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[LBP1] Help! [Archive]

Archive: 3784 threads

metal gear solid?2neto3332012-09-26 23:55:00
Use LBP save on different accounts/profiles3Unknown User2012-09-23 12:37:00
Playing with other players7futureboy2012-08-27 18:42:00
Mini Survival Challenge Question...3Chris---Kristy2012-08-10 03:51:00
HeEeElp!3Unknown User2012-07-23 05:52:00
How often is the star rating of a level updated?1Deurklink12012-07-14 23:07:00
Help w/ vehicle suspension3DreadRandal2012-06-22 12:20:00
Help!!! Naux question6Unknown User2012-06-18 22:16:00
Static objects?5Unknown User2012-06-05 18:34:00
User created tools1Unknown User2012-05-29 20:50:00
Controllinator on controllinator troubles3julesyjules2012-05-15 00:09:00
vehicle needed2yodavid2012-04-27 02:01:00
hovering Sackthing4user112012-04-15 16:33:00
LittleBigPlanet 1 connection not working3danthi662012-03-31 22:36:00
about prize bubbles when playing online w/other people3Unknown User2012-03-23 15:32:00
Little circles within bigger moon circles?...8Unknown User2012-03-01 19:21:00
Shimmery water effect7Unknown User2012-02-08 03:12:00
Spawning Monsters based on a pattern2Unknown User2012-01-18 01:08:00
Flickering lights question2Unknown User2012-01-12 23:44:00
MGS level pack broken?3Unknown User2012-01-11 16:07:00
Internet related trophies8Unknown User2011-12-26 20:12:00
Strange shaking phenomenon [solved]1Unknown User2011-12-18 07:17:00
"Sponge Glass" glitch?4HellFire23452011-11-27 18:52:00
Different Camera Angles on Widescreen TV3xxMATEOSxx2011-11-24 22:41:00
Checkpoints??3Unknown User2011-11-21 01:45:00
Creating LBP Levels from 2 PS3's, 2 Locations (and sync them?)10Unknown User2011-11-14 01:30:00
How do i create a lvel like retro shooter 3d (no dlc)3Unknown User2011-11-01 23:36:00
I have a question..2Unknown User2011-10-29 12:35:00
Do people still play LBP1?27TheBigMan07062011-10-17 21:02:00
Trophy Help1Unknown User2011-10-08 22:13:00
How can I remove certain (possibly offensive) levels of mine during my suspension?6Turbo_Egg_Salad2011-10-06 22:08:00
Organizing Objects in Goodies Bag2Unknown User2011-10-01 20:30:00
how do i get the glitches?8GribbleGrunger2011-09-23 14:30:00
Triggering point bubbles to pop.7Unknown User2011-09-21 13:44:00
Import LBP1 to LBP29Unknown User2011-09-12 02:41:00
How can I take a picture of my level?3Unknown User2011-09-09 12:50:00
A question about creations5Unknown User2011-09-06 11:42:00
What ever happened to this costume?4HellFire23452011-08-25 23:51:00
LBP Search Issues3xxMATEOSxx2011-08-22 17:00:00
Levels not copyable!2littlebigmeteor2011-08-22 04:49:00
Dark matter question5Unknown User2011-08-21 22:50:00
Need help creating Sackboys in different stances/emotions3Koenji2011-08-21 22:41:00
how do i send a level key1Unknown User2011-08-21 04:26:00
Might be a long shot, but I'm looking for some help through 'The Wilderness'.4Unknown User2011-08-20 21:46:00
Mid-air prize bubbles question4Unknown User2011-08-10 23:40:00
LBP picture question4Unknown User2011-08-09 23:12:00
are the LBP servers down? :F3Unknown User2011-08-07 21:48:00
Where Do You Find...2Unknown User2011-08-04 03:07:00
Where do you find the crack-like sticker?2romancrisis2011-07-31 14:39:00
Wobble Bolt wont move4xxMATEOSxx2011-07-30 17:51:00
LBP Scary Level1Unknown User2011-07-29 17:38:00
Silk Spectre hair work with cat ears?2Unknown User2011-07-26 23:44:00
Motor Bolt Direction Change5xxMATEOSxx2011-07-26 20:05:00
create Trophy (I cant find any answers on google) Please Help3Unknown User2011-07-25 20:09:00
Opinions on Continuity9xxMATEOSxx2011-07-25 02:27:00
Stupid Winches11xRystar2011-07-20 01:23:00
Sticker Glitch4Unknown User2011-07-19 06:37:00
Score Bubble Emitter Help3Unknown User2011-07-14 01:49:00
Upload photos3Unknown User2011-07-11 17:22:00
Save glitch, LBP reverted to old save. Lost 100% levels.2Unknown User2011-07-10 19:46:00
Scoreboards?5Unknown User2011-07-10 00:20:00
Best Time?2Unknown User2011-07-06 02:11:00
please help3Unknown User2011-07-04 20:31:00
Where do I get the emitter?4Unknown User2011-07-04 00:37:00
A Simple Door...3xRystar2011-07-03 19:40:00
Can I get the LBP1 'goodies' on LBP2 if I don't have the save?2Unknown User2011-06-30 12:47:00
single life levels and warp to finish when all lives lost2Unknown User2011-06-30 04:52:00
spring box3Unknown User2011-06-29 19:58:00
Level creation3Unknown User2011-06-27 23:43:00
What happens if I republish a level while there are people playing??4romancrisis2011-06-25 18:55:00
please can you help me ? :D2Unknown User2011-06-25 06:55:00
Creator's Pack 1 [Infinite lives] doesn't work?6Unknown User2011-06-24 21:45:00
My contraptions stopped moving...2Unknown User2011-06-24 01:09:00
mgs lifebar?2Unknown User2011-06-23 06:20:00
Water question7Unknown User2011-06-22 01:26:00
making thigns disappear2Unknown User2011-06-21 22:25:00
shark outfit is/was gone3Unknown User2011-06-20 12:38:00
Moving Things Around3smartboy4942011-06-20 02:56:00
Flat "Blocks"2Unknown User2011-06-15 12:30:00
Help for Canyons1Unknown User2011-06-14 14:15:00
Controllinator in LBP1?5Unknown User2011-06-13 02:03:00
Lbp1 syncing problem2Unknown User2011-06-12 19:03:00
Help with the levels?1Unknown User2011-06-12 16:49:00
Launch Pad2Unknown User2011-06-10 16:06:00
How to Control Electricity3Unknown User2011-06-09 01:12:00
Problems 'reeling' something in...1Unknown User2011-06-08 19:51:00
Savedata transfer1Unknown User2011-06-06 04:01:00
Doors2Unknown User2011-06-04 18:59:00
Wobble bolt help2Unknown User2011-05-29 18:04:00
Save Game Problems?101philip012011-05-18 22:32:00
Lights Shutting Off During Story Play3Unknown User2011-05-18 05:45:00
Help Playing Tube Racer 2 GOTY Edition4Unknown User2011-05-16 21:42:00
Sara Sama Sticker7UberOrbPS2011-04-20 01:14:00
Hearts2Unknown User2011-04-19 22:29:00
Cinimatic HELP?1Unknown User2011-04-19 01:29:00
Looking for suggestions on specific community levels to play11Unknown User2011-04-18 08:31:00
Item location help4Unknown User2011-04-16 03:39:00
LogicPack Help2Kender422011-04-10 21:20:00
Help me find a level please.5Unknown User2011-04-09 21:11:00
Emitters Can Emit More Than One Thing?5Godzilla2011-03-28 17:06:00
two players - how to keep profiles1Unknown User2011-03-27 19:57:00
Game of the Year- Tales of the Little Big Crystal 100%1NioShobu2011-03-25 19:30:00
Getting Plays - Must your level be terrible?11discokrakken2011-03-24 14:03:00
LBP Central Sticker Usage?5faulky2011-03-21 14:18:00
Invisible objects1Unknown User2011-03-15 00:01:00
Banned?12kdijdi8394hndhjnd2011-03-09 18:33:00
Launching a ball6Kimw2011-03-07 17:05:00
Help with score bubbles2Navick2011-03-05 08:14:00
Glowing Level Badge4Unknown User2011-03-03 17:02:00
How do I delete my profile?5Leafy1012011-03-03 13:11:00
LBP GOTY vs. Original Game (+LBP2)10tooled2011-03-03 07:12:00
Logic necessities5Unknown User2011-03-02 02:50:00
Gun Sticker2Mr_Man007_2011-03-02 02:01:00
What skin is the sackboy in the front of this picture wearing?7Unknown User2011-02-24 21:36:00
I cant connect online ):2marchbaby12192011-02-24 17:11:00
Need help getting play and create trophies2Unknown User2011-02-22 02:40:00
I want the update :( LBP is soo noob!4ratchetruler2011-02-21 03:36:00
New LBP player3geminitriplets2011-02-20 19:22:00
I want the Necktie costume in the 2x area of 'The Bunker'3theSquid2011-02-20 18:55:00
how to send stickers for switches1biorogue2011-02-20 17:50:00
Help me with hearts in LBP2Unknown User2011-02-15 10:42:00
that gypsy song from ps3 game7Unknown User2011-02-14 16:49:00
Please help me with this!!!!6SoulReaver4442011-02-13 20:09:00
Sword on the Back3GamerBoi142011-02-09 19:01:00
Secret character material question7Unknown User2011-02-02 18:46:00
Elevator with both call buttons, directional control and a master power switch4Unknown User2011-01-31 11:29:00
2 Player bubble combo?4anoken2011-01-30 17:09:00
Dumb question...rust2Biv2011-01-26 16:48:00
Does lbp.me work for LBP1?5anoken2011-01-25 22:46:00
tickers and other objects not appearing in my Inventory2Unknown User2011-01-25 10:03:00
How do i get the hero hair?3LOLinator v1.022011-01-24 17:15:00
Piston glitch...*&%$#@&!6celsus2011-01-24 06:47:00
Horrible Gas & Flame Flicker3Unknown User2011-01-23 23:01:00
Level Rating?3Unknown User2011-01-23 04:01:00
LBP1 profile cancelled??? O_O wtf7GEK832011-01-22 23:46:00
Ps3 crash HELP!!!!!!2shadowsythe4567322011-01-21 22:27:00
How do I get my levels played?13Unknown User2011-01-19 22:47:00
H4h?4SammieSam2011-01-19 10:09:00
Yellow Light of Death > Me20kennetth2011-01-19 03:47:00
bluetooth headset problems4Unknown User2011-01-18 20:24:00
Help Background Editing?3Greenberry2011-01-18 17:15:00
Winch Woes8Donny_Lurch2011-01-18 07:48:00
Firing a cannon in a select lane1AdenRalumdan2011-01-18 03:02:00
help with community objects2biorogue2011-01-17 16:30:00
I need an 18 sided circle!2ConverseFox2011-01-17 00:13:00
Where's The R1 Sticker?7OcamposMoon2011-01-16 22:19:00
captured ordered input device not working7UberOrbPS2011-01-16 20:54:00
I can't publish a level..11liamdaniels2011-01-16 17:08:00
LBP Green Screen2captain sack2011-01-16 16:24:00
I can't seem to log in to LBP.me8Oddmania2011-01-16 15:56:00
How do I change the color of clothing?5Donny_Lurch2011-01-16 02:33:00
Backup Issues7MrLongJohn2011-01-14 22:08:00
Is Basic logic in LBP1 possible?3PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-14 18:35:00
Help with profile backing up!!!7Hakz012011-01-14 03:05:00
Help I have a foot on my head!6vikstebubble2011-01-13 18:59:00
Searching for a level ("roof" theme)8Unknown User2011-01-13 11:01:00
Prerequisites for getting on cool pages?10Fated For Failure2011-01-13 05:56:00
Level creation Puzzle question6Unknown User2011-01-10 21:09:00
Level editing after publish?12littlebigveteran2011-01-10 16:13:00
advanced logic pack idea2Unknown User2011-01-10 05:30:00
I can't collect community stickers!8Unknown User2011-01-09 22:08:00
The Winds in mt. peanut5Unknown User2011-01-09 20:25:00
copying my moon to new ps3 slim2primo4682011-01-08 19:30:00
Gameplay questions23Luos_832011-01-08 17:29:00
Help! PSN Network issues!1dragonember2011-01-07 23:02:00
Sending lbp.me queue to LBP game?6midnight_heist2011-01-07 20:29:00
160 Hour Glitch Question22thedongtea2011-01-07 08:39:00
Counter (non led & reversible)11Unknown User2011-01-06 23:18:00
Just a 'Create' Trophy' Question and about H4H16The Last Stop2011-01-06 10:09:00
Survival level, scoreboard or retry3Unknown User2011-01-06 02:26:00
Failed to load level - please help!7Savvy2011-01-05 03:27:00
Deleting Game Data Profile5julesyjules2011-01-04 15:05:00
Missing my recent LBP backups!1midnight_heist2011-01-04 05:38:00
Backing up levels4TREMIC12011-01-04 04:00:00
Need DYNAMIC Gameplay Objects!3Unknown User2011-01-04 03:29:00
no trophy 4 u. umad?3Unknown User2011-01-03 09:57:00
Need help with mechanics!!6Hakz012011-01-03 03:42:00
err costume guide?1Unknown User2011-01-02 20:10:00
Custom Colors13Koolieo2011-01-02 17:57:00
The Thermo Glitch4mortarDom7772011-01-02 12:48:00
DLC problem5Dug2011-01-02 07:01:00
Party person3Unknown User2011-01-02 02:47:00
Level Design11Super_Clone2011-01-02 02:20:00
How can I make a screen say different things?3The Doctor2011-01-01 23:13:00
Level testers help!5PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-01 15:17:00
How or where can I play user levels?6Unknown User2011-01-01 05:59:00
How do I find my levels URL?4goat97972010-12-31 20:59:00
Send me your sackboys and sackgirls please!5Fail4all2010-12-31 03:42:00
No one will play my levels9goat97972010-12-30 21:57:00
Light flicker effect: assistance is requested!2Cysero2010-12-30 21:49:00
Logic trouble: Exclusive check3Gryphus2010-12-30 16:40:00
Car help6LordMagicPants2010-12-30 13:58:00
can sackboy do backflips??10nerzdadestroyer2010-12-29 13:10:00
Frame rate trouble...:(13skumchunk2010-12-26 22:44:00
A quick question regarding backup files7Vixenated2010-12-26 09:21:00
Logic Help N' Stuff7sisko2010-12-26 00:00:00
Bidirectional control3Jayhawk_er2010-12-23 19:10:00
Is it possible to put your own objects/decorations in your pod?5CheezeBo2010-12-23 13:53:00
Invisible Wire Connection/ Wire Fail?3McSquizzy2010-12-23 02:25:00
Edgeless stickers14ceejayem132010-12-23 00:07:00
Is it possible to "deactivate" a two way switch?8MarcusManley2010-12-22 22:50:00
Grab String6ThisDudeRufus2010-12-22 00:32:00
To lock or not to lock, that is the question9Antikris2010-12-21 09:31:00
Making a level locked?5McSquizzy2010-12-20 20:47:00
Winch Track Help?9McSquizzy2010-12-20 04:59:00
Logic help3Blanchrocker2010-12-19 15:09:00
Need help with switch!3Unknown User2010-12-19 14:19:00
HD Video Camera5illuminationx2010-12-19 06:06:00
Sending Gifts?4Unknown User2010-12-18 22:07:00
Screen Capture3Unknown User2010-12-18 19:11:00
Does anyone know?7Frank-the-Bunny2010-12-18 17:21:00
never5Frank-the-Bunny2010-12-18 16:59:00
Mutual Exclusion and Randomizing Switches?????6McSquizzy2010-12-18 01:07:00
Pentatonic Scale3SLS102010-12-17 00:40:00
Simple question5Kirpy2010-12-16 18:49:00
Help with Until the Cows Come Home7Unknown User2010-12-16 17:12:00
Question about Profile Backups14galacemiguel2010-12-16 01:18:00
160 hour bug. Again.6Radishlord2010-12-15 21:52:00
Auto Randomizer?4McSquizzy2010-12-15 00:20:00
Can't get points from creature brain!4TheCabbageKing2010-12-14 18:02:00
Super elevator is... weak.7Dizzy2010-12-13 10:42:00
Having to repeat Story/Collecting Prize bubbles again.8Unknown User2010-12-12 16:28:00
My level wont update3Unknown User2010-12-12 10:12:00
New PS3 Problems4karebu722010-12-12 02:54:00
Expression Digging bug5octopus_5672010-12-09 20:02:00
Create Trophy!! DX2Iudicium_862010-12-09 04:03:00
Cant believe this trash11Henred2010-12-09 00:38:00
Sack Boy's Prehistoric Moves6Henred2010-12-08 23:58:00
Visual Design4thor2010-12-08 16:45:00
Corrupted Data, Damm need help!5onaga6662010-12-07 18:25:00
Level secrets thread6ATMLVE2010-12-07 04:30:00
Minigame Level Keys and Trophies8PetStars2010-12-06 19:38:00
Scoring after a projectile hits5SnakeEaterDan2010-12-06 19:00:00
Crown updates here4Distinct-Creator2010-12-04 22:37:00
Someone's Stalking Me!57Astronaut2010-12-04 14:04:00
Level...overheats?6Unknown User2010-12-04 09:19:00
Rocket Car item and Switches6Unknown User2010-12-04 07:55:00
Materials with properties of others?4Iudicium_862010-12-04 01:54:00
Syncing platforms8Archideas2010-12-02 14:01:00
Weird trophy glich!?7Unknown User2010-12-02 13:20:00
Heavy Rain Glitch5Henred2010-12-02 06:16:00
How do you upload pictures of LBP onto the computer?3PetStars2010-12-02 03:06:00
Searched all over google for the answer, but still can't find it.. Please help!4zer05ive2010-12-02 03:03:00
Invisible Moving Platforms7H-O-S-M-A-R2010-12-02 01:21:00
Two switched connected to one piston5Archideas2010-12-01 21:46:00
3D foreground tool3Blanchrocker2010-12-01 18:47:00
I need your sackboys!13Gavin2010-12-01 08:42:00
News?9PetStars2010-12-01 01:45:00
Thermo and sticker help6X_Pikkles_X2010-11-30 13:57:00
No music bug?9snowyjoe2010-11-30 02:08:00
3-D glitch? Help?6Unknown User2010-11-29 06:20:00
Tips to get more plays an hearts on my levels!!!4H-O-S-M-A-R2010-11-29 01:23:00
WANTED: Someone who can make pretty letters!10Unknown User2010-11-28 17:53:00
Time bomb help2Kirpy2010-11-28 17:49:00
Festive Goodies DLC6BillyMays2010-11-28 15:29:00
Some good tips for crown?5Skymin992010-11-27 21:16:00
I need help on my level!!!!4X_Pikkles_X2010-11-27 20:53:00
A few questions9Unknown User2010-11-27 15:03:00
Bomb Survival Logic.10Kirpy2010-11-27 09:21:00
why do i have a "black box"?5slidedrum2010-11-26 15:05:00
Recording your PS35mixinghoney2010-11-25 23:37:00
Uploading your PS34mixinghoney2010-11-25 18:41:00
Beta DLC content Help ):8Burnvictim422010-11-25 02:55:00
Custom Costumes4mixinghoney2010-11-25 00:06:00
Small DCS4shadowsythe4567322010-11-24 20:32:00
how do i make a perfect sackboy cutout?4wait wtf2010-11-24 00:57:00
Sonic DLC Pack Removed18Sivious2010-11-23 17:18:00
LBP PS3 Questions12Struanmcd2010-11-23 13:43:00
Merging emiters12John82wa2010-11-23 09:48:00
Stop sackboy "phasing" through solid objects?6midnight_heist2010-11-22 06:14:00
Randomizer help?4FEAR2010-11-22 04:56:00
Questions and Problems I'm Having...Please help7Unknown User2010-11-22 02:26:00
Problems with my JPN keypad, kinda...3iArekusu2010-11-22 01:19:00
Need Help!9GranolaCrunch2010-11-21 21:43:00
Does anyone know how to make SWIMABLE GAS?17Lilly Wild2010-11-21 21:09:00
how do u make a pinball bumper???8FEAR2010-11-21 15:50:00
I need help with this... Contraption?5Unknown User2010-11-21 01:28:00
Is there a glitch level giving out invisible grabbable thin material?8dirts79702010-11-20 19:19:00
Help on Getting a Crown? (DISCUSSION)4Astronaut2010-11-20 16:35:00
Corrupt file - Help!!3Unknown User2010-11-19 21:15:00
Force Pull Glitch - Need Tutorial4mutant_red_peas2010-11-19 08:01:00
Missing items in Tools Bag!!!! HELP!!!4Unknown User2010-11-19 02:50:00
Just wondering..2Unknown User2010-11-19 01:46:00
Is this DLC still available?5Unknown User2010-11-19 01:09:00
What DLC pack is this feature in?2Unknown User2010-11-18 09:12:00
need a help3Unknown User2010-11-17 07:01:00
Rare Costume?4Astronaut2010-11-17 00:22:00
Costume Moderation Question7Innovation872010-11-15 22:44:00
Where are my levels?2xkjz3l2010-11-15 16:01:00
5 of my levels was MISSING/DELETED! Help, please!4Unknown User2010-11-15 10:31:00
Heart Glitch6Kitkasumass2010-11-15 02:00:00
Transporting Checkpoints?5xCandiiQueen2010-11-14 16:36:00
Where do I find...?4tylerrphippss2010-11-14 05:05:00
a vehicle to reappear4tripple_sss2010-11-14 02:58:00
Thermometer2Saku4012010-11-12 21:13:00
Boss Help5darkknight20102010-11-11 08:40:00
Lost Save Data3Unknown User2010-11-09 17:51:00
rotate,pause,problem5lilyboobear2010-11-09 09:18:00
What's the best way too....3TruePhilosopher2010-11-09 05:22:00
How do you make....7MagicDuckyX2010-11-08 05:39:00
Level Name Help!8Captain2010-11-08 04:55:00
Help Please! :)3PurpleHairedFairy2010-11-07 19:26:00
Can I edit a published level somehow?3Unknown User2010-11-07 14:03:00
Boss Battle Idea?9Captain2010-11-07 03:08:00
Sackbot Question6iTriangle2010-11-06 23:40:00
Custom Backgrounds5Mutaharu2010-11-06 21:42:00
Tweakable Light properties during gameplay12John82wa2010-11-06 17:55:00
How do I get LBP2 beta?6Astronaut2010-11-06 14:24:00
A real Mm?11slidedrum2010-11-06 13:55:00
Completion % to times Played7John82wa2010-11-06 01:42:00
Logic Help? (kind've)8Unknown User2010-11-06 01:19:00
(one word) TREES!!!!13Unknown User2010-11-06 00:05:00
No costume this year?21Astronaut2010-11-05 20:08:00
LBP2 Jan 1st??????5Henred2010-11-05 06:14:00
The Paintinator6Kirpy2010-11-05 16:18:00
Inactive Scoreboard7John82wa2010-11-05 05:16:00
Export Levels?7Henred2010-11-05 04:56:00
Recording while playing HD?16Hana_Kami2010-11-05 02:45:00
Help Please11MagicDuckyX2010-11-05 02:16:00
Teleporting when dieing3Kirpy2010-11-04 15:33:00
Water?10Kirpy2010-11-04 13:28:00
The Bunker8Kirpy2010-11-04 10:32:00
Picture Transfer!5mutant_red_peas2010-11-04 08:09:00
"The news page has been updated!"4ThisDudeRufus2010-11-04 01:35:00
Corrupt save? Please help4Radishlord2010-11-03 20:19:00
LBP DLC question12Kirpy2010-11-03 18:14:00
Fast Glitch4Henred2010-11-03 03:35:00
My levels dont get played/not displayed to people2reefer0072010-11-02 03:22:00
Edgeless stickers?5ceejayem132010-11-02 02:07:00
Another beginner question: emitting emitters6sparkle802010-11-02 00:50:00
3 star rating default & ratings issues/problems after Oct. 27th. Help!4LFiers2010-11-02 00:34:00
Level Progression6Unknown User2010-11-01 18:07:00
Lucky Dip?6Henred2010-11-01 05:24:00
Good Grief?8Henred2010-11-01 05:03:00
Level Name Help!!! :)12Wildking1232010-10-31 18:56:00
PS3 Sound System?4septamus1122010-10-31 14:59:00
Castle Level hints2jenne19802010-10-31 10:30:00
Role-Playing Logic13Twilightoutcast2010-10-31 01:34:00
Costume help!3Mikestar1232010-10-30 20:53:00
What coud i build next!!!!!11soulriver2010-10-30 18:10:00
Basic question: New Spawn after death6Millgiass2010-10-30 05:09:00
Multiple sticker switches5Destiny_Waits2010-10-30 01:31:00
Any help on my New level?6Sim7252010-10-29 23:04:00
LBP Search Engine Specifications4damaz102010-10-29 15:57:00
Resettable Reverse Bungees2Unknown User2010-10-29 15:56:00
The logic ate my thermo10jdteather3142010-10-29 13:54:00
Please help!2GILUPL2010-10-29 09:38:00
Video Recording and Taking Photos in LBP6N_pples2010-10-29 08:37:00
LBP Central Sticker3John82wa2010-10-29 05:03:00
corner editing6ThisDudeRufus2010-10-29 00:27:00
Having trouble going online for LBP?3Astronaut2010-10-28 21:24:00
"The October 27th 2010 Server Update." Your thoughts/What exactly have they changed?2LFiers2010-10-28 19:20:00
Trading DLC? Is it possible?3Astronaut2010-10-27 21:09:00
I failed ... BIG TIME!4Unknown User2010-10-27 21:00:00
Require all players to Grab?7Eronninja132010-10-27 09:07:00
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Magic mouth skipping.4LordMagicPants2010-09-20 13:15:00
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nothing i make is mine! pls help!12endgame2010-09-19 03:03:00
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LBPC logo!4Sim7252010-09-16 20:40:00
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1 shot paint switch HELP!!3thor2010-09-12 14:24:00
How do you take a screenshot?2Assasinof62010-09-12 13:15:00
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Transferring data while keeping trophies enabled2TheLawnStink2010-09-12 04:46:00
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Keys For Levels3Craelon2010-09-12 01:55:00
Cant go into the lbp2 beta forum help...2Unknown User2010-09-11 23:43:00
GOTY and Regular issues?2ThePineapplizer2010-09-11 21:59:00
Level Badge Sticker is being ugly.5OK11242010-09-11 20:55:00
What's a good way to design a car shape?2firstar2010-09-11 05:34:00
can't find Children of the Echo6Unknown User2010-09-11 05:31:00
Need Create Trophy Help..3Unknown User2010-09-10 20:15:00
I'm out of level inspiration, obstacle ideas and just about anything creative!10huntedstorm2010-09-10 08:25:00
Rpg help!!!5Twilightoutcast2010-09-09 23:27:00
need help desperately!!3oblivios2010-09-09 20:05:00
Advertising Space In Game2theps3fanatic12010-09-09 18:34:00
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Highlight Speech Text3DaveMuadDib2010-09-09 13:33:00
Sticker Wings??14Innovation872010-09-09 08:41:00
Uhh... Hey6Zyrotic12010-09-09 04:47:00
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locked level3wait wtf2010-09-08 18:34:00
Statistics have frozen!1EvilWuun2010-09-07 08:10:00
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Knife Glitch Inquires1damaz102010-09-06 21:55:00
LBP GotY Edition...some features missing?10Biv2010-09-06 21:19:00
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Freezing2Unknown User2010-09-06 15:11:00
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Metal Gear Solid Laser - Tweakable?11WoodburyRaider2010-09-05 17:00:00
About Back-up profiles...5Unknown User2010-09-05 15:55:00
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choosing between two dlc packs18BlackThornDust2010-09-03 23:44:00
Emitter Logic Help!9PygmyOwl2010-09-03 12:49:00
Too much complexity in this space?11CYMBOL2010-09-03 01:55:00
re-setable dissolving swing hook, how to make?8Epicurean Dreamer2010-09-02 12:25:00
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Need help on a lvl seriously3Unknown User2010-09-01 21:59:00
Huge Problem8damaz102010-09-01 15:57:00
Help please my mind has gone blank6Mikestar1232010-09-01 13:34:00
Sneak enemy health change12Inferno2010-09-01 08:05:00
What can I improve?45Luos_832010-08-31 21:14:00
Printing the levels from official LBPCentral Spotlight Search Engine1Unknown User2010-08-31 19:51:00
Grabbable Theck Layer in Back Layer?3thor2010-08-31 18:20:00
Seasonal Costume packs7LilSackDemon2010-08-31 14:43:00
Recording my levels10Chrree2010-08-31 11:53:00
Reached the costume limit!25confusatron2010-08-31 07:34:00
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Help removing a level photo.3Rattlehead772010-08-30 18:34:00
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Vietnam: FPS (First Person Shooter) How was it possible?5basketball272010-08-30 17:02:00
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I can't play LBP online nor enter PS store *SCREAM*4moonwire2010-08-30 14:48:00
Creating a Introduction for my LBP Level7MagicDuckyX2010-08-30 07:00:00
Stupid Magic Mouth!20OK11242010-08-30 06:01:00
God I hate pistons14saarraz12010-08-30 00:21:00
Logic Naming Dictonary?5Unknown User2010-08-29 19:28:00
My Keys won't work!10Unknown User2010-08-29 18:31:00
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Looking for a sticker (grid)8onisdream2010-08-29 14:50:00
Overview / compendium on thick / thin / thick / thack / (more?) layers4wbrinkman2010-08-29 14:48:00
Help w/ Emitters/ Logic Debug!7Unknown User2010-08-28 19:36:00
I have a question7psyntens2010-08-28 18:59:00
Looking for a specific level3Saku4012010-08-28 16:48:00
Dragon Help pleasee?5Raito2010-08-27 20:53:00
Litte Big Planet Backgrounds3soulriver2010-08-27 19:03:00
Query on Mouths5Chirm2010-08-26 23:39:00
Uploading Pictures?6Unknown User2010-08-26 21:16:00
Double Help?16JayJSE22010-08-26 15:17:00
Does anyone know where and how to... click here.5Unknown User2010-08-26 06:54:00
Create Help *PLEASE*6Unknown User2010-08-26 03:10:00
Wanted: Cows!18SpeedyMcKnuckles2010-08-25 19:06:00
how do i make this?5Beyunn2010-08-25 00:03:00
Tracking 4 players?6bob is named bob2010-08-24 20:48:00
Help with water please!14Si-Fly2010-08-24 20:25:00
Best switch with Paintinator equipped?3PatriotEyez272010-08-24 05:17:00
Where have all the flowers gone6domoqueen2010-08-24 03:58:00
Famous Paintings?15Unknown User2010-08-23 19:50:00
Irritating Emitter Problem9Saay002010-08-23 19:24:00
need help! fast13BlackThornDust2010-08-23 18:37:00
Is it possible to move MM objects into the theck layer?11lifeiscrapislife2010-08-23 11:08:00
Currency system in a zombie defense level?12PatriotEyez272010-08-23 08:17:00
Where??6shadow35962010-08-22 21:05:00
My headset won't work3Fertile Decline2010-08-22 19:40:00
What does this do?10maddoggnick962010-08-22 15:42:00
S.o.s help meeeeeeee!!!6psyntens2010-08-22 14:42:00
Walker logic help please (SOLVED)7bob is named bob2010-08-21 19:48:00
Can't find this level4chimpskylark2010-08-21 14:03:00
corner editing tool9Unknown User2010-08-21 11:29:00
Need help recording level!4rez4552010-08-21 11:28:00
Can't edit my own objects7lifeiscrapislife2010-08-21 08:41:00
Help with Pistons4Celticdoberman2010-08-21 04:13:00
Have you seen this doll???6wait wtf2010-08-21 01:29:00
Backing up data.5illuminationx2010-08-20 22:45:00
Help finding hat9Wolf2010-08-20 04:05:00
Need help with trophy5Celticdoberman2010-08-20 02:22:00
Need some help? Just ask assassinator :)1AssassinatorRFC2010-08-20 00:21:00
Star System wack?12Unknown User2010-08-19 20:41:00
How to add community level keys in levels?4dragonember2010-08-19 15:58:00
Any suggestions?18shadow35962010-08-19 06:47:00
LBP2 website,blog,background, font ect help!1Arnald232010-08-19 03:11:00
How do you get bubbles from crane game?1nowblink2010-08-19 00:24:00
Taking pictures of Games3Celticdoberman2010-08-18 14:18:00
Maxed out stuff?8Snrm2010-08-18 07:42:00
Need a new way to make a vehicle jump (solved... mostly)18Sehven2010-08-17 21:26:00
Weapons Systems10Endlessillusion2010-08-17 13:46:00
camera/player tracking problem with 2 or more players13sellfcon2010-08-17 10:26:00
Tutorial trophy troubles6Scifiguy2010-08-17 00:13:00
Stars??7psyntens2010-08-16 21:23:00
Recording PS3 Screen7MasterCreator2010-08-15 20:50:00
flickering light sound9wait wtf2010-08-15 19:06:00
anyone with eyetoy?3The_Lil_JoKeR2010-08-15 11:03:00
Length problem w/piston and winch21Dratheus2010-08-15 10:46:00
Can't see stars rating5SpeedyMcKnuckles2010-08-14 18:41:00
Objects and Layers.14Xzalander2010-08-14 16:22:00
Can't find the thermo cheat thread3CYMBOL2010-08-14 15:18:00
Tutorials. (Resolved)3Enjay2010-08-14 03:18:00
How do I go back through the updates?4littlebigmeteor2010-08-14 00:24:00
Flying sharks are too hard to make!4Unknown User2010-08-13 23:54:00
DLC Download Problem11sposim942010-08-13 21:49:00
Any tips on creating a good level?5Unknown User2010-08-13 19:13:00
Help with pictures!!!5Fireshire2062010-08-13 17:36:00
Cutscene Help14Rustbukkit2010-08-13 16:22:00
Sack Tactical Font11Rustbukkit2010-08-13 16:11:00
multiplayer friendly sneak concept9nowblink2010-08-13 02:07:00
Race Finish Gates Broken?7Doopz2010-08-12 22:43:00
Invisible score bubbles4Count2010-08-12 21:57:00
Kinds of Teleporters -6Count2010-08-12 18:36:00
Just wanted to clarify something 'bout dlc6SnakeEater7772010-08-12 01:22:00
Impact Sound Trigger and Gas10Unknown User2010-08-12 00:39:00
how to make a door that can be shot with the paintenator and dissapears when hit ?6BlackThornDust2010-08-11 22:06:00
Low gravity >_<7Beed282010-08-11 21:22:00
R1 Sticker [Resolved]7psyntens2010-08-11 20:42:00
Paint switch logic help11Nuclearfish2010-08-11 20:29:00
Mini Mech1MasterCreator2010-08-11 17:44:00
How make the brightness of a spot light increase or decrease gradually ?3onisdream2010-08-11 16:53:00
Question about my moon.7SnakeEater7772010-08-11 16:17:00
How make a laser beam4onisdream2010-08-11 15:31:00
LBP Servers down?13SnakeEater7772010-08-11 12:58:00
missing levels2JayJSE22010-08-11 12:49:00
Help with making a boss.7Unknown User2010-08-11 05:50:00
Level kits!8shadow35962010-08-11 00:03:00
Noob questions which I can't find answers to..2StophJS2010-08-10 23:30:00
question how to make a door you open with switches and all?3BlackThornDust2010-08-10 18:01:00
DLC Sound Objects?14Lockstitch2010-08-10 15:39:00
Level creator question8SnakeEater7772010-08-10 15:01:00
Creation ideas4Unknown User2010-08-10 14:22:00
MSG Turrets problem12BlackThornDust2010-08-10 10:16:00
i have a psn code but it wont work9Xero Space2010-08-10 01:27:00
Help with save files!3littlebigmeteor2010-08-09 21:16:00
Another quick question for you guys about item bubbles4Rottinghouse2010-08-09 17:58:00
Evil Kenevil costume.2littlebigmeteor2010-08-09 04:48:00
Smearable Materials8Jwei442010-08-09 03:05:00
How can you get your levels spotlighted?2Unknown User2010-08-09 02:57:00
Logic Tutoring24MasterCreator2010-08-08 16:07:00
How do you make a conveyer belt????2Unknown User2010-08-08 15:00:00
Cave+Story=HELP10YEAH_NAH2010-08-08 09:20:00
Paint Switch and Creature Brain7Rottinghouse2010-08-07 22:16:00
Caves and stuff...8moonwire2010-08-07 19:42:00
Ideas for survival challenge4Unknown User2010-08-07 19:35:00
Paint switch question?4dragonember2010-08-07 17:21:00
Need help making treads for an M1 tank6Rottinghouse2010-08-07 16:42:00
Logic Help Please2Unknown User2010-08-07 16:10:00
Will the paintinator work for those without the metal gear level pack?4puertoricanboy992010-08-07 02:11:00
Help With A Advanced Elevator.3emoguy2010-08-06 23:11:00
need help on some ideas on what happens next10Xegethra2010-08-06 18:13:00
Help! Save corruption!4Super_Clone2010-08-06 13:54:00
Help! Create Trophy11Apocalyptic-Nut2010-08-06 12:11:00
What DLC should I spend the rest of my money on?27galacemiguel2010-08-06 08:47:00
How to update published levels3Pineappelle2010-08-06 06:27:00
How could you make a Karma tracking device?9Barnsy_AKA_ash2010-08-06 00:12:00
Background help needed!!!!6Unknown User2010-08-05 19:52:00
Motor-Bolt Speeds Query?24Macnme2010-08-05 12:24:00
LBPC Sticker5littlebigmeteor2010-08-05 05:23:00
Media Molecule did me wrong!6gorple2010-08-05 04:38:00
Didn't Get Play Trophy4Unknown User2010-08-04 23:49:00
Have I found something new?23Jaslow2010-08-04 23:18:00
Corner Editor Tool Help5CaldaRaric2010-08-04 23:09:00
Great Scott! My Sackboy traveled back in time! Help!!!3Spider-Jew2010-08-04 17:21:00
What's Up With My Sig?12Macnme2010-08-04 09:36:00
Help Make A Spinning Wheel4CaldaRaric2010-08-04 06:22:00
Custom Title text on levels?4Unknown User2010-08-04 03:15:00
How to create mecha's7snaker2010-08-04 00:29:00
Need general posting info, not so good with computers3wolverinebball22010-08-03 21:13:00
Challenge9MasterCreator2010-08-03 21:08:00
Levels Get no plays!7psman0122010-08-03 20:46:00
Help: Colouring Wood8Unknown User2010-08-03 17:27:00
Logic whiz needed5Unknown User2010-08-03 15:18:00
PS3 malfunction4splicer_82010-08-03 13:30:00
Environment Wind/Storm/Dust/Fog via rocket-engines, how exactly is that working?10The52010-08-03 13:20:00
How to make a disappearing entrance5Jwei442010-08-03 05:19:00
PS3 - Red Screen of Death3SledKnight2010-08-03 03:30:00
LBPC Sticker3Emogotsaone2010-08-03 01:07:00
which sounds better?17wait wtf2010-08-03 01:02:00
Sheen metal material?4Foofles2010-08-03 01:00:00
My Lvls :( Loading fails.4Unknown User2010-08-02 23:26:00
I just don't know what to do.7iTriangle2010-08-02 20:57:00
Trailer filming tool?14Unknown User2010-08-02 20:41:00
Can this be done in LBP1?13SackBoy982010-08-02 20:23:00
Is there an easier way to cut a block in half?4midnight_heist2010-08-02 12:57:00
Corner Editor question...9BabyDoll19702010-08-02 06:01:00
what is a "build date"????8slidedrum2010-08-02 01:57:00
Goty edition costume question?2DeusJt2010-08-02 01:32:00
How do I upload photos from my ps3 to LBPC?9Eoghan112010-08-02 00:15:00
Create Trophy21Snrm2010-08-01 23:13:00
elevator help plz7Unknown User2010-08-01 22:05:00
Help Saved Data? Goty?4DeusJt2010-08-01 17:41:00
Boat won't move5gewoonmaurice2010-08-01 13:45:00
Emitter Question (object keeps respawning!)11Nagaloth2010-08-01 12:21:00
Arghh I need help!6Barnsy_AKA_ash2010-08-01 00:26:00
Messing with invisible fire.5midnight_heist2010-07-31 23:31:00
currency system4Ash_uk12010-07-31 21:56:00
Best way of making accurate shapes?7roflwaffle2010-07-31 21:46:00
Loss of level in progress??!!! - please advise2Epicurean Dreamer2010-07-31 20:34:00
Dead Thread4MasterCreator2010-07-31 12:22:00
3D glitch + Water=???4moonwire2010-07-31 12:17:00
Is There a Way to Recover Add-ons I paid for?5karebu722010-07-31 04:03:00
Rag Doll Kung Fu Costumes Pack Worth it?15SackBoy982010-07-31 03:52:00
Need Help Making Enemies Move7SR20DETDOG2010-07-31 03:04:00
Qore Episode 24 - Cap Worth it? $3.00 ????6SackBoy982010-07-31 02:58:00
Song in this level?2Jwei442010-07-30 22:41:00
3d moving road9wait wtf2010-07-30 21:58:00
Rotating Room/Boss3Jwei442010-07-30 21:31:00
Could i be Banned D:6Snrm2010-07-30 17:59:00
Collected All prizes not showing up6GreatWhite0002010-07-30 16:55:00
Level Naming8MasterCreator2010-07-30 16:48:00
Compression Tool7Jwei442010-07-30 03:18:00
Shadow Glitch3orang3dragon6122010-07-30 01:56:00
Me and my friend are making a level series and the first one keeps locking itsefl!3extreme2fl2010-07-29 14:49:00
Level Icon Solution?3Lockstitch2010-07-29 06:52:00
Captured Elevator Broken5MobiusDT2010-07-29 05:52:00
Loading screen photo with tagged sack people?6alcmiller2010-07-29 00:37:00
Where's my stickers?5Unknown User2010-07-28 23:18:00
Help with uploading photos?2DeusJt2010-07-28 23:08:00
How do we get the bugblaster costume?11SackBoy982010-07-28 22:25:00
Dialogue8Ryhas2010-07-28 16:27:00
Launch Pad3ThePineapplizer2010-07-28 15:05:00
Fox Head Stickers?1Snrm2010-07-28 07:37:00
Thermo Cheating Question3GreatWhite0002010-07-28 06:05:00
Backing up Little Big Planet data to a USB?8Jwei442010-07-28 04:14:00
Multiplayer aceing question3Unknown User2010-07-28 03:33:00
Crowns, best way to get 'em?27nitro1262010-07-28 02:50:00
Help with Sparks??2Amigps2010-07-28 02:03:00
Can i do this?12Unknown User2010-07-28 00:08:00
Help Creating Deadly Object9McFlurriez2010-07-27 20:36:00
Air Duct Vents7Jwei442010-07-27 19:13:00
Long Server Connection Time?11piggabling2010-07-27 18:57:00
Failed to load Profile4Unknown User2010-07-27 14:30:00
Invisible Brains13Jwei442010-07-26 21:10:00
Help Using Lights and Switches8McFlurriez2010-07-26 17:25:00
Level Introduction5Unknown User2010-07-26 16:10:00
Invisible background on stickers12G-Hustla2010-07-26 13:53:00
Something Awful Has Happened6Hunter444672010-07-26 12:42:00
New PS3 Help6SR20DETDOG2010-07-26 08:56:00
Solved: Camera Following Issue14MrLongJohn2010-07-26 04:51:00
Very odd graphical glitch.2iiiijujube2010-07-26 03:04:00
Help - My creature goes the wrong way when I add things to it.5Unknown User2010-07-26 02:59:00
Is it possible to make creatures follow a certain object?12SackBoy982010-07-25 22:24:00
Solved: Invisible Rockets?9MrLongJohn2010-07-25 20:18:00
Thin gaseous layer?9Syroc2010-07-25 13:30:00
LBP Mic?4kirbyman622010-07-25 11:01:00
I Need help11SPARTANDUDE9242010-07-25 04:26:00
Little Big Planet music - I heard a rave song on a level3Jwei442010-07-25 03:21:00
help on my lvl? i need a different style of lvl for the second part of my lvl9Unknown User2010-07-24 23:53:00
Costume/Material Transfer3DrShmoogle2010-07-24 21:27:00
Help for Water Drowning mini game3Fumo1612010-07-24 18:51:00
Need someones help for making a LBP2 sticker trailer3The_Lil_JoKeR2010-07-24 18:12:00
Argh no space suit5howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-07-24 17:38:00
Colour my... project1domoqueen2010-07-24 13:24:00
Monocycle11MobiusDT2010-07-24 06:30:00
Making a Cutscene16Laharl2010-07-24 00:52:00
Blocking players?13Infernox2010-07-24 00:15:00
Thermometer help3Unknown User2010-07-23 23:10:00
Avatar help!11Weretigr2010-07-23 20:38:00
Evil flag11lifeiscrapislife2010-07-23 13:22:00
PaintGun Invisibility help14IIIDevoidIII2010-07-23 00:41:00
Creating Creature Help4ArcFire432010-07-22 23:28:00
How to make a springpad?7Snrm2010-07-22 23:20:00
Piston Problem5Unknown User2010-07-22 22:51:00
Help3Unknown User2010-07-22 22:41:00
Is it possible to make the scoreboard bigger?5SackBoy982010-07-22 20:44:00
Moving a spaceship, logic help1Ryhas2010-07-22 20:31:00
please help..2Mighty Heidi2010-07-22 20:27:00
Ok I Have No Idea How To Do This............10Amigps2010-07-22 19:57:00
[Resolved] Is it possible to make a thng follow you without a brain?8SackBoy982010-07-22 18:53:00
Theck, Thack and Sackboy tracking54schm02010-07-22 18:08:00
Environment, Obstacle, and Story Help4Super_Clone2010-07-22 16:35:00
Gravity platforms changing how high can you jump?6Arradi2010-07-22 16:12:00
Help !!5Unknown User2010-07-22 13:12:00
"Failed to Connect to Players" Error Message8SackBoy982010-07-22 04:45:00
Help Me Please??5Unknown User2010-07-22 04:11:00
Unable to glue compressed objects11GreatWhite0002010-07-21 23:35:00
Need help building mech2Unknown User2010-07-21 23:25:00
Complexity Issue7XboxSmasher0072010-07-21 21:49:00
Help!16JayJSE22010-07-21 18:47:00
Walk through materials glitch & vanish material7Nagaloth2010-07-21 13:06:00
Putting Pics On Description9rave20122010-07-21 05:01:00
Cant Upload Pic in Description2rave20122010-07-21 01:27:00
I'm unable to finish building a level. =(17Jaslow2010-07-21 00:46:00
"Bouncing Ball" creature help5Ryhas2010-07-20 22:43:00
Teleporter Help !10SackBoy982010-07-20 21:08:00
Point bubbles in the "same" layer as theck material?13Ryhas2010-07-20 18:18:00
How do you report a psn user ?2samalot2010-07-20 17:23:00
Randomizer help!45Nuclearfish2010-07-19 22:21:00
Pics on your level10rave20122010-07-19 20:24:00
Mechanical music5Mrgenji2010-07-19 13:34:00
I need help7WESFUN2010-07-19 02:43:00
Rushing Through Level3Mangarocks142010-07-19 01:38:00
Virus!? (PSN)32Alec2010-07-18 21:47:00
I need someone to help me make a sticker...4Infernox2010-07-18 20:03:00
Create Trophy11Emogotsaone2010-07-18 19:25:00
Annoying Magic mouth problem. Help?5WORLD_THREAT2010-07-18 05:53:00
Global Lighting Problem10Unknown User2010-07-18 05:47:00
Redirect to3Perfectblaze2010-07-17 22:04:00
I need help creating something for my level7Unknown User2010-07-17 20:25:00
Need (littlebigplanet stacked logo)5The_Lil_JoKeR2010-07-17 19:56:00
i need help on my newest level...1oblivios2010-07-17 18:48:00
gameplay7snail_po012010-07-17 14:08:00
Can't find/install Pirates level kit4mvinacur2010-07-17 01:54:00
Mag Key Issues11AeroForce222010-07-17 00:46:00
Level icon visibility problem!5Hana_Kami2010-07-17 00:39:00
Expert Creator Trophy = Torture.7Sky2010-07-16 23:49:00
That... thing (I don't know the name)3moonwire2010-07-16 19:30:00
Platform that only falls when someone steps on it7Ryhas2010-07-16 19:23:00
Excavator help!!!5soulriver2010-07-16 18:44:00
Ideas14DrShmoogle2010-07-16 06:56:00
Help making level boss3Deviantgeek2010-07-16 00:17:00
Custom Music... Help?1rodfocov2010-07-15 21:04:00
If I delete the middle of a circle and then fill it in, is it a circle?13Foofles2010-07-15 18:07:00
Thermo help, plz.9Dimo11382010-07-15 16:08:00
Some Problems and Theoretical Fixes12Richasackboy2010-07-15 15:49:00
Whats so special about the spacesuit?13huntedstorm2010-07-15 06:38:00
Charged 75 bucks10ThisDudeRufus2010-07-15 03:13:00
level help and suggestions needed1Unknown User2010-07-15 01:50:00
Noob Question..6Obsessedwithcars2010-07-15 01:34:00
Help making a binary counter13applepod1242010-07-15 00:23:00
Help with Appearance(?)1koltonaugust2010-07-14 23:56:00
grabing cogs?12YEAH_NAH2010-07-14 22:09:00
switch and the piston2needaLITTLEbigHELP2010-07-14 21:49:00
Walkthrough-able materials5Saku4012010-07-14 12:51:00
Bomb respawn6Perfectblaze2010-07-13 20:38:00
Creature with 2 brains.....9shadowsythe4567322010-07-13 20:14:00
The cake... Is it a lie or not?3moonwire2010-07-13 19:37:00
Wobble Bolt Issues6RSQViper2010-07-13 15:53:00
Scoreboard Question9karebu722010-07-13 15:15:00
How to get Bolts faster3Unknown User2010-07-13 07:44:00
Single Layer Proximity Trigger5Ryhas2010-07-13 05:53:00
Factory help5YEAH_NAH2010-07-13 05:52:00
Anyway To Search Hearted Levels?6Innovation872010-07-13 05:18:00
HELP! D: Texture Glitch7PetStars2010-07-12 23:32:00
2d sackboy.5shadowsythe4567322010-07-12 19:24:00
Piston help?3Unknown User2010-07-12 18:14:00
Numbers and letters9Unknown User2010-07-12 12:09:00
over coming LBP logic8splicer_82010-07-11 20:14:00
WordPress Help Needed!!!!!1TehUberZac2010-07-11 19:09:00
What frustrates me3Unknown User2010-07-11 18:46:00
How do I take a sticker?14M4TH3W2010-07-10 22:50:00
Marvel Pack Music9Blackfalcon2010-07-10 19:20:00
Please help3IAMLEGEND24682010-07-10 18:20:00
Marvel level kit question4JayJSE22010-07-10 17:32:00
How to start off a level best??19Barnsy_AKA_ash2010-07-10 14:09:00
Some sticker question...12AeroForce222010-07-10 05:48:00
User Generated Content Question4AlephZero2010-07-09 22:34:00
Making a Counter5applepod1242010-07-09 05:14:00
downloadable LBP compatibility6sellfcon2010-07-09 01:53:00
Breaking Surfaces.3Elektrobank2010-07-09 00:25:00
Creature that "kills itself"11Ryhas2010-07-08 20:11:00
Lag Problem6L1GhTmArE2010-07-08 19:43:00
How do you upload level pics?9Barnsy_AKA_ash2010-07-08 19:40:00
My Level Keeps on freezing with 3 or more players !7SackBoy982010-07-08 19:23:00
How best to use the LogicPack Randomizer...6SledKnight2010-07-08 18:10:00
Gun Aiming5koltonaugust2010-07-08 03:24:00
Need help with elevator Logic4dTOtheTEE2010-07-07 18:24:00
Train help3jeperty2010-07-07 01:21:00
Tutorials11JayJSE22010-07-06 18:43:00
Large bi-directional incremental wheels? (solved)5Tntnnbltn2010-07-06 03:08:00
How do I make flying enemies?7Nobody Important2010-07-05 22:23:00
Spotlight/LEDs in 3D background5zekeike2010-07-05 20:50:00
How do you make stuff have a 3D like illusion?7Innovation872010-07-05 20:26:00
Help resolving the 'lower left sackboy arrows' icon... (SOLUTION FOUND))5SledKnight2010-07-05 19:09:00
Help with my signature3illuminationx2010-07-05 10:01:00
Help me with trophies11sejefyr2010-07-05 08:55:00
100% Completion Help4Unknown User2010-07-04 19:06:00
Need help aceing GOTY levels1semerl2010-07-04 01:51:00
I can't play my ps3 with av cables3lifeiscrapislife2010-07-03 19:10:00
Help on creating a new object?14Unknown User2010-07-03 18:19:00
what get's moderated in LBP levels atm?11sellfcon2010-07-03 11:05:00
2 Problems - Need help.13AeroForce222010-07-02 22:30:00
Controlling a Piston's speed and when it fires help.5Spy_Guy2010-07-02 21:01:00
How Do you screen shot your sackperson??7Jamesta2010-07-01 22:50:00
Lbw54Stunkel2010-07-01 20:01:00
Made a level, but no ones playing it!9Scuzz_Parkour2010-07-01 19:47:00
Finding an average of a set of numbers8Tntnnbltn2010-07-01 18:40:00
Help on a very confusing problem.13Unknown User2010-07-01 18:16:00
Which Icon is Better?18koltonaugust2010-07-01 18:15:00
Help! how to make thin gas?2oliox2010-07-01 15:53:00
Problem...13jergi202010-07-01 09:20:00
Can't get pictures off of my PS38Muskwa_12010-06-30 13:58:00
just a random question about my music7Stunkel2010-06-30 07:17:00
Low Ratings Because of Difficulty8EliminatorZigma2010-06-29 23:30:00
how to make thing that trow sackboy in the air?6Unknown User2010-06-29 22:39:00
Elevator Logic Question10Karmic2010-06-29 19:03:00
Checkpoints8Elektrobank2010-06-29 15:08:00
Costume Help5Oxygen242010-06-28 17:33:00
How do I reward players for faster level completion... ideas?7SledKnight2010-06-28 15:41:00
How do i make a boss?7Jamesta2010-06-28 04:39:00
Can't connect to LBP servers. ):8deadwingxx2010-06-28 02:03:00
Lookin for a llvl4shadowsythe4567322010-06-27 20:00:00
Signiture help?2Unknown User2010-06-26 20:03:00
2 questions...8AfterBurner99012010-06-26 14:57:00
Need help collecting items on The Cursed Bay5Tyler2010-06-26 02:50:00
ARGH!!! Thou foul corners, what arth your problem???3moonwire2010-06-25 21:17:00
level key problem3Ungreth2010-06-25 20:48:00
What should i do???15Jamesta2010-06-25 20:15:00
Anyone else seen this sticker glitch?12SledKnight2010-06-25 17:39:00
Lag!5Ungreth2010-06-25 14:10:00
Trigger checkpoints by Switch ONLY13rtm2232010-06-25 11:21:00
score bubble painting and static score bubbles3Duke Phoenix2010-06-25 07:56:00
Helicopter Propellers5Gheta2010-06-25 04:28:00
Being The Best Creator Out There,But...How?4Jamesta2010-06-25 03:44:00
Remaking the Game and Watch game "Fire" in LBP- need logic help1Sporkchops2010-06-25 02:52:00
Is there any basic way in making a Boardwalk?2MagicDuckyX2010-06-25 01:00:00
How do you.... Help!5Jamesta2010-06-24 23:48:00
Expert City Landscaper Needed!3Unknown User2010-06-24 21:40:00
Emitter troubles.7ArcFire432010-06-24 18:44:00
Stickers3MasterCreator2010-06-24 16:47:00
How can I make a Castle bridge?4MagicDuckyX2010-06-24 10:30:00
A Sequencer of Sorts [Resolved]4AeroForce222010-06-24 03:37:00
Cool thin layer caption.5shadowsythe4567322010-06-23 23:12:00
LBPC Sticker Help4Unknown User2010-06-23 13:33:00
Sound in Create mode2Stevelbp2010-06-23 12:37:00
Problem with my psn acc.14Luos_832010-06-23 11:54:00
Does anyone know how to make really nice looking lightning15MasterCreator2010-06-22 20:50:00
Sharks6kahnefan92010-06-22 16:58:00
Level half deleted!!2Iop3302010-06-22 10:06:00
Wont sign me in!!!9Jovuto2010-06-22 07:58:00
How do I download LBP screenshots to my comp?3RSQViper2010-06-21 23:43:00
How should i go about coming a better creator17MasterCreator2010-06-21 21:08:00
GIMP 2.6 LBP text21Arnald232010-06-21 19:37:00
CP Temporary Ressurection Fix?4Hana_Kami2010-06-21 19:03:00
HELP! Horrible BUG at Pod - I can't see anything!!10Unknown User2010-06-20 23:38:00
Drawbridge help6Phosphorus152010-06-20 16:21:00
Cool pages help3Darkrider92010-06-20 14:28:00
Custom point bubbles7shadowsythe4567322010-06-19 13:36:00
Sackboy frozen only arms able to move4Junkyardassissan2010-06-19 10:45:00
Oh Crap! 160 hour glitch?!?!?!11Shhabbazz2010-06-19 07:13:00
Small Infinite Life Checkpoints14Ungreth2010-06-18 23:16:00
Elevator Help8Darkrider92010-06-18 22:49:00
How do I delete posts on the forum?5dTOtheTEE2010-06-18 20:12:00
help3snail_po012010-06-18 17:54:00
Enemy Help1SR20DETDOG2010-06-18 03:26:00
Cant find Stunt man costume!5TheBlackKnight222010-06-18 01:41:00
Need Help Uploading Pictures!10Doopz2010-06-17 19:58:00
Trouble importing profile in LBP2The Spartan Don2010-06-17 19:15:00
Help, Having trouble with water and sponge7ninjaSpence212010-06-17 16:27:00
Score board detaching4littlebot2010-06-17 11:07:00
Where do i3sibtiger552010-06-17 04:00:00
Drop Arm Question6tstitch2010-06-16 21:32:00
Q's about Tilt Sensor5TheBlackKnight222010-06-16 19:26:00
Melee Damage7Unknown User2010-06-16 16:01:00
pulsating light5johnrulz772010-06-15 21:55:00
Mech stability.18shadowsythe4567322010-06-15 21:22:00
Score updates during play.2Laina2010-06-15 15:42:00
What titles are there?4kiwin2010-06-15 15:33:00
A non-LBP related HELP! PLEASE!6bonner1232010-06-14 20:49:00
Two directioned conveyor belt problem9waD_Delma2010-06-14 15:20:00
Thin Layer Sliding Doors12Unknown User2010-06-14 02:19:00
Cogs & Clockwork12MobiusDT2010-06-13 23:22:00
More water help *_*4sabian2010-06-13 19:07:00
Tap/Double Tap/Grab Switch?1Cpt_Sainsburys2010-06-13 17:58:00
Dazzle DVC 100 setup help6Arnald232010-06-13 14:27:00
One shot emitter... not working.... help!4Xenon-2010-06-13 12:36:00
Yet another 3d help request.3xeekkcnook2010-06-13 10:46:00
Lasers11Xhellz2010-06-13 06:02:00
Fixing/Critiquing Mech Legs1Unknown User2010-06-13 04:10:00
Gameplay and Visualization Inspiration1Arnald232010-06-13 01:24:00
Materials with different properties?12EvasiveSpoon2010-06-12 22:15:00
question about emitters4Unknown User2010-06-12 19:52:00
Scared Pistons?2Kern2010-06-12 16:07:00
Profile Help7Unknown User2010-06-12 12:48:00
I need advice!3DMacK2010-06-12 05:02:00
Different "endings"5UULibrarian2010-06-11 20:09:00
No collide9Unknown User2010-06-11 16:49:00
3D Glitch... help!3Unknown User2010-06-11 08:12:00
what just happened?6johnrulz772010-06-11 02:23:00
Help?4Unknown User2010-06-10 22:11:00
Patch 1.27 not installing1Knipping122010-06-10 21:15:00
what would you like to see4johnrulz772010-06-10 17:02:00
re: increasing notched wheel outputs15Ungreth2010-06-10 16:56:00
Hearting Spotlighted Levels8monstahr2010-06-10 13:41:00
Emitted pistons7Unknown User2010-06-10 03:45:00
Mech legs3shadowsythe4567322010-06-10 02:29:00
need 3d help14johnrulz772010-06-10 01:10:00
does foreground overlap with background..?4johnrulz772010-06-09 21:58:00
serious lag!!7oblivios2010-06-08 20:35:00
demitting question4johnrulz772010-06-08 17:07:00
USB pics10shadowsythe4567322010-06-08 00:32:00
Level Theme suggestion3Arnald232010-06-07 21:32:00
My SackBoy has back problems?112Infernox2010-06-07 19:41:00
Lock On9johnrulz772010-06-07 17:04:00
How many sound effects can you play at the same time?3Asbestos1012010-06-07 14:54:00
One Question, One Request9trip0902010-06-07 08:19:00
Basic Emitter Help10schm02010-06-07 06:48:00
Scenery help3suchiacatdog2010-06-07 06:27:00
Digital display (do not read this unless your logic is Godlike)4Strangepom2010-06-07 04:15:00
Level Name Help!9RJA000002010-06-07 01:25:00
Emitter score bubble problem!7Arnald232010-06-06 22:24:00
turn based attack system5inferedmonkey2010-06-06 21:34:00
Can't join or invite some people...4Alec2010-06-06 18:16:00
3% Completion Rate6Valgee2010-06-06 10:48:00
My Profile won't load after Data transfer to new PS3!! Help! v1.21+15Unknown User2010-06-06 00:36:00
Guards needed1Unknown User2010-06-05 23:10:00
rocket help6soulriver2010-06-05 13:22:00
Turn-based battle system not working!1octopus_5672010-06-04 13:54:00
double tap r14Unknown User2010-06-03 22:07:00
PS3 keeps freezing up?6TheZimInvader2010-06-03 07:14:00
Sticker glitch... ARGHHH!!!!14Joshofsouls2010-06-03 03:39:00
Where's my hat?3Tanuki752010-06-02 12:01:00
Speeding up wobble bolts over time16Duffluc2010-06-02 09:20:00
Anyone got tips for secret agency/ and or military base building?16Silverleon2010-06-02 08:13:00
Finding a good capture card15Arnald232010-06-02 01:26:00
Lighting editor6Thunderstruck2010-06-01 21:53:00
co-op lvl help, NEED IDEAS!3JLH-8-72010-06-01 20:09:00
Destroying with out points or losing points15OutcastZeroOne2010-06-01 18:56:00
This object has been moderated - huh?7roux-2010-06-01 07:51:00
POTC torches/Candle Flames7schm02010-06-01 03:38:00
"Take a Photo" tool as Level Icon - Setting Proportion?3Jyrroe2010-06-01 02:55:00
I hate scoreboards!24Kiminski2010-05-31 22:49:00
Everything is dissapearing! D:10Fish942010-05-31 19:43:00
Sticker Help5Woflgod2010-05-31 19:19:00
How do you use the Advanced Logic Pack randomizer?5Sunrise_Moon2010-05-31 18:39:00
LBP obstacle3Arnald232010-05-31 18:18:00
HD Image Request5Killian2010-05-31 15:22:00
Solid, editable, invisible theck?13Ungreth2010-05-31 14:33:00
Tomahawk trouble...9Outlaw-Jack2010-05-31 05:42:00
Mech help!3Unknown User2010-05-31 05:25:00
Out of sync grid!4Sunrise_Moon2010-05-31 04:16:00
Check exactly quantity of Reputation5ViniciusBR112010-05-30 23:07:00
Emitter help8Phosphorus152010-05-30 14:30:00
Leveling Up?5Weretigr2010-05-30 14:14:00
Creating a whole new level18Patricko2010-05-29 22:48:00
argh! pistons! redux.3roux-2010-05-29 17:55:00
Getting Pistons to Run in Sync - Ideas?5Jyrroe2010-05-29 14:13:00
Level + vehicle select with stickers?5Sunrise_Moon2010-05-29 06:00:00
LBP online update 1.273mavrick2010-05-29 02:55:00
Exporting my profile2GreatWhite0002010-05-29 01:15:00
How to make good scenery?8Sunrise_Moon2010-05-28 20:37:00
Starcraft 2 immortal mech build help5soulriver2010-05-28 18:34:00
Would I get moderated for this?4Unknown User2010-05-28 14:38:00
Player Counter?16Sunrise_Moon2010-05-26 20:51:00
Hessian Sackboy Fragrances Not Showing Up in Download List5The Last Stop2010-05-26 11:34:00
Can we trade lbp dlc on these forums?9DJKrimz2010-05-26 05:35:00
What would you prefer- should I go the extra mile?4Sunrise_Moon2010-05-26 04:43:00
Platform problem6Licanth2010-05-26 01:39:00
Icky Sticky!12Kiminski2010-05-25 12:52:00
I cant make a custom scoreboard, has this been fixed?12drei2010-05-25 05:21:00
An interesting problem...21KablooieKablam2010-05-25 03:22:00
Object Collision Detection schemes10Nanluin2010-05-24 21:21:00
4 sacks are tooo heavy :(14howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-05-24 20:22:00
Very noobish question4Licanth2010-05-24 06:20:00
Explosives BREAKING my level!7KablooieKablam2010-05-24 06:13:00
Tips on making bosses and enemies4Jaquan12542010-05-24 02:53:00
Shrinking switches3iiiijujube2010-05-24 00:54:00
Emitting zombies problem10OneEyedBanshee2010-05-23 15:14:00
uhmm, how does the sync function work?6drei2010-05-23 08:14:00
Help with new Tank1SavagePepper2010-05-23 01:26:00
Help!! level Destroyed by bugs!!!!!3drei2010-05-23 00:34:00
cow glitched grabable glass.6shadowsythe4567322010-05-22 22:23:00
Paint Ball Sensors5Unknown User2010-05-22 20:52:00
Urgent!! We need help! Level breaker...5L1GhTmArE2010-05-21 18:54:00
costumme2Unknown User2010-05-21 16:20:00
Hello, thanks for all the fish, and a logic question...9cgCody2010-05-21 11:35:00
The Incredibly Annoying Bug that Ruins Creating!8SPONGMONKEY562010-05-20 20:01:00
Bit of a newbie question... youd think id know this... :S11Cydonia's Sack2010-05-20 13:44:00
Level Diverges in Same Spot19comphermc2010-05-20 02:16:00
Aaaugh! Resolution issue4kodymcq2010-05-19 23:25:00
Links as words?8agrx2010-05-19 04:06:00
Picture help... Again2agrx2010-05-19 04:04:00
Is it possible to get pictures off the PS3 browser?5GreatWhite0002010-05-18 21:36:00
Not DIRECTLY LBP related29Super_Dork_422010-05-18 18:41:00
Independent Switches, same function23julesyjules2010-05-18 14:37:00
Completely stumped10Southpaw0202010-05-17 21:20:00
Question about making music (notes)5TheManofSteel3kO2010-05-16 22:33:00
Save Data erased? :[1DulledDoll2010-05-16 19:24:00
littlebigplanet cap ?5g-1reaper22010-05-16 17:06:00
Star wars imperial walker at at1soulriver2010-05-16 16:38:00
need logic for cutscenes! help please!7nikumokatsuru2010-05-16 04:02:00
Could it be possible7GreatWhite0002010-05-16 03:24:00
Incremental piston help!7Duffluc2010-05-16 00:37:00
LBP Screenshots4axlyin2010-05-15 23:25:00
Hearting Players6Binarynova2010-05-15 22:32:00
LBPC Font3Woflgod2010-05-15 06:03:00
Corrupted Game Data2hi im mark2010-05-15 03:35:00
Three Dimensional Planets?2drei2010-05-15 02:24:00
Sackboy help.4PinkyLaRue2010-05-15 00:45:00
Taklamakan "HELP!"4Mikeyspoon2010-05-14 19:17:00
how do I make a multi directional sackboy tracker???7Supa_Nady2010-05-14 09:24:00
How to keep a switch on for a set amount of time.5SaferL2010-05-13 22:19:00
How to check the highscores on your level?5drei2010-05-13 18:52:00
Creation Piece Problem6Haleys_Papa2010-05-13 16:37:00
Why haven't I received my LBP star cap???6Unknown User2010-05-13 02:35:00
Howw to delete a thread on this site.?3drei2010-05-12 19:04:00
No more tutorials icon?6chuckster2010-05-12 17:02:00
making fire cool off?7KBling2010-05-12 16:42:00
Directional Switch Help Please!3Haleys_Papa2010-05-12 16:00:00
Sticker lbpc??3psyntens2010-05-12 10:47:00
how to unlink levels3DJKrimz2010-05-12 05:34:00
Some help here?6BIG_C_232010-05-12 04:56:00
Winch Problem8Haleys_Papa2010-05-12 00:19:00
Need help removing items en masse3roflwaffle2010-05-11 22:28:00
Randomizer Help3Alec2010-05-11 20:42:00
Delay Switch Inconsistency (Vault vs. Beg. Tutorial)3Binarynova2010-05-11 02:31:00
need help finishing trophies2Goveto2010-05-11 02:23:00
A guide to the stickers/materials4Unknown User2010-05-10 21:31:00
Creature Pieces tutorial problem8chuckster2010-05-10 14:21:00
Help with Create trophy.3Unknown User2010-05-10 09:52:00
LBPC Ranks15agrx2010-05-10 05:11:00
Need Help.5Woflgod2010-05-10 02:25:00
3d layer help2DJKrimz2010-05-10 01:27:00
Can anyone with a cam make a sticker for me?1Iudicium_862010-05-09 20:32:00
Making an avatar6mutant_red_peas2010-05-09 12:23:00
Pinball Halp15axlyin2010-05-09 07:04:00
Logic Help!!!!2Shhabbazz2010-05-09 03:57:00
Stuff Disappearing After Saving6karebu722010-05-08 22:04:00
Logo5psyntens2010-05-08 12:40:00
spoiler help3YEAH_NAH2010-05-08 07:40:00
how to get theck and thock or thack idk7jonlolz2010-05-08 00:44:00
stickers overload4soulriver2010-05-07 19:30:00
Salty Dog Trophy entirely from LBPC, need help!7LuckyShot2010-05-07 00:21:00
cant make a custom scoreboard6DJKrimz2010-05-06 22:52:00
Stickers via Eyetoy/PS Eye5DragonSackBoy2010-05-06 22:02:00
Embedding youtube videos in posts3FlyingHaggis2010-05-06 21:45:00
Quick Question!23DarkFray2010-05-06 02:20:00
if you have any questions just send a mssg to maximboyextra952maximboyextra952010-05-06 01:59:00
How do you..5Silver392010-05-05 23:03:00
Ideas for my level10jonlolz2010-05-05 22:04:00
Yet another help question!7RadioPaint2010-05-05 20:53:00
Text Stickers?7Satflik2010-05-05 15:48:00
How do I upload an avatar?3Satflik2010-05-05 15:44:00
A Noobish question4Joshofsouls2010-05-05 11:24:00
Looking for a good level4Keyeszx2010-05-05 05:35:00
Frustrating Pistons19Yensoo2010-05-05 00:51:00
One Shot?6Unknown User2010-05-04 18:22:00
Grey Stickers and Music Queuing12Nanluin2010-05-04 16:32:00
how to put your levels in your sig3DJKrimz2010-05-04 15:00:00
Theck and Thack42Ungreth2010-05-04 14:04:00
Help with 2x :(1Unknown User2010-05-03 17:29:00
How do I put a sample screenshots on published levels to be viewed on the level info8Whitemon2010-05-03 15:54:00
"Walkabout" Sticker Dilemma (Help needed)8Satflik2010-05-03 15:40:00
Music Boxes-Need help with making music!1PumpkinScarecrow2010-05-03 00:03:00
Does anyone have a capture card?4Holguin862010-05-02 22:34:00
how to get your picture on a lvl.3DJKrimz2010-05-02 19:42:00
Angled decorations5croissantbuncake2010-05-02 11:36:00
Creature problem...5moonwire2010-05-02 10:09:00
Need a cumulative timer with two possible outputs.16Sehven2010-05-02 01:45:00
ATV layer problem3jonlolz2010-05-02 00:54:00
Dutch gamewebsite needs LBP-fanatics!10Unknown User2010-05-01 20:28:00
Help with camera!4lego122010-05-01 20:28:00
Logic Switch: Timer4Unknown User2010-05-01 18:37:00
Is there a way to change you lbpcentral name?9Turbo_Egg_Salad2010-05-01 18:23:00
Piston flip on directional??5julesyjules2010-05-01 16:41:00
any one know how to make a randomizer19DJKrimz2010-05-01 16:29:00
Oh my god....WHYY??? Please read...16jergi202010-05-01 15:07:00
How do I make a sig on this site?7Turbo_Egg_Salad2010-05-01 03:03:00
Spirited Away costume level - Need help!2PumpkinScarecrow2010-05-01 01:15:00
Is there any way to get levels on the Community pages easily?12PumpkinScarecrow2010-04-30 23:47:00
i need a house2DJKrimz2010-04-30 23:31:00
How do I downgrade my game?14GreatWhite0002010-04-30 19:03:00
mates profile is corrupted4lifeiscrapislife2010-04-30 12:42:00
How can I unlock the grass material?2jergi202010-04-30 12:11:00
Skin Help3YEAH_NAH2010-04-30 07:43:00
I need ideas12GreatWhite0002010-04-30 06:23:00
Publishing Problem?2karebu722010-04-30 05:00:00
Un-shiny2mr.cool2010-04-30 04:00:00
Help finding 100% prizes in GOTY community level "Talakyan Go And Never Come Back"6Turbo_Egg_Salad2010-04-29 19:06:00
Emitting Dark Matter over Dark Matter10Nanluin2010-04-29 18:08:00
lbp pics come out tiny.10DJKrimz2010-04-29 04:58:00
How would I trigger a door after all score bubbles in a room are gathered?6SledKnight2010-04-28 22:39:00
Score related game sounds7Holguin862010-04-28 22:18:00
Question regarding hearts6KablooieKablam2010-04-28 06:25:00
layer problem13mr.cool2010-04-28 05:33:00
need a little creative help here... a resttable paint door15Blade Phoenix2010-04-28 02:51:00
Explosion question.6ArcFire432010-04-28 02:49:00
Suspending prize bubbles in mid-air7Unknown User2010-04-27 21:26:00
Help pleas3TjoxYorro2010-04-27 20:16:00
Quick question11Varrent2010-04-27 18:07:00
Trying to make a butterfly fly across the screen.16SR20DETDOG2010-04-27 09:15:00
rtm233's waterfall12Keyeszx2010-04-27 06:37:00
how to make a boss move18DJKrimz2010-04-27 04:22:00
Thermometer Randomly Overheating6Kog2010-04-27 04:15:00
Disppearing things... during object capture?8SledKnight2010-04-26 21:14:00
"Create" and "Feel the love" Trophies...5Unknown User2010-04-26 05:49:00
Big discovery? Maybe?17Unknown User2010-04-26 00:58:00
Wheely Switches11standby2502010-04-26 00:51:00
key deletes with object3DJKrimz2010-04-25 23:56:00
Scoreboard won`t activate8EKR-Malo2010-04-25 22:40:00
2 questions keys related2DJKrimz2010-04-24 22:56:00
Two QuestioNs =)8TjoxYorro2010-04-24 22:24:00
videos3flamingemu2010-04-24 20:05:00
Community objects in Level objects area?5m500games2010-04-24 18:26:00
Limited time DLC problem / Valentine Day Kit26dajdaj032010-04-24 16:17:00
Help Please!4YEAH_NAH2010-04-24 06:54:00
Sackboy Arm Sticker?3gevurah222010-04-23 18:04:00
Could someone make a few enemies for me?(caution lots of pictures)10Keyeszx2010-04-23 08:06:00
What just happened?2Jazve2010-04-23 06:38:00
Questions of Noobness :D8DulledDoll2010-04-23 05:21:00
A player failed to load profile.3g-1reaper22010-04-22 20:08:00
So, I made this level trailer...1Arradi2010-04-22 18:48:00
Automated vehicle moving and stopping4Darkrider92010-04-22 02:32:00
Fixed Camera?10Zhion59912010-04-22 00:26:00
Hidden Materials help6GreatWhite0002010-04-21 23:38:00
Inverted "On Impact" Sound Object Behaviour6Holguin862010-04-21 18:25:00
Tracks4TjoxYorro2010-04-21 06:24:00
Fairy lights?3YEAH_NAH2010-04-21 06:01:00
Instant explosion12Keyeszx2010-04-21 04:22:00
Viewing issue4HM_inFamous2010-04-21 03:00:00
Chase Help/Respawn Woes12comphermc2010-04-21 02:25:00
R1 sticker4MicGorbachev2010-04-21 01:24:00
Glitched Fall thru metal2orang3dragon6122010-04-20 23:28:00
Sci fi Tank speed control pliz help7soulriver2010-04-20 15:12:00
My text only displays as asterisks.5Snackyp2010-04-20 07:02:00
Two things, one small and one big5Keyeszx2010-04-20 01:24:00
Wanted: Several missing Creators5orang3dragon6122010-04-20 00:24:00
Stickers (the 3D attachemtns) not destroyed in explosion? Glitch?4SledKnight2010-04-19 20:04:00
Locked Hearted Level4damaz102010-04-19 17:17:00
How do I get paint switches to refill?3austimerr2010-04-19 12:34:00
I having trouble with my level, can someone help me! Please!5Mini ninja2010-04-19 00:30:00
story help12mr.cool2010-04-18 17:00:00
opening help8mr.cool2010-04-18 05:05:00
LBPCentral logo sticker5GreatWhite0002010-04-18 04:05:00
What is this10jonlolz2010-04-18 03:06:00
Theme archive3mr.cool2010-04-17 18:25:00
Kinky?3Nottinylil2010-04-17 14:08:00
My level? Moderated..?4AgentBanana2010-04-17 13:42:00
How to update?3jonlolz2010-04-17 12:19:00
How do I...?3blanejoyner2010-04-17 08:20:00
a concept of sorts original thought8vlad59032010-04-17 05:56:00
Warning! Please help!19Fenderjt2010-04-17 02:43:00
System quits game when I click play or edit5Rex63332010-04-17 02:17:00
big lasers3jonlolz2010-04-16 21:47:00
Please help with fixing the security of my clan20robbit102010-04-16 20:55:00
My Flimsy Boss14Pete19912010-04-16 02:18:00
Moving object won't demit.5Unknown User2010-04-16 01:22:00
Littlebigplanet logic question15Bluetoes12010-04-15 23:29:00
Little big planet hell pliz help5soulriver2010-04-15 16:27:00
boss mechanics4jonlolz2010-04-15 15:02:00
Magic Mouth Question4Unknown User2010-04-15 06:46:00
Camera problem + other stuff7jonlolz2010-04-15 03:25:00
LBPCentral XP points3inkie2010-04-15 01:16:00
I really need help making a pass-code....3littlebigmeteor2010-04-14 22:33:00
Eek! I need this sticker!7Nottinylil2010-04-14 21:16:00
3d Glitch Help20kirbyman622010-04-14 17:47:00
Does anybody have a lvl with a submarine5inkie2010-04-14 12:27:00
Screenshots?6bmoney23102010-04-14 03:56:00
how to get noticed...11m500games2010-04-14 01:43:00
I am bored8WESFUN2010-04-13 23:34:00
A author I will never be7orang3dragon6122010-04-13 21:37:00
a problem...16jonlolz2010-04-13 17:58:00
Emitting into the front layers6schm02010-04-13 14:53:00
Make an object change layers11Sehven2010-04-12 19:11:00
Burgers or Bee's ?8theamilien2010-04-12 14:48:00
How to make an object follow a track?15KBling2010-04-12 03:56:00
Problem with mouths tools9Whitemon2010-04-11 23:09:00
How do i make a teleporter?2malrotheo2010-04-11 12:40:00
Why won't this brain die?6kirbyman622010-04-11 09:03:00
horizontal cylinder, and cogs and gears too... Help me ! hehe6Stega2010-04-11 05:23:00
Legal or Not?16Littlebigdude8052010-04-11 00:46:00
how can i get a crown11soni22952010-04-11 00:38:00
one layer scoreboard problem10midnight_heist2010-04-10 14:05:00
Non-lethal gas?18SteveBigGuns2010-04-10 13:24:00
Recent Beta Invitation.17TC22010-04-10 06:40:00
Whats more thermo efficient?6midnight_heist2010-04-10 05:15:00
Need help creating balloon-like effect6CallMeCoolEthan2010-04-09 19:47:00
Emitter Usage Question5Macnme2010-04-09 13:41:00
Ghost Matter11Infernox2010-04-08 22:29:00
experience?4soni22952010-04-08 21:05:00
help improving levels4soni22952010-04-08 20:54:00
Is there any way to see glass through glass?6theamilien2010-04-08 15:54:00
Easiest ways to unlock materials11shebhnt2010-04-08 06:08:00
Sync?2agrx2010-04-08 05:27:00
2 questions Plz help!8YEAH_NAH2010-04-08 04:01:00
How do I add a photo to the preview page (or what ever it is called)9MicGorbachev2010-04-08 03:39:00
Signatures?2xX-EPIC_MEATWAD-Xx2010-04-08 02:16:00
Stupid yet Helpful question on Level Keys5Phosphorus152010-04-08 02:07:00
Some questions regarding account transfer to a new PS321RickRock_7772010-04-08 01:03:00
Help with "paint" stickers?3KBling2010-04-08 00:53:00
Fish Help5Woflgod2010-04-07 18:55:00
Level Pictures5theamilien2010-04-07 17:04:00
Cutouts...Blegh help please4Joshofsouls2010-04-07 16:29:00
New Level Publish Question5SquirrelWrangler2010-04-07 15:53:00
How do you...(Regarding Springs/Pistons)7RadioPaint2010-04-07 14:07:00
1 Question.7Emogotsaone2010-04-07 13:17:00
Photo Help?3Woflgod2010-04-07 03:10:00
I'm sure this has been asked before - Frozen Tundra need 3 more people4Whiskasdacat2010-04-07 01:46:00
Disappearing decorations13Duffluc2010-04-06 21:51:00
I want to get more stable results from a jumping mech2Sehven2010-04-06 21:13:00
Corner edit woes21OneEyedBanshee2010-04-06 19:44:00
Questions on stuff I should already know how to do by now.7Dapiek Absaroka2010-04-06 17:56:00
PSN Store not working in some countries?4FlipMeister2010-04-06 16:34:00
Colouring stuff3Unknown User2010-04-06 09:05:00
Sticker thermometer20RoharDragontamer2010-04-06 03:34:00
Little green dot?3SR20DETDOG2010-04-05 02:38:00
How do I make low thermo set-reset?4JspOt2010-04-05 02:21:00
advanced elevator help2Unknown User2010-04-05 01:57:00
"Get a Grip" story level 1 last gift4Phosphorus152010-04-04 20:18:00
Does Anyone Know About This?11trip0902010-04-04 19:52:00
The stealing gets worse.7RadioPaint2010-04-04 19:49:00
TANK troubles on my level TANKINATOR2Shade_seeker2010-04-04 13:15:00
I need character Costume Ideas.67Silverleon2010-04-04 11:35:00
PS3 Eye and General Sticker Help5The Last Stop2010-04-04 11:31:00
PSN Cards?26YEAH_NAH2010-04-04 05:59:00
160 Hour Bug Recovery?72Nanluin2010-04-04 04:32:00
"Joystick controlled" left/right movement9Unknown User2010-04-03 21:42:00
Can't set emitter to emit only 14dkeesto2010-04-03 19:15:00
A few newbie questions12jergi202010-04-03 13:01:00
Create trophy help me and i help you10mr00droidman2010-04-03 11:28:00
Bolt tutorial help!4jergi202010-04-03 08:06:00
How do you play LBPC The Game?13mutant_red_peas2010-04-03 08:01:00
I need some helpy6YEAH_NAH2010-04-03 06:43:00
Bomb Proof Grab9RoharDragontamer2010-04-02 21:29:00
Recharging Paintinator Switch!3mutant_red_peas2010-04-02 20:09:00
Rain troubles3ArcFire432010-04-02 19:54:00
Demit/Remit moving objects?6SledKnight2010-04-02 19:33:00
Missing Item in Cursed Bay1Haeninu2010-04-02 17:25:00
Piston problem.6midnight_heist2010-04-02 13:31:00
What do I need to buy to get the water in my levels?19jergi202010-04-02 10:48:00
Youtube videos for my levels5Chrree2010-04-02 05:34:00
Pistons, creatures, and the game environment8schm02010-04-02 01:25:00
Help! 403?2YEAH_NAH2010-04-01 23:59:00
Score Bubbles that are suspended in the air?15RadioPaint2010-04-01 22:40:00
How do you make a cutout of your sack?7RadioPaint2010-04-01 22:22:00
Wedding Music1theamilien2010-04-01 21:20:00
Decorating my level4Unknown User2010-04-01 20:55:00
Kai costume - Can YOU sticker it?5RadioPaint2010-04-01 17:27:00
Creating dialogs9onturenio2010-04-01 14:07:00
how do you post links?4YEAH_NAH2010-04-01 10:06:00
Creature Help14schm02010-03-31 18:37:00
Rotating in the background layers9Nuclearfish2010-03-31 11:05:00
hello need help with shrink ray11YEAH_NAH2010-03-31 06:39:00
Noob(ish) Questions4schm02010-03-31 01:42:00
Need help making a weight thing7The_Lil_JoKeR2010-03-31 00:16:00
missing two items on serpent shrine4octopus_5672010-03-30 10:49:00
Infinite Train Tracks20MaxFromLi2010-03-30 04:42:00
Ideas for a reliable jump activated switch in a vehicle?19Sehven2010-03-30 00:13:00
Invisible Stickers5srgt_poptart2010-03-29 06:43:00
Infinite Rising and Falling Plats15Unknown User2010-03-29 00:04:00
Paintinator Switch Help4Rex63332010-03-28 23:33:00
no fun on the beach15Unknown User2010-03-28 19:52:00
Buying things from the Store.12theamilien2010-03-28 16:57:00
The Rocket and the Jetpack7Widget2010-03-28 11:02:00
Flip flop!!7YEAH_NAH2010-03-28 08:14:00
How to spin a wheel in fits and starts... ?6Oddmania2010-03-27 23:26:00
Need help playing a 2+ player level for vid-cap3Memodrix2010-03-27 15:21:00
I need Feedback!!5Unknown User2010-03-27 06:51:00
How do you make a good character?7Sunrise_Moon2010-03-27 05:33:00
How do you level up?5Weretigr2010-03-27 01:42:00
How do you change your threads title?7Delirium2010-03-26 22:10:00
Launcher Tutorial.3Unknown User2010-03-26 21:39:00
My helicopter woes9maniac452202010-03-26 20:58:00
psn store dlownload broken ? :(11samalot2010-03-25 17:49:00
Invisible Material2Tjb12010-03-25 01:26:00
I need some help! PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!5Unknown User2010-03-24 22:16:00
Comprehensive Sticker List?3schm02010-03-24 16:31:00
(Experienced)Creators/Testers needed!1Kn0cked-0ut2010-03-22 18:21:00
Help!!!!!!!5YEAH_NAH2010-03-22 06:20:00
These stars certainly arent shining9ghostrider1352010-03-22 05:15:00
umm sprung bolts?11YEAH_NAH2010-03-22 04:41:00
The design group: help wanted!1Unknown User2010-03-22 00:37:00
I need help making a crane4Infernox2010-03-21 22:02:00
Red startup background?????3Deviantgeek2010-03-21 16:36:00
Zooming out further4Syroc2010-03-21 09:35:00
Level name help!6littlebigmeteor2010-03-21 05:09:00
Black Dark Matter?14SR20DETDOG2010-03-21 01:27:00
Inoperative Scoreboards16Frogmeister2010-03-20 14:29:00
I need help with upgrading lbp psp!3Zamaxon2010-03-20 06:22:00
Data Mis-Transfer6claptonfann2010-03-20 00:29:00
BIG problem with connection :((7Unknown User2010-03-19 19:59:00
Temple Level: Suggestions for a story and attention grabbers7Fumo1612010-03-19 17:20:00
How do I become noticed?7Fumo1612010-03-19 17:12:00
Screenshots?5agrx2010-03-19 05:41:00
F4f?3agrx2010-03-19 04:59:00
I Need Some Opinoins13Hunter444672010-03-19 03:34:00
Level Naming Problem4Unknown User2010-03-19 01:49:00
Sand like Felt Material?8Woflgod2010-03-19 00:45:00
Having a little piston sway trouble9theamilien2010-03-18 21:31:00
Start Issue (on Survival Level)9ZipCity2010-03-18 16:49:00
Sticker Bug7trip0902010-03-18 09:00:00
Help with making a survival map8Unknown User2010-03-18 05:01:00
The Ghost Shop2orang3dragon6122010-03-18 03:09:00
Can You Bring My PS3 Back From The Dead?32ChristmasJew2010-03-17 22:01:00
LBP won't work :(16Sack Saprono2010-03-17 21:45:00
Help with emitters!7Tjb12010-03-17 19:49:00
Is it possible to modify the light in searchlight switches?17onturenio2010-03-17 18:36:00
Inconsistency10pn-w2010-03-17 17:33:00
Level Icon Quality!! (not ratio)11Unknown User2010-03-17 09:56:00
Wipeout or Not?3YEAH_NAH2010-03-17 08:27:00
LBP Sounds.3Doopz2010-03-16 19:11:00
Changing Camera Angles on the Fly24SledKnight2010-03-16 18:14:00
Site Help8talbot-trembler2010-03-16 17:49:00
Speed Setting6Tjb12010-03-16 17:39:00
Starting over for the third time! Nooooo!!!5Frogmeister2010-03-16 15:43:00
Thin or theck gas?37Sehven2010-03-16 04:18:00
Ideas for Obstacles?9Fumo1612010-03-15 17:16:00
Ideas for Obstacles?2Fumo1612010-03-15 17:15:00
Change the level snapshots?4onturenio2010-03-15 12:52:00
Re-unlocking EVERYTHING.2Outlaw-Jack2010-03-15 07:02:00
Help cannot get my costumes3Rex63332010-03-15 02:59:00
...What the heck did we do...4Infernox2010-03-15 01:44:00
Logic: Car starting stopping moving speeding up and repeat5Unknown User2010-03-14 19:44:00
Album Issues?3Pattington_Bear2010-03-14 14:01:00
Magic Mouths.... in Korean?!?12Nuclearfish2010-03-14 12:02:00
How long (time) should the ideal level be?11dkeesto2010-03-13 19:35:00
Uploading pictures with the PS3 browser1Darth2010-03-13 17:10:00
Update 2.04 Issue1Unknown User2010-03-13 15:46:00
Can anyone help me ace or ace the Terrible Oni's Volcano for me?5PetStars2010-03-13 15:29:00
Multistage boss time...6pn-w2010-03-13 15:06:00
grid material halp3flamingemu2010-03-13 13:37:00
Rusted Metal Help!5Castleland2010-03-13 03:45:00
Trying to make a better control pod5Sehven2010-03-13 00:20:00
Creator Crunch10Jomosapien2010-03-12 05:16:00
Can anyone help me with the darkness (x2) part?5PetStars2010-03-12 04:16:00
Oh the horror... write- errr... creator's block!3Infernox2010-03-11 20:04:00
stumped by an emitter4Unknown User2010-03-11 17:38:00
cardboard box helmet costume thing3shebhnt2010-03-11 10:32:00
Create Trophy8Haeninu2010-03-11 00:48:00
Has people forgotten what lbp is all about?19Delirium2010-03-10 22:27:00
Bipedal Robot Help. "Balance Gyro?"9Fumo1612010-03-10 17:34:00
Freezing2Fumo1612010-03-10 17:20:00
sticker switch with custom sticker gathered from prize bubble won't work5The52010-03-10 15:06:00
Cow Glitch?50YEAH_NAH2010-03-10 07:10:00
Randomizer Help6Incinerator222010-03-10 02:54:00
Completing my level5Darth2010-03-09 20:43:00
My sister lost her password and doesn't know how to get it back (on LBPC)3Testudini2010-03-09 20:24:00
Impressive Levels to Show to Friends Please!18Plasmavore2010-03-09 19:24:00
Directional AND Speed logic?42Luos_832010-03-09 00:25:00
Create and booty master trophies (last chance using site for help)7Unknown User2010-03-08 23:33:00
how to make yourself go to end5Unknown User2010-03-08 21:57:00
LBP background color changing?5Super-b2010-03-08 21:20:00
Problem with logic system4Crayon2010-03-08 16:31:00
Editable Thin/Thick glitch material ?8mistervista2010-03-08 13:23:00
GLitched DM more thermo Efficient than Original counterpart.10Luos_832010-03-08 12:11:00
What are Ranks?9austimerr2010-03-07 14:54:00
Need help for an enemy I'm making1Jazve2010-03-07 10:56:00
Conveyor Belt Problems4standby2502010-03-07 01:46:00
Any tips to help me stick with making a level and not scrapping it?6Unknown User2010-03-06 21:40:00
Name for boss17Silverleon2010-03-06 19:48:00
Emitters, brains, points and lots of bugs :(27rtm2232010-03-06 17:52:00
Create falling rock when you touch them?5ghik162010-03-06 16:47:00
Magic Mouth Movie Help3Darkrider92010-03-06 15:51:00
How Do I Use the Secret Lava Material?13austimerr2010-03-06 14:11:00
Need Help with create and booty master trophies4Unknown User2010-03-05 23:51:00
How do I make a motor bolt stop a certain spot?8Infernox2010-03-05 23:12:00
The Best of Introes7Unknown User2010-03-05 20:32:00
Hi Rez screenshots9shebhnt2010-03-05 08:16:00
Outlining a level - Best practice14dkeesto2010-03-04 17:13:00
Spoiler Tags8damaz102010-03-03 17:11:00
Chaging my LBPC account name?2moonwire2010-03-03 14:58:00
Prize ideas...6mr Radical 56012010-03-03 07:24:00
black and white background help4Woflgod2010-03-03 03:52:00
Making a Giant Clock...19Chump2010-03-03 02:26:00
How do I set up a picture as my LBP avatar?4Infernox2010-03-03 01:01:00
I might be able to help with custom music1Unknown User2010-03-02 20:48:00
need to set up headset i need help3WESFUN2010-03-02 01:28:00
Failed to connect to players6Delirium2010-03-01 22:00:00
Oh my goood! Oooh myyy goood! Ohh goooood! Nooo! God nooo!9SPONGMONKEY562010-03-01 20:56:00
How do I post pictures dirctly into posts?8moonwire2010-03-01 18:02:00
I can't use the MGS Pack!!8Holguin862010-03-01 16:05:00
want to knoq how locked levels function7Unknown User2010-03-01 15:59:00
PSN error 8001050F. Oh noes!4FlipMeister2010-03-01 07:48:00
Help on creation, making a ship go up and not down4confoozed_will2010-03-01 01:50:00
Dissolving anything? (need help)4Unknown User2010-03-01 00:02:00
Title Screen?3Unknown User2010-02-28 19:43:00
Moving Dark Matter? :O5Pete19912010-02-28 17:00:00
Scoreboard help13Bombw872010-02-28 13:56:00
backing up7Dexist2010-02-28 12:35:00
Black Magnetic Key Switch39The Last Stop2010-02-28 10:45:00
Level creation help - putting together sections seamlessly.16munchymunchy2010-02-28 01:14:00
Where can i get LBP sound effects?10ViniciusBR112010-02-27 23:16:00
Boss not spawning in order.11Pizza_Cats2010-02-27 22:39:00
Building a sackboy angle tracker...13Duffluc2010-02-27 21:52:00
Teleporting n ham?4rseah2010-02-27 21:31:00
Points as time progresses4Wolf2010-02-27 06:35:00
How could I do this?3Doopz2010-02-27 00:26:00
Need reliable logic help10zynax5552010-02-26 21:47:00
How can you get screenshots.3pizza of doom2010-02-26 17:59:00
Logic12Ayneh2010-02-26 15:21:00
Being harassed/flamed/hatemailed/virtually killed by Juhani10052Luos_832010-02-26 03:21:00
Can someone help me? Sony was no help at all.9Infernox2010-02-25 20:28:00
PSN Signs me out and now I cannot go online with LBP!10Jedi_19932010-02-25 19:26:00
I need ideas for some challenges in my level4Unknown User2010-02-25 02:29:00
2-player level in need of failsafe logic - help, please!7Holguin862010-02-24 17:23:00
LittleBig Workshop33Fenderjt2010-02-24 12:01:00
Just a Few Basic Q.s4Sompurplequy7002010-02-24 02:34:00
How do I cut out stickers?4Darkrider92010-02-23 23:10:00
can't grab5Deftmute2010-02-23 19:04:00
Boss Logic n Stuff3rseah2010-02-23 06:23:00
Working suspension help.6Darkrider92010-02-23 01:51:00
Can't hook a mag key switch to emitters?4Darkrider92010-02-23 00:12:00
Piston Problems16Strodigy2010-02-22 23:59:00
Mm Costume Ideas3damaz102010-02-22 17:26:00
explosions and emitters4Deftmute2010-02-22 17:03:00
Littlebigplanet online gaming?7Unknown User2010-02-22 09:47:00
Will my level get moderated?14Rhys1252010-02-22 08:59:00
Help1WESFUN2010-02-21 23:08:00
Acing Game?6Castleland2010-02-21 21:37:00
Different IMs9Ragfell2010-02-21 19:58:00
Neon Eyes?4Woflgod2010-02-21 19:55:00
Please help! How do I republish/update a level?9lolagirl2010-02-21 15:48:00
how can i do this with key switches.7GimmeAgram2010-02-21 06:13:00
Keys, Keys, and well, Keys!11Gameplayer2092010-02-21 01:31:00
Ghostbusters DLC Issue4FuzzballFox2010-02-20 13:09:00
Losing my mind! What is wrong with "on/off" switch & sync?18Thegide2010-02-20 04:46:00
lvl vids2ryder3562010-02-20 04:44:00
Round Curving Lines7firstar2010-02-20 02:31:00
The "R1" Sticker24SupaSack342010-02-19 19:48:00
sackboy tracker6Unknown User2010-02-19 16:43:00
Character Masterclass16ghostrider1352010-02-19 09:19:00
I seem to have run into a small problem... literally...4Infernox2010-02-18 23:49:00
Need 1 item in Dancers's Court4ghik162010-02-18 21:50:00
My PS3 wont turn on34theamilien2010-02-18 21:42:00
Dlc3Unknown User2010-02-18 21:33:00
Publishing Issue6jakpe2010-02-18 21:12:00
Creating a level6NinjaLukeI2010-02-18 17:39:00
Piston troubles6RCIX2010-02-18 07:16:00
Wanted: A Logic Mastermind15Unknown User2010-02-18 06:43:00
Temples int music track length12rtm2232010-02-17 23:47:00
better traction than rubber2Crayon2010-02-17 20:48:00
first person view?4Crayon2010-02-17 17:16:00
Better Snow9Silverleon2010-02-16 23:09:00
My Tiff with Water [help needed]5AeroForce222010-02-16 22:29:00
Changing the appearance of objects6SirGreenDay2010-02-16 18:05:00
Dissolve material help7Unknown User2010-02-16 07:15:00
PS3 / Error 80010514 / game disc recognition and execution33dajdaj032010-02-16 04:10:00
"This Shape Is Too Complicated" Help11Darkrider92010-02-15 23:57:00
Water Help!31Castleland2010-02-15 16:46:00
Need someone to film my upcoming level!3acdramon2010-02-15 15:28:00
50 Layer Glitch + Anti Color?5Otoris2010-02-14 23:31:00
Magic Mouth help.7AeroForce222010-02-14 22:33:00
What does "Import" mean?11Woflgod2010-02-14 19:33:00
Help; Speed boat Motor8Kern2010-02-14 18:21:00
Getting Positive points?28SupaSack342010-02-14 07:03:00
C4 How to make it work....12Pantyer22010-02-14 00:51:00
Sparx/Invisible player tracker?13Jedi_19932010-02-13 08:22:00
Slider Settings...6Mennenth2010-02-13 06:39:00
Team create and trophies4Starr122010-02-12 22:25:00
Did the plasma glitch get patched?29Sehven2010-02-12 21:16:00
Microphone Head1Pantyer22010-02-12 19:22:00
Media Molecule Help! - The Introduction11LittleBigMonster2010-02-12 10:24:00
need some online frends too maake a good level3haitam12010-02-12 09:40:00
how do you make specific notes with the piano sound efect?6Unknown User2010-02-12 04:42:00
n00b help - one shot sticker switch malfunction!17rtm2232010-02-11 20:19:00
Need Help! Legs for Mech.14Fumo1612010-02-11 17:34:00
Wait, what?28Infernox2010-02-11 01:22:00
Flame Object3Emogotsaone2010-02-10 23:54:00
Forced side scroller, multiplayer options24rtm2232010-02-10 19:51:00
I need help clearing story mode2Infernox2010-02-10 18:05:00
Imagery regarding Hell36Beed282010-02-10 14:06:00
Where are my community objects?4Unknown User2010-02-10 05:44:00
Sorry to bother but I need your help please!9Castleland2010-02-10 02:38:00
Making things Dissolve4Sackperson2010-02-09 22:03:00
A Question of Object Scale6Nanluin2010-02-09 19:21:00
Underwater Currents17Ragfell2010-02-09 16:58:00
Wash function?11aphexZero2010-02-08 23:52:00
Optimise my logics! (no, really)24rtm2232010-02-08 19:44:00
Tug o' War counter7Sehven2010-02-08 10:25:00
Resetting to neutral position with a wheel.31Unknown User2010-02-08 08:56:00
Bouncing help16Frogmeister2010-02-07 19:44:00
Making bozzes?14ghik162010-02-07 10:02:00
I can't get in7CRISTALSONIC2010-02-07 08:18:00
Getting noticed10The Gentleman2010-02-07 08:06:00
Making a mini infinite checkpoint?5rseah2010-02-07 03:42:00
Puzzles? Sequence Lock1Unknown User2010-02-06 22:25:00
Is it possible to do this?4theamilien2010-02-06 19:48:00
YLOD or data corruption?38claptonfann2010-02-06 04:36:00
Goty Question3Artonkn2010-02-05 17:43:00
How do I make 2 objects emit each other endlessly?19Recurracy2010-02-05 16:03:00
Glitch Delema17Unknown User2010-02-05 09:33:00
Signed out of PSN on first attempts to accept invites or join players online5Thegide2010-02-04 15:43:00
Where can i get THIS font8ViniciusBR112010-02-03 14:03:00
can't connect online3Strodigy2010-02-03 03:00:00
Materials7Unknown User2010-02-03 02:34:00
Can someone video capture my level?1Babkockdood2010-02-01 22:02:00
I Need 3 More Players3Lunarm2010-01-31 08:41:00
Spinning acrobat poles1Sehven2010-01-31 07:18:00
I still have half the thermo, but...16Ragfell2010-01-31 05:15:00
REQUEST: Police Car (also, need playtesters)13Lotus_Flow3r2010-01-31 03:53:00
In need of specific glitch materials9Ungreth2010-01-30 22:03:00
game freezing3jab12352010-01-30 19:04:00
Could someone please make me a randomiser?13Unknown User2010-01-30 17:36:00
Walker problem.16Unknown User2010-01-30 05:42:00
Making a Cave Entrance4Charlemagne2010-01-30 05:40:00
Cutscene camera problems8Sehven2010-01-30 01:21:00
Explody help wanted!8SPONGMONKEY562010-01-29 21:05:00
3 switch puzzle logic creation6cthulhu822010-01-29 12:42:00
I need some help collecting all MGS prizes.3Recurracy2010-01-29 12:17:00
Using rockets to get something going straight up13RCIX2010-01-29 06:01:00
Two Questions from a Novice5Chirm2010-01-29 01:50:00
The Thermo3Unknown User2010-01-28 21:28:00
Game over screen activation9Catseyez2010-01-28 14:03:00
End of game custom scoreboards showing secrets found7Catseyez2010-01-28 13:35:00
Lightning10Ragfell2010-01-28 03:03:00
Switches and scoreboards8Frogmeister2010-01-28 02:46:00
Glitch Materials4cthulhu822010-01-28 01:49:00
Working My Way Up To A Crown9Emogotsaone2010-01-28 01:33:00
Just a few quick questions...3Shremco2010-01-27 21:48:00
Thermo question22Ungreth2010-01-27 21:26:00
Screenshot in a published level9Catseyez2010-01-27 14:23:00
Costume help!!!5Abd_Viper2010-01-27 10:42:00
LBP Not Auto-Saving?13TheRaxar2010-01-27 04:01:00
Text in speech bubbles is deleting itslef... why?3Duffluc2010-01-27 00:46:00
Where doI get these eyes?3qnt3n2010-01-26 23:40:00
Importing images3Pete19912010-01-26 21:20:00
About the layers glitch23Celticdoberman2010-01-26 13:07:00
Precise BG/Water Settings20dajdaj032010-01-26 04:17:00
Who invented the paintball-elevator?8aphexZero2010-01-25 22:10:00
Sonic Platforms14Celticdoberman2010-01-25 17:50:00
Pistons -- A way to stop them from moving after they fully extend?7Unknown User2010-01-24 21:29:00
Alternative for notched wheel logic6theamilien2010-01-24 20:10:00
In need of ideas7Darth2010-01-24 17:39:00
help with making a shark!!!14lego122010-01-24 16:52:00
material choices7nightwing2010-01-24 09:44:00
Extremely Strange Glitch, Please Help!12Scizor3002010-01-24 08:35:00
Stickering completely?6SavageCaptor2010-01-23 20:59:00
2way switch + bolt12dajdaj032010-01-23 19:51:00
question5WESFUN2010-01-23 18:23:00
Sending a level key?9SavageCaptor2010-01-23 15:31:00
Playing with 2 players5tuleyz2010-01-23 02:11:00
How to take a Picture?3TheRaxar2010-01-23 01:45:00
Killing a brain without popping it help.3lbpholic2010-01-22 21:21:00
Lint7NinjaLukeI2010-01-22 19:56:00
I saved the "save object tool"!?6Incinerator222010-01-22 04:49:00
Sticker Switch Help4drewface2010-01-22 03:47:00
Plasma activating paint switches?6Napalm2010-01-22 00:59:00
Pictures, PC --> LBP ?10Shremco2010-01-21 22:48:00
Need a little help with a wall climber....10theamilien2010-01-21 18:38:00
Dragon Template for you to sticker for my 17 level series...3Jedi_19932010-01-21 17:59:00
paint splotches9Unknown User2010-01-21 04:06:00
How do I take screenshots?3Shremco2010-01-21 03:25:00
Camera Angles9RCIX2010-01-20 23:03:00
Switches...9Unknown User2010-01-20 05:49:00
Making a "tap" switch9RCIX2010-01-19 19:58:00
trying to make a patroling police officer11Xegethra2010-01-19 15:11:00
Two...more....trophies...5Unknown User2010-01-19 03:13:00
Some forum help please.11Emogotsaone2010-01-18 21:41:00
Car Trouble9Emogotsaone2010-01-18 20:04:00
Ice Shard's7Parker2010-01-18 18:39:00
LBP Central Shop thingy... where is it???2Shremco2010-01-18 17:39:00
Sackboy in need of assistance!!1Shremco2010-01-18 17:35:00
Remote camera scenes4Catseyez2010-01-18 10:59:00
Logic gate question3Ungreth2010-01-18 10:52:00
Batman Tumbler Creation Help2litled2010-01-18 10:02:00
Trying to find the name of this game...8Joey2010-01-18 08:59:00
A multi Key question3Unknown User2010-01-17 22:29:00
Level name ideas?5SavageCaptor2010-01-17 21:26:00
Dropping a level name in?5SavageCaptor2010-01-17 21:16:00
Change of backgrounds?9SavageCaptor2010-01-17 20:59:00
how do i download level keys sent by message6Unknown User2010-01-17 20:59:00
Sensor emitters?3SavageCaptor2010-01-17 20:06:00
Sliding door?3Unknown User2010-01-17 16:27:00
Crystal background?16Ragfell2010-01-17 07:29:00
How Do You Take Pictures?11Emogotsaone2010-01-16 23:33:00
Stuck5Parker2010-01-16 18:51:00
Rotating ball Glitch10litled2010-01-16 14:58:00
Please Help!!19horwitzer2010-01-16 02:49:00
How to make motion sensor work on only one layer?11blizzard_cool2010-01-15 21:55:00
Water help required.6Unknown User2010-01-15 18:27:00
Avatar Size Help9litled2010-01-15 15:02:00
..............10Unknown User2010-01-15 08:19:00
Mod / R.A.F. Roundel sticker???3Unknown User2010-01-15 06:55:00
Boss help5SlowLayne2010-01-14 21:26:00
Deleting portions of stickers or objects ....8One_Mad_Jew2010-01-14 19:37:00
lerdammer's heart list bug6POLLOePILLA2010-01-14 12:42:00
In need of some quick water help!9Arikardo2010-01-14 11:43:00
Music11WESFUN2010-01-14 00:00:00
Help with a jump button.6Revolutionized2010-01-13 20:26:00
Never ending stuff9Catseyez2010-01-13 12:59:00
Thermometer help... D:2Shremco2010-01-13 00:06:00
Environment Changes3jason553802010-01-12 19:18:00
stuck on using emitters...im trying to simulate a puffer fish >_<10Xegethra2010-01-12 15:06:00
Needs someone to make me a sports car4racer10202010-01-12 02:32:00
Littlebigfonts6Arion2010-01-12 02:18:00
avatar help3buddy_hamster1232010-01-12 00:02:00
Spoiler tags3theamilien2010-01-11 20:05:00
Hiding a prize bauble in dissolve material?5Unknown User2010-01-11 19:39:00
Having troubles trying to pick the best materials, help?6RyguyOmega2010-01-11 18:42:00
need help.....4buddy_hamster1232010-01-11 18:29:00
Nees testers for an awsome level3racer10202010-01-11 07:19:00
Two part legs?11SavageCaptor2010-01-11 02:12:00
New project, already need help...7dandygandy27042010-01-11 01:22:00
About PSN...3FlipMeister2010-01-10 19:47:00
What's F4F mean?3Ragfell2010-01-10 18:41:00
What the!?5davestanley2010-01-10 18:38:00
Help! Darkest Brown Wood glitch?2Unknown User2010-01-10 18:20:00
Has the merged materials glich been fixed?22theamilien2010-01-10 12:59:00
Sillouetes & Flags16Unknown User2010-01-10 07:39:00
Help a Sack in need.... :(2Shremco2010-01-10 05:49:00
omg my interent....7rseah2010-01-10 03:06:00
How do I get to LBP: The Memoirs?3JawboneX2010-01-09 23:54:00
2 things...7davestanley2010-01-09 23:09:00
What is the best way to organise your popit for level creation?7blackwiggle2010-01-09 22:24:00
Help with hanging turrets from the ceiling6Unknown User2010-01-09 18:17:00
Need help with a few sticker locations5davestanley2010-01-09 18:08:00
Piston help please4Nedus12010-01-09 14:27:00
how do you get your levels on the cool levels page20racer10202010-01-09 06:32:00
Help!!!!!27Tawarf2010-01-09 05:10:00
Creating a sig5Draden64362010-01-08 21:22:00
Need help understandinding this website6racer10202010-01-08 20:12:00
For a level to bank left and right...19RangerZero2010-01-08 02:03:00
Vehicle Suspension7aquamygdala2010-01-08 00:08:00
LittleBigPlanet 4 player prize bubbles2supermechaninja2010-01-07 21:23:00
Playtester wanted3Draden64362010-01-06 18:23:00
Fonts , stickers , colour creators, materials5Catseyez2010-01-06 10:44:00
need tester for republishing2racer10202010-01-06 07:12:00
Double grab switch4L1GhTmArE2010-01-06 03:54:00
Is there a bugle/trumpet sound object?6SlowLayne2010-01-05 23:21:00
Cool Ninja Level in Progess - Suggestions?4Fumo1612010-01-05 15:57:00
I need suggestions for Classical type piano music.2TripleTremelo2010-01-05 15:38:00
Tinterweb help3Draden64362010-01-04 16:40:00
USB device locked...4theamilien2010-01-04 15:38:00
Cuts Scenes & teleports20Catseyez2010-01-04 12:23:00
How do yo make a level that switches from light to dark8racer10202010-01-03 23:35:00
Blood. =326KoRnDawwg2010-01-03 18:15:00
Request2Gwinx2010-01-02 05:38:00
How Do you make a Jetpack Flyer?5xX_Holy_Arms_Xx2010-01-02 03:08:00
Publishing!3xX_Holy_Arms_Xx2010-01-01 22:26:00
Spazzy pistons!7Ungreth2010-01-01 13:41:00
-- Bomb Drop Payload System! Ideas? --5xX_Holy_Arms_Xx2010-01-01 07:13:00
Imagination tanks have run dry.10mattbru772010-01-01 06:08:00
Destructible material that sinks?4pdigg072010-01-01 05:33:00
The Island - Survival / Need Help!5xX_Holy_Arms_Xx2010-01-01 02:05:00
Noob Level Designer-Please Help!!!!!6s1ickrick2009-12-31 21:13:00
- Beginer Level Designer Requesting Help! -8xX_Holy_Arms_Xx2009-12-31 20:52:00
Water Bombs that Follow You?14Fumo1612009-12-31 20:51:00
"Pinball-Style" Piston Launcher trapping Sackboy3TheBigBlueFrog2009-12-31 18:04:00
4033TheUltraDeino2009-12-31 17:20:00
What Settings Do I Need To Make This Timing Work?5Drabaz2009-12-31 17:15:00
How to upload pictures to level4davestanley2009-12-31 15:09:00
points system trouble for a deatmatch level4TheLawnStink2009-12-31 07:25:00
Pirates Addon - 100% prize error5d0gMa2009-12-31 02:05:00
Water level wont rise where I want it too.6GhostViper2009-12-30 17:11:00
Level Keys8srgt_poptart2009-12-30 03:11:00
Peculiar Pod tearing glitch?10deadmensboots2009-12-29 15:51:00
Where are the Sackboy arms?4dirts79702009-12-29 15:08:00
Where are levels stored?3theamilien2009-12-29 12:20:00
USB Problems D:4Incinerator222009-12-28 19:50:00
Close checkpoints????????'10Itzanma2009-12-28 18:55:00
Missing three items on Cursed Bay (not the 4x, I've got those)6TheBigBlueFrog2009-12-28 17:03:00
Help creating a complicated scoring system3Nuclearfish2009-12-28 12:39:00
Dead Controller?5Incinerator222009-12-28 02:55:00
Lbp crashes every time I play27theamilien2009-12-28 00:27:00
online8Unknown User2009-12-27 19:58:00
Popit won't work?6Hullabaloo2009-12-27 17:56:00
Creation Queries!!14Apu2009-12-27 17:29:00
A couple questions on my first level6Jadzia2009-12-27 14:42:00
Music for Credits8POLLOePILLA2009-12-27 14:30:00
Colours on Materials w/o Stickers?11Fail2009-12-26 23:04:00
qeustion5Unknown User2009-12-26 19:22:00
Grid Shifting12Pete19912009-12-26 16:14:00
I have water, but I didn't buy the pack!16shaymin132009-12-24 16:31:00
Logic pack, piston/winch question.12Sputnik_152009-12-24 14:04:00
Grabbable size, possibly a glitch?10Unknown User2009-12-24 11:40:00
Problem solved - Lock please mods6kirbyman622009-12-24 10:55:00
A bit of logic trouble.15Unknown User2009-12-24 04:29:00
Cursed bay = can't complete 100% for some people?23RangerZero2009-12-24 03:33:00
please help I think my profile got corrupt3pilrag2009-12-24 03:16:00
PotC Pack2srgt_poptart2009-12-24 02:30:00
my lbp save is gone :(3ryder3562009-12-24 02:19:00
Tips for Score-Chasing Survival Trophies8Sack-Jake2009-12-24 01:31:00
water pack question14Unknown User2009-12-23 07:30:00
Material Pattern Orientation4fullofwin2009-12-23 05:53:00
Port Royal 100% Completion5LittleBigDave2009-12-23 04:47:00
Water Pack Create Question...13fullofwin2009-12-23 02:54:00
PotC not here10Schwem002009-12-22 14:00:00
Thermo problems.6The Gentleman2009-12-22 09:05:00
1.23 Update went all weird10Snappyguy2009-12-22 03:45:00
Level Ideas- Full details please3Unknown User2009-12-21 05:17:00
Emitter Settings6Murphy19762009-12-21 03:05:00
Charges and Land Mines5SPONGMONKEY562009-12-20 23:41:00
How do I view my XP points?3psman0122009-12-20 16:54:00
I need 100% of Prizes in Story Mode and MGS Pack.Can anyone help?2AbstractFlesh2009-12-20 01:55:00
Logic Directional Switch for a Cannon4Unknown User2009-12-19 15:30:00
A DLC Question16MegaRock352009-12-18 14:08:00
Finally got my new PS3, but...9Ungreth2009-12-18 11:32:00
A little confuzzled on a door i'm creating...6CHuG2009-12-17 23:23:00
Could anyone find this thread for me please?3Sackwise2009-12-17 00:14:00
Game Create Error = loss of level + friends3ladylyn12009-12-16 23:01:00
Story Level disappearance?9MrsSpookyBuz2009-12-16 19:43:00
I need an instrumental loop done.10Astrosimi2009-12-14 21:39:00
Need someone with a HD capture card to help me! (Not a video!)9alexbull_uk2009-12-14 20:34:00
Brains wont die3Tomo0092009-12-14 10:52:00
How to transfer picture into LBP4divemonkey12009-12-14 04:58:00
LBP Store and MGS4 Pack Problem!12vintagehead2009-12-14 03:37:00
Americana themed level: Need help with a song4Fertile Decline2009-12-13 21:08:00
A Question about Opening/Closing Doors4Unknown User2009-12-13 18:02:00
Publishing WIPs?7Grimdour2009-12-13 17:58:00
Creature Bug8Darth J4642009-12-13 17:33:00
Sprinting(or walking fast) mech help3Unknown User2009-12-13 17:17:00
Quickfire Trophy Help21Sack-Jake2009-12-12 22:38:00
How do i make a space Shuttle fly?2geddez122009-12-12 22:12:00
bipedal mech help6theamilien2009-12-12 17:17:00
How do the "Cool Levels" get chosen?10drei2009-12-12 06:47:00
AHHH!!! Corrupted save data! Need help Aceing4bob is named bob2009-12-11 22:46:00
Train Levels5Grimdour2009-12-11 17:17:00
Lbpc question6Joshofsouls2009-12-11 14:28:00
Need Logic Help (not for the feint of heart)13thefrozenpenquin2009-12-11 14:27:00
combonation lock5Adrian9022009-12-11 03:56:00
anyone have a eyetoy2The_Lil_JoKeR2009-12-11 02:53:00
Is it worth republishing? Is it worth editing an old level?25TheAdipose2009-12-10 13:41:00
Controller won't sync to system..9Tomvis2009-12-10 03:58:00
Looking for suggestions.13Unknown User2009-12-09 21:37:00
change 1 song to a next 1?6Unknown User2009-12-08 23:21:00
Large peacock feather not working ingame9Luos_832009-12-08 18:46:00
Sackboy's head hangs down the whole time10oldage2009-12-08 17:10:00
Talking sackpeople in cut-scene's?29Luos_832009-12-08 14:17:00
Remitter help4thefrozenpenquin2009-12-08 08:07:00
Scoreboard glich help plz7Unknown User2009-12-08 02:24:00
Playstation EYE question9blackwiggle2009-12-08 01:41:00
Trophy Help!3iliathebest2009-12-08 00:29:00
keyboard problem10Spawner1AndOnly2009-12-07 22:59:00
My level completion problem7drei2009-12-07 06:47:00
DLC other than stickers and costumes9LittleBigDave2009-12-07 05:53:00
Profile problem?10Unknown User2009-12-06 12:58:00
Ahhh!! NO SOUND!!!9Joshofsouls2009-12-06 11:03:00
Hero outfit3Unknown User2009-12-05 20:18:00
As simple as; an elevator.6Risumm2009-12-05 20:15:00
"Laggy" Create mode popit cursor.6Snappyguy2009-12-05 12:18:00
Can anyone make: The Song of Storms ?9Syroc2009-12-05 11:15:00
Import from 'Save Data Utility' and 'USB-Stick'5Unknown User2009-12-04 14:29:00
Mario Brothers 3 music8thefrozenpenquin2009-12-03 21:48:00
LBP & MGS 100% aced savegame (EU)16Luos_832009-12-03 13:29:00
Need help with Something D:4Unknown User2009-12-03 11:30:00
Doll Object?7HalfSwiss2009-12-02 21:32:00
LBP sack health bar help!!!!5The_K00lDude2009-12-02 19:36:00
Resetable Sackboy tracker5GruntosUK2009-12-02 14:54:00
constant freezing6kodymcq2009-12-02 03:14:00
Plasma Switches and Other GotY Questions16MegaRock352009-12-01 17:58:00
How do I change the color of dissolve material?12Unknown User2009-12-01 04:45:00
A question about pistons...4Doopz2009-11-30 21:18:00
Leerdammer update - save game corrupt7Dhawken2009-11-30 13:02:00
Odd item question...8Hamlet2009-11-30 03:22:00
Noob looking for an editable thin thick glitch object6LittleBigIj2009-11-29 21:06:00
I can't connect to players!!!7Doopz2009-11-28 10:18:00
community level bandwith usage3Unknown User2009-11-28 05:41:00
Help with psp first week shirt5Mangarocks142009-11-28 03:02:00
Help level curroption problemsss....again.2drei2009-11-27 19:02:00
How do you get the level save stickers2acdramon2009-11-27 16:15:00
Help!! Level Raiders? /:(3drei2009-11-27 05:59:00
Help With Grid Gates4piggabling2009-11-26 14:51:00
Multiplayer-Grab-Switch-Problem [Problem solved]5foellers2009-11-26 14:09:00
The Countdown switch3sheepy1102009-11-26 01:22:00
Stickers that look like the various material4enodrawkcab2009-11-25 21:37:00
Nooo! My account!8Joshofsouls2009-11-25 18:47:00
Littlebigplanet InfoMoon question4Doopz2009-11-25 17:15:00
How to make moving platforms triggered by paint?7RangerZero2009-11-25 04:59:00
Who wants to help get the Party Person Trophy?!2Duffluc2009-11-25 02:53:00
How does Quick Play work?12zabel992009-11-25 00:41:00
Help!!!2Unknown User2009-11-24 14:39:00
Where can you get this item?7warlord_evil2009-11-24 01:14:00
Question: Start Gate (race) 1/3 or 2/3 layer [ANSWER HAS BEEN GIVEN]1Unknown User2009-11-23 22:13:00
Start Gate (race)10Unknown User2009-11-23 21:24:00
0-9 number stickers?12GreyMRP2009-11-23 17:16:00
How do i upload screenshots from lbp here?3Unknown User2009-11-23 14:29:00
Dialogues / Cut-Scenes8TOBSn082009-11-23 12:31:00
Changing the name of a level in LBPCentral3Duffluc2009-11-23 02:22:00
Entrance Title?5Ticklethis2752009-11-22 19:20:00
Piston issue3Spider-Jew2009-11-22 16:52:00
What is the best level kit to get?10The-Matt-Effect2009-11-22 16:12:00
I can't think5Outlaw-Jack2009-11-22 09:32:00
Tutorials?2srgt_poptart2009-11-22 03:16:00
Please help! Freezing sticker glitch5drei2009-11-21 20:49:00
Atmosphere4Chuk_Chuk2009-11-21 18:00:00
Shredded controller - Analog stick cover thingy14v0rtex2009-11-21 17:48:00
Train level track emitter help.3Unknown User2009-11-20 21:20:00
Oops13springs862009-11-20 18:08:00
How do I get the death ray?2IMB2009-11-20 06:23:00
Help! Insipration needed.5Frogmeister2009-11-20 00:52:00
Puzzled11thefrozenpenquin2009-11-19 20:41:00
Strange, surprising or unpredicted object behaviour?49Treas2009-11-19 17:28:00
Moving a checkpoint long distances11Duffluc2009-11-19 03:10:00
update 1.20 fixing glitches?7d0gMa2009-11-18 08:02:00
20 hours of level creation GONE7d0gMa2009-11-18 07:06:00
Global Lighting Tool.5TooManyToasters2009-11-18 04:14:00
Rocket Car Canopy Trouble7Haleys_Papa2009-11-17 17:57:00
Complex Material Problem20Haleys_Papa2009-11-17 00:07:00
Magic Mouth Help Needed........10Haleys_Papa2009-11-16 22:54:00
Piston help!?4springs862009-11-16 20:31:00
The definitive 'Creating help' thread5Unknown User2009-11-16 16:58:00
Need help with a boss5IMB2009-11-16 09:13:00
Question about water4IMB2009-11-16 04:13:00
diolouge help2solid-snake2009-11-15 22:51:00
weight problems7theamilien2009-11-14 13:04:00
Multiple Paint-Switches hit by a single Paintball6Treas2009-11-14 11:42:00
Large winch's and pistons8theamilien2009-11-13 20:02:00
Just A Quick Question.........4Haleys_Papa2009-11-13 15:46:00
Soundtrack Request, Musicians needed!8Kn0cked-0ut2009-11-13 13:30:00
NHL Team Stickers4Haleys_Papa2009-11-13 01:27:00
Changing Profile Colours5Haleys_Papa2009-11-13 00:06:00
The strange invisible lines......4theamilien2009-11-12 16:37:00
Please help! Mechanical horse needed.3Haleys_Papa2009-11-12 15:42:00
a little help please :)7goldfish20092009-11-12 11:23:00
How can I get my LBP pictures on the internet?4JawboneX2009-11-12 00:04:00
Making A StockPile System - Need Assistance7KlawwTheClown2009-11-11 21:34:00
wheel aligning to prevent wobbling9thanatos9892009-11-11 05:07:00
Two questions..two questions that decide the fate of that puppy!!2Testudini2009-11-11 01:44:00
Ropes' physics8Risumm2009-11-10 20:05:00
Starshell Flare Problem12Haleys_Papa2009-11-10 15:19:00
Can't Decide On A Name.....14Haleys_Papa2009-11-10 14:26:00
Emitting itself forever issue2Unknown User2009-11-09 02:12:00
Save/Backup question8Unknown User2009-11-08 22:26:00
Springboards5Kern2009-11-08 11:06:00
Empty Level Syndrome13Coxy2242009-11-07 14:39:00
The HELP! answer thread!6Tawarf2009-11-07 13:19:00
F4F--Help please.2FPNE_RocketKID2009-11-07 03:08:00
Level Block8Littlebigdude8052009-11-05 03:33:00
PSN down?1L0l_L0l-2009-11-05 01:14:00
Unavailable Inspiration9warlord_evil2009-11-04 22:52:00
What is the title of music playing during tutorials of editor6Unknown User2009-11-04 16:26:00
Tree Material5dawesbr2009-11-04 15:41:00
how do you like my new avvie?9theswweet2009-11-04 04:34:00
This thread is in need of a locking of the thread variety9TheMarvelousHat2009-11-03 22:41:00
Problems with enemy cannon recoil.11AlvaroShiokawa2009-11-03 21:01:00
Speed controlled logic9v0rtex2009-11-03 06:54:00
i can't see scores!!!6Unknown User2009-11-03 04:13:00
re-publishing level?4Unknown User2009-11-03 02:59:00
Soundless Death6Risumm2009-11-02 20:15:00
Help with stickers on costumes8Tomvis2009-11-02 15:36:00
logic gate5solid-snake2009-11-02 04:26:00
Sticker Switches and Logic5Draggy2009-11-01 08:33:00
Website Help!?5Sompurplequy7002009-11-01 05:33:00
Black Textures Bug?20Gilgamesh2009-11-01 03:12:00
Trophy Help Please2WickeDMirage2009-11-01 00:30:00
new cp respawn without moving cp/entrance?7Unknown User2009-11-01 00:21:00
ears with ragdoll kung fu?3Kern2009-10-30 21:11:00
Missing dungaree pants1enodrawkcab2009-10-30 15:15:00
Layer Detection?7Draggy2009-10-30 13:17:00
corruption... NO!14Kern2009-10-29 22:54:00
How does the scoring system work?40LittleBigDave2009-10-28 19:36:00
Posting a Video In a Thread12ApellesJr2009-10-28 17:39:00
i think i broke lbp7solid-snake2009-10-28 01:59:00
Help With Forest Atmosphere11piggabling2009-10-28 01:02:00
Simultaeneous Switch?12iiiijujube2009-10-27 12:49:00
There is too much complexity in this area of your level6Unknown User2009-10-26 10:08:00
Story ideas?10Kn0cked-0ut2009-10-26 09:18:00
I need help with some combination logic6Unknown User2009-10-26 07:53:00
The best OR-gate24Chamion B2009-10-25 18:38:00
LBP is full of saving bugs. Here's how to NOT lose your work.17RangerZero2009-10-25 18:01:00
How do I do this?10Phthalo2009-10-24 17:37:00
What is better (about timing in a level)14Unknown User2009-10-24 05:50:00
Lift/elevator and crane operation controls - SOLVED!21Teebonesy2009-10-23 03:06:00
help, making objects appear without emiters16springs862009-10-22 10:57:00
Need help from my musical friends...5Spider-Jew2009-10-22 06:27:00
Straight Fire Plasma from Moving Emitter13Unknown User2009-10-21 23:35:00
Resizing Checkpoints/Entrance Doesn't Work Now?7Unknown User2009-10-21 22:01:00
Hardest Survival Challenge Ever Help5lbpholic2009-10-21 11:34:00
Brain hazard glitch?1tru3_skitz02009-10-21 04:23:00
The jugs puzzle8Kn0cked-0ut2009-10-20 22:41:00
Boss battles?9Kn0cked-0ut2009-10-20 15:32:00
Making another psn account7Fenderjt2009-10-20 12:53:00
Circle of Doom?11srgt_poptart2009-10-20 04:42:00
Demitter Help6Drakora2009-10-19 23:53:00
I need Ideas for my levels3Unknown User2009-10-19 02:30:00
Custom Siganture3srgt_poptart2009-10-19 00:12:00
Theme Ideas HELP!!!!5amuseme5432009-10-18 20:10:00
3D Glitch Help3Sonic54112009-10-18 18:59:00
New Player, Emitter Question!7TallMike1012009-10-18 17:51:00
Bikes?3srgt_poptart2009-10-18 08:46:00
Syncing Sounds17srgt_poptart2009-10-18 06:34:00
Pay for a prize bubble?5Sunrise_Moon2009-10-18 01:02:00
$20 to burn on lbp. What would you recommend?23enodrawkcab2009-10-17 21:55:00
is it possible...?5Danielcastro2009-10-17 18:37:00
Demitter(?) problems14Unknown User2009-10-16 19:36:00
Killing a brain via switch8julesyjules2009-10-16 13:05:00
wats with da rep???2theswweet2009-10-16 04:13:00
Turn on and Speed up?4blacknumbers2009-10-14 21:20:00
cogs/gears4solid-snake2009-10-14 19:38:00
Drivers Seat?1Sunrise_Moon2009-10-14 18:19:00
same old survival challenges! >:(2theswweet2009-10-14 15:36:00
Reduce Logic Boards Meter Level6rz22g2009-10-14 14:20:00
Getting points for killing a creature8Fenderjt2009-10-14 12:35:00
How to delete LBP Messages?17Finkle2009-10-14 00:13:00
Help! I suck at making people!11DAMAGE_INC912009-10-13 23:40:00
That Font Level???5GruntosUK2009-10-13 22:21:00
Combination Lock15Powershifter2009-10-13 17:48:00
Titles???5shadowwolf362009-10-13 13:10:00
Winding up a lever to raise a gate37aer0blue2009-10-13 10:43:00
um what?3UncreativeUserName2009-10-13 06:00:00
turn it off or leave it on?!?!5Littlebigdude8052009-10-13 03:03:00
Waterfall7rseah2009-10-13 01:16:00
Corner Editor Being all Weird...5Sunrise_Moon2009-10-12 22:44:00
Inactive Player5NXTManiac2009-10-12 20:11:00
Crane help8AwesomeStuff2009-10-12 19:57:00
Help creating a scanner2Unknown User2009-10-12 19:34:00
The Share Trophy.4johnrose902009-10-12 16:13:00
Layer Glitch!6warlord_evil2009-10-12 03:00:00
Wheres the stinking arcade!!! :(8theswweet2009-10-11 21:11:00
User CP clicky no activation6Noremac4692009-10-11 20:59:00
ideas for base?9sillent assass_in2009-10-11 20:52:00
Need a custom banner6Jagrevi2009-10-11 18:19:00
moving objects into the extra layers16theamilien2009-10-11 17:01:00
Is this random?12waD_Delma2009-10-11 09:27:00
Can't cut my level10OmegaSlayer2009-10-11 07:48:00
Enemies8rseah2009-10-11 07:03:00
I'm making a clock3thefrozenpenquin2009-10-11 03:20:00
Oddworld episode 3: Angels of Destruction (REVAMPED) boss team5acdramon2009-10-10 23:27:00
Connection type warning9siccology2009-10-10 21:32:00
Opening closed doors11GrindPrix2009-10-10 20:24:00
LBP10 Mighty Mite Tank Level8rz22g2009-10-10 00:50:00
Need some help guys :(6Unknown User2009-10-09 21:09:00
Need some help with a couple of things7Caveman2009-10-09 19:38:00
Larger Avatars9TheJollyRajah2009-10-09 13:07:00
Invisble Material5AgentBanana2009-10-08 21:12:00
Blog topics.3chezhead2009-10-08 04:17:00
Global Weather help8AwesomeStuff2009-10-08 03:50:00
No LBP dlc in playstation store, Only demo appears?3AwesomeStuff2009-10-08 03:16:00
Supir Ossim Ackshun Chaes seen!3TheMarvelousHat2009-10-08 02:57:00
Please help... costume glitch!!!15tru3_skitz02009-10-07 22:58:00
Filming levels8Fenderjt2009-10-07 13:46:00
Help with lighting11Unknown User2009-10-07 10:18:00
Can any read music?6King_Tubb2009-10-07 01:31:00
How to make a book?9Finkle2009-10-06 14:53:00
Help with springboard3HOLLYWOOD2342009-10-06 07:03:00
How to make a hoverboard?10Sunrise_Moon2009-10-05 23:43:00
User levels containing real-life prize stickers7skyway732009-10-05 20:38:00
How to make a piston move 1 way once8skyway732009-10-05 20:14:00
Help with Names and Concepts.12chezhead2009-10-05 01:45:00
People Can't Find My level12DAMAGE_INC912009-10-04 21:43:00
WHAT! how did he get more plays then me!53Tawarf2009-10-04 14:34:00
Teleporter Freezing my Level2lionhart1802009-10-03 23:55:00
Need Ideas3AliBoy12009-10-03 20:41:00
Help gathering the last few items in story mode...2Unknown User2009-10-03 18:32:00
"Error Connecting to Server:403"14L0l_L0l-2009-10-02 23:51:00
Capture Object bug15robbit102009-10-02 08:39:00
Where can I get this material?7robbit102009-10-02 08:28:00
Auto Points?4SupaSack342009-10-02 01:29:00
the hair glitch?6gofurr360z2009-10-01 23:19:00
boss help10inferedmonkey2009-10-01 23:13:00
Water please?8Kn0cked-0ut2009-10-01 22:13:00
levels show case help2gadoidao2009-10-01 21:05:00
Start and finish lines5SupaSack342009-10-01 20:32:00
Making a crazy train5WimWam2009-10-01 17:15:00
Angle sensitivity16thefrozenpenquin2009-10-01 11:04:00
My object isn't mine?10warlord_evil2009-10-01 03:54:00
Pistons5pm317b2009-10-01 01:35:00
Creating a katakana font (?), style questions.6waffleking232009-09-30 23:10:00
cardboard mask3siccology2009-09-30 00:05:00
cant connect5siccology2009-09-29 20:43:00
Urgent Help Needed!!!!!!!4snowyjoe2009-09-29 10:52:00
Water Beta Redeem Issue8slayer15512009-09-28 22:40:00
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh pistons!12roux-2009-09-28 21:05:00
I need help! with something in my pod! glitch?8comoutsid3222009-09-28 00:26:00
Halpz!! Publishing Locked Levels.9Rustbukkit2009-09-27 20:33:00
that freakin crome2solid-snake2009-09-27 15:00:00
A Crack in my LBP Disc20baosing2009-09-27 14:35:00
Weird Glitch Related to Un-Glue Glitch4Plasmavore2009-09-27 12:07:00
cant find the key to the last side-level5gofurr360z2009-09-27 01:48:00
Pinpoint Scoreboard Activation5Jagrevi2009-09-27 00:13:00
disappearing friend list.. and other PS3 problems..11Joey2009-09-26 21:49:00
emitter problems4Unknown User2009-09-26 20:11:00
winch zipline2theamilien2009-09-26 12:53:00
10'000 plays in one night, and the level ISN'T in cool levels page one!51lil-klash162009-09-26 12:49:00
Level Showcase Help!2Unknown User2009-09-26 12:39:00
multi rising stairs12theamilien2009-09-25 19:50:00
Comissioning Difficulty selector4thefrozenpenquin2009-09-25 10:10:00
On Impact Switch?6Sunrise_Moon2009-09-24 22:55:00
Question about creating a costume8IronSackboyMan2009-09-24 19:07:00
What makes levels lag?15lifeiscrapislife2009-09-24 11:37:00
Is there any way to colour string?8Unknown User2009-09-24 09:52:00
materials needed2nightwing2009-09-23 09:25:00
story telling4nightwing2009-09-23 09:19:00
Goods sites for uploading pictures13thefrozenpenquin2009-09-23 03:58:00
Light but undestroyable material?22snowyjoe2009-09-23 03:20:00
Doors10rseah2009-09-23 02:26:00
making a TV..........12Unknown User2009-09-22 23:40:00
Look at the size of that!11SPONGMONKEY562009-09-22 17:21:00
HOw do i make Falling platforms9Deno30002009-09-22 11:50:00
Layer Glitch2ladylyn12009-09-22 11:47:00
Wanted: Criticism on my Vehicle4thefrozenpenquin2009-09-22 09:01:00
Thermo management11OmegaSlayer2009-09-22 07:09:00
How to know if I completed all the tutorials?8admiralsfan2009-09-22 02:58:00
killzone pack3theamilien2009-09-21 15:52:00
Sackboy getting squished in flying vehicle6bungief2009-09-21 15:03:00
Activating a SPS5snowyjoe2009-09-21 09:22:00
question3rseah2009-09-20 21:39:00
The Thermometer: Sackboy's Worst Enemy19SPONGMONKEY562009-09-20 18:46:00
Undecided Experience Points5Littlebigdude8052009-09-20 03:53:00
A problem of monster proportions...12Unknown User2009-09-20 01:24:00
item size help12rseah2009-09-20 00:08:00
About Republishing Without Deleting Original Level12BooboosPiggy2009-09-19 23:39:00
how do you get rid of annoying shadows?13mattbru772009-09-19 19:01:00
Logic problem21Nuclearfish2009-09-19 18:28:00
Decorate my pod!4roux-2009-09-19 16:29:00
Images5warlord_evil2009-09-19 07:01:00
Gigantic Creature Eye Balls5snowyjoe2009-09-19 06:49:00
Does Anyone Know About Creator Pack 2?8BooboosPiggy2009-09-19 02:01:00
Activating a health bar....5snowyjoe2009-09-19 00:11:00
One Shot On The Global Settings Switch?6KlawwTheClown2009-09-18 23:16:00
Lava Rock Secret Item! How do I find it?15SPONGMONKEY562009-09-18 22:12:00
Stiff Pistons....don't go against gravity?5snowyjoe2009-09-18 13:32:00
Score board help9ladylyn12009-09-18 10:45:00
some minor problems5rseah2009-09-18 08:22:00
How do i make the magic mouth unseen?6Snrm2009-09-18 01:59:00
Problem at the very start16Amadan2009-09-17 11:49:00
any other forums2thefrozenpenquin2009-09-17 06:17:00
Magic Mouth4kinjodourden2009-09-17 00:53:00
Magic mouths - Making sackboy talk.26Frogmeister2009-09-16 23:02:00
new to LBPC, was wanting info on building a lock15Jalabaster2009-09-16 04:03:00
How to make things drive upside down?6admiralsfan2009-09-16 02:36:00
Need to make a piston move in and out...11jackofcourse2009-09-16 01:10:00
Help!!!!What's Wrong?10PurpleAddiction2009-09-15 20:49:00
I need friends for Collector's Lair x4 challenge3xpire882009-09-15 09:24:00
Turn off spot light?12snowyjoe2009-09-15 03:38:00
Gets a high activty and number of posts?48King_Tubb2009-09-14 23:18:00
how do you make safes8inferedmonkey2009-09-14 23:01:00
Can somebody send me this?7TheMarvelousHat2009-09-14 22:37:00
Q about global lighting item6SirGreenDay2009-09-14 21:31:00
Paint switch resetting11adlingtont2009-09-14 21:11:00
Help! I've vanished off the face of the earth! Well... Little Big Planet5olit1232009-09-14 00:02:00
Please help a retard, newbie with an asthetcus question8SirGreenDay2009-09-13 21:54:00
Dissolving doors??7SirGreenDay2009-09-13 19:06:00
Best flying material? How to make bigger flying objects?6bungief2009-09-13 17:23:00
Somthing Fluffy....8snowyjoe2009-09-13 11:29:00
Need help with both avatar and signature8moonwire2009-09-13 11:08:00
stuff3rseah2009-09-13 07:57:00
Material?3iiiijujube2009-09-13 06:27:00
3 questions5Pityflame2009-09-13 00:08:00
help with creatures5rseah2009-09-13 00:04:00
Tentacles8FlowersInHisHair2009-09-12 20:24:00
Can't hide creature brain noise anymore?19jackofcourse2009-09-12 19:57:00
Im being bullied7ladylyn12009-09-12 19:33:00
Canyons theme music5Dhawken2009-09-12 13:04:00
Help with scoreboards breaking6elzbenz2009-09-12 12:33:00
show me the ropes12Burnvictim422009-09-12 08:09:00
Error 403?15Dimo11382009-09-11 22:19:00
Multiplayer Editor Mode only on same Console?2Larres2009-09-11 11:11:00
questions about backing up LBP data2Joshofsouls2009-09-11 10:57:00
boss art2nightwing2009-09-11 08:33:00
Game of the Year 18 bonus level prize bubble guide21JKthree2009-09-11 07:46:00
Can't ace oni's volcano5Joshofsouls2009-09-11 07:21:00
Mags on My Moon?!!12LBP--Sentinel2009-09-10 22:41:00
Lighting Question5javi haguse2009-09-10 19:11:00
Sticker Switch Trigger not appearing in inventory!12Unknown User2009-09-10 09:30:00
How do you change the thing below your name?5chezhead2009-09-10 05:00:00
transporting a player3inferedmonkey2009-09-10 04:03:00
space prison background ideas6nightwing2009-09-09 22:01:00
jet pack plane5Dhawken2009-09-09 15:37:00
New Waterworld level broken11mistervista2009-09-08 22:29:00
possible game problem!2Bulbasore2009-09-08 21:59:00
Teleporter Trouble!12SPONGMONKEY562009-09-08 19:44:00
I can not upload a gif1manixbmw2009-09-08 12:38:00
The check point is in the way....11snowyjoe2009-09-08 11:45:00
Making backrounds???3SirGreenDay2009-09-08 04:43:00
So...when's the water beta gonna start....?3Ragfell2009-09-08 03:38:00
Newbue help needed. How do you change backround color?8SirGreenDay2009-09-08 03:03:00
AAAHHHH!!! i lost my costumes!1Joshofsouls2009-09-08 01:51:00
why cant levels be found by searching8Dhawken2009-09-07 21:25:00
i've done everything and still not able to play lbp online. please please read help17arnegp2009-09-07 20:26:00
Re: copying save data to a second profile3Ungreth2009-09-07 12:18:00
LBPC Banners6acdramon2009-09-07 05:47:00
A few q's concerning new update and tutorials3SirGreenDay2009-09-07 04:43:00
how do you get pictures from your lbp profile9Joshofsouls2009-09-07 03:53:00
Q about "My Moon" and levels5SirGreenDay2009-09-06 23:19:00
A guy iz harassing me...34lil-klash162009-09-06 20:51:00
Help with a keypad!6Incinerator222009-09-06 15:56:00
would anyone like to help me with this3Unknown User2009-09-06 14:00:00
Need Help On Getting Items And Aceing Levels4Unknown User2009-09-06 13:56:00
Thermo fluctuations7croissantbuncake2009-09-06 12:44:00
Naming my Level6Shris2009-09-06 03:26:00
Slow Motion?8Kn0cked-0ut2009-09-05 23:13:00
Creative way of getting from point A to point B14iiiijujube2009-09-05 23:09:00
Adding some spice to your levels - Any tips?7Unknown User2009-09-05 23:05:00
Is this Still Possible?9Sunrise_Moon2009-09-05 17:23:00
Acing the bosses on storymode ?5jbrist2009-09-05 17:13:00
Opening Ports?4Crowlerzors2009-09-05 13:51:00
LBP GOTY help...12RobbieT_42009-09-05 09:23:00
"Failed to Load Level"2kinjodourden2009-09-05 00:00:00
Renaming emitted object11Dhawken2009-09-04 20:08:00
Republishing whilst someones playing9Dhawken2009-09-04 19:47:00
Looking for some composers!17Oerjeke2009-09-04 18:55:00
Weak pistons14croissantbuncake2009-09-04 17:55:00
Emitter Vehicle and Gravity Equilbrium?6King_Tubb2009-09-04 16:26:00
How to get awards3acdramon2009-09-04 04:13:00
Is there a Way of making Magnets?14SackBoy982009-09-04 02:25:00
costumes3MADANI_G2009-09-04 00:30:00
Sackboy using weapons?6Kn0cked-0ut2009-09-03 23:45:00
?objects can be compressed as?14manixbmw2009-09-03 22:47:00
Help out my friend5Crowlerzors2009-09-02 22:25:00
Little letterbox screen size help6Unknown User2009-09-02 21:46:00
long piston set to 'in' flipper27Maeode2009-09-02 19:52:00
3 hearts needed. please help!13RedSoakedSponge2009-09-02 19:43:00
What is this bulls***?!?!?! Level Deleted Randomly9Aurongel2009-09-02 17:33:00
Help with making an Intro5Plasmavore2009-09-02 14:38:00
3.00 update problems!3ViDi--ViCi2009-09-01 21:59:00
HELP - Music Problems (Staccato)8Jagrevi2009-09-01 16:05:00
Pistons: delay + premature rebound issues5Ungreth2009-09-01 13:18:00
Mountains4detlik2009-09-01 11:18:00
Steampunk!? Anyone know any?16snowyjoe2009-09-01 07:29:00
USB keyboard question5*tc*2009-09-01 03:35:00
Oh teh noes. I have conundrum.9TheMarvelousHat2009-09-01 03:31:00
Third Party Cameras in LBP5BassDeluxe2009-08-31 23:03:00
LBPC logo11moonwire2009-08-31 17:49:00
My locked levels stopped locking!12Unreal_Styrofoam2009-08-31 14:22:00
Can't take the plunge and make a level :/18lilwormy2009-08-30 23:23:00
Obstacels?6Kn0cked-0ut2009-08-30 18:19:00
Falling flower petals5Dragonpurse2009-08-30 13:36:00
Could a mod please delete this thread?1King_Tubb2009-08-30 04:20:00
Something about Stickers18Noka2009-08-29 22:02:00
MediaMolecules Twitter4SlinkDewar2009-08-29 21:29:00
Can I still get in the WATER beta?14chezhead2009-08-29 20:43:00
Custom Sackcostumes10ChristmasJew2009-08-29 18:58:00
LBP Bug, please help!10SavagePepper2009-08-29 18:33:00
Bo-Bomb Logic Help17Drakora2009-08-29 17:39:00
I need help for my new project7ghostrider1352009-08-29 14:53:00
My level and psn won't show up in lbp search! HELP19NoVaKaiN162009-08-29 00:31:00
Help!6springs862009-08-28 22:08:00
HELP!! strange PS3 crashing situation here!4Altair19112009-08-28 22:00:00
Legs16detlik2009-08-28 14:57:00
change of materials7detlik2009-08-28 13:14:00
psn wallet7theamilien2009-08-28 10:56:00
Failure To Update Games On PS34ChristmasJew2009-08-28 06:56:00
Can't Register at MNRCentral4baahas2009-08-28 06:40:00
Adventure/Mystery4LEW_jeane2009-08-27 17:29:00
Need tip18detlik2009-08-27 12:26:00
Making your level popular9Dragonpurse2009-08-27 10:49:00
A final boss4robbit102009-08-27 07:49:00
how do you stop music from playing11Xegethra2009-08-27 04:49:00
Possible Corruption5Drakora2009-08-27 01:53:00
Drawing before level creation?17Rapidkirby3k2009-08-27 01:49:00
Shaping9detlik2009-08-27 01:21:00
Syncronisation?5Jedi_19932009-08-26 23:01:00
100% complete10ghostrider1352009-08-26 12:11:00
Custom Sticker Removal locks up PS327Morgana252009-08-26 08:27:00
ps3 fails to turn on.. and LBP disc stuck inside21Joey2009-08-25 21:24:00
Can't connect to littlebigplanet server on certain account7Megalith Head2009-08-25 18:16:00
I Have Two questions10Dardar072009-08-25 09:06:00
Paintballs to Kill Creature Brain7Unknown User2009-08-25 03:43:00
how do you add details to charecters11inferedmonkey2009-08-25 03:41:00
can't view my Level Thread3Unknown User2009-08-25 01:33:00
Logic Problem7Jagrevi2009-08-25 00:10:00
Sound Speakers working intermittently17mistervista2009-08-24 16:04:00
Gravity Problem, Slope Experiment19Roanoake2009-08-24 10:55:00
How is the extra-layers glitch used?6Silverleon2009-08-23 22:46:00
Terminator part3Kn0cked-0ut2009-08-23 20:57:00
Making a teleporter7iiiijujube2009-08-23 09:49:00
Creating a high-quality level15robbit102009-08-23 08:45:00
Resetting a platform8Shris2009-08-23 07:44:00
Piston Help... plz!!!6*EliteNinja*2009-08-23 00:53:00
So, I found a zero gravity level...3Ragfell2009-08-23 00:19:00
Randon- Randomnier- Randomizer10Adam90012009-08-22 20:17:00
Vulnerable creature brain and plasma5rtm2232009-08-22 20:05:00
Wobble bolts stopped working7Nuclearfish2009-08-22 18:28:00
Expert Creator ??2RYU812009-08-22 15:32:00
Killing through Magnetic switch3Dragonpurse2009-08-22 10:21:00
Combining music editors?7Professor2009-08-22 01:34:00
Sitting on LBP17L0l_L0l-2009-08-22 00:32:00
A question about epilepsy and levels7robbit102009-08-21 23:44:00
Letters11Roanoake2009-08-21 23:40:00
LittleBigLand "Type" Dialogue Help4Mikal2009-08-21 22:22:00
Music people needed!2Kn0cked-0ut2009-08-21 14:38:00
Directional and On/off on 1 Motor?4snowyjoe2009-08-21 12:33:00
2p trackers ?10darkrysaor2009-08-21 10:23:00
Pendulum?12iiiijujube2009-08-21 08:22:00
Donation Question?10Deviantgeek2009-08-21 06:24:00
Hmm...so if we can send our points via profile...5Zhion59912009-08-21 01:59:00
downloading pictures or w/e...3ViDi--ViCi2009-08-20 23:59:00
Which is better for a race?4Unknown User2009-08-20 15:20:00
Dissolving Creations6Dragonpurse2009-08-20 14:21:00
Turning Sackboy7Plasmavore2009-08-20 09:28:00
Puzzling help5thefrozenpenquin2009-08-20 09:11:00
About Uncle Jalepeno...6iiiijujube2009-08-20 03:59:00
Pictures Of My SackBoy??6iKeemooo2009-08-20 01:21:00
Glue vs. rods?15slutzinc2009-08-19 19:44:00
Simultaneous Grab Switch?5Unknown User2009-08-19 00:48:00
how do i upload images?4Xegethra2009-08-19 00:24:00
LittleBigPlanet Font?19Ryutei2009-08-18 23:49:00
MGS4 Level Loading issues5Ouren2009-08-18 21:07:00
Re-publishing question15julesyjules2009-08-18 14:15:00
Would you know what to do?6Dhawken2009-08-18 14:07:00
I need help16Pityflame2009-08-18 06:05:00
Having trouble making something16Roanoake2009-08-18 05:45:00
Scoring question, please help!10Unknown User2009-08-17 22:47:00
Teleportation: There's something wrong.13FlameAtNight2009-08-17 18:34:00
Where can i find neon material?5Trinit2009-08-17 10:49:00
About Community Level keys9Count2009-08-17 09:28:00
So...what are these...logic switches?12Ragfell2009-08-17 06:53:00
Switches help - shouldn't be too hard4Dhawken2009-08-16 13:37:00
Piston Class7Roanoake2009-08-16 10:56:00
How do you put gas through material?14Sunrise_Moon2009-08-16 03:07:00
Need simple solution16Roanoake2009-08-16 00:31:00
making a lowrider?8Xegethra2009-08-15 12:27:00
Which Pack?13Plasmavore2009-08-15 10:20:00
How to emit objects at 0.1 secounds?11snowyjoe2009-08-15 07:26:00
Blank Photos and Object saves6Count2009-08-15 04:50:00
Unlock Multiple Locks.3Unknown User2009-08-15 02:33:00
inspiration please.8kodymcq2009-08-14 19:47:00
Goodness, I need level advice!7SLS102009-08-14 19:18:00
How to Upload Photos on a Level2Flame Dragon2009-08-14 17:51:00
Creature Brain points7SneakySteve19832009-08-14 13:15:00
Sackboy collides, objects don't?12Sunrise_Moon2009-08-14 04:29:00
Jerky Pistons & Motors - Cause...?25julesyjules2009-08-14 00:29:00
Help controlling motor bolt2Unknown User2009-08-13 23:19:00
Need some help creating some letters.14Comet Wolf2009-08-13 18:45:00
Is it ok to use the theme of Murder?13noddle1112009-08-13 14:07:00
LED Signs11goldenclaw132009-08-13 03:27:00
How to delete levels in Level Showcase3Flame Dragon2009-08-12 18:45:00
Upload?9Adam90012009-08-11 23:56:00
HP Bar (Grab hold = Depletes)5Count2009-08-11 22:23:00
Red Skin13Flame Dragon2009-08-11 20:09:00
Boss Help18ApellesJr2009-08-11 18:04:00
Sending Objects6Drakora2009-08-10 22:22:00
Want Mr Yellow Head?7XHaveNoMercyX2009-08-10 21:06:00
can not upload purchases from PSN store3louai772009-08-10 17:08:00
Key for levels6OmegaSlayer2009-08-10 16:54:00
Need help getting 100%10TH3Mitch2009-08-10 14:31:00
Ace prize6Flame Dragon2009-08-10 14:23:00
Do i Need the MGS Throphies for 100%?16Flame Dragon2009-08-09 20:24:00
Your profile could not be saved....?10Shawtymann2009-08-09 18:55:00
Unlocking every Costume part!4Calster172009-08-09 17:17:00
Emitted one shot flipper bolt not working5rtm2232009-08-09 13:32:00
Help with making a devious puzzle6theamilien2009-08-08 18:15:00
Lbp freezing and slowdown12Dexist2009-08-08 16:11:00
I need help someone please heart me.19trigun1234782009-08-08 12:02:00
Characters Needed!1resistance12009-08-07 22:14:00
pop-out sigs4siccology2009-08-07 22:05:00
3-way switch w/wenches13mRbUnNy02009-08-07 18:11:00
Removing the base from scoreboards9rtm2232009-08-07 15:57:00
Invisible Costumes!?5springs862009-08-07 14:02:00
I didn't copy! :mad:9darth6212009-08-07 05:03:00
How to download gifts from PSN messages?4StrayFelisCatus2009-08-07 01:30:00
Ps3 broke, cd stuck inside?2kodymcq2009-08-07 00:58:00
Profile help13Incinerator222009-08-06 21:19:00
Randomiser7springs862009-08-06 19:08:00
50 layer glitch?7iiiijujube2009-08-06 12:32:00
Bouncing ball7Unknown User2009-08-06 10:37:00
Download things in the mail?7SlinkDewar2009-08-06 04:25:00
Lost total inspiration.5Adam90012009-08-05 17:50:00
Help on Music!3Kn0cked-0ut2009-08-05 09:34:00
Emitting stickers13goldenclaw132009-08-05 04:03:00
stock images6siccology2009-08-05 02:29:00
Cool Levels Thread Question3javi haguse2009-08-05 01:56:00
can some one help me with boss face3The_Lil_JoKeR2009-08-04 18:13:00
I need to make a rollercoasting cart3OmegaSlayer2009-08-04 14:21:00
3 switches, 1 door?6Snappyguy2009-08-04 10:14:00
Iced wood4Adam90012009-08-03 15:48:00
Character question10L0l_L0l-2009-08-03 05:00:00
Problem Connecting with Other Players6ApellesJr2009-08-03 02:40:00
Need MAJOR layer help!11Aurongel2009-08-03 00:36:00
Massive level slowdown!10phife2112009-08-02 21:51:00
Weird glitch?8NeRdMoDe2009-08-02 07:26:00
Community Contest Prize7Zhion59912009-08-02 01:36:00
DJ Krush - Song 25Unknown User2009-07-31 22:41:00
Is there any other way to give people level keys...9dandygandy27042009-07-31 20:46:00
Angel/bird wings?8Solidcereal2009-07-31 17:14:00
Urgent rewind problem!5Adam90012009-07-31 15:46:00
Help with getting 100% in the story1skorpio2009-07-31 10:10:00
My levels and psn won't show up in lbp search! HELP O_O5Delirium2009-07-31 06:12:00
Non-permanent bridge?17Syroc2009-07-30 14:48:00
how to make ruined buildings13theamilien2009-07-30 10:44:00
How do I change my birthday on these forums?5LittleBigIan2009-07-30 07:28:00
Decription brokded? Oh noez!7TheMarvelousHat2009-07-30 06:45:00
Rating a level, no working?4Unknown User2009-07-30 03:42:00
What are F4F levels?6Flame Dragon2009-07-29 19:22:00
How to make Real Fire in Little Big Planet?5Assasinof62009-07-29 14:41:00
Fan building.12Keldur2009-07-29 12:17:00
Sinking gas7theamilien2009-07-29 11:35:00
The DLC that i need to buy?11SpiderPS32009-07-29 10:36:00
why is it that sometimes i can't attach certain switches to...26SpiderPS32009-07-29 08:22:00
The flamethrower effect9DrunkMiffy2009-07-29 03:43:00
Help With LBP8Unknown2009-07-29 02:55:00
Speed modifyer?2Ryutei2009-07-28 19:37:00
Can you see your levelson the cool pages?5Adam90012009-07-28 18:01:00
A Variable in LBP25goldenclaw132009-07-28 05:01:00
Hellllp!3Night Angel2009-07-28 02:16:00
how do you make things look furry?8SpiderPS32009-07-28 00:28:00
How to make doors...9Flame Dragon2009-07-27 17:45:00
Need Some Puzzle Ideas4SneakySteve19832009-07-27 14:11:00
"-" switch's attached to magic mouths.3Adam90012009-07-27 12:46:00
How do I send my friends a level key?7Ungreth2009-07-27 12:35:00
Keys!?2springs862009-07-27 12:18:00
Need help for 100%3Flame Dragon2009-07-27 10:55:00
is it possible to control gas?11SpiderPS32009-07-27 09:53:00
HALP!! Delay before a published level is searchable?9Fatty_Fatness2009-07-26 22:32:00
Cow glitched anything that looks like Dark matter6rtm2232009-07-26 16:28:00
I want to move my entire level how?17SpiderPS32009-07-26 10:22:00
Help!6Unknown User2009-07-25 21:07:00
How to make good zombies11Flame Dragon2009-07-25 16:59:00
Some questions, make holes etc.10LittleJohn2009-07-25 08:16:00
Need ideas !!!5phil_0032009-07-25 03:01:00
Removing zap sound from plasma ball3DAMAGE_INC912009-07-25 01:02:00
So "reversed Sticker switches" don't work?27RangerZero2009-07-25 00:52:00
How to take a screenie?3Unknown User2009-07-24 23:14:00
Problems with my lvl5Joey2009-07-24 21:46:00
Capturing Video and Screens of LBP5odiumsolo2009-07-24 14:04:00
more advanced elevator help5thefrozenpenquin2009-07-24 04:46:00
anybody have a 1 layer thick race checkpoint2thefrozenpenquin2009-07-24 04:18:00
Completing LittleBigPlanet3n0skun0ss02009-07-24 01:28:00
Party Person Help!1Sonic54112009-07-23 23:57:00
"failed to join because they have a different build date" please help!9xpurpleleadx2009-07-23 18:08:00
Square?14Chump2009-07-23 03:42:00
Roller Coaster help3N_D_F2009-07-23 02:00:00
*noob questions* title screen and progress counter help8DAMAGE_INC912009-07-22 22:24:00
I'm working on a level, need help!!15spacefox002009-07-22 21:40:00
Background help2Mitos2009-07-22 21:15:00
Monster Kit or Jon Burgerman Sticket Kit?11Whalio Cappuccino2009-07-22 21:12:00
1 Layer thick Race Checkpoints!!!!!!20springs862009-07-22 14:37:00
Exporting level icon pictures?7brnxblze2009-07-22 08:14:00
Help with lights.3Mitos2009-07-21 17:27:00
Need some help with logic15wexfordian2009-07-21 15:28:00
Simple-Medium complex-extream complex boss?19Adam90012009-07-21 14:23:00
Need a little help with ideas.11Laharlsama072009-07-21 10:13:00
magic mouth madness6Waldo2009-07-20 21:22:00
how do you use XP for contests after you buy it from the shop?3Schwem002009-07-20 16:03:00
How to get pictures on the Internet to Littlebigplanet?8Unknown User2009-07-20 01:20:00
Chinese dragon help X4 help2KrAzYGio3052009-07-20 01:14:00
Wall jump?!12Shadowheaven2009-07-19 15:34:00
Blog Catagories Not showing.1BlackToof2009-07-19 14:03:00
sky to space transition15theamilien2009-07-19 13:51:00
Lowrider help- What's between the Y Pipe and the Fruity Logo?2Unknown User2009-07-19 09:41:00
Locking a Level...9Trap_T2009-07-19 06:18:00
Corrupt data?7Adam90012009-07-18 20:02:00
How do i make invisible objects?! plz help!9*EliteNinja*2009-07-18 18:02:00
Perfect sticker cutouts8theamilien2009-07-18 11:52:00
4x parts help4Sonic54112009-07-18 04:32:00
Emitted object not disappearing after saving level6jackofcourse2009-07-18 00:49:00
LBP box head item thingy (Cardboard box on ur head)?10KrAzYGio3052009-07-17 23:19:00
LBP or BF?!13Outlaw-Jack2009-07-17 22:09:00
Having something that's emitted wired up5jackofcourse2009-07-17 21:49:00
Preloading game resources... LittleBigPlanet is going really slow for me! :(14Unknown User2009-07-17 17:43:00
A Horse6ValinKrai2009-07-17 17:40:00
Ship crash1theamilien2009-07-17 13:10:00
Too Many Levels Published!8resistance12009-07-17 13:03:00
I need help creating some sort of reset logic.3Whalio Cappuccino2009-07-17 07:53:00
Creating Vehicles.8W4VY_K1DD2009-07-17 02:14:00
Extremely annoying bug...7crazymario2009-07-17 01:01:00
I'm ******...20Night Angel2009-07-16 22:16:00
Quick help: The rocket cheetah and the LBPC sticker.14RangerZero2009-07-16 16:29:00
Desert Direction Block12Trap_T2009-07-16 11:59:00
vines. how? help!8johnrulz772009-07-15 23:20:00
Costume Help! Color Change?3DeusJt2009-07-15 23:07:00
Looking for the best logic gates available in LBP18robbit102009-07-15 17:31:00
Elevators...6dandygandy27042009-07-15 16:20:00
Noob question..... (create mode)7Adam90012009-07-15 15:33:00
Rope walk / shimmey13theamilien2009-07-15 11:14:00
Question on the Collector boss (Maybe spoilers)17springs862009-07-14 21:27:00
Enemy I made stopped moving...4dandygandy27042009-07-14 20:01:00
How do I shape that secret glowing material?12Reef19782009-07-14 16:35:00
Thermometer help7theamilien2009-07-14 13:19:00
Turning on/off searchlights7Shadowheaven2009-07-14 12:48:00
Who could help me in a level?3Trinit2009-07-14 11:59:00
Candle flames10rtm2232009-07-14 11:02:00
Elevators, speed, and more than 1 player.3robbit102009-07-14 09:49:00
Sticker switch trouble9mistervista2009-07-14 02:06:00
Text problem6pyrimidhead2009-07-14 02:02:00
Sphere like vehicle kills sackboy?8Final Recall2009-07-14 02:02:00
Costume Help Question!3DeusJt2009-07-14 01:48:00
Id like some help il be ur best friend12GRapeman12009-07-13 22:45:00
LBP editing weirdness10pandigital2009-07-13 20:52:00
WTF is up with the newest patch?!14Aurongel2009-07-13 17:26:00
Cool levels system12second--smile--2009-07-13 16:51:00
Intricate Piston Question9obsoleteXeo2009-07-13 04:24:00
Need contest ideas!5LuckyShot2009-07-13 02:56:00
My LittleBigPlanet save file says it's corrupt, but it really isn't?8Unknown User2009-07-12 20:05:00
Elevator5Spider-Jew2009-07-12 08:20:00
Grab Switch Pulley Question3tveye2009-07-12 06:51:00
Large/Small Spawn Gates8Justin Hopewell2009-07-11 23:55:00
Deleting level key from popit6Lady_Luck__7772009-07-11 23:13:00
Need help! Please11Standers372009-07-11 21:26:00
Paintanator Spamminggggggggg6snowyjoe2009-07-11 10:35:00
How do I do this?6Unknown User2009-07-11 05:35:00
Software Update?3Zhion59912009-07-10 18:39:00
Grab and hold or just grab once....12theamilien2009-07-10 18:15:00
Sounds7theamilien2009-07-10 18:11:00
H4H question7Unknown User2009-07-10 04:36:00
Grab switch help3flopalopagas_932009-07-10 02:40:00
Making a boss, having some trouble.4RadicalStan2009-07-09 23:34:00
Level aesthetics...15dandygandy27042009-07-09 17:17:00
Walking :-5TjoxYorro2009-07-09 13:46:00
Hot Air3Moo_cow2009-07-09 04:23:00
Filling up a forest.6iiiijujube2009-07-09 02:04:00
Making Good Stickers7Johnny Pteran2009-07-08 17:04:00
Photo/Uploading Help?5DeusJt2009-07-08 15:36:00
Guys i have a question?6DeusJt2009-07-08 00:44:00
This will be hard: endless tower22Shadowheaven2009-07-07 22:55:00
From A to B...from B to C12OmegaSlayer2009-07-07 21:13:00
Is there away To De-emit something??9second--smile--2009-07-07 21:04:00
Publishing Problem..9Unknown User2009-07-07 18:24:00
I hope this is in the right spot...8dandygandy27042009-07-07 15:51:00
Best way to record levels?5pandigital2009-07-07 15:41:00
Not really a question but...8pyrimidhead2009-07-07 11:16:00
Trophy Question10iiiijujube2009-07-07 07:54:00
Material's properties28Keldur2009-07-07 03:09:00
Static Image/Object Glitch4Aurongel2009-07-06 20:28:00
Idea For A Contest?2BlackHairedGoon2009-07-06 20:01:00
What exactly is the Magic Mouth text limit?21Conall-Star2009-07-06 16:43:00
A few questions3IDTL2009-07-06 08:35:00
How do you make a piston follow your sackboy?3Sunrise_Moon2009-07-05 22:44:00
How to make stickers as photos6Trinit2009-07-05 12:53:00
Emitted "scape"11OmegaSlayer2009-07-05 07:26:00
Little Big Gift Help needed4LuckyShot2009-07-04 22:46:00
Remove the Electrolyzed Blue color10gulliver492009-07-04 21:15:00
high score leader boards4theamilien2009-07-04 20:39:00
How To Import An Image Into LBP?8RickRock_7772009-07-04 17:25:00
Is it possible to stay in Grid mode?9gulliver492009-07-04 15:55:00
What/whose level is this?9brnxblze2009-07-04 08:12:00
Dyamic Item Attachment2tashi2009-07-04 07:01:00
Psn wallet heeaaaaaalp10snowyjoe2009-07-04 06:57:00
3-Way AND switch logic13v0rtex2009-07-03 23:05:00
Random Breaking11Stix4892009-07-03 09:29:00
How do you copy a copiable level?7Shennette2009-07-03 01:24:00
F4f?5Zhion59912009-07-02 23:56:00
This is Frustrating! plz help?5Unknown User2009-07-02 23:49:00
Two player four way lift.17adlingtont2009-07-02 20:11:00
Don't laugh at me....6gulliver492009-07-02 01:36:00
Annoying plane shifting problem/elevator troubles12Unknown User2009-07-01 20:05:00
The frustratingnessness of wobble bolts15theamilien2009-07-01 19:29:00
Help making a sort of canon vehicle?6blacknumbers2009-07-01 11:37:00
Piston help5iiiijujube2009-07-01 05:41:00
Where can i find?2soulreaver772009-06-30 18:55:00
Not collecting prizes5adlingtont2009-06-30 16:28:00
Slideshow?6coyote_blue2009-06-30 15:21:00
another problem :( !!4BouAbbas2009-06-30 01:06:00
Disappearing Checkpoints?9ApellesJr2009-06-29 05:21:00
Creature won't walk7Shris2009-06-28 23:29:00
"Teleporter" help3Sackmundo2009-06-28 21:01:00
Level keys...10theamilien2009-06-28 20:41:00
Help Please?7Unknown User2009-06-28 19:03:00
Issues with my level6gulliver492009-06-28 16:43:00
Unable to join other players6comphermc2009-06-27 14:00:00
How do you make those bomb survival levels?56g-1reaper22009-06-27 00:33:00
PS store Costume6soulreaver772009-06-26 20:02:00
Locked hearted levels3Lady_Luck__7772009-06-26 17:55:00
Power down4pyrimidhead2009-06-26 11:36:00
Hard to find costume pieces/skins?6StrayFelisCatus2009-06-26 07:54:00
Motorbike3Mikal2009-06-25 23:58:00
"Republish" or "New Level" for new versions?6Unknown User2009-06-25 21:32:00
Boss logic16theamilien2009-06-25 17:39:00
SackMech Intro?5Gilgamesh2009-06-25 14:03:00
Internet issues3pyrimidhead2009-06-25 09:45:00
Help with pictures of my level2chillum0072009-06-25 05:06:00
Slowing and Speeding up tools.7blacknumbers2009-06-25 01:51:00
Moon Encounters10bbdogdude2009-06-25 01:33:00
transferring level information to a new PS3 profile?4skmt9992009-06-25 01:22:00
i've fallen and i can't get up4deboerdave2009-06-24 21:08:00
Creator Mode Help : The Level/Background Floor20noddle1112009-06-24 10:06:00
How many Editors ?3pandigital2009-06-24 09:30:00
What the *bleep*, is there a limit to how much levels you can play?5brnxblze2009-06-24 04:37:00
actual images into lbp7lurch_fon2009-06-24 02:49:00
switch trigger lights3lurch_fon2009-06-24 02:40:00
Making Creatures Killable by paintinator12groble2009-06-23 18:33:00
Black or white pop it saved.4TheCrestfallen2009-06-23 15:12:00
Making emitted monsters "smarter" with single plane limitations21Burnvictim422009-06-23 06:04:00
Score Bubbles14gulliver492009-06-23 02:19:00
emitted brains7Shris2009-06-22 23:30:00
Camera angle help6King_Tubb2009-06-22 18:09:00
Preloading game resources screen44deboerdave2009-06-22 13:58:00
Low resolution stickers??10CheesyMcFly2009-06-22 12:56:00
Does anyone subscribe to Play Magazine?10TripleTremelo2009-06-22 10:36:00
Locking levels3gulliver492009-06-22 02:49:00
Party Person4nickb1822009-06-21 19:28:00
Obstacle ideas?17TheMarvelousHat2009-06-21 06:17:00
Help Please Read!3Unknown User2009-06-20 22:44:00
Please help me get my level higher12robbit102009-06-20 22:12:00
LBPforums.net vs. LBPcentral.com5Incinerator222009-06-20 21:09:00
glitched stickers13theamilien2009-06-20 13:58:00
How to make creatures look alive?18jjdragon2009-06-20 04:36:00
Need help creating a Working 4x4 with suspension please!11Arikardo2009-06-19 13:32:00
How do i record my levels on my TV?5Arikardo2009-06-19 12:39:00
Need help with my first level...11blacknumbers2009-06-18 23:00:00
Druid Costume4SockGUY2009-06-18 21:00:00
Pod Idle Video - Does Anyone Have A Copy3mcgrory19912009-06-18 15:07:00
how do you get the LBPC sticker?4ER-nut2009-06-18 07:59:00
need help with creating a sort of boss enemy16gofurr360z2009-06-18 05:24:00
Why are my pistons floppy, and my string stetchy?10chillum0072009-06-18 00:37:00
Need help for 100 percent completion3LittleBigGamer2009-06-18 00:03:00
Regarding my save data.4blacknumbers2009-06-17 22:29:00
Logic with pistons. I have a problem.24RangerZero2009-06-17 17:20:00
About these logic gates...3blacknumbers2009-06-17 14:23:00
Are Download Packs Region Locked?2snowyjoe2009-06-17 11:47:00
Technical difficulties4pyrimidhead2009-06-17 07:55:00
Dessert Bomb Survival10LittleBigGamer2009-06-17 04:36:00
light switches5gulliver492009-06-17 01:43:00
Ugh.. I think I made a big mistake. (Ico SoTC pack)12TripleTremelo2009-06-16 08:16:00
Which level do you get the cardboard box on?6TheMarvelousHat2009-06-16 06:57:00
Multiple Music Playing at once!?9snowyjoe2009-06-16 04:54:00
I need a puzzle7blizzard_cool2009-06-15 20:06:00
About levels eligibility on Cool Levels...2TripleTremelo2009-06-15 06:47:00
Connecting iPod???10GrahamLif32009-06-15 00:29:00
Emitter detection help.9iiiijujube2009-06-15 00:28:00
I need help with scoreboards.6Miglioshin2009-06-15 00:21:00
Piston Help2Unknown User2009-06-14 10:17:00
Questions on connections11Dragon 112009-06-14 04:20:00
Problamatic Glitches12gulliver492009-06-13 19:36:00
Edit Mode and Friends5gulliver492009-06-12 23:14:00
LittleBigPlanet magic mouth trailer/ cutscene thingymabobins6theamilien2009-06-12 20:10:00
Cogs are breaking on me...5gulliver492009-06-12 17:57:00
Help with an emitted object11ZipCity2009-06-12 14:57:00
Overheating issues.5Unknown User2009-06-12 09:49:00
Problem - Motor bolts swapping direction or stopping5jwwphotos2009-06-12 02:35:00
Can you import pictures and Music...5gulliver492009-06-11 03:25:00
What would be the most annoying music for...20Silverleon2009-06-10 23:17:00
Major Emitter Issue9ZipCity2009-06-10 20:42:00
Making Klonoa Levels in LBP (Possible things to make or not)8Klonoa2009-06-10 16:27:00
LBPC sticker7bambs2009-06-10 14:01:00
Complicated Shape?4gulliver492009-06-10 04:22:00
Couple of questions20gulliver492009-06-10 03:32:00
Cool Level Planet40ZipCity2009-06-09 17:09:00
Leaders of Men, Tricky buisness and New Delhi Dawn5snowyjoe2009-06-09 10:18:00
Need help with naming my next level12brnxblze2009-06-09 05:09:00
"paper" like costume4SockGUY2009-06-08 17:11:00
Free costume missing.16OmegaSlayer2009-06-08 15:04:00
Connection problems and lag12mistervista2009-06-08 02:54:00
PS3 HDMI cable help :(14Aurongel2009-06-08 00:38:00
leader leaving while someone connects4SockGUY2009-06-07 18:23:00
Strange Material, need a bit that's editable!8Loius2009-06-06 09:10:00
graygoose asks!! How do you pop a point bubble without touching it?47graygoose2009-06-05 18:50:00
Sloooww Lift Return14AAAlone2009-06-05 17:34:00
Background Noises, Gadgets help6Sackmundo2009-06-05 16:20:00
Weird Scores6SockGUY2009-06-05 16:20:00
PS3 dead - what happens to LBP profile?16Ungreth2009-06-03 12:59:00
How to remove gas?6Eldrazor2009-06-02 19:43:00
Hummm11AJnKnox2009-06-02 16:04:00
Emitter problems + Camera Angle stuff7Darkrider92009-06-01 23:12:00
Bi-polar Negatives6dawesbr2009-06-01 16:45:00
Bad Person(s?) keep KILLING my levels, SORRY EVERYBODY82mindphaser742009-06-01 16:28:00
Is there a way tomak an objec dissapear w/o leaving smoke?25Silverleon2009-05-31 08:55:00
Story Mode8creelers2009-05-30 23:42:00
Help making a type of level.6Jrange3782009-05-30 23:01:00
I really need some help20Green2009-05-30 20:53:00
Story levels help for a newbie?3Unknown User2009-05-30 11:52:00
Which kind of place should be my first place?14Klonoa2009-05-29 23:10:00
Red Text in LBP21deboerdave2009-05-29 21:11:00
Never ending tech demo?8oldage2009-05-29 19:21:00
Need someone with..........13johnrulz772009-05-28 04:19:00
Froze When Quitting Game10PlayBeyond2009-05-27 23:01:00
Sticker Switch Help (Stickering Something Multiple Times)14Sack-Jake2009-05-27 17:02:00
Possible to trigger a speech bubble AFTER the player has passed a point?8leimrod2009-05-27 15:27:00
Mech Unit and Warehouse6leimrod2009-05-27 11:42:00
Spawning behind the starting gate.11Silverleon2009-05-26 03:34:00
Know a way to recover lost levels?11Unknown User2009-05-25 23:53:00
Failed To Load Level.....12EchoEchoOneNine2009-05-25 06:21:00
trouble joining friends5redeyedspawn2009-05-24 22:38:00
Aaaargh! Music not working in my level. Can anyone help?9Frogmeister2009-05-24 03:08:00
Thermometers2v0rtex2009-05-23 16:42:00
Player following device at speed4mistervista2009-05-23 11:35:00
The elephant's clockwork.5Keldur2009-05-23 10:55:00
Question about the sticker selection tool!5DJLols2009-05-22 10:47:00
Monster Level Pack NOT Saving!! Help! :(5Rustbukkit2009-05-22 02:40:00
Reset paintinator switches9Unknown User2009-05-22 01:31:00
Resizing materials while smudging.20Whalio Cappuccino2009-05-21 20:59:00
Glitchy stickers3Ungreth2009-05-21 20:50:00
Weird Slowdown Problem - help!10phife2112009-05-21 19:38:00
Cannot lock/unlock levels!!!!4Miglioshin2009-05-21 18:29:00
Glue Capture Bug3dcf2009-05-21 03:47:00
Settings Reset On My Tools6Whalio Cappuccino2009-05-20 22:33:00
How do I keep objects in place?4elephantom2009-05-20 22:17:00
I can't delete keys14Matt 822009-05-20 13:01:00
Eyecreate Help9iiiijujube2009-05-20 03:19:00
sister's and brothers costumes not saving4oldage2009-05-19 17:30:00
STUCK!.... or are you?17johnrulz772009-05-18 21:29:00
Question on buttons.21Enjoi2009-05-18 00:31:00
I need someone to take some pic. from...8blizzard_cool2009-05-17 19:05:00
capuring bug?13Burnvictim422009-05-17 09:50:00
Material glitch? Shapes You can't grab or delete?16Morgana252009-05-17 08:05:00
Creature Brain Question?8mindphaser742009-05-17 01:14:00
HALP! Creators Block10HalfaSack2009-05-16 23:39:00
Commercial Airliner?1Trevor2009-05-16 20:41:00
problem4BouAbbas2009-05-16 17:52:00
Ps3 Over Heating _ With Images1001philip012009-05-16 16:03:00
MGS pack problem please help6Don Vhalt2009-05-16 11:22:00
Another 'Help me name my level!' thread.8ryryryan2009-05-16 02:24:00
Can you move Games From one Account to Another?201philip012009-05-15 22:53:00
Cant Make Something? Items you want, Items you need; HERE!85johnrulz772009-05-15 21:13:00
can somebody make a scoreboard?15blizzard_cool2009-05-15 17:38:00
Can't play locked levels/corrupted keys3Jaeyden2009-05-15 07:34:00
Problems connecting to PSN Network error message8Morgana252009-05-15 03:56:00
I have an idea, but I need some help...9Talent-Scout2009-05-14 23:08:00
Couple of questions from a newb.8Enjoi2009-05-14 22:36:00
How do I invite beta testers?6Unknown User2009-05-14 21:51:00
copying a thread6mistervista2009-05-14 16:00:00
Corrupted data6SavagePepper2009-05-14 02:04:00
Is it locked or not?7Syroc2009-05-13 21:23:00
Edit: New Q in first post15Unknown User2009-05-12 19:39:00
In need of help with a Project. :)8jakpe2009-05-12 18:42:00
Limitations with decorations (pipes vanish)7rtm2232009-05-11 14:10:00
shear trophy -_-2Unknown User2009-05-11 13:01:00
could some one help with colouring mouth ?3jacka2009-05-11 04:10:00
n00by Q's7Unknown User2009-05-10 19:53:00
How do I make an elevator.5DeathJohnson2009-05-10 11:58:00
Cant make something? Items you want, Items you need; here!54johnrulz772009-05-09 23:48:00
Missing/Invisible level areas!?!?!11OverWork2009-05-09 22:47:00
Volcanoes in Japan3Coxy2242009-05-09 21:15:00
Sound effect limit problem11Ungreth2009-05-09 19:30:00
Caterpillar Tracks3Cpt_Sainsburys2009-05-09 19:11:00
Need help; New glitch?10Astrosimi2009-05-09 11:30:00
Boss Attacks11Burnvictim422009-05-09 10:24:00
Could I use some help?3Unknown User2009-05-09 09:18:00
Need help with a picture!!10johnrulz772009-05-08 03:05:00
Help naming new level... (NOW WITH POLL)64LuckyShot2009-05-07 21:20:00
Tips for cutting out a sackboy?9GhostViper2009-05-07 17:44:00
Story Level Help Required! Need Help to get my last remaining trophies!5Arikardo2009-05-07 15:42:00
Dramatic Light Scene30Bear2009-05-07 15:19:00
Slow motion glitch?8Unknown User2009-05-07 12:07:00
Science Fair measurements4Unknown User2009-05-07 00:40:00
How can I hide my pics in my level threads?15mindphaser742009-05-06 18:02:00
qwick sand trouble6solid-snake2009-05-06 00:21:00
A bar of thermo dedicated to undo?4rtm2232009-05-05 19:38:00
Save glitch. very very angry!14Sosaku2009-05-05 03:24:00
emitting only one item...?7gofurr360z2009-05-04 22:02:00
Delay10Bear2009-05-04 21:46:00
Want a destroyable object to reward players15AJnKnox2009-05-04 18:13:00
wobble bolt/ "mech"/ walker advice19Burnvictim422009-05-04 09:34:00
noticed this when re-installing LBP today...6mindphaser742009-05-04 05:48:00
Need help with my machine8stevoabc1232009-05-04 00:42:00
Control advice? (Prev On/Off switch help)6Sirinden2009-05-03 12:37:00
Coming Apart9iiiijujube2009-05-03 08:16:00
Locked & Unlocked Shapes7DrunkenFist_Lee2009-05-03 03:00:00
my saved level is gone?6gofurr360z2009-05-03 00:17:00
pic recommendations7mindphaser742009-05-02 19:34:00
how to embed pics in our threads here???4mindphaser742009-05-02 18:00:00
Create Trophy... Eluding my grasp! T_T14DJLols2009-05-01 18:15:00
Anyone Have Any Idea on How to Do This?9Trevor2009-05-01 17:11:00
page not loading4mistervista2009-05-01 09:48:00
race help5kockle2009-05-01 00:40:00
Help with emitters...5StrayFelisCatus2009-04-30 23:46:00
What should I remix next?14DanC2009-04-30 22:36:00
Help14AntiHero2009-04-30 19:22:00
Regarding the Playstation Eye and Eye Toy...5Arikardo2009-04-30 12:24:00
Sillhoutte look?5jjdragon2009-04-30 02:10:00
Global Lighting/2-way/3-way switches7Cody_7542009-04-29 20:44:00
F4f?4JMitnik2009-04-29 16:04:00
Walker Bot Problems6OddjobBR2009-04-29 05:33:00
Level publishing problems14Darkrider92009-04-29 01:34:00
Party Person, Socialite, Top of the Class Trophy help3Unknown User2009-04-29 00:30:00
Rotating Piston?8DanC2009-04-28 23:13:00
Complicated objects capture glitch.8Silverleon2009-04-28 06:29:00
Archived DLC6Coxy2242009-04-27 21:27:00
thin thick layer help16naxetex2009-04-27 21:04:00
Help making badge5Fish942009-04-27 12:47:00
Split plane checkpoints?14jjdragon2009-04-27 11:36:00
CY = Termometer saver!16Silverleon2009-04-26 23:37:00
Binary Counter?19SawronZXZ2009-04-26 16:10:00
Best Pirate Ship You've Seen?13uzman2009-04-26 07:04:00
In need of your help to get platinum2van-dammage852009-04-26 00:45:00
help with costume design?6gofurr360z2009-04-25 18:07:00
Visual sheering across the whole screen... er? Is there a way to reset settings?10Foofles2009-04-25 16:40:00
Ace all levels10Unknown User2009-04-25 14:41:00
Single plane race gate anyone?30GruntosUK2009-04-25 11:12:00
Vehicle difficulty...13Zilabus2009-04-25 07:19:00
Boss creation trouble.7Robbie2009-04-25 04:58:00
LittleBigGifts...15KoRnDawwg2009-04-24 22:06:00
Psycho Mantis Doll -- Posing?7ImpairedToaster2009-04-24 18:18:00
Need Help8Hamsalad2009-04-23 05:47:00
Annoying sticker bug3Dexiro2009-04-23 01:53:00
uhm... why do i keep getting logged off???!!!5johnrulz772009-04-22 22:40:00
HELP! advice for my level..11johnrulz772009-04-22 04:17:00
Floating, Dissolving Blocks15SawronZXZ2009-04-22 01:01:00
Bolting in back layer?7RockSauron2009-04-22 00:11:00
Creature/object trouble.12Robbie2009-04-21 03:04:00
Please Help me 100%5Frank-the-Bunny2009-04-21 00:18:00
Can't lock/unlock a level or make levels copyable8wexfordian2009-04-20 10:32:00
Center of a circle13Norcon2009-04-20 00:16:00
Anyone know how MM did the rocks in Boomtown?17GruntosUK2009-04-19 15:58:00
High Thermometer!!!20Unknown User2009-04-19 02:58:00
Online question (regarding no. of players on a level)7DanC2009-04-18 23:38:00
Griffon Help...8KoRnDawwg2009-04-18 21:33:00
is it ok to put prizes in score bubbles now?17mindphaser742009-04-18 19:18:00
Whats up with my Yarg?5Stumpy352009-04-18 04:38:00
how do you get the chicken outfit7Unknown User2009-04-17 21:41:00
Magic mouth issue.17Matt 822009-04-17 21:19:00
Need musical help20Pinchanzee2009-04-17 19:32:00
Corrupt save6Dexiro2009-04-17 03:55:00
Help 3x, 4x story levels4balmong2009-04-16 20:31:00
Vehicle Level6Cpt_Sainsburys2009-04-16 10:31:00
Creature Help6Cpt_Sainsburys2009-04-15 23:04:00
chaining up pistons19rtm2232009-04-15 18:39:00
Disable Glueing/sticking?10snowyjoe2009-04-15 11:03:00
Pictures uploaded of your levels.4bindibaji2009-04-15 10:33:00
Connection Problems!21ThommyTheThird2009-04-14 17:40:00
Sea waves effect?5Pinchanzee2009-04-14 17:27:00
How do people make costume stickers (I dont mean with the PS eye)10Stumpy352009-04-14 01:20:00
Scrolling shoot'em up3Matt 822009-04-13 22:52:00
Advice on making level icons13Dexiro2009-04-13 18:37:00
Help! My Save Data has evaporated!3snowyjoe2009-04-13 17:56:00
Level Screenshots3CarlsenJeppe2009-04-13 02:01:00
Running low on space :(6DanC2009-04-13 00:46:00
Controlling a directional piston using 2 switches4Unknown User2009-04-12 22:53:00
A bug I have never seen before15Pvt. Public2009-04-12 21:23:00
Help needed urgently!9TripleTremelo2009-04-12 04:56:00
How do u make point bubbles float?10CreateNPlay2009-04-11 22:50:00
Wobble Bolt Trouble8Unknown User2009-04-11 21:03:00
Costume not mine?4ecowarrior2009-04-11 18:57:00
EASTER on LBP15ecowarrior2009-04-11 17:10:00
Turning on/off electricity?14mindphaser742009-04-11 16:05:00
Jetpack Layers7adlingtont2009-04-10 21:31:00
Timed Emitting of Creatures (Survival Level Help)7h2hoes2009-04-10 21:08:00
problems sticking to one idea22Dexiro2009-04-10 15:11:00
Controllers??7ecowarrior2009-04-09 08:51:00
Any Idea How THIS Is Done?25alexbull_uk2009-04-09 00:27:00
LBP network sucks =[10ecowarrior2009-04-08 08:08:00
100% Completion15RakkShot2009-04-07 02:36:00
How do I hook one of these up?8thekillermiller2009-04-06 22:48:00
materials9ecowarrior2009-04-06 20:40:00
A few Creation Questions16CarlsenJeppe2009-04-06 19:02:00
Travel through objects Glitch!4Cpt_Sainsburys2009-04-06 10:05:00
Teleports8KoRnDawwg2009-04-05 18:57:00
Missing Item In Meerkat Kingdom12Ray2009-04-05 18:57:00
Create Mode Backgrounds6SawronZXZ2009-04-05 15:35:00
Station B19 - My new level17Cpt_Sainsburys2009-04-05 10:35:00
rods on the deep layer5naxetex2009-04-05 03:15:00
Little Big Planet hates me - rods, pistons, and twisting!17LuckyShot2009-04-04 23:22:00
Boom Town Question4RakkShot2009-04-04 21:22:00
List of Music and Locations9Coxy2242009-04-04 14:32:00
List of all songs and their locations?9Killian2009-04-04 11:05:00
homing sackboy12naxetex2009-04-04 02:37:00
speed glitch3naxetex2009-04-04 02:34:00
How to make your picture show up before any others4Killian2009-04-03 22:41:00
Is there a way to have a checkpoint activate ahead of you in the level?11ApellesJr2009-04-03 19:52:00
Can anyone help me in 2P/3P/4P please? :-)7Juxxed2009-04-03 13:04:00
Few questions.12RakkShot2009-04-03 12:53:00
403 login error?2dobi62009-04-03 07:38:00
White popit?23iiiijujube2009-04-02 21:06:00
Anyone have a list of all the collectibles?3Dexiro2009-04-02 18:17:00
Prizes?10GtsttypeM2009-04-02 18:01:00
Invisible Walls?11uzman2009-04-02 13:39:00
Viewing Spoilers on your PS36Killian2009-04-01 21:01:00
Hearts8VerticalJim182009-04-01 20:08:00
The wedding8ecowarrior2009-04-01 12:51:00
Need help with my new level..22GtsttypeM2009-04-01 11:01:00
Fixed the "Untouchable" glitch2Silverleon2009-04-01 03:59:00
Fixed Camera9Polantaris2009-03-31 20:35:00
RESIZE Checkpoint Glitch!19mindphaser742009-03-31 18:44:00
Overpassing that annoying censor system13Silverleon2009-03-31 04:37:00
I need a light grey sticker...4StrayFelisCatus2009-03-30 22:01:00
Favour Request...?13Pinchanzee2009-03-30 20:22:00
Better level searching2Silverleon2009-03-30 02:40:00
Questions about downloading and finding online levels17dagnillo2009-03-29 01:45:00
Plane shifting complex objects11AJnKnox2009-03-28 19:06:00
Is There A Certain Length That Pistons Can No Longer Be Invisible?16ApellesJr2009-03-28 08:27:00
Counting players21Unknown User2009-03-26 20:21:00
Help !!....11haifa2009-03-26 15:39:00
Level description corrupted after publishing?25Siro2009-03-26 12:47:00
LBP Pinball?7SawronZXZ2009-03-26 02:28:00
Following Lights?15BlackHairedGoon2009-03-25 18:03:00
Directional Motor Bolts8AJnKnox2009-03-25 16:58:00
ADC, 2-4 Decoders, etc. Please help!1SawronZXZ2009-03-25 16:48:00
It is probably very easy :)13TjoxYorro2009-03-25 07:55:00
"Level starting to overheat" message?20dobi62009-03-24 23:42:00
In need of urgent help...6Ghostfox962009-03-24 19:33:00
Cool Levels is a rip-off!13v0rtex2009-03-24 14:44:00
Sticker Based Encryption Tool?5dcf2009-03-24 09:34:00
Invisible platforms16Unknown User2009-03-23 17:23:00
metal Gear solid Laser sight14chazbell2009-03-22 23:03:00
Is someone trashing my level?12CarlsenJeppe2009-03-22 16:47:00
Looking for a couple of playtesters35dobi62009-03-22 15:30:00
Recording your level2virtuous1012009-03-21 00:16:00
Help putting youtube video in thread5deboerdave2009-03-20 21:50:00
"Too much complexity" message? what does this mean?14dobi62009-03-19 21:08:00
Survival!11SawronZXZ2009-03-19 12:42:00
screenshots2Madafaku2009-03-19 08:18:00
two stickers, great importance!5kodymcq2009-03-19 02:35:00
My Most Hearted Level got removed! WHY?!10Dan_Westy2009-03-18 16:20:00
Respawn wrong place6neilj992009-03-18 07:48:00
How do I upload a video?5ApellesJr2009-03-17 19:53:00
Dripping paint9Unknown User2009-03-17 19:23:00
Using PSN name rather than local PS3 username?1Unknown User2009-03-17 19:19:00
sig not showing??12mindphaser742009-03-17 16:52:00
How do you get pictures into your posts?4mindphaser742009-03-17 02:59:00
Lethal materials and the thermo?4dobi62009-03-16 18:11:00
Mine cart claw lift/self propelling mine cart/music13InsanityV22009-03-16 17:46:00
valentines day pack?4talmasca2009-03-16 14:50:00
Speech bubble4neilj992009-03-16 05:33:00
Things connecting at the edge of the level?9Morgana252009-03-15 22:34:00
Floaty ghosts21neilj992009-03-15 20:28:00
Publishing 10112Sonic54112009-03-15 17:40:00
Need help from someone with Eye Toy!5Thegide2009-03-15 14:56:00
Need some "ice traps" ideas5Silverleon2009-03-15 03:17:00
"Locked" levels not locked17mistervista2009-03-14 22:56:00
Misleading radius11Silverleon2009-03-14 17:35:00
Help ending enemy attack after event7AJnKnox2009-03-14 16:12:00
Weird bug? Can't close multiplayer chat text bubbles7Unknown User2009-03-14 12:30:00
Need Help In Swinging Safari2Ray2009-03-14 01:25:00
LBP: Standard Definition TVs15dcf2009-03-13 21:56:00
Right analog stick too sensitive in LBP3Gilgamesh2009-03-13 20:44:00
Which Idea to choose12Coxy2242009-03-13 20:13:00
Lighting2Spike19922009-03-13 19:54:00
Fade light with combination2neilj992009-03-13 08:15:00
Toggle Switch28adlingtont2009-03-12 21:38:00
How do I make a wheel go faster by time?5oldage2009-03-12 16:58:00
Looking for ideas for rain...22dobi62009-03-12 02:05:00
Good Publishing Practices22CCubbage2009-03-11 16:36:00
Advertising Levels6uzman2009-03-11 10:53:00
how do you make a picture you take on a published level appear on the picture...5superBlast2009-03-11 02:56:00
Sharing locked level16neilj992009-03-10 22:57:00
what do i do if my game starts deciding not to save anymore?14superBlast2009-03-10 03:01:00
Phil's Question Thread,701philip012009-03-10 01:35:00
Create Trophy Help9Darkrider92009-03-10 00:56:00
Restart music from beginning4neilj992009-03-09 18:22:00
PS3 contollers from other countries?5Walter-Kovacs2009-03-09 18:01:00
Need help on a 3-way switch attached to a proxi23dobi62009-03-09 16:42:00
Version #.##3uzman2009-03-09 13:33:00
How do you become a site filmer?3iiiijujube2009-03-09 04:21:00
Lighting rig12neilj992009-03-09 03:50:00
Who wants to help me get the 4x items in THE COLLECTOR'S LAIR3chazbell2009-03-08 19:55:00
LBP Level Question1301philip012009-03-08 03:09:00
does this controller work with lbp?5joopu702009-03-07 15:27:00
NEED Help Collecting Items!3uzman2009-03-06 08:23:00
Help with Paintinator switch logic please!10cornontheCOD2009-03-06 02:24:00
Tutorial/ Data Problem,201philip012009-03-06 02:07:00
Crowd Pleaser Trophy help11Sknil2009-03-05 23:06:00
help with best design for jumping platforms15mindphaser742009-03-05 22:55:00
Can't work out how to get back to 1 player15Unknown User2009-03-05 22:07:00
I want to discuss under which conditions I can do video reviews on this forum.9beethy2009-03-05 03:09:00
question for portals6jjdragon2009-03-05 03:01:00
Lbp Annoying question.301philip012009-03-04 23:16:00
misc. points - for the site3Zommy2009-03-04 21:39:00
Can't get trophies.6Unknown User2009-03-04 05:57:00
paintinator help16djdexta2k2009-03-03 02:54:00
Invisible walls and floors?5thedrknss482009-03-02 23:48:00
Mgs turret help14Sonic54112009-03-02 23:26:00
need help getting party person2Unknown User2009-03-02 22:32:00
Need specific LBP image *URGANT*4Leather-Monkey2009-03-02 18:44:00
Corrupt data. Please help!9wexfordian2009-03-02 18:20:00
Platforming Elements Opinions Wanted: Which Do You Find Fun and Challenging?11dcf2009-03-02 18:19:00
Need Help With Create & Party Person8Westside242009-03-02 08:33:00
new connection message4Laharlsama072009-03-02 02:41:00
Blinking lights?8Arkei2009-03-02 00:50:00
Conveyor/tank tread help3Nukemgreen2009-03-01 18:56:00
where to get material?2mindphaser742009-03-01 17:40:00
YLOD prevention Question101philip012009-03-01 17:36:00
Laggy level with 1/3 thermometer9Killian2009-03-01 15:19:00
Strange Glitch12Shalatii2009-03-01 14:07:00
LBP online help601philip012009-03-01 02:38:00
Sephiroth?3Arkei2009-03-01 01:35:00
smokey level11superBlast2009-02-28 23:32:00
How can you change the lighting on a level? (like day & night)7basketball272009-02-28 20:53:00
Connection problems!13ThommyTheThird2009-02-28 18:53:00
How to avoid the Yellow Light of Death10olit1232009-02-28 09:20:00
How does creature brains and paintinator switches work together?14Unknown User2009-02-28 02:39:00
How do you get the flame off the candle?8LuckyShot2009-02-27 10:31:00
Material question8iiiijujube2009-02-27 10:17:00
problem4BouAbbas2009-02-26 21:30:00
Posting pics on peoples' pages - Help!9dobi62009-02-26 05:55:00
custem dessert backgrounds11superBlast2009-02-26 00:16:00
Psn Friend list Question601philip012009-02-25 22:15:00
Whats The Life Span of a Ps3?2201philip012009-02-25 21:56:00
icky sticky level4kodymcq2009-02-25 03:28:00
Failed to load level problem3MatthijsNL2009-02-24 20:10:00
Trophy Help.8Unknown User2009-02-24 19:48:00
Filming noob.. youtube HQ?6Thegide2009-02-24 19:00:00
Stickers question5dobi62009-02-24 16:10:00
How do I make a moving transport that returns to its original position if the....6ApellesJr2009-02-24 01:53:00
corrupted data5Unknown User2009-02-23 19:26:00
sticker flicker help?6talmasca2009-02-23 13:41:00
Microphone Help3uzman2009-02-23 07:48:00
infinite checkpoint10superBlast2009-02-23 01:44:00
The behavior of cloth.16Lokno2009-02-23 01:35:00
How do I make rods/pistons invisible?19ApellesJr2009-02-23 01:20:00
Custom Camera?4redstar19932009-02-22 21:07:00
Gah!13Nukemgreen2009-02-22 20:49:00
Thumbnails5ThommyTheThird2009-02-22 18:08:00
How do you upload high quality pictures to here?9ApellesJr2009-02-22 18:04:00
Turning off/on magic mouths i.e. the Meerkat Queen?8RockSauron2009-02-22 14:13:00
Music level advice2BasketSnake2009-02-22 11:50:00
What costume is this?7Ray2009-02-22 02:43:00
profile too large! my ps3? or too many items?14kodymcq2009-02-21 21:33:00
Sticker Help quite urgent2Sackmundo2009-02-21 20:25:00
Changing music in a conversation?2RockSauron2009-02-21 19:07:00
Urgent Help please4mindphaser742009-02-21 18:16:00
Basic help8mistervista2009-02-21 11:14:00
how do i get something to ativate when a creature disappers?2superBlast2009-02-21 05:35:00
my creature is falling apart. need help7superBlast2009-02-21 02:02:00
Most rock-like material?8spacefox002009-02-21 01:45:00
creature attacking help8superBlast2009-02-20 23:49:00
Flipper Motion Problem6Whalio Cappuccino2009-02-20 23:41:00
Submitting your Survival Challenge2Hamsalad2009-02-20 22:06:00
Temples Help1Sackmundo2009-02-20 20:50:00
Coloured Gas11Sackmundo2009-02-20 19:04:00
MGS4 Brush Font2Zommy2009-02-20 17:59:00
Variable Strength Piston Launcher8Inspectigater2009-02-20 17:47:00
working lift5sharp3572009-02-20 16:27:00
Game has disappeared3iiiijujube2009-02-20 03:51:00
a WHO logic gate?11Zommy2009-02-20 02:39:00
"Error: Game has diverged"5Thegide2009-02-19 23:23:00
Paint Switches and Brains...3Sack-Jake2009-02-19 23:05:00
whats a logic gate?3superBlast2009-02-19 22:55:00
My New Level (PLEASE READ NEED HELP)9Dan_Westy2009-02-19 14:04:00
were did the glue go?/reseting?7cerebrusmk22009-02-19 09:43:00
Need some clarification/hope (Save file to big)5OverWork2009-02-19 04:41:00
whats a grid?9superBlast2009-02-19 03:59:00
Help with creature brains29Thegide2009-02-18 20:29:00
Block people from rating levels?9GhostViper2009-02-18 14:58:00
GUIDE: How to find exact figures on play/heart ratio and play/repeat play ratio9wexfordian2009-02-18 12:17:00
creatures and keys help.3superBlast2009-02-18 01:15:00
Big Boss paintball hit help2GhostViper2009-02-17 20:11:00
4 *new* Glitch in 115Pinchanzee2009-02-17 19:44:00
Can someone do me a favor?(done)4Walter-Kovacs2009-02-17 15:38:00
Just Wandering.7olit1232009-02-17 10:07:00
I'm often told I have no rythym...15Unknown User2009-02-16 23:26:00
Party person trophy11Sonic54112009-02-16 20:04:00
Almost everything gone... wtf?6Rawgee2009-02-16 16:56:00
Playstation Question201philip012009-02-16 16:21:00
Strange Glitch11Unknown User2009-02-16 15:35:00
Using the Little Big Planet Central Sticker on levels3Morgana252009-02-15 20:27:00
Advice13Solisdrive2009-02-15 20:19:00
paint ball help5Unknown User2009-02-15 18:56:00
Moderation Help3Sonic54112009-02-15 03:27:00
where do we get it?7kodymcq2009-02-14 18:37:00
unanswered questions3mindphaser742009-02-14 16:44:00
question about copyright in lbp7sharp3572009-02-14 13:14:00
"Failed to load level"4Serpit2009-02-14 10:44:00
Game Crashed, Level Corrupted4Lokno2009-02-14 06:39:00
How do you get someone who dies to spawn somewhere else?6dobi62009-02-14 05:22:00
How do I get a photo into the level description?2Arkei2009-02-14 02:40:00
getting objects from own published levels5superBlast2009-02-13 19:21:00
Making the screen shake9Snake80352009-02-13 12:39:00
Expert Creator Trophy13Madafaku2009-02-13 04:45:00
Grab Switches + Flipper Motion...7Madafaku2009-02-13 04:41:00
No switch works on emitters.14superezekiel2009-02-12 18:59:00
Making a grabbing claw14Nookie_Egg2009-02-12 16:24:00
DLC Dilemma8AwesomePossum2009-02-11 23:40:00
How to delete a sticker12zammo252009-02-11 15:52:00
Paint swicth hooked up to brain not working.5OCK2009-02-11 03:02:00
activity4mrjoeyman2009-02-10 22:48:00
Neon4iiiijujube2009-02-10 18:48:00
problem with my downlaod costums11united planet2009-02-10 16:10:00
Magnetic key placing14Wyth2009-02-10 14:05:00
Erased save file question3srsx20062009-02-10 05:17:00
Multi-Linked Paint Switches?14King_Tubb2009-02-09 22:40:00
Voice Chat Really Soft6Unknown User2009-02-09 20:50:00
How do I add different prizes to my prize bubbles?6jojomac2009-02-09 18:12:00
Single Layer Wheels?19Inspectigater2009-02-09 14:36:00
Need help playing online4Spike19922009-02-09 00:51:00
please help..4BouAbbas2009-02-09 00:07:00
name of or info on early alcatraz level10pineapple12009-02-08 14:10:00
Fake PS3 Address?4mostevilmilo2009-02-08 08:37:00
Dumb Question About Thread Titles7mostevilmilo2009-02-08 08:24:00
were do you find yellow head?9Schwem002009-02-07 21:49:00
Laser tracking15Mrgenji2009-02-07 17:05:00
Problem with a locked level4sharp3572009-02-07 13:53:00
Want to see your scoreboard?6gameguy8882009-02-07 08:20:00
Boss help4iiiijujube2009-02-07 06:07:00
HELP! LBP refuses to save! D:3Sack-Jake2009-02-07 06:02:00
Paintball questions14Madafaku2009-02-07 01:44:00
Colored Magic Mouths?27Sackdragon2009-02-06 12:37:00
Question on overwriting levels and using Save-As3Teebonesy2009-02-06 08:41:00
Help making a sideways head?8RockSauron2009-02-05 23:03:00
Blue Disc Light9Rustbukkit2009-02-05 19:42:00
Help! my creatures don't move!9Suntro2009-02-05 14:18:00
How Do I Upload An Image For My Level?3Unknown User2009-02-05 13:41:00
Help with magnetic keys8Snake80352009-02-05 10:26:00
how to make an infinite life door5The Comedian2009-02-05 00:33:00
Disappearing sponge4Unknown User2009-02-04 23:09:00
Infinite Lives Checkpoint Kills Multiplayer Respawn and I Cant End Game @ Scoreboard9Mattrick2009-02-04 04:36:00
Bipedal Motion 2 : Balancing14Gilgamesh2009-02-03 16:26:00
Slimming Poppit5Madafaku2009-02-02 23:02:00
Teleports and checkpoints...16Madafaku2009-02-02 19:53:00
How can I create another sackboy?4Unknown User2009-02-02 18:18:00
question about the lighting10sharp3572009-02-02 18:12:00
custom stickers8Dexist2009-02-02 16:30:00
What makes and good enemy and what is the best way to go about making one?5Coxy2242009-02-02 14:58:00
2 Checkpoints - why?9Mrgenji2009-02-01 18:49:00
Help... I have gas problems!5Rustbukkit2009-02-01 15:41:00
Costume refusing to load?13Bridget2009-02-01 07:59:00
help with building a train10sharp3572009-01-31 23:57:00
Three levels made - none can load for other people - why???4DocRock642009-01-31 21:18:00
Candle flame glitch28Marklin802009-01-31 18:54:00
inisible piston5deboerdave2009-01-31 16:56:00
Adding pictures to a published level6Johnny Pteran2009-01-31 02:04:00
Bipedal Motion28Gilgamesh2009-01-30 17:58:00
Taking pics16Hamsalad2009-01-30 16:53:00
Paint Switch problem58082009-01-30 08:14:00
Sitcker Bug V. 2.03Madafaku2009-01-30 05:35:00
Can't find paintinator7CyberSack2009-01-30 00:28:00
Weird piston bug (new to me)13Madafaku2009-01-29 22:45:00
Help with emitters needed6Miglioshin2009-01-29 22:43:00
Water effect in Our Sanctuary of Memories vol. 15InsanityV22009-01-29 18:48:00
Glitch: Thin Layers on your Thick Layers47Trader Sam2009-01-29 08:53:00
Tips for creating.3Schwem002009-01-29 02:46:00
pleaase help me make this!15Schwem002009-01-29 02:08:00
Bubble help!!!12Unknown User2009-01-28 23:43:00
I Now Officially HATE This Game18Night Angel2009-01-28 21:55:00
Cannot load play profiles3Madafaku2009-01-28 21:44:00
sticker bug9Madafaku2009-01-28 21:21:00
New bug, probably related to previous corner editor problem.9MikeyTWolf2009-01-28 20:56:00
custom icon9Hamsalad2009-01-28 20:18:00
Material that can't be accessed?8Risen2009-01-28 14:21:00
Videos like machinima for lbp9stuffstufflbp2009-01-27 22:35:00
"The Goddess Parlour" Audio Object... Where the heck is it?4aer0blue2009-01-27 22:25:00
Death of monster doesn't kill emitter3DocRock642009-01-27 18:20:00
Moving creatures3Nookie_Egg2009-01-27 18:03:00
MGS Pack - Worth it?9Coxy2242009-01-27 17:56:00
blocking spotlight rays?2Wonko the Sane2009-01-27 14:20:00
Playstation 3 Question4201philip012009-01-27 01:53:00
I have 100% but it only shows 97%9Kobe24Life2009-01-27 00:12:00
Change a Sackperson's name?10Unknown User2009-01-26 18:40:00
Corrupted Save file?4Robbydude2009-01-26 18:03:00
Recommend a video camera for recording!5Thegide2009-01-26 15:28:00
Light Brightness3DRT992009-01-25 23:51:00
Boss battle shuts off6Scar452009-01-25 23:09:00
Catchy song?3stuffstufflbp2009-01-25 23:08:00
How do I publish an updated version of my level without erasing my stats?7Arkei2009-01-25 15:29:00
how do you make that lights change colors?2blizzard_cool2009-01-25 11:39:00
Rockets Problem6Coxy2242009-01-25 11:07:00
Switch problem5Mrgenji2009-01-24 22:36:00
different speeds?4Madafaku2009-01-24 21:12:00
Another glue problem: unglueing popit objects5Wonko the Sane2009-01-24 18:42:00
Help with complex switch4King_Tubb2009-01-24 18:38:00
Saber tooth (sticker object)3Zommy2009-01-24 12:19:00
Questions.10Madafaku2009-01-24 08:14:00
Can't find the challenge key!5Trap_T2009-01-24 03:30:00
Need Help With Piston Sizeing.2blaze_boi7862009-01-23 19:44:00
How to create icons for your levels?18Wyth2009-01-23 12:22:00
Pendulum problem11Ginger_Overlord2009-01-23 07:45:00
Question about Pistons5mostevilmilo2009-01-23 05:36:00
Monsters are to light!8Trap_T2009-01-23 03:36:00
Rebellious Corner Editor Tools?!?9MikeyTWolf2009-01-22 21:30:00
Help with a trap idea11Metra172009-01-22 17:01:00
Motor and Wobble Bolt Tutorials6supa_ordie2009-01-22 15:02:00
Lack of space............popit19misterwonderloo2009-01-22 12:18:00
Making a Wave Machine9dkjestrup2009-01-22 08:23:00
Level Motivation help13Darkrider92009-01-22 01:06:00
Paintinator Switch. Help Please!14Scar452009-01-21 22:26:00
LAG! Is this Normal?4lordflash112009-01-21 17:40:00
Magic Mouths closing text too fast16aer0blue2009-01-21 00:27:00
A bit of help with brains.8Astrosimi2009-01-21 00:21:00
Synchronizing Sounds7mhzinski2009-01-20 22:40:00
Complicated switch help2Pinchanzee2009-01-20 21:03:00
Rebellious Cameras and Sponges12MikeyTWolf2009-01-20 18:46:00
Does 1 player trigger the Music Audio Object for all the others?5aer0blue2009-01-20 18:28:00
Speedy Rexecutioner HELP!9Leather-Monkey2009-01-19 21:52:00
STARS??? publication10misterwonderloo2009-01-19 13:20:00
2d like costume8Dexist2009-01-19 10:47:00
Can you publish a locked level that is also copyable?8wexfordian2009-01-19 10:06:00
Failed to load level on my own moon?5Dimo11382009-01-18 19:47:00
Work-around for this?5RockSauron2009-01-18 17:28:00
Scrolling Backgrounds - What's the Best Technique?14Justin Hopewell2009-01-18 16:13:00
Paintinator trouble10Arkei2009-01-18 01:06:00
Tank question4Metra172009-01-17 22:59:00
Switch that needs all of 3 conditions to be true to work - HELP4dobi62009-01-17 22:28:00
Cant finish a level my mind wont let me!11stuffstufflbp2009-01-17 22:10:00
Is it possible to build online??12stuffstufflbp2009-01-17 21:56:00
Questions about transferring saves between PS3s6EastwoodAndy2009-01-17 20:29:00
Deleting Stickers10Fresh2.32009-01-17 20:27:00
I'm stuck in the same day!9SergioSPAIN2009-01-17 16:09:00
how is this made?13Dexist2009-01-17 12:49:00
My thermometer just lost 4 blocks!11Marklin802009-01-17 09:56:00
If you need some help in Littlebigplanet, i'm here for ya'.2Mikiyikiy2009-01-16 22:11:00
Cartoon Eyes and Neon eyes?2Unknown User2009-01-16 20:44:00
Does anybody else have Wobble Bolt trouble?15Pinchanzee2009-01-16 20:28:00
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Thermometer problem due to explosives26Wyth2009-01-14 11:04:00
Platform to stop at certain points12aer0blue2009-01-14 04:04:00
Questions about manipulating winch/piston/rod objects6EastwoodAndy2009-01-13 22:53:00
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How to delete everything in a level? Help!3Unknown User2009-01-03 21:43:00
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Posible to create a vehicle speedometer?18Unknown User2009-01-02 13:50:00
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Create Trophy, PLZ HELP!2Yingerman2009-01-02 00:36:00
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My Pictures Question3Unknown User2008-12-29 01:05:00
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Is my level too hard?2Walter-Kovacs2008-12-23 11:10:00
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Switched to LBP mobile format on forums. HELP1OCK2008-12-21 14:49:00
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Tank Tread Tutorial up and running! Also level link to conveyer belt demo.13rz22g2008-12-21 01:18:00
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New tweak for (sensor) tool(s)?11Whalio Cappuccino2008-12-20 00:38:00
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Making mini-games.18Unknown User2008-12-18 02:56:00
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Can picking a key up trigger a speech bubble?6Unknown User2008-12-13 02:04:00
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Custom stickers without a Eyetoy thingy?4Karma_Cat2008-12-11 20:35:00
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Fire on, fire off?4Karma_Cat2008-12-10 22:46:00
Background Sound Glitch3lionhart1802008-12-10 21:28:00
Beta tester(s) wanted1Risen2008-12-10 15:02:00
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Boss Switch(last question hopefully!)7jjdragon2008-12-10 03:02:00
Custom Costumes Tutorial3Unknown User2008-12-10 01:37:00
Materials12PhatCakes2008-12-10 00:48:00
I've 'hearted' an online level but how do I view hearted levels??6Unknown User2008-12-09 13:36:00
zipline?10i.am.sackboy2008-12-09 11:59:00
Problem with creature walking16jjdragon2008-12-09 01:43:00
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Single Grab Piston Activation20rz22g2008-12-08 19:13:00
Treadmill help8DaSaintFan2008-12-08 17:47:00
please can you help??5i.am.sackboy2008-12-08 12:28:00
Enemy vulnerability.....4Bridget2008-12-08 10:12:00
When I published my level and played it...6Unknown User2008-12-08 02:18:00
Jetpack problem4Unknown User2008-12-08 01:15:00
Number of Plays8ALpha_72008-12-08 00:35:00
How do you make a key to unlock a level?3Unknown User2008-12-07 23:59:00
Trading stickers with guests?4Unknown User2008-12-07 17:57:00
Level Finish Prizes14Unknown User2008-12-07 16:41:00
Complex elevator of doom +36Karma_Cat2008-12-07 16:27:00
Piston trouble7Unknown User2008-12-07 15:33:00
Does anyone here own a PS Eye or Eyetoy device?3Unknown User2008-12-07 13:51:00
Playstation store costumes6Bear2008-12-07 13:18:00
Stickers shaped objects?4Karma_Cat2008-12-07 11:57:00
Help with a Switch... Please.5montyb19802008-12-07 00:39:00
Creating prizes.7Karma_Cat2008-12-06 23:30:00
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Great Magicians Palace 2 Player Section11Mutant_Tractor2008-12-06 20:28:00
Installing skins to sackboy5Unknown User2008-12-06 16:23:00
Photos and Icons1Jeru2008-12-06 16:22:00
Registering a second player for PSN?6Bridget2008-12-06 10:20:00
Emitter on switch9Tellus-CR12008-12-06 04:00:00
On death?6lionhart1802008-12-06 02:53:00
Need help with Magnetic Key Swiches.18DRT992008-12-05 20:55:00
Adjusting the in game camera9Elbee232008-12-05 14:19:00
Customise your Mini Sack?8Unknown User2008-12-05 13:09:00
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Changing color of noxious gas?6Endoftime562008-12-03 22:36:00
Starting New Level, Any tips?8DRT992008-12-03 21:49:00
Copying my Save Data2theTVsaidso2008-12-03 20:41:00
Possible to continuously emit boxes?10Unknown User2008-12-03 19:22:00
Editing Objects?9gameguy8882008-12-03 19:12:00
Uneditable shapes2Risen2008-12-03 17:51:00
How do you make custom stickers?15Unknown User2008-12-03 17:46:00
Deselecting an item?3Risen2008-12-03 17:39:00
Socialite Trophy8Mutant_Tractor2008-12-03 15:20:00
I can't find an elevator tutorial.14Unknown User2008-12-03 15:06:00
Shape is too complicated question11Unknown User2008-12-03 10:28:00
How to remove local 2nd player3noahbird2008-12-03 05:56:00
Trophies10theTVsaidso2008-12-03 00:16:00
LBP Screenshot HELP.1vee2008-12-02 14:19:00
Party Person trophy question3McSpazitron2008-12-02 02:10:00
4 layers and not 3?10oldage2008-12-01 21:16:00
Aced Level Gift Question3Unknown User2008-12-01 21:08:00
Download large amounts of data.7Geggeh2008-12-01 00:04:00
New member needs help2madardark2008-11-30 12:39:00
What can I use instead of the glue feature?16Unknown User2008-11-30 10:25:00
Is there a way to copy and paste sections of a level?6Unknown User2008-11-30 09:15:00
Can I string along conversations?8Unknown User2008-11-30 06:54:00
Really strange bug.7Risen2008-11-30 05:50:00
Conveyor Belt.23Whalio Cappuccino2008-11-29 06:16:00
scorched land?9Sack-Andreas2008-11-29 02:33:00
New Update1Coltfirearms2008-11-28 22:55:00
Help Me?2Frank-the-Bunny2008-11-28 15:43:00
Floating point bubbles?8Akanouk2008-11-27 19:17:00
Refresh my memory?4BurlapSackBoy2008-11-26 20:41:00
Musical kind of problem :(6yohil2008-11-26 17:45:00
Weird game crash3Fuglebukk2008-11-26 15:41:00
Is it possible to rotate an object by a certain amount?14AtheistSeaOtter2008-11-26 11:09:00
What are the differences between materials?18staticvoid2008-11-26 10:40:00
How to respawn a vehicle and change the place you spawn after death6Elbee232008-11-26 04:30:00
LBP is not working for me!!! Help!!!7McSpazitron2008-11-26 02:59:00
Is it possible to get negative...9Unknown User2008-11-26 01:34:00
How did he get...15Unknown User2008-11-26 01:07:00
How to leave if your the leader?7BurlapSackBoy2008-11-25 21:18:00
Where can i check my PSN2yohil2008-11-24 19:22:00
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Coloured Horrible Gas?2AtheistSeaOtter2008-11-24 15:06:00
2 questions...about a user creation that was done.9DaSaintFan2008-11-24 14:18:00
Problem with magnetic switch setup (on explosion).10Saurfeneon2008-11-24 12:56:00
Ramp7Shady9252008-11-23 22:30:00
7th item on The Terrible Oni's Volcano?1LearnToFly2008-11-23 19:35:00
Need Help Brainstorming Ideas2lionhart1802008-11-23 19:21:00
I need help making a type of door.13Unknown User2008-11-23 17:54:00
ninja mask?1swizz9772008-11-23 17:45:00
Creature top speed = 4? :(3Killian2008-11-23 16:15:00
Boss Tips9jjdragon2008-11-23 14:17:00
Need some one to film my level7Killian2008-11-23 11:16:00
A good, controlled loop the loop and upside down sled ride7Elbee232008-11-23 06:28:00
"And" switch11Unknown User2008-11-23 05:48:00
what...the... .....8miketv1012008-11-23 00:14:00
Can you make Prize buble emit2panzer30002008-11-22 20:04:00
Question about publishing levels3panzer30002008-11-22 18:59:00
Image upload option in sticker menu?3Gondito2008-11-22 17:14:00
Automated wheel6aer0blue2008-11-22 17:02:00
Balance Scale4Endoftime562008-11-21 15:37:00
Profile costume sharing3Linque2008-11-21 13:59:00
Disappearing Gas?7Quarter2008-11-21 06:08:00
Strange bug with emitted rockets10Gilgamesh2008-11-21 05:06:00
Enemy Creation Problems9xChristophrawrx2008-11-21 02:21:00
Fairy Light HELP!6OCK2008-11-21 01:26:00
Help!4Mitos2008-11-20 17:05:00
Tracing shapes from photos7AtheistSeaOtter2008-11-20 10:14:00
Parson's levels?8UmJammerSully2008-11-20 07:21:00
How to migrate savegame from one system to another?18apricum2008-11-20 02:27:00
Unable to place winch properly4Ikryn2008-11-19 20:13:00
Wheels that can climb obstacles/rough terrain?6GeoSoto182008-11-19 15:34:00
2 players local online?3inlets2008-11-19 15:28:00
'Expert Creator' trophy13Sack-Andreas2008-11-19 15:28:00
Carrying an object through a level7Risen2008-11-19 14:26:00
The thermometer....5Bridget2008-11-19 09:44:00
Music won't work!10mikeniccy2008-11-19 00:34:00
How does one go about uploading1Unknown User2008-11-18 23:23:00
fixed1LittleBigUniverse2008-11-18 21:34:00
"rotating head" resizing issues..5DaSaintFan2008-11-18 15:26:00
Restricting planes11AtheistSeaOtter2008-11-18 14:11:00
Custom Stickers?4chillum0072008-11-18 03:52:00
Can't kill my enemy13Kizo2008-11-17 22:56:00
Huh? WTH? What is happening? AHH! -server problem-5Plasmavore2008-11-17 19:52:00
I need help taking "quality" ps3 eye images!8jawshorama2008-11-17 16:56:00
How Do I?1NeoShai2008-11-17 16:21:00
The cardboard box costume7FlowersInHisHair2008-11-17 13:54:00
Friends list empty16Fredd-E2008-11-17 09:33:00
Need advice on creating organic enviroments.5UmJammerSully2008-11-17 02:01:00
How to control enemies on "ignore".3Kizo2008-11-17 01:20:00
Is your Grid Snappy?7THE-FAT2008-11-16 19:27:00
Speed Run for points...10Rizzrat2008-11-16 10:09:00
Disappearing mouths/text speech5Exodyne2008-11-16 09:46:00
What the heck?!8Tyler2008-11-16 09:08:00
Got a notice about an infraction for Double post!!! please help5kit072008-11-16 08:24:00
PLAY! Trophy3BassDeluxe2008-11-16 06:37:00
Multiple Score Screens?6miles2008-11-16 04:35:00
Jump phase?2aer0blue2008-11-16 00:51:00
Cave!6Mitos2008-11-15 09:25:00
Failed to load level.7DarkDedede2008-11-15 07:53:00
Creating bouncing flipper-like things.5UmJammerSully2008-11-14 19:39:00
1st 2 player area of Darkness level?1BurlapSackBoy2008-11-14 17:55:00
non playstation controllers not working with LBP5Osiris2008-11-14 16:57:00
Moving Creatures??4WackoSacko2008-11-14 10:01:00
Resetting ratings7MatthijsNL2008-11-14 06:45:00
Wow... I feel so unprepared!11ZachAttack2008-11-14 06:08:00
Anyone else having emitter issues...12DaSaintFan2008-11-14 03:14:00
>>>Cloth material.3LocoCrazy yyz2008-11-14 02:02:00
Failed to load all player profiles12GhostViper2008-11-14 00:06:00
Can't move corners.1Kizo2008-11-13 21:38:00
Speech Text: Why...11jls2008-11-13 20:08:00
"Resetting" a winch?5Kizo2008-11-13 20:01:00
Light Blue Paint and Dragon Sticker...5SleepyDay2008-11-13 13:55:00
Query: Server problem or just me?10Unknown User2008-11-13 10:33:00
Elements of life3Unknown User2008-11-13 06:33:00
Hearted By?8DarkDedede2008-11-13 04:55:00
A light source that tracks the player?12Monkey!2008-11-13 03:25:00
Select "hidden" bolts, etc?10Kizo2008-11-12 21:11:00
Set Motor strength?15Kizo2008-11-12 10:03:00
Trophies4LachieAkaHugh2008-11-12 09:35:00
giving out locked level keys.8MatthijsNL2008-11-12 06:32:00
Boss death triggers gas to dissappear?3UmJammerSully2008-11-12 03:38:00
how to play online?4Sack-Andreas2008-11-12 03:24:00
Unpredictible Wobble Bolts6Justin Hopewell2008-11-12 02:35:00
Problem with emitters.5Xuiryus2008-11-12 02:27:00
Viewing my hearted levels5chillum0072008-11-12 02:07:00
creating second profile5chillum0072008-11-12 01:55:00
Emitters Ignoring Sync3Justin Hopewell2008-11-12 01:33:00
Lion Sticker Help...Please!!8LittleMe2008-11-12 01:28:00
Building a wheelchair8mosdl2008-11-12 01:05:00
I'm missing some stuff5flappybat2008-11-11 22:26:00
Stupid Construction Site5THE-FAT2008-11-11 22:19:00
Missing two items..1DrunkMiffy2008-11-11 15:25:00
Level size/Crater Size10tedalaki2008-11-11 11:57:00
Noob help required please :-)8Unknown User2008-11-11 10:30:00
help with this forum..2kit072008-11-11 06:51:00
Turn Lights On & Off?7Whalio Cappuccino2008-11-11 04:51:00
Tags and Pictures3Maedhros2008-11-11 04:06:00
trailer level?1Snrm2008-11-11 03:47:00
Wanted: A Phone Outline8RadarFlea2008-11-11 03:10:00
How to make a very very long lift!?!?11ryryryan2008-11-10 23:55:00
getting 100% in dancers court.1Coltfirearms2008-11-10 22:40:00
meerkat manor items?2Mod5.02008-11-10 21:54:00
Will some one be a fwend?5Unknown User2008-11-10 21:46:00
"Profile cannot be saved"3DarkDedede2008-11-10 20:09:00
Wobble- STAY5Plasmavore2008-11-10 19:41:00
Collecting items in 4 plyr mode6Piratepete2008-11-10 09:19:00
Emitters - please explain2Elbee232008-11-10 04:01:00
Unlockable Instruments?1pwnedTAS2008-11-10 03:06:00
Need a good material for "sand"7aer0blue2008-11-10 02:57:00
Couple questions3fireneed2008-11-10 01:48:00
Coloring the ground?8Spo0ofer2008-11-10 00:52:00
Dissolving material holding in create, but not in play...5chillum0072008-11-09 22:15:00
Building Material1Quarter2008-11-09 21:36:00
no play create share points16big932008-11-09 20:00:00
Camera Zone Help13TextureSlaughter2008-11-09 19:09:00
How to create a grab switch elevator?3THE-FAT2008-11-09 17:07:00
Coloured Gas?12Killian2008-11-09 15:42:00
Dooors.2Mitos2008-11-09 15:12:00
Cool level bro1Pinkcars2008-11-09 06:29:00
Multiple output button.. simple version?1Shiwayari2008-11-09 01:55:00
Changing global settings in-game?4lui26032008-11-09 00:52:00
Does re-publishing reset the play/hearted count of a level?3UmJammerSully2008-11-09 00:48:00
Gluing and Best Practices8jfjohnny52008-11-09 00:37:00
Enemies don't react to Danger6DrunkMiffy2008-11-08 23:14:00
How to make a piston/winch only go one way?12Crowlerzors2008-11-08 22:45:00
Costume help?2alexylophone2008-11-08 21:49:00
Creating levels help.....2alexylophone2008-11-08 21:46:00
Trophy help!?!?!2alexylophone2008-11-08 21:44:00
The Darkness - Can't find the item "Fairy Light"1Crowlerzors2008-11-08 20:39:00
How did Mm get score bubble to float in the air?10THE-FAT2008-11-08 20:24:00
Can't go online4Killian2008-11-08 20:19:00
Create Trophy3Illidrom2008-11-08 18:35:00
Two switches controlling the same thing2Unknown User2008-11-08 17:26:00
2 questions2Sakboy2008-11-08 13:05:00
Pirate Costume4Piratepete2008-11-08 10:14:00
"random" function possible?3altanonymous2008-11-08 08:23:00
Urgent HELP!!!5Unknown User2008-11-08 04:39:00
"and" logic? "or" logic? please explain.10altanonymous2008-11-08 02:09:00
Door Help5TextureSlaughter2008-11-08 01:59:00
Enemy Rewards6Tellus-CR12008-11-07 23:32:00
Grab Pulleys Help3SailorDeath2008-11-07 22:37:00
Use a purchased suit11Unknown User2008-11-07 21:08:00
Can I reset to the beginning?6FSL2008-11-07 20:23:00
HELP: One-shot pistons8FlowersInHisHair2008-11-07 19:26:00
Servers still playing up?6DrunkMiffy2008-11-07 19:07:00
Sticker Cutouts4jfjohnny52008-11-07 17:21:00
How many of you creators use grid mode?13altanonymous2008-11-07 16:58:00
"Neat" text?8ChazFox2008-11-07 15:57:00
Failed to load level?4Spo0ofer2008-11-07 15:34:00
Objects.5Mitos2008-11-07 15:15:00
Non-Repeating Movements9Striss2008-11-07 13:42:00
Where are the letters2tribesofwar2008-11-07 11:54:00
Steering Mechanism for a flying object8Unknown User2008-11-07 11:35:00
Making minigame - how2 prevent early finish line?7dc_2008-11-07 07:20:00
Alternative to 2 Switches on 1 Tool2Unknown User2008-11-07 02:03:00
Emitters: Help creating a point-bubble "Cannon"?3Tango Charlie2008-11-07 01:46:00
Emitter Help2Whalio Cappuccino2008-11-07 01:18:00
Building a counting system?8Trader Sam2008-11-07 00:50:00
Don't know what tutorial I'm missing6Whalio Cappuccino2008-11-07 00:02:00
LBP Theme Song1Coltfirearms2008-11-06 23:19:00
Emitter Help17kit072008-11-06 23:16:00
Combined Sticker Switch?10RockSauron2008-11-06 23:04:00
Hitting Blocks for Point Bubbles?10Toomin2008-11-06 22:04:00
Missing an item on Meerkat Kingdom11Tommo1202008-11-06 16:51:00
Quick Quote Help6Unknown User2008-11-06 12:40:00
Looking for an 8-bit/retro Donkey Kong (sprite?) for my level1Dr. Chaos2008-11-06 05:22:00
Mechanism to make score bubbles and bombs emit faster4aer0blue2008-11-06 03:15:00
Create trophy help!3GG_NO_BBQ2008-11-06 03:10:00
Where are String, Bolts, Etc ?6chuckm19612008-11-06 02:47:00
The Meerkat Kingdom--Missing One Thing7chuckm19612008-11-05 23:23:00
Wobble Bolts3Justin Hopewell2008-11-05 23:18:00
Synchronizing Objects - Howzawhatzit?!9Justin Hopewell2008-11-05 22:48:00
text not working10Snrm2008-11-05 21:39:00
High-score lists and photos4Risen2008-11-05 20:48:00
Connection Problems2DrunkMiffy2008-11-05 20:14:00
Large Red Vase in Burning Forest/Savannah5chuckm19612008-11-05 19:46:00
Triggered Door?4Spo0ofer2008-11-05 19:09:00
Sensei's Lost Castle: Flip Flops? :o5ChazFox2008-11-05 15:46:00
swinging safari 100%3Conall-Star2008-11-05 13:05:00
Wobble Bolt Tutorial2Whalio Cappuccino2008-11-05 06:29:00
Getting 100%...3supachill2008-11-05 02:38:00
Objects completly dissapearing if visable setting set to off!7Unknown User2008-11-05 00:06:00
the tutorial level to unlock popit1Ineedhelp92008-11-04 23:24:00
How do you ace the first level?7miketv1012008-11-04 23:07:00
Elevator recall button3Conall-Star2008-11-04 22:40:00
Elevator tip:1Unknown User2008-11-04 21:54:00
Cape?7DrunkMiffy2008-11-04 21:26:00
Colored gas13ShadowOfEden2008-11-04 20:06:00
Cog problems4jfjohnny52008-11-04 17:15:00
Elevators that don't yo-yo? and other questions7HeXcoda2008-11-04 15:05:00
how do people4Snrm2008-11-04 15:04:00
Need to items in Get a Grip3BurlapSackBoy2008-11-04 14:13:00
emitter question1xbriandeadx2008-11-04 11:15:00
skate to victory help3Unknown User2008-11-04 10:58:00
Creature Parts HELP! O_o9Stix4892008-11-04 08:40:00
Publishing levels7BassDeluxe2008-11-04 05:18:00
thermometer, why do you torture me!11Gondito2008-11-04 03:54:00
Japanese get costumes early7Shadowcrazy2008-11-04 03:16:00
How to create things like gears?5Predator1062008-11-04 02:44:00
what good are the trophies you get from playing other people's levels??2PBY2008-11-04 02:20:00
little help8mjuice2008-11-04 00:42:00
Colored Horrible Gas?5qrtda2355662008-11-04 00:15:00
I can't connect to a specific player. [Now I Can!]14Unknown User2008-11-04 00:03:00
Simple up and down :P9BloodFlameX2008-11-03 22:13:00
Getting an object to respawn after yur gone! :D7Unknown User2008-11-03 21:45:00
2 questions4Snrm2008-11-03 21:12:00
Acing Lvls7Coltfirearms2008-11-03 02:41:00
Removing those annoying switch cables (wires), you know, the green ones...?9Predator1062008-11-02 21:08:00
Attaching a cog to a rod...5DaSaintFan2008-11-02 19:22:00
How can I create a bouncing launcher or whatever(like in the meerkat level)3Predator1062008-11-02 16:02:00
Help with Bouncy Bed!7U-Volt2008-11-02 14:16:00
Moving Conveyor Belt/ floating alien thingies3RockSauron2008-11-02 13:43:00
Horizontal Rockets?9RadarFlea2008-11-02 13:23:00
Emitted objects with switches5Risen2008-11-02 12:42:00
Play, Create, Share points all at 03qrtda2355662008-11-02 01:29:00
Need someone to help upload my level plz?1Unknown User2008-11-02 01:00:00
Help Republishing an existing level.7Maedhros2008-11-01 22:07:00
Gas on Fire?7Leather-Monkey2008-11-01 21:45:00
Level help1Unknown User2008-11-01 19:47:00
Stuck at Creating a Catapult/Trebuchet6lordflash112008-11-01 19:38:00
Wheelchair tips4U-Volt2008-11-01 18:44:00
My non-six axis controller?3Ineedhelp92008-11-01 14:42:00
Urgent Help!!! Creature Brain7OCK2008-11-01 05:24:00
making a closing door4sjbluedog242008-11-01 03:25:00
"This shape is getting too complicated"7RockSauron2008-11-01 01:15:00
Creating Invisible Pistons6RAINFIRE2008-10-31 23:39:00
Does light go through objects, or am I doing it wrong?14Unknown User2008-10-31 23:06:00
noob creator6xbriandeadx2008-10-31 21:42:00
Help! Grey Tweed not showing up in Pop It?!?!?11Unknown User2008-10-31 15:27:00
Winch/Proximity Switch Help!5OCK2008-10-31 09:40:00
Making an elevator3Whalio Cappuccino2008-10-31 04:40:00
possible glitch lights5big932008-10-31 01:41:00
How do i get Dragon Costume9Coltfirearms2008-10-30 23:49:00
problems connecting my headset4Go,Mouse!2008-10-30 22:44:00
Boss and enemy Creation5rustydragon2008-10-30 21:54:00
Infinite Loop11Voltiare2008-10-30 21:28:00
Meaning Of 'Inverted'4floor30132008-10-30 18:15:00
Hello...2 questions7hugecanoli2008-10-30 06:25:00
Building vechiles.8Unknown User2008-10-30 04:46:00
Play Create Share Scores Reset9Striss2008-10-30 04:15:00
Need to make bombs that explode upon being emitted3aer0blue2008-10-30 03:53:00
Still Can't Sign In5Illidrom2008-10-30 01:31:00
Dr. Frankenstein?4Jetskye2008-10-29 23:31:00
float object12gj2992008-10-29 21:25:00
multiplayer sensors13RedPanda2008-10-29 21:05:00
Creator Tips2Linque2008-10-29 17:52:00
Sign in Sign out problem3OverWork2008-10-29 16:54:00
I need a name...a good one!3Unknown User2008-10-29 06:26:00
Problem Publishing Level4LordDax2008-10-29 05:55:00
Need URGENT Help22Thee-Flash2008-10-29 04:47:00
help please7Ineedhelp92008-10-29 03:20:00
Character Customization3restragularman2008-10-29 03:16:00
bonus level pack6Gondito2008-10-29 00:43:00
Need a name for my new level!13qrtda2355662008-10-28 22:28:00
Sensei's lost castle 100% [RESOLVED]4Ozymandias2008-10-28 16:16:00
How do you get out of Boom Town?7BurlapSackBoy2008-10-28 15:31:00
Coloring 3d objects9mosdl2008-10-28 05:48:00
Lizard snake crocodile suit (maybe godzilla?)4Pinkcars2008-10-28 05:45:00
Woah.5Sage2008-10-28 01:31:00
Need a little help with the editor2Nathan13472008-10-28 01:09:00
Join me!5RedPanda2008-10-28 01:02:00
Crater Size=Level size?5Unknown User2008-10-27 23:45:00
Tool guide9Monkey!2008-10-27 06:49:00
Boom Town.....X2. The Canyons. HELP!1Liquid!132008-10-27 00:25:00
Create: Background Issue5Red Jedi2008-10-27 00:06:00
Carved Heads Material in The Meerkat Kingdom2Unknown User2008-10-26 23:43:00
Guests5Code13372008-10-26 22:21:00
100% Swinging Safari Help >.<6RedPanda2008-10-26 22:00:00
delete stickers ect..10sack-zilla2008-10-26 20:56:00
Pre-prder code wont work7Gondito2008-10-26 17:50:00
What is that Snake Material!?!11qrtda2355662008-10-26 17:24:00
Help in Serpent Shrine.3RaikiriBLaZE2008-10-26 17:09:00
LittleBigGuides9Unknown User2008-10-26 16:59:00
Help with create mode15BassDeluxe2008-10-26 01:26:00
Chinese Dragon Head Location!!4slayer15512008-10-26 00:03:00
Noooo! Coruupt data!9Unknown User2008-10-25 23:50:00
How do you color (colour) gas?3Unknown User2008-10-25 23:11:00
Help with The Wedding levels2subii2008-10-25 21:45:00
conecting to servers WTF!!3sack-zilla2008-10-25 21:11:00
Chicken suit.13PinkyLaRue2008-10-25 15:48:00
LBP KRATOS code for?6Unknown User2008-10-25 04:18:00
Dungaree Bottoms.4PinkyLaRue2008-10-24 23:43:00
Question about the Pre-Order Goodies <-- Lawl5Whalio Cappuccino2008-10-23 04:17:00
LBP Item's List21slayer15512008-10-22 18:21:00
Is it possible to export photos?3Dijkie2008-10-22 09:35:00
Help Making A Truck11TenderTalons2008-10-21 23:15:00
Can you Redeem Gamestop DLC yet?3mikeniccy2008-10-21 23:10:00
Anyone unlocked the following items?15flakmagnet2008-10-21 15:09:00
Red Cape5PinkyLaRue2008-10-21 14:00:00
Boom Town 100% Help3slayer15512008-10-21 13:00:00

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