllers in Cutscenes2Unknown User2011-04-03 03:59:00
Captured Object static section1celsus2011-04-03 03:18:00
Use controlinator to change body movements.2Godzilla2011-04-03 01:59:00
Magic Mouthes, Multiple Speeches, Movement Halp?7KlawwTheClown2011-04-03 01:59:00
Argh...evils of auto enter.4celsus2011-04-02 23:25:00
Controllinator that works in create, but not in play mode3Unknown User2011-04-02 17:12:00
Controlinator help4keanine2011-04-02 12:35:00
Limit a Sackbot's Patrol6Unknown User2011-04-02 10:24:00
Music Sequencer Hooked Up to Logic Skips First Beat....wtf?4Popcornman2011-04-02 05:09:00
Logic frozen on microchip.9Ace292011-04-02 03:11:00
Need some help with mah level8IronSkullKid992011-04-01 21:57:00
How do you spawn at the scoreboard?6CYBERSNAKE2011-04-01 21:07:00
Retractable Beam6hungryhippo2011-04-01 19:32:00
Will stages play if the level is overheated?16Rpg Maker2011-04-01 18:31:00
Creating Electricity Ammo6rambo34162011-04-01 18:00:00
getting rid off the wall on a blank lvl6danger sackboy2011-04-01 17:46:00
before last patch white material?17Lord-Dreamerz2011-04-01 14:12:00
Stupid little twirling world?3RtooDee22011-04-01 09:06:00
Can you help me guys?9Unknown User2011-04-01 06:49:00
Drowning while using controlinator7rbanke2011-04-01 03:56:00
Movie cameras and sequencers5Holguin862011-04-01 02:04:00
why checkpoint random6haber19332011-04-01 01:54:00
Bionic commando grappling hook2DarrienEven2011-03-31 23:00:00
Keyboard usage with LBP210Unknown User2011-03-31 22:25:00
Profile importing question3Unknown User2011-03-31 21:44:00
Avalon Lift10Unknown User2011-03-31 21:03:00
New glitch cant fix14sonicfan-12011-03-31 19:58:00
sackbot end of level survival points help3haber19332011-03-31 17:02:00
Batteries on sequencers..17Discosmurf2011-03-31 16:27:00
Thermo overheating on saving level3Slurm2011-03-31 11:04:00
sackbot - 2 questions4flopman-2011-03-31 10:00:00
REALLY urgent help! Save data lost?15Unknown User2011-03-31 05:43:00
Camera issues...6Unknown User2011-03-31 04:43:00
Sackbot Enemy Help5rambo34162011-03-31 03:33:00
Sackboy?s Prehistoric Move3psyntens2011-03-31 02:33:00
Sensor Range8MrNlCE2011-03-31 00:03:00
is there a way to get sequencer songs on your mp3/ipod?4Cactii2011-03-30 23:51:00
Winches2jimharratt2011-03-30 23:47:00
Segmenting...7Unknown User2011-03-30 22:12:00
About sharing DLC...?3Unknown User2011-03-30 11:06:00
Why does LBP do this?9Shippage2011-03-30 06:07:00
Music Player Interface10schm02011-03-30 02:55:00
Invincible (to plasma) Sackbots3waffleking232011-03-30 01:31:00
Best time to publish a level?10hungryhippo2011-03-29 23:12:00
Mm Picks?14hungryhippo2011-03-29 23:05:00
Theck & Thack Material8hungryhippo2011-03-29 23:03:00
Give the score a color?3Unknown User2011-03-29 20:17:00
Question about re-publishing a level6YorickB2011-03-29 19:44:00
Sackbot Line of Sight?4DoomeDx2011-03-29 19:35:00
Controllinator Entry Using Switches4Unknown User2011-03-29 16:53:00
A Sackbot Question14Unknown User2011-03-29 15:16:00
Ladder Help5Unknown User2011-03-29 14:37:00
Sliding door help6Unknown User2011-03-29 06:06:00
Music Creating help10Zero1Sith2011-03-29 05:26:00
Jump help5Unknown User2011-03-28 22:59:00
Questions about sackbot custom jumps and sackbot checkpoints.2Unknown User2011-03-28 22:31:00
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Destroyers on robotic limbs not working! >_<4MonarioBabii2011-03-15 04:26:00
Making a moving platform move down, stop, and go back up later in a cutscene7Behonkiss2011-03-15 03:56:00
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How do i shot movie4Unknown User2011-03-15 00:46:00
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Put out fire with water?9Unknown User2011-03-14 22:26:00
Teach me the ways of art in lbp210tuyyui2011-03-14 22:16:00
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Paint won't clean from my level!6Lunica-2011-03-14 16:28:00
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Visible Microchips in Play mode?2v0rtex2011-03-14 13:57:00
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Realistic FPS gun.2BloodShot90012011-03-14 05:10:00
Adjusting plama brightness?6Gutz2011-03-14 04:25:00
Logic for Quiz-Type Menu?1Number7Million2011-03-14 02:18:00
Any way to tweak an object to sink or float in water?6PurpleIris882011-03-14 01:32:00
Sackbot Help4Unknown User2011-03-14 00:17:00
Stickers / Level Badges / What The Fudge?7Bovrillor2011-03-13 23:29:00
Rotation acceleration5Edeslash2011-03-13 22:03:00
PS3 button symbols??2Alternative_sack2011-03-13 21:10:00
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Sakbot inventory?!9ghostdogg2011-03-13 19:11:00
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pokemon7LITTLEBIGMANKYLEO2011-03-13 17:04:00
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Any barrels?8CYBERSNAKE2011-03-13 14:13:00
Cutscenes and Music6LULZ642011-03-13 11:50:00
Light, source / shadows11Unknown User2011-03-13 10:00:00
Logic help.2Unknown User2011-03-13 07:37:00
Sackbot to recognize button press by player?8Gutz2011-03-13 07:15:00
Import profiles?2tuyyui2011-03-13 03:41:00
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tower defense waves (oddness found)7tdarb2011-03-12 23:48:00
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Any way to get a completely still sackbot?8Shifty Geezer2011-03-12 20:51:00
Secret "Socks?"15IronSkullKid992011-03-12 20:30:00
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Can Other Players Hear It?2VanitusGamer2011-03-12 19:26:00
Question2t-rumble2011-03-12 18:24:00
need a solution for analouge movement of geometry8Unknown User2011-03-12 15:40:00
Climbing Ladders6rambo34162011-03-12 13:53:00
Inter-level unlockables and SPEED WTF?? (Shouted with tone of desperation :P)7Unknown User2011-03-12 08:44:00
Blocking attacks2Unknown User2011-03-12 08:02:00
I suddenly became stupid...3Unknown User2011-03-12 05:51:00
Destroy an Enemy And Emit A New One4rambo34162011-03-12 04:46:00
Additional Instruments For Music Sequencer8rambo34162011-03-12 04:28:00
I need Help...... Making trees...... :/13Unknown User2011-03-12 04:01:00
Targeting Cursor Logic3vicander2011-03-12 02:53:00
Detect an Explosion?6Roo56762011-03-12 02:41:00
Advanced dualshock motion sensor-tilting in the controllinator?6Unknown User2011-03-11 21:43:00
Advanced 4-way goal logic18tru3_skitz02011-03-11 20:28:00
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Assigning multiple different outputs to one input?3Roo56762011-03-11 19:22:00
Sticky vs/ Hook3Haleys_Papa2011-03-11 18:50:00
Help! Enhancing my level and other stuff7Unknown User2011-03-11 16:56:00
Unharmable Sackbot?20damaz102011-03-11 16:16:00
Camera help2Sean882011-03-11 14:41:00
Sackbot damage/Lives/Hearts- think ol school platforming.8ghostdogg2011-03-11 12:55:00
Showing the buttons on The Controlinator4TheBlackKnight222011-03-11 12:45:00
Generating a digital signal, and combining with an analog one.2Unknown User2011-03-11 11:07:00
Change profile pic in lbp.me?3LukeLukeLuke2011-03-11 10:59:00
Homocidal Sackbot Help9Gutz2011-03-11 09:37:00
[Cutscenes] Advanced Sackbot movements2Unknown User2011-03-11 05:51:00
How can i get a sackbot to use a DCS5ghostingalong2011-03-11 05:31:00
Multiple (hopefully easy) Questions5Gutz2011-03-11 05:10:00
Help with movers4XU471722011-03-11 04:06:00
Help making an effective Sackbot enemy with Creatinator projectiles2Behonkiss2011-03-11 01:20:00
cant edit my own level!!!!22Unknown User2011-03-11 00:58:00
Magic Mouth's "Ducker" Option?7IronSkullKid992011-03-11 00:45:00
Controlinator + Sackbot + Creatinator = Wonky Aiming?8GeeGee2011-03-11 00:00:00
Digital Display that doesnt go over 3605Unknown User2011-03-10 23:59:00
Sticker fade!6xXCold_Calib3rXx2011-03-10 22:54:00
Play video on screens?3LukeLukeLuke2011-03-10 22:32:00
Controllinator Toggle9Unknown User2011-03-10 22:29:00
Grabbable Objects, move between layers?5John82wa2011-03-10 22:03:00
Is there a way to get camera flatness below 5?2Unknown User2011-03-10 19:36:00
Balance Issue12Haleys_Papa2011-03-10 18:52:00
Instrument changing in the music sequencer3Caleneledh2011-03-10 16:10:00
emit something every 1000 points29riverad082011-03-10 15:47:00
Good fighting music3dogcity9992011-03-10 14:43:00
errrrgh!!! double dam rainbow help required.4ghostdogg2011-03-10 12:44:00
new camera bug?3Unknown User2011-03-10 09:52:00
Humanoid legs using Sequencers.7MonarioBabii2011-03-10 06:43:00
Logic Help..3Unknown User2011-03-10 03:08:00
Does anybody have a picture of the Super Mario Bros. song in the music sequencer?3vicander2011-03-10 02:16:00
Retro Animations + Jumping.6LukeCF2011-03-10 00:24:00
Disable looking around with Wireless Motion Controller2rambo34162011-03-09 21:40:00
One sound cuts off another...2ccapel2011-03-09 21:35:00
Sackbot Enemy Logic Help8rambo34162011-03-09 20:56:00
What is dampening?10craigmond2011-03-09 19:47:00
advance mover help plz12oOTheButch3rOo2011-03-09 17:50:00
LBP2 (EU) Disc not wanting to boot5Luos_832011-03-09 16:39:00
hologram boost gauge5Unknown User2011-03-09 07:16:00
Sackbots and Auto Grabbing2The Last Stop2011-03-09 06:48:00
Radar?17DigiOps2011-03-09 05:48:00
My game keeps freezing at the loading screen.5Unknown User2011-03-09 05:39:00
Sticker photos & lighting advice?6waffleking232011-03-09 00:44:00
Audio range problem22Bovrillor2011-03-09 00:33:00
Secret Pin - VDay Pack...4Cronos Dage2011-03-08 23:36:00
What's the best way to do multiplication?4Unknown User2011-03-08 22:27:00
Advice for a novice in level design?7Behonkiss2011-03-08 22:19:00
How Do You SILENTLY Dispose of Sackbots?12KlawwTheClown2011-03-08 22:11:00
Confused-Camera, action, hazard trigger? (+image)7LittleBigDes2011-03-08 21:46:00
How do you use Level Keys?2BeaversLikeWood2011-03-08 21:35:00
anti-gravity issues10Unknown User2011-03-08 21:01:00
more rotater help3Unknown User2011-03-08 19:30:00
How to destroy?2Stevelbp2011-03-08 19:30:00
Making Sackbot Abilities Unspammable8ccapel2011-03-08 19:17:00
Workarounds for when you run out of tags?10zabel992011-03-08 15:05:00
RPG Combat System2Twilightoutcast2011-03-08 14:25:00
Holo set to player color is not setting to player color7Thegide2011-03-08 13:00:00
Opinions on how to implement multiplayer support10Sehven2011-03-08 08:22:00
The LBP1 only option?2Reef19782011-03-08 08:08:00
Need help on designs for my Space Level10SSTAGG12011-03-08 06:05:00
Horrible gas help5gearheadtheman2011-03-08 03:10:00
silly little ez question2ghostdogg2011-03-08 02:27:00
umm. object in create mode wont delete.4dogcity9992011-03-08 01:42:00
Convyerbelt help anyone?10Unknown User2011-03-08 01:41:00
3D Enemies Help5cheesemuffins992011-03-08 00:16:00
importing question5Cactii2011-03-07 23:04:00
addition (problem solved...bug found in LBP2)7tdarb2011-03-07 22:43:00
Screening lbp and ps32XDaniele2011-03-07 22:03:00
Stopping a sackbot from sliding on glass10zabel992011-03-07 21:01:00
Selection11Unknown User2011-03-07 19:28:00
New PS3, how to copy saved game5wizaerd2011-03-07 19:26:00
Custom Badge Help2DominationMags2011-03-07 15:22:00
simpile questions4CRISTALSONIC2011-03-07 12:33:00
Police siren?4thewizard2011-03-07 09:23:00
Vanishing walls glitch. :(8celsus2011-03-07 07:55:00
Using I-Tunes Music In My Levels7rambo34162011-03-07 07:22:00
How do you make a controllable cannon?3Unknown User2011-03-07 06:52:00
Directional based player sensor - Help2Gutz2011-03-07 06:39:00
multiplayer pinball help? is it possible?4tooled2011-03-07 05:17:00
Intro movie level linking to main level oddities2Gilgamesh2011-03-07 03:04:00
having problems with the score giver10KRX2011-03-07 02:25:00
Help with Pressing X on my main menu to take you to checkpoint in level?7DominationMags2011-03-07 01:42:00
Help me make a timer that can tell another timer to match it5Unknown User2011-03-07 00:50:00
Patrol bot logic help.5Gutz2011-03-06 23:31:00
Controlled Joy-Stick Rotation4BloodShot90012011-03-06 20:39:00
Help with level finder.3dogcity9992011-03-06 20:15:00
My LBP2 Savedata has been deleted, How I Do? :(1hardyboys-2011-03-06 20:05:00
Could someone do this for me?5Number7Million2011-03-06 20:02:00
The doors won't let me jump!8ll_ye2011-03-06 19:57:00
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Score Currency?10Mycougo2011-03-05 20:38:00
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Help making good, detailed scenery7Unknown User2011-03-05 19:31:00
Selector based Counter that Counts up and Down5Unknown User2011-03-05 19:28:00
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easy way to sequence acting in a movie1Unknown User2011-03-03 21:57:00
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Any efective way to to record/recreate analogue signal?19Agarwel2011-03-01 11:28:00
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More than 2 player sensor?7creator222011-03-01 00:10:00
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Any other things work?3Unknown User2011-02-28 03:26:00
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LBP2 Movie Mode help?6Unknown User2011-02-28 01:25:00
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Tag sensors with emitted objects only triggering once3Xaif2011-02-28 00:12:00
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Saving Info-Logic Experts, PLEASE HELP20Shadow_Wolf_19872011-02-27 19:26:00
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how to make a controlinator shoot emitted plasma?6DominationMags2011-02-27 17:42:00
Boost help14tru3_skitz02011-02-27 15:48:00
How to make a health Bar and a shooting turret?6DominationMags2011-02-27 15:22:00
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ADC confusion5Unknown User2011-02-27 11:47:00
Making a material invisible4Unknown User2011-02-27 09:42:00
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So there actually is a Tag/Tag Sensor Label Limit?13Unknown User2011-02-27 07:05:00
Creationator Customization not showing up?1cheesemuffins992011-02-27 04:29:00
hologram help3Unknown User2011-02-27 01:38:00
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Consistency in movers14Unknown User2011-02-26 23:04:00
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How do I make it so that when my movie level finishes, you get linked to a new level?6Leafy1012011-02-26 18:47:00
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Forcing Sackboy to a specific Controllinator?3Unknown User2011-02-26 17:01:00
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Natural sackbot spawning in a sackboy environemnt?5Stampy2011-02-26 16:32:00
in and out mover problem5Unknown User2011-02-26 15:19:00
How to make something follow you from above?4Leafy1012011-02-26 14:21:00
Strange Sackbot Eject5Unknown User2011-02-26 10:50:00
GLITCH RUINING MY LVL! plzz fix Mm!! PLZZ READ Mm9XELLAmunster2011-02-26 07:39:00
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I'm having trouble with Movers on platforms...21Unknown User2011-02-26 06:40:00
Fighting game: Play with A.I. fighters?5Unknown User2011-02-26 05:37:00
Flying levels?11TREMIC12011-02-26 04:12:00
How do you make a sackbot controlled by your sackperson?7DominationMags2011-02-26 03:46:00
14 bit binary vs 4 bit BCD?6tdarb2011-02-26 03:41:00
Ammo Count3rambo34162011-02-26 03:15:00
Creating HUD directions - help please7Unknown User2011-02-26 03:06:00
How to make a sackbot aiming system?4vicander2011-02-26 03:00:00
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2 and 4 legged walkers1Unknown User2011-02-26 02:27:00
score sensor question3Hana_Kami2011-02-26 00:41:00
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Custom Logic Gate: Any ideas to replace the "But" switch?6Green-Tomato2011-02-26 00:06:00
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Rotators Move Laterally?8MrLongJohn2011-02-25 22:17:00
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Story progress erased!4AssassinatorRFC2011-02-25 19:31:00
Sackbots Help! Can They Perform Tasks/Think on Their Own?6Unknown User2011-02-25 19:13:00
Controllinator Object Help!3Unknown User2011-02-25 17:54:00
I have a question with regards to elavators4Unknown User2011-02-25 17:33:00
Stop the game sequencer9Shadow_Wolf_19872011-02-25 17:14:00
Some help needed with a top down race level20CragmiteBlaster2011-02-25 15:22:00
Cutscene help3Quadrilattrill2011-02-25 14:47:00
Practical applications for adder/subtraction circuits & 7 bit registers e.t.c?26Epicurean Dreamer2011-02-25 13:23:00
Im thinking of a piece of logic...10Unknown User2011-02-25 12:59:00
a Randomiser of a different kind2Kiridanshera2011-02-25 12:50:00
Need some logics help!7Unknown User2011-02-25 09:09:00
Running into problem with tag sensor for tags on same level2Unknown User2011-02-25 06:53:00
I seem to have acquired a movie camera in my level...3tetsujin2011-02-25 05:42:00
making Selectors go backwards3Unknown User2011-02-25 04:42:00
Slack in ropes?7Jboy19952011-02-25 04:07:00
Sackbot Gun Aim, please Help!4Matt-The-Silent2011-02-25 03:03:00
Cutscene camera2KingPlunk2011-02-25 03:02:00
Game Ender system for a 4 player level with sackbots7vicander2011-02-25 02:56:00
Game Ender system for a 4 player game with sackbots1vicander2011-02-25 02:38:00
Trying to improve my DDR level! Need some logic advice!3kirbycool2011-02-24 23:23:00
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DLC question5Hana_Kami2011-02-24 22:57:00
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Sequencer + Subtitles?5DoomeDx2011-02-24 21:14:00
Help! Can't edit my level!4Fumo1612011-02-24 20:49:00
Shaking of the camera in the cutscene mode?13Stampy2011-02-24 20:16:00
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Stuffed up badly9nillrecuring2011-02-24 20:11:00
Slow loading emitter?4ll_ye2011-02-24 18:51:00
Magic Mouth Help!5Unknown User2011-02-24 18:38:00
How do I create team scoring please?10Fatboyslick2011-02-24 17:57:00
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Need a better algorithm for my ADC11Shanghaidilly2011-02-24 17:46:00
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Subtitling Magic mouths with recorded voices.3Discosmurf2011-02-24 16:14:00
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Disappearing Levels, Hearted, and Recent Activity9Hana_Kami2011-02-24 10:47:00
Two problems with controlinated sackbots, also player data question7discokrakken2011-02-24 08:08:00
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Enemy Backstabbing Attack?11Unknown User2011-02-24 05:36:00
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Slowing down magic mouth subtitles?6Leafy1012011-02-24 02:56:00
Endless Moving Backdrop Help Needed4Macrocephalus2011-02-24 00:27:00
Movie Camera: Recording from Birds view, Maze issue4DominationMags2011-02-23 23:37:00
Judge Anderson Hair, Will Turner Hair?8DominationMags2011-02-23 22:49:00
Trouble Creating Logic for a Charge Blast12rambo34162011-02-23 22:21:00
I need several design ideas1Unknown User2011-02-23 21:57:00
The neverending famousmortimer needs help thread (and maybe I can help you thread)12Unknown User2011-02-23 21:41:00
Cursor help5Unknown User2011-02-23 21:04:00
Rebound logic ?17Unknown User2011-02-23 20:32:00
Possible to make a Sackbot indestructible?8Lostwind2011-02-23 20:11:00
Checking for an analogue signal2dr_murk2011-02-23 18:57:00
How Long is 0.0 Seconds, Actually?8MrLongJohn2011-02-23 18:16:00
How to keep R1 held down for a controlled Sackbot?3Fumo1612011-02-23 18:04:00
Magic Mouth Pans from left to right3Powershifter2011-02-23 17:40:00
Sequencer Limits?7Dexist2011-02-23 17:32:00
Achieving 30 Events Per Second?7Unknown User2011-02-23 16:22:00
Possible to Merge LBP1 and LBP2 Profiles?2Unknown User2011-02-23 16:15:00
Need your help desperatly guys..4liamdaniels2011-02-23 16:05:00
Sackbot Score Problems2cheesemuffins992011-02-23 16:05:00
RTS Logic...6Pantyer22011-02-23 15:16:00
Why sequencers don't work for me: logic-heads, please read18Shanghaidilly2011-02-23 14:19:00
Analog values > 100%21Tygers2011-02-23 10:51:00
Help, Fowl Play, Creating the Chicken!4Unknown User2011-02-23 10:47:00
Need help with a Kill Counter4Unknown User2011-02-23 07:25:00
Reversing Time7Speed Racer2011-02-23 05:37:00
Invisible Light?5Unknown User2011-02-23 05:06:00
Help with Sackbot Aiming!2Matt-The-Silent2011-02-23 03:52:00
Community trophy issues...2UberOrbPS2011-02-23 03:46:00
how to make a race level3KRX2011-02-23 03:44:00
How to restrict Sackbot controls momentarily5Lostwind2011-02-23 03:30:00
Deathless teleporters?2drei2011-02-23 01:36:00
Advanced logic using tag sensor (signal strength) reacting to multiple tags?7SSTAGG12011-02-23 00:55:00
Any way to shrink power up stations?7LittleBigDave2011-02-23 00:44:00
Using photos and sound clips from my HDD?3Peabob_2011-02-23 00:18:00
How to make a longer& interseting level5tuyyui2011-02-22 23:00:00
I'm having a bit of trouble with spawning sackbots...3Infernox2011-02-22 22:21:00
Trouble with Emitters connected up to a thumbstick7Kern2011-02-22 22:10:00
Can anyone help me with an emitter set-up? =)5suboken2011-02-22 21:23:00
Emmitted tether.5Unknown User2011-02-22 20:35:00
Sackbot facing Backwards?10Gamerater152011-02-22 19:55:00
Controlinator Individual Up/Down Left/Right4Mr_T-Shirt2011-02-22 19:42:00
>> Creating a cutscene/conversation! <<4Fluffball Gato2011-02-22 19:26:00
Black and White effect?6Unknown User2011-02-22 19:25:00
Camera Transitions Bug10Deftmute2011-02-22 18:31:00
Automaticlly Enter Levelholes?5DoomeDx2011-02-22 17:52:00
Controllinator won't eject with R3?6Unknown User2011-02-22 17:37:00
Connecting a player sensor to a timer6Unknown User2011-02-22 17:15:00
Any trick to dynamically connect object?3Agarwel2011-02-22 11:07:00
Collected Material help2Unknown User2011-02-22 10:53:00
Make a platform stop at certain points18Archideas2011-02-22 08:41:00
An easier way to skip cutscenes?1lochnar2011-02-22 08:37:00
Is there something wrong with magic mouths?3Shiro2011-02-22 07:48:00
Helpp meee!!!!!! Very very important10NinjaHotdog2011-02-22 06:56:00
music sequencer tempo not fast enough2riverad082011-02-22 05:41:00
Do close level posts affect sublevels?3DarkSeraphim6662011-02-22 05:12:00
Possible Bug With Level Links?5Unknown User2011-02-22 03:55:00
End infinite movie camera9SqLeon2011-02-22 02:43:00
Maybe I am just stupid, Making a ball or object move with a power guage.8Veldimare2011-02-22 02:26:00
Sackbot forced into controllinator?4HornyApple2011-02-22 02:14:00
Question about level link.3Discosmurf2011-02-22 01:46:00
Billiards/Mini Golf?1SammieSam2011-02-22 01:41:00
lightning a sackbulb!9sentory2011-02-22 00:54:00
Create an explosion affect10rambo34162011-02-22 00:54:00
sackbot attack animation1Unknown User2011-02-22 00:15:00
Broken Quickplay (Not the usual problems...)?3Jedi_19932011-02-22 00:09:00
Weak Bolts5Unknown User2011-02-22 00:06:00
Menu help3NinjaHotdog2011-02-21 23:36:00
Electric Guitar Costume?!8Alternative_sack2011-02-21 22:37:00
Water projectile colour4julesyjules2011-02-21 21:06:00
Uploading pictures to your level9jjdragon2011-02-21 18:34:00
When playing as a sackbot, and walking into fire...2DoomeDx2011-02-21 18:32:00
RPG - Lvl,Exp,Decimal HP+MP,Damaging,Healing with attributes...6Unknown User2011-02-21 18:27:00
Emitted Waters Color5Joseph_simmons862011-02-21 18:16:00
Music not working in lbp23KnutsoPX2011-02-21 18:02:00
Level Link Help2The inFamous Sack2011-02-21 16:14:00
How to delete uploaded photos3Unknown User2011-02-21 15:59:00
Where to ACTUALLY get the waterfall material (not the freaky clouds)3DominationMags2011-02-21 15:31:00
How to take a good level picture?4PixelJam2011-02-21 15:22:00
Controlinator HP Bar Advanced Logics Glitch?4BillyGalbreath2011-02-21 14:58:00
Point Giver Glitch3PerfectlyDarkTails2011-02-21 14:52:00
Movie camera in gameplay?3Stampy2011-02-21 14:46:00
Want to make a RTS game3super-james123452011-02-21 13:26:00
Sackbot costume colours5Shifty Geezer2011-02-21 12:45:00
Top-Down Racer Detection issue3Churkirby2011-02-21 11:49:00
Pictures of my level?4Stinkin Mushroom2011-02-21 10:19:00
Emitting in top-down10Unknown User2011-02-21 08:53:00
bonus point multiplier (help) is it possible?3Fated For Failure2011-02-21 07:59:00
Making Rather large Real World Track - Wanna help?1Gutz2011-02-21 07:40:00
Mysterious humming noise from Wobble Bolt3dr_murk2011-02-21 06:12:00
Little big invite X(11Sehven2011-02-21 06:04:00
How to make custom stickers that are not rectangle shapes?15BillyGalbreath2011-02-21 05:50:00
Sticker Emitter5Unknown User2011-02-21 05:40:00
Emitter Chains7DigiOps2011-02-21 05:26:00
Air Hockey puck disappear and re-appear trouble1fuglymuffin662011-02-21 04:45:00
Randomizer Help5Unknown User2011-02-21 04:23:00
how do i make the randomize activate 2 things at once?8zodicus2011-02-21 04:08:00
Disabling remote DCS "promts" while in another DCS?5midnight_heist2011-02-21 03:37:00
Give points without sound effects/number display?5merkaba482011-02-21 02:10:00
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remote controllinator emitted to be controlled by non-emitted?7celsus2011-02-18 00:07:00
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For the love of god please help me3Gutz2011-02-17 22:50:00
Can not drown or swim only doggy paddle!5Rush R92011-02-17 22:22:00
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Help with logic to select two of three states at a time.12Sehven2011-02-17 21:43:00
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Emit Once for Creatinator?4Doopz2011-02-17 21:14:00
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Train Level.5DoomeDx2011-02-17 21:01:00
Islands background?3Hana_Kami2011-02-17 20:52:00
Sound Cut while tweaking Movie Cameras?9saarraz12011-02-17 20:24:00
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3 Didget password1AbunaiXD2011-02-17 03:31:00
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Placing My Health Bar In Corner of Screen7rambo34162011-02-17 01:56:00
Is it possible to have a spinning object expand/shrink?4merkaba482011-02-17 01:17:00
analogue addition. maybe SOLVED. input appreciated9tdarb2011-02-17 01:15:00
Movie cameras on respawning sackbots4Discosmurf2011-02-16 23:50:00
Need input! Telekinesis/Reticle system idea + rough sketchs14Rouzeki2011-02-16 23:37:00
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CREATION HELP Conveyor Belts!!!!7Thegeckoo2011-02-16 22:57:00
Boss Speech7Unknown User2011-02-16 22:20:00
deleting entrance checkpoints2LOLinator v1.022011-02-16 21:51:00
followers? what do they do? and how do you shoot without a cannon?2LOLinator v1.022011-02-16 21:49:00
What do Circuit Nodes do?4IronSkullKid992011-02-16 21:47:00
Music Sequencer Start Point3Powershifter2011-02-16 21:21:00
Need help with the grapple hook.4Unknown User2011-02-16 20:49:00
Centering Camera on Remote-Controlled Object?10gdn0012011-02-16 20:22:00
Stretch piano notes?6Unknown User2011-02-16 20:16:00
How to make objects/vehicles spawn when you spawn2CheezeBo2011-02-16 20:14:00
Sackbot/Controllinator3Unknown User2011-02-16 18:49:00
Can't get music to play1SirGreenDay2011-02-16 18:47:00
Why is my randomiser not random?!4agsrule2011-02-16 18:30:00
Sackboy hand deco?5LOLinator v1.022011-02-16 18:27:00
PLEASE DONT IGNORE. Assistence required with a pixel character sprite4Screeno2011-02-16 18:05:00
Magic Mouths on sequencers that WON'T STOP!!9realitybytes162011-02-16 17:52:00
Help with Movie Camera5idontknow922011-02-16 17:12:00
4 Player Versus HUD1Dangerlove2011-02-16 16:10:00
Input to make NPCs talk4Unknown User2011-02-16 15:54:00
Level Link Not Working Bug1blastroid2011-02-16 15:44:00
Top-down Minigame Help3tru3_skitz02011-02-16 15:32:00
Fps reloads1gorillaSEARLE2011-02-16 14:57:00
Remote control camera problem3Xbpenland2011-02-16 14:44:00
Film Camera, Sound bug.1propost2011-02-16 14:25:00
Making material extend beyond the three playable planes4chillum0072011-02-16 14:14:00
[Legal question] MM's Music, can I use it?5Unknown User2011-02-16 10:48:00
Using R1/L1 to rotate an object6Unknown User2011-02-16 10:12:00
Link a film after a coop level8poms2011-02-16 09:32:00
Making a magic mouth only talk ONCE during the whole level?8Lazy_Slacker2011-02-16 08:56:00
Camera for top down racer3Groslip142011-02-16 08:24:00
[create] sharing (copying) a level to friends without public publishing?4freak422011-02-16 08:01:00
Getting Sackbots to follow Player in a top down vehicle9Unknown User2011-02-16 06:50:00
Camera sequence problems1Unknown User2011-02-16 03:47:00
Making Controllinator Objects "Jump"7Unknown User2011-02-16 03:19:00
Emitted objects bugging out2ghostingalong2011-02-16 03:03:00
Grabinator and the controlinator2bob is named bob2011-02-16 03:02:00
Custom music2SammieSam2011-02-16 02:35:00
deathless teleport vs player as a bot.3Unknown User2011-02-16 01:13:00
1 free pack in the store?4reefer0072011-02-16 01:02:00
What type of atmosphere should be for my Queen Bee level3tuyyui2011-02-16 00:50:00
Detecting when objects stop. (e.g. spacepool)3Unknown User2011-02-16 00:47:00
?Telekinesis Questions?3Rouzeki2011-02-16 00:39:00
transmitting analog signals wirelessly?6tdarb2011-02-16 00:14:00
Randomly adding anomolies to analogue signal flow, is it possible?6Epicurean Dreamer2011-02-16 00:09:00
Efficient grid mode?5Unknown User2011-02-16 00:06:00
Water Style Material8Pete19912011-02-15 23:56:00
How can you make a ridable sackbot?7Mista Epic2011-02-15 23:22:00
How to make a good looking atmosphere7tuyyui2011-02-15 22:56:00
Crosshair(reticle) help needed for top down side scrolling level8non-dooder2011-02-15 22:39:00
rachet1Unknown User2011-02-15 22:20:00
Project - Recreating "tank battles" from psn store and xbox live - wanna co-create?2Unknown User2011-02-15 21:49:00
Costume Glitches3WCF7__2011-02-15 21:36:00
Black Holo?15Agarwel2011-02-15 21:00:00
Help with IN/OUT movement and Following?1steadler2011-02-15 20:57:00
Sound Effect glitch?1FourteenInchGaz2011-02-15 20:45:00
Whats your approach when building a level?18RaXoR2011-02-15 20:27:00
Possible to control signal propagation?17Tygers2011-02-15 20:04:00
D-Pad. How2makework? O.o3iKyle942011-02-15 19:35:00
Cutting through 1 layer cuts them all?5LittleBigDes2011-02-15 19:34:00
Load glitch!!7Alternative_sack2011-02-15 19:29:00
Slow poppit load in LBP24primo4682011-02-15 18:33:00
Good methods for building a Finite State Machine?4tetsujin2011-02-15 18:03:00
speed detection8soulriver2011-02-15 15:51:00
A Egyptian Mummy costume.3snowyjoe2011-02-15 15:39:00
Placing My Health Bar In Corner of Screen12rambo34162011-02-15 15:29:00
Destroying a remote controlinator with gas3Wayward2011-02-15 14:55:00
Color bug1soulriver2011-02-15 14:48:00
Create: Unintended Cancellation of Changed Settings ?3freak422011-02-15 13:23:00
1 Sackbot glitch ruined my level :(9onaga6662011-02-15 13:15:00
"Changing" Objects...7Unknown User2011-02-15 12:36:00
Shooting objects=open door?5ShelboTron2011-02-15 11:54:00
Safe to use a downloaded 100% save for LBP2?4Lazy_Slacker2011-02-15 11:01:00
Need help finding a music track.5TjoxYorro2011-02-15 09:25:00
Where is the best place to report a bug to MM?3Alic2011-02-15 09:01:00
Infinite levels - HOW?5Caemgen2011-02-15 08:40:00
Sackbots + grabbing?4Unknown User2011-02-15 07:57:00
Gradually rotate wobble bolt via count?1midnight_heist2011-02-15 07:55:00
music sequencer create mode play issue1Hana_Kami2011-02-15 05:07:00
Secret valentine pin3Unknown User2011-02-15 04:12:00
front view?6Hana_Kami2011-02-15 04:11:00
Rotator Input Issue4snowyjoe2011-02-15 03:50:00
Menu screen2sonofbrave2011-02-15 03:34:00
Timer problem1gein7892011-02-15 02:56:00
Need help nao5Sackshade2011-02-15 02:39:00
Need help with AI2Unknown User2011-02-15 01:50:00
Introductions: That Extra Amazingness8The Adventurer2011-02-15 01:50:00
Update 1.01 Help14Kleptic2011-02-15 01:33:00
getting a sensor to activate another sencor3river_rat2011-02-15 01:03:00
Cutscene help with magic mouths3jjdragon2011-02-15 01:00:00
Timer into energy bar?6Rouzeki2011-02-15 00:55:00
Create Mode Blues3ThePineapplizer2011-02-15 00:38:00
Remote controlinator / Camera / Spawning2Wayward2011-02-15 00:35:00
Is there a way to reset high scores on your level?5RSQViper2011-02-15 00:15:00
Camera Transitions in sequencers?3cheesemuffins992011-02-14 23:57:00
my ps3 drive died, need help recovering profile, story progress, levels, goodies!!!!!9Unknown User2011-02-14 21:57:00
How can i make an inventory?3Unknown User2011-02-14 21:56:00
Why is this happening to me!!!8Unknown User2011-02-14 20:38:00
Mic. Too Soft2Rattus2011-02-14 20:26:00
Making Sackboy invisible?3merkaba482011-02-14 20:24:00
connection problems(non-multiplayer related)1Unknown User2011-02-14 20:14:00
How do I explain to a sackbot that it's OK to jump across a dangerous pit?12Sehven2011-02-14 20:13:00
Invisible wall?3Unknown User2011-02-14 20:01:00
"Fun" with counters.53Speed Racer2011-02-14 19:49:00
How i use another cont in my ps3?1Unknown User2011-02-14 19:35:00
Updating emitted objects?7merkaba482011-02-14 19:14:00
Sackbots controlling controllinators...that and F4F?8celsus2011-02-14 18:33:00
Sackbot + Controllinator Issues2Unknown User2011-02-14 18:14:00
Going back to LBP 16Bercilak2011-02-14 18:09:00
Link other player levels?1Siljin2011-02-14 17:39:00
Weird Bug when Emitting Sackbots!2Alic2011-02-14 17:32:00
Creatinator interacting with creature brains ?4Unknown User2011-02-14 16:48:00
Retracting, grabbable stairs - Possible?10Rae2011-02-14 16:09:00
LBP2 Logo and photo help1Unknown User2011-02-14 15:44:00
Game Save Files2Gamerater152011-02-14 15:24:00
LED Puzzle (BRAINMELT)6Unknown User2011-02-14 15:05:00
Controlinator + batteries on Sackbot's microchip; variations?10Stampy2011-02-14 13:51:00
Level link vs levels1Unknown User2011-02-14 12:50:00
emiters stopping4Unknown User2011-02-14 10:02:00
Turning off behaviour chips in sack bots4chillum0072011-02-14 09:53:00
Using a US bonus code on a European PS3 with a European version of LPB2.12snandersen2011-02-14 09:52:00
Lambo needs engine!3Gutz2011-02-14 09:44:00
Is there a way to trigger vs game timer and not have it start automatically?6Unknown User2011-02-14 09:24:00
Various questions8Rouzeki2011-02-14 07:57:00
Elevation Change on top down racer?5Gutz2011-02-14 07:38:00
3D layer tool help7Gutz2011-02-14 07:11:00
Subtitles?1SSTAGG12011-02-14 06:38:00
Is there a way to make a sackbot spawn with grabbinators3Joseph_simmons862011-02-14 06:36:00
I need some assistance from the community2darkknight20102011-02-14 03:58:00
Hologram & Timer Help3Unknown User2011-02-14 03:55:00
Gapless Emitting and Grabable string?5Gutz2011-02-14 03:01:00
Major Logic Request!5Shadow_Wolf_19872011-02-14 02:51:00
Controllinator Sackbot4Unknown User2011-02-14 02:46:00
Level Link with Scoreboard possible?6CYMBOL2011-02-14 02:38:00
Sackbot action not switching5ghostingalong2011-02-14 02:00:00
Single Direction Movement?5Super_Clone2011-02-14 01:45:00
Please let this awsome community help me :)4steadler2011-02-14 01:40:00
Help with multiplayer glitch in my LBP1 lvl when playing in LPB21thosewholeft2011-02-14 01:14:00
Glitched Decorations3WCF7__2011-02-14 00:07:00
Rotators problem (anti-clockwise)3Unknown User2011-02-14 00:06:00
in and out moving object2Unknown User2011-02-13 23:48:00
Direct-Controlled Sackbot queries.2SirCrudNoodles2011-02-13 23:36:00
Timer Issue...20Unknown User2011-02-13 23:12:00
A working submarine3Unknown User2011-02-13 22:29:00
Emitter Random help :P4Joka2322011-02-13 22:11:00
Topdown hit test?6Ignition2462011-02-13 21:51:00
Top down car jumping problem4Dexist2011-02-13 21:49:00
About the Create time pin4Dexist2011-02-13 21:44:00
Creatinator trouble3Unknown User2011-02-13 21:36:00
Prize bubbles from LBP 1?2Unknown User2011-02-13 21:16:00
Pathing Issue18Pualjo2011-02-13 21:06:00
Composers1The Gentleman2011-02-13 20:54:00
Cinematic game mode problem.2Waffleboy02011-02-13 20:48:00
Advanced Logics and Tag Sensors Question: Not all Tag Sensors are being triggered???3BillyGalbreath2011-02-13 20:16:00
Importing Music/Sound6sleepsinrain2011-02-13 19:34:00
Avalon wings?4IndyFord2011-02-13 19:19:00
How ot make object pass through another object- but still detect impact???15Agarwel2011-02-13 19:15:00
Movie Camera Woes4Kiminski2011-02-13 18:42:00
Water?4IndyFord2011-02-13 18:35:00
LBP2 user interface3Unknown User2011-02-13 18:11:00
Sackbot Basic Settings3wizaerd2011-02-13 18:10:00
Sackbot4sonofbrave2011-02-13 17:35:00
online basics question ..4Unknown User2011-02-13 17:30:00
rocket impact2Unknown User2011-02-13 17:24:00
How do I make a combo using different buttons?4SmallLargeEarthling2011-02-13 17:23:00
Boost Logic?1Evan_the_Paxman2011-02-13 17:07:00
Films- Ending & Level Links3The inFamous Sack2011-02-13 16:52:00
Music2sonofbrave2011-02-13 16:47:00
End Game help3killmanx272011-02-13 16:19:00
Where can I find those Avalonian wings?3IndyFord2011-02-13 14:34:00
Hear both at a time?1.jamo2011-02-13 13:16:00
Preset sackbot commands3Kiridanshera2011-02-13 12:18:00
Using the sequencer to make a mini-game harder??7snowyjoe2011-02-13 11:38:00
how to mimic an objects angle: help?7Unknown User2011-02-13 09:36:00
Quick Quesiotn about Level Spots.4samalot2011-02-13 09:35:00
Does anyone have a 100% complete lbp1 with 100% mgs and pirates of the caribean pack3dirts79702011-02-13 08:05:00
How to make an elevator2Fish_J132011-02-13 07:33:00
Smooth materials5tdarb2011-02-13 07:26:00
Lined paper material?10littlebigmeteor2011-02-13 07:00:00
Making shapes of material that fall apart7chillum0072011-02-13 06:32:00
3D tool and Font - Help11Gutz2011-02-13 06:23:00
block emitting holographic material2sellfcon2011-02-13 05:41:00
How to make a cutscene?4Unknown User2011-02-13 04:45:00
Deathless teleporters8Wozamil2011-02-13 03:34:00
Automatically giving Sackbots Power-ups?3DrShmoogle2011-02-13 03:08:00
Various Help Neede6Peyton1212011-02-13 02:31:00
How do you get the controllinator to...4Ringleader102011-02-13 02:01:00
Logic help for taking lives and getting them for scoring2Unknown User2011-02-12 22:55:00
Controllernator Guide?3killmanx272011-02-12 22:51:00
Unknown Error7thirdgunner2011-02-12 22:35:00
Co-op freeze2Hochemo142011-02-12 22:13:00
Tag sensor not working. Why???3SirGreenDay2011-02-12 22:10:00
Can I go ahead and delete my LBP1 profile?8mattbru772011-02-12 21:46:00
Help with getting holograms to animate4Jrange3782011-02-12 21:38:00
custom text8tdarb2011-02-12 21:33:00
Level Links or Clever Transitions?4KlawwTheClown2011-02-12 21:30:00
How to get more people to join your clan?1Unknown User2011-02-12 21:16:00
Weird level showcase situation...11eyong_d2011-02-12 20:59:00
Coop Mode?5Unknown User2011-02-12 20:28:00
Is there an easier way to make a Player Movement sensor?14Unknown User2011-02-12 19:55:00
Aspect ratio6Unknown User2011-02-12 19:51:00
LBP2 Vids?2Gamerater152011-02-12 18:55:00
Gun Decorations4cheesemuffins992011-02-12 18:23:00
Can I get Paintinator in LPB2 without help of LBP1?5RotomGuy2011-02-12 18:12:00
Simple timer issue6gein7892011-02-12 17:12:00
Stopping Camera Pan From Magic Mouths3gdn0012011-02-12 16:18:00
Game Ender10Flaming-Wreckage2011-02-12 15:38:00
Oh Caterpillar, where art though?9Unknown User2011-02-12 14:15:00
Stuck in capsule please help2thohei2011-02-12 13:50:00
Magic Mouth troubles6FreakFire742011-02-12 12:13:00
Forcing the level to be played only by 1 person34OmegaSlayer2011-02-12 12:06:00
Editing a published level2Arastoph2011-02-12 11:37:00
I can't collect Community objects!5IndyFord2011-02-12 11:03:00
Renaming DCS buttons won't work anymore.6The52011-02-12 10:58:00
Is it possible to create a turn-based "board game" ?12Unknown User2011-02-12 10:27:00
stickering/decorating sackies online2Dexist2011-02-12 09:21:00
Making Lives with a counter7Unknown User2011-02-12 08:57:00
Grass objects?6Unknown User2011-02-12 08:06:00
Top down jumping: HELP!3littlebigmeteor2011-02-12 07:43:00
Severe glitches iv experienced1Unknown User2011-02-12 05:55:00
LBP 2 Create Moon at risk?6ratchetruler2011-02-12 04:50:00
Sackbot Temporarily Sprinting9Hamsalad2011-02-12 04:28:00
Emitter Parent Velocity6Unknown User2011-02-12 02:32:00
Bolt too squeaky5zabel992011-02-12 01:16:00
all my memory, gone.5Unknown User2011-02-12 00:17:00
Need Special Pin Help!10ConverseFox2011-02-12 00:05:00
Sackbot replacing player4Pete19912011-02-11 23:47:00
Are there any stickers for D-Pad buttons?2LittleBigDave2011-02-11 23:19:00
Sackbot ZZzZZ Decoration?1Willah2011-02-11 22:51:00
How to get colored text and button icons in speech bubbles?16LittleBigDave2011-02-11 22:46:00
I can't seem to make these movers work the way I want.7Speed Racer2011-02-11 22:33:00
Somebody help please?2RtooDee22011-02-11 21:57:00
Versus Scoreboards - How do them things work?3Ostler50002011-02-11 21:24:00
Animating?2Astronaut2011-02-11 20:23:00
Is this even possible?14steadler2011-02-11 20:19:00
Arcade Game?2Astronaut2011-02-11 20:12:00
Help with DCS. Making a crane.4SirGreenDay2011-02-11 19:53:00
Can not use Pod Controller !!7HuukedOnFonix2011-02-11 19:26:00
Alternate text -Help2Gutz2011-02-11 18:51:00
Sackbot Actor and controlinator5Unknown User2011-02-11 18:40:00
Logic help11Unknown User2011-02-11 18:28:00
Destroyer not destroying just making invisible?3Gutz2011-02-11 18:25:00
camera panning back past maximum zoom?5Epicurean Dreamer2011-02-11 17:31:00
Jack And Daxter5Unknown User2011-02-11 16:48:00
Start / 180 degree rotation / Stop8Wayward2011-02-11 16:24:00
looking for a specific material type - glass mosaic4dadrester2011-02-11 15:11:00
piston strength from 0 to 100%1dadrester2011-02-11 14:58:00
buying dlc off ebay?3reefer0072011-02-11 13:27:00
n-at-a-time randomizer?8Thegide2011-02-11 13:00:00
Modification of the emited object6Agarwel2011-02-11 11:55:00
Player-count Sackbot Actors5Unknown User2011-02-11 11:48:00
Movie level custom 'clapperboard' icons?4Unknown User2011-02-11 11:21:00
PS Move use a dualshock as navigation?4FaunKeH_52011-02-11 10:17:00
The "Cause and Effect" Levels3SammieSam2011-02-11 07:24:00
cut scene captions7Unknown User2011-02-11 05:48:00
Multiple Sackbot behaviors2ghostingalong2011-02-11 03:56:00
Relative Damage Accumulation???19bloomchild2011-02-11 03:53:00
Logic Help? >.<10Unknown User2011-02-11 03:45:00
Bang For Buck 97% Glitch...8Unknown User2011-02-11 03:28:00
spawn object from emitter - delete old one6Unknown User2011-02-11 03:19:00
Have a sound effect when Sackboy jumps3Behonkiss2011-02-11 02:51:00
Entrance/Scoreboard not behaving on Versus level as expected5BillyGalbreath2011-02-11 02:24:00
Emitter Direction? logic???11Unknown User2011-02-11 01:24:00
Indestructible Force Field3ccapel2011-02-11 00:50:00
Controllinator Issue3Unknown User2011-02-10 23:37:00
Sound effects in music2Unknown User2011-02-10 23:35:00
Level Ending time, starting later?8Unknown User2011-02-10 23:25:00
emitter problem4Unknown User2011-02-10 22:41:00
Download Content4SackboyManuel2011-02-10 22:38:00
What does the zero buoyancy option do on the anti-gravity tweaker?2ADS_LEGEND2011-02-10 22:22:00
How to get a HUD to appear universally when camera pans out2Lostwind2011-02-10 22:14:00
Movie making trouble/Sackbots1Unknown User2011-02-10 21:54:00
How can i make my ship get pulled in?4steadler2011-02-10 21:38:00
l.e.d.s and lcds2Unknown User2011-02-10 21:27:00
Menu Navigation?3kirbyman622011-02-10 20:55:00
Sackbot Pipes7Unknown User2011-02-10 20:26:00
Sackbot Question5thespacemonkey1872011-02-10 19:58:00
Grabinator, 90 degree problem4Unknown User2011-02-10 19:44:00
Cooldown Timer3Mitos2011-02-10 19:20:00
getting players to the scoreboard after losing their lives10Unknown User2011-02-10 18:37:00
'Entering' Sackbot With Controlinator?2ROYALEFATALE2011-02-10 18:29:00
Changing wire/connection color3tetsujin2011-02-10 18:23:00
3 way impact11OriginalCreator2011-02-10 18:19:00
Publishing and a few other questions5Drastion2011-02-10 17:59:00
I just want it to blink!!!15ZipCity2011-02-10 17:54:00
Camera Following Projectile10ZipCity2011-02-10 17:33:00
What is the Gobotron emiting??7snowyjoe2011-02-10 16:50:00
Smoke Emitters1Unknown User2011-02-10 16:48:00
how to copy levels4Unknown User2011-02-10 16:12:00
Making Emitter spawn from a sequencer6Unknown User2011-02-10 15:13:00
Sackbot popit cursor4Unknown User2011-02-10 15:02:00
LBP Backwards Compatibility2GeoScore2011-02-10 14:51:00
Faking gravity5chillum0072011-02-10 14:34:00
missing tools5Unknown User2011-02-10 13:29:00
Failed to load party data glitch4PerfectlyDarkTails2011-02-10 12:18:00
Sackbots can't use Grapple Hooks??7snowyjoe2011-02-10 11:57:00
Valentine's DLC1SammieSam2011-02-10 10:54:00
Creating analogue extension of a piston?7Slaeden-Bob2011-02-10 10:50:00
Scoring: individual scores for specific players help please9Fatboyslick2011-02-10 09:57:00
Really bad graphical glitch -- lighting at the edge of the screen2Alic2011-02-10 09:49:00
Making indestructible materials destructable?5Unknown User2011-02-10 09:27:00
Emitters not working on Sequencer8Unknown User2011-02-10 08:12:00
Instructions before a VS. Game starts. (Like on the cosmos VS. Game)5Hexagohn2011-02-10 07:11:00
Question about floating movers?3Unknown User2011-02-10 07:04:00
object snap to position5tdarb2011-02-10 06:43:00
Quick music Help2Gutz2011-02-10 06:38:00
holo properties on other material3Unknown User2011-02-10 06:26:00
Smash Bros Attaks!!!Some Logic Creators Help!4Unknown User2011-02-10 06:16:00
Is LBP2 profile data region locked??3snowyjoe2011-02-10 06:00:00
Pictures of the best LBP 1 / 2 Planes Needed!1Veldimare2011-02-10 05:15:00
Variable Fighter Help6ZuluPSierra2011-02-10 04:56:00
Movie Camera for a single player?2Unknown User2011-02-10 04:41:00
Multiplayer help please4steadler2011-02-10 04:19:00
Can someone video a level for my school?13munrock22011-02-10 04:17:00
So is it possible to control a controlinator without seating in it?6RangerZero2011-02-10 04:17:00
Travelling electric current and related questions2Dapiek Absaroka2011-02-10 03:46:00
Corrupt Data?!??!?!!3Unknown User2011-02-10 03:32:00
Multiplayer: manipulate individual player cameras2ghostingalong2011-02-10 03:29:00
My ps3 wont go online anymore after the latest update! Please help!6PlayStatiowned2011-02-10 03:22:00
open/close circute board2sonofbrave2011-02-10 02:02:00
Simulating Telekinesis14DigiOps2011-02-10 01:46:00
Level linking from a hub world?2Stug2011-02-10 01:41:00
Smart Sackbot Bosses1rambo34162011-02-10 01:41:00
Help with multiplayer controlinator?!6Unknown User2011-02-10 01:29:00
create mode glitch5Nemesis_Steve2011-02-10 01:28:00
Trophy Bug?3synchronizer2011-02-10 01:26:00
Continuous Speed with a moving object7Jayhawk_er2011-02-09 23:53:00
Help in making a Dynamic Background13steadler2011-02-09 23:24:00
Elevator Help3Hamsalad2011-02-09 23:21:00
Change color of Bouce Pads?8tf102011-02-09 22:42:00
How do you make the lightning bolt shooter from Victoria's Lab Survival Challenge?2Unknown User2011-02-09 22:09:00
Randomizer Question3Twilightoutcast2011-02-09 22:00:00
Force player to stay in boundary6ccapel2011-02-09 21:58:00
One shot piston with speed scale?6tdarb2011-02-09 21:28:00
Creating Sound FX3Canecaneshane2011-02-09 21:04:00
Help with point givers12Sehven2011-02-09 20:44:00
Magic mouths on sequencers5gein7892011-02-09 20:39:00
Danger tools2kieran2011-02-09 20:07:00
ball movement logic?4OriginalCreator2011-02-09 19:01:00
Toggling controllinator on/off4Unknown User2011-02-09 18:53:00
Sackbot won't act on cue in a movie9CYMBOL2011-02-09 18:44:00
Addition using toggle logic switches26Kraznoff2011-02-09 18:33:00
Beginning game on a Controllinator?4Unknown User2011-02-09 17:23:00
Making a new level project, how do I start it?2TheSwede2011-02-09 17:18:00
Screenshot in Create mode?10Unknown User2011-02-09 17:01:00
Adding photos to my level page4nicko7862011-02-09 16:25:00
Points Scoring System2agsrule2011-02-09 16:18:00
Blending a scene (STUCK)3gein7892011-02-09 16:09:00
How? - Holographic Material7LittleBigLearner2011-02-09 16:00:00
Crippling Thermo Glitch9Epicurean Dreamer2011-02-09 15:54:00
How to: Multi-Pulsers and Pulse detection?22The52011-02-09 15:38:00
A LBP2 items guide??2snowyjoe2011-02-09 15:21:00
Sequencer Help4idontknow922011-02-09 15:21:00
Movie cameras - Transitioning between separate sequencers3Wayward2011-02-09 14:33:00
Game Camera activation scale bugged?5Foofles2011-02-09 14:22:00
Check number of players?1Unknown User2011-02-09 14:19:00
Humanoid Mecha Movement and tips?3Unknown User2011-02-09 14:09:00
Analogue clock help2Unknown User2011-02-09 13:51:00
Creatinator that can shoot Remote-controllable rockets3Coconuts2011-02-09 13:38:00
Seeing who hearted you as creator or for level?3Dexist2011-02-09 13:26:00
Moving background2Alexxerth2011-02-09 13:23:00
Changing Sackbot Controls?3RedSoakedSponge2011-02-09 13:19:00
Make a Plasmaturret4Unknown User2011-02-09 13:07:00
Ping Pong Score System HELP!3OveReAction2011-02-09 12:54:00
RTS problems3Catman872011-02-09 12:48:00
Level Link Preference3Unknown User2011-02-09 11:35:00
Help with Multi Level Lifts7Unknown User2011-02-09 11:25:00
Help with cooldown timer on 'emit once' laser?6stuk712011-02-09 11:05:00
Stop the Music!4Cheezy WEAPON2011-02-09 10:39:00
How do you make electricity (plasma, etc) move along a stationary platform?6Brand Newdles2011-02-09 07:56:00
A couple of noob questions16dharlequn2011-02-09 06:36:00
Help with player model following controllinator... no as easy as it sounds1mipple522011-02-09 05:25:00
Exiting the Controllinator4TheHeroOfTime762011-02-09 04:46:00
Controllinator is too much in control!8Mopthefloo2011-02-09 03:26:00
Profile help!6VeXeV2011-02-09 03:12:00
Walking Legs - Help6Gutz2011-02-09 02:45:00
Flying machine5ghostingalong2011-02-09 02:31:00
Customizing creatinators2Joey98982011-02-09 02:17:00
Sackbot electrocuted on contact with water3Cronos Dage2011-02-09 02:13:00
Creatures destroyed = Gate opened18Unknown User2011-02-09 02:01:00
Sackbot help!5Unknown User2011-02-09 01:55:00
Big blue ball of death!2Astronaut2011-02-09 01:34:00
Menus and cameras6Dietomaha2011-02-09 01:23:00
Using a Speed Signal to Control Length (or Angle), How?8SR20DETDOG2011-02-09 01:15:00
Emitting on an emitted object help4Wozamil2011-02-09 00:59:00
I'm going to cry --- please help5surfnshannon2011-02-09 00:47:00
Sackbot Boss Battle Help5rambo34162011-02-09 00:45:00
Dungeon Crawler Logic Help8Unknown User2011-02-08 23:43:00
4 players, 4 checkpoints, 4 bots.8Sehven2011-02-08 23:42:00
Dead Ops Arcade Game Help2killmanx272011-02-08 23:26:00
Invisible5ThisDudeRufus2011-02-08 23:22:00
Player Sensor Bug?4Patronus212011-02-08 22:41:00
creatinator messed up grabbing so I need a work around4Carabbit2011-02-08 22:24:00
Hungry Caterpillars - How to sync cameras and vehicle release2Galactus_UK2011-02-08 21:13:00
Time Issue!!3steadler2011-02-08 20:59:00
How to store the output signal value of a sensor12Unknown User2011-02-08 20:35:00
Ungrabbable sackbots?4Unknown User2011-02-08 20:29:00
DCS 'Nearest Player' issues and a sackbot that doesn't know its right from left...3Unknown User2011-02-08 20:22:00
Grapple Hooked Trophy2Unknown User2011-02-08 20:18:00
Neon colour based on player7Pete19912011-02-08 20:17:00
Toggling visibility of HP bar?4Meowgician2011-02-08 19:53:00
Toggle problem6sirbull2011-02-08 19:40:00
I need help!2Unknown User2011-02-08 08:06:00
Cameras Skippable on Sequencer3ccapel2011-02-08 18:39:00
Lights in BG Layers4ccapel2011-02-08 18:29:00
Randomisers and duplicate outputs5Holguin862011-02-08 18:27:00
Need Help Emitting a Sackbot with Behaviors Tied to a Sequencer9Unknown User2011-02-08 18:25:00
How do I make a brain cluster like Kling Klong's?2Rae2011-02-08 18:14:00
LBP2 first week cap?4Unknown User2011-02-08 17:47:00
Help with impact sensors4Pestilence2011-02-08 17:41:00
Good material combination?3creator222011-02-08 17:17:00
making the entrance disappear until sequenze ends11Unknown User2011-02-08 17:17:00
SPiffing and amazing clever clogs needed!4Pete19912011-02-08 16:04:00
Random emitting stuff, and some questions4Unknown User2011-02-08 15:46:00
Digital counter issue....4Xlain2011-02-08 15:44:00
Stuck: Survival challenge timing/optimising with speed/scale setting7LittleBigDes2011-02-08 14:29:00
Designating specific Controlinators to players in versus games.12CiXwOw2011-02-08 13:22:00
Maintaining the Speed of the Arkanoid Ball4OveReAction2011-02-08 10:31:00
Publishing Questions6Gutz2011-02-08 06:53:00
Logic - push/move object from layer to layer4John82wa2011-02-08 06:25:00
Top Down Sword Swinging11SackGurl2011-02-08 06:18:00
Map Borders and Camera Help.9cheesemuffins992011-02-08 02:25:00
Final Obstacle build help, race starter help.8Gutz2011-02-08 02:25:00
Tag Sensors on Players3nextlevel882011-02-08 02:09:00
Help - Players Taking Turns?7Starstealer802011-02-08 01:51:00
Settting waypoints for a vechile??3snowyjoe2011-02-08 01:47:00
Invisible Material!14snowyjoe2011-02-08 00:58:00
Spawning outside of camera range??4snowyjoe2011-02-08 00:49:00
Level creator: Need help with entrance and scoreboard :(9tetsuninja2011-02-08 00:30:00
How do cameras work in competitive levels?7LittleBigDave2011-02-07 23:53:00
Some Logic Help Please.29steadler2011-02-07 23:52:00
Bounce pad score5Playb3yond9152011-02-07 23:47:00
How do I build this?6Playb3yond9152011-02-07 23:32:00
Gettings Sackbots to shoot non-player targets3LittleBigDave2011-02-07 23:12:00
Controlinator works in Play mode, but not in Create mode5Sporkchops2011-02-07 22:37:00
Checkpoint Follower8nicko7862011-02-07 22:28:00
Recorded audio - max time limit?8Trindall2011-02-07 22:22:00
Cutscene2Unknown User2011-02-07 22:20:00
Controlinator problems when starting level in Play mode - Resolved/Solution enclosed6Trindall2011-02-07 22:01:00
From Cooporate to cutscene mode without "destroying" the movie.4GhostViper2011-02-07 21:27:00
How would you create a torch?15Gezzamo2011-02-07 20:50:00
How to create character with holo-animation?7Unknown User2011-02-07 20:16:00
Little Big Planet 2 Wont Load Up.10Rolo2011-02-07 19:27:00
8001002B on LBP2 :(3onaga6662011-02-07 19:17:00
Bulding problem4Unknown User2011-02-07 19:14:00
Power Ups/Upgrades for objecs???6killmanx272011-02-07 18:42:00
Smooth moving Hologram1Closetmonkey_12011-02-07 17:38:00
help me please :D boss logics :D3gronhoj2011-02-07 17:09:00
Controlling Animated Sprites, aka, 8-bit characters2Wozamil2011-02-07 17:05:00
Top-Down Twin-Stick Shooter AI2Bovrillor2011-02-07 16:38:00
How do I make Dimmer-Controlled Style Car2Unknown User2011-02-07 16:17:00
projectile reflection, help pls!4Lassens2011-02-07 15:51:00
Invisible plasma...5fullofwin2011-02-07 15:39:00
Flipping objects?7Unknown User2011-02-07 14:42:00
Yet antoher question about emitters5Stinkin Mushroom2011-02-07 14:15:00
Controllinator left right mixed up.....4Unknown User2011-02-07 14:02:00
3 levels, 1 lbp.me link?3Unknown User2011-02-07 13:18:00
Going to install a new HDD for PS3... is there anyway to backup my saved data??15snowyjoe2011-02-07 12:04:00
How do I make in/out moving bounce pads?3Rae2011-02-07 12:00:00
Pool creation5lombax1222011-02-07 11:57:00
Please help, pod problem. <i cant play!>3Ktos948522011-02-07 10:33:00
Counter up/down?3hm832011-02-07 09:01:00
I can't seem to do it.7Unknown User2011-02-07 08:49:00
Starting game with long cutscene level?2Coconuts2011-02-07 08:23:00
Order of outfits1SammieSam2011-02-07 08:22:00
Need help with logic, timer, and other logic for making a sequenced light.3necromonger2011-02-07 08:00:00
LBP1 GOTY Community Levels4Lokno2011-02-07 06:55:00
Why can i not change to single player?5steadler2011-02-07 04:47:00
Dealing with Jellyfish2FEAR2011-02-07 04:22:00
Bubbles explode on impact6Arkei2011-02-07 03:38:00
Does this glitch exist?7Jgr92011-02-07 03:02:00
Question about Hologram material...2Unknown User2011-02-07 02:32:00
urgent help needed please!!!!!9steadler2011-02-07 02:30:00
Colour Glitch help plz1killmanx272011-02-07 01:37:00
Underwater obstacle suggestions please, and one other thing.10Gutz2011-02-07 01:17:00
make a material non-destoryable?5WhatsOfTheUp12011-02-07 00:50:00
Random sequence generator3ghostingalong2011-02-07 00:40:00
Need Help with how to wear costumes?6LiaPizzaRia2011-02-06 23:21:00
Space like background, which can transition to Earth8chillum0072011-02-06 23:01:00
Problem when doing Sprite Animations.1smerf12011-02-06 22:54:00
Weighted randomizer output problems7sny2011-02-06 22:44:00
Emitter and sound4Stevelbp2011-02-06 22:30:00
Fr some reason Im not getting community objects3dogcity9992011-02-06 22:22:00
moving layer blocks help.4ICBklyn2011-02-06 22:19:00
Sack-bot waypoints4OutcastZeroOne2011-02-06 20:58:00
Enemy Help3Greth2062011-02-06 20:37:00
Emitter, Controlinator and Menu questions for an ambitious project...5agsrule2011-02-06 19:08:00
How to link to levels seamlesly?2GhostViper2011-02-06 18:54:00
Make an NPC on a controllinator face backwards?2Unknown User2011-02-06 18:53:00
satellite dish decoration2EinRobot2011-02-06 18:39:00
Controllinator questions6Jazzydaz2011-02-06 18:18:00
How do you move holgram to follow sackbots...3dogcity9992011-02-06 18:14:00
Creating Cutscene/Movies - Not camrea related7wizaerd2011-02-06 17:56:00
The Controllinator3Unknown User2011-02-06 17:55:00
Flying limit?3112042011-02-06 17:52:00
Inventory4JamesSweeney2011-02-06 17:33:00
Help with Camera5Stevelbp2011-02-06 16:39:00
Problem with an object1TooManyToasters2011-02-06 15:49:00
Movie Question3donta1332011-02-06 15:41:00
How do I make trailer and photos?2Unknown User2011-02-06 15:33:00
Creatinator Help Please8pipi_strelle2011-02-06 15:09:00
1up logic11Ace292011-02-06 14:15:00
How can i make a rocket-funland?6robbthy72011-02-06 14:05:00
Last Man Standing?5rialrees2011-02-06 13:46:00
Follower logic in a maze environment?28Ungreth2011-02-06 13:04:00
Making the camera wait until all players are in the DCS17FourteenInchGaz2011-02-06 12:44:00
Basicilly ; No connection3Senneh2011-02-06 12:02:00
How do you get your levels on the cool pages?17mortarDom7772011-02-06 11:55:00
Magic mouth timing3mr.cool2011-02-06 11:29:00
Help Please!!!2Neogema2011-02-06 10:52:00
Camera stopped working?1mr.cool2011-02-06 10:25:00
No Scores Yet, glitch or not?3Hana_Kami2011-02-06 10:23:00
Rotating trap door obsticle - help3Gutz2011-02-06 08:21:00
LBP dlc not transfering. PLEASE HELP5thecoltster12011-02-06 05:00:00
Unable to Jump4RSQViper2011-02-06 04:51:00
Joystick Rotator6Unknown User2011-02-06 04:40:00
Taking apart a grouped font object from a community level3Behonkiss2011-02-06 03:05:00
Costume Ordering and Spotting5Koala MeatPie2011-02-06 02:51:00
Music Sequencer?3Myeh2011-02-06 02:06:00
All Sound is lost!6Willah2011-02-06 01:25:00
A Few Things...2SackbotInc2011-02-06 01:14:00
Imputs in order equiling one output - Cosmos4Koolieo2011-02-06 00:27:00
so question ( aiming)9CRISTALSONIC2011-02-05 23:48:00
Looking for1Unknown User2011-02-05 23:45:00
"My Advice" Question7Unknown User2011-02-05 23:03:00
Automaticlly leave controllinator when game ends?5DoomeDx2011-02-05 22:59:00
Top down rpg5JamesSweeney2011-02-05 22:49:00
Mover Platform Help!14wilkesy882011-02-05 22:33:00
Many problems, no solutions3love2read22011-02-05 22:13:00
Sackbot Checkpoint help!2mrdanman2011-02-05 22:07:00
Character select for Multiplayer.1Serpent5412011-02-05 22:04:00
Does Patapon costume glows in the dark ?4ColmiYveul2011-02-05 22:01:00
how do you un gray the right handed option in sackbots?3dragonights2011-02-05 21:14:00
Need some help on creating a moving boss creature. Pic of rough draft inside.2necromonger2011-02-05 20:29:00
Unclose-able Mouths!10mutant_red_peas2011-02-05 19:59:00
Controllinator help2Unknown User2011-02-05 19:53:00
Timer/Button Help2Mediocrates2011-02-05 19:50:00
Can anyone help me with this?2Jboy19952011-02-05 19:46:00
Adding time?1tobiashawk942011-02-05 19:36:00
Not Sure what to do.2FriedGoat2011-02-05 19:17:00
"Neat" Magic Mouth Speeches3Unknown User2011-02-05 19:00:00
Weird sackbot 'warp speed' bug that I can't get around!5Turbo_Egg_Salad2011-02-05 18:52:00
Emitter frequency & other guff8Bovrillor2011-02-05 18:27:00
Ski-lift Design Help1Unknown User2011-02-05 18:13:00
Sackbot Pet?2ZebanHai2011-02-05 17:53:00
How do I make a sackbot unmovable/ungrabable?6Lazy_Slacker2011-02-05 17:39:00
How to kill the controller?5Alexxerth2011-02-05 17:27:00
Need help selecting either deathmatch or capture the flag for my Vs. level, via menu6Unknown User2011-02-05 17:22:00
Costume Question12Unknown User2011-02-05 17:10:00
Sackbot construction dude2creator222011-02-05 17:07:00
Points for Sackbot Falling To Their Deaths in Multiplayer1lemurboy122011-02-05 17:03:00
How not to make a level 27malteseassassin2011-02-05 15:31:00
Give bonus every X score?5RockLeeSmile2011-02-05 15:26:00
How do you make the sizziling sound?3FEAR2011-02-05 15:17:00
little big toyota5ryder3562011-02-05 14:53:00
how to make A.I. for a top down enemy character7Unknown User2011-02-05 14:08:00
Two Questions I Need Answering3RibShark2011-02-05 13:58:00
How does "import collected objects from lbp1" work?5Foofles2011-02-05 13:49:00
How To Make Motor Bolts Turn In Different Directions Depending on Button Presses?5Leafy1012011-02-05 13:37:00
Remotely controlled Sackbot: How to disable desired buttons?7The52011-02-05 13:09:00
Different speeds from one mover6ikbeneland2011-02-05 12:50:00
fire randomiser once9Unknown User2011-02-05 12:37:00
Chick Flick lvl?3reckless1132011-02-05 11:46:00
Cutscene Help13Unknown User2011-02-05 11:46:00
Disabling certain commands (esp. jumping) in a sackbot?6ButchInZero2011-02-05 11:34:00
Creating a score zone and triggering sound effects8Fatboyslick2011-02-05 11:25:00
Object Sounds3Shamanate2011-02-05 10:28:00
Background Animations and Scrolling Q&A6Gutz2011-02-05 10:04:00
Smoothing out material?6ShelboTron2011-02-05 09:19:00
Conveyor belt.4MalibuMumin2011-02-05 07:29:00
You stole my sackbots!!!4Unknown User2011-02-05 07:13:00
Stiff pistons9FreeAim2011-02-05 05:58:00
HELP: with Linking lights to more then 1 switch.2AbunaiXD2011-02-05 04:37:00
Random Level Sequence Generator Help7LucidMomentum2011-02-05 04:36:00
Mirror Reflect2synchronizer2011-02-05 03:27:00
Teleporting Sackbot and Player?7Jgr92011-02-05 03:19:00
Switching object with controllinater5gein7892011-02-05 02:56:00
Emitters cut off for no apparent reason.8Nucleotyde2011-02-05 01:53:00
I need lots of help with Logic. (Excitebike clone, Bounce pad issues, and more!)3The Doctor2011-02-05 01:14:00
Number stickers ?4Unknown User2011-02-05 00:09:00
Sackbot Checkpoints8Unknown User2011-02-04 23:42:00
Making a sticker?2Hero_of_Sages2011-02-04 23:32:00
Sidescrolling Shoot 'em Up - Level Size and other Things5GTAce2011-02-04 22:54:00
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Rotators!! HELP!3Joka2322011-02-04 22:23:00
LBP1 detection in lbp2?2112042011-02-04 21:55:00
Would someone please help me?2Unknown User2011-02-04 21:39:00
Hamstertron 2000 and destroyable walls14Unknown User2011-02-04 20:55:00
D-Pads and controlinators...3Unknown User2011-02-04 20:07:00
Sackbots and switches7Unknown User2011-02-04 20:05:00
How to make sackbots act in a movie5davestanley2011-02-04 19:56:00
Little Big Store - Having Trouble2Unknown User2011-02-04 19:54:00
Thermo?1pete007d2011-02-04 19:44:00
Movie Cameras3Sack Bot 1012011-02-04 19:32:00
Grabinator help (different)1Shoopity2011-02-04 19:21:00
Slap to Kill Sackbots?3Green-Tomato2011-02-04 18:57:00
My level is not a versus level ?5Stinkin Mushroom2011-02-04 17:20:00
Sackbot Spawning4Unknown User2011-02-04 16:46:00
Help with paintinator6dogcity9992011-02-04 16:07:00
scoreboard question1biorogue2011-02-04 15:42:00
Is it possible to give Holo material properties?7smerf12011-02-04 13:58:00
Neon on/off dimming?15Hana_Kami2011-02-04 12:15:00
Sidescroller help2dharlequn2011-02-04 12:03:00
Sackbots with powers.2greeny0872011-02-04 11:40:00
Cheat Codes8Unknown User2011-02-04 08:01:00
Making a custom background2Unknown User2011-02-04 07:56:00
LBP1 100% help1drzgamer2011-02-04 07:20:00
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How to make guns without Controllinator? + some other problems9DrCell2011-02-04 04:27:00
Music sequencer in 9/8?3Unknown User2011-02-04 03:34:00
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Toggling an object on and off multiple times with a sequencer?2Sporkchops2011-02-04 03:21:00
Help with sackbots and grabinator6dogcity9992011-02-04 03:01:00
Loading LBP1 Account that was Imported6lionhart1802011-02-04 01:58:00
Recording Audio8ccapel2011-02-03 23:29:00
Creating a level on 2 different PS3s4Unknown User2011-02-03 23:02:00
Advnced rotator - Buggy?3Unknown User2011-02-03 23:01:00
controlinator + danger5freak422011-02-03 22:09:00
Popit out of map.5Darkrider92011-02-03 22:07:00
Boundaries for top-down shooter20TooManyToasters2011-02-03 21:58:00
Picking up Prize Bubbles with Objects2tobiashawk942011-02-03 21:38:00
Weird collision issue with corners.7Sehven2011-02-03 21:31:00
Sackbot timing issues!!! Please help!!2williams10882011-02-03 20:28:00
want to make strategy/tower defence game2super-james123452011-02-03 19:59:00
Submarine Help9Unknown User2011-02-03 19:49:00
What type of material is the waterfall?2SirGreenDay2011-02-03 19:38:00
Movie Camera inserted automatically??1strightjoebob2011-02-03 19:37:00
Mover Trouble!6ikbeneland2011-02-03 18:22:00
Trophy/pin issues1Blaze-Bandit2011-02-03 18:16:00
Syncing Music and Animation (Lights/Neon/Global Lighting)2Unknown User2011-02-03 16:56:00
square root of analog signal?1Unknown User2011-02-03 16:46:00
Breaking objects apart still possible?4Unknown User2011-02-03 16:30:00
How do you create 2D Animations?3Sindred2011-02-03 15:54:00
Top down racer car, brake/slowingdown help6Dexist2011-02-03 15:40:00
Level Link Question2Powershifter2011-02-03 15:07:00
limit a cursor2Unknown User2011-02-03 13:59:00
Disabling movers When Opposite Is Active11Galactus_UK2011-02-03 13:29:00
Button assign in the bottom of the screen4OveReAction2011-02-03 13:11:00
Target rotating magic system.5id_Hellion2011-02-03 12:58:00
magic mouths for music3jiamind2011-02-03 12:47:00
Top down sackbots5Antikris2011-02-03 12:45:00
Contextual magic mouths?1gein7892011-02-03 12:21:00
Questions about sub-levels3BeanDK2011-02-03 11:02:00
Random object movement5Unknown User2011-02-03 10:30:00
A Couple of Questions3Unknown User2011-02-03 10:14:00
Help with level design.3AbunaiXD2011-02-03 07:02:00
Need help: One vehicle per Sack in vs. race/ battle level7Aselrahc2011-02-03 05:06:00
Swim, nod, profile glitches help!3Maximus6532011-02-03 04:56:00
Sine Wave Gun4JMoney64092011-02-03 04:06:00
Camera Conundrums8nextlevel882011-02-03 04:03:00
Rotate analog clockwise = move block right?2midnight_heist2011-02-03 03:54:00
If I....3littlebigmeteor2011-02-03 03:48:00
Rotation Sensors?7Unknown User2011-02-03 03:46:00
Impact sensor to emitters broken?2name1122332011-02-03 02:37:00
water like material question7second--smile--2011-02-03 00:49:00
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Umm What? My Pod Esplode.3Madafaku2011-02-03 00:09:00
Making an object a center of gravity for a certain area?14Behonkiss2011-02-03 00:06:00
re-spawning objects when you die4Unknown User2011-02-03 00:02:00
Gadget Help!!!2Unknown User2011-02-02 23:56:00
How To Create Health Bars/Logic6rambo34162011-02-02 23:29:00
Can Acting Sackbots Use Controllinator? Please Help!!!6rambo34162011-02-02 22:42:00
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Piano Puzzle Help2Unknown User2011-02-02 21:46:00
Speed scale issue6gein7892011-02-02 21:43:00
How do I make a non-linear game?3The Doctor2011-02-02 21:40:00
How to detect number of players grabbing a single object?2LittleBigDave2011-02-02 21:07:00
Sackbot + Paintinator?3Twilightoutcast2011-02-02 21:03:00
A couple of (possibly very simple) questions6Jonny_Segment2011-02-02 20:49:00
reversing motor bolt using logic?2gein7892011-02-02 20:45:00
Cutting letters out of downloaded font8Kraznoff2011-02-02 20:35:00
Another Camera Issue Thread6Ostler50002011-02-02 20:27:00
Point giver and sackbots help3pooter30012011-02-02 20:17:00
Need help with making music4Pyrosche2011-02-02 20:11:00
Levels of the beta in lbp 2 full game3psyntens2011-02-02 20:07:00
Can't move my head. WHat the frag is going on?8Kirby Phelps (PK)2011-02-02 20:05:00
Allow Sackbot to Exit Controllinator3RAWTalent2011-02-02 19:27:00
D-Pad not working for Controlinator.10celsus2011-02-02 19:26:00
Camera help!6Jboy19952011-02-02 19:12:00
Same layer player sensor?3Unknown User2011-02-02 19:04:00
How to disable controlinator controls?3Fumo1612011-02-02 18:49:00
Cutscene Prizes?3lemurboy122011-02-02 18:47:00
Import Help1QuantumLaser2011-02-02 18:45:00
gaining points for shooting another player (NOT a sackbot) with the creatinator?10skinniexo2011-02-02 18:12:00
Advanced Sackbot Help Request4toradrow7772011-02-02 17:32:00
Can you replace the sound of the bounce pad?16midnight_heist2011-02-02 17:22:00
can you make sackbots respawn?6racer10202011-02-02 17:00:00
2 Player fighting games?4thatmattkid2011-02-02 16:40:00
How to get text that's not from magic mouth?15Kobe24Life2011-02-02 16:39:00
impact sensor problem?5Pestilence2011-02-02 16:34:00
Help with Emitter Logic3idontknow922011-02-02 16:30:00
Magic mouth trouble1iArekusu2011-02-02 15:34:00
Help!!!3calyst_aayla2011-02-02 14:48:00
Subtitles Not Straight2idontknow922011-02-02 14:22:00
a new naux like glitch...4Unknown User2011-02-02 14:16:00
Not Good.13Malhat062011-02-02 12:39:00
Make sackbots un-killable?9DoomeDx2011-02-02 12:03:00
Crazy LBP2 Glitch..7Makrotez2011-02-02 11:04:00
Creating the "Bood Cell" or kicker vehicle help5Fatboyslick2011-02-02 11:03:00
Level/Thermometer Questions?4ShelboTron2011-02-02 11:00:00
sackbot animation3Blanchrocker2011-02-02 10:54:00
Animating?11xForrest2011-02-02 09:00:00
Help: how make gun for fps4Taz2011-02-02 08:57:00
Score giving conundrum!3iKyle942011-02-02 07:30:00
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Help solve hologram shooter problem using impact sensors.1name1122332011-02-02 06:49:00
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Terrible, terrible things...3Martin21942011-02-02 05:21:00
randomizers - one at a time problem8Unknown User2011-02-02 04:50:00
How to make an idle sackbot face right?5Unknown User2011-02-02 04:46:00
Running man!3lilfinn2011-02-02 04:02:00
movers and timing5tdarb2011-02-02 03:16:00
3 little lights5Strangepom2011-02-02 03:02:00
How would you make roses float to the ground, as they've done in the story2Alic2011-02-02 03:01:00
Subtitles with Voice-overs8xero2011-02-02 03:01:00
How to show controllinator actions7Anesthetize2011-02-02 02:39:00
Music Sequencer Help!4SoftOath2011-02-02 02:04:00
Cutscene with a level link?3Unknown User2011-02-02 01:52:00
Menu/title screen help4Jboy19952011-02-02 01:51:00
Making lights brighter as player moves closer3Tom_vdl2011-02-02 01:32:00
Spawning at checkpoint without dying4idontknow922011-02-02 01:27:00
Ok... I Really Need Help3SackGurl2011-02-02 01:24:00
top down charater help!10Unknown User2011-02-02 01:14:00
Help with checkpoints4Unknown User2011-02-02 00:55:00
Lbp2.me Issue4ZidaTheDark2011-02-02 00:54:00
I know its possible...5xForrest2011-02-02 00:28:00
Pause menus3wait wtf2011-02-02 00:06:00
Sackbots and Cameras2idontknow922011-02-02 00:03:00
Team Arena with rounds.2Spazmok2011-02-01 22:30:00
Scrolling camera?8ThePineapplizer2011-02-01 22:28:00
Button Mashing Counter Help4Unknown User2011-02-01 22:25:00
Sackbot immunity?6Leafy1012011-02-01 22:22:00
Can anybody point me in the right direction?8Unknown User2011-02-01 22:11:00
Toggling Lights Help3Unknown User2011-02-01 22:11:00
Holographic material help!!!!!!4shadowsythe4567322011-02-01 22:03:00
Hologram material brightness help!!!!!4shadowsythe4567322011-02-01 21:55:00
Make Subtitle displays Button Commands3The52011-02-01 21:44:00
How to only give the attacking player points? (versus)5zuriku2011-02-01 21:44:00
Is there any way to do this?3Unknown User2011-02-01 21:35:00
Need help with game camera.1Unknown User2011-02-01 20:59:00
How do i get my magical Mouth to only speak ONCE.3DoomeDx2011-02-01 20:35:00
HELP Needed with Score Giver + Player Sensor (urgent plz)2Thegeckoo2011-02-01 20:29:00
Ball Transport!4Kobe24Life2011-02-01 20:15:00
Holographic Material? (NOOBQUESTION =()8DoomeDx2011-02-01 19:47:00
Would anybody Mind giving me a Hand in create mode?3Unknown User2011-02-01 19:46:00
Jetpack?5G-Raider2011-02-01 19:29:00
Serious Game Crash2Struanmcd2011-02-01 19:28:00
Sackboy keeps falling8Unknown User2011-02-01 19:02:00
Emitter2xForrest2011-02-01 19:01:00
Making a piece of holographic material obey gravity?4Binarynova2011-02-01 18:48:00
Logic help, pressing buttons in a certain order4Doopz2011-02-01 18:34:00
Score Giver Help2Thegeckoo2011-02-01 18:02:00
How do I award points for killing a sackbot with danger objects?4Meowgician2011-02-01 17:52:00
LBP1 level update, Please help ?2Unknown User2011-02-01 17:51:00
Is it possible to have 4 players with 4 different cameras in Top down view?11smerf12011-02-01 16:49:00
Deducting points from players16Syroc2011-02-01 16:44:00
Looking for a truly white material8ZipCity2011-02-01 16:12:00
Level Graphics?7xForrest2011-02-01 15:31:00
Enemies that die on impact, and problems with Sackbot cameras2Behonkiss2011-02-01 15:25:00
Destroy Controlinator + Respawn8nicko7862011-02-01 15:23:00
Cutscene problem: Camera stays at the bottom8Tom_vdl2011-02-01 15:13:00
Counting Tags?5Unknown User2011-02-01 13:54:00
Skip5Malhat062011-02-01 13:04:00
DCS movement6xForrest2011-02-01 12:59:00
How to Make a Race9Ostler50002011-02-01 12:36:00
Is this possible?7mistervista2011-02-01 12:17:00
Lbp.me link1Blanchrocker2011-02-01 11:58:00
Destroy and emit without 0.1 sec delay13LaserApa2011-02-01 11:32:00
Creating an Inventory2Galactus_UK2011-02-01 11:24:00
Controlinator3xForrest2011-02-01 09:33:00
Weird Create Mode Glitches??2Carabbit2011-02-01 05:53:00
F4F help also how do you make projectiles sensors give points.6celsus2011-02-01 05:47:00
Points and rockets?7Unknown User2011-02-01 05:45:00
The Mindbending Controlinator3PC-Wizard2011-02-01 05:33:00
Stage motivation.7drzgamer2011-02-01 04:59:00
Disabling the Popit while controlling a Sackbot2Behonkiss2011-02-01 04:37:00
Crash10macy_112011-02-01 04:31:00
computer head3Unknown User2011-02-01 04:22:00
Can't figure out how Emitters work...3nicko7862011-02-01 04:19:00
Emitters bother me..4nicko7862011-02-01 04:10:00
SnowMobile9Unknown User2011-02-01 04:05:00
Should I publish over my LBP1 level?5Unknown User2011-02-01 03:49:00
Can't find running water material3Unknown User2011-02-01 03:40:00
[glitch]data reset glitch2zaktt2011-02-01 03:29:00
[bug] Acing Into The Heart Of The Negativitron6lithiumtoxin2011-02-01 03:24:00
Way to change light color via logic?5SledKnight2011-02-01 02:14:00
Need Help With an Emitter Question5Unknown User2011-02-01 01:49:00
LBP2 Guidebook9cheesemuffins992011-02-01 01:45:00
level linking5wait wtf2011-02-01 01:18:00
Can controllinator objects pick up score bubbles?8Dietomaha2011-02-01 01:08:00
Animation Grid?3SledKnight2011-02-01 01:06:00
Vehicle Idle Mode? How?7grayspence2011-02-01 00:51:00
Capture the flag/deathmatch level help needed please17Unknown User2011-02-01 00:33:00
Grabinator help12joor2011-02-01 00:08:00
How do you make a title screen?2VincentVendetta2011-01-31 23:44:00
I have a basketball level and need to display scores2SirGreenDay2011-01-31 23:16:00
LittleBigPlanet 1 import question.3GavWaite2011-01-31 23:00:00
Do you give up the use of the Square button using a remote controlled sackbot?4Lostwind2011-01-31 22:59:00
Does the Grid get buggy sometimes?4Whitemon2011-01-31 22:52:00
How to adjust impact sensor sensitivity8Unknown User2011-01-31 22:38:00
Movie Subtitles3Nick9309302011-01-31 22:31:00
emitters on a grid4tdarb2011-01-31 22:30:00
Music2googleit362011-01-31 22:28:00
Some sort of wireless transmission?3dmakian2011-01-31 21:52:00
Hearts not Displayed1Unknown User2011-01-31 21:49:00
Simple: How do I?4Crownz2011-01-31 21:28:00
How do you get an item to be a projectile ?9Unknown User2011-01-31 21:24:00
Versus level help.....3Unknown User2011-01-31 21:15:00
Team Select logic help3Nuclearfish2011-01-31 21:05:00
How do I make animations?2Unknown User2011-01-31 20:11:00
Creating a convincing platform-break?3NoddingPenguin2011-01-31 20:05:00
Emitting 1 item per press?5Southpaw0202011-01-31 20:02:00
Turning Emitters On and Off6idontknow922011-01-31 19:56:00
4 emitters connected4Tobby2011-01-31 19:35:00
3-Point Line?5bigkurz82011-01-31 19:29:00
I haven't got the "Scoreboard 5%" pin.4RibShark2011-01-31 19:20:00
Vehicle movements using sequencer4Unknown User2011-01-31 19:17:00
cant exit out of my Controlinator4howMUCHforBOUNTY2011-01-31 19:13:00
How to create a start menu?3basketball272011-01-31 19:11:00
My capsule is bugged and I cannot play :S3Gryphus2011-01-31 17:24:00
Some questions about movies..5onaga6662011-01-31 17:15:00
is it possible to connect one controlinator to another8salisbury Bryan2011-01-31 17:15:00
Voice Chat Problem!2Original_bleep2011-01-31 16:45:00
Mecha Building: Need Help4toradrow7772011-01-31 16:24:00
My profile was reset!!5Unknown User2011-01-31 16:05:00
Need Help with Top Down Racer Logic10Crownz2011-01-31 16:02:00
More Menu Troubles!2xForrest2011-01-31 15:42:00
Bounce pad points8sManic2011-01-31 13:54:00
Counting destroyed emitters14Stinkin Mushroom2011-01-31 13:38:00
Help with level links / hub level2Balorn2011-01-31 13:06:00
How to Get My Level Discovered3Unknown User2011-01-31 12:38:00
airplane analouge tilt control16LaserApa2011-01-31 12:22:00
Tricks of the Trade?3Macnme2011-01-31 11:09:00
Cyclinders?3xForrest2011-01-31 09:55:00
How was it done - Hedge Hopping10Unknown User2011-01-31 08:23:00
Detecting when a tag is not present4Unknown User2011-01-31 08:20:00
Trying to create a '4 player jousting game' with the controlinator9FaunKeH_52011-01-31 07:45:00
How to: ''You Look So Pretty (instrumental)''3FreeAim2011-01-31 07:07:00
Looking for a certain item.....6Unknown User2011-01-31 07:01:00
holding buttons in controlinator.7spartacus00072011-01-31 06:46:00
Tools bag incorrect12Unknown User2011-01-31 05:27:00
Swinging a sword?7Unknown User2011-01-31 05:27:00
Projectile sensor not working!8Unknown User2011-01-31 05:21:00
Sackbots as player1PatriotEyez272011-01-31 05:21:00
Simple Emitter Help4nicko7862011-01-31 05:08:00
Logic Question3Jgr92011-01-31 05:03:00
Display music sequencer circuitboard in play mode3Sporkchops2011-01-31 04:04:00
Prize bubble sounds2ghostingalong2011-01-31 02:48:00
Game freezes when trying to transfew LBP1 objects PLEASE HELP!7rubber-chicken2011-01-31 02:43:00
ONE MORE for 100%1ATMLVE2011-01-31 02:36:00
Prize bubble sounds1ghostingalong2011-01-31 02:30:00
Movie Camera Tutor NEEDED2Twilightoutcast2011-01-31 02:28:00
How can a controlled Sackbot shoot projectiles in the direction he faces?9Lostwind2011-01-31 01:54:00
How can i make an inventory?5Unknown User2011-01-31 01:41:00
Level Ender?5xForrest2011-01-31 01:12:00
2 player sensor activates just with 1 player?12Unknown User2011-01-31 01:04:00
How you put a controllinator on a sackbot?2GEK832011-01-31 00:55:00
Controllable Flying Creature help needed6Willium_Bob_Cole2011-01-31 00:46:00
Controlling a camera?2Jboy19952011-01-31 00:19:00
Emitter3xForrest2011-01-30 23:56:00
Cinematic cut scene ending4PenguinPanic2011-01-30 23:44:00
Controlinator/Mover6xForrest2011-01-30 22:44:00
Logic Inconsistencies?4idontknow922011-01-30 22:39:00
Help with DLC4koltonaugust2011-01-30 22:11:00
Problem that could be unfixable15Unknown User2011-01-30 22:07:00
Is it possible to have your full costumes in the outfits section of the popit menu6TheShortBus2011-01-30 22:07:00
3D Layer glitch?3saarraz12011-01-30 22:00:00
Can someone tell me the basics of making a level like Hedge Hopper?3NoddingPenguin2011-01-30 21:58:00
How to make players respawn and appear on vehicle (ala chick flick minigame)4Anesthetize2011-01-30 21:53:00
I don't get it...4PetStars2011-01-30 21:19:00
Make a trial bike?5jjdragon2011-01-30 21:09:00
A Quick Problem8xForrest2011-01-30 20:54:00
"Tutorial" option in main menu5Nick9309302011-01-30 20:54:00
Sackbot tag issue3automatica2011-01-30 20:53:00
A quick question about prize bubbles2Unknown User2011-01-30 20:41:00
Need help! How do I make camera come back after exiting controlinator?8Kobe24Life2011-01-30 20:35:00
Conroled Sackbots: Emoting and recorded actions??3Ryuu Kiba2011-01-30 20:33:00
Switch Between Controlinators...?3Crazed Creator2011-01-30 20:24:00
Magic Mouth Voice Whilst in Movie6thatmattkid2011-01-30 19:55:00
Controllinators make me want to break my TV2agrx2011-01-30 19:19:00
Sequencer logic4Unknown User2011-01-30 19:18:00
How do the shooting mechanic work in Zombies: Jungle?1basketball272011-01-30 19:12:00
Button cues3macy_112011-01-30 19:09:00
How do I back up My LBP 2 Profile5Unknown User2011-01-30 18:57:00
Remote control - Camera issues. Please Help4Count2011-01-30 18:46:00
Sackbot act and record question?5tf102011-01-30 18:36:00
Tentacle Costume2iTriangle2011-01-30 18:29:00
one shot activation4Unknown User2011-01-30 18:23:00
Promotional Codes, Help?6Struanmcd2011-01-30 18:22:00
Published A Level & Didnt Receive Trophy8Meta-Armor2011-01-30 18:13:00
Using a mover instead of a piston22wizaerd2011-01-30 18:12:00
Help with Logic please :)7Darksonic2011-01-30 18:07:00
Carrying data through level links8Deftmute2011-01-30 17:29:00
Gameplay lag on my level12NoddingPenguin2011-01-30 17:14:00
Create a custom level icon3Unknown User2011-01-30 16:46:00
What are the 10 Easiest Levels to Ace?3Smokeeye1232011-01-30 16:21:00
How do I make the creatinator shoot lasers?2Unknown User2011-01-30 15:59:00
How to get a digital display-like effect.2Unknown User2011-01-30 15:57:00
Corrupt data4Unknown User2011-01-30 15:32:00
Grabbing Dangerous Objects2nextlevel882011-01-30 15:31:00
Bug with my level?2Retro2011-01-30 15:29:00
Beginner: exactly when is "My Moon" accessible?12jansandahl2011-01-30 14:58:00
Movers attached to sequencers?2Unknown User2011-01-30 14:54:00
Problem with sackbots..3Mitos2011-01-30 14:48:00
Need some logic assistance4Unknown User2011-01-30 14:42:00
Followers in multiplayer7Ungreth2011-01-30 14:41:00
counter that increases and decreases3Unknown User2011-01-30 14:14:00
Unable to Select Community3jls2011-01-30 13:26:00
Tower defence level2I_PUNT_KNOMES2011-01-30 13:25:00
Activating Controller Functions through Level Events7Unknown User2011-01-30 12:25:00
Question regarding player specific game cameras online4SSTAGG12011-01-30 12:12:00
Randomizer Help!3DrunkMiffy2011-01-30 11:42:00
Logic Help2JayJSE22011-01-30 10:27:00
How can I make an Angry Birds catapult?8Unknown User2011-01-30 09:53:00
Menus?2xForrest2011-01-30 09:33:00
Zoned Gravitational Pull?3Willah2011-01-30 08:37:00
having problems with my level1Gunzaman2011-01-30 07:33:00
Controllinator HELP!2killmanx272011-01-30 07:23:00
Emit object glued/attached to a wall?6Unknown User2011-01-30 06:05:00
Melee Combat.1Unknown User2011-01-30 05:51:00
Labiling Controlinator?4Pontihog2011-01-30 05:07:00
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Tophat Enigma3daddy_doodle2011-01-30 03:59:00
Aimer Boundaries6112042011-01-30 03:55:00
Swimming and other problems (Warning to new players)4Fading-Dream2011-01-30 03:51:00
Grabbing question3Unknown User2011-01-30 03:41:00
Custon Enemies4cousi2011-01-30 03:17:00
Door System?8Noroibito2011-01-30 03:03:00
side scrolling level help2shockwave9722011-01-30 02:42:00
How do i get my LBP Screenshots onto my computer?4Unknown User2011-01-30 02:28:00
How do i get out of the conrolinator?2Unknown User2011-01-30 02:25:00
Invisible Controlinator Seat?4Unknown User2011-01-30 02:23:00
music sequencer help4jjdragon2011-01-30 02:19:00
Importing Region Diffrent LBP Profiles2snowyjoe2011-01-30 02:16:00
Instant-Reset Counter?6Shuriken_Star2011-01-30 01:56:00
How to make something burst/jet/move into that direction?7zuriku2011-01-30 01:39:00
Bipedal legs mechanism1Unknown User2011-01-30 01:18:00
How To Make A Jumping Chip (GUIDE)3donta1332011-01-30 01:12:00
"Analog" != expletive3Unknown User2011-01-30 00:54:00
Turning off Sackbot Controls3Unknown User2011-01-30 00:52:00
[MOVIE] Need Help for my movie ! Somebody smart with Sackbots + Camera actions.2Unknown User2011-01-30 00:51:00
Co-op trouble2Chiyo182011-01-30 00:50:00
How to correctly make a top down shooter?3zuriku2011-01-30 00:42:00
Selector troubles2Ignition2462011-01-30 00:26:00
Local space on a joystick rotator?9Sehven2011-01-30 00:20:00
how do i make a microchip that acts like a wobble bolt?7name1122332011-01-30 00:08:00
Cut scene help.3Robbie2011-01-30 00:08:00
Scoreboard help - showing high scores5Malhat062011-01-29 23:57:00
Blending Layers5idontknow922011-01-29 23:47:00
Importing LBP1 Items After Initial Profile Import3Unknown User2011-01-29 22:11:00
Need a way to get a song in-game!!!2davestanley2011-01-29 21:58:00
4 bit addition/subtraction overflow help1tdarb2011-01-29 21:23:00
Having a hard time trying to figure out some (Probably simple logic)3smerf12011-01-29 21:21:00
Sequencer Help6wellington2k2011-01-29 21:08:00
Marshmallows?2FEAR2011-01-29 21:08:00
Invisible Holo?3Krondelo2011-01-29 21:01:00
Can anyone help me with the logic for this?1Unknown User2011-01-29 20:22:00
Sensors and Lights4Keith2011-01-29 20:09:00
Are headsets the only way to record voices?2Behonkiss2011-01-29 20:08:00
How can I remove the annoying points giver sound?5Kovert-k2011-01-29 19:38:00
BakScratch not working!15Unknown User2011-01-29 19:32:00
Custom level badges - argh!4Bovrillor2011-01-29 19:26:00
Trouble With Corner Editing Around Stickers3TheCountessZ2011-01-29 19:25:00
movie camera help!!4Louis_-_952011-01-29 19:06:00
Can't get object to move left or down.5MrMumin2011-01-29 18:56:00
How to Make an Object Stop Rotating, After it Has Turned11Ostler50002011-01-29 18:54:00
Is there a good sequencer tutorial?2Gta-man2011-01-29 18:43:00
What is the name of this costume and where do i find it?3Gta-man2011-01-29 18:34:00
Is there any way to update a published level?4NoddingPenguin2011-01-29 18:33:00
I can't connect with players!2Unknown User2011-01-29 17:50:00
In a bit of a pickle... (materials)5WilsonLBP2011-01-29 17:48:00
toggle vs selector14tdarb2011-01-29 17:40:00
Anyone good with the Music Sequencer please read.3arsenalfan_19952011-01-29 17:24:00
Holographic question3Louis_-_952011-01-29 17:10:00
Is it possible to...3xForrest2011-01-29 17:03:00
Controllinator jumping3Ace292011-01-29 16:57:00
Can I please get someone with decent creative skills to help me build a level??5donta1332011-01-29 15:59:00
Earth In Pod?6DudeWTH2011-01-29 15:24:00
Sackbot steering2Unknown User2011-01-29 14:47:00
execute exibition every time I press x5POLLOePILLA2011-01-29 14:43:00
Importing data from LBP1 demo5JosJuice2011-01-29 14:04:00
Crystal Decoration?3dragonember2011-01-29 13:54:00
Is there any sure-fire way of becoming game leader in a popular level?5NoddingPenguin2011-01-29 13:15:00
water like material?9trianglepigsquar2011-01-29 13:14:00
Quick question...6Unknown User2011-01-29 13:12:00
how to make a cursor select something11Unknown User2011-01-29 13:05:00
Anti-Gravity4Unknown User2011-01-29 13:04:00
Rubber Band Ball!4Unknown User2011-01-29 13:03:00
Custom Sticker for LBP2 using PSEye: Any tips for noobs?9toradrow7772011-01-29 13:01:00
Changing the direction of a sackbot while on a planet with local gravity.4Unknown User2011-01-29 11:56:00
Road Material ?2sidds_2011-01-29 11:26:00
How do we upload the pictures of our levels to lbp.me?2terbas2011-01-29 11:06:00
Why do we need a battery if we have counter?5Domik122011-01-29 10:45:00
Invisible Light Source- does it exist?6Unknown User2011-01-29 10:21:00
Logic Trouble :l5xForrest2011-01-29 10:20:00
Question about Level Links3EnterMEUN2011-01-29 09:18:00
Transferring saved data?2Ghinao2011-01-29 08:56:00
Sensors2xForrest2011-01-29 08:50:00
LBP1 level magic mouths2phort2011-01-29 08:41:00
all materials help1shockwave9722011-01-29 08:26:00
Menu: Left / Right Selector5bigkurz82011-01-29 08:05:00
Hologram Material?4xForrest2011-01-29 07:07:00
Absolutely Stumped :/7xForrest2011-01-29 06:22:00
Freezing when online?2Unknown User2011-01-29 05:34:00
ps3 froze....rebooted lbp2...this happend8sisko2011-01-29 05:11:00
Help with a tough situation.4Jboy19952011-01-29 05:09:00
I want to make lightning8Gutz2011-01-29 04:58:00
Question about front view level...3Chiyo182011-01-29 04:09:00
Bounce Pads and Controllinators6Dietomaha2011-01-29 03:43:00
sackbots ((Advanced)) logic help5reefer0072011-01-29 03:37:00
Controllinator controlled racecar?2Unknown User2011-01-29 03:02:00
I need HP bar help!4Unknown User2011-01-29 03:01:00
Different bullets, different damage7QuiteRight2011-01-29 02:39:00
player-controlled emotions in sackbots4LittleBigDave2011-01-29 02:29:00
Making emitted objects follow a cursor12Unknown User2011-01-29 02:26:00
How to Create a Menu?2Unknown User2011-01-29 01:24:00
How to get player out of controlinator?3Unknown User2011-01-29 01:17:00
Platform game?1Sackshade2011-01-29 01:11:00
Logic help - bit shifting in a state switch15Thegide2011-01-29 01:01:00
Buying The Collector's Edition Mistake?6Flamekaizer22011-01-29 00:50:00
Menu System2Unknown User2011-01-28 23:55:00
Points and spawns issues in versus mode3TheAreinu2011-01-28 23:38:00
Game Music in Create Mode4Sweedumz2011-01-28 23:31:00
Sackbots and the Controlinator4second--smile--2011-01-28 23:12:00
Using a "sprite" with Controlinator?5Behonkiss2011-01-28 23:09:00
Area Selection Logic5Nick9309302011-01-28 22:47:00
Stuck on giant hand4Unknown User2011-01-28 22:33:00
SackBots standing on walls2Unknown User2011-01-28 22:31:00
Creators Block!!11wilkesy882011-01-28 22:17:00
Trophy not working2NoddingPenguin2011-01-28 22:09:00
Point and click question.2Scifiguy2011-01-28 22:05:00
How to switch between controlinators.3darth6212011-01-28 22:03:00
Question about moving elevator4idontknow922011-01-28 20:56:00
Ready-check logic issues.7Bovrillor2011-01-28 20:42:00
Reversing light in relation to rotation?4midnight_heist2011-01-28 19:55:00
Logistic Creators Wanted!6Nick9309302011-01-28 19:49:00
Compare values3Numberslayer2011-01-28 19:46:00
Is it possible to place DCS directly on Sackbots5The52011-01-28 19:38:00
Creatinator problemator3lombax1222011-01-28 19:34:00
"Play LBP2 after 9pm." pin/trophy help?7midnight_heist2011-01-28 19:14:00
Sackbot Speech3Unknown User2011-01-28 18:43:00
Multiplayer Sackbots? how?4Unknown User2011-01-28 18:32:00
contorlinator question7admjwt2011-01-28 17:08:00
How to make vehicles "hop"4dragonember2011-01-28 16:57:00
How do I make something start on fire by a switch?4Unknown User2011-01-28 16:46:00
Getting water material10Unknown User2011-01-28 16:23:00
Coop or Versus(Camera and Scoring ) Question11mthanded2011-01-28 16:17:00
How can I make a basic cutscene?4LordMagicPants2011-01-28 15:41:00
game camera help2Unknown User2011-01-28 14:46:00
In Game Grid Snap5RAWTalent2011-01-28 14:45:00
Sucking up a sackbot18Keith2011-01-28 13:52:00
How do I make a trap door?9Rae2011-01-28 13:31:00
How to: I grab you I get points?7G-IH-O-S-T2011-01-28 13:22:00
Need help with camera using controllable bots2Sivious2011-01-28 11:53:00
I need help making a device that...10gr00ve882011-01-28 11:07:00
Showing Controllinator Controls6RAWTalent2011-01-28 09:57:00
Tower Defense: Change how much damage is dealt depending on what projectile is used?6SSTAGG12011-01-28 09:19:00
Help - Trying to simulate tilt.6Gutz2011-01-28 08:58:00
thread erased1name1122332011-01-28 08:01:00
Help with turning6Shhabbazz2011-01-28 07:22:00
Little Big Ipod5sascha_winter2011-01-28 06:11:00
Into the heart of the negativitron.3Gumbi2011-01-28 05:12:00
The quiet sackbot Rated M5Unknown User2011-01-28 04:16:00
Points on Sackbot death by squish?5quartercirclebak2011-01-28 03:56:00
Sackbot animations?2shadowsythe4567322011-01-28 03:48:00
transfer a save game to buddy's house3Unknown User2011-01-28 03:34:00
captured pod, breaking your game?4slidedrum2011-01-28 03:34:00
Animation question2EVOin3D2011-01-28 02:34:00
Water-proofing and attaching sackbots3Unknown User2011-01-28 02:31:00
Need help testing a 4 Player Versus level later tonight (in about an hour)1Alic2011-01-28 02:30:00
Costume's not working together...1Bernkastel2011-01-28 02:28:00
how do i make an electic arc?20Unknown User2011-01-28 02:22:00
Automatic Scrolling Backgrounds (Or The Appearance Thereof)?6Justin Hopewell2011-01-28 02:13:00
sack bots are stupid!4ktmbillyjr2011-01-28 02:06:00
Hard 90 degree turns?4Biv2011-01-28 01:35:00
Puzzling Points Problem - I'm Perplexed!15CaptainCowboyHat2011-01-28 01:21:00
Movie Making question(s)1CYMBOL2011-01-28 01:04:00
Fire proof Sackbots.4sellfcon2011-01-28 01:02:00
Best "Gun" using decorations13standby2502011-01-28 00:58:00
Music Sequencer [: Pause / Resume / Stop :]10Unknown User2011-01-28 00:51:00
Screwed up categories1Unknown User2011-01-28 00:37:00
Pathfinding logic13Unknown User2011-01-28 00:27:00
Save Transfer Question2Unknown User2011-01-27 22:53:00
I always have to do things twice...4SackbotInc2011-01-27 22:47:00
Victorias Grabinator Cake logic?17Hana_Kami2011-01-27 22:46:00
How to make a vehicle go forwards and backwards6Darkrider92011-01-27 22:43:00
Try this out!1Antikris2011-01-27 22:29:00
Tutorials...1Gamerman502011-01-27 22:12:00
How to get Avalon round glowing sci-fi Deco?13The52011-01-27 22:03:00
Waterfall material2Unknown User2011-01-27 22:02:00
Racing Logic2BiznessMan2011-01-27 21:47:00
Music Request9MrBaconator2011-01-27 21:16:00
Micro Machines Rip Off12ghostrider1352011-01-27 21:13:00
Backing up profile data2Linque2011-01-27 21:11:00
i can?t get out of my controllinators5Closetmonkey_12011-01-27 20:56:00
how do i makea missle that follows the nearest player?2Unknown User2011-01-27 20:31:00
Glowing Objects7sora28102011-01-27 20:30:00
How to freeze sackbot in pose?4dragonember2011-01-27 20:27:00
Need help with movie cameras4SirGreenDay2011-01-27 20:16:00
Flashlight Sackbot8ikbeneland2011-01-27 20:09:00
How to read analog signal strength?7Vandalite2011-01-27 19:48:00
Mover Direction6Yoda862011-01-27 19:33:00
Holographic material?4zacman50012011-01-27 19:27:00
Need some help with the triggering of cameras4NoddingPenguin2011-01-27 19:16:00
Can I get dynamic mover speed on emitted objects?!?4Thegide2011-01-27 19:11:00
Movie camera ON/OFF4Unknown User2011-01-27 18:39:00
Movie camera and starter checkpoint problem2Unknown User2011-01-27 18:36:00
Vehicle health system3sirbull2011-01-27 17:31:00
MGS Pack in LBP25idontknow922011-01-27 17:11:00
[Music Sequencer] Syncing Logic to the Rhythm?1JStormz2011-01-27 17:03:00
Is There a Definitive Hologram Material FAQ?4ZipCity2011-01-27 17:03:00
Subtitles??!!3Alternative_sack2011-01-27 16:47:00
Attack of the Mutant Marshmallow Weapons5cthulhu822011-01-27 16:39:00
Help With Logic on my Level6FriedGoat2011-01-27 16:03:00
I live in Sweden, what's wrong with that?9Unknown User2011-01-27 15:53:00
Can I make holograms solid when on and non-solid when off?6RibShark2011-01-27 15:50:00
Custom points bubble?5NoddingPenguin2011-01-27 15:35:00
Emitting objects with logic problems3Bio-Raiden2011-01-27 15:34:00
Giant Grabbing Hand2Unknown User2011-01-27 14:42:00
How do you guys stay motivated?11MasterCreator2011-01-27 14:38:00
Help Please count down timer !7Katil922011-01-27 14:28:00
Help Please count down timer !1Katil922011-01-27 14:23:00
:) im new with sack bots3Unknown User2011-01-27 13:56:00
How to use the grabinator to move an object from layer to layer?8NoddingPenguin2011-01-27 13:52:00
Lethalisation Tools Are Not There6RAWTalent2011-01-27 11:54:00
How do I select the control seat of a specific player?18Unknown User2011-01-27 11:18:00
Animated Sackbot's Arms Whilst Running7RAWTalent2011-01-27 09:38:00
Sackbot's can't trigger checkpoints?4Southpaw0202011-01-27 09:12:00
I need help with a top down shooter please1Jelly_man2011-01-27 08:57:00
controlinator isn't working in playmode6kogue2011-01-27 08:43:00
General advice7JehuLove2011-01-27 08:09:00
Impact sensors and bouncepads....6EnterMEUN2011-01-27 08:01:00
One Time Switch/Button3Yoda862011-01-27 07:42:00
Multiple missions from the same sackbot.7Unknown User2011-01-27 07:39:00
Turning in 90 degree angles?3Shhabbazz2011-01-27 07:37:00
Smart Bomb Effect1Serpent5412011-01-27 06:42:00
Any way non-sharable sticker prizes can get shared?8LittleBigDave2011-01-27 06:01:00
Extinguish Fire?4Manny776072011-01-27 05:15:00
Need Help Making a Menu Screen10Nucleotyde2011-01-27 04:56:00
Shooting with a sackbot5SackGurl2011-01-27 04:41:00
Help me! using the controlinator to create a tank.3thecrimzon12011-01-27 04:39:00
How can I make random drops?3IAmChavez2011-01-27 04:37:00
Need help making a more realistic tank1Unknown User2011-01-27 04:35:00
How do you repost a level without losing plays and hearts?7Alic2011-01-27 04:31:00
Top down action!!!3poorjack2011-01-27 04:20:00
Controlinator wear mexican hats2Unknown User2011-01-27 04:05:00
Sequential Randomizers30ZipCity2011-01-27 03:51:00
Cant find song2killmanx272011-01-27 03:42:00
Starting and stopping cog rotation (help)4ooDEANOZoo2011-01-27 03:25:00
Where is the digital display?3Unknown User2011-01-27 03:11:00
does anyon else have this problem?2artise2011-01-27 03:09:00
Does anyone know where that button on this website went?5Unknown User2011-01-27 02:39:00
Help out with score sensor?2Unknown User2011-01-27 02:38:00
Air vent type lift3RagTagPwner2011-01-27 02:18:00
Recording attacks4wait wtf2011-01-27 02:00:00
How can I do this? Logic help needed.12SirGreenDay2011-01-27 01:51:00
Emitter "aging"2fodawim2011-01-27 01:16:00
Probleme with a Air Hockey level creation2CharleyWT2011-01-27 00:46:00
Any way to have a mover not override gravity, even when active?14estevangz2011-01-27 00:42:00
Decorating the power-ups?4Unknown User2011-01-27 00:30:00
furious...4malteseassassin2011-01-27 00:14:00
Make Sackbot Light Up4idontknow922011-01-27 00:13:00
Help out a newbie12Unknown User2011-01-26 23:56:00
1. Future functionality? 2. Emit to relative location? 3. Follower overshooting woes6Trindall2011-01-26 23:42:00
Colour Scheme ideas?6wilkesy882011-01-26 23:40:00
Bad, Bad Bug.4Unknown User2011-01-26 23:39:00
Gradually refilling meter.5Biv2011-01-26 23:39:00
Naming Tags11Bovrillor2011-01-26 23:39:00
What does the badge with the tree mean?4NoddingPenguin2011-01-26 23:36:00
I need help with Holographic Materials12KILLA_TODDZILLA2011-01-26 23:19:00
Versus score problems4Shifty Geezer2011-01-26 23:14:00
HUD or GUI?2Unknown User2011-01-26 23:02:00
did not set screen size correctly!3mweb052011-01-26 22:48:00
Snap the hologram cursor (Solved)3Unknown User2011-01-26 22:48:00
Camera not working.5redeyedspawn2011-01-26 22:31:00
Limit number of players?13Bovrillor2011-01-26 22:11:00
Different Dialogue6MrBaconator2011-01-26 21:56:00
How do you create a simple Movie?7Unknown User2011-01-26 21:56:00
Does anyone know how to get this hat?6Unknown User2011-01-26 21:55:00
Joystick rotator bug8Stinkin Mushroom2011-01-26 21:43:00
players needed for multplayer prizes3Unknown User2011-01-26 20:44:00
Need help with followers5Fish942011-01-26 20:43:00
Where are story costumes located?2alicsmamaz2011-01-26 20:23:00
Magnets and Stuff9Elektrobank2011-01-26 19:55:00
Is it possible for camera to turn and face same way as top down object?3trianglepigsquar2011-01-26 19:48:00
Make a material object dissolve when player is close to it with a certain score?5Behonkiss2011-01-26 19:46:00
How do I make an A/D conversion?3Linque2011-01-26 19:44:00
Anyway I can make certain items or sackbots follow a specific player only?3Whitemon2011-01-26 18:39:00
Give Score on Sackbot Death by Fire8gorillagrams2011-01-26 18:27:00
How do you create moving background from Opening Level?5NoirMorpheus2011-01-26 18:27:00
Profile reset, kinda...1Unknown User2011-01-26 18:19:00
Got my logic down, now I'm struggling with making "pretty" top down cars..1Unknown User2011-01-26 18:02:00
Trying to control like Mega Man - Character stuck in the air7mipple522011-01-26 17:46:00
Alternative Controlinator2Unknown User2011-01-26 17:37:00
Theck and Thack in LBP 2?7LOLinator v1.022011-01-26 17:34:00
Basketball Scoring Issue18bigkurz82011-01-26 17:25:00
[Music Sequencer] Looking for Composer.3cousi2011-01-26 17:24:00
Level links and dying3wizaerd2011-01-26 16:54:00
Problems with the SFX sound3Katil922011-01-26 16:50:00
Help with Music1Bluetoes12011-01-26 16:44:00
Problem with top down vehicle1Dangerlove2011-01-26 16:41:00
Creature brains and AND gates3weirdybeardy2011-01-26 16:26:00
How to treat up and down as different5Ignition2462011-01-26 16:22:00
Never Ending Track1Malhat062011-01-26 15:49:00
create mode bug ?5Closetmonkey_12011-01-26 15:32:00
How to make something toggle only once?3Unknown User2011-01-26 15:12:00
LED/LCD Counter object??14jdteather3142011-01-26 14:50:00
Any way to get holo to use physics (collision and bounce)?22Shifty Geezer2011-01-26 14:46:00
How to hide Sackboy entering level/player controlled Sackbot?4Unknown User2011-01-26 14:14:00
Emit from Creatinator with player colour?23keith_uk2011-01-26 13:47:00
Searching Supermario bros. NES soundtracks4Katil922011-01-26 13:16:00
Invisible Gas3Malhat062011-01-26 13:02:00
how to track a controlinator controlled object with camera?3Unknown User2011-01-26 12:56:00
LBP1 / LBP2 compatibility of levels8Unknown User2011-01-26 12:06:00
Can grab sensors be permanent switches?12Rae2011-01-26 11:44:00
How to set Hologram material to Player Colour?5keith_uk2011-01-26 11:09:00
How would I do this...?9dragonember2011-01-26 10:53:00
Complete Costunes?2The Last Stop2011-01-26 09:46:00
I WANT ONE! But can it be made?3Sivious2011-01-26 08:19:00
Top Down Controllinator Frustration5Tron-X2011-01-26 08:10:00
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Dynamic Emitters with Sackbots help!6Super_Clone2011-01-26 07:44:00
Emit Wires?3IAmChavez2011-01-26 07:33:00
Magic Mouths: still pretty limited without Sackbots?5Giant Cheeseburger2011-01-26 06:53:00
Y R Sticky Notes GREEN instead of Yellow?9Savvymomma2011-01-26 06:51:00
How does I DCS/Controllinator Combination Lock?7aer0blue2011-01-26 06:50:00
Time limit sensor?3robbit102011-01-26 06:45:00
Is the prize bubble vending machine available for use?4Behonkiss2011-01-26 05:54:00
Uploading Pics to PS3 Hardrive!?4Unknown User2011-01-26 05:51:00
Sackbot Detector and Movie Camera help1Unknown User2011-01-26 05:07:00
Effective Sequencer Instrument Combos/Settings?7Fang2011-01-26 04:47:00
how to track a controlinator controlled object with camera?2Unknown User2011-01-26 04:46:00
Full Snow Gear Costume2Super_Clone2011-01-26 04:40:00
Creating Verses Level HELP?!2ThisEraWillFade2011-01-26 04:17:00
Templates?!?!6lorianne20042011-01-26 04:16:00
Sidescrolling Camera?7MrBaconator2011-01-26 04:04:00
Anyone got time for a test?1EnterMEUN2011-01-26 03:34:00
Region dlc help!!!2Unknown User2011-01-26 03:29:00
One Shot Help4Unknown User2011-01-26 03:15:00
Mover Help4ThePineapplizer2011-01-26 02:39:00
Timer gate glitch - need someone clever3james_L2011-01-26 02:36:00
please help with top down rpg question1Unknown User2011-01-26 02:31:00
Cannot find any LBP2 Content on the store!3xxScribblexx2011-01-26 02:12:00
How do I make a sackbot take projectile hits and die?6Behonkiss2011-01-26 02:09:00
How do you make the camera track something controlled by the controlinator?2Unknown User2011-01-26 02:04:00
Going back to LBP1 after playing LBP2 - Is it ok?2Unknown User2011-01-26 01:58:00
Movie Camera "Fade" Transition Promblems4iKyle942011-01-26 01:57:00
Help With Publishing.2Madafaku2011-01-26 01:53:00
Will Controlinator-Activated Movie Cameras work for > 1 player?3bigkurz82011-01-26 01:39:00
Help with "do's and Don'ts"17malteseassassin2011-01-26 01:25:00
Conflicting inputs - advanced mover and single directional mover1mipple522011-01-26 01:20:00
Reverse Score Counter? Race?7ROYALEFATALE2011-01-26 01:17:00
Lighting one after another.7Keith2011-01-26 00:56:00
A way of triggering once?2squishy2011-01-26 00:44:00
Emitting in Water HELP!.10ICBklyn2011-01-26 00:26:00
Help for racing camera9VincentVendetta2011-01-25 23:34:00
Importing Costumes?3RedViper3002011-01-25 23:22:00
How do i make the joystick control 2 different thrusters with the controlinator?2Unknown User2011-01-25 23:20:00
camra & animation problems6CRISTALSONIC2011-01-25 23:18:00
How to make an object controlled by controlinator respawn ?4Unknown User2011-01-25 23:12:00
Timed Closing Door with reset?1Rush R92011-01-25 23:10:00
Claymore Ideas?1Unknown User2011-01-25 23:04:00
Import GOTY DLC?4slicecom2011-01-25 22:56:00
LED Numbers Display?2Unknown User2011-01-25 22:44:00
Good top-down controls?2Unknown User2011-01-25 22:43:00
Different rooms?6Ignition2462011-01-25 22:43:00
Disco clothes1Unknown User2011-01-25 22:36:00
Charging and discharging for vehicles8fusioncell2011-01-25 22:22:00
Health bar and healing item logic dilemma!11Screeno2011-01-25 22:10:00
Water Material!5Unknown User2011-01-25 22:01:00
Clockworkx 2 menu?1Makrotez2011-01-25 21:40:00
Frozen Microchip.2LukeCF2011-01-25 21:16:00
Noisey Door, How do I even do this...8OhYesISquid2011-01-25 21:09:00
Lasers3Unknown User2011-01-25 20:38:00
Best way to make water lethal?7EnterMEUN2011-01-25 20:28:00
Furry Vehicles3Unknown User2011-01-25 20:26:00
LBP Up And At ?Em microchip video1Unknown User2011-01-25 20:09:00
Weird Pod Glitch?4Unknown User2011-01-25 20:03:00
Nightwish Song - Where is it?3Beed282011-01-25 20:02:00
Getting points with help of an object1Niyls2011-01-25 19:56:00
Movement on a grid2slidedrum2011-01-25 19:49:00
Need helmp with hollograms2Katil922011-01-25 19:19:00
192 wires? There must be a better way4Unknown User2011-01-25 19:01:00
Problems with importing profile1NinjaLukeI2011-01-25 18:45:00
Help making a fighting game6Unknown User2011-01-25 18:38:00
Score giver+controllinator problem15joor2011-01-25 18:16:00
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Creating a directional piston switch?4NoddingPenguin2011-01-25 17:58:00
A number of questions about building hazards and enemies5NerfViking2011-01-25 17:22:00
Magic Mouths + Sequencers = Frustration9Behonkiss2011-01-25 17:05:00
I made a new level, but when should I put it up2racer10202011-01-25 16:58:00
Cart Race problem9MirkoQuarck2011-01-25 16:50:00
Subtitles, please help!7Tanuki752011-01-25 16:49:00
Spinning fan from 'Where In The World Is Avalon Centrifuge?'1Chazprime2011-01-25 16:45:00
Lifting a bomb with a vehicle...and no claw.11Biv2011-01-25 16:18:00
controlinator eject2Pete19912011-01-25 15:53:00
Magic mouths & cameras3NoddingPenguin2011-01-25 15:34:00
Come back elevator!5Wuyunk2011-01-25 15:11:00
More effecient wall grab technique anyone?4shadowsythe4567322011-01-25 15:05:00
Making music speed up slowly3BasketSnake2011-01-25 14:41:00
Help with settings!4Unknown User2011-01-25 14:03:00
Controlling Sackbots2ironfroggy2011-01-25 13:56:00
"Jumping" from back layer to front layer4Unknown User2011-01-25 13:48:00
Making and Invisible moving Controlinator Spawn Point?4Sindred2011-01-25 13:26:00
Randomly generated objects?5Makrotez2011-01-25 13:03:00
Death Sensor2Antikris2011-01-25 12:58:00
Lbp 2 has slightly ruined my LBP 1 level/s....9dirts79702011-01-25 12:36:00
How do you spawn a sackboy on a controlinator?4TiKiTaKa2011-01-25 12:03:00
Levitation8Master2011-01-25 11:50:00
Looking for a good HUD tutorial2Antikris2011-01-25 11:30:00
Costume Painting trouble1SPONGMONKEY562011-01-25 10:39:00
Help with movement logic2DarKnighT_0_92011-01-25 08:49:00
Sackbot-tracking camera problem3Unknown User2011-01-25 08:03:00
Level building partner!4OhYesISquid2011-01-25 07:05:00
Helicopter aesthetic nonsense.7agrx2011-01-25 06:42:00
I need help making, well, let me explain.15Epicurean Dreamer2011-01-25 06:39:00
Shooting camel Aim restrictions7Captnmatt2011-01-25 06:36:00
Seeking Steampunk costumes42TheZimInvader2011-01-25 06:22:00
Question about Sackbots imitating other players.3EnterMEUN2011-01-25 06:11:00
I know, my question will make me seem like a fool...4tomodon2462011-01-25 06:04:00
Looking for a Sackbot inventory tutorial.3Hakz012011-01-25 06:00:00
grey issue with modes1Unknown User2011-01-25 05:54:00
Sound Logic Issue2OhYesISquid2011-01-25 05:24:00
A guestion about sackbots and suction tubes5FreeAim2011-01-25 05:22:00
Points to all Players4Norseman2011-01-25 05:15:00
Aesthetic Value of a Level?5SammieSam2011-01-25 04:59:00
Toggle tag sensors?7BiznessMan2011-01-25 04:49:00
Problem with taking pictures in create mode for customizing16Unknown User2011-01-25 04:31:00
controlinator directional outputs?4shadowsythe4567322011-01-25 04:26:00
Fog Lighting Bug7Jgr92011-01-25 04:01:00
SackBots dont wear ties2Unknown User2011-01-25 02:56:00
Epic Music1Captnmatt2011-01-25 02:39:00
I need a perfectly round ball. How to do this??6SirGreenDay2011-01-25 02:25:00
Creating a scrolling level with the sequencer.. HOW?6alizerothree2011-01-25 02:20:00
Split (online) cameras?5Jgr92011-01-25 01:51:00
Da Vinci's Workshop Music1Super_Clone2011-01-25 01:47:00
Importing Dilema3illuminationx2011-01-25 01:40:00
Cosmos 100%2112042011-01-25 01:28:00
lbp2 costume guide/list?1zuriku2011-01-25 00:44:00
local space4sonofbrave2011-01-25 00:19:00
How do you do this?5Hero_of_Sages2011-01-25 00:13:00
reversable selector logic6sascha_winter2011-01-25 00:06:00
Microchip help!3duxer2011-01-25 00:01:00
Cakeinator Question10alexbull_uk2011-01-24 23:55:00
Is it possible to use two ps3's, copy game back and forth?6Unknown User2011-01-24 23:41:00
Contact Help!3Super_Clone2011-01-24 23:40:00
Regarding Animation4Pete19912011-01-24 23:16:00
Testers please9racer10202011-01-24 23:10:00
LBP2 My Moon Music Download2Unknown User2011-01-24 23:03:00
Some multiplayer versus questions3heinztomato2011-01-24 23:01:00
Active, or deactive?2Unknown User2011-01-24 22:59:00
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Question5LukeCF2011-01-24 22:45:00
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Story Mode reset lost all collected items noooooooooo!!!6RAWTalent2011-01-24 22:31:00
this is really starting to annoy me11admjwt2011-01-24 22:07:00
danger tools gone!?7Unknown User2011-01-24 21:55:00
Make a vehicle hop?3tyrant-rave2011-01-24 21:48:00
Lookers and Followers2Unknown User2011-01-24 21:39:00
Travelling Currents18Yoda862011-01-24 21:28:00
Is there an easy way to disable controls on a remotely controlled sackbot?3Alic2011-01-24 20:51:00
Any advantages between...3wizaerd2011-01-24 20:40:00
Camera won't follow Sackbot!7Southpaw0202011-01-24 20:21:00
help me with a trophie1Unknown User2011-01-24 20:15:00
Help with 2 buttons = 1 action9idontknow922011-01-24 20:05:00
Cutscene vs Cooperative4Jgr92011-01-24 20:01:00
How to retrieve screenshots?5Unknown User2011-01-24 19:58:00
Help with 2 buttons = 1 action4idontknow922011-01-24 19:58:00
Sackbots mimicking players?l1BiznessMan2011-01-24 19:57:00
Teleporting Players from one part of the level to another part of the same level8Whitemon2011-01-24 19:38:00
Several questions for a level I hope to make4Behonkiss2011-01-24 18:14:00
Using min() function of AND gate then trigger on output magnitude=(y)?5Trindall2011-01-24 18:11:00
question concerning controlinator9MirkoQuarck2011-01-24 18:01:00
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How to leave the controlinator?3jenne19802011-01-24 17:10:00
Impact Damage/health Bar for my UFO6Dexist2011-01-24 17:01:00
Off screen destruction?8kirbyman622011-01-24 16:52:00
2 Player Versus Game..How do I...8GMEKills2011-01-24 16:41:00
Import all objects question..4Unknown User2011-01-24 16:26:00
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Score Giver Multiplier?5Rotek192011-01-24 15:39:00
Points for killing3Kirpy2011-01-24 15:35:00
Multiple text bubbles for one character?5Behonkiss2011-01-24 15:01:00
LBP2 My Moon Music Download1Unknown User2011-01-24 14:51:00
Sackbots and their Logic?5Unknown User2011-01-24 14:47:00
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turning off cameras8Lockstitch2011-01-24 14:06:00
Cant play online :(6katamari82011-01-24 13:56:00
Why Can't I play online with ppl?3katamari82011-01-24 13:45:00
How do I make a decent window?7RSQViper2011-01-24 13:16:00
how to shoot missles from a sackbots hands?8Fumo1612011-01-24 12:45:00
Toggle Movie camrea5lbpsteve2011-01-24 10:42:00
Impact Sensor Issue!1Macnme2011-01-24 10:06:00
FIX your LBP2 broken sackboy head problem4Musoka Eimin2011-01-24 09:32:00
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Can someone help me online?3SammieSam2011-01-24 07:34:00
Can't Swim, arg1Unknown User2011-01-24 06:44:00
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Pod Glitch :( :(10Unknown User2011-01-24 05:37:00
Adventure trailer song?1FreeAim2011-01-24 05:36:00
Regenerating "Shield" with cool-down timer4Shuriken_Star2011-01-24 05:27:00
On Destruction?2112042011-01-24 05:05:00
Toggeling Controlinator Outputs3Fudge2011-01-24 05:00:00
Problems with tag sensors.3Nucleotyde2011-01-24 04:52:00
Quiet, too quiet...3Unknown User2011-01-24 04:43:00
Looking for a Cinematics Tutorial7ChazFox2011-01-24 04:21:00
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How can I do a: Danger platform probablity 20%, Safe 80%?6G-IH-O-S-T2011-01-24 04:07:00
Hello. I am attempting to make a Metal Gear Solid 3 level. I just need help.2xLionhartx2011-01-24 04:03:00
Can't Game Filter a Text Search?1Tap Dat App2011-01-24 03:55:00
Counting players and DCS spawning4BiznessMan2011-01-24 03:45:00
Identify this Costume Piece!9Tap Dat App2011-01-24 03:33:00
Filter Materials?1112042011-01-24 03:21:00
Craftworld got inside my Pod?4eagerneph2011-01-24 03:15:00
Changing the type of level created.3happy_face2011-01-24 03:10:00
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LBP2 froze and deleted story mode objects...4PetStars2011-01-24 02:42:00
rpg turn based battle system4admjwt2011-01-24 02:34:00
Little Big Planet 2 My Moon Music Downloads?1Unknown User2011-01-24 02:32:00
breaking walls3sisko2011-01-24 02:19:00
In/out mover help9jjdragon2011-01-24 02:16:00
Minigore Project Music1Green-Tomato2011-01-24 02:09:00
I Need levels to Play Tread7supremeoverlord12011-01-24 02:09:00
Disco Skin2Super_Clone2011-01-24 01:53:00
Selecting a theme.3fusioncell2011-01-24 01:52:00
Speed gauge5inferedmonkey2011-01-24 01:50:00
Switching Controlinators In-Game3Unknown User2011-01-24 01:46:00
LBP2 broke my PS3!!!8jaygrim2011-01-24 01:43:00
!!HELP!! Region DLC4Unknown User2011-01-24 01:37:00
Resize Object During Level2Jaden0102011-01-24 01:27:00
Where is the acoustic guitar?4Crowlerzors2011-01-24 01:17:00
Calling all amazing creators!13Sackshade2011-01-24 01:07:00
Use Magic Mouth for sound WITHOUT text bubble?9bigkurz82011-01-24 01:05:00
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Sackbots Only Using Certain Instances of the Same Item?3Peanut_942011-01-24 00:23:00
One-Shot Problem!2VincentVendetta2011-01-23 23:51:00
Solid Hologram a.k.a Neon7Twilightoutcast2011-01-23 23:49:00
Trophy Help4PlayB3yond2011-01-23 23:46:00
Big problem-camera4jonlolz2011-01-23 23:35:00
Failed to load level.. and object, costume and sticker coruption.1Distinct-Creator2011-01-23 23:33:00
Shooting and Flipping Level3KrankyKrocodile2011-01-23 23:17:00
Sticker Help6Keith2011-01-23 23:01:00
VERY annoying water glitch.8Unknown User2011-01-23 22:47:00
Love the Arcade!1Unknown User2011-01-23 22:38:00
An easy to answer n00bish question6ATMLVE2011-01-23 22:21:00
Grabs and Tags4fusioncell2011-01-23 22:12:00
Controllinator Help! Please!4Southpaw0202011-01-23 21:59:00
Urgent Help4YEAH_NAH2011-01-23 21:52:00
RTS help2cheesemuffins992011-01-23 21:44:00
just got it, have some ?s6jspsc1232011-01-23 21:36:00
What's wrong with local space?!5Sehven2011-01-23 21:26:00
Sackbot immunities?1NerfViking2011-01-23 21:24:00
Where to find Holographic Material?4Unknown User2011-01-23 21:15:00
Game Save1Unknown User2011-01-23 21:04:00
am i doing somthing wrong?4stones992011-01-23 20:49:00
Help with couple of things1idontknow922011-01-23 20:18:00
LBP2 Trigger problems (Video)3Unknown User2011-01-23 19:53:00
VS arena help3Kirpy2011-01-23 19:47:00
Logic Help: Detect signal change (or: on button release)7The52011-01-23 19:46:00
Location of music?1FlipMeister2011-01-23 19:31:00
Bang for Buck...2112042011-01-23 19:26:00
Gamesharing? Anyone?3Twilightoutcast2011-01-23 19:16:00
Vehicle creation help5sonofbrave2011-01-23 19:12:00
Offline multiplayer question4Pauly_B2011-01-23 19:05:00
[Boss] Anubis, Lord of the Dead7Archideas2011-01-23 18:44:00
health bars?7jonlolz2011-01-23 18:27:00
My first combo (need help)5Unknown User2011-01-23 18:13:00
Stopping music and changing Sackbots' emotions1Kirpy2011-01-23 18:07:00
controlled sackbot camera help5elltel2011-01-23 18:07:00
Will this work ?5Unknown User2011-01-23 17:52:00
Player transporter/teleporter/respawnanator3Bercilak2011-01-23 17:46:00
3D environment?5the_holey_monkey2011-01-23 17:31:00
Health Bar2jonlolz2011-01-23 17:29:00
Gobotron!!! >:(2112042011-01-23 17:04:00
DCS on sackbot?9dragonember2011-01-23 16:55:00
Some creation game technical questions.5Whitemon2011-01-23 16:55:00
First Peron Shooter- HOW?2PSN:AAM27302011-01-23 16:54:00
Unexitable controlinator.4Captain2011-01-23 16:42:00
White Screen of Death >2 Players, pls confirm1tc600452011-01-23 16:36:00
Need Assistance Making a Level2donta1332011-01-23 16:24:00
Combining emitters and rotators5Fish942011-01-23 16:21:00
Creator Curator Costumes3Super_Clone2011-01-23 16:11:00
Hamstertron Booster2Unknown User2011-01-23 16:06:00
Help with sackbot camera?3Fish942011-01-23 15:52:00
cool-down bar logic help4Popcorn2011-01-23 15:46:00
Projectile Sensor Help1Fumo1612011-01-23 15:38:00
I can't seem to find the Festive goodies content, therefore can't edit my level!!!?3dirts79702011-01-23 15:38:00
Remote control Sackbot auto switch layers2jonhilt2011-01-23 14:57:00
Voice Acting without the speech bubbles4Unknown User2011-01-23 14:37:00
How to change pod background?2dragonember2011-01-23 14:17:00
Profile import HELP :'(9Unknown User2011-01-23 13:31:00
Help with vehichle creation3Unknown User2011-01-23 13:20:00
Switching Sackbots5groble2011-01-23 13:06:00
Console Kitty Costume6Laina2011-01-23 12:39:00
"Ping Pang Pong" ball physics11ZackBoy2011-01-23 12:20:00
How can i get mrs Sun costume?3Unknown User2011-01-23 11:40:00
True 3rd person camera3Ouren2011-01-23 10:57:00
magnet and controlinator clash?1Shade_seeker2011-01-23 10:55:00
Loading problem2HUSH-732011-01-23 09:49:00
Is multiplayer online working at all?6SketchNZ2011-01-23 09:45:00
Cutscene mode3pooter30012011-01-23 09:04:00
How to?3davestanley2011-01-23 08:50:00
Sackbot Funny Head Size help.5Greth2062011-01-23 08:25:00
Story Costume?2.jamo2011-01-23 08:23:00
How do you make a smoothly rotating flying object?8Justin Hopewell2011-01-23 08:09:00
Text in LBP2?7Slushy2011-01-23 08:08:00
Holographic material?6itsworking2011-01-23 07:46:00
can you unlock the cakeinator?10reefer0072011-01-23 07:15:00
Sackbot help5Sackshade2011-01-23 07:12:00
Help with sackbot logic1Fail4all2011-01-23 06:57:00
Enemy Healthbars2leetzorr2011-01-23 06:38:00
Elevator Music2aquamygdala2011-01-23 06:36:00
A Huge Issue With Level Links...4xero2011-01-23 06:16:00
Sequence End Toggle4Unknown User2011-01-23 06:00:00
Invincible Sackbots?7Mew1512011-01-23 05:53:00
Logic Assistance5Merc2011-01-23 05:48:00
Space Shooter Logic? Help me!2DarkFray2011-01-23 05:47:00
I'd like someone to remake this simple 8-bit melody...4Tyler2011-01-23 05:26:00
Attaching wheel to piston?2tf102011-01-23 05:21:00
Turning on lights with a sequencer3kevmann2011-01-23 05:12:00
Sequencer Help6Unknown User2011-01-23 05:10:00
Full Screen popit?6kevmann2011-01-23 05:03:00
Replicate the Blob Boss from Invasion of the Body Invaders1Justin Hopewell2011-01-23 04:27:00
static emitter3triulex2011-01-23 04:27:00
How do I make perfect survival challenge game-end?8Unknown User2011-01-23 04:16:00
Music Sequencer - Changing instruments without having to redo the tune?11ChazFox2011-01-23 03:57:00
quick and easy controlinator question5jjdragon2011-01-23 03:47:00
MASSIVE GLITCH!! Lost Everything!!!6EliminatorZigma2011-01-23 03:38:00
Running faster?5SammieSam2011-01-23 03:01:00
HI guys6CRISTALSONIC2011-01-23 02:54:00
Time to Confess5Twilightoutcast2011-01-23 02:36:00
points for hitting something?1jonlolz2011-01-23 02:35:00
Seemingly simple logic question7dr_murk2011-01-23 02:26:00
Sackbot Help3cthulhu822011-01-23 02:06:00
Visible in Play Mode bug?3keith_uk2011-01-23 02:01:00
Crumbling walls and floors2Little Big Lion2011-01-23 01:57:00
lasers2wait wtf2011-01-23 01:54:00
Publishing levels glitch6Unknown User2011-01-23 01:19:00
Sackbots as NPCs & cut-scenes9NoddingPenguin2011-01-23 01:07:00
Grumpy Eyes?3Unknown User2011-01-23 00:56:00
MGS Spotlight Sackbot Tracking...10ROYALEFATALE2011-01-23 00:36:00
Sackbot "sucking"10wilkesy882011-01-23 00:33:00
teleporting?5jjdragon2011-01-23 00:33:00
Angular Velocity4keith_uk2011-01-23 00:32:00
Music List1Twilightoutcast2011-01-23 00:16:00
No control in playmode3Unknown User2011-01-23 00:09:00
Where do I collect Neon?1PPp_Killer2011-01-23 00:06:00
Rotating a set amount of degrees3Unknown User2011-01-22 23:54:00
Emitting decorations ?2ColmiYveul2011-01-22 23:39:00
Help! - Non-Diagonal Mover!4Mr_T-Shirt2011-01-22 23:24:00
Subtitles in Cutscenes3RabidJellyfish2011-01-22 23:03:00
emitter and logic2sisko2011-01-22 23:00:00
Neon material location?1zuriku2011-01-22 22:59:00
Tank suspension1Unknown User2011-01-22 22:58:00
Top Down Zombie Shooter7Unknown User2011-01-22 22:57:00
Looking for creation teacher.7theWhiteRabbit2011-01-22 22:53:00
Where is the "Paperboy" Costume?3Tap Dat App2011-01-22 22:50:00
'Pong' style game - need help with emitters and controlinators4Unknown User2011-01-22 22:48:00
Creatinator max emitted at once, how?2Hana_Kami2011-01-22 22:38:00
How do I make a film?5LilSackDemon2011-01-22 22:20:00
one shot button?4tdarb2011-01-22 21:51:00
Blast Radius help :)18johnee2011-01-22 21:48:00
Problem with Arena Pit Survival Challenge Emitters2OhYesISquid2011-01-22 21:19:00
How did they do that?6Unknown User2011-01-22 21:10:00
An Actual Level Idea Instead Of All These Bug Report Things1SLS102011-01-22 21:01:00
Top-Down Logic Help1Twilightoutcast2011-01-22 20:57:00
Invisible Earth and Long Load Times4budkin2011-01-22 20:30:00
Keep player from changing layers?5DarKnighT_0_92011-01-22 20:29:00
Extremely Slow Servers?3ThePineapplizer2011-01-22 20:25:00
Read before asking questions: LittleBigPlanet 2 Help FAQ38Arnald232011-01-22 20:16:00
Do anyone else's costumes load slowly?3PetStars2011-01-22 20:05:00
making water lethal?6jjdragon2011-01-22 20:04:00
Account Deleted glitch3Cysero2011-01-22 19:58:00
Servers down (Fingers crossed)3Hero_of_Sages2011-01-22 19:50:00
Going back to LBP1 for costumes after LBP2?6sammehd2011-01-22 19:44:00
A Fith Of Beethoven & Filters4Alternative_sack2011-01-22 19:22:00
Need a buddy to 100%4Alternative_sack2011-01-22 19:19:00
MAJOR FLAW with Sackbots copying costumes4Tyler2011-01-22 19:11:00
What materials are these?? Pics included..7BuildaBri2011-01-22 19:11:00
Filter Materials2dr_murk2011-01-22 19:00:00
Gooooooo - material9Spikeball2011-01-22 18:55:00
Longer loading and spinning earth loading screen.3Coconuts2011-01-22 18:39:00
Advanced logic help4sisko2011-01-22 18:18:00
My Earth is literally in my pod...3PetStars2011-01-22 17:36:00
SackBot Logic!?!?3Unknown User2011-01-22 17:27:00
Level Key Bug?2Unknown User2011-01-22 17:23:00
Pod glitch??4Ignition2462011-01-22 17:09:00
Hologram help8wait wtf2011-01-22 17:05:00
Danger switch?5.jamo2011-01-22 17:05:00
LBP2 can't connect to EU4super-james123452011-01-22 16:44:00
How to use the Controlinator with wheels?3tf102011-01-22 16:39:00
Linked Levels Question4Beed282011-01-22 16:37:00
Importing problems2Unknown User2011-01-22 16:32:00
Refusing to let me join!?!7samvexx2011-01-22 16:25:00
Cutscenes?4DudeWTH2011-01-22 16:00:00
Cheat Logic?6.jamo2011-01-22 15:57:00
objects in 3d layer gltich?1jjdragon2011-01-22 15:46:00
Lbp22kieran2011-01-22 15:37:00
Need Help with Gripple Grapple1Unknown User2011-01-22 15:05:00
looking for "beat em up?" tutorial6Sabooza2011-01-22 14:58:00
How do I make these Obstacles??9BuildaBri2011-01-22 14:55:00
Flying shooter1Unknown User2011-01-22 14:39:00
Pop-it tools in the wrong category4Monkey!2011-01-22 14:35:00
Gobotron1Chrree2011-01-22 14:04:00
LBP1 costume pieces?1oldage2011-01-22 14:02:00
Costume Help3Super_Clone2011-01-22 13:47:00
Where is my DLC levels?4Shewaslvl182011-01-22 12:24:00
Making A Pod, or Adding Objects to it?2Astronaut2011-01-22 12:22:00
Sackbot camera troubles5Unknown User2011-01-22 11:59:00
Cutscenes/Intro Signs2Ocist2011-01-22 10:18:00
Pistons, Etc. + Lethal Sackbots (?)4Ocist2011-01-22 10:13:00
Pipe Dreams2Silent_Foxhound2011-01-22 09:39:00
Leaving a CtrlNtr3.jamo2011-01-22 08:55:00
Camera Fallow Sackbot3Unknown User2011-01-22 08:26:00
Multi Choice Teleporter3stargate19952011-01-22 08:16:00
Saving Sound Bytes?1bigkurz82011-01-22 07:52:00
Aiming Emitters9inveni02011-01-22 07:37:00
scoreboard4tdarb2011-01-22 06:33:00
Sensing Impact with Holographic Material8Jdsfrog2011-01-22 05:50:00
Counter/emitter trouble3Ghinao2011-01-22 05:40:00
subtitles?4Unknown User2011-01-22 05:32:00
Controls and Sackbots5Unknown User2011-01-22 05:23:00
Will Lbp1 Dlc work for Lbp2?5SketchNZ2011-01-22 04:44:00
Story Mode Sackbot eyes?4Unknown User2011-01-22 04:35:00
Animation1jonlolz2011-01-22 04:09:00
Bouncy basket ball!?6Unknown User2011-01-22 03:22:00
RPg Combat System1Twilightoutcast2011-01-22 03:15:00
Best headset to record voice-overs?6aer0blue2011-01-22 02:56:00
Changing a sackbot's jump button?6Unknown User2011-01-22 02:36:00
How to earn points when you kill sackbot.9Unknown User2011-01-22 02:28:00
Help with Level.5Unknown User2011-01-22 02:04:00
Creatinator only fires in one direction?4KILLA_TODDZILLA2011-01-22 02:01:00
Camera without Sackboy?2bigkurz82011-01-22 01:46:00
Cordless Cords?9Jaden0102011-01-22 01:44:00
pliz help i am stuck!!!!!!7soulriver2011-01-22 01:37:00
Animations and such-look1jonlolz2011-01-22 01:02:00
Anyone noticed this yet?1TerryTibbs2011-01-22 00:56:00
unable to move my character's head5Megaman7652011-01-21 23:54:00
Evil eyes?5Hakz012011-01-21 23:54:00
How to get Playstation Eye to Record?3Unknown User2011-01-21 23:48:00
sackbot mounted controlinators2foobfighters2011-01-21 23:19:00
Clothing guide?6zuriku2011-01-21 23:01:00
Blue geometric translucent rubber19jwwphotos2011-01-21 22:33:00
Looking for top-down tut2Unknown User2011-01-21 22:11:00
Questions with the Grabinator & Cutscenes? :C2Flamekaizer22011-01-21 22:05:00
The earth is in my pod :(8psyntens2011-01-21 21:51:00
How do you... Concerning Controlinator18SirGreenDay2011-01-21 21:37:00
How do you....? Regarding Controlinator5SirGreenDay2011-01-21 21:07:00
Personalized checkpoints1Unknown User2011-01-21 20:48:00
Need Logic Assistance9RottenAvocado2011-01-21 20:37:00
Individual cameras for individually controlled sackbots5jjmusicman2011-01-21 20:22:00
WARNING to others! Need MM contact, bad glitch!5Hana_Kami2011-01-21 20:08:00
Follower: Vectors Instead of Lines2bigkurz82011-01-21 20:04:00
LBP2 Save broken or WTF ???3Unknown User2011-01-21 19:30:00
any way to see LBP2 online levels?2Unknown User2011-01-21 19:05:00
Creative Team!!!3Unknown User2011-01-21 18:56:00
Joystick rotator deceleration?3Ghinao2011-01-21 18:55:00
Controlling a Floating/Suspended Object (making top-down style)4JellyWeasel2011-01-21 18:15:00
Help in creating a car with the Controlinator3vgeric2011-01-21 18:13:00
Acting For A Sackbot?2LittleBigMan2011-01-21 18:11:00
sticker switches1pickled-punk2011-01-21 18:11:00
Animated Materials, Skins, etc.3Dimo11382011-01-21 18:07:00
I'm Puzzled...1mutant_red_peas2011-01-21 17:50:00
Sackboy+Controlinator5Mitos2011-01-21 17:47:00
Swap object horizontally4Unknown User2011-01-21 17:46:00
Sackbot destruct on empty health bar?2Narwhal2011-01-21 17:40:00
Hit counter/Damage modifiers3tdarb2011-01-21 17:35:00
LBP 2 Corrupt Data URGENT3Tattimatonen2011-01-21 17:32:00
Wheres the News section?1PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-21 17:22:00
Where is a particular Song?14Lostwind2011-01-21 17:21:00
Where is the water material?4Bercilak2011-01-21 17:09:00
my POD does not work7Unknown User2011-01-21 16:07:00
Creatinator help!!!2Unknown User2011-01-21 16:03:00
Copied profile import crisis!10Ungreth2011-01-21 15:53:00
Is there any way not to import your profile?2wev992011-01-21 15:25:00
QR Codes from lbp.me not working?2Mooshywooshy2011-01-21 15:20:00
Green Dude Where r u1Coco Loco2011-01-21 14:32:00
tools in the wrong category2Ash_uk12011-01-21 13:19:00
Switching help thanks3jonlolz2011-01-21 13:14:00
Top Down help, Facing forward in the right direction,6zuriku2011-01-21 08:37:00
Missing Tools Issue4Unknown User2011-01-21 07:49:00
2 problems i've noticed3stones992011-01-21 07:37:00
controlinator issues3thavleifrim2011-01-21 06:54:00
Layer glitch4googleit362011-01-21 06:53:00
Controlinator D-Pad Issues6ConfusedCartman2011-01-21 06:29:00
Wall Running?3.jamo2011-01-21 06:14:00
Those versus buys over versus levels3CheesyDemon2011-01-21 05:51:00
Stronger legs?4littlebigmeteor2011-01-21 05:25:00
Major loading issues10Strangepom2011-01-21 04:37:00
Film making troubles8love2read22011-01-21 03:23:00
Flaskhead 32Taxi2011-01-21 03:00:00
How to display subtitles?6Unknown User2011-01-21 02:41:00
Sackbot help!3PetStars2011-01-21 02:34:00
Feel like I'm missing something in Asylum..3firstar2011-01-21 02:28:00
controlinator camera question3jjdragon2011-01-21 01:59:00
Arcade Machine?3bigkurz82011-01-21 01:45:00
Sackbots and cinematic camera7Archideas2011-01-21 01:06:00
In/Out platform movement?9Hana_Kami2011-01-21 00:36:00
Invisible Pod Glitch.6Unknown User2011-01-21 00:07:00
sackbot points on death4slidedrum2011-01-21 00:02:00
Sackbot Speech3Unknown User2011-01-21 00:01:00
Jetpack3RogerJLL2011-01-20 23:46:00
Highlighted new items2Norcon2011-01-20 23:43:00
Controlinator Prompts not working by remote?11rtm2232011-01-20 23:29:00
Sackbots8LukeCF2011-01-20 23:27:00
Logic trouble8foobfighters2011-01-20 22:55:00
Nodding and Swimming Bug?7Rukio2011-01-20 22:43:00
Top Down Enemies Help.2wlchrbandit2011-01-20 22:42:00
Weak Pistons7ZemaOner2011-01-20 22:39:00
Please help me, I'm miserable (this is about copying/importing profiles)5ExplosiveCheddar2011-01-20 22:38:00
LBP 1 Profile to LBP 2, Costumes Question3Neurotoxin2011-01-20 22:37:00
Music Sequencer, (guitar to piano)5Sabooza2011-01-20 22:37:00
How to temporarily block Controllinator inputs?5Lostwind2011-01-20 22:30:00
[question] how to make waterfall?2Unknown User2011-01-20 22:17:00
Sackbot help18Peanut_942011-01-20 21:47:00
Loading Bug Glitched Prizes :( PLEASE READ ANYONE AND MM!1Hana_Kami2011-01-20 21:38:00
Movie Camera Transitions won't work8Megaman7652011-01-20 21:37:00
Sackbots (or Sackthings) in top down?4Ghinao2011-01-20 21:17:00
Funky looking sackbots?3IheartLBP99992011-01-20 21:13:00
Music Sequencer Interactability6Unknown User2011-01-20 21:12:00
Aimer Help?6112042011-01-20 21:11:00
Can I Make a Camera Follow an Object?6ZipCity2011-01-20 21:01:00
Trying to advertise LBP2 with my freinds.2wev992011-01-20 20:56:00
LBP 1 VS. LBP2 Profile2CYMBOL2011-01-20 19:13:00
Co-op help3theano422011-01-20 19:04:00
I need help6Master2011-01-20 19:03:00
Transfer of bought clothes and crown2Unknown User2011-01-20 18:54:00
LBP 2 100% savegame pliz :)11soulriver2011-01-20 18:44:00
Closed door?2Azmodan452011-01-20 18:08:00
LBP 1 Save to LBP 2 question5Ephe2011-01-20 17:42:00
Missing prizes1Chrree2011-01-20 17:17:00
Rotate to the direction of Right Analog stick10sisko2011-01-20 17:02:00
Sequencer + emitters8Biv2011-01-20 16:27:00
Queston about stickers and Red "X"'s3Unknown User2011-01-20 16:02:00
I can't access the controller7Mrgamer012011-01-20 15:51:00
How do you give diffrent players points in multiplayer sport games?3Serpent5412011-01-20 15:45:00
conturanter help!3deschuttes22011-01-20 14:56:00
Where to get neon material?8Jonaolst2011-01-20 13:25:00
Space Suit HELP!4SWAZY2011-01-20 13:16:00
Broken Game?7112042011-01-20 13:06:00
Holographic material?11112042011-01-20 12:28:00
Sun and moon costumes9Unknown User2011-01-20 11:26:00
Advanced movers-Need help!16Onii552011-01-20 07:52:00
Plays?4Unknown User2011-01-20 07:51:00
Are there any..2jaymzl_2011-01-20 07:43:00
Need Help On a Few things4Gheta2011-01-20 07:40:00
Gadgets Bag...Huston, we have a problem.6Ninja_Gnome232011-01-20 06:22:00
Having trouble activating and deactivating checkpoints on a verses level2Jidery2011-01-20 06:03:00
Game Camera help2Moony2011-01-20 05:47:00
Sharp tooth?12SammieSam2011-01-20 05:02:00
logical help1septamus1122011-01-20 04:58:00
Question about Importing from LBP13Unknown User2011-01-20 04:35:00
Load Screens LONG2Unknown User2011-01-20 04:32:00
Help5Bloo_boy2011-01-20 04:26:00
Light Matter?2Unknown User2011-01-20 04:14:00
Invite Disabled1Unknown User2011-01-20 04:09:00
I am VERY glitched in LBP24RSQViper2011-01-20 03:58:00
Is it seriously impossible to listen to the music while you create now?4CaptainCowboyHat2011-01-20 03:30:00
Is this a launch bug or what?7Caspulex2011-01-20 01:54:00
Need some help with cameras4BIG_C_232011-01-20 01:47:00
Getting controllable Sackbots to jump?4Peanut_942011-01-20 01:02:00
Arrgh. Where can I find it again?3Flamekaizer22011-01-20 00:25:00
Are Invisible Bounds Possible?13KoingWolf2011-01-20 00:20:00
Forcing costumes?10Ouren2011-01-19 23:43:00
In/Out Mover3LukeCF2011-01-19 23:04:00
How can you tell if...1Lgjoka20022011-01-19 22:59:00
Advanced mover input bug?8Harpo2011-01-19 22:57:00
Can only play online on one profile?2Unknown User2011-01-19 22:45:00
Missing Tools...17fodawim2011-01-19 22:37:00
Randomizer options?3Jayhawk_er2011-01-19 22:26:00
How to make racing game...2jonlolz2011-01-19 22:07:00
How to make this1jonlolz2011-01-19 22:06:00
Creation Help6Sethward792011-01-19 22:00:00
Copied profile????8darth6212011-01-19 21:48:00
Help with mover and controlinator4jjdragon2011-01-19 21:40:00
What's with this arcade level I keep seeing around?7IheartLBP99992011-01-19 21:36:00
Hostile Sackbots do nothing different?5IheartLBP99992011-01-19 21:31:00
Tutorials3LukeCF2011-01-19 21:20:00
How do i make a Sackbot top down?11zuriku2011-01-19 21:09:00
how do you make objects float?17STUDLYCableGuy2011-01-19 20:48:00
Sackbot Switching4firstar2011-01-19 20:44:00
Are jump pads random?3jeffkeuh2011-01-19 20:22:00
Chip, advanced mover, etc aren't visible3jujubean2011-01-19 20:14:00
Controlinator From the Start?5ZipCity2011-01-19 19:44:00
The "LBP 1 Only" option Questions15Jagrevi2011-01-19 19:08:00
I've PreOrderd from the UK, could i get it tommorow?6Unknown User2011-01-19 19:07:00
Slap Switch?2IheartLBP99992011-01-19 18:43:00
My items from LBP1 are missing!2Manlypants2011-01-19 18:34:00
Can't find one bubble in Pipe Dreams [possible spoiler]5Sehven2011-01-19 18:22:00
LBP1 DLC Levels - How well do they play in LBP2?4Beed282011-01-19 17:36:00
LBP2 Costumes mixed?6Unknown User2011-01-19 17:22:00
Changing Sackbots Behavior4LittleBigMan2011-01-19 16:13:00
Saw the 1st week T, but not the spacesuit...2wizaerd2011-01-19 15:54:00
Planet Population12Jagrevi2011-01-19 15:46:00
LBP2 Bugs2Unknown User2011-01-19 15:33:00
Rotating with the Right analog stick8sisko2011-01-19 14:46:00
Invisible material....ghost material6sisko2011-01-19 14:40:00
Recovering lost LBP1 unlocks in LBP25LittleBigDave2011-01-19 07:46:00
LBP.Me3Henred2011-01-19 07:45:00
Online safe?9sascha_winter2011-01-19 06:33:00
song from Grab and Swing level2Unknown User2011-01-19 06:16:00
Clank costume7mogwaimon2011-01-19 06:05:00
Should have delayed it a lil longer.2Henred2011-01-19 05:56:00
Sackboy off screen2.jamo2011-01-19 05:47:00
Imported profile. ...i dont want my lbp1 lvls on lbp2 >_<12name1122332011-01-19 04:50:00
Creatinator Decoration2Super_Clone2011-01-19 04:49:00
Map Design2Azmodan452011-01-19 04:34:00
Playing levels Online4kennetth2011-01-19 03:58:00
LBP2 Friend Status Bug2Canecaneshane2011-01-19 03:50:00
Missing Sound?5Pookachoo2011-01-19 03:42:00
CE 'voucher' help11slidedrum2011-01-19 03:40:00
Help with the copied profiles...2Pebbulz2011-01-19 03:27:00
Music Sequencer question...1Moony2011-01-19 02:50:00
Question(s)3LBP20122011-01-19 01:50:00
Prize Bubble Question3Unknown User2011-01-19 01:39:00
My Lbp2 is acting weird1Smedis22011-01-19 01:03:00
Import questions11Hana_Kami2011-01-19 00:26:00
Can someone tell me where the spacesuit is on the PSN store?5Rusty_1182011-01-19 00:14:00
Can't access Me, Community, or text pop-it menu.3Unknown User2011-01-18 23:56:00
Unlocking Create Mode?9Biv2011-01-18 23:41:00
How the....2wolverine_20082011-01-18 23:05:00
Make a Mover, like a piston6Snappyguy2011-01-18 22:49:00
Question, read please2Bloo_boy2011-01-18 22:30:00
Multiplayer Fail36FoxOfTwilight2011-01-18 21:22:00
Anyone Else Frustrated With the Community Interface?10ZipCity2011-01-18 18:38:00
Collector Edition Voucher won't work D:17RockSauron2011-01-18 17:09:00
2 questions!7trianglepigsquar2011-01-18 16:44:00
LBP2 Retail Freezing34fijski82011-01-18 15:07:00
Bouncy stuff's not bouncy 'nuff [solved]11rtm2232011-01-18 14:10:00
Initial Download Time?3Biv2011-01-18 13:51:00
Collectors Edition?12Darkrider92011-01-18 13:34:00
Launch Suit DLC16Livewire4102011-01-18 02:29:00
Need Help for Font6VincentVendetta2011-01-18 01:24:00
Did anyone try to limit sackbot movement by collision in the beta?3Alic2011-01-18 00:18:00
Help with DLC2kiwidog2011-01-18 00:18:00
Quick Pre-LBP2-Release question3ThePineapplizer2011-01-17 23:32:00
Hmmmmm...2ryanninjasheep2011-01-17 22:59:00
DLC dealing with new york?8Bernkastel2011-01-17 22:39:00
Orchastreical Instruments?7Unknown User2011-01-17 20:55:00
Differences between USA/Europe versions!3Unknown User2011-01-17 18:30:00
CE Question (Pls Answer!)3pilsburydoughboy552011-01-17 16:36:00
What will happen to DLCs in LBP2?6Flame Dragon2011-01-17 15:07:00
About IMPORTING!26x_iiAlexis2011-01-17 04:20:00
When will ghe asia version of lbp2 release??3-BlackChris-2011-01-17 02:30:00
is there a list of all the items/ costumes you can unlock in the game ?2DeusJt2011-01-16 23:49:00
Transferable hearted info?8PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-16 18:42:00
CE Buyable w/o preorder?11davestanley2011-01-16 16:14:00
Won't be able to get day 19Keyeszx2011-01-16 08:23:00
LBP2 Voice Recording with Eye camera.6TREMIC12011-01-16 04:19:00
question to whomever has littlebigplanet 211The_Lil_JoKeR2011-01-16 02:56:00
A Quick Question for the Beta Testers4Unknown User2011-01-16 02:31:00
Sticker cut out tool question...7Hakz012011-01-15 23:37:00
So disappointed right now...13Krondelo2011-01-15 23:12:00
Lightning Skeleton Glitch7Super_Clone2011-01-15 19:05:00
Unfinished LBP Levels in LBP2?8nunsmasher2011-01-15 19:04:00
LITTLEBIGPLANET 2 Problem15AbstractSam2011-01-15 17:19:00
Freezing on my Ps3 Fat 60gb17zekeike2011-01-15 16:56:00
Can someone please tell me what logic is (I A NOOB :()17TiKiTaKa2011-01-15 12:21:00
Collectors edition in The netherlands?8Dexist2011-01-15 12:16:00
Will this help?5.jamo2011-01-15 05:30:00
A small question on lbp2......22TiKiTaKa2011-01-15 00:03:00
DLC expiry question13MegaBlob2011-01-14 18:59:00
White outline color effect (X-RAY)?4The_Lil_JoKeR2011-01-14 01:06:00
Non-Linear Progression?13UmJammerSully2011-01-13 20:49:00
Questions on the sackbot.23Hakz012011-01-13 18:48:00
Could you remake these on LBP232Unknown User2011-01-13 04:14:00
Will LBP2 Have Water Built In?9TiKiTaKa2011-01-13 02:10:00
sort of an "is this possible" Question.8Madafaku2011-01-12 21:09:00
So have Bug Blaster codes gone out yet?2littlebigmeteor2011-01-12 16:22:00
Alex's official Creation questions thread.9Unknown User2011-01-12 12:16:00
Cheapest PS3 compatible microphone?5Southpaw0202011-01-12 12:14:00
Quick Question, Invisible Powerups?11RAWTalent2011-01-11 19:49:00
Switch options from lbp1?7Lockstitch2011-01-11 17:50:00
Voice Recording8TREMIC12011-01-11 06:06:00
Give me the run down7wait wtf2011-01-11 03:08:00
Making Sackbots Have Superjump?6Cronos Dage2011-01-11 02:09:00
Beta levels in LBP.me2Benoas2011-01-10 18:50:00
The Dilemma...15tomodon2462011-01-10 01:35:00
Buying LBP 1 DLC for LBP 2?13chinook32011-01-09 22:47:00
A quick question about beta stuff transfering to LBP214Unknown User2011-01-09 21:28:00
2 headed sackbot?9jimydog0002011-01-09 13:17:00
YLOD Transfer Save14Craelon2011-01-08 06:52:00
Functioning wall jump?22blizzard_cool2011-01-07 16:27:00
Gamestop Ordering Problems8RockSauron2010-12-31 22:57:00
Connection Problems6ThePineapplizer2010-12-29 18:59:00
HORRIBLE LBP2 Glitch33GreatWhite0002010-12-12 21:03:00
Failed to load level2Sonic54112010-10-17 18:37:00

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Die Nutzung dieser Webseite erfolgt ohne Speicherung personenbezogener Daten. Es werden keinerlei Cookies, Logs, 3rd-Party-Plugins etc. verwendet.