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[LBP1] Everything Else LittleBigPlanet 1 [Archive]

Archive: 2775 threads

Multiplayer Bubbles in the LBP1 Quest2Yatterhog2012-10-25 16:34:00
Need help getting "Create" please8Unknown User2012-10-03 21:59:00
Russian Theatre: Unused Theme5HellFire23452012-08-19 16:49:00
Ps3 question8ILOVEMYGF522012-08-09 17:59:00
Problems about game crashing3Unknown User2012-06-09 19:40:00
Nostalgia5Eanikran2012-04-18 19:15:00
Music Bubble?3L1N3R1D3R2012-03-30 15:24:00
LBP1 Demake FanGame1Unknown User2012-02-25 15:34:00
LBP1 Music: GarageBand samples?2HellFire23452011-12-30 18:33:00
The Beach: Unused LBP1 Theme3HellFire23452011-12-21 00:01:00
Anyone miss LBP1?5Count2011-12-17 14:50:00
started playing LBP again and question9TheBigMan07062011-10-22 02:02:00
Where has Covertaction gone?5Unknown User2011-10-16 08:38:00
LBP1: Unreleased Gardens level6HellFire23452011-08-26 00:14:00
List of LBP 1 Glitches..4BonBonBoi2011-08-09 21:27:00
If main game total plays were shown what level do you think would have the most?4WESFUN2011-07-31 10:43:00
List of LittleBigPlanet 1 Game Updates4BonBonBoi2011-07-29 00:01:00
Playing Again, and Lovin' it17Phazerz1232011-07-23 23:16:00
level named moveing parts?6slidedrum2011-07-23 01:09:00
How Long...2Unknown User2011-07-13 14:22:00
H4h?5Unknown User2011-07-10 00:19:00
Does anyone know were this costume is?2Unknown User2011-07-07 02:31:00
Costumes: Angelina Jolie& characters3Unknown User2011-07-04 03:24:00
Cool Pages?2Unknown User2011-07-04 01:54:00
How did the game get its name?15mrhollywood123452011-07-04 01:00:00
LBP 1 Demo Community level??2Khriz1342011-07-03 23:00:00
Need plays? Or need your level be tested by someone? Then join this thread!10TheGoldenFlash2011-06-20 11:52:00
My LBP1 levels2TheUltraDeino2011-06-18 04:48:00
LBP on PSN store when back up29Unknown User2011-05-17 20:35:00
Is it still available?10Unknown User2011-05-14 20:18:00
Lbp central logo?11Unknown User2011-05-01 00:15:00
A bug?8dyna2011-04-11 12:58:00
What's the Best Section of LittleBigPlanet?4yoda97yoda2011-04-03 18:03:00
Is my level offensive to muslims?22Ungreth2011-03-26 13:51:00
What inspires you?12creator222011-02-26 16:19:00
Is LittleBigPlanet 1 Still Alive?20DominationMags2011-02-19 16:42:00
?1 To Spend On PSN15Blackfalcon2011-02-12 16:57:00
Is it possible to get the LBP PSP objects, materials, costumes and others for LBP1?5H-O-S-M-A-R2011-02-09 16:41:00
addicted to LBP.me8biorogue2011-02-04 15:56:00
LBP is circling the drain.13darkknight20102011-02-03 07:15:00
LBP Quiz 117Unknown User2011-01-31 21:51:00
How Many possibilities?9PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-30 01:30:00
My reasons for holding on to LBP119weirdybeardy2011-01-28 13:18:00
Finding a niche for my new level...3Flame Dragon2011-01-25 16:39:00
Do LBP2 Plays and Hearts count on LBP1?4Celticdoberman2011-01-24 23:52:00
Sackboy on Deal or No Deal3PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-21 17:01:00
Which costumes packs carry over?4Wuyunk2011-01-20 09:48:00
Hacker Invades LBP & Possibly LBP2?!?!?!14chinook32011-01-18 03:09:00
anyone else tired of rotating sponges?24biorogue2011-01-17 22:59:00
Can't play online with friends5Flame Dragon2011-01-17 14:52:00
Stephanie_ravens hate lbpc11psyntens2011-01-17 11:20:00
Remembering LittleBigPlanet16Arnald232011-01-15 23:34:00
Sackboy Statues7captain sack2011-01-15 17:47:00
Naux CURE ( semi cure)5iinov82011-01-15 14:55:00
Thumbs Up/Down Rating on LBP.me?3Garak1012011-01-15 05:56:00
One lasy Hurrah for LBP glitches...1celsus2011-01-15 04:55:00
Any last words before LBP2?7Fang2011-01-15 04:37:00
What penalty would you give people that H4H ?13Unknown User2011-01-13 19:28:00
Which DLC for no zipper ?12Fated For Failure2011-01-13 09:52:00
LBP.me viewable ratings24Jayhawk_er2011-01-13 01:59:00
Marvel Level Kit - How?10wizaerd2011-01-12 21:57:00
What to do, what to do...7littlebigmeteor2011-01-12 20:10:00
How does Mm obtain DLC?6maddoggnick962011-01-12 20:07:00
Johnee's new level4artise2011-01-08 20:14:00
The last week15iBubek2011-01-08 03:27:00
take one photo of a whole level7Monster2011-01-06 02:12:00
A Last Push to Save the Cool Pages!50ladylyn12011-01-05 21:07:00
The Ultimate Polls..11aar26972011-01-05 11:36:00
Thinking of moving my lbp1 levels to new acc.4Luos_832011-01-03 19:25:00
Moderated11Unknown User2011-01-03 01:18:00
GhostSack (The Old Glitch)11Unknown User2011-01-02 18:11:00
It's 2011, so where's the Qore hat for the UK?10RAWTalent2011-01-02 16:26:00
Shareing LBP DLC?9Tom95902011-01-01 20:38:00
Eek, Help! Prehistoric Moves Codes?11Leather-Monkey2010-12-30 18:35:00
Are the original unpatched LBP Disc ever going to be a collectors item?9OverWork2010-12-29 17:36:00
Royal Scepter Hand Item?!3Tap Dat App2010-12-29 02:14:00
Sackboy Plush from GOTY Creator Videos!?1Tap Dat App2010-12-29 02:06:00
Best place to download 100% Profile?3SR20DETDOG2010-12-27 12:37:00
Finally got a PS3 :D7Unknown User2010-12-27 11:16:00
what is this all about?4ll_ye2010-12-26 18:55:00
MediaMolecule Fonts3TehUberZac2010-12-26 14:28:00
PocketMoonPodcast Episode 27amazingflyingpoo2010-12-24 19:45:00
What's next for Mm?29Unknown User2010-12-24 10:04:00
LBP Cap.3TREMIC12010-12-24 06:31:00
Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves Available for Free for PS+ Subscribers3The-Unknown-Thief2010-12-23 23:30:00
Advanced Logic Sequencer6dijon3162010-12-22 15:23:00
Advertising?5WCF7__2010-12-21 21:53:00
Spamming invites....3Unknown User2010-12-21 20:00:00
H4H: An Essay.58Unknown User2010-12-21 04:55:00
Lbp1 disk not working help!!!!4Lgjoka20022010-12-21 04:15:00
looking for Sackboy cosplay outfit2WESFUN2010-12-21 01:59:00
Your Top 5 favourite creators in LBP?15LFiers2010-12-20 18:42:00
your Favourite thing about create mode?10Sabooza2010-12-19 16:45:00
Don't ever go to sleep in Creator with a friend33Fumo1612010-12-19 11:19:00
I Just realized I never posted a vid up of my Gundam so here it is3dr-booty2010-12-18 15:46:00
Will there be Little Big Planet 2 in the LBP event in ireland?11wev992010-12-18 14:54:00
Last month of LBP123Merc2010-12-18 04:59:00
controllinator issues2horwitzer2010-12-17 05:05:00
Warning5Unknown User2010-12-16 21:33:00
How do you actually get some plays on your levels?10Lamborghini892010-12-16 04:45:00
"Game Disappeared"... WTF?7GreatWhite0002010-12-16 01:35:00
2010 Sackies30javi haguse2010-12-15 21:38:00
-Custom Level Trailer Requests!-1rez4552010-12-15 04:37:00
s it me or can anyone else LittleBIGPlanet Server?3patricks2010-12-14 12:34:00
PSP Christmas Project, Ideas Needed3Ton15462010-12-13 20:35:00
Christmas DLC Pack17standby2502010-12-12 05:00:00
I opened my LBP YouTube channel!3ALEXhatena2010-12-09 01:37:00
My first costume... Bernkastel!7Bernkastel2010-12-08 11:47:00
Sacktue of Liberty Costume available!!13Brixx1012010-12-07 05:22:00
When is Santa costume coming to UK store?4artise2010-12-06 00:31:00
Good Story Levels6timecatcher2010-12-05 18:17:00
Will I get my Create trophy before LBP2?10thor2010-12-05 10:13:00
I'm so mad at myself..10Unknown User2010-12-04 21:28:00
Visability mode glitch?3brendal1002010-12-04 17:35:00
Policy on Reviewing?7Random2010-12-04 16:08:00
Gold Trophy - Play3Cronos Dage2010-12-04 01:34:00
Little Big Planet Survey21sp-analys2010-12-03 17:01:00
Booty Master Celebration3Cronos Dage2010-12-03 02:01:00
I need questions for AmazingFlyingPoo26CheezeBo2010-12-02 20:35:00
Let?s Stop This Madness!9ALEXhatena2010-12-02 03:28:00
What are some great levels?40Ricky-III2010-12-02 00:36:00
I'm sad7Babkockdood2010-12-01 22:59:00
DLC sharing6TTG_MAKER2010-12-01 21:50:00
Who has been hired?12OriginalCreator2010-11-30 16:42:00
Should I stay? (Creative Level Designer wanting to get into LBP but finding no Help)4Unknown User2010-11-29 20:34:00
Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves4Unknown User2010-11-28 20:18:00
Temples INT music used in Metro PCS commeecial!1Captain2010-11-28 17:53:00
Naux Glitch Recreation Video w/ effects31GreatWhite0002010-11-28 06:31:00
Academic Research and Interview Request5Unknown User2010-11-26 21:12:00
Creator Pack 23FEAR2010-11-25 18:20:00
Got My Platinum!21Emogotsaone2010-11-25 02:21:00
Has anyone had their level moderated7tripple_sss2010-11-24 21:23:00
Aaaaaaarrrrgghhhh!!!24Alternative_sack2010-11-24 20:59:00
'Craftworld' (LBP PROTOTYPE) Trailer by me =D5Ethan23lol2010-11-24 07:25:00
Sackboy Cutout-Requests OPEN28booXely2010-11-23 05:45:00
Wats the SCARIEST level u played?6FEAR2010-11-21 18:02:00
Space Suit and Gamesharing4Unknown User2010-11-21 14:46:00
Who's your favourite LBP Creator and why?14mutant_red_peas2010-11-21 14:33:00
LBP Retro9warlord_evil2010-11-21 06:55:00
What exactly gets moderated?22Iudicium_862010-11-17 20:16:00
New Glitch: Poltergeist Glitch!10Blue Helmet2010-11-16 20:39:00
weird bug4artise2010-11-15 18:34:00
I fixed Moderated Levels bug3Strangepom2010-11-15 09:36:00
I'm up to HERE with the Fake DLC levels!22donta1332010-11-15 03:23:00
MM costumes used for corruption3Henred2010-11-14 22:17:00
Disappearing levels? [FIXED]65Radishlord2010-11-14 22:04:00
Plagachef now hiring7chimpskylark2010-11-14 08:10:00
Bugs3Unknown User2010-11-13 23:52:00
Anyone else here from the LBP1 Beta?4JspOt2010-11-13 17:48:00
What's wrong with the ingame level search engine??5jenne19802010-11-13 12:54:00
LittleBigVids - A LBP Video Podcast1CheezeBo2010-11-13 06:17:00
Favourite Item in Lbp3BillyMays2010-11-13 03:20:00
Other than the Back handed slap....17KILLA_TODDZILLA2010-11-13 02:01:00
Small/hidden/invisible checkpoints VS Regular checkpoints.29midnight_heist2010-11-10 21:36:00
Anyone else having issue with News Section Update Notice not stopping?8Hana_Kami2010-11-09 10:03:00
Little Big Planet Broadcastin Nov 7-8 (And 20 dollar PSN code giveaway)5EnterMEUN2010-11-07 11:04:00
Unique Creators10Purple*2010-11-05 22:24:00
Has brightness been effected?29Hana_Kami2010-11-03 21:20:00
When to call it quits16John82wa2010-11-02 05:08:00
My art style is personal to me and your's should be to you38jump_button2010-10-31 20:14:00
lbp action figure officially mine now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!115lbp is awespme2010-10-31 02:02:00
How do you feel about recreated games?2Innovation872010-10-29 23:00:00
MM-Favorites50MirkoQuarck2010-10-29 08:34:00
PSN LBPlanetoid active today.11Silverleon2010-10-29 05:51:00
LBP is Dead? :(32Henred2010-10-28 05:29:00
NOW what's happened to the cool pages?4Mr_T-Shirt2010-10-28 02:16:00
Sackboy floating before hitting the ground?10ballisticola2010-10-27 17:45:00
what's up with this NEUFRA person?29ishotthesherrif2010-10-27 06:28:00
I wonder if there will be such thing as LBP TV12RoxasSora3582010-10-26 23:04:00
How to redeem LBPs cool pages for the last time !14Unknown User2010-10-26 20:51:00
Heart4Heart (Sigh)4Thirty37Seven2010-10-26 18:57:00
I have a fan!12nitewalker112010-10-25 21:00:00
PSN Friends Can Be Pretty Weird At Times17D-E-S_872010-10-25 17:29:00
It's pretty official- LBP1 is obsolete.17JawboneX2010-10-23 05:34:00
Your best in-game created sticker18Strangepom2010-10-21 01:28:00
Is anyone else feeling the crunch?7jdteather3142010-10-20 13:33:00
Happy Gadders HQ Builders8deschuttes22010-10-19 23:03:00
Thermo lag?1celsus2010-10-19 17:13:00
What I "dislike" about the community at times11ishotthesherrif2010-10-19 00:07:00
Who's your Favorite Creators?6comishguy672010-10-18 20:23:00
A Creators Average Creation Time19Unknown User2010-10-17 04:28:00
H4Haters..22celsus2010-10-17 00:57:00
DLC sackboy products?5Matimoo2010-10-16 21:28:00
Language in LBP12StoopidSnake2010-10-16 20:38:00
The Original LPB18the_adhocracy2010-10-16 16:35:00
Sphere in LBP?7Junkyardassissan2010-10-16 15:34:00
LBP Water Trailer MUSIC FOUND8Sack-Jake2010-10-15 22:01:00
Inspiration? Annotance?4Sabooza2010-10-15 19:54:00
Invisible Thin Barriers Reocurring In Levels7damaz102010-10-14 15:15:00
What are your most and least favorite things in levels?18Foofles2010-10-12 14:12:00
Two (2) Sackboys in POD... one (1) controller... one with broken neck!?23Rustbukkit2010-10-11 07:45:00
Feedback group?1celsus2010-10-11 05:53:00
Quick Sackboy Rainbow Animation5Unknown User2010-10-10 16:55:00
ANIMATED!!!! WITH PICTURES Brand new glitch (i think!!!) The Steve Glitch16.jamo2010-10-10 15:44:00
Sack rolled website XD2Lgjoka20022010-10-10 05:15:00
Naux Glitch (pics)13GreatWhite0002010-10-09 21:59:00
LBP famous?? YES IN THE PUBLICITY OF HONDA CIVIC14psyntens2010-10-08 21:02:00
Gave a friend the Naux Glitch22GreatWhite0002010-10-08 01:53:00
LBP's Graphics9donta1332010-10-07 22:30:00
List of Glitches4Benoas2010-10-07 17:14:00
true cloning glitch9dragonights2010-10-06 02:32:00
Shouldn't There Be More Add-On Content Introduced?21donta1332010-10-05 02:40:00
Coincidence?9DrShmoogle2010-10-05 00:55:00
Free LBP DLC7.jamo2010-10-04 05:38:00
How to get/make thin gas?3Darkcloudrepeat2010-10-04 02:57:00
How can you earn a Rare Prize Crown?31JohnWall22010-09-30 23:41:00
Forgotten Creators8Ragnarok2010-09-30 19:08:00
Stupid Corner edit glitch/problem12celsus2010-09-30 16:38:00
LBP3 and other exciting tales!11Dexiro2010-09-30 12:59:00
A curiosity in the website LBP12psyntens2010-09-28 22:45:00
SackBoy Sculptures22DaSackBoy2010-09-27 21:30:00
Watch the world BURN16poorjack2010-09-27 15:51:00
Get noticed on LBP?2ishotthesherrif2010-09-26 10:49:00
LBP Flash (INTERACTIVE)16edster9622010-09-25 23:06:00
Profile backing up habits (or just plain paranoia :s) or perhaps just a good old rant7Screeno2010-09-24 21:57:00
Parts or a Whole?5Unknown User2010-09-24 03:07:00
I found a NEW! glitch that no one else knows!22The age of LOLZ2010-09-23 16:58:00
Due to lbp2's release date delay..12Art_of_Tyler2010-09-23 13:50:00
I swear, I'm either invisible, or everyone hates my levels. D:32Shiro2010-09-23 09:18:00
Further corruption... the lacunar glitch.21Infernox2010-09-22 21:55:00
I give up!14Sim7252010-09-22 21:28:00
Anyone Else Having Issues Loading The Game?8KlawwTheClown2010-09-22 00:00:00
WHY Doesnt The Republishing trick work?13WCF7__2010-09-20 04:45:00
Original LBP Rumors12Super_Clone2010-09-20 01:06:00
LBP2 crossing on Lbp16Sim7252010-09-19 14:56:00
Sackboy's Clothing (Video)17sposim942010-09-16 19:57:00
Little Big Planet sackboy controller stand37Jordanmcc2010-09-14 18:24:00
Useless glitch with Thor's Hammer5Sehven2010-09-13 20:55:00
Sackboy T-Shirt13Weretigr2010-09-12 15:38:00
My sackboy is ripping10Unknown User2010-09-12 06:31:00
genre change anyone?15endgame2010-09-12 03:59:00
HDMI Cable32ThePineapplizer2010-09-12 02:57:00
magic mouth redtext3shepanator2010-09-11 18:12:00
LBP Banana Phone Song6howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-09-11 17:10:00
Dissapointed DLC?21shadow35962010-09-11 03:00:00
Sep 10 - To publish or not to publish19CYMBOL2010-09-10 22:46:00
Put your levels on youtube!!!2Unknown User2010-09-09 23:59:00
LBP Biggest Fan?24LittleBigDragon2010-09-09 08:18:00
New Glitch! REAL! For Mm To Fix!9chinook32010-09-08 02:54:00
MM Picks4Eronninja132010-09-07 21:57:00
Spaff Appreciation Day 2010287Shermzor2010-09-07 19:58:00
The Whee-Ohh Pwachaaaw! Glitch...?9KlawwTheClown2010-09-07 16:10:00
Upgrade to GOTY3Jordanmcc2010-09-07 15:35:00
Should i buy LBP?6hej123abc2010-09-06 22:35:00
Abyss Glitch17chimpskylark2010-09-06 20:34:00
I'm getting a little sick of this...52Pantyer22010-09-06 15:12:00
EXCLUSIVE Level Trading Service!7Unknown User2010-09-06 06:57:00
Toxic Gas glithyness?3celsus2010-09-06 03:37:00
Freezing4Unknown User2010-09-06 03:00:00
Water tips2artise2010-09-06 01:40:00
I need Sticker tips2artise2010-09-06 00:01:00
Sticker glitch :P8Unknown User2010-09-05 22:46:00
x3-power and stephanie are gone for good5Unknown User2010-09-05 20:18:00
Onstar vs one star3celsus2010-09-05 19:49:00
Can't make sense?3Jordanmcc2010-09-05 19:30:00
No plays3celsus2010-09-05 18:30:00
When Your Bored...29Unknown User2010-09-05 16:24:00
Quick Warning + Heads up.6Unknown User2010-09-04 23:42:00
Unique stickers for Costumes2Unknown User2010-09-04 18:15:00
Contraption Challenge5Unknown User2010-09-03 18:38:00
Mm is getting stin-gy!44Unknown User2010-09-03 09:05:00
Your rules for LBP creation.44midnight_heist2010-09-03 07:37:00
LBL 4in1 competition4AssassinatorRFC2010-09-03 06:21:00
Youtube Account5nowblink2010-09-03 02:55:00
LittleBigLaugh4sposim942010-09-02 13:31:00
littlebigplanet 3???3Lgjoka20022010-09-02 13:17:00
Creators - Mm requests your saves!69Spaff_Molecule2010-09-01 12:31:00
Lint. < Thread!5OK11242010-09-01 08:33:00
After about 5 months...6JawboneX2010-09-01 05:26:00
!Caution!21puppet882010-09-01 01:11:00
Your Friend has published (actually republished!) awesome level7midnight_heist2010-08-31 22:00:00
Mods lock8kiwidog2010-08-31 02:44:00
LBP Publicity.5ipkspeed2010-08-31 00:08:00
Squawk!16Alternative_sack2010-08-30 15:02:00
Little Big Planet Creator Interviews31Dragonvarsity2010-08-29 23:54:00
Cool Levels4Celticdoberman2010-08-29 02:26:00
Scary level?9flamingemu2010-08-28 19:19:00
Three Million Levels!5Stoicrow2010-08-27 23:56:00
Congtratz to PPp_Killer for your level on the cool pages4DeusJt2010-08-27 22:25:00
Jirugameshi's Underdog Level Recording Service (Recommendations needed)77Gilgamesh2010-08-27 19:00:00
A Question Either Almost No One will ask or everyone would.11MattLikeChicken2010-08-27 18:00:00
This looked so good...5Oddmania2010-08-27 16:21:00
Spectre5mistervista2010-08-27 14:53:00
Your opinion on Sackboy cutouts?9midnight_heist2010-08-27 02:08:00
What do you call a group of Sack people?52mrsvista2010-08-26 20:35:00
How is LBP PSP?10Unknown User2010-08-26 08:47:00
How Big Is Your Profile?15Snrm2010-08-26 00:45:00
Downloading updates from a computer.3Biv2010-08-26 00:29:00
Weird Glitched Item12MofoSuperVillain2010-08-25 01:40:00
Your first level?39Stunkel2010-08-22 23:50:00
[Sackinima] Alex Evans - Play. Create. Share. - LBP2 Music Video13moleynator2010-08-22 21:07:00
LBPManiacs1AgentBanana2010-08-22 18:08:00
The rich become richer and the poor quit trying.35CENTURION242010-08-21 17:46:00
Other Background???5Alternative_sack2010-08-21 16:30:00
Sackity sir sack sackyton and the sackpeople of sacky mountain! ...sack.18midnight_heist2010-08-20 13:59:00
Most hated thing about other Happy Gadders?50Unknown User2010-08-20 04:57:00
1st place on your own level?16CENTURION242010-08-19 17:00:00
Create mode going berserk!12Testudini2010-08-18 21:42:00
OMGZ! Punisher Had a Gun!48Nurolight2010-08-18 14:20:00
Thoughts on H4Hs?23Unknown User2010-08-17 23:46:00
LBPC has a new online record.4orang3dragon6122010-08-17 18:24:00
Hearting Creators24Unknown User2010-08-17 16:31:00
Action Costumes?15Macnme2010-08-17 16:28:00
No Levels On Community planet5shindol2010-08-17 16:15:00
Something about the cool pages....2GreatWhite0002010-08-17 07:27:00
Rare LittleBigPlanet PSP Launch Cap3Risumm2010-08-16 17:13:00
Oh the memories...25huntedstorm2010-08-16 11:30:00
Favorite costume?4Shadowbhiemes2010-08-16 05:46:00
For whom was LBP the proverbial "spark" of creativity for them?13Tralseman3112010-08-15 21:54:00
Importing Images from HDD3Unknown User2010-08-15 19:49:00
LBPC on youtube ?5Unknown User2010-08-15 12:44:00
Creators block11PPp_Killer2010-08-15 05:49:00
GOTY or stick with the normal edition5Unknown User2010-08-14 16:40:00
Making my very own pod.28littlebigmeteor2010-08-14 14:13:00
What happened to the Bumblebee costume?12littlebigmeteor2010-08-13 23:40:00
H4H is Mm's fault.8littlebigmeteor2010-08-13 21:23:00
Most Iconic Community Objects23Stoicrow2010-08-13 16:56:00
The Nicest Thing15Macnme2010-08-13 13:04:00
So which cover do YOU have?19littlebigmeteor2010-08-13 04:29:00
So.... how much have we spent?16littlebigmeteor2010-08-13 03:53:00
Need some advice...9comishguy672010-08-13 03:13:00
Co-Op rewind bug16Luos_832010-08-12 17:16:00
Hey MM, we're waiting for a big gift39OmegaSlayer2010-08-12 12:31:00
Rating system broken... Again???21Tawarf2010-08-12 10:24:00
Funny!7shadow35962010-08-12 09:02:00
Realistic, or just plain fun?18X-FROGBOY-X2010-08-12 00:37:00
Small Base 2-way and 3-way Switches10comphermc2010-08-11 20:17:00
H4h??3Callum27022010-08-10 14:12:00
How to make 2 people start seperatly...3austimerr2010-08-09 20:19:00
Marvel costumes PACK 4 ( pictures )75mistervista2010-08-09 17:39:00
LittleBigPlanet has ruined me.33littlebigmeteor2010-08-09 11:53:00
Do you know what I find humorous?17littlebigmeteor2010-08-09 11:47:00
Show us your pod!2littlebigmeteor2010-08-09 05:35:00
Steampunk8wolverine_20082010-08-09 00:31:00
Comments on levels by people who did not play them?22celsus2010-08-08 18:34:00
Nearing 3 Million levels, Should we make a fan-video of it?6JKthree2010-08-08 05:20:00
How do YOU get your level to page 1!?69Unknown User2010-08-07 20:54:00
How to do a corner jump2PlayStatiowned2010-08-05 21:23:00
Why on earth...4psman0122010-08-05 18:17:00
Glitch: Anything through darkmatter5Saku4012010-08-05 14:04:00
The Naux Glitch.6littlebigmeteor2010-08-05 03:15:00
The first 3d level in lbp2Lgjoka20022010-08-05 02:04:00
Is there a "Create a level" tutorial in here?3AbstractSam2010-08-05 00:43:00
So apparently I was referenced.4littlebigmeteor2010-08-05 00:13:00
PotC Costume and Level pack code2SnipeySnake2010-08-04 22:38:00
Best Marvel Costume6foobfighters2010-08-04 22:20:00
ThinkGeek is awesome for this.12Super_Dork_422010-08-04 17:42:00
Most Bang-For-Your-Buck DLC?12DeusJt2010-08-04 16:40:00
Marvel costume Pack 3 pictures15mistervista2010-08-04 11:52:00
Witch is Better?8YEAH_NAH2010-08-04 08:19:00
LBP Website Typo5GreatWhite0002010-08-04 04:49:00
LittleBIGPlanet & Build A Bear7TheManofSteel3kO2010-08-04 03:26:00
LBP Music in TV Commercial6maddoggnick962010-08-03 20:11:00
Tutorial throphy, halp!4Jonaolst2010-08-03 20:01:00
Release of Marvel Pack 312LukeCF2010-08-03 16:35:00
What would you consider putting in a magical level?3XXGrEEn0Xx2010-08-03 09:03:00
Rejoice LBP Youtube recorders!10JKthree2010-08-03 04:46:00
Animated GIF in Pod?7maddoggnick962010-08-03 03:31:00
C'mon..Hurry up!9Unknown User2010-08-02 21:33:00
THIS IS SPARTA - LittleBigPlanet Machinima (Sackinima)19moleynator2010-08-02 20:06:00
Where Is This 'Sound Object?!'16Mr_T-Shirt2010-08-02 01:04:00
* Count's Youtube * - Contraptions/ prop fx/ community level showcase/ any many more!9Count2010-08-02 00:59:00
Delete!4Melted_Gummybear2010-08-01 22:29:00
Measuring LBP4Unknown User2010-08-01 19:26:00
So... When are they back?1moonwire2010-08-01 17:34:00
Solstice Costume, is it still available?5Epicurean Dreamer2010-08-01 08:45:00
is there a way past?....8Xegethra2010-07-31 18:50:00
The Costume Thread19Snrm2010-07-31 18:15:00
Phife24 is Back !!3Unknown User2010-07-31 17:08:00
Favorite dlc costume??29shadow35962010-07-31 07:01:00
This is your opportunity to help a time traveler out!6littlebigmeteor2010-07-31 05:28:00
Seizure Glitch8Jwei442010-07-31 02:03:00
Zombie Survivals, like them or hate them?8GreatWhite0002010-07-31 00:30:00
Real way to play-test your level12antman2010-07-30 21:57:00
LBP1 after LBP2, will it survive?16Gilgamesh2010-07-30 15:07:00
Editting your old levels?5chimpskylark2010-07-30 07:53:00
A need a favor....1littlebigmeteor2010-07-30 02:53:00
Community Jam Video?3Strodigy2010-07-30 00:53:00
guess this is probably goodbye:(8gareth2010-07-29 23:56:00
What Happen to MMpodcast?17Mr Nive2010-07-29 18:49:00
Questions about the DLCs3Eronninja132010-07-29 08:43:00
A crazy glitch2WESFUN2010-07-29 06:14:00
The Ultimate DLC Advice thread10chimpskylark2010-07-28 16:39:00
Grayspences Thread of Unused (and Unfinished!) Ideas16grayspence2010-07-28 15:12:00
Please suggest to me some good platforming levels3Unknown User2010-07-28 06:05:00
Guys!!! So crazy!!3DeusJt2010-07-27 23:45:00
Who do you think will win LBW7?3Unknown User2010-07-27 18:37:00
Macnme's Moan!28Macnme2010-07-27 15:20:00
Your thoughts on republishing?16midnight_heist2010-07-27 12:58:00
How far have you come?58Kiminski2010-07-27 10:32:00
Why do some levels contain the LBPC logo??21Tiedtke2010-07-26 19:11:00
Outlaw Industries ™ Spot. [Video Inside]7Dante952010-07-26 18:53:00
Backup Backup Backup!!9RoharDragontamer2010-07-26 17:31:00
Anyone have the Transparent Sticker Glitch?4Melted_Gummybear2010-07-26 15:26:00
remember these?19supersonic562010-07-25 21:37:00
The CIEC12WESFUN2010-07-24 02:13:00
birthday sacks18Unknown User2010-07-24 00:29:00
Music that gets your mind going!35Snrm2010-07-23 19:45:00
Flipnote Studio DSi - A Helpful Planning Tool1talbot-trembler2010-07-23 16:29:00
Marvel costume kit 2, my opinion15Unknown User2010-07-22 11:55:00
Wesfun account adding everyone on lbpc1WESFUN2010-07-22 04:18:00
5 things i LOVE about LBP17ThePineapplizer2010-07-21 17:21:00
5 Things i HATE about LBP46m4tr1x352010-07-21 17:07:00
Any material, INVISIBLE!7m4tr1x352010-07-21 16:00:00
Look at this funny sacks!4shadow35962010-07-21 08:03:00
Weird Game Break Glitch12IIIDevoidIII2010-07-21 06:06:00
LBP Themes1koltonaugust2010-07-20 23:09:00
160 Hour Glitch - any way around it?45CYMBOL2010-07-20 13:25:00
Need Sackboy with paintinator picture!1jackofcourse2010-07-19 20:51:00
Microphone usage in LBP13The Gentleman2010-07-19 12:04:00
Can anybody help me!?!?!? What's media molecule's postal address??!?!!?3SPONGMONKEY562010-07-18 22:44:00
Author hearts disappearing7OmegaSlayer2010-07-18 19:49:00
why are there so many jerkfaces in LBP?29wolverine_20082010-07-18 18:59:00
Should I buy the DLCs?15dTOtheTEE2010-07-18 07:13:00
MM LBP Level Promotion Site?6Enlong32010-07-18 02:59:00
LBPExperience BACK!!2ViniciusBR112010-07-18 01:09:00
Whats this symbol?5LBP_EXTREME2010-07-17 23:27:00
Sonic DLC Fail10Unknown User2010-07-17 19:43:00
Sonic stickers?5GEK832010-07-17 19:18:00
New theck glitch?20Ungreth2010-07-17 11:59:00
where's beethy/LBPReviews?4Unknown User2010-07-16 22:57:00
The Cool Pages24Stephanie_Ravens2010-07-16 05:06:00
Fake spotlight!27ferrrch2010-07-15 20:56:00
Sourceless lights from flames...6Foofles2010-07-15 17:27:00
LittleBigPlanet Music (glitch)21m4tr1x352010-07-14 18:02:00
Rude People that play LBP17Meta-Armor2010-07-13 23:07:00
Good costume packs?3GreatWhite0002010-07-13 21:33:00
Marvel Costume Pack 2 Pictures!73Rhys1252010-07-13 18:04:00
Drawn Profile Pictures!!3illuminationx2010-07-13 17:48:00
Select Emitted Objects Faster?7MrLongJohn2010-07-13 04:29:00
Creator Made Marvel Levels3Unknown User2010-07-12 21:35:00
Blaim it on the LBPed Goblin!13Luos_832010-07-12 18:50:00
(Not a) New Dissolve-free Permanent Switch3Saku4012010-07-12 15:14:00
Decoration Placing Glitch?4The Last Stop2010-07-12 12:14:00
post you troubles with water14OJJ098742010-07-12 09:43:00
Friends that have LBP10Meta-Armor2010-07-11 23:34:00
How Do I Update4Perfectblaze2010-07-11 19:30:00
Level you had most Trouble Creating21koltonaugust2010-07-11 07:11:00
Omg a real sackboy !!!20howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-07-10 22:08:00
What is the highest amount of people you've had playing one of your level?22Obsessedwithcars2010-07-10 16:54:00
Making levels look "pretty"24Laharl2010-07-10 00:41:00
Marvel Panels Glitch4Kiminski2010-07-09 14:20:00
LBP GF's157Phantom_Admiral2010-07-09 07:50:00
[Bug] Proximity / Sensor Switches when controller is switched off6rtm2232010-07-08 21:40:00
Where you rest your head5The Gentleman2010-07-08 09:58:00
My Levels never get played9Meta-Armor2010-07-08 04:56:00
I would like an opinion12WESFUN2010-07-08 04:23:00
LittleBigWorkshop4Richasackboy2010-07-07 17:33:00
Marvel Level Kit & Costume Pack Reviews35LittleBigDave2010-07-07 07:47:00
Regarding Marvel DLC?9Unknown User2010-07-06 17:01:00
battleship pictures (not sure were this goes)1huntedstorm2010-07-05 08:21:00
2 Glitches; Glowing Skeleton and Standing on Electricity11Doopz2010-07-04 14:46:00
Concrete Panelling... Secret Or Glitch?4KlawwTheClown2010-07-04 01:20:00
Not Enough Time For A PhotoBooth?2FlameAtNight2010-07-03 21:29:00
Size of the sack.21phil_0032010-07-03 20:12:00
Why I Love LBP PSP80amazingflyingpoo2010-07-03 08:27:00
Reccomended DLC4Unknown User2010-07-03 01:25:00
Old Glitches6Saku4012010-07-01 10:13:00
LBP Overload6nitewalker112010-07-01 05:07:00
Material Glitch6Frinklebumper2010-07-01 00:11:00
Free limited time only costumes22TheOfficialVen2010-06-30 20:58:00
Another Glitch.10FlameAtNight2010-06-30 19:34:00
Official level queue in LBP14CYBERSNAKE2010-06-30 18:13:00
If you could design a background for LBP, what would it look like?26napero72010-06-30 13:47:00
Marvel costumes PACK 1 pictures !!27mistervista2010-06-29 23:55:00
Split screen glitch20Luos_832010-06-29 22:15:00
New Glitch found3Unknown User2010-06-29 21:46:00
Theck Layer - Beware!93comphermc2010-06-29 05:46:00
What is your biggest achievement in LBP79Arnald232010-06-29 01:41:00
Um can you do this?3spok222010-06-28 21:50:00
Recquirements of a Good Level12mutant_red_peas2010-06-28 20:40:00
LBP server problems?7Fishrock1232010-06-28 02:46:00
MM's BRAND NEW OFFICE!!17Unknown User2010-06-27 14:50:00
What is your favourite level?27Unknown User2010-06-26 21:58:00
Must have DLC7MasterCreator2010-06-26 11:40:00
brand new secret material discovered22Unknown User2010-06-26 09:38:00
Sound effect I haven't noticed2ThisDudeRufus2010-06-25 03:37:00
A new layer?1Richasackboy2010-06-25 01:27:00
New glitch? How to bolt an object with nothing behind it(& have it spin).11lifeiscrapislife2010-06-24 22:59:00
go trough glitch still exists!!!23gwennyboy2010-06-24 20:02:00
Awesome old trailer for LBP7Duke Phoenix2010-06-22 21:26:00
Hanging Queen5Iop3302010-06-22 09:51:00
Lbpc 10% moon 85% story/community 5%13CENTURION242010-06-22 00:51:00
Shouldn't MM be rereleasing the Solstice Costume by now?5Beed282010-06-21 16:07:00
Transparent Stickers - NOW CLOSED24Enlong32010-06-20 23:21:00
Farewell, forever...4Joshofsouls2010-06-19 07:02:00
Last 6 months?6phife2112010-06-19 00:10:00
Drawability to Smearability and Neon Skeleton Glitch6Thikr2010-06-19 00:06:00
Question about the Spacesuit, and Rorschach Costume14Thunderstruck2010-06-18 18:32:00
Anyone care to test my vest?17Kiminski2010-06-17 21:19:00
We Love Media Molecule13wolverine_20082010-06-17 04:56:00
Does anyone leave any unfinished levels?13Beed282010-06-16 22:16:00
What are you best at?35Tomeh9992010-06-16 01:20:00
How do I back up my data so...2lifeiscrapislife2010-06-15 21:37:00
Any quick LBP tips to share?20Xario2010-06-15 09:23:00
Seperated Missile Glitch5Unknown User2010-06-15 01:22:00
New LBP YouTube series by P-Bear3Pattington_Bear2010-06-14 22:20:00
Sticker system annoying people9MAST3RSONICX2010-06-14 17:33:00
Where can I get a LBPcentral sticker5Strangepom2010-06-14 00:34:00
Please Help!6Unknown User2010-06-13 21:14:00
Leaving LBP 14CYMBOL2010-06-13 16:15:00
Your levels that made it to the cool pages.19Phosphorus152010-06-13 15:06:00
Remember hearing about the line of LBP figures? (Not the buyable ones right now)2Matimoo2010-06-13 14:26:00
Free codes?6CYBERSNAKE2010-06-13 12:57:00
Good level making training?2Unknown User2010-06-13 00:27:00
Magic Mouths, They're Quite Annoying...9Doopz2010-06-13 00:19:00
Good level making training?4Unknown User2010-06-12 23:32:00
Media Molecule's stance on the Cool Pages.105Rhys1252010-06-12 14:46:00
Worst thing in LBP8FreeAim2010-06-12 09:38:00
Green Flashing In Pod14SR20DETDOG2010-06-12 07:26:00
super_fan6kevsta1502010-06-11 22:54:00
Sharing main-story prizes between profiles on the same system?6lurch2010-06-11 13:05:00
Err.. Neon Green poppit!?!?36littlebigmeteor2010-06-10 01:19:00
LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge 1113Arnald232010-06-10 00:49:00
Since when does/is MediaMolecule not want/allowed to listen to any ideas?19Xario2010-06-09 17:30:00
Costume contest!!!3Thikr2010-06-09 05:52:00
A alternative way to stop the cool page spammers8Kody595272010-06-09 00:08:00
A Call to Arms!13SenorZorro2010-06-08 18:45:00
LBP MAGNETICS - youtube vid (cleaver idea)6dorien2010-06-07 20:03:00
creature brain pieces seperated8lifeiscrapislife2010-06-07 13:16:00
SackCat costumes!63mrsvista2010-06-04 21:17:00
Your Favourite Glitch31trip0902010-06-04 16:43:00
I heard Stephen fry on TV13AbstractSam2010-06-03 21:36:00
This has to stop.6FlyingHaggis2010-06-03 18:30:00
Playstation Home Gaming Party -- Little Big Planet - Meet up June 4th (7-11PM EST)20schm02010-06-02 21:16:00
Emitter Noise!8Kiminski2010-06-02 12:45:00
LBP Additions on HOME could mean exclusive LBP content3Tanuki752010-06-02 11:49:00
We need a LBPC/LBP Twitter!4Sunrise_Moon2010-06-02 05:08:00
LittleBigPlanet 1 Hype11standby2502010-06-02 01:50:00
Hidden Sounds15Sunrise_Moon2010-06-01 22:12:00
New glitch possibly? Bubbles!80Joshofsouls2010-06-01 02:12:00
Lbp1 dlc6jonlolz2010-06-01 01:42:00
What is your favorite LBP website27Arnald232010-05-30 03:03:00
LBPC 9,000 Members9Arnald232010-05-29 18:35:00
Little big planet motion2Junkyardassissan2010-05-29 14:45:00
LBP Online error :(5KQuinn94Z2010-05-29 12:33:00
One of the hardest bronze trophies for PS317Unknown User2010-05-29 11:55:00
Clay_20_November threatens to continue spam47GreatWhite0002010-05-29 01:51:00
My personal little LBP site35dajdaj032010-05-28 20:57:00
Turbo Pack3Haleys_Papa2010-05-28 13:03:00
Mm's Last Day Above The Bathroom Centre!15Leather-Monkey2010-05-28 11:28:00
Weird Glitch - Make sack boy float!5Sunrise_Moon2010-05-27 16:01:00
Weird little gltich(?)3KablooieKablam2010-05-27 05:38:00
Why do people make such a big deal about hiding Dark matter???11XOAcireXO2010-05-26 22:16:00
Need some guy to record my level!2Flame Dragon2010-05-26 18:38:00
Cool Pages are muffed.38bakscratch2010-05-26 18:06:00
I finally re-bought LPB :D6Fish942010-05-25 19:21:00
Official Ratchet & Clank costumes in the works?2midnight_heist2010-05-24 10:49:00
LittleBigPlanet has changed the way I see things20Oddmania2010-05-23 16:07:00
LittleBigLawsuit?25Silver392010-05-20 23:41:00
do i need to apologize ?41howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-05-20 18:31:00
Costumes!!!!11Cydonia's Sack2010-05-20 14:29:00
Wahoo!6Thunderstruck2010-05-19 20:16:00
LittleBigPlanetCentral Social Groups1Arnald232010-05-18 22:58:00
almost a 100020howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-05-18 14:06:00
Whoa whoa whoa!! Black material glitch?!8Joshofsouls2010-05-18 08:39:00
Infinite Life Checkpoints- to use or not to use?46Heckboy882010-05-18 02:35:00
Good MGS Levels.6SaferL2010-05-17 00:43:00
Lbp psp cap2stoneface952010-05-16 20:55:00
Little Big Planet Club1Arnald232010-05-16 19:17:00
Weird poppit glitch8Ungreth2010-05-16 14:02:00
My place in the community4KablooieKablam2010-05-16 02:50:00
Where are all the Good Levels in LBP?24Unknown User2010-05-15 20:47:00
People with PotC pack?12PinkyLaRue2010-05-15 20:27:00
Your Create Improvement/s!8emekcrash2010-05-15 17:27:00
Looking for a certain LittleBigPlanet picture...2HackbookPro2010-05-15 17:02:00
Holding off creating LBP1 Lvls for LBP2 features?5CYMBOL2010-05-15 15:22:00
LBP quitting on me?3AbstractSam2010-05-15 00:49:00
Is there a realistic place in LBP for 1 life levels?19Asbestos1012010-05-14 23:38:00
First Person Sackboy?3orang3dragon6122010-05-13 20:06:00
Playstation Home LBP Area, MAchinima Contest and more!3Silverleon2010-05-13 11:54:00
GotY Edition's Community Levels1Binarynova2010-05-13 03:25:00
More animals costume? where?5Joshofsouls2010-05-12 00:51:00
DefMunky666?4GreatWhite0002010-05-11 02:51:00
what the ****10jonlolz2010-05-11 02:39:00
Does anyone else feel... Old?27littlebigmeteor2010-05-11 02:26:00
LBP deleted 5-6 hours of work!!!40Chrree2010-05-10 22:20:00
Water In Levels?4Mighty Heidi2010-05-10 14:10:00
Homes for your LPB costumes/characters11Phosphorus152010-05-10 02:50:00
LBP 2 pictures and information2Schwem002010-05-09 17:09:00
LIttle Big Planet Survival Challenge10Arnald232010-05-09 16:28:00
Why there should be a LBP23XXGrEEn0Xx2010-05-09 14:03:00
In-Level: Colour Correction and Speech Bubble bugs2XXGrEEn0Xx2010-05-09 13:40:00
I hate mm6jonlolz2010-05-08 16:04:00
Just please no Heart trophy in LBP2!14blizzard_cool2010-05-07 21:15:00
Little Big Plnaet Website Secret8The Last Stop2010-05-06 08:37:00
Why there shouldnt be LBP224BIG_C_232010-05-05 21:34:00
Anyone remember the stats column?4Snrm2010-05-05 03:39:00
Oh noez! Halp!3littlebigmeteor2010-05-05 02:50:00
Observations on the Incredibles' pod and a newly confirmed [edit-debunked] sub-layer42Sehven2010-05-04 09:57:00
What kind of levels do you make?37FreeAim2010-05-03 14:08:00
Funny funny pictures24Joshofsouls2010-05-02 11:35:00
URGENT question regarding LBP rules13KablooieKablam2010-05-02 05:56:00
LBP Audio Inspiration3Xenon-2010-05-01 13:21:00
Levels that you wish weren't on the Cool Levels pages29GreatWhite0002010-05-01 02:55:00
how to make sackboy jump higher?3AbstractSam2010-04-30 22:36:00
the simplest way ever to forget about the thermometer...7octopus_5672010-04-30 18:34:00
Have I just Discovered a New Glitch?! "Ghostly Object" Glitch.15Macnme2010-04-28 23:28:00
Level building advice25AgentBanana2010-04-28 15:55:00
Be careful with cut-scene magic mouths18mistervista2010-04-27 21:29:00
Death vehicle creating game2lifeiscrapislife2010-04-27 20:30:00
The official H4H thread.4Turbo_Egg_Salad2010-04-27 18:14:00
What's do you get extra with the game of the year edition?4shorepete2010-04-26 18:06:00
My servers are down!2Joshofsouls2010-04-26 02:54:00
LittleBigPlanetoid's down for a year.16Silverleon2010-04-25 20:33:00
LBPC Group Photo - ENTRIES CLOSED!!1300Unknown User2010-04-25 02:24:00
The trouble with LittleBigHaters7wolverine_20082010-04-24 02:40:00
How much are you're levels worth?25jump_button2010-04-23 11:55:00
AH! What's that?12Joshofsouls2010-04-21 23:13:00
Is LBP dead?29AbstractSam2010-04-21 20:18:00
More space on your remote moon?8GruntosUK2010-04-21 08:13:00
OOO i think i found something29YEAH_NAH2010-04-21 07:05:00
Has the innocence gone?21flamingemu2010-04-20 16:46:00
Do you restart work on your levels if you don't like how they turned out?29blizzard_cool2010-04-20 16:32:00
LBP doesnt like me 8-(5LordMagicPants2010-04-20 14:57:00
Out for Blood...31Richasackboy2010-04-20 03:50:00
Wierd Emitter Bridge10Shhabbazz2010-04-19 03:31:00
Whatever happened to the Final Fantasy Pack?!14DarkFray2010-04-18 20:04:00
LBP Downloadadble Content9Arnald232010-04-18 19:47:00
Backstories.57672010-04-18 07:05:00
How do you create?23SteveBigGuns2010-04-17 15:12:00
The next big thing!!29jonlolz2010-04-17 12:37:00
Songs that make you think of LBP7Ayneh2010-04-16 16:32:00
The Thing Thats Scairy!!!!!58YEAH_NAH2010-04-16 08:48:00
Is it REALLY a good idea...?18Silverleon2010-04-16 07:40:00
some of what people had thought are best levels...13ferrrch2010-04-16 00:24:00
Fuuuuudge!2littlebigmeteor2010-04-15 22:53:00
Does anyone else miss Pre Leerdammer LBP?15littlebigmeteor2010-04-15 03:13:00
My sackboys.3zuriku2010-04-14 09:50:00
LittleBigPlanet Pre-Alpha vs LittleBigPlanet6DaSackBoy2010-04-14 01:33:00
a level key is a strange thing / heart locked?2superwabu2010-04-13 20:41:00
How long have you went without playing LBP?73X-FROGBOY-X2010-04-13 19:45:00
Questions for Morgana25! [PlanetChat]15Plasmavore2010-04-12 17:40:00
Beta Vest Code - USA Code for UK Code4Splash2010-04-12 17:18:00
Anyone have a spare beta vest code?3littlebigmeteor2010-04-12 00:14:00
MGS pack vs Pirates of the caribbean52Arnald232010-04-11 17:18:00
Beat My Highscore!20Doopz2010-04-11 16:40:00
Sackpeople and their sleep.197672010-04-11 08:53:00
The Best Little Big Contraption Challenge4Unknown User2010-04-11 00:36:00
What do you do when creating?35Joshofsouls2010-04-10 20:49:00
Does anyone rate 4*, 3* or 2*?? or do you rate 5* or 1*??72poms2010-04-10 15:03:00
Kids are stupid.19midnight_heist2010-04-10 14:33:00
The Stig - Sack Quotes15Weretigr2010-04-09 20:18:00
[Bug] incredibles pack light / gassed17rtm2232010-04-09 13:41:00
Does the 'layer glitch' work on water?10AbstractSam2010-04-09 02:21:00
Proper Platformers...7jackofcourse2010-04-09 00:17:00
An odd glitch I encountered last night...10Infernox2010-04-08 21:30:00
Some LBP Concept Art8DanC2010-04-08 12:39:00
Chuck Norris' LBP Rules.146Silverleon2010-04-08 06:32:00
Beware: Poxy10011littlebigmeteor2010-04-08 03:41:00
im new to the ps3 version13jonlolz2010-04-07 14:23:00
Will the "image import tool" ever appear in lbp?9basketball272010-04-06 16:02:00
Friend requests...25Alec2010-04-06 12:34:00
LittleBigJOKES23Joshofsouls2010-04-06 10:56:00
Playstation freezes when I try to edit/play my level?11AbstractSam2010-04-06 00:55:00
Cy8A Warning8kodymcq2010-04-05 22:44:00
Little Big Planet in 3D in the summer firmware update10schm02010-04-05 18:57:00
How to play comunity levels offline.22Doopz2010-04-05 13:23:00
Effed Off66Unknown User2010-04-05 04:33:00
The First Levels Of Fame11puppet882010-04-05 04:27:00
how would you know if a thread similars to one you will post already exists?4wolverine_20082010-04-05 01:16:00
Where can I get some good stickers?2AbstractSam2010-04-03 23:26:00
Where is the Ratchet and Clank Level Pack?7talbot-trembler2010-04-03 22:17:00
Post your stupidity in LBP!73RadioPaint2010-04-03 18:18:00
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Level Patches and Custom Stickers5Blackfalcon2010-03-31 20:07:00
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flaming paintball4pete007d2010-03-30 04:59:00
In your opinion, what is the most pointless dlc for lbp?10bonner1232010-03-30 00:37:00
Something that annoyed me in the MGS DLC.7Unknown User2010-03-29 21:22:00
Odd little imaging glitch in my pod25v0rtex2010-03-29 06:36:00
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Costume Editor Addition?11Unknown User2010-03-26 19:44:00
Whats up with DLC?15littlebigmeteor2010-03-26 16:11:00
What is your favourite and least favourite level you've created?26bonner1232010-03-26 02:49:00
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Downloading content...11kdryan2010-03-25 22:23:00
Cheese Board Full13The Last Stop2010-03-25 08:59:00
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A Steve_Big_Guns impersonator on Youtube?41JKthree2010-03-22 05:08:00
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Activating checkpoints by switch?18Arkei2010-03-22 00:01:00
Certain sounds dissapearing.7theamilien2010-03-21 21:04:00
Trophy Help4jorhin652010-03-21 15:38:00
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Sticker Glitch?16jackofcourse2010-03-20 19:38:00
Can music effect level creation?9BlahYourHamster2010-03-20 17:34:00
Sephiroth Costume17talbot-trembler2010-03-20 10:49:00
Something new will to me at least14The_Lil_JoKeR2010-03-20 05:06:00
first week...2Alec2010-03-19 20:52:00
New Hidden Materials found!11Matimoo2010-03-19 19:34:00
Narrator is Hilarious: Your Favorite Quote?37Fumo1612010-03-19 16:11:00
What would you do with a real iving Sackboy?31Fumo1612010-03-19 16:00:00
Action/Adventure/Arcade7Silverpanther2010-03-19 15:49:00
Looking for a some plasmified "lava"..8midnight_heist2010-03-19 09:15:00
1 player questions3Wolf_AssasSin_X2010-03-19 04:51:00
Weird emitter in Mm vehicle.31Silverleon2010-03-18 23:11:00
Screwed up jumping.52Silverleon2010-03-18 23:05:00
The last thing you created in LBP?32qrtda2355662010-03-17 23:31:00
Your Motivation to Create in LBP10AgentBanana2010-03-17 22:33:00
PLEASE can someone help!14Frogmeister2010-03-17 21:10:00
The Best DLC to date!27talbot-trembler2010-03-17 15:59:00
LBPcentral sucks MODS don't allow H4H quit while ahead3Unknown User2010-03-17 08:54:00
Heart for Heart for create trophy4Unknown User2010-03-17 06:53:00
Smearable Cream Wood & Carboard Sponge9GreatWhite0002010-03-17 03:37:00
I am: Amazing17Emogotsaone2010-03-17 01:37:00
Idea for importing custom textures as stickers...11Unknown User2010-03-16 19:57:00
How Many Levels?22Shhabbazz2010-03-16 04:25:00
What the heck... Queue???7Shhabbazz2010-03-16 03:59:00
Community Spotlight >> Community Keys9guneye2010-03-16 02:20:00
Astronaut suit24Imacrushya2010-03-15 17:25:00
A Biased Email Reply/Angered37Unknown User2010-03-14 21:19:00
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Very confused about the community system...5littlebigmeteor2010-03-14 07:54:00
Repeating Pattern6orang3dragon6122010-03-14 00:57:00
Anyone wanna help get 4x prizes?1Jah-R2010-03-13 21:42:00
Listening to Music22monstahr2010-03-13 19:22:00
What gets you motivated?20BlahYourHamster2010-03-13 12:55:00
If You Could Only Publish One level a Week39jump_button2010-03-13 08:43:00
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New Trophy ideas and Level Kits.23orang3dragon6122010-03-11 01:39:00
New update, 1.25. 19 MB5Deviantgeek2010-03-11 01:36:00
my very first level just hit 10000 plays20WESFUN2010-03-11 01:06:00
My theroy on the infamous "Lockbox" and "Do Not Play Here" levels14orang3dragon6122010-03-10 22:47:00
Time Trials5JawboneX2010-03-10 15:18:00
Rods Attached to Race Gates Destroy Themselves5MMLgamer2010-03-10 05:49:00
Mother-Misty has Left27lbpholic2010-03-09 10:53:00
Copyable Levels13monstahr2010-03-07 15:23:00
What do you think LBP would be like with out 3d layer glitch?31The_Lil_JoKeR2010-03-07 07:37:00
Abandoned level ideas47dajdaj032010-03-07 01:25:00
Do you want to help present PlanetChat?!1Plasmavore2010-03-06 21:23:00
How long does it take you to finish a level?31AgentBanana2010-03-06 17:29:00
Half Life 2 costumes6The Gentleman2010-03-06 17:15:00
A PC fan-made remake of LBP?11JKthree2010-03-06 04:42:00
Boy Creators VS Girl Creators (Another LBP Myth)59Bloo_boy2010-03-06 01:40:00
what would be your most favorite time on lbp6WESFUN2010-03-05 19:22:00
DLC Advice.13Doopz2010-03-05 19:22:00
Lemon_and_crappy13JawboneX2010-03-04 02:49:00
Leave them alone.5orang3dragon6122010-03-04 01:24:00
Who is this.. it hurts31Luos_832010-03-04 00:37:00
If you could'nt share your levels would you still create?19smasher2010-03-03 22:37:00
whats your favorite level you have played5WESFUN2010-03-03 02:02:00
What levels are you playing that are in a series and anticipating9orang3dragon6122010-03-02 21:56:00
King of the Universe Finalists!90Unknown User2010-03-02 05:32:00
my logic19WESFUN2010-03-01 19:40:00
Lbpmedia: Now recruiting!3chimpskylark2010-03-01 19:21:00
New sackboy figure boxshots2Matimoo2010-03-01 19:16:00
... this is bad...8Soupersadist2010-03-01 16:37:00
I'm so ******...5Flame Dragon2010-03-01 14:12:00
Error 8001050f PSNetwork....2Bombw872010-03-01 11:27:00
Got me a game guide.3Soupersadist2010-02-28 19:36:00
A Note About the Complaining28Testudini2010-02-27 22:51:00
LBP: Downhill & no breaks!58poms2010-02-27 14:25:00
Jumping Decoration Glitch?4Matimoo2010-02-27 13:47:00
A slightly accurate pixel-y drawing of one of my friends3JawboneX2010-02-27 05:09:00
Logo Request1Unknown User2010-02-27 03:57:00
Fix Corrupt Costumes/Objects...?!9KlawwTheClown2010-02-27 02:39:00
LBP 2009 DLC Collection... And in 2010?13dajdaj032010-02-27 01:09:00
Invisible Infinite Checkpoint7Frogmeister2010-02-26 23:25:00
How would you like to be remembered on LBP?88Smart_Alex2010-02-26 22:42:00
Simplicity-Perhaps the basics are better than anything else?2Ratchanator2010-02-26 17:58:00
Just how many?11AJnKnox2010-02-26 16:40:00
LBPMedia - 2009 Video collection - 95 videos4samalot2010-02-25 22:39:00
Looking For Co-Creator5joshuaB372010-02-25 22:07:00
Why should this work?20KQuinn94Z2010-02-25 21:24:00
Found a new (old) glitch1RCIX2010-02-24 22:35:00
What's your way of getting DLC?23JawboneX2010-02-24 15:53:00
70mb RAM upgrade10Reef19782010-02-24 14:05:00
Features/updates you didn't realize were there until recently...11Reef19782010-02-23 00:28:00
if lbp was real what crazy adventures would you go on21WESFUN2010-02-22 22:32:00
everything you love about lbp5WESFUN2010-02-22 00:52:00
Fourne: A LittleBigPlanet Unique Sport17Testudini2010-02-21 21:28:00
Info Moon petition12Fallonjam2010-02-21 12:49:00
Vector Troop Official Clan thread11Merc2010-02-21 02:48:00
OLD versus NEW14WESFUN2010-02-20 17:58:00
LBW Monthly Contest - Jan - Winner Announcement10jackofcourse2010-02-19 20:22:00
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The Stupidest Levels you've ever Played18AgentBanana2010-02-18 18:35:00
Creator's Block!!!15alex2010-02-18 17:57:00
hitchhiking in LBP?15Memodrix2010-02-18 08:28:00
How do you get a crown?11IheartLBP99992010-02-18 00:10:00
Cool Bubble glitches/tricks4Ruzzle2010-02-17 20:48:00
Haters gotta hate44jump_button2010-02-17 16:12:00
favorite way u have seen sackboy die in LBP15WESFUN2010-02-17 02:46:00
Custom Shirts/Clothes/Costumes15FocusRSdude2010-02-16 22:24:00
Sliced Bubble12Ruzzle2010-02-16 22:19:00
Make a DLC (game)13IheartLBP99992010-02-16 20:12:00
You know the hidden stickers and decorations?3IheartLBP99992010-02-16 19:20:00
The Hearts, Stars and Plays Experiment40Powershifter2010-02-16 16:33:00
About the Online create contest....8bakscratch2010-02-16 15:17:00
Good times. xD7IheartLBP99992010-02-16 14:54:00
Our hero!5Syroc2010-02-16 14:26:00
Favorite thing to create?35Jrange3782010-02-16 00:39:00
Visible Logic. Yay or Nay?32iGotFancyPants2010-02-15 22:50:00
The perils of Create Mode16BlahYourHamster2010-02-15 21:13:00
Distress in Ocean9Unknown User2010-02-15 14:20:00
Un-Deletable Materials?6BlahYourHamster2010-02-15 13:29:00
A new glitch3theamilien2010-02-15 12:45:00
I'm sort of burned of the game. :(22RangerZero2010-02-15 03:07:00
What are some of your favorite characters from online levels?35X-FROGBOY-X2010-02-15 00:53:00
[Glitch]New way to merge materials.3Unknown User2010-02-14 01:57:00
Well we are nearing 2M Levels...46JKthree2010-02-13 21:34:00
Look what I made11bakscratch2010-02-13 20:45:00
Costume prize bubbles27pBaNdJ162010-02-13 13:30:00
Sonic DLC2davestanley2010-02-13 07:45:00
Rag Doll Kung Fu Pack2VincentVendetta2010-02-13 00:48:00
New rumor: LBP 211blizzard_cool2010-02-12 17:11:00
favorite dlc2pBaNdJ162010-02-11 23:33:00
The' levels you wish you'd made' thread25jackofcourse2010-02-11 01:29:00
Levels without a background50Bombw872010-02-10 22:37:00
Slap Moments32Fumo1612010-02-10 16:55:00
Hey guys2Stunkel2010-02-09 02:41:00
An interesting partial "solution" to community object theft18rtm2232010-02-09 02:23:00
LittleBigStats site?9RCIX2010-02-09 01:40:00
Little Big Planet Central: The Game featured on Wirebot.com5waytansea272010-02-09 00:37:00
Practical jokes in online create70Ungreth2010-02-08 23:13:00
Creator should look to outsides sources for inspiration more?19jump_button2010-02-08 21:23:00
Absurd things you've done in create mode55blizzard_cool2010-02-08 16:34:00
20% of the highest rated are not playable54CENTURION242010-02-08 09:54:00
Not even costumes5Jrange3782010-02-07 05:53:00
LBP Censorship Problem10shindol2010-02-06 23:32:00
I've got 50 dkr. left to buy LBP packs. But which?16ghik162010-02-06 19:45:00
Ranelann - The Ugly And Annoying Truth13BlahYourHamster2010-02-06 15:59:00
Which do you prefer??9HamptonEdwards2010-02-06 06:41:00
Stealing & Hacking102Incinerator222010-02-06 05:26:00
Uses for glass...?24BlahYourHamster2010-02-05 15:50:00
The Thermo17RCIX2010-02-04 22:43:00
auto graphed pod3WESFUN2010-02-03 23:05:00
Monthly Themed Crown Competition - February.54jackofcourse2010-02-03 21:00:00
pre-hearted levels?10Shadowcrazy2010-02-03 05:10:00
What does any one Know about the 3D glich ?7CRISTALSONIC2010-02-03 00:39:00
Should anyone other then MM be able to hand out a CROWN?62CENTURION242010-02-01 21:05:00
If the Cool Pages were stuck on one set of particular levels..20AgentBanana2010-02-01 12:28:00
What DLC do you look forward to?12Joshofsouls2010-02-01 08:36:00
Paintinator Poll22RCIX2010-02-01 04:25:00
What are XP points on this site?3Unknown User2010-01-31 19:31:00
Dlc rating6alex2010-01-31 17:57:00
White Knight Chronicles Costumes!!!6Outlaw-Jack2010-01-31 08:01:00
Taking up space, help me get rid of myself!5Thikr2010-01-30 23:15:00
Valentines pack36Alec2010-01-30 15:05:00
Calling Hovercraft makers.10Artonkn2010-01-30 12:27:00
Where to get hero costume7davestanley2010-01-29 21:42:00
My Queue ??11bakscratch2010-01-29 20:58:00
Programming Experience Improves Understanding of Switch Logic?33ElectrizCity2010-01-29 19:42:00
The Goods of LBP15SR20DETDOG2010-01-29 10:54:00
Four major updates left?26Testudini2010-01-29 04:07:00
Copyable/Unpublishable Levels9thekevinexpress2010-01-29 02:23:00
Official Sackinima: Assackins Creed9Leather-Monkey2010-01-28 18:55:00
Secret Music in LittleBigPlanet5PoD CREW2010-01-28 17:39:00
Which Would You Prefer?...26amazingflyingpoo2010-01-28 13:36:00
New Bomb Survivals!?!?!?3srgt_poptart2010-01-27 18:28:00
Shark Survival Video18Emogotsaone2010-01-27 13:22:00
Costume HELP!!!4Abd_Viper2010-01-27 11:09:00
A crown for Morgana...156GruntosUK2010-01-26 16:09:00
Grabswitch wire randomly not appearing15Luos_832010-01-26 02:31:00
Game not saving14Nuclearfish2010-01-25 18:25:00
Dark Matter Can Be Destroyed17lbpholic2010-01-24 12:45:00
Glitch List?21RCIX2010-01-24 08:59:00
Does MM ever read this stuff!?17Unknown User2010-01-24 05:45:00
Shark Attack Epidemic7Littlebigdude8052010-01-24 04:39:00
The Bunker high score?7SavageCaptor2010-01-23 19:55:00
A VERY odd messsage :p19Unknown User2010-01-23 19:25:00
The Cool Pages!18Unknown User2010-01-23 18:57:00
Sharks Survival are the New Bomb Survival?44jump_button2010-01-23 18:28:00
the day lbp died16vergildmcking2010-01-21 19:54:00
DLC Costume list4davestanley2010-01-21 17:04:00
Does LBP install to PS3?17zeldarocks2010-01-21 05:01:00
Forgotten update?3Doopz2010-01-20 22:10:00
do you draw your levels?37vergildmcking2010-01-20 17:36:00
LBP going to be 3D?21RockSauron2010-01-20 11:34:00
New year, new content?9Joshofsouls2010-01-20 09:29:00
Gameplay Ideas11FreeFlyzz2010-01-20 01:58:00
need help finding a map/person4The_king_waffle2010-01-19 19:37:00
Now that's just not right...13KQuinn94Z2010-01-19 16:49:00
What happened to the API!5ButterflySamurai2010-01-19 14:10:00
Man, I really don't understand this at all18Strikebomber2010-01-19 07:37:00
Transparent Sticker Glitch Service - NO LONGER AVALIABLE213Unknown User2010-01-19 02:35:00
Played VS Completed34jump_button2010-01-18 20:29:00
DLC Packs not included in GOTY?14zeldarocks2010-01-18 20:04:00
The Best Survival...15Emogotsaone2010-01-18 19:54:00
My thermo has disapeared - is this common?10smellyshelly2010-01-17 20:16:00
Neon skeleton glitch return?13Matimoo2010-01-17 20:07:00
A new (but fair) tactic for getting plays & feedback?16TheLawnStink2010-01-17 06:57:00
Is Moderation still an issue in LBP?27zeldarocks2010-01-16 20:44:00
What Is Your Favourite Creator Pack and Costume?26XXGrEEn0Xx2010-01-16 13:19:00
Yet another Major Bug?8deadmensboots2010-01-16 12:00:00
Levels you 'just don't get'..?63jackofcourse2010-01-16 02:58:00
Why Does "Failed to Connect to Players" Still Plague Us?16Unknown User2010-01-15 18:44:00
whens the new dlc coming out26WESFUN2010-01-15 14:09:00
Keeping a 5 star level43XXGrEEn0Xx2010-01-15 11:52:00
Increased System Freezing / Crashing etc.24rtm2232010-01-15 10:55:00
Key problems7RockSauron2010-01-14 22:51:00
Is it possible for you to get pictures and text fonts from your computer to LBP?9XXGrEEn0Xx2010-01-14 21:06:00
anyone having trouble with grief(ers)?9vergildmcking2010-01-14 19:54:00
sackboy prize?2davestanley2010-01-14 16:28:00
Quick Play...21BlahYourHamster2010-01-14 13:07:00
Hidden message in a detergent commercial?17RottenAvocado2010-01-14 04:31:00
Competitions for Money4jackofcourse2010-01-14 04:11:00
Which Material are you?25Plasmavore2010-01-13 19:59:00
Erotic_fat_girl22CENTURION242010-01-13 06:53:00
I need the Doctor!25jackofcourse2010-01-13 05:41:00
If your Favourite Creators were Bands, what would they be?80AgentBanana2010-01-12 13:27:00
about the bonus levels on the GOTY edition9Unknown User2010-01-12 05:17:00
The troll that claimed to be from lbpcentral... not a fairytale competition entry!32chimpskylark2010-01-11 13:05:00
Making my own Sackboy doll. Need your opinion.6snapper.fishes2010-01-11 09:47:00
Don't Diss the power of THE KEYS29Pantyer22010-01-10 15:31:00
making vehicles5jakew1612010-01-10 15:04:00
Pirate decoration's10second--smile--2010-01-09 19:06:00
ATGNAT? Glass orb? WTF?160Ungreth2010-01-09 18:26:00
Do you think...27FreeFlyzz2010-01-09 16:18:00
In theory....1chimpskylark2010-01-09 10:06:00
Which DLC packs worth buying?17Thegide2010-01-09 01:46:00
80-Motor Bolt; .025 Emmiter!?23Incinerator222010-01-09 01:02:00
The Story of Lemon and Gravy8Flame Dragon2010-01-08 15:57:00
Action against H4H25supermechaninja2010-01-08 09:28:00
How do you make a spartan costume2Martian2010-01-08 05:34:00
Monthly Themed Crown Competition24jackofcourse2010-01-08 04:39:00
What Are Your Favorite LBP Music Tracks?11warlord_evil2010-01-08 02:22:00
Does a text insert tool exist?5jakew1612010-01-07 14:58:00
water levels anoying?9huntr_Danny22010-01-07 06:38:00
Arcade Style?2Unknown User2010-01-07 03:46:00
what are some of your big inspirations?26jump_button2010-01-07 00:23:00
Who would you most like to create with?130Coxy2242010-01-06 19:59:00
How do you guys stick to one theme?16blizzard_cool2010-01-06 17:23:00
Dan_e2040 returning to create!9Unknown User2010-01-06 14:57:00
Can I upload?3Unknown User2010-01-06 03:31:00
Lemons with Gravy are invading!55FreeFlyzz2010-01-06 03:16:00
Key Questions3ladylyn12010-01-05 10:51:00
Bouncy water5Snappyguy2010-01-05 08:40:00
Shadowcrazy's comeback4Shadowcrazy2010-01-04 20:27:00
How to get on the cool page5Draden64362010-01-04 20:25:00
A Moderation Idea for LBP's Levels9SLS102010-01-03 04:02:00
uhhh... did i just see a sneak peek?!11Joshofsouls2010-01-02 22:55:00
Littlebigplanet trailers?8SavageCaptor2010-01-02 21:30:00
Lbp dlc12SavageCaptor2010-01-02 21:23:00
Hosting a Game or Joining a Friend....18GreyMRP2010-01-02 19:36:00
I swear if you step on my patch...18Fumo1612010-01-02 07:49:00
Bad Glitch7FreeFlyzz2010-01-02 05:23:00
Omg real water!!!111!2Pantyer22010-01-02 04:35:00
Anyone else seen the petition on the cool pages?40thekevinexpress2010-01-02 01:03:00
Help!! I'm addicted to the grid!?34piggabling2010-01-02 00:36:00
Just a little rant...24ffha2010-01-01 04:58:00
So now the Emitters are 50% more effective on the thermo!!!12RangerZero2009-12-31 18:03:00
Odd pixels6Joshofsouls2009-12-31 10:22:00
Anyone Else think that Water is making the Community Pages even worse?75ApellesJr2009-12-31 00:31:00
In the Pirates pack2pilrag2009-12-31 00:22:00
LittleBigMyth Team - Job applications!16emekcrash2009-12-29 18:52:00
Three Developers Explain Level Design11jump_button2009-12-29 16:44:00
What DLC pack do you want to go with motion controller48jump_button2009-12-29 08:44:00
LUXRAN!! Alive!?31squirlin2009-12-29 06:27:00
Favorite Media Molecule Boss Battle? (spoilers)3Beed282009-12-28 17:48:00
The Little Things2Grimdour2009-12-28 09:45:00
Strange Lunar Event! Glitch on My Moon13poorjack2009-12-28 07:18:00
Glitch with Sack Sparrow?3Unknown User2009-12-28 01:44:00
Weird Glitch: Ghost of Sackboy's Past?15Testudini2009-12-28 00:06:00
Level Escape: "The Kraken!!!" and See Mm's Logic (Pictures)13galacemiguel2009-12-27 07:20:00
Hey! Give me back that level! (Pics of the madness!)10dandygandy27042009-12-26 15:47:00
Rereleasing Seasonal DLCs?3Grimdour2009-12-26 14:55:00
Does anyone think the thermo might be extended?15thekevinexpress2009-12-26 04:06:00
I request the help of the community!8Snowspot2009-12-26 02:04:00
If this forum was the whole the community...44jackofcourse2009-12-25 22:56:00
Great Hearted Levels List ?18Unknown User2009-12-25 21:05:00
Waters way to bouyant12theamilien2009-12-24 18:22:00
POTC 4 player challenge ....5Unknown User2009-12-24 17:33:00
Lbpmedia: christmas2chimpskylark2009-12-24 17:24:00
New feature ashore?9FlipMeister2009-12-24 08:09:00
What did you do/are you doing with water?23chezhead2009-12-24 01:31:00
Funny glitch?6glue2009-12-24 00:09:00
New Water Discovery!10kodymcq2009-12-23 20:47:00
The "Free Water" Situation23Unknown User2009-12-23 19:42:00
Omg this has water in it best level evar18Arkei2009-12-23 19:22:00
We've had the paintenator, now the water but whats next...?39dirts79702009-12-23 15:24:00
The Sackington Times: Level Creators Go On Strike!54Teebonesy2009-12-23 10:40:00
Has anyone been able to get the Salty Dog trophy?15JKthree2009-12-23 04:08:00
so start the week of....17jump_button2009-12-23 00:01:00
Water: Where and When16poorjack2009-12-22 23:26:00
Media molecule imposters!!! :(4Doopz2009-12-22 21:59:00
PotC kit music tracks3persona3fan932009-12-22 20:20:00
So, what do YOU think of the Pirate Levels?61Plasmavore2009-12-22 20:11:00
pictures of water (and me)5stoneface952009-12-22 20:04:00
Water videos comin up9JKthree2009-12-22 19:41:00
Take a look at this!...19RangerZero2009-12-22 17:48:00
People have no Patience!17Flame Dragon2009-12-22 16:33:00
Have the chat word filters been lifted?3Arkei2009-12-22 16:28:00
Water help please! Please help me urgently51steakontoast2009-12-22 15:04:00
Annoying new pod bug?12Mother-Misty2009-12-22 12:57:00
Why water will suck15steakontoast2009-12-22 10:11:00
New Glitch: Trigger explosive activated when emitted at high speeds.4Deviantgeek2009-12-22 06:17:00
A weird problem with my pod?3Unknown User2009-12-22 05:41:00
4 new options for audio in Magic Mouths with 1.2332Morgana252009-12-22 05:12:00
New MAJOR bug with hearted lists!52RangerZero2009-12-22 02:14:00
How to reeeelaaax during LBP13srgt_poptart2009-12-22 00:43:00
*sigh*1ktang772009-12-22 00:27:00
What do YOU plan to do with water?35bonner1232009-12-21 22:35:00
So... what's being revealed THIS time?13alexbull_uk2009-12-21 22:27:00
Lbpmedia calendar interviews!2chimpskylark2009-12-21 19:13:00
About Advertising: A general discussion10Duffluc2009-12-21 18:09:00
why dosnt mm fix there lvls9solid-snake2009-12-21 14:42:00
Tonight, 21st, BBC4, 9:00PM, "Games Britannia" [YOUTUBE Link Added]31DanC2009-12-21 13:53:00
Heart 4 Heart 4 Trophy7SackSuperman2009-12-21 10:47:00
So you can't make a underwater level?8blizzard_cool2009-12-21 07:26:00
Water???7second--smile--2009-12-20 13:19:00
Looks Like the Tinman won't be Getting his Heart- And neither will anyone else!36Plasmavore2009-12-19 21:04:00
The Sackies - a different perspective...35MrsSpookyBuz2009-12-19 20:40:00
Crowns becoming Recon?47Kog2009-12-19 03:28:00
Auto-Reject join requests NOT WORKING8mistervista2009-12-19 03:09:00
Homemade Sackboy6tinsweep2009-12-18 21:32:00
So.... does this mean we need to buy water?23Mopthefloo2009-12-17 23:19:00
An Interesting Question..45AgentBanana2009-12-17 22:39:00
Mm Water Levels in 2008 Trailer?8Sack-Jake2009-12-17 21:16:00
LBP Soundtrack in iPod Ad!14Dante952009-12-17 20:15:00
What Would You Choose?23warlord_evil2009-12-17 05:02:00
Sackies: Any guesses for the rest of the categories, and nominees?31TripleTremelo2009-12-17 04:21:00
I was excited for water until... WARNING let downs follow...15comoutsid3222009-12-17 00:50:00
So do ou think that the PotC will be better then MGS?19blizzard_cool2009-12-16 20:44:00
Look what I made!!!5stoneface952009-12-16 17:26:00
What's all this then?20Doopz2009-12-15 21:46:00
Invisible Wood Glitch -- by iPotatoSpud5hilightnotes2009-12-15 02:26:00
Just an thought about water.11SackBolt2009-12-15 01:11:00
What is with all the republishing?92TheFirstAvenger2009-12-15 00:23:00
Annoying (New?) Create Bug22comphermc2009-12-14 23:10:00
Happy Holidays from Sackboy- Animated Short :D7Unknown User2009-12-14 15:02:00
Dirt?4Ticklethis2752009-12-12 17:50:00
DLC that I should get16RyuRobin2009-12-12 12:42:00
Online Create Ettiquette - what do you expect from guests?59Morgana252009-12-11 21:44:00
The 'NO LAG' Thread12MrsSpookyBuz2009-12-11 21:17:00
What LBP Machinima has won a crown?7Testudini2009-12-11 20:52:00
Why Bubbles?19FlipMeister2009-12-11 19:41:00
Gah!!!! Stupid trees!!!!!!!!25Joshofsouls2009-12-11 14:16:00
The Biggest Problem with LBP22qrtda2355662009-12-10 21:05:00
Why Do We Create In The First Place?20damaz102009-12-10 20:19:00
is lbp DIEING?42howMUCHforBOUNTY2009-12-10 18:38:00
Gluing something to a piece attached by a piston = kills piston5RangerZero2009-12-09 21:54:00
Water discussion!3oldage2009-12-09 18:04:00
A Bug's Life!12Gravel2009-12-09 15:38:00
Flapping your arms5ZramuliZ2009-12-09 15:25:00
New Cardboard Bug13comphermc2009-12-09 03:25:00
Brain Bug in latest update7RockSauron2009-12-09 01:42:00
A New Save Bug? Or?8Unknown User2009-12-08 01:21:00
Should I use the 3D glitch in my next level?9chimpskylark2009-12-07 17:26:00
Zipper Logo from savedata14zekeike2009-12-07 03:31:00
Sticker Bug 'doing my head in'15mistervista2009-12-06 20:30:00
Who wants to collab with me for the online create contest?1Kobe24Life2009-12-06 04:08:00
Stickers "glitching"8Luos_832009-12-06 02:59:00
New switches?24Silverleon2009-12-05 22:41:00
www.lbpcentral.com Challenge (neu!)14Jiri2009-12-05 20:01:00
3rd LBR Trophy Competition5Miglioshin2009-12-05 10:40:00
Things Learn't while playing LBP17Kern2009-12-05 10:16:00
LittleBig Christmas calendar - LBPMedia3samalot2009-12-04 23:54:00
"Preloading Game Resources" ......AAARGH!!10Frogmeister2009-12-04 16:49:00
The Return of LittleDeadSpace19GreyMRP2009-12-04 06:32:00
What have you done with the Christmas stuff so far?14Testudini2009-12-04 01:18:00
Sackpad - Sackcast's Level Design Tool *TRAILER*56Shermzor2009-12-03 22:33:00
copyable levels5miltonTPS2009-12-03 18:18:00
What did you think LBP would be like?18jackofcourse2009-12-03 16:24:00
Transparent Custom Stickers!34Unknown User2009-12-03 15:27:00
Sticker switches and leerdammer24applepod1242009-12-03 01:06:00
Did they change the wobble bolt?4Mopthefloo2009-12-03 00:05:00
Leer/D&MN/ERRRR...14Gravel2009-12-02 22:15:00
LBPC logo abuse?30Burnvictim422009-12-02 20:45:00
Train bomb survivals.33Unknown User2009-12-02 17:59:00
"Frustrations"16Luos_832009-12-02 16:01:00
I've always wondered this12Pete19912009-12-02 00:16:00
Leerdammer level breaking bug31mistervista2009-12-01 23:33:00
what you done with online create?14lifeiscrapislife2009-12-01 21:02:00
Afew questions and observations6TAFKAPR2009-12-01 20:45:00
Hero Hair and Hats equals No Go?!9Risumm2009-12-01 12:24:00
PS Home game launching7robotiod2009-12-01 09:50:00
Online create (No Spam)4robotiod2009-12-01 09:35:00
"A Player failed to load your profile"17AbstractSam2009-12-01 05:56:00
LBP sounds for your PC22Unknown User2009-12-01 01:41:00
my complaints with leederdam(spelling)15solid-snake2009-11-30 19:35:00
Why are the giant 0's next to my name missing?8springs862009-11-30 17:53:00
Team "C.S.I." Creation team.2Joshofsouls2009-11-30 06:03:00
MY heart, hash exploded.3Testudini2009-11-30 01:25:00
Create from your mind17sirenrose2009-11-30 00:02:00
What effect will the Water update have on us?63Testudini2009-11-29 22:24:00
Inb4thenewhordeofbadlevels16blizzard_cool2009-11-29 17:13:00
Mega Super Awesome question!3blizzard_cool2009-11-28 18:54:00
Anyone here use satellite internet?2Reef19782009-11-28 17:09:00
Level Publishing - 2 Creators?18L1GhTmArE2009-11-28 07:36:00
LeerDammer Questions9Joshofsouls2009-11-28 06:45:00
mdaj - Multi-moderated203MrsSpookyBuz2009-11-27 21:07:00
What are you going to do for Leerdammer?19acdramon2009-11-27 15:48:00
Why Do YOU Create?16bonner1232009-11-27 01:34:00
Huh?! Is this a bad joke?!36Mother-Misty2009-11-26 18:25:00
Rare Beta Costumes11Frinklebumper2009-11-26 05:19:00
Certain LBP songs blocked in certain countries on Youtube?!16JKthree2009-11-26 00:05:00
pod controller4CitizenGrape2009-11-25 06:37:00
LBP Music Vid - Lady GaGa "Little Bad Romance"6gevurah222009-11-25 04:55:00
LittleBigPlanet Central sign in levels13RagTagPwner2009-11-24 04:56:00
30 days ago, on October 24, I got LittleBigPlanet and a PS3.16Testudini2009-11-23 22:49:00
Info Planet25RagTagPwner2009-11-23 18:26:00
Sticker Limit on Sackboys can be annoying. like. sack.11Testudini2009-11-23 02:34:00
What is Your Favourite Level Setting Right Now?27olit1232009-11-21 23:37:00
Best levels to play with many gadders?18brnxblze2009-11-21 19:11:00
Sticker Glitch?14warlord_evil2009-11-21 18:01:00
Tom Appreciation Day !77Shermzor2009-11-21 15:06:00
the Perfect Level for You...28poorjack2009-11-21 07:29:00
I'm getting really sick of these egos.43KoRnDawwg2009-11-20 16:10:00
Which creator's do you want to see make a comeback?109TripleTremelo2009-11-18 16:29:00
To be or not to be...like Mm24dsgeeno12009-11-18 14:18:00
Playing with Emotions3Outlaw-Jack2009-11-18 07:33:00
Screw the BAFTAkids Awards!!!7Haleys_Papa2009-11-17 12:30:00
F4f?3maxou1132009-11-17 03:00:00
Who lives nearest to MM???40ladylyn12009-11-16 23:58:00
Sackboy and Buzz Take a Trip5wexfordian2009-11-16 16:52:00
PS Store Card3Flame Dragon2009-11-16 16:08:00
p4p22Frinklebumper2009-11-14 18:02:00
Chances of a PC release?17AzureDemon2009-11-13 05:43:00
What in ?11Unknown User2009-11-12 18:57:00
New Social Groups4Haleys_Papa2009-11-12 14:21:00
The Holiday Spirit!24FreeFlyzz2009-11-11 06:13:00
Sticker sticker, on the sack. Who is the most annoyed, of them all?4Testudini2009-11-11 01:25:00
Take a close look at your Sackboy.4Testudini2009-11-10 21:54:00
I'm Back!24Silverleon2009-11-09 18:59:00
Your Top Five Most Annoying Glitches45Incinerator222009-11-08 23:35:00
Those little numbers...4DaSackBoy2009-11-08 20:20:00
Community sticker pack no.123chimpskylark2009-11-08 14:32:00
electric glitch7lifeiscrapislife2009-11-07 21:17:00
New update is bringing online co-op creation?8blizzard_cool2009-11-07 18:15:00
Sacky dance24Schwem002009-11-07 17:23:00
Something really wierd in create12Moo_cow2009-11-07 16:14:00
How did you find out about LBP?13warlord_evil2009-11-07 06:45:00
Story mode level select glitch12Matimoo2009-11-06 18:35:00
The Stupid Searching Prob..6Tawarf2009-11-06 14:43:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 would be counter-productive5siccology2009-11-06 03:25:00
Five Of My Levels Copyable For A Limited Time, Now With Pics!2Incinerator222009-11-06 02:34:00
Sackbook7siccology2009-11-06 02:11:00
LBP Animations. Episode 5 - Frankies Robot Rap54wexfordian2009-11-05 16:48:00
Is creating good levels becomming too difficult?93wexfordian2009-11-05 12:41:00
I have a creators block for the past 8 months...7blizzard_cool2009-11-05 11:19:00
Do you like LBP Music Levels?33comishguy672009-11-05 04:10:00
LBP 'Gold Moments'18MrsSpookyBuz2009-11-04 21:15:00
Daft Sack Costume6bakscratch2009-11-04 20:11:00
What overused gameplay element are you terribly sick of43SHENOA772009-11-04 18:11:00
I have something to say!12qrtda2355662009-11-04 04:36:00
What to do with old levels...24Nuclearfish2009-11-03 22:54:00
LBP Birthday card - UPDATE - 200 Messages41samalot2009-11-03 20:54:00
The Welcome To LBPC Group15lbpholic2009-11-03 15:36:00
Favorites from LBP?4Unknown User2009-11-03 04:46:00
Pet Peeves25warlord_evil2009-11-02 04:37:00
costumes2Joshofsouls2009-11-02 02:56:00
Songs you heard that would fit in LBP?6Unknown User2009-10-31 23:01:00
Help me with level ideas15BasketSnake2009-10-31 11:15:00
Vuurps!!!!!!!!!18Incinerator222009-10-31 05:00:00
What creator inspires you?25olit1232009-10-31 03:32:00
Our day with Mm...36jackofcourse2009-10-31 00:54:00
Seasonal Plays16Coxy2242009-10-31 00:00:00
Sound FX wishlist31MrsSpookyBuz2009-10-29 22:34:00
All The Unreleased Songs From LittleBigPlanet19Mr_T-Shirt2009-10-29 19:14:00
Bye Bye Lbp :(35bakscratch2009-10-28 21:45:00
Why Did Mm Announce Water So Early!?21Mr_T-Shirt2009-10-28 01:11:00
So, I'm listening to Pandora...8dandygandy27042009-10-27 20:46:00
What tags would you like to see?34jackofcourse2009-10-27 17:57:00
LBP's First Anniversary.35Darth J4642009-10-27 00:42:00
Seeing things from LBP in the real world...49dawesbr2009-10-26 23:49:00
Duurps!112Joey2009-10-26 22:28:00
Waterrrrrrrrrrrr39Shris2009-10-26 04:32:00
Corner editing tool...34Tawarf2009-10-25 18:01:00
Ratings on LBP... Again...42MrsSpookyBuz2009-10-24 23:24:00
Browsing Bug?3warlord_evil2009-10-24 19:11:00
LBP halloween 2009?12Joshofsouls2009-10-23 08:00:00
Which player do you see the most on scoreboards?15divemonkey12009-10-23 03:33:00
Regrets, Thanks, and Cookies.20chezhead2009-10-23 02:40:00
a report on sigs!10theswweet2009-10-22 05:30:00
Do you plan your levels?30ladylyn12009-10-19 21:52:00
Little Big Planet Merchandise!5Matimoo2009-10-19 20:49:00
Cool Levels? More like... Crap... levels...125poorjack2009-10-19 06:09:00
Point Bubble Question3UnknownGPS2009-10-18 23:14:00
whats those numbers3solid-snake2009-10-18 19:53:00
Interesting (though useless) Create Mode find...13dandygandy27042009-10-18 17:16:00
That "Lava" Material...16Flame Dragon2009-10-18 16:31:00
Untenanted sequel9Unknown User2009-10-17 17:51:00
So I've been playing Brutal Legend...5legory2009-10-17 09:00:00
Whats with the stupid h4h war?28theswweet2009-10-17 01:22:00
Annoying Create.... bug?10Matimoo2009-10-16 19:30:00
It won't do it.....7KQuinn94Z2009-10-16 19:00:00
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!33Ungreth2009-10-15 21:21:00
visual glitch(variaton of known 1)5lifeiscrapislife2009-10-15 21:04:00
Republishing levels as brand new to reach new audience54jackofcourse2009-10-14 22:59:00
Little Dead Space moderated?49SteveBigGuns2009-10-14 22:42:00
costume evolution/group3Nathannj12342009-10-14 21:14:00
"Dragon matter"?83Arkei2009-10-14 18:53:00
Sick of It3FreeFlyzz2009-10-14 16:46:00
To Many Survival Challenges18amuseme5432009-10-14 00:37:00
Ever Seen Your Items In Someone Else's Level?19Mr_T-Shirt2009-10-14 00:08:00
Suggestions?4UnknownGPS2009-10-13 23:07:00
Costumes7shadowwolf362009-10-13 13:45:00
Interactive Music Feature :D9Sunrise_Moon2009-10-12 23:02:00
Your favourite creators.97KoRnDawwg2009-10-12 20:50:00
LBPeak-times13Mr_T-Shirt2009-10-11 17:45:00
I want to go back to a year ago...78dandygandy27042009-10-11 15:11:00
Anyone Else Seen This?17Plasmavore2009-10-11 12:37:00
Will the potential for infinite points ruin my next level?29CaptainCowboyHat2009-10-11 02:19:00
Monsters vs history kit comparative review...6chimpskylark2009-10-10 17:45:00
A funny misunderstanding.11snowyjoe2009-10-10 11:03:00
I swear that sticker is moving!18olit1232009-10-09 17:22:00
Audio Speech Now Plausible?13Jagrevi2009-10-09 13:59:00
Do you think I voided my warrantee?51CCubbage2009-10-09 04:57:00
Can you...?6siccology2009-10-09 00:11:00
How did I miss this?27springs862009-10-07 23:30:00
How do you Simplify LBP?16snowyjoe2009-10-07 21:48:00
This Search Bug is getting out of hand!22Coxy2242009-10-07 19:34:00
Lbp 'gone missing' !!10mistervista2009-10-07 19:11:00
The Grief Relief Team216Powershifter2009-10-07 17:32:00
Grrr....small profile space10King_Tubb2009-10-06 23:27:00
2 Things I Just Noticed about Sackboy12Powershifter2009-10-06 17:29:00
Using enemies with logic?5croissantbuncake2009-10-06 09:10:00
Rude or Questionable Photos posted on my level93Morgana252009-10-06 06:16:00
Splish Splash I'm in the Bath18Roanoake2009-10-06 00:53:00
Water pack ad on25siccology2009-10-05 23:37:00
So which of the music in Music Pack 1 do you like the most?41JKthree2009-10-05 19:39:00
Russelmuscles changed his ways?34Kern2009-10-04 18:42:00
What if..14bonner1232009-10-04 17:08:00
What is (or was) the question mark icon in your poppit?3Sunrise_Moon2009-10-04 02:17:00
Don't have certain stickers8comphermc2009-10-03 23:52:00
My visit to Media Molecule studios51gevurah222009-10-03 07:31:00
NO! Everything! Gone!12FlameAtNight2009-10-02 20:10:00
Material Innovation22Jagrevi2009-10-02 18:17:00
interesting multiplayer glitch7deboerdave2009-10-02 15:33:00
Rotate Sackboy for costumes7Spider-Jew2009-10-02 06:00:00
Natural Sounds16Mr_T-Shirt2009-10-01 21:40:00
What new features are in 1.19?2Sunrise_Moon2009-10-01 14:18:00
On a pessimistic note...31Keldur2009-09-30 20:56:00
Strange moments in LBP4springs862009-09-30 20:54:00
No new add ons for LBP has made me bored...52Schwem002009-09-30 20:42:00
Using lag to simulate slow motion?10Sunrise_Moon2009-09-30 17:16:00
Low levels of H4H...22chezhead2009-09-30 03:01:00
LittleBigPaycheck: Earn Sackboys of Cash for User-Created LBP Content ? Eventually7siccology2009-09-30 00:48:00
Do you run or take it slow?20snowyjoe2009-09-29 06:27:00
pop-up and control??7Schwem002009-09-29 01:38:00
Observations34MrsSpookyBuz2009-09-28 22:43:00
Addictive Nature of LBP34pm317b2009-09-28 21:06:00
Special Tool11Drakora2009-09-27 22:34:00
Not enough LBP styled levels...36warlord_evil2009-09-27 20:27:00
I recently "rediscovered" LBP, as it were...6dandygandy27042009-09-27 14:57:00
How many people finnish levels?21snowyjoe2009-09-27 13:01:00
The LittleBIGReviewers' Platinum Trophy--Updated October 6th14Unknown User2009-09-27 04:13:00
Unnoticed Things In LBP248warlord_evil2009-09-27 03:42:00
Do you think LBP will be a thing in the past when MMR comes out?40Mopthefloo2009-09-27 03:26:00
Exploiting the Thermometer9Unknown User2009-09-27 02:40:00
Does this sound like Steven Fry?5chezhead2009-09-26 22:43:00
An LBP Holiday!13MrsSpookyBuz2009-09-26 21:52:00
How do you feel about storylines in LBP6chazbell2009-09-26 20:51:00
One line that we don't really see/use anymore...67jackofcourse2009-09-26 19:48:00
Free Norse Mytholgy Pack XD37KQuinn94Z2009-09-26 15:59:00
Need LBPC Levels!33Kog2009-09-26 01:10:00
LBP with motion controller video5Shadowheaven2009-09-25 17:50:00
New Glitch? Invisible Matter, thick layer can be as big as you want16Sunrise_Moon2009-09-25 04:16:00
The non-pop up glitch.7snowyjoe2009-09-25 03:48:00
What movie(s) would you like to see as a level on LBP?21Smart_Alex2009-09-25 01:27:00
Playing your own Created level...15pm317b2009-09-24 17:51:00
Anyone else addicted to "Party Ghouls" / Monster kit Background Music?9Foofles2009-09-24 01:03:00
Do you have those days....8snowyjoe2009-09-23 23:08:00
best XMB song to create with?16mattbru772009-09-23 22:49:00
Infinite Lives Checkpoint8pm317b2009-09-23 22:00:00
SackCast Presents... "Wednesday Wamblings"4olit1232009-09-23 21:51:00
Expanding levels. . loss of Wobble-ization9squirlin2009-09-23 21:46:00
Getting bombarded!!!70Fenderjt2009-09-23 20:44:00
Two kinds of Sandpaper5jackofcourse2009-09-23 19:15:00
Limited Time Costumes... Bring Them Back!26Unknown User2009-09-23 18:07:00
Levels you haven't enjoyed creating?35jackofcourse2009-09-23 17:18:00
Possible cure for failed to load level?8EVOin3D2009-09-23 14:25:00
Create A Boss For LittleBigPlanet!1Smart_Alex2009-09-23 06:45:00
Just a small question, please answer for me! :(3Mr_T-Shirt2009-09-23 03:32:00
Out of all your levels...4Smart_Alex2009-09-22 22:44:00
Is it just me or does this look familiar?5Sunrise_Moon2009-09-22 17:56:00
there is no lbp psp sub forum yet so2oldage2009-09-22 16:53:00
Taking a break.12Adam90012009-09-22 13:54:00
What's your opinion on RusselMuscle's levels?85Smart_Alex2009-09-22 08:54:00
What is Project Creation?27qrtda2355662009-09-21 21:08:00
The LBP Pod Music sounds a tad familiar....3snowyjoe2009-09-21 11:35:00
I've been noticing a series of events.32SLS102009-09-20 22:06:00
Ok so I have been playing LBP for over a year now...28blizzard_cool2009-09-20 12:51:00
LBP Game of the Year Edition Creator Interviews35Kog2009-09-20 02:15:00
Should I make another level or have a break?19jackofcourse2009-09-19 19:15:00
glitch or admin-related action?2mattbru772009-09-19 03:06:00
Dino's Island been moderated?!10JKthree2009-09-18 22:54:00
What happened to Dinosaurs Island???31TheFirstAvenger2009-09-18 05:06:00
Strange Online Play Glitch6olit1232009-09-17 00:14:00
What is the biggest problem in LBP?33theonlybub2009-09-16 22:38:00
Level Keys Problems Thread14julesyjules2009-09-16 20:58:00
"Try Again" creeps me out now. D:51ChazFox2009-09-16 19:38:00
Intellectual property: use it or just "borrow" from it?18Rogar2009-09-16 15:16:00
Little Big Planet 23Unknown User2009-09-16 14:23:00
LBP stickers in a Nintendo Magazine8elzbenz2009-09-16 12:36:00
MediaMolecule signed my baseball!29Unknown User2009-09-16 11:41:00
NO....Workshop Failed To Load Level38GruntosUK2009-09-16 10:56:00
Do you play YOUR levels?23snowyjoe2009-09-16 06:27:00
Getting LBP and a PS3 tomorrow15admiralsfan2009-09-16 02:40:00
Epic Fail(ed to load level)11comphermc2009-09-16 02:05:00
Well...This cheered me up somewhat! :D13Mr_T-Shirt2009-09-16 01:57:00
Possible new material from mgs pack.8croissantbuncake2009-09-15 17:59:00
Cool Levels "master"?6Unknown User2009-09-14 22:09:00
Wtf?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?19qrtda2355662009-09-14 22:02:00
LittleBigPlanet "Confessional"61Powershifter2009-09-14 20:08:00
Just realised you can play LBP in any language17CheesyMcFly2009-09-14 13:32:00
PAL version on USA PSN.2Igottatank2009-09-14 02:17:00
Score bubbles = immense replay value43jackofcourse2009-09-14 00:45:00
A horrible glitch4ktang772009-09-13 20:25:00
Game of the Year Videos24Kog2009-09-13 19:03:00
LBP Trophies never gets old8the-cheese-kid2009-09-13 11:41:00
Poor Gevurah2224Kern2009-09-13 10:29:00
Paper...Paper.... PAPER!!!!6snowyjoe2009-09-13 10:06:00
Sackboy Dolls20Rascal_Ryuk2009-09-13 04:17:00
MY LEVEL ON Machinima8ladylyn12009-09-12 21:05:00
Over a million score?4Adam90012009-09-12 14:56:00
Do you like them Big or Small!?15snowyjoe2009-09-12 10:49:00
A definite cause of the unglue bug found8Ungreth2009-09-12 00:38:00
The Utility of Exclusivity9Jagrevi2009-09-11 21:49:00
LittleBigPlanet Demo26BSprague2009-09-11 20:37:00
Community Objects ??? Mixed with Mm Objects2bakscratch2009-09-11 16:22:00
Has Water Beta Started?6snowyjoe2009-09-11 14:14:00
LBP:GoTY questions4admiralsfan2009-09-11 02:28:00
Immaterial Materials5Bercilak2009-09-11 01:45:00
Recording the 18 levels.3JKthree2009-09-10 18:28:00
What are the hardest levels you have played?38theonlybub2009-09-10 17:15:00
Are the 18 new levels messing up the heart system?13JKthree2009-09-10 02:46:00
Return of Fuzz Ball.8mrsvista2009-09-10 00:48:00
GOTY level Impressions116TheFirstAvenger2009-09-09 23:35:00
To get GotY or not to get GotY....6JKthree2009-09-09 22:49:00
Free Access to GOTY levels5Jagrevi2009-09-09 20:55:00
LBP as a Teaching Tool1adlingtont2009-09-09 17:21:00
Did I miss this... ?9Rustbukkit2009-09-09 16:10:00
vote sackboy as gaming hero!4Adam90012009-09-09 13:39:00
Why is it so hard!!!??11Joshofsouls2009-09-09 10:30:00
"You have recieved an invite" NOOOO!! SHUDDUP!47TheJollyRajah2009-09-09 06:13:00
An ode to LittleBigPlanet Central5EVOin3D2009-09-09 04:10:00
GOTY vs. Original Release4pm317b2009-09-08 22:15:00
Goty lpb3Bulbasore2009-09-08 22:02:00
Spaff Appreciation Day - Sept 12th152Shermzor2009-09-08 22:01:00
Lighting settings - is it first or last thing you do?21Nuclearfish2009-09-08 19:21:00
Best way to make a door?17pm317b2009-09-08 17:36:00
'hard level videos' group?5brb_gymnastics2009-09-08 06:31:00
Target Audience ... relevent in LBP?40snowyjoe2009-09-08 04:56:00
LBP downgraded to 1.17???4Unknown User2009-09-08 02:58:00
Sackzilla1Littlebigdude8052009-09-08 01:41:00
What would you consider to be your best level?33jackofcourse2009-09-07 21:05:00
The "Death Sticker"?10Unknown User2009-09-07 19:03:00
|||The End|||'s Lag Button: INSANE!!7Unknown User2009-09-07 16:13:00
A new glich with wires4Schwem002009-09-07 15:44:00
New Glitch - Cardboard Matter?9BSprague2009-09-07 02:27:00
Another story for LBP encyclopedia of weirdness18OmegaSlayer2009-09-06 22:17:00
Infinite Lives Checkpoint, Yes or No?40warlord_evil2009-09-06 17:37:00
How long did it take you to hit your creating peak?44jackofcourse2009-09-06 14:49:00
Mug Shot3bakscratch2009-09-06 13:55:00
New glitch ( i think )12theamilien2009-09-05 20:23:00
Narrator bug with create mode12Shadowheaven2009-09-05 15:21:00
Highs and Lows29MrsSpookyBuz2009-09-04 20:49:00
Online Create. What community creators would you want to see working together?91Art_of_Tyler2009-09-04 20:42:00
LBPC Pictures4acdramon2009-09-04 20:34:00
Is there a Japanese LBP Forum?1snowyjoe2009-09-04 12:45:00
What program does LBPC use for its logo?4acdramon2009-09-04 03:44:00
LittleBigPlanet Header Font6acdramon2009-09-04 02:55:00
Is this worthy of a PSN blog post?6SLS102009-09-03 23:00:00
Russelmuscle account list.26Adam90012009-09-03 22:04:00
LittleBigSpace! It's Myspace on LBP!!6B0r3ed2009-09-03 21:32:00
LittleBigRant! 0112SPONGMONKEY562009-09-03 17:27:00
Anyone seen my Fuzz Ball?42mrsvista2009-09-03 17:12:00
I'm scared to download Firmware 3.0 now.66TheMarvelousHat2009-09-03 02:17:00
water information, anyone?2Evan_the_Paxman2009-09-02 23:59:00
Sackboy is an alien?8Ninteen452009-09-02 22:53:00
Answered (Deleted)13Art_of_Tyler2009-09-02 21:55:00
about the parodies5ktang772009-09-02 20:48:00
Sackcast Contest Thoughts10Shermzor2009-09-02 20:23:00
The LBP Dynamic Theme is out! (in US)3MarkoWolfy2009-09-02 17:25:00
When does the fun stop and announce begin?8snowyjoe2009-09-02 11:18:00
Name my level! With Reward!26Aurongel2009-09-02 00:45:00
If This Isn't Fixed, I'm Through!!!!16Unknown User2009-09-01 23:33:00
Profile FIXED :)4bakscratch2009-09-01 11:46:00
A little ditty about lag, dedicated to mistervista.19mrsvista2009-09-01 10:06:00
I just realized what's going to happen tomorrow...14alexbull_uk2009-09-01 02:45:00
Rating 5 stars or 1...4chezhead2009-09-01 02:16:00
LBP Friends For Life43MrsSpookyBuz2009-08-31 19:30:00
Myspace layouts - Good or Bad?15KoRnDawwg2009-08-31 17:54:00
Hey all, need abit of help please.13Zac2009-08-31 16:46:00
Lazy Creators3Flame Dragon2009-08-31 09:34:00
When do you make your levels!?17snowyjoe2009-08-31 04:56:00
Has anyone made a spotlight level without planning the whole thing?34chezhead2009-08-31 03:45:00
An Ode to Pop-Ups!43IceMaiden2009-08-31 02:06:00
Left or Right?31SlinkDewar2009-08-31 00:22:00
The 'LAG' Thread69MrsSpookyBuz2009-08-30 20:56:00
Favorite Bosses3RockSauron2009-08-30 19:03:00
steve big guns is in the building27ViDi--ViCi2009-08-30 17:20:00
Is 9 Copying LBP?24CyberSora2009-08-30 09:01:00
Recorders Needed!6Kog2009-08-29 20:35:00
Ramp deleted: Celebrate or Grieve?108KQuinn94Z2009-08-29 16:39:00
Isn't it heartbreaking...23alexbull_uk2009-08-29 14:57:00
new podcast team7TyPlaya2009-08-29 05:08:00
check out my new level3Zaireo2009-08-29 01:18:00
New Glitch - Crashes PS320alexbull_uk2009-08-28 04:06:00
Is this a new glitch? Invisible 'thin layer' object.10MrOrangeOh2009-08-28 03:14:00
Why LBP should be rated M (?)7Mik21212009-08-28 02:01:00
Online create and DLC...9Jrange3782009-08-27 17:24:00
super jump glitch10Schwem002009-08-27 14:40:00
Ways of getting an LBP crown?28Kobe24Life2009-08-27 14:39:00
Rethinking the "Cool Levels" system19Reef19782009-08-27 13:16:00
Something that you shouldn't do3springs862009-08-27 11:44:00
Guest Names + Black Popit (New Info)11alexbull_uk2009-08-26 21:40:00
Separate Games Glitch6Shris2009-08-26 21:03:00
7 Days 'Uptime' for new levels56MrsSpookyBuz2009-08-26 14:44:00
Grrrrrrrrr20bakscratch2009-08-26 11:26:00
Housten, we gots a problem10squirlin2009-08-26 01:32:00
It's a LittleBigWorld? ...Changes...2chezhead2009-08-26 00:55:00
Level Difficulties11Art_of_Tyler2009-08-25 21:28:00
What if everyone is a sackperson?38LEW_jeane2009-08-25 18:42:00
LBP Voice Over - HHGTTG26Snappyguy2009-08-25 16:29:00
Get Your Level Recorded in HD5zim19852009-08-25 13:41:00
I'm Done.24SLS102009-08-25 02:58:00
Help me get Create Trophy?6Unknown User2009-08-25 00:34:00
How can i make longer levels?20pm317b2009-08-24 23:46:00
PSP LBP forum?9jackofcourse2009-08-24 22:38:00
You know you've been playing too much LBP when...64Kiminski2009-08-24 14:24:00
Something New This Way Comes22Unknown User2009-08-24 03:39:00
Default Sponge?7Sunrise_Moon2009-08-24 02:18:00
Mm constant update of the intro level.32Silverleon2009-08-23 22:51:00
LBP and the Scrolling Shooter17snowyjoe2009-08-22 23:03:00
stupid creator moments72Deftmute2009-08-22 22:34:00
What do you do when you feel burned out?24jump_button2009-08-22 21:28:00
Tested how rating and tagging is recorded8jackofcourse2009-08-22 18:28:00
Letters1Roanoake2009-08-21 23:45:00
is it all rite11solid-snake2009-08-21 14:22:00
European T.V. Ads Info10Leather-Monkey2009-08-21 12:52:00
my created object are glitching15Chuk_Chuk2009-08-20 22:40:00
LBP Widower16SpookyBuz2009-08-20 22:08:00
Old school platforming = the most fun I've had in LBP for ages41jackofcourse2009-08-20 20:34:00
LittleBigSackbrothers Anti H4H recruitment8Unknown User2009-08-20 07:47:00
Want your video recorded for Youtube? Well the King is here to help!42JKthree2009-08-20 06:35:00
Does anyone else get, like, SEVERE lag problems online?7MidnightSunglasses2009-08-20 05:52:00
Feudal Japan has more to offer then just Ninjas18Shadowcrazy2009-08-20 04:08:00
So what happens when elec.+water?16blizzard_cool2009-08-19 22:22:00
So... what happened to editing Mm levels?20alexbull_uk2009-08-19 20:16:00
We got water but now what?94Coxy2242009-08-19 19:12:00
Quality of Critique24Jagrevi2009-08-19 18:35:00
Water is NOT in Creator Pack 2! Speculation, appearently.18MarkoWolfy2009-08-19 12:48:00
GOTY - The 18 creators?157Nuclearfish2009-08-19 11:53:00
Possible Real Prize options?10Unknown User2009-08-19 08:06:00
Blorf on Game of the Year Edition15CCubbage2009-08-19 05:21:00
Anything you noticed that is new on the video for water?12chezhead2009-08-19 02:02:00
Found myself a cool glitch/thing: Sackboy Super Jump!3MarkoWolfy2009-08-18 14:25:00
Voodoo is a complete copy of Flaming Timberlands!37blizzard_cool2009-08-18 13:12:00
rz22g/kratos4 be praised15solid-snake2009-08-18 01:33:00
5 Star Levels52Mr_T-Shirt2009-08-17 23:34:00
GOTY Edition Detailed18RockSauron2009-08-17 23:08:00
Copyright troubles1persona3fan932009-08-17 23:04:00
Research for levels??17springs862009-08-17 19:00:00
Glitch: Grid Moving off center20GruntosUK2009-08-17 11:06:00
Cheeky Switch Stickers On Level's13XHaveNoMercyX2009-08-16 20:40:00
Glitch: Random Blocks of Colors14Unknown User2009-08-16 18:14:00
August 18th!?133AliBoy12009-08-16 13:32:00
Secrets in your levels33qrtda2355662009-08-16 06:24:00
Floating Decorations on your Sackboy?! (using 3d glitch NOT paintinator)13JKthree2009-08-16 04:50:00
LittleBigPlanet Beta???38XHaveNoMercyX2009-08-15 23:14:00
That Sinking Feeling...50MrsSpookyBuz2009-08-14 22:17:00
What Makes A Good Vehicle Level?9Thundersmacker2009-08-14 22:08:00
A Creator's Life59MrsSpookyBuz2009-08-14 19:47:00
Why, oh why does everyone need a intro?!110Syroc2009-08-14 18:22:00
Your #1 pick20CENTURION242009-08-14 09:10:00
How to get over 10,000 plays34J-Bear2009-08-13 23:25:00
Responding to Levels that are "Just Good"27hilightnotes2009-08-13 20:15:00
Is It Okay To Make Bomb Survival / Obstacle Course Levels?39BlackHairedGoon2009-08-13 11:03:00
Anyone Else Having 'Saving' Issues?2Mr_T-Shirt2009-08-13 01:30:00
My Discussion With russelsmuscles23SLS102009-08-13 00:10:00
Tell me if this is not amazing!10Adam90012009-08-12 23:42:00
Inspiring levels66jackofcourse2009-08-12 22:13:00
Magician's Magic Box... Real magic9adlingtont2009-08-12 16:22:00
LBP Screenshots.10Unknown User2009-08-11 20:18:00
Do you have anything particular you have to do when you create?38dandygandy27042009-08-11 18:54:00
Do you like X2, X3 X4?11snowyjoe2009-08-11 12:41:00
Image export3Flame Dragon2009-08-11 09:12:00
Wanna hear a funny/embarrassing LBP story?17Mr_T-Shirt2009-08-11 02:58:00
My advice for all..14Mr_T-Shirt2009-08-10 23:39:00
The Advantages of H4H24resistance12009-08-10 21:53:00
More Info On Extra Layer Glitch: 132 Layers! Steps to Place Objects in Extra Layers!12Unknown User2009-08-10 21:24:00
Trying to remember a level I played once...7dandygandy27042009-08-10 18:44:00
Old 'invisible objects in popit' BUG resurfaced3mistervista2009-08-10 12:48:00
Moderation: how does it work?20OmegaSlayer2009-08-10 12:42:00
"j"28Reef19782009-08-10 07:27:00
Community Spotlight PSN...16jackofcourse2009-08-10 05:39:00
Do you dedicate to make levels?11snowyjoe2009-08-10 05:31:00
Flooded With Friend Requests?89Flare Skull2009-08-10 03:55:00
Can you judge a players age from their creations?18jackofcourse2009-08-09 19:18:00
Hale to me, the idiot... want to know the story?18blizzard_cool2009-08-09 15:18:00
I've found a glitch..me...a glitch!!4jackofcourse2009-08-09 03:34:00
LBP Save File Corruption. HELP! ='C7Mikal2009-08-09 02:06:00
So what have I missed?14redmagus2009-08-08 17:50:00
Sack?s Anatomy15Dexist2009-08-08 16:41:00
Isn't it amazing...19Reef19782009-08-08 15:59:00
I Will Record Your Level's For Free! In HD5XHaveNoMercyX2009-08-08 11:25:00
Anti-H4H Group8XHaveNoMercyX2009-08-08 11:08:00
Having an 'Art Style' good or bad?48jackofcourse2009-08-08 00:19:00
Mm censorship of qbert333's petition to make the glitch dlc80J-Bear2009-08-07 21:02:00
Massive congratulations...7LBP--Sentinel2009-08-07 19:55:00
Do you really need a story?49jackofcourse2009-08-07 18:19:00
Give One Piece Of Advice To Other Creators43jump_button2009-08-07 09:17:00
Mighty Morphing Sackboy!28Ungreth2009-08-06 23:18:00
Den mothers117Kern2009-08-06 17:34:00
Just one more trophy... Need to focus...10adlingtont2009-08-05 20:15:00
So? Was the star rating lost or it's been taken into account?36RangerZero2009-08-05 01:21:00
Recently played. Broken19rtm2232009-08-04 20:23:00
OMG! New race gate timer!2Adam90012009-08-04 18:42:00
Told Mm How To Do Glitch144bakscratch2009-08-04 16:13:00
RATINGS ARE BACK! Post here if you have a new level that was unrated.10Reef19782009-08-04 16:10:00
List of all free LBP DLC4Dexist2009-08-04 15:15:00
another glitched object13second--smile--2009-08-04 14:43:00
Freezing since update?12Reef19782009-08-03 22:37:00
Me And My Layers.19bakscratch2009-08-03 14:36:00
How Cog Makes His Epic Levels (Video!)29Kog2009-08-03 06:58:00
Check Out my Dancing video(LBP)5SackBoy982009-08-03 01:53:00
Costumes/Vehicles/Stickers For You!4SlinkDewar2009-08-02 22:11:00
going to take a break...11second--smile--2009-08-02 15:31:00
Another database problem!16RangerZero2009-08-02 13:15:00
How many of you have been officially recognised by Mm?64jackofcourse2009-08-02 12:17:00
The song in this trailer4LBShark2009-08-02 05:27:00
love of god stop!!!!!!36solid-snake2009-08-02 04:19:00
Sorta New LBP on PS3!!!! LBP VS MNR!!!!15Wolf_AssasSin_X2009-08-02 03:35:00
Players Online16Shredator2009-08-01 05:44:00
Tierd of People copying my level...37Dr_Vab2009-08-01 05:21:00
Old Video, probably old Question4Snappyguy2009-08-01 02:02:00
LBPMedia - Littlebigvideos8samalot2009-07-31 22:36:00
Why doesn't Mm make a open world level?19blizzard_cool2009-07-31 20:28:00
What the Hell is This?! (Video added)28KoRnDawwg2009-07-31 10:39:00
Help with 100% Story6skorpio2009-07-31 08:13:00
What standered do you have to meet inorder to put a LBPC sticker in your place?23LittleBigIan2009-07-30 07:08:00
Problem...glitched decoration18jackofcourse2009-07-30 02:02:00
Votation CC04 Contest1Dante952009-07-29 18:03:00
Blinking sack eyes15Lady_Luck__7772009-07-29 17:58:00
Hey, whose sneaking around in there?5Jagrevi2009-07-29 01:18:00
Strange things are happening16second--smile--2009-07-29 00:52:00
A New discovery....16chezhead2009-07-28 22:28:00
Request a Tag...41MrsSpookyBuz2009-07-28 22:21:00
my Darth Maul costume3deadsire2009-07-28 06:33:00
[not announced, just a guess] creator pack 2 on the 18th?8Adam90012009-07-27 20:38:00
Sneakers?3Ricano2009-07-27 20:24:00
Word on the multi-layer glitch.142dandygandy27042009-07-27 19:07:00
About the Backscratch glitch...76KoRnDawwg2009-07-27 15:09:00
what if you kill the score board while standing on it??17blizzard_cool2009-07-27 10:19:00
The 7th Idol walkthrough7Miglioshin2009-07-27 09:32:00
LBPC Logo Font26comphermc2009-07-27 02:39:00
Anyone know a kid named russellsmuscles?138Unknown User2009-07-27 00:07:00
If you could get the music of another game on LBP...24Flame Dragon2009-07-26 21:37:00
Umm Bad levels?23Adam90012009-07-26 20:43:00
Construction style20OmegaSlayer2009-07-26 07:02:00
Glitch: On-Screen Rating1Unknown User2009-07-26 03:04:00
Glitch: Untouchable Decorations16Unknown User2009-07-26 02:56:00
Magic Mouth Issues...?4comphermc2009-07-25 23:45:00
Do you think MM might be upset about MNR?5dandygandy27042009-07-25 20:06:00
LBP Rating System BROKEN!!!93tjb06072009-07-25 18:53:00
What qualifies you for highest rated?4LuckyShot2009-07-25 05:40:00
Little Creator Or Big Creator?21Flare Skull2009-07-25 04:36:00
LBP PSP Find2Jagrevi2009-07-25 04:03:00
Ode to ConfusedCartman36MrsSpookyBuz2009-07-24 09:35:00
"Create and sell your own DLC!" a feature that never made it.16Silverleon2009-07-24 07:18:00
Why Defmunky666???32brnxblze2009-07-24 04:39:00
Significant Events in LBP History50Unknown User2009-07-23 23:20:00
Isn't ramp awesome?50chezhead2009-07-23 16:28:00
How many levels can you name in the 1Mil vid9OmegaSlayer2009-07-23 09:32:00
Weirdest Tags?26KoRnDawwg2009-07-22 21:53:00
To make your levels copyable or not40Syroc2009-07-22 18:48:00
LBP didn't save my progess!?9spacefox002009-07-22 16:22:00
Jetpack Gameplay Ideas5RockSauron2009-07-22 14:43:00
Most annoying things about Littlebigplanet31springs862009-07-21 23:30:00
The almighty thrermometer!23chezhead2009-07-21 22:16:00
Super jump!10Kiminski2009-07-21 15:19:00
Can you listen to the music on your HD while playing LBP?3Flame Dragon2009-07-21 13:57:00
Did you know? Pushing heavy objects20rtm2232009-07-21 11:22:00
The Anti-Slap14hilightnotes2009-07-21 07:51:00
So you like exploration in videogames?7RangerZero2009-07-20 18:35:00
Paint gun bug3ryder3562009-07-20 18:20:00
What do you like most about Littlebigplanet?15springs862009-07-20 16:22:00
Express your love for LittleBigPlanet!3Unknown User2009-07-20 15:21:00
834 play-throughs on a level with NOTHING in it, but is called "Kingdom Hearts"15Unknown User2009-07-20 14:54:00
What are you BAD at?109MrsSpookyBuz2009-07-20 09:38:00
how cool would it be if...7GRapeman12009-07-20 01:50:00
O_o *Need some answers for my podcast!* o_O18chezhead2009-07-20 00:05:00
Creators who heart their own work...59dandygandy27042009-07-19 20:06:00
sticker limitations?6RickTheRipper2009-07-18 00:10:00
I'm making a blog about...3chezhead2009-07-17 23:51:00
Double Thermo Fantasy18MrsSpookyBuz2009-07-17 21:54:00
LBPC vs LBW29jackofcourse2009-07-17 19:48:00
How many creators here have made it to cool levels?87hilightnotes2009-07-16 23:37:00
Song's You Would Love To Hear In LittleBigPlanet21Mr_T-Shirt2009-07-15 23:20:00
Jugment day11Kilagria2009-07-15 19:55:00
The H4H Bounty Hunters24zim19852009-07-15 18:40:00
Some fanmade Left4dead sacks eh?14ll_ye2009-07-15 15:52:00
is this fair17solid-snake2009-07-15 13:15:00
Candyk... Real or Imaginary?88wexfordian2009-07-15 09:24:00
To Hide or Not To Hide27OmegaSlayer2009-07-15 08:44:00
The Sticker pack4gameliker92009-07-14 23:46:00
Please HELP me!!!!2mattmann2009-07-14 19:15:00
WHOOOHOOO my little big planet arrived today6DeusJt2009-07-14 14:22:00
What dlc should i get?5Dexist2009-07-14 09:45:00
How breakproof are you?32jackofcourse2009-07-14 01:40:00
Key Vault Hacked--Do You Know These Guys26RickRock_7772009-07-13 18:54:00
In game notifications - just go away!13comphermc2009-07-13 15:54:00
What do people think when they see the LBPC logo...19blizzard_cool2009-07-11 08:19:00
Anyone get disheartened toward the end?27BlackToof2009-07-11 01:51:00
Score Bubbles VS Prize Bubbles!28snowyjoe2009-07-11 01:00:00
MM16WCF7__2009-07-10 19:14:00
Hows this for a copy part 240GruntosUK2009-07-10 14:00:00
Stupidest thing you've done in create mode?16Adam90012009-07-10 12:54:00
Whatever Happened to LittleBigResort? And Lost Forum Found!5Sunrise_Moon2009-07-10 01:30:00
Anti H4H Levels... Worse then H4H levels?46RockSauron2009-07-09 19:07:00
It seems to me that MM doesn't know how to use their own news system...19dandygandy27042009-07-09 18:15:00
Share a space suit?2SlinkDewar2009-07-09 00:25:00
TJB's sticker requests14tjb06072009-07-08 22:36:00
MM a bit slow in the making?38snowyjoe2009-07-08 14:19:00
Vote for my avatar in LBP!!!10tjb06072009-07-08 06:16:00
How much do you care...34brnxblze2009-07-04 01:24:00
CTA Episode 1 - New LBP Machinima1hilightnotes2009-07-03 08:27:00
Your stance on vehicle stages10SlyNinja112009-07-03 01:34:00
Worrying hard disk activity8rtm2232009-07-02 23:46:00
IGN Level Lovers Anonymous - really?44comphermc2009-07-02 18:32:00
Is this publishing technique practical?17jackofcourse2009-07-02 14:55:00
Favorite costume and/or costume peice?14TheMarvelousHat2009-07-02 01:14:00
Dark Levels vs. Old TVs17Unknown User2009-07-01 03:09:00
Don't Copy My Art Style *sighs*37jump_button2009-06-30 16:54:00
My LBP machima!3grayspence2009-06-30 01:03:00
I have won a plastic sackboy14BasketSnake2009-06-29 19:36:00
Secret Backround10Sonic54112009-06-29 05:51:00
Rant5adlingtont2009-06-28 21:09:00
Giving away keys to OTHER PEOPLE's levels5rtm2232009-06-28 20:46:00
Bomb Survival Levels: Like Them or Hate Them?48Silverleon2009-06-27 20:08:00
Getting Costumes from other players question...3monkeyCmonkeyDo2009-06-25 16:36:00
Weird Glitch?7Shris2009-06-25 07:42:00
Will LBP spawn new genres/game-types?21Walter-Kovacs2009-06-24 04:58:00
How many "Recent" pages do you have?17Reef19782009-06-24 00:13:00
LBP RPG levels should be like this!5blizzard_cool2009-06-22 22:13:00
Motivational Block - need advice.23rtm2232009-06-22 22:04:00
LBP PSP version who is really interested10deboerdave2009-06-22 18:24:00
Is there a Heart cap?34snowyjoe2009-06-22 10:36:00
Which is more important for you? Visuals or Platforming?38snowyjoe2009-06-22 10:24:00
costume requests1xtrememysterio2009-06-22 02:29:00
Argh! Cool page wipe!6Asbestos1012009-06-22 01:54:00
Where can I find the astronaut costume?11TheMarvelousHat2009-06-22 00:06:00
Who here had the copy before the actual release date?7Unknown User2009-06-20 21:00:00
How's this for a copy?183IceMaiden2009-06-20 11:43:00
What kind of rater are you?33snowyjoe2009-06-20 03:37:00
Disappearing Costumes --Glitch7hilightnotes2009-06-19 22:34:00
Thermometer Shrinking!!7KAPBAM2009-06-18 18:33:00
Patch 1.15 in US1BSprague2009-06-18 17:37:00
Don't you hate it when....10ZipCity2009-06-18 14:34:00
Do you use the music player during create/ in your pod?21oldage2009-06-18 12:25:00
How do you create your levels?42snowyjoe2009-06-18 10:32:00
Something I noticed about LBP PSP8blizzard_cool2009-06-18 08:43:00
OK this is a problem14theparkman12342009-06-17 00:49:00
Webcam Live Streaming - Create Mode12Mik21212009-06-16 17:31:00
First Level - To delete or not to delete... This is the question!33wexfordian2009-06-16 16:19:00
So this is where H4H begins...55CheesyMcFly2009-06-16 13:31:00
Locked levels getting plays?2TripleTremelo2009-06-16 07:20:00
show me your themed sackpeople!!!6theparkman12342009-06-15 20:11:00
Heart me please!3Jello7152009-06-13 23:17:00
Funny Comments on your Levels160MrsSpookyBuz2009-06-13 15:13:00
Your Most Ambitious Idea that was too hard to pull off20qrtda2355662009-06-12 20:20:00
My worst LBP luck...5blizzard_cool2009-06-12 19:41:00
Making A Planet5MizzAnaconda2009-06-12 07:55:00
Geosautus where art thou..?44julesyjules2009-06-12 01:41:00
This kinda made me laugh...2blizzard_cool2009-06-11 18:44:00
Finally!!!4Theap Pleman2009-06-11 05:33:00
Cinematography/lighting for levels10jump_button2009-06-10 22:37:00
Sackboy goodies7mistervista2009-06-10 13:31:00
Just realized R2 and L2 are pressure sensitive...14TripleTremelo2009-06-10 08:30:00
Negative Comments - What do you do with them?47ZipCity2009-06-09 15:28:00
From twitter7BasketSnake2009-06-08 21:51:00
The Sympathy Thread (Share your LBP horror stories)34groble2009-06-08 15:29:00
CENTURION24 - cool pages king?163Unknown User2009-06-08 11:30:00
It finally happened11Gilgamesh2009-06-08 11:20:00
WANTED: Valentines Day DLC6Shadowcrazy2009-06-08 05:52:00
2 player co op ONLY...opinions wanted21jackofcourse2009-06-07 19:52:00
Possbile glitch?10Fish942009-06-07 13:55:00
Your favourite Hearted Lists?22dkjestrup2009-06-07 09:06:00
CHEAT in lbp!!!15tjb06072009-06-06 23:19:00
disney crisis?19kodymcq2009-06-06 16:28:00
What would you like to see in a fansite?8chimpskylark2009-06-06 08:46:00
My History project... done on LittleBigPlanet!13MarkoWolfy2009-06-05 20:13:00
LBP PS3 to LBP PSP connectivity! Seriously!3MarkoWolfy2009-06-05 19:59:00
Crowns for LBP Fansite Leaders!!!12LittleBigJebus2009-06-04 19:37:00
Unused boss music?19Tyler2009-06-04 07:13:00
Ffvii out on psn yesterday...possible connection to lbp34Shadowcrazy2009-06-03 18:56:00
Kudos to Cog18mistervista2009-06-03 14:47:00
Show us your pod!84Silverleon2009-06-01 04:45:00
Glass + fire = wow!13mindphaser742009-06-01 02:07:00
What if there was more besides the Sackboy?21blizzard_cool2009-05-31 18:53:00
How to get a level played6robbit102009-05-31 16:51:00
Lulll leak16BasketSnake2009-05-31 15:37:00
Sackboy Tee shirt6Unknown User2009-05-31 12:44:00
Wahoo! My Klonoa Costume is finished ^_^22Klonoa2009-05-30 18:39:00
Mixed-Materials Glitch - LIST -6mindphaser742009-05-28 18:15:00
Whats Your Favorite Kind of Level?20RipTlde2009-05-28 01:00:00
Whatever happend to Mm's Q&A?11Silverleon2009-05-25 23:46:00
trick - merge materials together on single layer - NOW WITH VIDEO!!!65mindphaser742009-05-25 18:23:00
Perfect Gardens and Wilderness Interactive Music11MarkoWolfy2009-05-25 13:03:00
play create share23theparkman12342009-05-24 20:28:00
I want to play a game!!!!!!!!7theparkman12342009-05-24 20:00:00
Some other MGS pack act 3 mysteries....16Silverleon2009-05-24 19:32:00
ratchel10's strange hold glitch?4kodymcq2009-05-23 03:03:00
Help customizing my sackme!7Loius2009-05-23 02:05:00
Listen to this catchy tune....5BasketSnake2009-05-22 15:25:00
Generous2Unknown User2009-05-22 05:44:00
Twitter teasing of next big LBP DLC5phort2009-05-21 11:00:00
Inspiration!8ikbeneland2009-05-20 19:05:00
Stolen Work!43XVS11002009-05-20 05:46:00
Anyone want to trade for MGS pack?3Kobe24Life2009-05-19 21:06:00
IS this Legal42StaleSteak2009-05-19 15:22:00
This made me smile...27MrsSpookyBuz2009-05-19 11:41:00
Ricotta brought back a bug...26Silverleon2009-05-19 02:11:00
I finally got my hands on LBP Platinum Trophy!!!7Miglioshin2009-05-18 22:31:00
Views on using less then 3 layers34blizzard_cool2009-05-18 18:56:00
littlebigplanet school18Unknown User2009-05-17 19:35:00
Grabbable thin layers?14dawesbr2009-05-17 17:15:00
[Glitch] Sackboy has telekinesis?18brnxblze2009-05-17 08:16:00
HUH? My level got modded?29Jrange3782009-05-16 19:10:00
LBP keeps me away from other games...16blizzard_cool2009-05-16 11:42:00
Back in Black!8SavagePepper2009-05-15 19:23:00
LBP in Education11retox2009-05-15 16:20:00
Corrupted data a LBP threat?9SavagePepper2009-05-15 07:13:00
New glitch? Zooming decorations!25RangerZero2009-05-15 06:03:00
Ok the Hearted Lists REALLY are buggy.19RangerZero2009-05-15 03:27:00
Hilarious!11Frogmeister2009-05-14 23:56:00
Views on forced self-destruct26rtm2232009-05-14 19:03:00
Youtube UK sackboy competition sign up thing14Zommy2009-05-14 17:59:00
New IGN Level-Lovers Anonymous (5.13.09)17brnxblze2009-05-14 05:19:00
Random Polygon Stretch Glitch16Unknown User2009-05-14 02:10:00
Message to MM and Sony29SavagePepper2009-05-13 23:59:00
Point bubbles disappear after getting shot?11Foofles2009-05-13 22:31:00
Glitch!11Cpt_Sainsburys2009-05-13 22:06:00
I don't understand why Mm doesn't bann H4H...21blizzard_cool2009-05-13 18:42:00
Cool Flash Sackboy14Theap Pleman2009-05-13 15:57:00
Tutorial music photo!!!15tjb06072009-05-12 00:54:00
LBP ?12.99 or ?9.99 at play.com!!!5Burrich2009-05-11 20:04:00
Bad Glitch to Watch out for13redmagus2009-05-11 19:00:00
I will buy...5ryguy593232009-05-11 06:23:00
Fanboysism in LBP52KoRnDawwg2009-05-10 10:52:00
Termo auto-fill glitch... V2 :(37Silverleon2009-05-10 07:00:00
colour your gun! the paintinator can change colour!12johnrulz772009-05-10 00:02:00
Whats Happened to LBP53SavagePepper2009-05-09 22:26:00
Sticker Removal Crash Bug!8Unknown User2009-05-09 22:17:00
Sackboy's first day out18mistervista2009-05-09 19:44:00
What do YOU think is fun?30Nattura2009-05-09 01:29:00
Rating Chimes14iiiijujube2009-05-08 00:02:00
I promise tht my new lvl is gonna kill2Unknown User2009-05-07 21:49:00
Hearts, stars, currently playing3dorien2009-05-07 20:39:00
Prize collection not working since CY4mistervista2009-05-07 02:34:00
Thermometer Eaters18Gravel2009-05-06 18:44:00
Jukebox Trigger2julesyjules2009-05-06 13:41:00
Quality Over Quantity17jump_button2009-05-06 10:52:00
Do YOU Participate in H4H OR Advertise your levels?30BlackHairedGoon2009-05-05 17:38:00
Little Big Podcast30Fjonan2009-05-05 14:46:00
Paintball capture fixed by CY?57Frogmeister2009-05-05 14:07:00
Template Central1Kog2009-05-04 03:35:00
Wierd Glitch- Walking through walls?11Sack-Jake2009-05-03 16:48:00
Should they release a couple of free packs?19Ray2009-05-03 06:31:00
Maybe LBP2 will be like this "video"28blizzard_cool2009-05-02 09:25:00
LittleBigPlanet Live Stream6Chin Fish2009-05-01 22:51:00
what DLC should i get?13gofurr360z2009-05-01 20:53:00
What was the very first thing you created53smasher2009-04-28 10:55:00
The Real Trick Behind the Black Popit!10crazymario2009-04-27 23:52:00
I know how to get the Tutorial Music!18alexbull_uk2009-04-27 19:37:00
I can Record your levels! In HD!135Kog2009-04-27 04:32:00
Were you always able to...10TripleTremelo2009-04-25 05:24:00
Wobble bolt angle: unmentioned functionality in creator pack 1?7Wonko the Sane2009-04-25 00:07:00
MM holding back11redmagus2009-04-24 03:28:00
Joint object visibility discussion.9Robbie2009-04-24 03:07:00
What do you like?37AJnKnox2009-04-23 15:19:00
How your locked levels are being played108Killian2009-04-23 13:27:00
Atlas are playing "Battles" live in their shows!14RangerZero2009-04-23 02:49:00
LBP PSP: Accessory or Own Game?10RockSauron2009-04-21 20:29:00
Your 'Director`s trademark'72Matt 822009-04-21 16:22:00
will unlimited life checkpoints change LBP for the worse?21Burnvictim422009-04-21 02:58:00
What the Play Create Share bubbles were planned to look like27dawesbr2009-04-20 08:55:00
Show us your Sackboy!?949ARD2009-04-19 18:56:00
What abandoned, unfinished levels do you have on your moon?36Arkei2009-04-19 18:22:00
use gliches after fixed!!!5solid-snake2009-04-19 18:14:00
Thermometer auto fill?18Silverleon2009-04-19 04:58:00
Was Yarg really worth it?52Coxy2242009-04-18 10:05:00
i think thay should create god of war levels7Unknown User2009-04-17 21:37:00
The almight crown16ecowarrior2009-04-17 19:28:00
cheack out my you tube videos6Unknown User2009-04-17 15:33:00
AND gate design challenge48rtm2232009-04-16 12:22:00
List of what was in Cornish Yarg130dawesbr2009-04-16 11:13:00
Why do we have a thermometer?18snowyjoe2009-04-16 07:26:00
Cornish Yarg Issues?50CCubbage2009-04-16 03:54:00
Does "Level Comment Spam" Work?16crazymario2009-04-15 04:41:00
The Cornish Countdown!16Kog2009-04-15 01:01:00
Stop shrinking checkpoints for the hell of it, and other 'glitches'.50Foofles2009-04-14 13:38:00
LBPA (Little Big Planeteers Anonymous)18v0rtex2009-04-14 05:44:00
How do people make stickers for costumes (I dont mean using the Ps eye)4Stumpy352009-04-14 01:03:00
How do people make stickers for costumes.(and I dont mean by using the1Stumpy352009-04-14 01:01:00
Anyone remember the Beta? (Key hunting)27alexbull_uk2009-04-14 01:00:00
Black Popit Tutorial Level22Unknown User2009-04-13 21:38:00
Cornish Yarg Costume Question6Sackdragon2009-04-13 20:33:00
"Solid" gas.10dawesbr2009-04-13 17:54:00
Invisible Matter (old), New Layer, and Multiple layers on your layers... New glitch.9dawesbr2009-04-13 17:41:00
eekz, anybody willing?3kodymcq2009-04-13 17:09:00
Cow glitch request thread14tjb06072009-04-13 03:44:00
Yessssssssss3Unknown User2009-04-11 22:00:00
Does anyone actually use gift items?26redmagus2009-04-11 05:03:00
How exactly does Cool Pages work?39Green2009-04-10 22:50:00
Costumes Majora's Mask,Midna,Cait Sith,Captain Falcon11jump_button2009-04-10 18:58:00
God of war minipack - not a level pack!!!5tjb06072009-04-09 05:37:00
Electrocution Skeleton...12alexbull_uk2009-04-09 00:11:00
Found updates in Mm Tips special: survival challenge6bakscratch2009-04-08 19:22:00
The masses are strange...7blizzard_cool2009-04-08 19:19:00
LBPreviews Youtube Vids19RipTlde2009-04-08 03:29:00
Ice - In a future update?16alexbull_uk2009-04-08 01:34:00
What headpiece is this??17ecowarrior2009-04-07 18:51:00
How to get the thickness of a checkpoint10oldage2009-04-07 12:31:00
What do you think about the H4H people?29blizzard_cool2009-04-06 20:16:00
What ever happened to cool levels?23blizzard_cool2009-04-05 10:15:00
How to do glitch levels :/27Silverleon2009-04-05 06:22:00
Invisible Pod10S-A-S--G-U-N-R2009-04-04 18:02:00
Dynamic Light10alexbull_uk2009-04-04 01:26:00
HELP! Had to delete my LBP profile!12thekillermiller2009-04-03 19:03:00
Fire Unequip7Shermzor2009-04-03 16:59:00
Question about Killzone addon5AJnKnox2009-04-02 19:16:00
plays on my "Locked" level?!?27Unknown User2009-04-01 23:11:00
Wow..I missed that one16Jaeyden2009-04-01 21:47:00
Friend list ingame....4oldage2009-04-01 13:39:00
The Custom Costume Thread (Post Yours!)?3Kog2009-04-01 03:53:00
LittleBigAmazon2GameKing922009-03-31 21:09:00
We all forget...20blizzard_cool2009-03-31 19:33:00
The LittleBig Experience11sickboy2009-03-31 01:03:00
White Pop-It14StrayFelisCatus2009-03-30 21:43:00
Question about "Create Pack 1"???29MarkoWolfy2009-03-30 19:21:00
How Many Of You Actually...37Ray2009-03-30 03:33:00
Quick Question13Frank-the-Bunny2009-03-30 01:44:00
Let's face it...30blizzard_cool2009-03-29 21:25:00
Next Level Pack Horror Themed?19olit1232009-03-28 20:31:00
A cool little fact about plasma balls29dawesbr2009-03-28 17:06:00
Whats the deal with photos on your levels with no user name?11GruntosUK2009-03-28 16:49:00
WARNING bad glitch11naxetex2009-03-28 05:03:00
MM will not be changing the 'new' cool levels system.104xkappax2009-03-27 15:49:00
My trick For MASSIVE levels15Unknown User2009-03-27 02:05:00
Wow... STOP WITH ALL THE AWESOME LEVELS!!1132RockSauron2009-03-25 21:20:00
The Scribble Glitch/Glass Cow Glitch.18dawesbr2009-03-25 13:42:00
Does anyone else feel like...9chazbell2009-03-24 02:08:00
Is it wrong to delete/republish?24Sackdragon2009-03-23 12:14:00
Prize bubble overload! Rant away!22Barry_Allen2009-03-23 00:11:00
How do I copy levels to my moon?6Frogmeister2009-03-22 23:45:00
"The number of times you have been hearted is 10" message?4Unknown User2009-03-22 18:28:00
Insane Clown Posse in LBP?1TH3_V1RU52009-03-20 12:41:00
Cow Glitch: Dissolvable Wood?8Unknown User2009-03-20 02:46:00
Extending the Camera Zoom?6Unknown User2009-03-20 02:43:00
Modded for LBPC Sticker?11LuckyShot2009-03-19 21:49:00
oh killzone 2, where are you?24kodymcq2009-03-19 19:09:00
Play, Create, Share... ?12Bumblebee__2009-03-18 21:30:00
Up-Coming Mini Packs and Costumes5olit1232009-03-17 17:36:00
LittleBigPlanet T-Shirt7Caleb3692009-03-17 02:33:00
Dialogue for sackboy5Lokno2009-03-16 15:46:00
When to publish?4Lokno2009-03-16 15:20:00
What makes a great level...19Nintendoholic2009-03-15 00:24:00
It stopped, it just stopped.9Pinchanzee2009-03-14 17:54:00
Patch 1.10?2Bridget2009-03-14 07:57:00
Little Big Planet on PC?26olit1232009-03-13 19:08:00
Rag Doll Kung Fu has Sackboy in it!3BurlapSackBoy2009-03-12 19:00:00
Best LBP Cake ever!14wexfordian2009-03-12 16:19:00
No FF7 soon / No Bumble Bee4BurlapSackBoy2009-03-12 14:28:00
MM on BBC Lunchtime news4GruntosUK2009-03-10 18:45:00
Your top 3 'hearted' goodies11sny2009-03-10 13:36:00
Invite/Join etiquette31Thegide2009-03-10 00:11:00
I video capture your level155Vanemiera2009-03-08 23:27:00
I am sad :(5Ikryn2009-03-08 18:06:00
I'm Back!3Sackster2009-03-08 14:31:00
I just froze my game.18Tyler2009-03-07 02:17:00
What the hell is wrong with people?!?72Thegide2009-03-06 14:32:00
Omg! 1.10!4Roundy2102009-03-06 03:29:00
Little globes?3Arkei2009-03-05 23:22:00
Nightlife?6Arkei2009-03-04 23:45:00
Sticker Costumes-Are they too hard?21FlameAtNight2009-03-04 20:44:00
No DLC this week either 3/0510BurlapSackBoy2009-03-04 17:28:00
Resigning from LBP level creation18cornontheCOD2009-03-04 04:41:00
glass bug6kodymcq2009-03-04 02:49:00
Tricky? Frustrating? The hidden scourge of LAG18Thegide2009-03-03 16:09:00
I need your help1amazingflyingpoo2009-03-03 11:52:00
Community/Cool pages reshuffle.... The Aftermath. I think I may be converted?75wexfordian2009-03-02 13:33:00
To all the people who enjoy making custom sack people10Laharlsama072009-03-01 14:19:00
Lost inspiration?11superezekiel2009-03-01 13:12:00
Used LBP to make small video for English Greek Presentation8shahchip2009-03-01 06:27:00
SackKai, SackBuzz & SackGhast!!!!16Pinchanzee2009-02-26 16:57:00
Whats the percentage of hearts to plays on your levels?18bindibaji2009-02-26 09:21:00
Duplicate thread please delete.2bindibaji2009-02-26 09:20:00
apply your lbp photos as avatars!11kodymcq2009-02-25 03:37:00
Our voting has influence on DLC8BurlapSackBoy2009-02-24 20:01:00
♥♥♥It's Group Hug Time♥♥♥16wexfordian2009-02-24 12:38:00
Cornish Yarg Release?54Unknown User2009-02-23 23:41:00
LBP Central Sticker Pack12olit1232009-02-22 20:36:00
Do you take this Sackboy?32oldage2009-02-22 20:02:00
i wondering who else had there LBP data corrupted?9superBlast2009-02-22 19:35:00
I MIGHT have found something5BasketSnake2009-02-22 15:55:00
3 DICE '09 Alex Interviews5BurlapSackBoy2009-02-22 14:43:00
Unprotected brains and giant tanks3neuropuff2009-02-22 00:52:00
Lbp and ps3 questions.1501philip012009-02-21 19:07:00
Official GlitchExploit Discussion18Unknown User2009-02-21 17:47:00
Should I buy Solid Snake?5Killa_51502009-02-21 16:03:00
How long are you hoping to stay with LBP18olit1232009-02-21 13:08:00
Mm-the next big thing?14blizzard_cool2009-02-20 21:49:00
Building Levels... do you build for 1p? 2p? 4p? Why?26Inspectigater2009-02-20 18:32:00
Amusing/weird comments on your levels...148wexfordian2009-02-20 12:19:00
Do you heart the levels you like?14RangerZero2009-02-19 16:18:00
Help with getting my bro into LBP?8Snrm2009-02-18 23:00:00
Alternative way to pay for MGS pack?7Torxe_012009-02-18 12:05:00
MM teaching another lesson?14Noremac4692009-02-18 01:04:00
My First 5 Star level !!!!!19wexfordian2009-02-17 11:47:00
Did you ever report a level??21blizzard_cool2009-02-17 09:11:00
Glass Background Filter Trick6Unknown User2009-02-16 19:14:00
February Level Design Challenge1olit1232009-02-16 16:53:00
spotlighted level questions6talmasca2009-02-16 09:51:00
IGN.com reviewed my game!10DeliciousDuo2009-02-16 09:17:00
Problem-causing creation techniques30CCubbage2009-02-16 00:44:00
Corner Editing Tool17ThommyTheThird2009-02-15 11:43:00
Warning!!!! Do not gift your hard work!! Share Bug44rz22g2009-02-15 02:01:00
What is wrong with the general player base?33Shining Aquas2009-02-14 23:13:00
Uncharted/LBP Crossover - Anyone expecting it?8muttjones2009-02-13 13:37:00
So Bored8iiiijujube2009-02-13 03:31:00
Costume?7iiiijujube2009-02-13 02:27:00
IGN Level-Lovers Anonymous 39Voltiare2009-02-12 20:18:00
emiited gas always green!?11talmasca2009-02-12 12:17:00
"Unofficial" MM Levels...19wexfordian2009-02-11 11:56:00
Does anyone have the LBP Stategy Guide?16MarkoWolfy2009-02-11 11:12:00
Yay!4bindibaji2009-02-11 09:14:00
DeAd SpAce3Potato_Lay2009-02-11 03:06:00
Easy Way to Get story objects - does not give you % item completion though...5Zommy2009-02-10 22:34:00
LBP Central sticker?9superezekiel2009-02-10 19:26:00
Horrible Gas5iiiijujube2009-02-10 18:13:00
Problem since 1.0942Takelow2009-02-10 17:50:00
Talking about SamProtagonists "New Content Priorities" thread.44wexfordian2009-02-10 17:03:00
Fidora3Rustbukkit2009-02-10 11:17:00
Playing locked levels?19RickTheRipper2009-02-10 01:25:00
Final Fantasy level pack12Potato_Lay2009-02-10 00:21:00
How awesome is this pic!3tyboogie2009-02-10 00:17:00
Update out in 14 minutes! Yay!1alexbull_uk2009-02-09 20:46:00
having a bit of trouble playing online3Spike19922009-02-09 00:01:00
omg! Mm have played my level!7MarkoWolfy2009-02-08 20:25:00
Will MM make a Killzone2 Level Pack?10Noremac4692009-02-08 07:51:00
Logic Gates discussion12dkjestrup2009-02-08 01:09:00
Anyone having trouble with the servers?4Mrgenji2009-02-07 20:32:00
Improving LBP5Sakboy2009-02-07 19:52:00
Do you use the grid?20Mrgenji2009-02-07 15:46:00
Pirate Outfit?2iiiijujube2009-02-07 05:58:00
What do you think makes a good lvl?2Spike19922009-02-06 19:48:00
Level Design Notebooks33Coxy2242009-02-06 16:49:00
Scoreboard hacking?16Arkei2009-02-06 16:13:00
Access to your hearted levels2mrjoeyman2009-02-06 15:45:00
Online create: What will you do?32Risen2009-02-06 14:30:00
What's Your Favorite Costume Piece?18Sackdragon2009-02-06 12:24:00
Call it fate...10Miglioshin2009-02-05 22:13:00
Best news for me all day!!!10Zommy2009-02-05 22:12:00
Fair Feedback31CCubbage2009-02-05 17:00:00
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Concept's future levels?3BurlapSackBoy2008-11-25 21:28:00
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How to get the "Trendsetter" trophy?6mjuice2008-11-21 04:34:00
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How often are DLCs?11ZachAttack2008-11-17 10:00:00
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Want me To review your levels? Check thread for more info3kit072008-11-16 21:08:00
Keys?5Plasmavore2008-11-16 18:38:00
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Stone more fragile than Beta version?6aer0blue2008-11-14 13:35:00
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SGOD: Back up your files ASAP!3ZachAttack2008-11-14 06:03:00
So, did anyone make a graphic novel?6Stix4892008-11-14 05:17:00
Ill play, review, and (maybe) heart your levels!27kit072008-11-14 04:57:00
Aus/NZ timezone players?1chillum0072008-11-14 02:34:00
Print Ad Challenge5docpac2008-11-13 23:55:00
Will you buy/have you bought costumes?34Killian2008-11-13 23:02:00
Where do u find the time to create?17chillum0072008-11-13 23:00:00
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LBP T-shirt PSN trouble5Vecayse2008-11-12 21:58:00
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Sooo frustrating...7Bokchoykn2008-11-11 08:28:00
Creating with friends online5Coltfirearms2008-11-11 05:33:00
Cutting away just one layer, instead of all three9dirts79702008-11-10 19:46:00
Doing Multiplayer Challenges Single Handedly3LFF2008-11-10 19:06:00
[ Question for DLC]10BloodFlameX2008-11-10 02:43:00
is there a way to get a us code onto a uk lbp?3alexylophone2008-11-09 20:58:00
How to make talking characters drop down lin cutscenes6Nedus12008-11-09 16:59:00
Heart my levels guys1Sl_xI_static_Ix2008-11-09 16:37:00
parental control problems4Bart2008-11-09 15:55:00
Character code trade4alexylophone2008-11-09 15:17:00
11/9 9:28...10KAPBAM2008-11-09 15:12:00
whats up with boosting/poor lvls?13TheFrostE2008-11-09 07:07:00
how do i make colored gas?11bass2862008-11-08 17:42:00
Items in pop-it6superted2day2008-11-08 16:59:00
Enemies with 'actual' legs?3Nedus12008-11-08 11:47:00
More Missing Stuff?4floor30132008-11-08 11:38:00
Trophy trouble1BasketSnake2008-11-08 10:56:00
Nariko US code1Shadowcrazy2008-11-08 08:26:00
"Play my level!!!"3Unknown User2008-11-08 04:51:00
Who misses fluff?23Killian2008-11-07 23:35:00
Old Popit VS New Popit17qrtda2355662008-11-07 22:43:00
Thermometer bug3Gilgamesh2008-11-07 15:10:00
Shape is to complicated so im stuck - help plz12dirts79702008-11-07 11:30:00
Whatever happened to the seaside background8Cartoonguy2008-11-07 09:27:00
Grrraaahh!15Gondito2008-11-07 02:13:00
*Title Stripped*4pettrox2008-11-07 00:53:00
Did you ever...5DaSaintFan2008-11-06 22:31:00
Dlc4BloodFlameX2008-11-06 21:15:00
Sending level keys to friends8GeoSoto182008-11-06 20:50:00
Europe Kratos code14Nedus12008-11-06 18:00:00
Anyone else notice?11Whalio Cappuccino2008-11-06 08:10:00
My cousin and I2Whalio Cappuccino2008-11-06 06:36:00
My Moon is haunted (graphical glitch)22aer0blue2008-11-06 03:38:00
Why!!!9Sack-Andreas2008-11-06 03:29:00
Your level has been moderated??!!21big932008-11-05 23:13:00
Can Glass Smash?9Plasmavore2008-11-05 21:39:00
10 LBP levels you have to play21supersickie2008-11-05 18:55:00
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LittleBigPlanet tomorrow!7Sambo1102008-11-05 02:34:00
Neon helmet5Coltfirearms2008-11-05 02:10:00
For NA: Boredom Setting In?13qrtda2355662008-11-05 02:07:00
Killzone Sackboy8Coltfirearms2008-11-05 00:04:00
Nariko and Kratos code [Europe]5Stiff2008-11-04 22:59:00
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Europe.19Mitos2008-11-04 20:01:00
LBP Mods?8mongoose72008-11-04 19:49:00
Are you stupider than snrm007??9Snrm2008-11-04 00:04:00
Most Hilarious Metacritic review ever14qrtda2355662008-11-03 21:40:00
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DLC for LBP.10Mitos2008-11-03 15:56:00
Image Upload Question4kepsux2008-11-02 22:10:00
Play.com says "Order Placed"...4alexbull_uk2008-11-02 19:16:00
Post your Pod!23Unknown User2008-11-02 18:37:00
LBP XMB theme?9FlowersInHisHair2008-11-02 18:18:00
Can we insert our own stickers from the HDD? How, if so?11Predator1062008-11-02 15:38:00
Question about obtaining prizes over co-op10Crowlerzors2008-11-02 12:47:00
for all you 100% percenters............6muttjones2008-11-02 03:25:00
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LBP video14Mod5.02008-11-02 01:17:00
What Happened To The Seaside Background?6floor30132008-11-01 22:23:00
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LBP DLC levels problem9Don Vhalt2008-11-01 13:42:00
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Writing a Review of LBP for my school paper, the Rebellion: Suggestions?9Unknown User2008-10-30 20:27:00
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Level View1gimpyjosh2008-10-30 06:11:00
Who else is fed up with this?13qrtda2355662008-10-30 06:09:00
RE: Name That Tune10Brad!2008-10-30 05:32:00
Beta level error?4docpac2008-10-30 05:21:00
Awesome costume glitch!15Unknown User2008-10-30 04:49:00
Space Suit Costume?8Sakboy2008-10-30 01:57:00
Did anybody pre-order at Game Crazy?2cocojen2008-10-30 01:55:00
LBP Themes11Coltfirearms2008-10-29 21:46:00
Prize/Point Bubbles3Unknown User2008-10-29 19:01:00
Anyone using PS2 Eye Toy?7supersickie2008-10-29 16:18:00
Can Materials trigger button switches?4Plasmavore2008-10-29 09:45:00
putting thigs on sackboys12Yarbone2008-10-29 08:03:00
Level Space12RedPanda2008-10-29 03:42:00
Anyone get the platinum trophy yet?15RockSauron2008-10-29 02:04:00
THE sackboymobile...5docpac2008-10-29 01:13:00
Server problems?5Velo2008-10-29 00:18:00
Darn Wal-Mart13Sakboy2008-10-29 00:12:00
The people who have it18Coltfirearms2008-10-29 00:02:00
My GAME Tragedy10Plasmavore2008-10-28 21:07:00
Custom Outfits3Jetskye2008-10-28 20:50:00
Anyone waiting...3PriCHuR2008-10-28 20:06:00
Something I noticed in the Gametrailers review...10Dabog2008-10-28 13:19:00
Can you press a switch with your head?12Stix4892008-10-28 09:21:00
Anyone else have bugs and slow load times?11straightpiff4202008-10-28 05:21:00
Things that I've noticed since BETA!14mikeniccy2008-10-28 04:05:00
You can publish 20 levels.19docpac2008-10-28 03:57:00
Where have your LBP Blue Prints got to?4THE-FAT2008-10-28 02:14:00
Count of who has LBP12Coltfirearms2008-10-28 01:16:00
What is your fav LBP song(s)?16LittleBigPlanetFan2008-10-27 23:49:00
Favourite Tutorial?2floor30132008-10-27 23:39:00
Free Trophies! OMG!13Unknown User2008-10-27 23:18:00
If you try to step on my patch.....4Unknown User2008-10-27 23:15:00
Abuse of the game3Coltfirearms2008-10-27 22:52:00
Official Pre-Order Code Trading Post27Unknown User2008-10-27 22:49:00
Drunken Logic - My theory10DrunkMiffy2008-10-27 21:23:00
-Official- Sackboy costume thread14510001012008-10-27 20:54:00
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Swapping World at war beta code for costume6Leather-Monkey2008-10-27 17:56:00
RUMOR: BBC Online reports LittleBigPlanet 2 in development11supersickie2008-10-27 13:40:00
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How to retrieve first week items?6GangsterGarfield2008-10-27 02:34:00
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New Tools6Thee-Flash2008-10-27 02:10:00
Lbp psp11ea94922008-10-27 00:45:00
Will they add new costumes and stickers?4Coltfirearms2008-10-26 21:22:00
Store levels on a flash drive?5HobocidalManiac2008-10-26 20:54:00
What Should I Do...?15Callahan902008-10-26 19:49:00
When will I get the call?13Coltfirearms2008-10-26 19:22:00
Sackboy is a variable.5Unknown User2008-10-26 19:00:00
RE: Caution Signs7Brad!2008-10-26 08:51:00
Servers Up Yet?13gimpyjosh2008-10-26 08:02:00
3 Story Mode levels played by me (spoilers?)2Tyler2008-10-26 06:20:00
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Watch me play LBP retail LIVE (spoilers)10Tyler2008-10-26 03:02:00
When can I use the Kratos code?9Velo2008-10-26 02:34:00
Release in AL or Southeast1Coltfirearms2008-10-26 01:05:00
The rest of the world's very own countdown.5UmJammerSully2008-10-25 23:42:00
Jetpack [likely old info]7docpac2008-10-25 23:01:00
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wondering32Unknown User2008-10-25 08:47:00
Gamestop codes31Cartoonguy2008-10-25 08:39:00
retail glitch: game freezing2gevurah222008-10-25 01:08:00
LBP out in the US now.41Rabid-Coot2008-10-24 23:42:00
The best costume *spoilers*19PinkyLaRue2008-10-24 23:41:00
How old are you people getting LBP?43Coltfirearms2008-10-24 23:27:00
Just received the LittleBigPlanet Signature Series Guide37ConfusedCartman2008-10-24 21:52:00
Copyrights?9docpac2008-10-24 21:49:00
Kratos Code?14Jetskye2008-10-24 20:52:00
Convered in donkey tails9FlowersInHisHair2008-10-24 12:42:00
Pre Order10Coltfirearms2008-10-24 01:19:00
Sixaxis5Coltfirearms2008-10-24 00:13:00
The delay and the Online Creation patch5RockSauron2008-10-23 22:43:00
Cartman has his early copy!10Unknown User2008-10-23 21:45:00
Any Suggestions Of Places To Get An Early Copy In The Uk28dorien2008-10-23 18:48:00
First week of DC4wydow2008-10-23 13:03:00
Proposition Pluto.11Rabid-Coot2008-10-23 10:59:00
My LBP tradgedy...22Velo2008-10-23 04:31:00
Us Release Date Question6THE-FAT2008-10-22 23:20:00
Background color?8Yana2008-10-22 22:07:00
*Spoiler* Cool!22DrunkMiffy2008-10-22 19:57:00
Music that should be in LBP17sqweak2008-10-22 18:03:00
:)6PinkyLaRue2008-10-22 14:36:00
release for canada?2miketv1012008-10-22 03:00:00
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US Savegame.6PinkyLaRue2008-10-21 13:41:00
Translations?21docpac2008-10-20 23:05:00
Sackboy Shirt???6VLG8312008-10-20 21:11:00
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Where can I get the game?10eldanloco2008-10-20 15:26:00
So what happened to the controversial song?15aer0blue2008-10-20 06:55:00
Pre-Ordering from Toys R Us9Jetskye2008-10-20 04:42:00
Lol.13Tyler2008-10-20 03:50:00
can my LBP still go online?9Jason772008-10-20 02:06:00
What do you think?2Frank-the-Bunny2008-10-20 01:59:00
preorder bonuses? just a question6Unknown User2008-10-20 00:43:00
Have game, will answer questions. WARNING SPOILERS101flakmagnet2008-10-19 21:51:00
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My opinion on the LittleBigPlanet Popup Shop in Covent Garden, UK10Crowlerzors2008-10-19 18:56:00
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Delay effects...16KAPBAM2008-10-18 05:46:00
What will you do to fill the gap till LBP?21RAINFIRE2008-10-18 04:31:00
Did anyone...8alexbull_uk2008-10-17 22:59:00
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problems?11Frank-the-Bunny2008-10-17 03:12:00
Final voting for contest, make your vote count!40big932008-10-17 03:10:00
LBP Speed Running?25Unknown User2008-10-16 22:29:00
Does a non-wireless contrller work with LBP???16Velo2008-10-16 14:39:00
respawning objects14Unknown User2008-10-16 02:43:00
Just got my pre-order code10Gondito2008-10-16 02:32:00
Does toxic gas float in midair?4Sack-Jake2008-10-15 23:30:00
edit the story levels?17Unknown User2008-10-15 22:54:00
When we were lint....57Unknown User2008-10-15 21:35:00
LittleBigPlanet is out TODAY in the US!140Unknown User2008-10-15 20:38:00
I've been failing.20Liquid!132008-10-15 04:26:00
One Week to go!!17Frank-the-Bunny2008-10-15 01:49:00
I want to share a picture of my sackboy :o25MattMacD2008-10-15 00:40:00
Confusedcartmans lvls8knightofhull2008-10-14 23:17:00
LBP PSN names9sack-zilla2008-10-14 21:42:00
I finally found something to fill void!19alexbull_uk2008-10-14 16:18:00
New game mechaincs39Jaegernaut2008-10-14 14:47:00
I've got my copy of LBP.31MattMacD2008-10-14 12:27:00
Metacritic.9Dream Machine2008-10-14 10:01:00
LBP released early!7Sambo1102008-10-14 06:19:00
Spare a Kratos code?5Unknown User2008-10-14 04:18:00
Does anyone else think swinging across a fiery pit using sponge is overused?9UmJammerSully2008-10-14 00:09:00
Ever think there'll be DLC?21alexbull_uk2008-10-13 23:04:00
Should us beta members get something extra?12alexbull_uk2008-10-13 21:10:00
The best time I had during the beta.7Liquid!132008-10-13 18:52:00
Just delete beta and profile data?11BurlapSackBoy2008-10-13 18:42:00
Your reason to create great levels?26panzer30002008-10-13 18:14:00
The Beta is over!6Raampiej2008-10-13 06:08:00
Play, Create, or Share?56Unknown User2008-10-13 04:04:00
List 2 things about LBP-16Quarter2008-10-13 03:50:00
The Stormy Skies- my second level (Video!)17Tyler2008-10-13 02:55:00
live stream3Jaegernaut2008-10-13 02:10:00
Anyone else feeling withdrawel?39dobilay2008-10-13 01:25:00
It's Getting To Me... (Disclaimer: Not responsible for any mental problems formed.)28Mark D. Stroyer2008-10-13 01:04:00
New Kratos Items..7DrunkMiffy2008-10-12 19:24:00
can we have a production team forum2panzer30002008-10-12 15:29:00
Colour-Changing Pop-It13Plasmavore2008-10-12 08:18:00
how many level can you make?7panzer30002008-10-11 19:15:00
the New (insulting?) Penny Arcade comic6illyism2008-10-10 17:58:00
Sackatize Song Lyrics!8Unknown User2008-10-09 23:04:00
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Upon release: What will you do first?22flakmagnet2008-10-09 11:28:00
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How do you...12Quarter2008-10-08 13:11:00
Questions about The PS3 & LBP18Whalio Cappuccino2008-10-08 03:08:00
Hard-drive space10phil1012008-10-08 00:43:00
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Problems With The Game?18sack-zilla2008-10-05 22:45:00
beta codes?!?!4sack-zilla2008-10-05 20:01:00
Competition for a KRATOS CODE16Plasmavore2008-10-04 19:12:00
Emotions question13FlowersInHisHair2008-10-04 18:59:00
Jumping, Switching Layers & Directional Buttons25Burrich2008-10-04 04:11:00
Preorder10Jaegernaut2008-10-03 16:39:00
littleBIGgifts!4illyism2008-10-03 09:07:00
20 - 23 Days to Go... So, why do you love LBP?16Enter Sackman2008-10-01 19:54:00
UK Only (Unless you love me) - Story mode.37DrunkMiffy2008-10-01 18:54:00
Kratos Code11Gourlay2008-10-01 18:11:00
Going on holiday, and want to pass on my beta key.11Uzisuicide2008-10-01 14:05:00
Sackboys strange head :3.1Unknown User2008-09-30 20:34:00
When do we imput the Kratos code?16Unknown User2008-09-30 15:50:00
lbp strategy guide9phil1012008-09-30 03:21:00
Beta Crazy People.8mongoose72008-09-29 20:51:00
"Bosses"14Thee-Flash2008-09-29 07:07:00
LittleBigBang4Capn P2008-09-29 04:42:00
Look what they got!12Unknown User2008-09-29 02:45:00
Can you import your own music?7Taichi232008-09-29 01:51:00
I'm giving away my Kratos code...22LittleBigChav2008-09-28 21:15:00
Less than 1 month!39alexbull_uk2008-09-28 16:57:00
LBP beta 1GB... Full game over 40GB!21Killian2008-09-28 16:04:00
LBP Controls FAQs ANSWERED!!!12mongoose72008-09-26 22:52:00
LBP first review scans?21Unknown User2008-09-26 22:18:00
LittleBigPlanet... 2?13Unknown User2008-09-26 11:35:00
Word on a demo?12Eptiger2008-09-26 07:56:00
This game does great things.16Liquid!132008-09-26 03:53:00
Voice Clips?8Dream Machine2008-09-25 11:48:00
Text tool?15muttjones2008-09-25 07:58:00
About Lighting in the game14Whalio Cappuccino2008-09-24 23:57:00
Could you make your Sackboy/girl look like anything?13Killian2008-09-24 22:46:00
New information?12Stix4892008-09-24 12:57:00
I am deploying, can I download the created levels to my PS3?9trialaccess2008-09-24 01:10:00
New Kotaku Feature4Rabid-Coot2008-09-23 21:25:00
pre ordering5Pitterpattersittersatter2008-09-23 03:48:00
Question About Costumes13Sack Boy2008-09-22 21:15:00
Platinum Trophy - Possibly Sexiest thing EVER?32DrunkMiffy2008-09-22 15:35:00
Save the Whaaaaale!217ea94922008-09-22 04:21:00
Anyone else get the Kratos & Nariko costumes?11aer0blue2008-09-22 04:06:00
How far do jet-packs stretch?16Sack-Jake2008-09-22 01:39:00
An Idea for a Future Patch, Perhaps?18Mark D. Stroyer2008-09-21 21:46:00
Collisions?24PrimusPrime2008-09-21 18:04:00
Online Create?30docpac2008-09-21 11:48:00
"Create" Trophy - Sign up sheet68DrunkMiffy2008-09-21 08:16:00
Stickers21panzer30002008-09-20 22:11:00
Just a quick question15Unknown User2008-09-20 19:01:00
A month to go!25muttjones2008-09-20 16:45:00
play.com5Gourlay2008-09-20 14:10:00
The "First Week" T-Shirt16muttjones2008-09-20 13:46:00
Pros for LBP27Callahan902008-09-20 11:46:00
LBPC after release53Sage2008-09-20 06:19:00
2 Questions11Callahan902008-09-19 07:58:00
Sam Protagonist4aer0blue2008-09-19 00:31:00
Sackboy Mac OSX Icons2hyperliteg42008-09-18 23:15:00
Amusement mag French Article Translation (Nothing new, but an interesting read)15Forsaken2008-09-18 18:00:00
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About the new fansite register.29Liquid!132008-09-18 03:16:00
How will you act online?23Tyler2008-09-17 04:44:00
Create your own Sackboy Costume8Frank-the-Bunny2008-09-16 22:21:00
LBP rumble4Garibaldi2008-09-16 14:31:00
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"Wafer thin"? Wha?13aer0blue2008-09-16 00:29:00
What could go wrong in LBP.25Rabid-Coot2008-09-15 11:56:00
Has anyone pre-ordered from BestBuy and gotten the Nariko costume?3aer0blue2008-09-14 23:19:00
I think ice was taken out...43Tyler2008-09-13 03:22:00
Aussie Release Date16muttjones2008-09-12 04:32:00
"Grid Mode"15Sack-Jake2008-09-12 00:59:00
Evidence Of Water in LittleBigPlanet19dorien2008-09-11 21:55:00
Installation?!?14OverZee2008-09-11 14:00:00
How many craters?24mrbobbyboy2008-09-10 17:51:00
You guys make Sackboy very sad.21Unknown User2008-09-10 03:27:00
Possible Bad Guy?10124545224124122008-09-10 02:27:00
Should I read the Manual?22THE-FAT2008-09-09 23:18:00
So what about those who play on one PS3 but want to voice chat?5aer0blue2008-09-09 17:59:00
POD tied into HOME?11cstrfrk2008-09-09 17:53:00
Worried LBP isn't getting any advertisement?14Forsaken2008-09-09 15:41:00
Walljumping!15Yarbone2008-09-09 06:18:00
Can you?8Conrade902008-09-08 08:10:00
Yay! Fluff is the currency of the game!...Wait, what?24aer0blue2008-09-08 04:04:00
reviews14ea94922008-09-08 03:57:00
Possible Evidence of Water!28DrunkMiffy2008-09-07 22:56:00
Moleys collab levels7moleynator2008-09-07 21:54:00
LBP Glitches, Cheats, Etc.3GuyWithNoEyes2008-09-07 18:50:00
SackNames !43SilverMagics2008-09-07 17:51:00
Who Pre-Ordered the game ?57SilverMagics2008-09-07 17:13:00
Well, I have a very important announcement to make...31aer0blue2008-09-07 06:01:00
No info or all info?12THE-FAT2008-09-07 04:26:00
Editing Item Properties?15DrunkMiffy2008-09-04 20:45:00
Power ups21Cartoonguy2008-09-04 07:31:00
Has N. America been represented in a SackBoy video yet?14BurlapSackBoy2008-09-04 03:40:00
sackboy plush toys3Sackboy2008-09-03 22:27:00
Enemies / Brains?3DrunkMiffy2008-09-03 16:01:00
Can sackboy climb a ladder?7BurlapSackBoy2008-09-02 19:09:00
When do you think you'll unlock things?7DrunkMiffy2008-09-02 17:12:00
REAL Sackboy not a rumour!11mrbobbyboy2008-09-02 16:41:00
MANUAL thoughts...32mrbobbyboy2008-09-02 13:33:00
Partial LBP Trophy List8DrunkMiffy2008-09-01 23:10:00
Disney DLC, eh? JOIN ME IN MY SPECULATION!!8aer0blue2008-09-01 19:28:00
Real sackboy to buy6alepasztet2008-09-01 15:22:00
Question for Sam concerning level uploads.2Burrich2008-09-01 14:57:00
Will Europe be screwed up like always?25OverZee2008-09-01 13:49:00
Difficulty of self-made levels?22Burrich2008-09-01 05:23:00
Level memory15Creamy_cheese2008-09-01 02:11:00
So, about the Kratos Sackboy...8RockSauron2008-08-31 20:55:00
When did you first hear of LBP?25THE-FAT2008-08-31 20:34:00
...I've been thinking... Where did Sam go?!16aer0blue2008-08-31 19:54:00
Player Limit11aer0blue2008-08-31 17:56:00
LBP Dream Merchandise!26mrbobbyboy2008-08-31 16:23:00
The Idiots of LittleBigPlanet54Sack-Jake2008-08-31 15:20:00
LBP Countdown..14toxic272008-08-31 06:44:00
So I was watching Playr...17Teh_Bucko2008-08-30 16:36:00
The Official LBPC SackCast is now accepting applications!47Harrisment2008-08-30 00:46:00
PAX started today...2aer0blue2008-08-29 19:31:00
Just wanted to share...21Unknown User2008-08-29 05:12:00
promo poster/cards12Sackboy2008-08-28 01:28:00
What Is Your Time Zone92dorien2008-08-27 19:39:00
Light Effects?16muttjones2008-08-27 13:59:00
So, what will the first thing you do when you get LBP?36RockSauron2008-08-27 02:50:00
Has the online group been announced yet?7RockSauron2008-08-27 00:11:00
4 respawns per spawnpoint?!?17OverZee2008-08-26 14:01:00
I would like to announce some awesome news...11aer0blue2008-08-26 02:59:00
Music editing tool...?3aer0blue2008-08-25 15:41:00
After reading this article, I'm afraid of LBP failing, too...32aer0blue2008-08-25 06:02:00
Gameplay/Tool questions!7aer0blue2008-08-25 05:04:00
LBP Collector's Edition29Unknown User2008-08-25 02:24:00
Music to my ears!34AKIRA-UK2008-08-25 01:17:00
Real Sackboy Database27punch1452008-08-25 00:10:00
If people were smart, they'd steal a PS3 from Leipzig <_<16Forsaken2008-08-24 23:31:00
Pre order10Darkelite1052008-08-24 22:16:00
My friend MUST HAVE LBP: read inside :(7Unknown User2008-08-24 19:39:00
Special effects7Creamy_cheese2008-08-24 03:54:00
So, any news on the PSEye?3RockSauron2008-08-24 02:48:00
Nothing new.....14Harrisment2008-08-24 01:58:00
Does lbp have a...5Mister Mcgoff2008-08-24 00:40:00
Playstation Home Preview12Gondito2008-08-23 03:32:00
Kratos in Canada9miketv1012008-08-22 20:23:00
Little Big Planet have Remote Play??7Abs1nth32008-08-22 05:23:00
Quick LBP online question....9Unknown User2008-08-21 19:53:00
"Videos and Voice-Overs"6docpac2008-08-21 13:17:00
So...........how do online levels work?15muttjones2008-08-21 11:10:00
I have been thinking18PlanetBigLittle FAN2008-08-21 02:52:00
Flame throwing cats!!!13124545224124122008-08-21 01:58:00
Fluff = bubbles?12StrikerBack2008-08-21 00:42:00
Why's there got to be a sticker over the code?29bbroman2008-08-21 00:39:00
Is there going to be a kick function?6124545224124122008-08-21 00:26:00
Level Ownership7Unknown User2008-08-20 22:49:00
Carving Stuff7docpac2008-08-20 22:20:00
Question for Sam: Jumping and fade5Unknown User2008-08-20 21:41:00
any?7Frank-the-Bunny2008-08-20 16:24:00
Question for Sam: Beta18Sambo1102008-08-20 14:19:00
Question Sam about backgrounds in LBP?5BurlapSackBoy2008-08-20 13:44:00
Couldn't wait for news so...3docpac2008-08-20 12:04:00
Sam Protagonist : EU.PSN Greatest Hits6docpac2008-08-20 08:57:00
LittleBigPlanet's DLC Pricing46aer0blue2008-08-20 05:14:00
How will the Homespace of LBP look like?7Stinkin Mushroom2008-08-20 02:08:00
Ok guys, time to start keeping an eye out!!30aer0blue2008-08-20 01:36:00
WHOO-HOO!!!!!!! (...and a question. ;D)23aer0blue2008-08-19 22:42:00
Sam Protagonist : PSN Greatest Hits26docpac2008-08-19 13:22:00
Little Hint from our resident Dev?17DrunkMiffy2008-08-19 02:01:00
Spore LBP13Sakboy2008-08-18 21:30:00
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.5Sakboy2008-08-18 20:20:00
What draws you to LittleBigPlanet?21Unknown User2008-08-18 18:52:00
Get your pre-order bonus codes NOW!!5aer0blue2008-08-18 18:36:00
Preorder to Australia?9muttjones2008-08-17 13:09:00
New post on MM site.6124545224124122008-08-17 06:30:00
Sony Hints at upcoming Beta?8docpac2008-08-16 10:21:00
Check out this building at Leipzig w/LBP11BurlapSackBoy2008-08-15 23:00:00
Backgrounds10collegesackboy2008-08-15 21:49:00
Everyone who uses a different PSN name than here should...7aer0blue2008-08-15 19:32:00
What's keeping you busy in the meantime?47aer0blue2008-08-14 23:40:00
online levels on release day?43dannydde2008-08-14 21:08:00
LittleBigPlanet Plush's3Ipswich7722008-08-14 20:47:00
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LBP goodies continued32Darkelite1052008-08-14 18:57:00
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ps eye help6Thee-Flash2008-08-14 10:08:00
Tools?16Stix4892008-08-14 07:30:00
That thermometer goes up pretty darn fast...27aer0blue2008-08-14 02:14:00
The Limits?8docpac2008-08-13 23:40:00
Throwing Objects6Triggii2008-08-13 18:04:00
free build manual75Thee-Flash2008-08-13 09:50:00
Question for "Creators" [you, me, that guy]19docpac2008-08-13 03:24:00
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Dark Matter?21Noonian2008-08-11 23:34:00
LBP Controls9LittleBigMan2008-08-11 17:08:00
Possible controlled media blitz?4BurlapSackBoy2008-08-11 16:19:00
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Did I Miss Something???9LittleBigMan2008-08-11 15:18:00
Sackboy's Costumes14LittleBigMan2008-08-11 14:55:00
Yes!!!!!9Jon_Jon2008-08-11 03:08:00
Ingame Screenshots - Proof!8DrunkMiffy2008-08-11 02:09:00
Adding Items To Sackboy?10DrunkMiffy2008-08-10 19:23:00
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What's your favourite emotion?!?8OverZee2008-08-07 16:50:00
Switching between layers24OverZee2008-08-07 10:35:00
Layers!!!4Yarbone2008-08-07 08:36:00
Darn you, LBP... Darn you!! <318aer0blue2008-08-07 03:07:00
Release - Odd?24DrunkMiffy2008-08-07 00:01:00
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SACK PLUSHIES Material.12SACK_HAY2008-08-03 06:53:00
The Usage of Headsets35muttjones2008-08-03 02:42:00
Sackboy Creator47Jetz2008-08-02 19:13:00
Water?25redstar19932008-07-30 22:21:00
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Not quite a plush sackboy, but close...17bbroman2008-07-10 20:40:00
LBP to use the new trophy system19Reshin2008-07-01 10:16:00
PS3 New Commercial11Reshin2008-06-27 08:13:00
Game's limitations...22Reshin2008-06-04 10:59:00
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Have you shown anyone videos or screens of LBP & how did they react?3georgester19932007-11-19 09:38:00
Anyone here edit the LBP Wiki?2shanegamer132007-10-07 22:25:00
other ports8shanegamer132007-10-07 07:12:00
rating pending4shanegamer132007-10-07 07:10:00
too late for a new title but...1shanegamer132007-10-07 07:05:00
uh oh3shanegamer132007-10-07 06:59:00
LBP Machines2shanegamer132007-10-07 06:55:00
LBP Enemies and bosses to be shown?6Blue2007-09-24 00:39:00
Ratchet and Clank in LBP!??7lbp2007-09-16 17:10:00
Next LBP event.6mccloskey-142007-08-13 00:48:00
Do you think....?18mccloskey-142007-08-13 00:42:00
Marketing?9AoD2007-08-05 06:32:00
What are you guys doing to pass the time?11Serbius2007-08-05 03:27:00
The Blending Of LBP and...15Unknown User2007-08-05 02:06:00
Won't kids just wreak havok in game....20Reshin2007-08-01 20:45:00
its confirmed. you can make your own enemies and bosses XD20Little Crow2007-07-28 00:50:00
LittleBigPlanet Beta release27Chase2007-07-19 01:23:00
Problems regarding Online Costs and Policing of Content10Chase2007-07-17 08:07:00
In Game Music...? Whats it gonno be like?2feverins2007-07-17 01:01:00
Hey...check out the Members List!7Serbius2007-07-16 18:07:00
Talking =)16De3NJ2007-07-14 20:56:00
Downloadable Content on PSN17De3NJ2007-07-13 05:04:00
Multiplayer?17De3NJ2007-07-13 02:34:00
Six axis?15Kal El2007-07-12 14:49:00
Just a few questions26AoD2007-07-12 10:01:00
I hope they inforce sub acount and have rateings for kids9Little Crow2007-07-11 07:38:00
The "this or that" LBP thread37ReignOfDeath2007-07-07 07:49:00
You think this game would shut Jack?31Reshin2007-07-07 06:30:00
Do you think some Sack Boy designs will be blocked?5lbp2007-07-06 15:48:00
What are LBP characters called?12ReignOfDeath2007-07-03 13:25:00
Release Date?23ReignOfDeath2007-07-03 12:57:00
bluetooth support?39Reshin2007-07-03 01:21:00
Do you think LittleBigPlanet could win game of the year?37lbp2007-07-02 16:30:00
Can sack people eat???23Reshin2007-07-01 23:52:00
LittleBigPlanet FAQ9lbp2007-07-01 19:06:00
How much do you think LittleBigPlanet will cost?19lbp2007-07-01 18:26:00
Can you die in Little Big Planet?20Peter P2007-07-01 05:12:00
Can we really do copyrighted stuff20Reshin2007-06-30 23:50:00
What do you like most about LittleBigPlanet?21lbp2007-06-30 14:17:00
Should LittleBigPlanet have had Enemies? Will It?16lbp2007-06-30 00:16:00

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