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LBP2 PS3 Friends1MarshmelloPanda2016-12-25 18:48:00
JustinArt's LBP2 Xtra Music added to YouTube5JustinArt2016-07-24 06:13:00
new undiscovered secret2blueblur982016-04-21 21:09:00
Happy Eyes1Prostar2016-02-07 23:08:00
99 Luftballons Reference2CamostarAtIsabella2015-09-04 20:04:00
Deciding the best level in LBP 210Kalawishis2015-07-27 17:03:00
Re-Playing Story Mode?1LilyHoncho2015-03-01 07:33:00
Overwhelmed by the creations of LittleBigPlanet creators!4AxisTheLegend2014-12-11 13:41:00
Anyone have a link to a complete collectibles list for LBP2?5Metalzoic2014-12-09 03:38:00
Has anybody gotten a hold of the Japanese version?2Kawasuzu2014-12-04 04:21:00
Is it worth making LBP2 levels anymore?29TenebrisNemo2014-12-02 19:21:00
Need LBP2 friends2Pikot2014-11-25 02:46:00
DC Comics DLC Trophy-Bug1Kamikaze2014-11-23 10:52:00
Free DLC costumes! REAL DLC! REAL FREE!18Commander_Teal2014-11-21 19:05:00
Little big planet 2 marat?n, join with me to receive Little big planet 3!1chongue2014-11-17 23:12:00
LBP2 keeps freezing on my new account9sonicfan-12014-11-14 16:47:00
Why do people include a ring of one solid color on their level badges?5Jacob467192014-11-13 03:34:00
Anybody wanna create and play levels on Lbp2?3Sir_Lance_Alot_x2014-11-07 02:32:00
What next?7Verschleppen2014-11-05 11:44:00
Workflow6Treppemanss2014-10-27 16:48:00
LBP2 Seems Limited Now4Ultimatben2014-10-27 15:57:00
Share your best memories of LBP26cart_man9682014-10-26 22:25:00
Need Help Making Music! (Queen band!)2LuisMatheus2014-10-25 23:45:00
Do jumppads and wall jumping hurt creativity?20clarkdef2014-10-21 01:55:00
Someone please help me through the Cross-Controller Pack?3Tyler2014-10-19 17:24:00
Testers Needed!13Rainbro Dash2014-10-18 20:19:00
I am not quite sure how to feel about this.4samalot2014-10-15 22:33:00
Your Overall Favourite LittleBigPlanet 2 Platformer?9Kyesty2014-10-14 23:29:00
What LBP Content Will You Filter Out When LBP3 Releases?3GribbleGrunger2014-10-11 22:45:00
Dive-in 25 pin...4ILoveI6v6I2014-10-10 03:40:00
Sackboy birthday?3SackGirlSorceress2014-10-09 18:43:00
LBP2 Data Corrupted. HELP.9Knucklerider2014-10-04 19:11:00
Cross-Controller Questions10LuckyMax52014-10-03 03:37:00
Need Help for Cross-Controler4Batdroopy2014-09-29 11:49:00
Memoriser and score question18julesyjules2014-09-28 11:13:00
Whats up with the Green Checker skin?2Commander_Teal2014-09-27 21:17:00
Does licensed LBP DLC have an expiration date?4The5rozos2014-09-26 19:35:00
LBP 3 Home on Youtube - TheJamster199214TheJamster19922014-09-26 02:46:00
The Most Hearted Creators14blacksackman2014-09-21 18:14:00
How to not give up on a level.8Alfrottos2014-09-21 17:07:00
Sealed Fate Chapters 1 and 2 on Youtube!3TheJamster19922014-09-20 14:25:00
Did we not get team picks for last this week?4Jonarrthan2014-09-16 18:36:00
Hey all! would you guys mind checking out my hard worked on project? Youtube vid4silencer7752014-09-15 04:34:00
Untweekable Material glitch5Commander_Teal2014-09-11 03:08:00
How long are the Toy Story and Incredibles pack going to be in stores?5ChrisUbi2014-09-09 04:33:00
Is the 'Soccer Asset Pack' not Cross-Buy?2The5rozos2014-09-07 21:57:00
Does the DC Comics Season Pass have exclusive costumes?5The5rozos2014-09-07 03:57:00
Spotlighted levels1Jonarrthan2014-09-07 02:58:00
Little big planet 21Jonarrthan2014-09-07 02:50:00
LBP2 cross controller pack. Do you need help?4CP1492014-09-06 08:59:00
DLC Recommendations for an Avid Creator?12Ryuhza2014-09-04 03:35:00
I know this sound stupid but...5Francesco7342014-09-03 17:57:00
OMG this ps3 flappybird7Unknown User2014-08-26 21:28:00
Does anyone else not like this?14Unknown User2014-08-25 00:49:00
Looking Back5TlCKLEFWOP2014-08-25 00:27:00
Glitchy Costume Pieces3KlawwTheClown2014-08-23 19:12:00
Why do pictures take up thermo?5Jacob467192014-08-21 18:24:00
The Update?4CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-19 02:10:00
Super Mario Club in LBP21SackDreambert3452014-08-19 00:22:00
What do you guys think5Jonarrthan2014-08-18 12:14:00
Secrect Concept?3CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-17 19:58:00
Tried to import an old profile from 2009 in lbp23smash9092014-08-17 18:50:00
Questions about Move/Cross controller packs11JFM27962014-08-16 23:36:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 Livestreams1BLAHBLAH10002014-08-16 03:26:00
Anybody know what happened to LBP Hub?4airide1012014-08-15 16:50:00
Mini Packs?9blacksackman2014-08-15 07:48:00
Adding Friends!4CHiMES_D2014-08-15 03:05:00
Beta costumes questions?4Sharfik19952014-08-14 20:32:00
Power-Up ideas for a paintball war?5YungDaVinci2014-08-14 04:05:00
What are your thoughts on the DC Comics, NMBC and Cross-Level DLCs?5The Actual Kid2014-08-14 02:43:00
Top ten LBP levels5Jonarrthan2014-08-13 00:23:00
Trying to find a certain level2MMLgamer2014-08-07 12:53:00
Errors1blacksackman2014-08-07 08:51:00
Memorizer Confusion7EleoMod2014-08-05 20:54:00
Someone else rebuilding your level in a hidious way11propost2014-08-05 16:00:00
Vita and Karting Time Saver Packs5Biv2014-08-04 14:07:00
LBP2 Fonts5minecrafter04822014-08-04 04:21:00
Playing LBP2 with viewers live on Twitch today!2MrZebraGamer2014-08-02 17:53:00
Profile Picture1dyna2014-08-01 22:05:00
Songs You Create To10koltonaugust2014-08-01 06:49:00
Astronaut Costume14blacksackman2014-07-31 08:52:00
Copy a level from earth bug?3ForcesWerwolf2014-07-28 12:05:00
Joining more random people!9BLAHBLAH10002014-07-25 16:06:00
Feel free to join me!2OrreKorris2014-07-25 08:42:00
Nu7BLAHBLAH10002014-07-25 02:06:00
A big thank you.6OrreKorris2014-07-23 20:24:00
what not to do to get team picked?! (if you would be the judge)14ForcesWerwolf2014-07-23 03:54:00
Latest Patch v1.328SEWO972014-07-23 00:20:00
Looking for beta testers!2YungDaVinci2014-07-22 18:53:00
Must-Have DLCs?17YungDaVinci2014-07-20 05:11:00
Racing AI Tech Demo (Video)2BIGGamerer2014-07-19 21:03:00
Help insane lbp2 vortex glitch!2blitzfan2014-07-19 00:08:00
Do levels with the 3D Level glitch get Mm Picked?5TlCKLEFWOP2014-07-16 18:03:00
Memorizer3dyna2014-07-14 22:55:00
How many people still play LBP2?11TheLawnStink2014-07-11 21:41:00
Are "Team Picks" fair?15dyna2014-07-11 16:45:00
Is the Extras Edition DLC pre-installed?6wally-2172014-06-29 16:18:00
How many different creators have been team picked?48Tynz212014-06-29 06:18:00
Rare Costumes9sackboy2062014-06-27 19:02:00
Getting "Awesomesauce" pin.12Tynz212014-06-27 11:33:00
Which Pins Would You Have?17sackboy2062014-06-25 19:53:00
looking for creators (again)4illestmuzik2014-06-13 21:21:00
Praising the game4Sean882014-06-12 12:33:00
I have a PS3!7Woutery2014-06-11 17:50:00
Should i get a PS3?13Woutery2014-06-11 12:45:00
Create Mode?6Woutery2014-06-10 21:27:00
Help me get back into creating levels!5shodge1232014-06-06 20:54:00
LBP at E33comoutsid3222014-06-02 07:30:00
So Tearaway mini-pack...8FreeAim2014-05-17 22:27:00
Is online still active?5comoutsid3222014-05-16 18:54:00
Memorizer Question4Thug_Life_EQ2014-04-29 01:28:00
Is there a limit to how many levels you can have hearted?5AmazingKittyCat2014-04-26 05:44:00
Why I yay & heart every level I play.13dolphins-r-lame2014-04-17 03:38:00
Are the forums dying out?65airide1012014-03-28 02:41:00
Creators Block7TEENWULF2014-03-20 18:07:00
Why Is Lava Not A Hazard16LittleBigSnooth2014-03-18 20:21:00
I am...18TEENWULF2014-03-18 01:12:00
Are the lbp servers getting slower?5AmazingKittyCat2014-03-17 13:50:00
Should LittleBigPlanet 1 Levels Be Banned?13LittleBigSnooth2014-03-15 23:32:00
Is LBP2 becoming more unstable?11Rpg Maker2014-03-09 16:39:00
PlayStation+ saving the wrong LBP profile?5fluxlasers2014-03-07 08:59:00
Cross Controller Contest! Gaging Interest7RecruitPS_22014-03-03 19:52:00
Question about music in lbp23madcowj2014-03-02 00:50:00
Level challenges / the lbpc scoreboard?9madcowj2014-03-02 00:14:00
I need help with my MM picked level.14Sharfik19952014-02-28 19:18:00
DC Background Comic Store3KlawwTheClown2014-02-28 00:23:00
Will Livestream Again Later (Brainstorming in Create Mode)1RecruitPS_22014-02-24 03:36:00
Fancy or Fun?19comishguy672014-02-17 09:54:00
My thoughts on SackFolk design options.11Lord-Dreamerz2014-02-16 23:17:00
Valentines pack help...2dragonboy2692014-02-13 03:03:00
Level Testing...3Spaceraoul282014-02-08 19:28:00
Hacked Pins5sascha_winter2014-02-08 11:55:00
Media Molecule Players in LBP10RecruitPS_22014-02-07 17:06:00
Privacy issues7AmazingKittyCat2014-02-03 03:00:00
Share Your Level Concept Art!28aster60002014-01-27 17:56:00
Bugs in the latest update...5AmazingKittyCat2014-01-27 11:30:00
Portraying Smoking in Lbp Levels12Rpg Maker2014-01-19 07:38:00
LBP.me 500 Error8Jauw2014-01-18 16:54:00
Why is this guy not banned yet?14AmazingKittyCat2014-01-12 01:24:00
Creator's Curiosity - Video Series of Unreleased Levels2CodemanPSX2014-01-11 09:03:00
Recommend Me Some Levels2H-O-S-M-A-R2014-01-09 04:59:00
Joining random people14BLAHBLAH10002014-01-04 06:08:00
Starting small and getting big.1BLAHBLAH10002014-01-04 05:03:00
#BringMMBacktoLBP!8Teatrees2013-12-31 15:21:00
Premium Level Pack Playthrough1Jauw2013-12-30 15:20:00
Those random LBP encounters11Shooter08982013-12-30 14:36:00
How to Report a Costume Theif7argetlam3502013-12-09 23:03:00
Any love for the Vita/PS3 cross-controller pack?2Hymanator2013-12-09 20:58:00
Building a Better LBP - Ideas for the Next Game9bonner1232013-12-09 18:43:00
Anything impress you anymore?8Kalawishis2013-12-08 16:04:00
LBP2 Ost - Sleepy Hallows3Teatrees2013-12-07 07:18:00
The Christmas Level Hunt on LBP Fanatic1sackbot142013-12-05 05:32:00
Switch Material6DaddyMcQueen2013-12-04 09:49:00
Shoe Collectible5ThaPiero99Xx2013-12-01 15:06:00
LittleBigplanet 2 speical edition question ASAP5SackGirlSorceress2013-11-29 20:15:00
[EVEN MORE NEW DETAILS]Tearaway costumes not showing up in LBP2! Almost fixed!!!!1WyomingMyst2013-11-29 18:57:00
Winter DLC4DaddyMcQueen2013-11-27 14:28:00
Level testers, and friends to play with6Sirr2013-11-25 02:59:00
Why was Co-Authors Removed?4Rpg Maker2013-11-24 01:33:00
Kaleidas Maze Question3Kyesty2013-11-19 20:20:00
Pond Skater Help Move pack3charles--19702013-11-18 05:07:00
I <3 LBP Day5Bryan_Zuckerberg2013-11-17 04:59:00
LBP levels with realistic weapons2Unexpecter2013-11-13 15:00:00
Need someone with a move controller for move pack!3TelephoneWire2013-11-12 01:37:00
Adi and Clarie's Livestream tonight - Including LittleBigPlanet10TheAdipose2013-11-10 16:20:00
My LBP dilemma......lbp 2 or maybe 3 :)7Dawslbp4life2013-11-03 23:03:00
I anyone needs help?...3Sean882013-11-01 13:26:00
Hey StevenI. LBP Hub: before or after PS4 launch?3DreadRandal2013-10-30 17:14:00
Community Prizes. Love 'em or leave 'em?5DreadRandal2013-10-30 14:53:00
How to get level ideas3Jauw2013-10-30 01:52:00
It Cannot Just Be Me14Jujupon2013-10-29 07:13:00
Celebrate Halloween! (LBP STYLE!)2Five-Ate-Five2013-10-28 17:24:00
You Know A Level is Good When...9SirenScribble71892013-10-28 02:15:00
Suffering From Creators Block7qwerty1234562013-10-24 05:06:00
No Team Picks this week?3dragonboy2692013-10-19 21:02:00
compressing "my objects"2DreadRandal2013-10-17 19:31:00
LBP2 Lvls better than some games1Darthvadre112013-10-16 23:35:00
Do all new good levels have custom music only?4Apple20122013-10-15 21:48:00
Electricity, Plasma, and Fire Are All Just Paint Balls3Robo49002013-10-13 14:04:00
Is there a single creator with the 500,000 yays pin?11Tynz212013-10-07 21:25:00
Geeked about Hub4DreadRandal2013-10-07 14:57:00
How to make a good level?8Five-Ate-Five2013-10-03 20:28:00
I need help with nagging.13DreadRandal2013-10-01 19:21:00
What's so wrong with long levels?16Apple20122013-09-30 23:57:00
LBP3 or MM's 3D game?9RockSauron2013-09-30 17:33:00
Heroes of the Craftverse (Fighting game Project)12Okami2013-09-21 21:12:00
Who would be a Good LBP Creator?6SR20DETDOG2013-09-19 03:35:00
Using LBP Content in a Game Designer's Portfolio?9Unknown User2013-09-14 23:54:00
move pack costumes4Unknown User2013-09-12 22:35:00
Sticker Questions1Unknown User2013-03-29 09:38:00
Terrible Oni location?4kindo vall2013-09-11 02:02:00
Our Journey6warlord_evil2013-09-10 08:15:00
Versus levels8Mopkins2013-09-09 23:41:00
Hearting your own level?71megaextremist2013-09-07 20:08:00
What Is Your Greatest Creation Strength?8Rpg Maker2013-09-07 19:16:00
Anyone Want To Help Me By Making Some Music?1Uncharted Avenger2013-09-05 03:55:00
Level idea advice. (For those with creator?s block)16Lord-Dreamerz2013-09-02 14:46:00
Haven't been playing for a while and...6frexy182013-08-30 01:21:00
Story Level Unplayable6Wolf2013-08-28 07:03:00
Looking for mature players who like to hang out and create.4MomoFerret2013-08-27 12:30:00
Thanks for robbing me from my disc content in LBP2 EXTRA Edition...10RONNYNS2013-08-26 17:09:00
March of the Bees up for download! (song from MTG contest series)2Jayhawk_er2013-08-22 21:23:00
Materials?3Unknown User2013-08-20 05:18:00
need some help finding prize bubbles?3Unknown User2013-08-18 20:00:00
Your Favorite LBP 2 Levels Ever (So far...)3Kalawishis2013-08-18 15:34:00
Ideas for new lvl4LBCC_MrK2013-08-15 18:08:00
Would increasing the number of MM picks help the community ?18Alex-Raven2013-08-11 20:48:00
Delete this1Slappsi2013-08-11 12:36:00
Level links8AlPhAoMeGa812013-08-08 08:49:00
A contest for the Astronaut Costume9charles--19702013-08-08 00:59:00
Visible tags in community levels5aratiatia2013-08-01 23:59:00
Any redditors out there?7Unknown User2013-07-31 22:44:00
LBPC - The Game 220FreeAim2013-07-30 15:27:00
Thoughts on the Boo button.3Unknown User2013-07-29 23:17:00
I'm really tempted to do this...3Unknown User2013-07-28 10:29:00
Has Anyone Created a True RGB Display?3SR20DETDOG2013-07-26 01:49:00
Will my costumes transfer from my LBP on my PSP to my LBP2 on my PS3?5Unknown User2013-07-25 20:24:00
Level series - Do they work?9FreeAim2013-07-24 10:03:00
I want to report someone...10L1N3R1D3R2013-07-23 22:49:00
A new forum about lists2Sandro87082013-07-19 00:49:00
Wormholes vs. Controlinators!?8SirenScribble71892013-07-18 20:43:00
Why dont people read game instructions?! DX13RedSoakedSponge2013-07-17 15:19:00
Why do i get no plays yet trash levels do?2Unknown User2013-07-13 01:27:00
Your Random LBP Boredom-Relieving Activities5Bryan_Zuckerberg2013-07-10 15:33:00
Time it Takes to Create Levels40Radio4472013-07-04 18:12:00
Writing a Level Review bugged?7Unknown User2013-07-04 16:34:00
Cross-Controller Pack- Do I need the PS Vita?3Radio4472013-07-01 14:41:00
Need people who can sing!3Kalawishis2013-06-29 01:11:00
lbp.me and that ****ed cat jinxy8tjaldex2252013-06-27 14:26:00
[Poll] What do you prefer as level collectibles?16Unknown User2013-06-19 22:06:00
Looking for friends.3Unknown User2013-06-19 20:45:00
Voice actors needed please help?5sonicfan-12013-06-17 22:37:00
I can no longer review levels6minifat2013-06-09 19:10:00
problems, solutions, ideas and idiots2Jonarrthan2013-06-09 04:38:00
Tunesday music gallery consideration2Retsamehtmai2013-06-04 20:32:00
Cross-controller won't download :I1TheUltraDeino2013-06-01 02:30:00
i'm confused6Unknown User2013-05-31 21:56:00
Searching: Can you help me find specific levels?1tim2013-05-31 04:36:00
Need Testers/Creators!2Unknown User2013-05-27 19:52:00
Why do we not have the guitar yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?4Monster2013-05-27 11:25:00
LBP2 community still big?12Rpg Maker2013-05-25 23:14:00
Help from People on how to create better7charles--19702013-05-23 23:52:00
Anyone willing to record4Sehven2013-05-23 23:32:00
Any Pioneers Left?52Kalawishis2013-05-22 05:00:00
Free content for creators13clarkdef2013-05-20 07:52:00
Bridge Gate: A Tale of Two Gangs (help wanted)3Unknown User2013-05-19 09:33:00
Music please2Anatole2013-05-17 21:37:00
Need help on Cross Controller Prizes? I'm taking requests25Apple20122013-05-15 18:00:00
New Level: Blast Chamber2Shamanate2013-05-13 04:03:00
How to become a popular creator?13Sharfik19952013-05-10 20:34:00
Help with theft?13Bobinti2013-05-10 16:09:00
Remember transparent stickers? They are back!2Monster2013-05-03 00:07:00
Is A 3D LBP3 good for the series?26Seant12282013-05-01 20:58:00
Looking for feedback/suggestions.7Unknown User2013-05-01 20:08:00
Top 10 LittleBigPlanet 2 levels of 2013 so far: FreeAim's picks9FreeAim2013-05-01 13:13:00
Crown removal update8dragonboy2692013-04-30 02:27:00
Eternity Crystal beta testing2vezonfan012013-04-27 01:40:00
Hidden Creations Is Restarting! My Blog for Unrecognized Levels52Mymagic12122013-04-26 02:12:00
How does a level become "trending" ?4dragonboy2692013-04-25 02:02:00
Can someone run me through the cross controller pack please?3cjworkshop2013-04-24 21:30:00
LBP 2-Things I noticed before launch that arent that arent in the game.5Seant12282013-04-21 04:04:00
If I Ran The Contest Crew...47Kalawishis2013-04-20 01:27:00
Language and Moderation17bonner1232013-04-18 23:44:00
What is *mew?13Unknown User2013-04-18 15:56:00
Something strange is happening to emitters and tag sensors :(7Rem252013-04-18 03:09:00
Why Does lbp.me Always Log Me Out?7Ali_Star2013-04-16 20:27:00
We need the boo option back5Unknown User2013-04-15 05:22:00
Need someone with vita to run cross controller dlc?15Rustbukkit2013-04-15 01:00:00
Levels in the LBP2 screensaver4Apple20122013-04-12 03:27:00
Must have dlc?6dolphins-r-lame2013-04-11 07:27:00
Hi does anyone know when a new t-shirt will be released on lbp2?6Unknown User2013-04-09 03:33:00
Cross Controller2rodfocov2013-04-09 01:53:00
Patch 1.23 suggestions list9Apple20122013-04-01 15:53:00
cross pack2Unknown User2013-04-01 01:03:00
Friction bug with shrunken material?2julesyjules2013-03-31 20:33:00
Decoration identification5Unknown User2013-03-30 06:58:00
We want Elf Ears and much more!6Unknown User2013-03-29 09:45:00
MEDIA MOLECULE: please release the save-time pack for LBP 1 and 27Unknown User2013-03-27 21:35:00
Attention Playstatio​n All-Stars, Crash, and Spyro fans.1Unknown User2013-03-25 21:15:00
Spawn Glitch- PLEASE HELP15themaxus2013-03-25 17:44:00
Play Cross-Controller DLC without a PS Vita2H-O-S-M-A-R2013-03-25 00:08:00
Test my leva!1Five-Ate-Five2013-03-24 20:57:00
Help needed collecting Cross Controller Pack stuff3Omgyouwould2013-03-22 22:55:00
Vita for LBP2 content creation?2hesido2013-03-21 09:32:00
I need some people to test my original level3amiel4455662013-03-21 04:05:00
Lbp2 Level feedback?3Unknown User2013-03-16 13:17:00
Game invites11Beccadex2013-03-15 18:49:00
Cross-Controller Help4LJRobey2013-03-12 05:15:00
Your opinion on long levels/games13DreJ12122013-03-12 03:07:00
Cross Controller DLC Question?6SCHWITZER-19452013-03-08 15:51:00
LBP.me pins14cradle2grave2013-03-07 13:09:00
Storylines1Sonicthefellow72013-03-07 01:58:00
LBP3 Potential Plotline7Protoraptor2013-03-04 20:47:00
Looking for some cool friends on lbp 22Unknown User2013-03-03 08:46:00
Can you beat my High Score?3EpicLBPTime2013-03-02 14:51:00
Tanks on Little big planet.3XxHAMADEHxX2013-03-02 06:30:00
Need build partner!!5Unknown User2013-02-26 00:33:00
Is the Bioshock costume pack coming to LBP2?12Unknown User2013-02-25 05:20:00
Crown confusion28Spaceraoul282013-02-20 17:43:00
Help with the Cross Controller Pack?3Toxicital2013-02-20 02:52:00
Multiplayer level suggestions?9Niffan2013-02-19 14:55:00
Creator Help Needed4Sonicthefellow72013-02-18 18:40:00
What's your favorite DLC Level Kit in LBP/LBP23Apple20122013-02-18 07:28:00
Valentines' Day Mini Pack?9cradle2grave2013-02-14 15:27:00
I need a music13Anatole2013-02-13 18:17:00
Personal Teacher! I'm here to help anyone, 1 on 1 or multiple in Classroom Creative5Mymagic12122013-02-12 15:31:00
New LBP 2 Update Version 1.2116Luke_MK_II2013-02-12 11:27:00
Anyone ever read this history of MM?3RockSauron2013-02-11 18:54:00
Music Sequence Needed2Undarivik2013-02-08 20:26:00
What's your favourite level series?7KingerBrocku2013-02-08 03:03:00
Servers down?4Luke_MK_II2013-02-06 20:08:00
How do you hook up your Vita to the PS3?1TinyMoMo2013-02-01 22:54:00
See what I did there? pin7Apple20122013-02-01 18:20:00
Top Down/Twin Stick Shooters1KingerBrocku2013-01-27 00:12:00
Finally bought LBP29ARD2013-01-26 14:27:00
What console will LBP 3 be released on?24danthi662013-01-26 02:26:00
STOP MOTION VIDEO: Last Minute Donuts10lemurboy122013-01-24 19:27:00
Please read4Unknown User2013-01-23 21:41:00
Story / Multiplayer2Unknown User2013-01-23 18:29:00
How to get dat pin?3Five-Ate-Five2013-01-22 19:48:00
story mode help4Unknown User2013-01-22 12:11:00
LBP brain crane?2Unknown User2013-01-20 03:32:00
pod games2Unknown User2013-01-20 03:26:00
Did Mm really leave LBP?11Apple20122013-01-11 23:08:00
So... Level creating.16Valeview2013-01-11 08:38:00
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Something that's bugging me about LBP3Unknown User2012-12-28 18:44:00
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My data wiped!!7PaintedTongue2012-12-18 10:40:00
I Have No Creativity. :c9Unknown User2012-12-18 01:05:00
infiniate life check points5Jonarrthan2012-12-18 00:24:00
x4 Help1AlexStarkie2012-12-16 06:40:00
The community isn't dead10Apple20122012-12-15 23:08:00
Community levels are taking too long to load?4Unknown User2012-12-15 15:33:00
Can anyone with good music skills help me3Unknown User2012-12-15 12:19:00
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Need Music? (Taking Requests - Please Read rules)61craigmond2012-12-10 15:51:00
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What version worked best for LBP2 this year?5Apple20122012-12-01 02:37:00
Photos Of Level6elfmirfkin2012-11-30 15:51:00
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LBP 2 + PS3 Plus, how does it works?4Unknown User2012-11-24 00:04:00
PS Vita LBP Story levels on PS3 LBP 2 ?2dirts79702012-11-23 10:37:00
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LoL Characters in LBP1Unknown User2012-11-03 17:17:00
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Arena (Top-Down Fighting Game) Needs Testers!3RonPierce2012-10-31 02:03:00
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Play/Completion Ratio9bluesteel7892012-10-25 16:29:00
Decisions about regional editions2Unknown User2012-10-24 19:45:00
Creator interview episode 1 : Creator Omier !4Unknown User2012-10-23 23:42:00
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Sound Glitch / Bug ?6AcAnimate2012-10-20 23:06:00
Need some tips to get the Dive In! trophy (and be alive after it)7Patofan2012-10-16 20:03:00
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Being Dumb on LBP2 (Video Series YO)2Sackpapoi2012-10-06 22:04:00
RaNdOm thread8Unknown User2012-10-06 16:47:00
(FOUND IT!) Can anybody tell me what was this song in the BETA?!8fatman6892012-10-05 10:08:00
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Lighting and Hearted Costumes bugs?1Weretigr2012-09-30 17:18:00
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Keep this site tidy14GribbleGrunger2012-09-09 16:07:00
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Aren't the "Mature people" Really Immature?17ryano7752012-09-07 18:27:00
What kind of levels haven't we seen on LBP2 yet?85Unknown User2012-09-04 13:45:00
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MM no longer patching lbp2?27ryano7752012-08-16 21:40:00
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Anyone here could do me a favor? ... Please...? :(5cakito1232012-08-14 18:36:00
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How The Heck Did You Do That!?2GribbleGrunger2012-08-13 18:00:00
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Question about the Cross-Controller DLC coming to LBP2...31The5rozos2012-08-12 07:30:00
What to do on little big planet when your bored?10Unknown User2012-08-11 20:37:00
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How do you get inspired?22Valeview2012-08-10 18:51:00
Stuck with costumes? Come to me!1amoney19992012-08-10 18:20:00
Taking HP Systems And HP/HUD Design Requests.1Thug_Life_EQ2012-08-10 01:53:00
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About the "Community is bad" topics19Apple20122012-08-07 00:27:00
History of LBP Photo2Undarivik2012-08-06 14:08:00
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Whos Sick of Copyers17Sacko532012-08-04 23:02:00
Difficult challenges you had to face while creating20Kalawishis2012-08-04 22:16:00
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High Scores7BIGGamerer2012-07-28 16:10:00
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collect and use the MOVE tutorial items without the PS MOVE9AcAnimate2012-07-12 14:11:00
What are you working on?32CYBERSNAKE2012-07-12 08:49:00
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Someone Moved My Levels!!!!!!!!!24Nick9309302012-07-07 19:45:00
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Glitchfinding?4bigl0uc0ntra2012-07-04 07:35:00
How Do You Build?31Sackpapoi2012-07-03 18:24:00
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Speed Sensor and Rotation Sensor-based Scaling Under 1 (Something I Just Came Across)2BIGGamerer2012-07-03 03:42:00
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Why did MM remove the option to boo levels??22bigl0uc0ntra2012-07-01 04:05:00
Possibly returning level creator... have things changed at all?13Unknown User2012-06-29 19:14:00
How did you discover LBP?46Valeview2012-06-29 17:24:00
No new Mm Picks this week?13Apple20122012-06-29 17:11:00
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Aesthetics vs Story vs Gameplay15RakasaPlus2012-06-26 23:57:00
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Shark survivals.10Deurklink12012-06-25 00:22:00
Awesome and useful trick / glitch!4AcAnimate2012-06-24 15:14:00
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That extremely unpleasent moment when...23Tmjtk2012-06-22 05:39:00
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The new merge tool glitch?!9dermZ962012-06-21 21:36:00
When will the next DLC come out?3Apple20122012-06-21 19:37:00
Making Micro Tanks and Military vehicles Send tank requests.1XxHAMADEHxX2012-06-21 05:21:00
When do you think LBP will "die out?"29megaextremist2012-06-20 20:36:00
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What new Sequencer sounds are in the MOVE pack?3Smokeeye1232012-06-16 01:31:00
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How to cover the front pod window1Apple20122012-06-13 23:29:00
What's Behind Your User name?76GribbleGrunger2012-06-13 16:37:00
Paintinator glitch3Sean882012-06-13 14:20:00
Arrangements Not as Great Sounding as You Wanted?6Fang2012-06-13 08:21:00
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How big is your LBP2 profile?8Killzone36522012-06-12 18:15:00
Having a hard time getting to cool pages?56Unknown User2012-06-12 05:31:00
If your Favourite Creators were Musicians/Bands, what would they be?7AgentBanana2012-06-12 01:03:00
Hack disabling "Return to Pod" in pause menu: a "good grief"-able offence?3TheBeardyMan2012-06-11 22:18:00
How many minutes have you been in create mode?33Ayneh2012-06-11 01:01:00
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Should I Make an LBP Channel? Derp2Sackpapoi2012-06-09 19:37:00
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What is the first level ever published?15Apple20122012-06-01 03:06:00
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Outside Influences1Kiminski2012-05-28 22:47:00
For everyone that owns the Move DLC..3Unknown User2012-05-28 07:28:00
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Failed Creations/Levels8Kalawishis2012-05-26 15:44:00
Longest LBP Movie Ever Made - NINJA CATS By SAMURAI-094EpicLBPTime2012-05-26 15:07:00
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Something which you may already know about, but I am going to tell you about anyway.4Kalawishis2012-05-23 02:34:00
Creating Sickness18Halfire2012-05-23 01:23:00
Is it me, or are there allot more people here than a week ago?9SuperROBO12012-05-19 23:27:00
Creator Interview - Burton18000 UPDATED2Robmandx2012-05-19 00:49:00
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LBP Hunger Games Winner - Goober Interview1Robmandx2012-05-07 12:07:00
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Star Wars DLC?12Nick9309302012-05-05 19:26:00
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old levels appearing on the top of the cool pages?!?!?!7Monster2012-04-25 08:19:00
Is LBP2 becoming more unstable?32Ungreth2012-04-25 00:08:00
Misleading Levels?16Sackpapoi2012-04-22 15:11:00
version 1.12 update glitch report13Unknown User2012-04-21 19:10:00
The truth behind the "happened" censorship35Apple20122012-04-20 01:46:00
Little Brannan planet36bzrgzr2012-04-16 21:30:00
No motivation to create. Help!15Unknown User2012-04-16 01:44:00
Need help remembering parody trailer!1DyfanH2012-04-15 18:01:00
Latin_Player_10 hate comments should stop42Apple20122012-04-15 17:47:00
NINJA CAT Teaser Trailer by SAMURAI-096EpicLBPTime2012-04-15 01:43:00
Video: LBP1 vs LBP2 - Side by Side8Unknown User2012-04-14 18:07:00
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What can I do with sackbots?4Keyeszx2012-04-12 07:31:00
Analog signal... OVER 9000%!!!19Shadowriver2012-04-12 02:50:00
So anything new i miss with LBP2?5The_Lil_JoKeR2012-04-11 00:34:00
Whaaaaat... Confusion of the future of the in game level rating feature...119Screeno2012-04-10 16:54:00
Serious Doubt and Creators Block20craigmond2012-04-10 16:35:00
LittleBigPhoto100warlord_evil2012-04-08 23:31:00
Problem With My LBP1 Levels?4Sackpapoi2012-04-08 14:32:00
What the....?13Ali_Star2012-04-08 11:04:00
what if there was a new dangerous glitch?10Monster2012-04-07 09:24:00
Thinking of starting a blog about all the strange children-made levels5Unknown User2012-04-06 07:09:00
Lakera's HD walkthroughs!6Lakera-132012-04-04 18:35:00
Can Mm Picks be deselected?11Apple20122012-04-03 19:11:00
LBP2 On Ps Vita. Does it Work?26Unknown User2012-04-02 19:05:00
Locating the ingame News section?3Behonkiss2012-04-02 01:17:00
do you know a lot of levels? suggest me some13yodavid2012-04-01 20:28:00
The Button - Playthrough1Jauw2012-04-01 17:31:00
A New Era - Clanning and Group Activities7Unknown User2012-03-31 01:53:00
As thin as butter on toast14GribbleGrunger2012-03-30 18:38:00
LBP2 - Youtube Maloona2Unknown User2012-03-30 18:16:00
New glitch5Unknown User2012-03-30 03:14:00
My first thumbs down...37Unknown User2012-03-28 15:41:00
Lethal outbreak8Unknown User2012-03-28 04:52:00
What is your favorite community level in LBP2?9Apple20122012-03-27 23:50:00
Please read-about that mm pick thread32Kalawishis2012-03-27 01:54:00
Can you shear your MM pick through out a group?21titanic100th2012-03-27 00:05:00
Strange Glitch6MegaNarwhal2012-03-24 20:46:00
LBP Kart?2zzmorg822012-03-24 18:26:00
LBP2: Advanced Edition for the PS416Kalawishis2012-03-24 16:37:00
Sticker Stop Motions1lemurboy122012-03-24 15:39:00
The Microchip Lag Theory (With Confirmation Pic)15fly_4_a_jedi2012-03-23 18:49:00
Playing bad levels for fun21lemurboy122012-03-23 18:02:00
Your opinion on unoriginal custom songs?15DreJ12122012-03-23 03:12:00
Does Anyone Like Voice Acting In Levels?12Rpg Maker2012-03-21 22:05:00
Mm Picks starting to go downhill.184Kalawishis2012-03-20 13:05:00
Victoria looks like Adele Adkins10Unknown User2012-03-20 04:16:00
LittleBigTimeline11warlord_evil2012-03-20 02:39:00
Pac Man levels....4Brannayen2012-03-18 15:27:00
dlc rumors18Unknown User2012-03-17 18:42:00
Inactive Creator. (NUUUUUU)3chronos4532012-03-17 18:37:00
What Is/Are Your Favorite... ?8Unknown User2012-03-17 11:48:00
lbp servers playing up10titanic100th2012-03-16 23:16:00
How do people make their own games in Little Big Planet 2?9Unknown User2012-03-15 09:14:00
no recent activity7sascha_winter2012-03-14 12:03:00
Who do you look up to?21Kalawishis2012-03-14 03:33:00
Is it possible to make a world consisting of levels?3Unknown User2012-03-13 11:32:00
Fun or graphic?9Unknown User2012-03-11 12:36:00
The Broom Moustache.42Valeview2012-03-10 22:56:00
Anyone else notice this?15MegaNarwhal2012-03-10 20:28:00
Non-Forum LBP Friends9amazingflyingpoo2012-03-10 14:40:00
Showcase Your Level To Youtube!4Unknown User2012-03-10 08:53:00
Who would you most lke to collab with?22Valeview2012-03-08 15:06:00
Prefabs (Useful Premade Stuff)6Lord-Dreamerz2012-03-07 20:37:00
Why do some levels get more plays than the others?56Apple20122012-03-07 19:31:00
Could you...13Unknown User2012-03-07 13:55:00
Co-op or Single Player?5Blackbeltnick952012-03-06 01:22:00
Infinite Life Checkpoints Used in EVERY LEVEL40Unknown User2012-03-05 18:13:00
Created levels are gone!5InfiniteTwilight2012-03-05 16:44:00
Just need some help12Unknown User2012-03-04 19:27:00
Mm or lbpc job questions5Unknown User2012-03-04 19:20:00
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the future of remote moon productions15supertwinbros142012-02-21 10:12:00
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What real life games have you come across in LBP2?32Unknown User2012-02-19 10:29:00
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Popit question - stickers7BasketSnake2012-01-02 05:23:00
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If you republish an older level as a new level with 0 plays again...3unnatural2012-01-01 04:08:00
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Can't make a dent in my queue11Yomikibagami2011-12-14 08:22:00
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Tablet,keyboard and mouse3Unknown User2011-12-12 23:37:00
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Whats the hardest part about creating levels for you?50The_Lil_JoKeR2011-12-05 17:58:00
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Missing Background?4Valeview2011-11-23 20:56:00
customize able pop it color? (concept art)9The_Lil_JoKeR2011-11-22 06:26:00
my pod has been moderated but its been empty forever? (HELP)28The_Lil_JoKeR2011-11-21 12:57:00
Forgotten Object From Move Pack?12Hallm32011-11-20 00:41:00
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Vulture costume.5L-I-M-I2011-11-17 19:52:00
Music galleries: How pretty do they need to be...?17weirdybeardy2011-11-17 11:34:00
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Which DLC level kit should i get7balunn2011-11-13 01:26:00
This is creepy, Haunted Object?!10Rather Tasty2011-11-10 17:12:00
Play now option6ATMLVE2011-11-09 22:31:00
LittleBigPlanet: Spanish Twitter Account1Unknown User2011-11-09 18:52:00
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Creating new ideas is unoriginal?26ATMLVE2011-11-06 22:44:00
La Selecci?n (LS) Spanish LBP and LBP2 picks6Unknown User2011-11-06 13:28:00
music sequencer tips1Unknown User2011-11-05 20:44:00
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LBP Crown necklace!13Tigerss2011-11-04 19:02:00
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Reviews/comments can be sorted by date now.1Unexpecter2011-10-27 08:03:00
Uncapturable Objects and Material14Blue Helmet2011-10-27 05:42:00
Best Bots of LBP29Dortr2011-10-26 19:26:00
Is there any other game you'd like to play but you can't because of LBP?24Unexpecter2011-10-26 01:31:00
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LBP creating Future Designers?8Spazz2011-10-25 02:34:00
MM and ultimate editor9Unexpecter2011-10-24 09:00:00
Best level you?ve ever played in LBP2 ??16Unexpecter2011-10-22 18:04:00
Unsung heroes of LBP13tdarb2011-10-22 05:57:00
What is a "Well known" creator?38CYMBOL2011-10-21 18:18:00
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Level links - Worth it?36CYMBOL2011-10-19 01:56:00
Any good move levels yet?5jump_button2011-10-18 07:51:00
Do you put easter eggs in your levels?24RabidJellyfish2011-10-16 22:05:00
Ask Xtra!23Xtrahuman2011-10-15 23:03:00
Anything You've Never Noticed?4Sackpapoi2011-10-15 22:30:00
Some statistics and graphs of your LBP levels...25Dr C2011-10-15 19:25:00
Everyone, it is halloween season.3Cronos Dage2011-10-14 23:00:00
Do you rate down friends level?45fighterwindplus2011-10-13 00:47:00
Tutorial or Blog?7tdarb2011-10-12 02:31:00
Should I risk it?3Spazz2011-10-11 02:13:00
LittleBigInvite.. Sure why not30CENTURION242011-10-10 08:53:00
This creator has chosen not to publish their information to the web31Ungreth2011-10-09 20:24:00
Are there any GOOD bomb survival levels?!8Corchito2011-10-09 15:26:00
WOW! My levels are now getting played20SkaterOllie7952011-10-09 10:02:00
My paintings keep getting corrupted7jump_button2011-10-09 08:06:00
Brain Cranes are Customizable!4Blue Helmet2011-10-08 08:58:00
How far is too far?83poorjack2011-10-08 06:22:00
Publish Part 1 before 2 is done?15CYMBOL2011-10-07 21:36:00
Specific level/series recommendation2Unexpecter2011-10-07 14:47:00
Everyday Physics7craigmond2011-10-04 16:39:00
Advertise You're lvl :D3robbin12322011-10-04 16:24:00
The most under used LBP2 component45tdarb2011-10-04 09:21:00
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Block certain players from playing your levels?13comishguy672011-10-01 08:01:00
Move pack just got (more) affordable for people without Move7tdarb2011-09-29 14:06:00
Custom made stickers ' breaking'3Sean882011-09-29 03:10:00
Do I have the first ever commuinty hub?19Chaos_Martin2011-09-27 20:41:00
Update 1.07?3RabidJellyfish2011-09-27 20:02:00
LBP2 Move Motion Recording5RagTagPwner2011-09-27 18:07:00
Official Technique for Transparent Stickers?5Unknown User2011-09-27 12:30:00
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Just wondering - LBP2 and voice communication12OmegaSlayer2011-09-25 08:03:00
New Name :)1DominationMags2011-09-24 16:36:00
Banned from PSN for something I DID do!133Ungreth2011-09-23 21:37:00
Tell your LBP story4Trader3472011-09-23 05:01:00
Is it just me..4RabidJellyfish2011-09-22 23:56:00
How to complete the 2 player sections in the Move Pack with only one Move Controller!3Xaif2011-09-22 21:52:00
New Secret Pins Name and description hunt14Shadowriver2011-09-22 19:39:00
Your pod5Trader3472011-09-22 05:09:00
What do you consider to be a good "yay"/"boo" ratio on a level?20Trader3472011-09-22 04:56:00
Thermo/emitter/cursor glitch?9Reef19782011-09-21 23:40:00
LBP2 Move Pack2Unknown User2011-09-21 09:57:00
Special DLC?14FEAR2011-09-21 02:01:00
MOVE and acuracy question10GribbleGrunger2011-09-20 18:51:00
2 Player Move Prizes Collectable With 1 Player!1Unknown User2011-09-20 12:51:00
Great examples of Paint Tool using16Domik122011-09-20 12:31:00
lbp.me Mobile app?3Bang1262011-09-20 08:16:00
Need Ideas for boss attacks20Undarivik2011-09-19 21:15:00
Golden Joysticks awards vote for LBP2!5Chaos_Martin2011-09-19 16:39:00
3Box P's INTRO1Unknown User2011-09-18 21:20:00
How many plays, in your opinion, is a lot of plays?55Trader3472011-09-18 19:58:00
Welp, I've run into quite a problem. (Painting sticker related)70Det2011-09-18 10:33:00
So who's started working on Move levels?5Behonkiss2011-09-16 23:43:00
Random title For The Win1Squidge992011-09-16 22:11:00
DLC and In-Game Photos Blocked in Paint34Kiminski2011-09-16 08:42:00
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fast food frustration6Unknown User2011-09-16 01:30:00
Someone managed to play my locked level?24Sport_dude2011-09-15 21:46:00
The Tail of Claude The Field Mouse Solutions(1 Ball)20lve_msg2011-09-14 21:29:00
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Spaff Appreciation Day - 2011119xkappax2011-09-13 19:16:00
Medievil Movies (VIDEO)1craigmond2011-09-13 18:55:00
Do prize baubles still matter?13Antikris2011-09-13 15:06:00
X2 zones on the DLC Toy Story are possible with only one sackboy4mish802011-09-13 02:01:00
What creator(s) would you pay for DLC from?16Masseyf2011-09-12 23:49:00
Play with the Brain Crane Right Now2lve_msg2011-09-12 22:40:00
Being anal about my inputs8Tricky2011-09-12 20:08:00
Im a Mayor of Sacksettlement1Chaos_Martin2011-09-12 19:21:00
<em>Whats up with this?</em>16ATMLVE2011-09-12 01:44:00
Any way to back up Prehistoric Moves data to a flash drive?1littlebigmeteor2011-09-12 00:53:00
whats r favorite1Unknown User2011-09-11 20:43:00
What is the easiest way to make eyes invisible on costumes?10Cactii2011-09-11 20:42:00
LBP sound effect in Music video3Chaos_Martin2011-09-11 13:06:00
Your goal?47Chaos_Martin2011-09-11 11:37:00
Angle Sensor Discussion8Xshaemus2011-09-10 12:48:00
*Warning* Slice n dice tool (1.06 patch)16Unknown User2011-09-10 12:35:00
Animated Stickers = Sackboy = ?4Unknown User2011-09-09 11:49:00
lbp2 Music notes play but erased when editing insturments....2Unknown User2011-09-09 09:41:00
Goodbye horrible community6Unknown User2011-09-09 02:03:00
i just wanted to know11Unknown User2011-09-09 01:32:00
anyone leaving lbp58danger sackboy2011-09-08 20:37:00
What do you do about data wipes?5Unknown User2011-09-08 05:04:00
what would u want in lbp3 if comes out?3Unknown User2011-09-08 03:37:00
~Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves's Content we never got?~14Lord-Dreamerz2011-09-08 00:47:00
What do you guys prefer? Magic mouths or subtitles?23romancrisis2011-09-07 23:58:00
Sackboy Story13Chaos_Martin2011-09-07 21:24:00
PS3 freezing issues with level links - A Survey13OmegaSlayer2011-09-07 07:49:00
Your thoughts on Update 1.06/Move pack when it comes out28fighterwindplus2011-09-07 03:57:00
New Unreleased Background6lve_msg2011-09-07 03:29:00
The Feeling of Your First Heart?12flyinhawaiian2011-09-06 17:28:00
Seriously, what's all the fuss about cutscenes...95OmegaSlayer2011-09-06 16:05:00
trophy questions4tdarb2011-09-06 06:32:00
Little Big Apocalypse - Sackboy Horror Manga3Snowspot2011-09-06 01:26:00
LBP1 vs. LBP2's Emmiter Secret4nk8272011-09-05 18:32:00
LBP2: Funny Shorts by zzmorg823zzmorg822011-09-05 15:12:00
What's up with that?15fighterwindplus2011-09-05 05:17:00
Toy Story--Getting 2X Prizes With 1 Player18RickRock_7772011-09-04 03:04:00
Something Bizzare!7Ali_Star2011-09-03 21:11:00
How difficult is it to get in to Mm?25littlebigmeteor2011-09-03 11:57:00
What do you like to see most on your level?8tdarb2011-09-03 09:00:00
7500 minutes of create pin14RabidJellyfish2011-09-03 01:44:00
downrating reviews?6tdarb2011-09-03 00:20:00
LBP-Related Dreams22Ali_Star2011-09-02 12:37:00
Impossible!11LBNinja2011-09-02 04:41:00
Toeing the lines of decency (dun dun DUNNN)3Unknown User2011-09-02 04:40:00
Scoreboards?15Perfectnothing002011-09-01 17:06:00
Team projects and publishing6tdarb2011-08-31 07:35:00
ideas VS time21Tricky2011-08-31 06:24:00
LBP2 Intro Level Music In America's Got Talent7Ricky-III2011-08-31 03:46:00
game crasher?8Strodigy2011-08-30 21:11:00
Do you think we'll have a Fall rush?29littlebigmeteor2011-08-30 10:12:00
Best feeling you've ever gotten playing LBP2?26nunsmasher2011-08-30 08:23:00
Doesn't anyone else do this?25ThisDudeRufus2011-08-30 04:25:00
The Unstable Object Glitch5Unknown User2011-08-30 02:20:00
A curator named God4Unknown User2011-08-29 11:00:00
I just spent wwaaayyyy to much time taking a profile picture.6Julianotis12011-08-29 01:36:00
Playing locked levels glitch?11Chazprime2011-08-28 18:15:00
Funny sackbot glitch4zzmorg822011-08-28 15:29:00
Getting more plays?4tdarb2011-08-28 09:08:00
Level Moving Glitch48Ayneh2011-08-28 14:29:00
Can someone give me a link to the song "Love" by paul thomson2Unknown User2011-08-28 00:05:00
Copiers copiers copiers!6StaticLinuxpro2011-08-27 16:03:00
If games like COD and Uncharted can handle matches with 10+ ppl without much lag...10Unknown User2011-08-27 05:14:00
Advertising on Cool Pages20Flame Dragon2011-08-25 22:36:00
lbp.me recent activity list wiped clean?!8LittleBigDes2011-08-25 16:52:00
So...What would you do?19IronSkullKid992011-08-25 04:00:00
Stitchlings?18Unknown User2011-08-24 20:10:00
I can't do it anymore.82littlebigmeteor2011-08-24 04:10:00
Light VS Dark - The Eternal Matter Battle10Flame Dragon2011-08-23 22:30:00
Does anyone ever login......9Godzilla2011-08-23 20:00:00
Toy Story Sticker Switch2Unknown User2011-08-21 09:35:00
That story was so sad! *sadface*7Unknown User2011-08-21 04:29:00
Ok I have this 5 part level series so how the heck to I get people to play it!?11Unknown User2011-08-21 03:56:00
"Cool" Pages- the secret to finding good levels on col pages?8LBNinja2011-08-20 23:19:00
I'm officially addicted. -_-26fighterwindplus2011-08-20 03:03:00
LBP2 wierd pod glitch3zzmorg822011-08-19 22:54:00
Short, usless reviews?37Tmjtk2011-08-19 18:08:00
Personalised LBP clothing8Ungreth2011-08-19 13:37:00
Profile comment spam19littlebigmeteor2011-08-18 19:26:00
Gosh TCR don't be such a prude (minor bad language)28thecatreturns1232011-08-18 18:11:00
LittleBIGSchool Project!7galacemiguel2011-08-18 12:05:00
Do you finish your levels?31lbp2goty2011-08-17 23:04:00
Overusing "Techno Sydrome"13DarrienEven2011-08-17 18:29:00
Who needs the rare prize crown when you can make your own :)26Willman42011-08-17 08:36:00
HELP needed for a "Beat'em up"-Level3Unknown User2011-08-16 22:47:00
How do you brainstorm for level ideas?25Behonkiss2011-08-16 03:40:00
Lbp2 Unknown error [ Saving error ]6Sport_dude2011-08-15 04:44:00
LBP2 Poll: Create25zzmorg822011-08-14 18:54:00
The andy's background glitched for planets?7Cactii2011-08-14 17:47:00
New crazy glitch, mystery solved! what it truly do changes object in to logic pieces48Shadowriver2011-08-14 04:20:00
New free pereid meteor costume.2Cactii2011-08-13 19:39:00
Hurrah, Hurrah!17Vector-Espio-Fan2011-08-12 23:29:00
Publish now or wait for scoreboard?14tdarb2011-08-12 22:01:00
Ruined community.13Bang1262011-08-12 14:24:00
Little Big Costume Request Center19Julianotis12011-08-11 22:29:00
How do you make your levels?10lemurboy122011-08-11 20:56:00
Toy Story costume questions1The_Wiz_12011-08-11 07:30:00
Need Friends my own age >__>7Unknown User2011-08-11 05:24:00
Lets fix this game!!!!!21WESFUN2011-08-11 04:40:00
What do you think, is the best time of day/ week to publish alevel, for max feedback?7Screeno2011-08-10 22:44:00
Littlebigplanet Vita Rare launch t shirt?8Unknown User2011-08-10 18:17:00
Pod Background Glitch!4LBNinja2011-08-10 17:55:00
New LBP fansite/forum, Littlebigplanet Jr.1Unknown User2011-08-10 17:03:00
Funny Video4warlord_evil2011-08-10 16:07:00
Little BIG Planet 217poorjack2011-08-10 14:41:00
LittlBigPlanet 2 Game Guide4Unknown User2011-08-10 14:06:00
People who don't rate59Xaif2011-08-10 14:05:00
How do YOU get plays?8Unknown User2011-08-10 01:26:00
The fall of Troy420?6Unknown User2011-08-09 21:59:00
LBP Vita12fighterwindplus2011-08-09 19:54:00
In defense of MMPicks6DarrienEven2011-08-09 19:22:00
Have you ever wished LBP was rated 'T'?25donta1332011-08-09 07:47:00
Is LBP2 dying? (Mm ditched it?)90thi7662011-08-09 02:26:00
I found something with little or no significance to anyone!4gigglecrab2011-08-08 16:06:00
Dissolve Material -- Do you use it anymore?30alexbull_uk2011-08-08 00:39:00
LBP.me "Recent Activity" is missing8schm02011-08-07 22:26:00
Has anyone had complete strangers asking to join you in your pod21gamegirl2011-08-07 19:55:00
LBP is Moving Really Slow...25Shadowstarkirby2011-08-07 19:47:00
[Question] What role is Sony ?6samalot2011-08-07 19:37:00
my level got moderated!12YUBOY32011-08-07 17:28:00
The NEW Crown Glitch84Unknown User2011-08-07 04:31:00
Level with 7 THOUSAND plays GONE.12littlebigmeteor2011-08-06 20:14:00
getting into the lbp vibe11Unknown User2011-08-06 06:27:00
What Kind Of Creator Are YOU?27Unknown User2011-08-06 04:47:00
A.I. PathFinding15Unknown User2011-08-06 03:22:00
Sackpeople Take Up Thermometer?16damaz102011-08-05 17:23:00
Toy Story pod background broken?3Alternative_sack2011-08-05 12:08:00
LBP2 Debut Trailer compared to the finished game9Unknown User2011-08-05 04:19:00
My cat got moderated7TheMonkeyBlade2011-08-05 02:36:00
Where are all the RTS Games?27Unknown User2011-08-04 20:27:00
His Sackboy Meditates!4GreenGhost282011-08-04 16:44:00
LittleBigJokes16Unknown User2011-08-04 07:03:00
What do you like collecting in levels?18LittleBigDes2011-08-03 21:19:00
(Toy Story DLC) Anyone notice that11The_Lil_JoKeR2011-08-03 19:31:00
Does anyone use rods?25RabidJellyfish2011-08-03 14:24:00
Sackboy says Yes and No(video)10zzmorg822011-08-03 14:22:00
Why?23craigmond2011-08-03 12:06:00
question concerning about copyright3The_Lil_JoKeR2011-08-03 08:24:00
Daniel's Birthday Pin7comishguy672011-08-02 19:44:00
So bored... my costumes ive finished today.10Unknown User2011-08-02 19:19:00
Your Play/Create ratio?13Unknown User2011-08-02 05:50:00
If we were sackpeople27WESFUN2011-08-02 03:48:00
Community...17Tileno2011-08-02 01:57:00
Toy Story 3 DLC51lbp2goty2011-08-01 08:16:00
A question about the move pack12ATMLVE2011-08-01 02:50:00
What DLC to buy?6Tileno2011-07-31 21:55:00
LBP2 General Questions7CommToad2011-07-31 13:26:00
Things That Make You Happy102Shadowstarkirby2011-07-31 01:28:00
How do you rate?!28Sport_dude2011-07-30 20:03:00
Cool pages glitch,6brendal1002011-07-30 07:55:00
LBP.me down? - no activity!15CYMBOL2011-07-29 18:54:00
The My Advice Songs?7BonBonBoi2011-07-29 17:23:00
Movie levels had your full yet?19jump_button2011-07-29 15:50:00
Since When? (no controller spectator)16Macnme2011-07-29 14:02:00
Strange publishing glitch7FlipMeister2011-07-29 09:38:00
Reminder: today at midnight (29 July) you will get "Amy's Birthday Pressie" pin22Shadowriver2011-07-28 20:25:00
LBP.Me Trending Levels? I'm confused...6SSTAGG12011-07-28 06:15:00
Warning: Game breaking glitch6StaticLinuxpro2011-07-27 17:50:00
The MM Picks31dyna2011-07-27 13:45:00
Toy Story Three Pack Voices on Magic Mouth!8Captain2011-07-27 01:01:00
ps move beta codes13lark98-22011-07-26 15:16:00
~Ghosting Chip~7Lord-Dreamerz2011-07-25 22:56:00
Delay Release?7CardboardBoxMan2011-07-25 17:26:00
The Un-cool page17wolfy_6162011-07-25 13:13:00
Hazbell's...Gone?46IronSkullKid992011-07-24 22:57:00
Film of the Day on LBP2 Facebook3CYMBOL2011-07-24 20:39:00
Zangief Costume Help!7Sport_dude2011-07-24 06:46:00
What is Paperboy?13lemurboy122011-07-23 20:18:00
I need a recommendation for pinball games7Unknown User2011-07-23 19:35:00
"Saving LittleBigPlanet 2"...19DarrienEven2011-07-23 15:57:00
This game is officially screwed.51littlebigmeteor2011-07-23 05:02:00
It's not Overlord.16littlebigmeteor2011-07-22 22:37:00
..I think this game is dying/dead.70littlebigmeteor2011-07-21 23:11:00
It's All Going To Pot!23KQuinn94Z2011-07-21 22:18:00
Did you know you can spin your sack-thing?18melomaniac2011-07-21 20:02:00
Inspiring songs?3Cactii2011-07-21 02:38:00
The Fear of giving prizes. (I need your help)13ishotthesherrif2011-07-21 01:53:00
Selectors=Lag!!??8fighterwindplus2011-07-21 00:39:00
The Fear of the Return of Overlord68BonBonBoi2011-07-20 22:05:00
Crowns?19Willman42011-07-20 21:35:00
I hate...44OmegaSlayer2011-07-20 08:06:00
Hitting Makes Sackpeople Explode.9Sackpapoi2011-07-20 06:57:00
What does someone do about something like this?18littlebigmeteor2011-07-19 20:48:00
Mr_Blumkin's Wall of Shame36Ungreth2011-07-19 17:48:00
The Official wiki is a bit... lacking...19littlebigmeteor2011-07-19 02:31:00
LBP2 Clan FAIL33WESFUN2011-07-19 00:28:00
Joining Random Levels at Points?11Shadowstarkirby2011-07-18 20:57:00
[ENGLISH] The cool page! [FRENCH]8Sport_dude2011-07-18 05:39:00
Random Join Requests?28fighterwindplus2011-07-18 05:20:00
Which is your favorite material?37Willman42011-07-17 23:14:00
REAL LBP costumes3ATMLVE2011-07-17 04:55:00
Can anyone record gameplay?3Unknown User2011-07-16 17:41:00
Entered a locked level without a key?19Qrii_Nakari2011-07-16 08:40:00
Is it just me or do people who play online not like playing with others?10Marioface52011-07-16 06:15:00
the best ever lbp2 music creator42runand_tell_that2011-07-15 18:44:00
Report Spammers?22ScorpSkull2011-07-15 17:06:00
LBP2 store loading screen problem..2Unknown User2011-07-15 02:59:00
Please help answer my question!!3Jeddi1472011-07-14 19:15:00
I'm Starting to Hate Versus Mini-Games...16IronSkullKid992011-07-14 17:35:00
Everything is a Player Sensor!5L1N3R1D3R2011-07-14 14:19:00
Yeeeesss...8LBNinja2011-07-13 18:54:00
The Frozen Vanok Glitch10vanok2011-07-12 22:27:00
Why Has There Been So Little DLC?17Unknown User2011-07-12 07:29:00
A bug with preview mode?4SSTAGG12011-07-12 05:03:00
When are the bug blasters coming out?20TJLEW2011-07-11 21:44:00
Inspiration needed6KnutsoPX2011-07-11 19:26:00
anyone else?2malteseassassin2011-07-11 15:33:00
Looking for abandoned projects!6littlebigmeteor2011-07-11 08:35:00
Super Sackboy Derps!8LBNinja2011-07-11 05:33:00
Are actual TV's possible?14liamdaniels2011-07-10 16:59:00
Old fashion logic design.13>er.2011-07-10 16:19:00
Scenery > Gameplay???30DarrienEven2011-07-10 13:49:00
How i'm supposed to get Max Score?6Flame Dragon2011-07-10 11:10:00
Hover Mode, you has failed me D:6GreenGhost282011-07-08 18:31:00
Looking for a decoration3waffleking232011-07-08 16:32:00
LBP Train Builders15Unknown User2011-07-08 08:18:00
So what have all of the patches been?11littlebigmeteor2011-07-08 04:37:00
Do you entertain people?12mrhollywood123452011-07-08 02:52:00
My good ol' Spacesuit... gone19SnipySev2011-07-07 19:37:00
LBP2: Slapping...Bad?56Sport_dude2011-07-07 04:17:00
Crown Contest Requirements3ScorpSkull2011-07-06 05:33:00
New psn7Squidge992011-07-05 18:34:00
You guys got Patch v1.04?2ShiftyDog2011-07-05 18:30:00
LBP1 Nostalgia6SSTAGG12011-07-05 08:18:00
What do people prefer?18StaticLinuxpro2011-07-05 02:48:00
What font does mm use in there intro5WESFUN2011-07-05 00:38:00
Shareable pod glitch!5LBNinja2011-07-04 18:46:00
Object and Emitter Glitch v1.047SSTAGG12011-07-04 18:34:00
Lbp2 error4Unknown User2011-07-04 09:08:00
That's it...I Quit...32IronSkullKid992011-07-04 07:57:00
Making a giant showcase PSN9GameRoom2011-07-03 19:40:00
Beyond Lbp2's 20 Level Slot Limit126damaz102011-07-03 19:32:00
Glitch's...You support?!12Sport_dude2011-07-03 06:30:00
POD Moderated Error Message2tabycatmeow2011-07-03 04:10:00
Cool Pages are a Junkyard!69Flame Dragon2011-07-02 12:17:00
Why LBP.me won't let me log in?6Flame Dragon2011-07-02 11:55:00
How old is too old?160Bang1262011-07-02 10:27:00
Unofficial Contest Level Comments5Ace292011-07-02 04:43:00
You draw your levels?47Sport_dude2011-07-02 04:39:00
Republishing Level7Flame Dragon2011-07-01 19:22:00
Typo!3LBP2_Tutorialist2011-07-01 04:02:00
Level publishing8Unexpecter2011-06-30 17:17:00
What's up with LBP.me?5littlebigmeteor2011-06-30 10:42:00
Well guys.. Is there a point anymore?9Unknown User2011-06-30 08:26:00
Brand new ultimate news source for everything LBP: LBP Today!3littlebigmeteor2011-06-30 06:10:00
Wait, did we time travel back to February??8littlebigmeteor2011-06-29 01:30:00
Please Close10lemurboy122011-06-28 19:01:00
Please Close This Thread24lemurboy122011-06-27 13:59:00
Anyone else getting tired of the music?30DarrienEven2011-06-26 06:16:00
Why i love LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2? Because it's amazing!17Sport_dude2011-06-26 05:44:00
What's the deal with Hero Hair?81IronSkullKid992011-06-25 08:07:00
New Little Big Creators Elite Youtube Channel23Bluephantom5752011-06-24 21:56:00
Arggg no!!!!!!!17Sport_dude2011-06-24 19:43:00
Should I be worried on my level? (emitters and thermo)6JKthree2011-06-24 17:55:00
Giving out free LBP1/2 Levels!10Sport_dude2011-06-24 06:24:00
Agh!!!13LBNinja2011-06-24 04:56:00
Judging the "Quality" of levels.8DarrienEven2011-06-24 00:01:00
Alright..this is horrible!49DoomeDx2011-06-23 18:46:00
Make a level Copyable but don't allow them to modify?5Sport_dude2011-06-23 18:09:00
Lbp1 levels favored in Cool Pages7KQuinn94Z2011-06-23 09:16:00
How to create while your not creating!19Sport_dude2011-06-23 06:31:00
Anyone ever finish a "recreation"?12Bernkastel2011-06-23 03:39:00
My Pod is being Moderated?28Rpg Maker2011-06-23 03:07:00
Naux Glitch (And ThecX) : CURE8JamesDNaux2011-06-23 00:26:00
Corruption stories.14Cactii2011-06-22 20:02:00
LBP for PS Vita Launch shirt?4Unknown User2011-06-22 16:43:00
Why do we have to buy dlc?71Unknown User2011-06-21 22:23:00
Have you ever thought about...19craigmond2011-06-21 18:20:00
What to play after story mode?11Unknown User2011-06-21 15:10:00
How long is TOO long?24poorjack2011-06-21 14:46:00
Whats the point of plasma?45TheUltraDeino2011-06-21 13:49:00
Should I wait?6Bernkastel2011-06-21 02:06:00
When do the inFAMOUS2 & Killzone 3 Packs come out?(NA)17IronSkullKid992011-06-20 18:49:00
Awkward Moments10lemurboy122011-06-20 18:08:00
Lethal Gas in LBP27Flame Dragon2011-06-19 15:20:00
LBP coming to Iphone?19biorogue2011-06-19 14:12:00
Supersack Glitch2Unknown User2011-06-19 06:30:00
Ninja Pong FTW!3LBNinja2011-06-19 00:49:00
The Next Creator Pack7L1N3R1D3R2011-06-18 17:37:00
Fun things to do in LBP26DoomeDx2011-06-18 03:03:00
High Warning!7Unknown User2011-06-17 21:37:00
Platforming Extremists!!??42Dortr2011-06-16 20:11:00
LBP Fonts2Unknown User2011-06-16 04:29:00
question4Unknown User2011-06-15 21:50:00
Easter Egg Found!2TheUltraDeino2011-06-15 17:36:00
Sooooo, guess wut I found?16IronSkullKid992011-06-15 08:28:00
LBP2 Summer Solstice costume/FREE!6METALPUNKS2011-06-14 23:19:00
Overlord glitch proof your levels right now83Monster2011-06-14 20:26:00
When will MM fix this?48CYMBOL2011-06-14 17:31:00
Favorite Hide and Seek levels......53Godzilla2011-06-13 17:25:00
PSVita: will they release a 1st week shirt?7Unknown User2011-06-13 01:48:00
DLC Content Questions.[UPDATE2]8IronSkullKid992011-06-12 22:06:00
Tips on getting noticed?10FlipMeister2011-06-12 12:45:00
Is It Me Or...21Shadowstarkirby2011-06-12 04:45:00
Wilhelm scream on Lbp2?5Alternative_sack2011-06-11 20:34:00
Weird light + glass glitch5ktmbillyjr2011-06-11 20:04:00
Is it just me, or are there a lot of jerks online recently?25Unknown User2011-06-11 19:35:00
LBP Service Announcement13Nick9309302011-06-11 18:36:00
Upside down Sackbots3Squidge992011-06-10 23:06:00
Where the sack is everybody?26Macnme2011-06-10 14:27:00
Any horror level fans out there?32NeonSudagatz2011-06-09 23:51:00
Small Preview of Toy Story Level Pack & InFAMOUS 2 DLC6Tynamite2011-06-09 23:17:00
DLC Content Question....6Godzilla2011-06-09 19:35:00
Tron Minipack in uk?12Unknown User2011-06-09 14:12:00
To All LBP Musicians, a Question...14SSTAGG12011-06-08 22:05:00
Summer Solstice costume...4Godzilla2011-06-08 16:57:00
New dogs and cats dlc2Unknown User2011-06-08 16:37:00
Level link glitch2Lakera-132011-06-08 11:10:00
The SLS10 Show(?) EP 1: Wu Tsung Sky Playthrough6SLS102011-06-08 04:41:00
New Glitch!4ConverseFox2011-06-08 04:03:00
Anyone else really worried about PS Vita and the community?25littlebigmeteor2011-06-08 01:04:00
Kid-friendly (easy) level suggestions13jblalock782011-06-07 17:18:00
My LBP2/TF2 Contraption Machinima3Sylux2011-06-07 01:33:00
Have 1 extra slurpee sticker pack leftover.10ICBklyn2011-06-06 20:59:00
Donkey Kong Country videoadvert2Chaos_Martin2011-06-06 18:55:00
Werid Connetion5venat2011-06-06 07:59:00
Idea: Real Life Creatinator8GameRoom2011-06-05 00:51:00
Store is glitching12Unknown User2011-06-04 21:14:00
How Important Are Visuals? Gameplay vs Art19SSTAGG12011-06-04 17:37:00
How is this possible?21lve_msg2011-06-04 02:26:00
Warning - new glitch61Nuclearfish2011-06-04 01:12:00
Disadvantaging certain LBP gamers2Unknown User2011-06-03 23:23:00
Which Skill Are You Better At?10Unknown User2011-06-03 21:17:00
Post your levels here!!2Kaumy2011-06-03 17:24:00
Hard to find a good creating buddy4donta1332011-06-03 07:40:00
Remember LittleBigPlanet?15kirbyman622011-06-02 20:22:00
Guess what?8LBNinja2011-06-02 15:26:00
User named "PS3"12Godzilla2011-06-01 18:53:00
Decorations and Spirit7Flame Dragon2011-06-01 16:05:00
can your LBP profile be too big?5Monster2011-06-01 07:46:00
Am I the only one who cares?22lemurboy122011-06-01 00:54:00
Best format for a tutorial?7SSTAGG12011-05-31 21:19:00
LBP Servers Down?8craigmond2011-05-31 19:15:00
How do new levels get noticed?123Creekey2011-05-31 17:03:00
SNX Sorrow2skona02011-05-30 15:56:00
Level comment's7Unknown User2011-05-30 13:13:00
The Wasteland Wanderers (aka newest levels players)16RagTagPwner2011-05-30 06:57:00
I'm making a presentation about LBP2 and could use some help from the community!7blizzard_cool2011-05-28 09:19:00
How to contacting MediaMolecule?17ScorpSkull2011-05-28 01:05:00
PS3 data transfer query...6Unknown User2011-05-27 18:07:00
Funniest Prank Ever8Nick9309302011-05-27 04:10:00
My level got deleted!?9Stinkin Mushroom2011-05-26 23:34:00
"This item is getting too complicated"7Unknown User2011-05-25 23:00:00
Unsung creators55CENTURION242011-05-25 13:48:00
Multipurpose Material Glitches & More7lve_msg2011-05-24 19:07:00
Do you think songs in LBP2 should be copyrighted?10LOLinator v1.022011-05-24 15:59:00
Best multiplayer creations?7Unknown User2011-05-24 13:53:00
Should i pick up LBP1?25Unknown User2011-05-24 10:41:00
Is my profile remotely accessible?6Unknown User2011-05-23 15:23:00
Does the motion controlled head bother you?13Unknown User2011-05-23 01:48:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 messed up the paintinator animations.12Unknown User2011-05-22 23:37:00
Prove Me Wrong, But I Think I Found A RPG Solution :)18Unknown User2011-05-22 21:54:00
any DLC news?4Alternative_sack2011-05-22 17:32:00
Little Big Apocalypse - Episode 2 - FRONTPAGE ON NEWGROUNDS (MANGA/Animation)9Snowspot2011-05-21 20:50:00
Werid Japan site for LBP216venat2011-05-21 06:16:00
Nobody Tells This to Beginners46schm02011-05-21 03:24:00
What is most important to you when playing a level?17wolverine_20082011-05-21 03:15:00
Brand New Music Video Featuring LittleBigPlanet 2 Goes Live!9Unknown User2011-05-19 19:02:00
Origin of the Non Stop Nyan Cat level19Unknown User2011-05-18 22:03:00
Vanishing Costume Pieces13the Ion Pulsar2011-05-18 21:34:00
What happend to my level? <:O11LordMagicPants2011-05-18 11:27:00
Beyond Frustration13the Ion Pulsar2011-05-18 06:36:00
The Star System in LBP2? (not talking about ratings)5TREMIC12011-05-18 02:20:00
Stretched Objects, 3D Objects, Thin Objects Turned Into Thick12lve_msg2011-05-17 18:25:00
Another 1 bites the dust16CENTURION242011-05-17 16:55:00
Options. Good or Bad?18Rustbukkit2011-05-16 23:59:00
PSN is back online!!!!!!3dr-booty2011-05-16 09:34:00
It's BAAAAAAACK!!!!2Ace292011-05-15 02:54:00
OST: Portal 2 vs. LittleBigPlanet?2 vs ??? (spoilers)22Cronos Dage2011-05-13 21:48:00
Easter Eggs in your levels25Madafaku2011-05-13 20:16:00
(Maybe?) The SLS10 Super Happy Funtime Show3SLS102011-05-13 01:02:00
LBP Memes?48Unknown User2011-05-13 00:20:00
Favourite Creator39Squidge992011-05-12 22:02:00
The Great Publishing is coming! What will happen?!84CYMBOL2011-05-12 02:08:00
The Killzone 3 mini-pack5Unknown User2011-05-11 22:01:00
pack advice!13GribbleGrunger2011-05-09 19:07:00
What do you hope MM has been up to?58CYMBOL2011-05-08 16:21:00
PSN outage4williamsmithxo2011-05-08 14:40:00
Wrong Menu14Jakeamorris252011-05-08 13:55:00
Passion Pit-Sleepyhead Lyrics!7robotixpro2011-05-08 06:25:00
Article: Writing for games5rialrees2011-05-07 11:00:00
The Good and the Bad of LBP2.(your ideas)6METALPUNKS2011-05-07 04:47:00
No Plays?!?8celsus2011-05-05 20:45:00
To Share, or not to Share?32CYMBOL2011-05-05 15:39:00
Create Mode Timer (Display Total Minutes in Create)17Special_D_2011-05-05 03:15:00
Creating levels during the down time?63METALPUNKS2011-05-05 01:40:00
12 Days ago...1Dortr2011-05-03 06:04:00
VERSUS - Bouncy Pads3Unknown User2011-05-03 03:30:00
How are people still submitting levels?41Fumo1612011-05-02 07:06:00
Counter increment 1 = .03r secs?7Dortr2011-05-01 01:52:00
Background from tutorials?11METALPUNKS2011-04-30 22:03:00
Logic without boundaries9Ayneh2011-04-30 20:26:00
Teaser/Trailer - When to publish?3CYMBOL2011-04-30 17:46:00
Regarding MM picks and level selection screen...11nk8272011-04-30 14:23:00
Website20Squidge992011-04-30 11:18:00
When psn goes back online...38Monster2011-04-28 20:40:00
That one helmet...8Ignition2462011-04-26 23:55:00
PATCHES fo LBP23Sean882011-04-26 13:21:00
LBP2 3 months later21Reef19782011-04-26 12:44:00
VERSUS - NBA Jams!1Unknown User2011-04-26 04:51:00
Still working on level with PSN down?23celsus2011-04-26 03:13:00
a universe within an eye.15nerzdadestroyer2011-04-25 21:33:00
29 Ways to Stay Creative11schm02011-04-25 14:18:00
Humorous Comments on Your Levels11galacemiguel2011-04-25 03:48:00
LittleBigPlanet-teers8BonBonBoi2011-04-25 00:07:00
Twist Glitch on a Sackbot16lemurboy122011-04-24 21:13:00
Littlebigplanet?2 trailer remix7Cronos Dage2011-04-24 19:12:00
Balance23smasher2011-04-24 17:46:00
Wtf MM.72Unknown User2011-04-24 16:27:00
Final Playtest15UberOrbPS2011-04-24 16:24:00
How do YOU use score bubbles?35Nuclearfish2011-04-24 14:08:00
Sorry2Unknown User2011-04-24 05:25:00
Costume Ideas ?8Unknown User2011-04-23 03:37:00
Worst game25Squidge992011-04-22 09:50:00
Creating Pressure24standby2502011-04-22 02:26:00
Easter DLC????17Godzilla2011-04-21 17:56:00
NEW Glitch?15WESFUN2011-04-21 13:39:00
ThecXMen Profile, (Also IMMUNE to SpawnPopCancer side effects)13Unknown User2011-04-19 11:54:00
Evil troll reviews27Unknown User2011-04-19 11:35:00
Things That Make You Mad1261lemurboy122011-04-18 15:01:00
what if someone made portal 2 exactly the way it was in lbp2?19Unknown User2011-04-18 04:36:00
Proved my wife wrong!!24Brannayen2011-04-17 21:17:00
I just noticed something with the Creationator14IronSkullKid992011-04-17 20:26:00
I Saw This in the Debut Trailer...5lemurboy122011-04-17 02:39:00
Apparently a whole lot of updates9Jayhawk_er2011-04-17 01:26:00
I think I captured the earth...11BonBonBoi2011-04-17 00:56:00
Da Vinci's Ghost Glitch6CYMBOL2011-04-16 16:05:00
I Made A Film :315Leather-Monkey2011-04-16 11:15:00
Worlds best level?17Squidge992011-04-15 19:17:00
Patch 1.03?43DoomeDx2011-04-15 17:09:00
Great my level cannot be editted no more..16DoomeDx2011-04-15 16:07:00
What to work on??7Ace292011-04-15 14:48:00
A bit harsh?84IronSkullKid992011-04-15 03:26:00
Conducting a Race1craigmond2011-04-14 18:13:00
Level kit, descriptions.5Unknown User2011-04-14 13:37:00
So if someone made an RPG on LBP2...11Darkcloudrepeat2011-04-14 03:08:00
Hi all3Unknown User2011-04-14 00:46:00
Getting an MM "play".29CYMBOL2011-04-13 21:23:00
Being nice and honest17Unknown User2011-04-13 15:01:00
What makes a good boss battle?5CYBERSNAKE2011-04-13 14:30:00
Anyone else get a lot of lag in create mode?7Unknown User2011-04-13 02:56:00
Most frustrating moment for you?19abyssalassassin2011-04-13 00:14:00
Deco costume pieces?6Mikestar1232011-04-11 21:38:00
Passing the decoration limit?12octopus_5672011-04-11 21:22:00
D-Pad in Menus6thor2011-04-11 12:03:00
Absolutely horrible glitches3Unknown User2011-04-10 15:45:00
Which MM level(s) had the most influence on the community creators?8blizzard_cool2011-04-10 08:19:00
Emergency you need to read this your sackthing is on the line here3shadster162011-04-10 04:51:00
Your most epic LBP fail?24Thegide2011-04-09 22:29:00
Large Sackboy FIX FOUND!13Dan9309302011-04-09 20:11:00
Every Serious Creator Should Get Playstation Plus68Rpg Maker2011-04-09 17:53:00
the void glitch37Cactii2011-04-09 16:35:00
PEA-SIZED SACKBOT? Have u seen this??11Unknown User2011-04-09 04:37:00
Republishing helpful or harmful8WCF7__2011-04-08 16:15:00
It feels impossible to get plays :(16Unknown User2011-04-08 14:33:00
LBConnected - Community Creation's4Unknown User2011-04-08 08:29:00
Is Creating Long Levels a Bad Idea?14Rpg Maker2011-04-08 05:14:00
Multiple Crowns, right or wrong12Jayhawk_er2011-04-08 03:24:00
Worried about LBP2 online population?59Lockstitch2011-04-07 14:54:00
DLC Nostalgia :p19OmegaSlayer2011-04-07 11:15:00
Fame and Fortune19WCF7__2011-04-07 04:07:00
CC13: submarine!3LOLinator v1.022011-04-06 15:34:00
Lbp2 dlc4Unknown User2011-04-06 11:42:00
Mama Xod15littlebigmeteor2011-04-06 03:27:00
Weird advice that helps me make levels.8Unknown User2011-04-05 22:46:00
You know you played LBP too much when...127yoda97yoda2011-04-05 07:12:00
Photo spammers, or maybe clones?20Joey98982011-04-05 02:25:00
Hey Look! Im In Your Pod!!!3BonBonBoi2011-04-05 00:57:00
I will kill.... (lbp.me profile)11Luos_832011-04-04 19:25:00
What's going on with Youtube?6GribbleGrunger2011-04-03 17:45:00
So... What does one do about something like this?24littlebigmeteor2011-04-03 17:06:00
How many of your friends actually make GOOD stuff?31donta1332011-04-03 04:53:00
Weird glitch . . .7Number7Million2011-04-03 00:32:00
Skin Material TRADING!6Chicago512011-04-03 00:11:00
When are LBR back?4craigmond2011-04-02 13:55:00
Creator Picture5craigmond2011-04-02 13:40:00
Media Molecule Where are sackboy pets for HOME?6TSFRJ2011-04-02 07:56:00
What the... I am in the Theck layers?!10robbit102011-04-02 07:13:00
Boss alternatives?17midnight_heist2011-04-02 03:43:00
wrongful moderating, so confused!5Unknown User2011-04-01 23:55:00
Omg people! Lbp3!16CyberSora2011-04-01 23:45:00
Mute Glitch12Mr_T-Shirt2011-04-01 21:33:00
Free Scuba Costume46lve_msg2011-04-01 01:37:00
New lbp.me author font?7Gilgamesh2011-04-01 00:24:00
Why do all the men get the best t-shirts?!20LittleBigDes2011-03-31 17:10:00
How long on average do you spend on a level..43Unknown User2011-03-31 11:15:00
What's your favorite thing in LBP2?3LOLinator v1.022011-03-30 23:54:00
The stupid copyer!!13Unknown User2011-03-30 12:57:00
Being nice in LBP is considered Noob'ish?30Bloo_boy2011-03-30 05:36:00
Annoying Threat in LittleBigPlanet39IronSkullKid992011-03-30 03:24:00
How to get better with logic?21tdarb2011-03-30 02:27:00
Long create sessions22smasher2011-03-30 00:45:00
Hardware for recording onto a Macbook Pro3Discosmurf2011-03-29 21:18:00
Marvel Costumes12craigmond2011-03-29 20:03:00
Stop the demo/half finished levels!66CYMBOL2011-03-29 16:27:00
Do not waste your time trying to create good levels!!!!74terbas2011-03-29 09:32:00
Annual April DLC level pack?9Alternative_sack2011-03-28 21:22:00
People and Levels.20Retro2011-03-28 10:25:00
Omega's awful Odissey with LBP217OmegaSlayer2011-03-28 07:53:00
Dive In Not working?!?!?8PatriotEyez272011-03-27 23:59:00
How Does Everyone Else See lbp.me?11lve_msg2011-03-27 18:04:00
Petition against mm and the moderation187Apollo_xD2011-03-27 15:36:00
Pod Controller1ConverseFox2011-03-27 05:33:00
LBP2 Cool Pages better? I think so.76CYMBOL2011-03-27 03:01:00
What's your biggest weakness in creating, and how do you overcome it?93tdarb2011-03-27 01:00:00
New(?) Secret Skin11Doopz2011-03-26 17:58:00
What happens to LBP1 DLC?8Flame Dragon2011-03-26 15:24:00
The unwritten rules of lbp society (Moon etiquette)36CENTURION242011-03-26 10:31:00
LittleBigPlanet allows users to charge for user created levels?38Rpg Maker2011-03-26 01:09:00
What's going on with MMPicks?51Behonkiss2011-03-24 18:05:00
Links to other PSN accounts10TREMIC12011-03-24 03:48:00
Random Joiners?22Lord-Dreamerz2011-03-23 21:00:00
moderation (deletion): Power to the haters?39MuddledMuppet2011-03-23 19:00:00
Your most proud moment..21Unknown User2011-03-23 12:26:00
LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet and Clank3Unknown User2011-03-23 05:10:00
Should sub-levels be counted as full levels?24Tawarf2011-03-22 14:26:00
lbp1 music2wait wtf2011-03-22 05:08:00
LBP2 Screen Resolution8galacemiguel2011-03-22 04:23:00
I heard that there making ...20Unknown User2011-03-21 23:25:00
Argh! Corner editor froze me PS3!1celsus2011-03-21 21:27:00
New bolt glitch!9LOLinator v1.022011-03-21 20:07:00
Little big planet is famous in your country?24Unknown User2011-03-21 19:44:00
Must see! Moon pod glitch!3sackruler9052011-03-21 19:21:00
Feedback Group1celsus2011-03-21 06:56:00
They didn't change it?4Number7Million2011-03-20 20:59:00
Funniest experience in LBP2?10Unknown User2011-03-20 18:42:00
Bomb Survivals and Me12WCF7__2011-03-20 05:23:00
Screen burn-in28Frogmeister2011-03-20 04:04:00
Don't edit logic detroyed by a destroyer....4SSTAGG12011-03-20 02:16:00
Local space camera = GAME BREAKER4CENTURION242011-03-19 21:05:00
LBP3 feature in GameInformer(April Fools)38jump_button2011-03-19 20:53:00
Bizarre level link bug12Ungreth2011-03-19 15:21:00
I just figured out how to...13thor2011-03-18 23:14:00
Backwards Compatibility: A Somewhat Cynical Retrospective80rtm2232011-03-18 21:49:00
This game is the best EVA :)20Unknown User2011-03-18 17:31:00
Anybody have a spare Clu code?5IndyFord2011-03-18 16:49:00
What do you think of my feedback?23midnight_heist2011-03-18 10:06:00
I Love LBP28celsus2011-03-18 06:50:00
Scuba Powerup Costume found30littlebigmeteor2011-03-18 05:54:00
Clu Costume Code15xero2011-03-18 02:24:00
Get the St. Patrick's Day Costume while you can!13DominationMags2011-03-17 22:51:00
Should i delete them?8tuyyui2011-03-17 19:18:00
DLC Ratchet & Clank Costumes Auction for Japan2freak422011-03-17 16:04:00
Does anyone else feel the need to have their current projects on their LBP2 profile?3Shiro2011-03-17 05:43:00
Best 'interactive' sticker pack - DLC16John82wa2011-03-17 05:40:00
Ghost in the shell.8LukeCF2011-03-16 23:35:00
Who is "▢X5"?12Blue Helmet2011-03-16 21:11:00
To Help, or Not To Help...13matneee2011-03-16 13:27:00
Groups?15CENTURION242011-03-16 07:25:00
Curling anyone? :)5JohnW672011-03-16 01:55:00
Any good vehicle levels on LBP2?4KauroShinjo2011-03-15 22:43:00
Patch disabled tilted decorations on invisible tags4Unknown User2011-03-15 13:33:00
The LBP Qore Hat is still available14Spazz2011-03-15 03:53:00
LBP Friends in Japan7Knucklerider2011-03-15 01:40:00
Your favorite DLC or DLC Item?9IronSkullKid992011-03-14 18:23:00
Highest Rated Messed Up?5Doopz2011-03-14 18:08:00
Challenge or a walk through a flowery meadow?19ATMLVE2011-03-14 01:39:00
What is your Favorite Glitch27supremeoverlord12011-03-13 20:30:00
How many dedicated creators are out there... REALLY39donta1332011-03-13 19:53:00
Material changing with fire4Jayhawk_er2011-03-12 23:54:00
Community costume gallery2Unknown User2011-03-12 22:49:00
the sticky goo brain glitch.7Cactii2011-03-12 13:35:00
80 hour RPG! Really?30GribbleGrunger2011-03-11 20:08:00
AI discussion thread13Thegide2011-03-11 18:57:00
List of Art Creators50Unknown User2011-03-11 00:31:00
Full game question5Unknown User2011-03-10 23:14:00
LBP2 collectibles COMPLETE list.7flamesterart2011-03-10 22:28:00
Any CE Codes I could have?13DominationMags2011-03-10 15:27:00
4 millionth level24ATMLVE2011-03-10 11:54:00
How many community object can you hold ?3KauroShinjo2011-03-10 08:10:00
barely any artistic levels?12Unknown User2011-03-10 01:33:00
MM Pick? MM Trick it seems...!19Apollo_xD2011-03-09 23:24:00
Secret pins list12flamesterart2011-03-09 23:18:00
Can't find it: Chocolate Leather Material4Thegide2011-03-09 22:35:00
Prius Contest Judging?4Sack-Jake2011-03-09 20:55:00
four thermometers still?4ll_ye2011-03-08 21:11:00
Anybody recognize this icon??6Unknown User2011-03-08 20:21:00
Weird thing happening since update 1.02? (+image)7LittleBigDes2011-03-08 19:35:00
~LBP Story Planing~3Lord-Dreamerz2011-03-08 11:47:00
Possible Code for Clu and Animals DLC3Unknown User2011-03-08 11:02:00
On Cool Pages - longer than 3 days?5CYMBOL2011-03-08 02:07:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 Patch 1.022Unknown User2011-03-08 01:31:00
Would you consider paying for user created content?34RockSauron2011-03-07 22:39:00
Your favourite type of level31craigmond2011-03-07 17:58:00
Regarding another LBP site2craigmond2011-03-07 17:41:00
Noob Creator5MajorM2011-03-07 12:44:00
***Important Question about level publishing***5littlebigmeteor2011-03-07 03:02:00
Which level background is your favorite?19Cactii2011-03-06 18:56:00
whats your plays per minute?16reiko572011-03-06 17:01:00
Old LBP gamer mag review!1Onii552011-03-06 10:14:00
POTC/MGS Trophies in LBP2?7Sambo1102011-03-06 01:46:00
Get plays on LBP1 levels5Unknown User2011-03-06 00:57:00
Does anyone else draw out parts of their level on paper when they are not creating?26Leafy1012011-03-05 23:59:00
Fake/Glitched DLC's still around?4IronSkullKid992011-03-05 18:33:00
New way to make 3D Materials & New Material White Metal24lve_msg2011-03-05 18:05:00
I have the best problem ever!11Reef19782011-03-05 16:33:00
How difficult are the trophies in LBP2?17getyourwings52011-03-05 15:59:00
The Uncool Under 50 Club -- Looking for new members!21zabel992011-03-05 14:49:00
I always thought that a kind of Mario RPG would be better suited for LBP3blizzard_cool2011-03-05 10:26:00
Beta Vest Question2Julianotis12011-03-05 03:44:00
Is Your Taste in Creating Levels the Same as Your Taste for Levels to Play?10SR20DETDOG2011-03-05 02:48:00
Behind the Level: Share Your Creation Stories!6Roo56762011-03-05 02:23:00
Completely invisible material9ATMLVE2011-03-04 20:35:00
Great new 3d glitch!3sade12122011-03-04 20:06:00
Why are my LBP1 levels getting plays in LBP2?11chinook32011-03-04 15:07:00
Paint Gun, Creatinator & Controller Decoration Prizes!!31lve_msg2011-03-04 03:28:00
Secret stickers, decorations, and materials list; feel free to add on!33Leafy1012011-03-03 01:07:00
A guide to Credit Etiquette?28nextlevel882011-03-03 01:06:00
Near impossible to get plays on LBP2?29Apollo_xD2011-03-02 23:34:00
Urgent Mm contact!:4Unknown User2011-03-02 17:06:00
My levels: proof that hard work and time will get you a good level14jjdragon2011-03-02 15:14:00
LBP2 Font!22alexbull_uk2011-03-02 00:47:00
What music do you listen to when in create mode to get in the mood?43Chornijbumer2011-03-01 20:51:00
Whats going on with the moderation in LBP2?25Chornijbumer2011-03-01 17:53:00
Some rumors on future updates (GetSatisfaction)5ColmiYveul2011-03-01 14:18:00
Can people give me some good levels to play.13KauroShinjo2011-03-01 07:33:00
score board level links = epic fail26reefer0072011-03-01 07:20:00
Why do people downrate with no explanation?45Shiro2011-03-01 04:54:00
Anyone else got natrual talent in lbp213tuyyui2011-03-01 01:03:00
How did this guy/girl get These Pins O:13Dexist2011-02-28 18:18:00
My level got bugged?4JKthree2011-02-28 17:08:00
Is Beta Importing fixed?6littlebigmeteor2011-02-28 07:55:00
Sky factory 2 (littlebigplanet 1 level) not compatible with littlebigplanet 2 ?7KauroShinjo2011-02-28 06:42:00
Lbp23Unknown User2011-02-28 05:16:00
Square sensor radius?11ATMLVE2011-02-27 22:15:00
The LBP1 Object Importing Ordeal2Unknown User2011-02-27 20:16:00
Hint towards how MM makes pink text in Magic Mouths?33Unknown User2011-02-27 17:35:00
If LBP2 was rated M for mature....23blizzard_cool2011-02-27 16:47:00
best way to build a damage system?8tdarb2011-02-27 06:50:00
Show us your badge17CENTURION242011-02-26 21:08:00
Things are finally working out for me.6DominationMags2011-02-26 18:37:00
Level overheating...25Mother-Misty2011-02-26 14:28:00
How to get total levels amount counter script from LittleBigPlanet.com?5Domik122011-02-26 11:57:00
Return of the Lava Material!11TREMIC12011-02-26 04:01:00
Some people in LBP2...15donta1332011-02-26 02:51:00
Have you ever felt like giving up creating?46Bloo_boy2011-02-25 22:16:00
"400 Bad Request" on LBP/me login8midnight_heist2011-02-25 18:33:00
What is "V-Matter"?26chinook32011-02-25 16:20:00
would you rather....... corner edit stickers or use the cut-out tool???12nerzdadestroyer2011-02-25 14:39:00
Secret Skin?14Dexist2011-02-25 09:58:00
Sketching And Plans8WCF7__2011-02-25 03:59:00
PSN Network Down2chinook32011-02-24 21:27:00
Nooooooo, servers, come back alive!61RibShark2011-02-24 16:08:00
Thats it. I am DONE.26DominationMags2011-02-24 15:19:00
Your Stupid?10Gutz2011-02-24 03:51:00
LBP1 lvls, leave them in LBP2, or make LBP1 Only?13CYMBOL2011-02-24 03:11:00
Hansel & Gretelbot info?11Gutz2011-02-24 02:29:00
Secret Pin - HI-5 Alex?23Apollo_xD2011-02-24 00:19:00
iJustine & Toby Play through LBP2! (Series)7chinook32011-02-23 23:59:00
What do you do in Littlebigplanet?9nunsmasher2011-02-23 21:23:00
Wobble/Motor Bolt Compatibility issue in LBP210Osprey712011-02-23 20:28:00
Sheet music from classic games?6jjdragon2011-02-23 17:45:00
LBP2 - 1 month on10kirbyman622011-02-23 16:27:00
Frowns from people that don't read directions.39celsus2011-02-23 07:03:00
huge issue involving crown8Unknown User2011-02-23 02:04:00
Trending levels... better than Cool Pages?7Nuclearfish2011-02-22 20:40:00
Beware of Profile Loss!14Unknown User2011-02-22 19:58:00
Community levels: 1p only vs multiplayer optional13rialrees2011-02-22 12:41:00
Things you hate or find irritating in LittleBigPlanet2.24IronSkullKid992011-02-22 04:33:00
Is zero plays normal?21zabel992011-02-22 03:18:00
How do people get on the "Cool" Pages?16IronSkullKid992011-02-22 03:05:00
LBP2: 3D layer glitch is official!5Unknown User2011-02-22 02:15:00
Why is everyone calling beta BETA?33Retro2011-02-22 01:22:00
Show us your Pod! (Little Big Planet 2 Edition)78chinook32011-02-21 23:55:00
"Rendering" Issue! [FOUND BY: redsooty9]1chinook32011-02-21 23:21:00
Sackboy in the 4th layer2octopus_5672011-02-21 22:32:00
The NEW! paintball elevator5ATMLVE2011-02-21 19:45:00
Planet stealing needs a fix10Unknown User2011-02-21 19:27:00
Layer glitch - official feature?2Unknown User2011-02-21 19:02:00
Secret stickers in lbp2 like lbp1?8reefer0072011-02-21 06:21:00
URL suggestions?3fodawim2011-02-21 05:51:00
What kind of music will you create?.2Unknown User2011-02-21 04:30:00
Has anyone made a decent FPS-style level yet?4phife2112011-02-21 03:23:00
LBP.me API31fodawim2011-02-21 02:00:00
...it has to be something else..6Bloo_boy2011-02-21 00:07:00
New Glitch?9CheezeBo2011-02-20 16:32:00
mushroom clouds6Unknown User2011-02-20 13:20:00
All in one or in parts?19jump_button2011-02-20 10:53:00
How much months until we get our own cool levels stream?18blizzard_cool2011-02-20 10:44:00
Funny Sackbot Glitch7DrShmoogle2011-02-20 05:37:00
MM Sack People3DominationMags2011-02-20 03:19:00
Am I losing my mind?8ATMLVE2011-02-20 01:44:00
I'm Starting to Give Up Hope21donta1332011-02-20 01:07:00
Fly Through Anything!4Wilfsfer2011-02-19 22:00:00
Comparing LBP1 to LBP213DominationMags2011-02-19 21:23:00
Glitch: realistic space backround!22Clivefan112011-02-19 20:51:00
Twitter Spam - Shameless?4rialrees2011-02-19 20:04:00
[Glitch] No level background/floor (Tutorial)9chinook32011-02-19 18:56:00
something breaks10Deftmute2011-02-19 16:30:00
Have you ever had a great idea for a level but get bored of it as soon as you start?17DominationMags2011-02-19 15:58:00
LBP2 Bonus Codes - Does anyone know where they can be bought?8snandersen2011-02-19 15:53:00
Community Object as a My Object.2Retro2011-02-19 14:19:00
Demos...9Angelgozen2011-02-19 13:40:00
Have you ever played a level and literally asked yourself...31Shiro2011-02-19 05:21:00
BradyGames6flamesterart2011-02-19 04:59:00
Profile and Level Signatures Available!1Tynamite2011-02-19 03:00:00
What is your way of working with logic?5ALEXhatena2011-02-19 02:13:00
walkthrough ANY material4shorepete2011-02-18 21:33:00
Should MM hire community people just to choose MM picks?26dr-booty2011-02-18 21:26:00
Emo whine thread29Unknown User2011-02-18 17:07:00
Vector .EPS file for showing logic1ghostingalong2011-02-18 06:21:00
Easier Way To Get Objects into the Foreground of your level!4chinook32011-02-18 03:17:00
Demand for 4-player adventure levels?6nextlevel882011-02-18 01:09:00
[Glitch] Sorry, you do not own your level.14Cronos Dage2011-02-18 01:03:00
All Sackbots are TheckX-Men?2Blue Helmet2011-02-17 20:23:00
Hmmmm...is this possible? :o35creator222011-02-17 11:51:00
What do you value more... Hearts or Likes?37gevurah222011-02-17 04:36:00
I'm very disapointed on what the community of littlebigplanet 2 has to offer58KauroShinjo2011-02-16 19:26:00
LBP.me level sigs..14fodawim2011-02-16 04:27:00
Downgrade7Unknown User2011-02-16 03:21:00
How do you get an MM pick?243Unknown User2011-02-15 21:26:00
I was going to create a profile for my wife11EinRobot2011-02-15 18:10:00
To end the confusion on "High Five Alex Evans" Pin.40RibShark2011-02-15 17:10:00
Any chance for an LBP 2 OST?9moonwire2011-02-15 15:45:00
Aaaaaaaagh!!!!7Unknown User2011-02-15 02:26:00
How do you Organise Microchips?31SR20DETDOG2011-02-15 01:36:00
Update 1.01?57Unknown User2011-02-15 00:48:00
Is online multiplayer messing up anybody else's logic?5JKthree2011-02-14 19:56:00
I'm addicted to circuit nodes! :(18Unknown User2011-02-14 19:27:00
It's Valentine's Day!11EliminatorZigma2011-02-14 15:40:00
Did anyone notice that the WipEout HD blue costume helmet...2Leafy1012011-02-14 13:04:00
DLC question2Gutz2011-02-14 07:13:00
crown/ beta vest stealers3Unknown User2011-02-14 06:23:00
The 10 Best Game Remakes In LBP2 (complex.com)9Unknown User2011-02-14 02:35:00
Does it hurt just to heart someone?29donta1332011-02-14 01:46:00
How do you use hearts?5Unknown User2011-02-13 21:42:00
I hate Match Making!!!!!!!!!!4snowyjoe2011-02-13 03:25:00
How long have you played LBP2?9Doopz2011-02-12 22:41:00
Pirates of the Caribbean level kit9Unknown User2011-02-12 21:30:00
Updating levels vs Making it polished from the start30Nuclearfish2011-02-12 19:31:00
Wear the Cog Princess Hat With ANY Second Hat on too! :D2KlawwTheClown2011-02-12 17:06:00
Fire Bounce!4Doooomguy2011-02-12 11:58:00
Wow Really?26Gutz2011-02-12 08:10:00
Vs mode and screens?3Bernkastel2011-02-12 07:11:00
speech bubbles or bubbles of pure evil?1celsus2011-02-12 05:45:00
How will Mm fix the levels giving away prizes to story level?!2chinook32011-02-12 03:34:00
MC optimization: functionality vs readability5tdarb2011-02-12 03:24:00
When you enter create...39112042011-02-12 03:04:00
Sorry :(11Unknown User2011-02-11 21:37:00
Quality or Quantity?20Azure_Mist2011-02-11 17:10:00
Lots of time and nuthin...3attlantic2011-02-11 09:39:00
Dlc Pod Backgrounds?4Alexxerth2011-02-10 23:32:00
360 degree rotateable camera13Melted_Gummybear2011-02-10 18:50:00
I don't Understand - Why all the Heart whoring?13Gutz2011-02-10 02:24:00
I need a hat3Alexxerth2011-02-10 02:23:00
A happy day for sosoeight.7Unknown User2011-02-09 22:49:00
SACKBOY California licence plate21Knucklerider2011-02-09 21:56:00
Stickers + Holo = Animated Stickers?4fodawim2011-02-09 15:50:00
Are movies "Noobie"?15Junkyardassissan2011-02-09 13:25:00
Does Valentine's Day Pack worth it ?6ColmiYveul2011-02-09 13:17:00
I Am Very Upset Since I Never Got The New T-Shirt:(12Nemesis_Steve2011-02-09 02:43:00
Paper Sackboy6Gutz2011-02-09 02:24:00
LBP's vs LBP2's Style6SR20DETDOG2011-02-08 22:29:00
Do you think Mm will moderate story levels posted on the community?15littlebigmeteor2011-02-08 21:26:00
Eve's Asylum Interactive Music5Hallm32011-02-08 21:23:00
Lamenting on the latency of logic5Shanghaidilly2011-02-08 20:27:00
What is white matter?50darkphoenix2011-02-08 18:55:00
Is the Community really this gullible?8Fumo1612011-02-08 16:52:00
Can you add voices into levels?3Alexxerth2011-02-08 02:50:00
Funny Music Video Featuring Music from LBP25Unknown User2011-02-08 02:37:00
N-Dubz Music video made in LBP2105Morgana252011-02-07 19:02:00
New F4F trend...16celsus2011-02-07 18:56:00
How to promote your levels without beeing annoying?10Agarwel2011-02-07 11:38:00
"Personal" used materials?1midnight_heist2011-02-07 07:13:00
Lack of use for tilt control?26Alexxerth2011-02-07 02:55:00
Interesting water projectile properties5Alexxerth2011-02-06 23:55:00
Hacked Rare Costume DLC [UPDATES & NEWS]3chinook32011-02-06 22:10:00
POD Captured Glitch Found12Unknown User2011-02-06 19:31:00
Looking for a massive "Free scenery items" level2onaga6662011-02-06 14:27:00
A warning to new players...7Ungreth2011-02-06 13:43:00
is the lbp2 beta story better than the actual game?10mortarDom7772011-02-06 12:07:00
How To "Break" All LBP2 Levels That Have A Paintinator!24chinook32011-02-06 01:03:00
Dealing With Creation Frustration27Hamsalad2011-02-06 00:00:00
So why can't sackbots be in water?11smerf12011-02-05 23:33:00
lbp2 premium lvl. pack?11Unknown User2011-02-05 22:25:00
Acing prizes list?13RangerZero2011-02-05 18:38:00
Do you play LBP2 with a dualshock controller?7midnight_heist2011-02-05 10:02:00
Clu DLC Code9Unknown User2011-02-05 08:57:00
Unable to sticker evli eyes?!?!8shadow35962011-02-05 06:36:00
Best Mech on LBP 26dr-booty2011-02-05 06:10:00
Dealing with the haters.50malteseassassin2011-02-05 02:33:00
Possibly A Way To Re-Create The Invisible Sticker Glitch?!18chinook32011-02-04 23:41:00
The tutorials made me even more confused...3blizzard_cool2011-02-04 20:02:00
New Glitch: Black glass8JayJSE22011-02-04 19:05:00
P4p?!?!?!?!?!?20wait wtf2011-02-04 04:13:00
is there any place in lbp2 for expert difficulty levels?3unnatural2011-02-04 03:58:00
Faceless sackboy?2TREMIC12011-02-04 03:45:00
What happened to this level?4OriginalCreator2011-02-03 21:52:00
Question about LBP1 items in LBP2.3ryryryan2011-02-03 21:33:00
Is pink text possible yet?14Blue Helmet2011-02-03 20:41:00
The Cosmos "Free Love"2Koolieo2011-02-03 17:47:00
Why are 3D layers still a glitch?17automatica2011-02-03 15:06:00
Guinness World Record Trailer (levels?)5Unknown User2011-02-03 10:29:00
LOL Translation Error! (LBP Related)5RibShark2011-02-02 19:09:00
Censoring of the word "analog"18Unknown User2011-02-02 17:52:00
DLC: Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year Overcharge!8Unknown User2011-02-02 13:22:00
What do you use for your Animations/Sprites?1smerf12011-02-02 13:21:00
Good levels for a 2-year-old?36Unknown User2011-02-02 01:05:00
Randomizers not actually random?33Tyler2011-02-02 00:18:00
Just when I think I've worked out everything I need to test regarding Logic...12Balorn2011-02-01 23:35:00
Is this a good hate/like ratio?5DoomeDx2011-02-01 21:48:00
How to get recognized?41onaga6662011-02-01 21:17:00
LittleBigAVGN Parody2PerfectlyDarkTails2011-02-01 20:48:00
What kind of levels do you want to see in LBP2.17Pontihog2011-02-01 16:51:00
Does anyone else's PS3 freeze while you're corner editing?7CaptainCowboyHat2011-02-01 16:24:00
My Advice5Alternative_sack2011-02-01 15:47:00
Prehistoric Moves Costumes, and LBP23RAWTalent2011-02-01 12:55:00
Time of your levels?9RtooDee22011-02-01 11:09:00
Free Love Easter Egg!2DarkFray2011-02-01 06:12:00
Whats with the "sleazy" sack people? o:21Bernkastel2011-02-01 02:27:00
LBP is made of peoples dreams right?14Alexxerth2011-02-01 01:34:00
Is it possible...2littlebigmeteor2011-01-31 23:14:00
Egg costume?8wizaerd2011-01-31 22:54:00
Basketball Levels The New Shark Survival Levels?7RSQViper2011-01-31 20:58:00
Important Vs. scoring discovery : object creation method affects point giver target31Shifty Geezer2011-01-31 14:27:00
Level links upon scoreboard.11midnight_heist2011-01-31 07:44:00
MM Fixing Bugs4Captnmatt2011-02-08 09:21:00
Missing hazards pop-it bug17OmegaSlayer2011-01-31 06:50:00
logic gate sim1ryder3562011-01-31 06:28:00
The King's Speech3wolverine_20082011-01-31 05:09:00
Interesting "vehichle"1Alexxerth2011-01-31 02:23:00
The eye of the universe?3Alexxerth2011-01-31 01:49:00
The Layer Change Bug is Still Affecting Me... :(2KlawwTheClown2011-01-31 01:35:00
Are there any levels containing...11oNinjaFisho2011-01-31 01:06:00
what does lbp2 include7biorogue2011-01-31 00:07:00
The New Sounds are Awesome6Cpt_Sainsburys2011-01-30 22:29:00
OMG i havent been able to go online since before LBP2 came out... >=(3Unknown User2011-01-30 22:27:00
Anyone else missing those BETA levels?4PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-30 21:42:00
Not Too Happy...9Dimo11382011-01-30 20:03:00
I miss the old cool levels8cthulhu822011-01-30 17:55:00
I don't have LBP2 yet8thor2011-01-30 12:45:00
I dont like the new create mode31howMUCHforBOUNTY2011-01-30 12:23:00
If you could work for Mm what new functions would you add ?6Unknown User2011-01-30 11:20:00
I want to crawl in a hole and die.3nunsmasher2011-01-30 05:30:00
What happend to the Honey level!?11snowyjoe2011-01-30 04:33:00
Removal of Play, Create, and Share trophies3Unknown User2011-01-30 03:51:00
Hacked Rare Costume DLC!106chinook32011-01-30 03:20:00
General Queuing not Feeding1TheDesertDrifter2011-01-30 03:11:00
Controllinator Creatures?3adalond2011-01-30 02:51:00
About Blast Radius by Johnee...8King_Sahle2011-01-30 02:16:00
A Thief Is Among Us - Please help.40xkappax2011-01-29 23:57:00
Sound Cut Bug11VincentVendetta2011-01-29 23:53:00
Just saw commercial for LBP2...2adalond2011-01-29 23:43:00
Level Trends6JonnysToyRobot2011-01-29 22:40:00
Controlinator Tutorial for a top down race car (lvl)1Butaneflame2011-01-29 21:26:00
It has started......9wait wtf2011-01-29 21:16:00
This explains so much.7Number7Million2011-01-29 21:15:00
The crown has been leaked once more.3Unknown User2011-01-29 20:43:00
Music Sequencer5adalond2011-01-29 20:32:00
Are the stickers in the Sonic costume set any good?1Behonkiss2011-01-29 20:13:00
Porting LBP2 Beta Levels?23ladylyn12011-01-29 10:21:00
LBP2 Platinum6lve_msg2011-01-29 09:55:00
These things... Can you even make them?16FreeAim2011-01-29 07:48:00
Really weird glitch with emitter-from-creatinator6Unknown User2011-01-29 06:33:00
Bounce pad trick!10shadow35962011-01-29 06:23:00
I am sick of Movies28cthulhu822011-01-29 04:07:00
Song in "Controlinator Trailer"1thedancinman2011-01-29 03:34:00
So it begins... Glitched DLC is back18littlebigmeteor2011-01-29 01:08:00
Create in Pod?2m4tr1x352011-01-29 00:38:00
Create Mode Camera Controls?3Sweedumz2011-01-28 23:09:00
Share the Crown Costume Piece?4EliminatorZigma2011-01-28 19:50:00
The injustice of LBP6Unknown User2011-01-28 18:09:00
Master of the Internets?19Doopz2011-01-28 17:51:00
Where does your gameplay come from?3jjdragon2011-01-28 17:40:00
Music Sequencer Interactive Music?5Pontihog2011-01-28 14:44:00
LBP2 Official Guide Mistake13RibShark2011-01-28 10:59:00
LBP.me-stalking?19brnxblze2011-01-28 02:29:00
Is It Me Or Did The Loading Bar Vanish?2donta1332011-01-28 02:29:00
Level vs Level13Ghost2011-01-28 02:11:00
Deadtro1?10Bernkastel2011-01-28 00:55:00
no14Unknown User2011-01-27 23:36:00
Complete LBP2 Pin List6PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-27 23:25:00
Mm request - we need Naux glitch / broken sackboy saves!16Spaff_Molecule2011-01-27 22:34:00
Anyone able to help with music? (:5oNinjaFisho2011-01-27 20:51:00
Your DERP Moment(s)28EliminatorZigma2011-01-27 17:19:00
LBP.me. I can't search.3RibShark2011-01-27 14:38:00
Hey Check This OUT!!3Manny776072011-01-27 06:12:00
Whatever happened to the sackbot that you can ride.8CheesyDemon2011-01-27 05:31:00
How long does it take you to Create a level?66Garak1012011-01-27 01:27:00
Platform Levels vs. Other Genres18Garak1012011-01-27 01:19:00
Aces of Spades Trophy UNLOCKED!23KILLA_TODDZILLA2011-01-26 23:24:00
Looking for a material5Livewire4102011-01-26 23:18:00
What does your Earth and Moon look like?24Spazz2011-01-26 23:01:00
Pocket Moon Podcast Episode 31amazingflyingpoo2011-01-26 22:19:00
PSN Invites from non-friends16Nuclearfish2011-01-26 21:41:00
How do you use the new Rating System?21Kog2011-01-26 21:28:00
Curious as to the rating?4Riel2011-01-26 21:21:00
LBP 2 Review on Game Informer!4Grakiao2011-01-26 21:10:00
A question.3Lgjoka20022011-01-26 20:56:00
LBP2 Facebook Game!?5Unknown User2011-01-26 20:07:00
MM needs to inform us more11CYMBOL2011-01-26 19:39:00
When making lbp music, how does your thinking go?13Unknown User2011-01-26 19:03:00
Official LBP2 XMB Wallpaper!3Unknown User2011-01-26 17:20:00
beta vest / crown easier to get?16Sputnik_152011-01-26 17:11:00
To give hearts and LBP.me6OmegaSlayer2011-01-26 16:17:00
The costumes of LBP2!14AA_BATTERY2011-01-26 09:03:00
Why do people play storymode online?16oNinjaFisho2011-01-26 07:27:00
LBP2 Costume Names11warlord_evil2011-01-26 04:49:00
Funny Thins That Happened10HyperInuyasha2011-01-26 01:42:00
Any "Actual" levels people can suggest?23oNinjaFisho2011-01-26 00:38:00
Setting the record straight..20Unknown User2011-01-25 23:51:00
Funny/Awesome LBP2 Pictures!333Doopz2011-01-25 22:58:00
Media Molecule's Address?5littlebigmeteor2011-01-25 22:49:00
LBP2 Pins List9chinook32011-01-25 17:43:00
Did you know you can do air tricks?10Fumo1612011-01-25 16:48:00
Slapping to Death3TjoxYorro2011-01-25 16:38:00
LBP2 Metal gear Solid level Pack9Unknown User2011-01-25 14:53:00
Beware of the 'captured' POD - it can destroy your profile64Spaff_Molecule2011-01-25 13:42:00
no recent activity in feed11Unknown User2011-01-25 13:20:00
LBP2 conspiracy theory22Ungreth2011-01-25 13:06:00
Loading screen fixed? (No patch to download)20Sivious2011-01-25 08:02:00
Creeper in Rocket Funday D: or something...12AA_BATTERY2011-01-25 06:33:00
Comments are NOT reviews44EinRobot2011-01-25 04:55:00
Your Complex/Useful Logic!172Merc2011-01-25 03:52:00
Saving LBP1 Tutorials20GreatWhite0002011-01-25 03:20:00
Media Molecule Contact?5Super_Clone2011-01-25 01:36:00
Anybody else realize this?22Spazz2011-01-25 00:32:00
Movies4RagTagPwner2011-01-25 00:25:00
LBP in real life (vid)5RickTheRipper2011-01-24 21:49:00
Must Have Costume?12adalond2011-01-24 21:44:00
3733 568322Richasackboy2011-01-24 21:35:00
Stealing Other Players' Costumes14Unknown User2011-01-24 16:31:00
Anyone having his/her Tools bag un-organised?5G-IH-O-S-T2011-01-24 16:11:00
Got a copied profile that can't be imported to LBP2, post here for help! :D2Silverleon2011-01-24 13:33:00
Question - If i hit Unlock all Tutorials, will I get all of the items?16Unknown User2011-01-24 04:13:00
LBP2 Music Playlist1Sivious2011-01-24 04:07:00
I`v had the worst of luck.3Lgjoka20022011-01-24 03:52:00
Chalkboy Costume Cut?9Tap Dat App2011-01-24 03:51:00
NYC Event Merch?1Tap Dat App2011-01-24 03:35:00
Replicating Pipe Dreams Sackbot Costume?8Tap Dat App2011-01-24 03:09:00
Favorite Costume pieces11ThePineapplizer2011-01-24 02:46:00
UK LBP2 Collectors Edition1Tom95902011-01-24 00:43:00
LBP2 Broke My PS3?12Cronos Dage2011-01-23 22:21:00
No Die HELP6adalond2011-01-23 21:47:00
Clan?5SavageCaptor2011-01-23 21:15:00
Levels & Costumes help4adalond2011-01-23 21:00:00
Pod Captured with Prize and tutorial on How to create in it!!9lve_msg2011-01-23 19:48:00
Darn, Bacscratch's 3D Glitch aint in the game8smerf12011-01-23 19:32:00
Always delete unused wires!3Gilgamesh2011-01-23 19:21:00
All experienced Creators please look2Louis_-_952011-01-23 18:28:00
Fallout C1 + LBP2 XD3Unknown User2011-01-23 17:11:00
Please play my level for trophy!!6Mossypne2011-01-23 16:43:00
Thermo and Backgrounds10Lady_Luck__7772011-01-23 16:28:00
Sackbot Tweaking.2captain sack2011-01-23 15:04:00
Uh... What? Why is beta.lbp.me up?2gamerC0LA642011-01-23 15:02:00
Tower of Whoop 2P Top Score-Full Level Combo Extravaganza! :D16Silverleon2011-01-23 12:20:00
Cameos of LBP13.jamo2011-01-23 08:27:00
Long loading time fix(?)1googleit362011-01-23 07:38:00
Never go back?7Bernkastel2011-01-23 05:54:00
Pod Captured20warlord_evil2011-01-23 03:01:00
Animated Skins?3112042011-01-23 02:27:00
1 trophy seems nearly impossible6Sivious2011-01-23 01:55:00
VIDEO: The Top-Down Twin-Stick Zombie Shooter I'm Working On.8wlchrbandit2011-01-23 01:21:00
Reviewing Levels3EmbraceFiction2011-01-23 00:47:00
When is the patch comming?26donta1332011-01-22 23:22:00
LBP2 BETA > LBP2 Import Conversion 'Work In Progress Hack'60Unknown User2011-01-22 22:53:00
Profile/community levels, long description loading?2Wuyunk2011-01-22 22:49:00
I took it upon myself to finish the "Clank" costume, image inside.20Silverleon2011-01-22 22:35:00
I need some LBP2 friends8smerf12011-01-22 22:25:00
I love it when the new guys roll in3blizzard_cool2011-01-22 22:24:00
Decorated Earths1Bloo_boy2011-01-22 22:05:00
"Preview" checkbox in Create mode3ChazFox2011-01-22 22:01:00
Who wants to play?2SketchNZ2011-01-22 21:41:00
The Wind-Up Hat3Unknown User2011-01-22 20:54:00
Help me out please^^LBP1 items after played LBP2?5Roian2011-01-22 20:23:00
Over 60,000 players on line at the same time!5PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-22 20:18:00
Suggest LBP 2 levels to me.8himoks2011-01-22 20:10:00
[BUG] Unable to Play Online?6EmbraceFiction2011-01-22 19:55:00
allow the loading times jheeze7howMUCHforBOUNTY2011-01-22 19:50:00
MM needs to get it together.8googleit362011-01-22 19:23:00
beating lbp2 ...not so easy....4TOXIC_KILLA_2011-01-22 18:36:00
LBP profile import problem4Unknown User2011-01-22 18:07:00
lbp2 and weak minds5wait wtf2011-01-22 16:53:00
Infinitely big/Small4.jamo2011-01-22 16:02:00
couldnt you put a record a song with magic mouth ?6DeusJt2011-01-22 15:11:00
Things you might not have known you can do106EinRobot2011-01-22 14:49:00
Some tutorials giving blank prize bubbles?6Foofles2011-01-22 14:39:00
Request - Limited Edition Costumes Pics8OmegaSlayer2011-01-22 12:33:00
Lbp2 bugs list418mistervista2011-01-22 12:23:00
You can customize the Entrance, Checkpoints, and scoreboard!5Silverleon2011-01-22 10:00:00
Placing Sackbots in Water Without Tragedy13warlord_evil2011-01-22 05:00:00
Now that we have characters . . .6Number7Million2011-01-22 04:57:00
Is it just me or....15Hakz012011-01-22 04:57:00
Materials Question2Jagrevi2011-01-22 04:20:00
Free LBP1 Items?11maddoggnick962011-01-22 03:47:00
Rendering Bug?4fodawim2011-01-22 03:44:00
I can't seem to make my sackboy feel personalized...5Alexxerth2011-01-22 03:25:00
Wait, what happened to independent cameras for online multiplayer?7ChazFox2011-01-22 01:50:00
Lbp2 for indonesia? Help please7-BlackChris-2011-01-22 00:27:00
Logic Paradoxes9crazymario2011-01-21 21:34:00
Now Fixed: Score Giver "scaled per second" broken1rtm2232011-01-21 18:57:00
Anyone else take the day off work for LBP2?3Unknown User2011-01-21 17:02:00
Region differences shown on XMB?10littlebigmeteor2011-01-21 15:12:00
Seamless Change From 1 Sackbot To Another3RAWTalent2011-01-21 14:29:00
Has anyone found the5EinRobot2011-01-21 12:57:00
Move Support for LBP2?9Macnme2011-01-21 11:44:00
a new official LBP site1vezonfan012011-01-21 11:37:00
So disheartened...4toolbunny2011-01-21 11:34:00
Bed Intruder Cameo?4xSeanZx2011-01-21 09:27:00
Blast Radius was insane6Unknown User2011-01-21 06:09:00
A game freezing glitch!5Monster2011-01-21 06:02:00
Making Logic easier1Unknown User2011-01-21 05:55:00
Biped Robot Help?4Fumo1612011-01-21 03:46:00
"My Moon" just changed without me...2Fumo1612011-01-21 03:41:00
"Team Moon" Creation Group!2Unknown User2011-01-21 03:23:00
I need a little help5Taxi2011-01-21 02:29:00
Clive in real life!5captain sack2011-01-21 02:00:00
Warning about logic and LBP 1 files1Biv2011-01-20 23:33:00
Eve?10Snappyguy2011-01-20 23:28:00
A Gas Issue I Have Noticed3Garak1012011-01-20 23:05:00
Anyone know what you get for Acing the last mission?3Minifig812011-01-20 21:54:00
A dampening to my experience...18Jrange3782011-01-20 19:59:00
More Love for Media Molecule8Sivious2011-01-20 19:43:00
A Quick and Timely Warning.7FlipMeister2011-01-20 18:48:00
What was the first thing you did?17groble2011-01-20 18:22:00
Freezing...3m4tr1x352011-01-20 18:12:00
Just Finished Acing All Story Levels.46Silverleon2011-01-20 15:44:00
Cosmos Easter Egg5IAmChavez2011-01-20 10:29:00
Lighting problem in lbp21Monster2011-01-20 09:58:00
Planet in my Pod...6sanji1012011-01-20 07:25:00
Fixing/tweaking LBP1 levels for LBP210jump_button2011-01-20 07:16:00
Deadly decoration in pod glitch.3FreeAim2011-01-20 06:22:00
A very general question with the community (That's you!)3ishotthesherrif2011-01-20 04:51:00
Let's Bring Back the Cool Pages While we can!33ishotthesherrif2011-01-20 04:42:00
Easter Egg: LittleBigPlanet.2Unknown User2011-01-20 04:20:00
Loading Screens...14Merc2011-01-20 02:12:00
Yo3LukeCF2011-01-20 00:46:00
Preordered from best buy...3qnt3n2011-01-20 00:09:00
My one only tiny tiny tiny problem with this game.6Keith2011-01-19 23:35:00
Community Credits23RockSauron2011-01-19 23:09:00
Attack of the Endless Loading Screens47Tyler2011-01-19 23:01:00
Scary Plays?6Emogotsaone2011-01-19 22:48:00
Lbp2 trophies15mistervista2011-01-19 18:56:00
100% Goodies?!10EinRobot2011-01-19 18:06:00
I'm confused by lbp.me3KQuinn94Z2011-01-19 16:44:00
A warning to European creators!9Ungreth2011-01-19 14:11:00
LBP2 not yet released in Germany?7iArekusu2011-01-19 13:27:00
Always pre-order. (Story of why I couldn't get CE)2sillygiraffe2011-01-19 09:09:00
Possible New Sackbot Type. Possible Spoiler, so don't read if you don't want to know24Rustbukkit2011-01-19 04:06:00
LBP1 Levels a bit ugly in LBP213CYMBOL2011-01-19 02:54:00
Uugghh1fodawim2011-01-19 02:23:00
Show us your Sackboy!1066Kog2011-01-19 02:20:00
Mm "picked" my locked level6Walter-Kovacs2011-01-19 02:05:00
Is Collector's Edition worth it?19Strodigy2011-01-19 00:06:00
Does media molecule know, that their game is still completley broke?5Screeno2011-01-18 22:07:00
Ratchet and Clank?15GreatWhite0002011-01-18 21:50:00
anyone else can't get the game yet?7biorogue2011-01-18 21:29:00
LBP2 CE Typo9captain sack2011-01-18 21:15:00
Us Brits are still waiting...129Struanmcd2011-01-18 19:00:00
Giving Away Gamestop Preorder Code9RockSauron2011-01-18 17:39:00
First LBP2 DLC Power-Up announced72Gravel2011-01-18 16:49:00
When Do You Think The LBP2 DLC will show up?18Astronaut2011-01-18 12:49:00
NA and EU LBP2 Collector's Edition unboxing videos23Cauan-XV2011-01-18 11:04:00
When have you planned to get this game?22FreeAim2011-01-18 08:14:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 Tags List5sackbot142011-01-18 04:49:00
Worried about cheating...15Bernkastel2011-01-18 04:13:00
How long will you spend on LBP2 on your first time playing?1Fail4all2011-01-18 03:17:00
My UK Friends15TheCountessZ2011-01-18 03:16:00
Little big blizzard of 2011!7sisko2011-01-18 03:02:00
Slurpee Code Doesn't Work?12chinook32011-01-18 01:59:00
Serious post Trolls and the Guinness Book of World Record15PPp_Killer2011-01-18 01:28:00
Game Stop Confirmation!13sascha_winter2011-01-17 23:05:00
Wow, LBP2 Comes out tomorrow and I have no money.11donta1332011-01-17 19:19:00
First Moments Of LBP2 (Share Here)14Ton15462011-01-17 15:50:00
"Shipping Soon" Excitement!60KoingWolf2011-01-17 15:21:00
How much would you pay for LBP2?21Rhys1252011-01-17 15:05:00
LBP 2 Delayed in UK?6smerf12011-01-17 12:20:00
sending out early4Unknown User2011-01-17 09:20:00
Well, this sucks.9littlebigmeteor2011-01-17 06:48:00
(Spoilers!) Final Boss + The End42Unknown User2011-01-16 21:45:00
From little acorns7GribbleGrunger2011-01-16 19:07:00
Has Everything Been Revealed?8QuAcKeRz122011-01-15 22:55:00
Held LBP2 CE in my hand today.25Knucklerider2011-01-15 22:21:00
More Dairy? (Thinking Ahead)4Nurolight2011-01-15 20:45:00
Awesome space background!!7Jonaolst2011-01-15 20:34:00
I'm excited to see new members in LBP2.2littlebigmeteor2011-01-15 18:30:00
What do you think will be common levels in lbp2 and why37supremeoverlord12011-01-15 15:04:00
I cant wait any longer!10captain sack2011-01-15 13:35:00
OMG is this real? it must be remove19The_Lil_JoKeR2011-01-15 10:04:00
Do you think MM should change the way of prevention of stealing DLC from copyable ...2darkphoenix2011-01-15 08:02:00
Got the game - Unboxing video / A really nasty Bug25Count2011-01-15 06:14:00
Nasty Problem10Zmathue2011-01-15 03:56:00
I have the game112Emogotsaone2011-01-14 23:50:00
UK, Backstabbed..41onaga6662011-01-14 22:37:00
LBP2 Video On Shelves Early - Who wants to self-torture come here10Cauan-XV2011-01-14 20:03:00
Lbp2 dlc9jujubean2011-01-14 16:41:00
Clank Costume may not have Eyes4Darth J4642011-01-14 03:54:00
How much do you think LittleBigPlanet 2 will sell?28The_Lil_JoKeR2011-01-14 01:24:00
Ooohmiigosh!3sisko2011-01-13 19:44:00
Looks like some people are starting to get this game now.37smerf12011-01-13 11:39:00
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who else has this problem?1Lgjoka20022010-11-24 17:44:00
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Strange emitter bug?3Luos_832010-11-13 13:31:00
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lbp2 beta faqs (dont comment its unoriginal please)3Unknown User2010-11-12 03:20:00
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when will it end?14Lgjoka20022010-11-10 03:15:00
pre-order problems6Unknown User2010-11-10 03:09:00
What is NOT gate for??7Skalio-2010-11-09 21:10:00
Resizing36Deftmute2010-11-09 17:38:00
Can you create a Multi button sequence controllenator?10dirts79702010-11-09 12:34:00
Controllinator Help5Unknown User2010-11-09 12:02:00
How do you get the clean text in a cutscene camera?11smerf12010-11-08 15:29:00
"This shape is getting to complicated, you cannot add any more"6smerf12010-11-07 18:03:00
Animating Sackbot While Flying?4Sickivionkey2010-11-07 18:00:00
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Would it be possible to save players score and even position?3smerf12010-11-07 14:37:00
God Glitch is leaking?98Shadowriver2010-11-07 14:25:00
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Problem with LBP.me?15Reef19782010-11-07 02:34:00
Free music box (Treno)5roflwaffle2010-11-07 01:55:00
BETA for a reason?11Alternative_sack2010-11-06 23:32:00
Anyone else experiencing quite abit of freezing?8smerf12010-11-06 21:16:00
Level updates - will people care?25Nuclearfish2010-11-06 21:02:00
Darn it, messed up my beasty car.3smerf12010-11-06 20:38:00
lbp2...7kieran2010-11-06 13:40:00
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Yet Another Highly Unusual LBP2 Wallpaper7kodymcq2010-11-06 03:13:00
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Copyright issues11ballisticola2010-11-04 22:07:00
Thank you Mm Art Department!27Holguin862010-11-03 23:15:00
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Logical Peculiarities14Balorn2010-11-01 14:47:00
Global Lighting sensor broken?7smerf12010-11-01 00:06:00
Sackbot... costume...?6.jamo2010-10-31 12:08:00
Question about DCS10Unknown User2010-10-31 06:46:00
Question about sharing microchips4Balorn2010-10-31 03:31:00
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Where do we find the waterfall material?5kodymcq2010-10-30 22:40:00
Will you still make levels for LBP1?21ballisticola2010-10-30 22:31:00
Can someone clear this up for me?3Chralex082010-10-30 22:25:00
Camera Tilting31Tomeh9992010-10-30 16:41:00
[LBP2 RELATED]I need help with some microchip thingie on the controllinator7Unknown User2010-10-29 06:49:00
Pressing on the Control Stick softly gives inverted controls.13aer0blue2010-10-29 06:17:00
Emitter Issues12Deftmute2010-10-29 03:02:00
Advanced Logic Elevator6Biv2010-10-28 15:33:00
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ZOMG missing key!6Strangepom2010-10-25 08:22:00
Importing Profile Problems.3Unknown User2010-10-25 05:10:00
Strange.. Where are the grabinators.4ishotthesherrif2010-10-25 04:52:00
LBP2 Logic Help?! *SOLVED*4Spyre-wolf2010-10-25 02:07:00
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Can sackbots move up and down in a DCS?10smerf12010-10-24 13:54:00
Look at it then fall down!!!4.jamo2010-10-24 09:21:00
Has anyone got a tutorial for the Cutscene cameras?10smerf12010-10-23 19:05:00
How do you record your own dialogue?7smerf12010-10-23 16:57:00
What was the first thing YOU did?30shadow35962010-10-23 01:06:00
Sackbots.... a mind of their own.14Rustbukkit2010-10-22 18:33:00
Why Didn't I Get Into the BETA?24Mr_T-Shirt2010-10-22 02:27:00
Is it possible to control a Direct Control seat through another, but from another lol21smerf12010-10-22 00:29:00
Answering Questions!3ViniciusBR112010-10-21 22:19:00
lbp2 beta logic6kieran2010-10-21 21:15:00
Is it possible to have the holographic material see through?9smerf12010-10-21 16:21:00
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How will you use Sackbots?16Unknown User2010-09-19 18:38:00
So will I need the DLC from LbP1 to use the tools?16blizzard_cool2010-09-19 12:00:00
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Pod disapears?2kiwidog2010-09-06 00:02:00
Cookie switch?11artise2010-09-05 04:05:00
How many levels do you think will come out at launch?11Fishrock1232010-09-04 23:39:00
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Got an idea...11Alternative_sack2010-08-30 12:24:00
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How do you sign up for beta?10Unknown User2010-08-29 23:42:00
LBP1 Items12Unknown User2010-08-29 19:58:00
New wallpaper (3 different sizes)7gili4502010-08-29 15:52:00
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Spawn into direct control seats?15dragonember2010-08-28 14:41:00
Can someone tell me if these would be possible12ChronoJoe2010-08-28 11:51:00
LBP 2 Countdown26Unknown User2010-08-28 06:02:00
Sony launches another teaser site...307Oddmania2010-08-27 18:33:00
Emails from the Molecule: Help!5Arnald232010-08-27 14:36:00
Requirements for Beta Consideration75Jonaolst2010-08-26 18:16:00
Level amount4LEXMARK2952010-08-26 17:58:00
Retaining copyright?14midnight_heist2010-08-24 14:25:00
Media Molecule's LBP2 Creators Stole My Idea!12Blackfalcon2010-08-24 13:01:00
So.. who is preordering?19kiwidog2010-08-24 06:00:00
I Spy With My Little Eye... A New Song?10Kog2010-08-24 04:13:00
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Song confirmed?17Tyler2010-08-21 03:18:00
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3 vs 1 multiplayer levels9mattbru772010-08-19 00:16:00
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Is ?39.91 good for LBP2?4RSQViper2010-08-18 18:13:00
Lbp2 demo on ps store?5dragonember2010-08-18 17:10:00
How do cross-level-checkpoints work?4PPp_Killer2010-08-18 04:57:00
Play Station Move Levels (Pictures + New Content)31Kog2010-08-18 02:50:00
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Chance to Win PlayStation Move, LittleBigPlanet 2!32Arnald232010-08-17 14:25:00
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How do I join the LBP2 BETA group?6Fumo1612010-08-16 16:13:00
Beta forums?3littlebigmeteor2010-08-16 06:57:00
If...71alexbull_uk2010-08-16 00:31:00
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close please10Unknown User2010-08-14 08:28:00
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Question4JayJSE22010-08-12 20:25:00
Impact Switch Question12ThePineapplizer2010-08-11 20:02:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 OFFICIAL UK release date11Alternative_sack2010-08-11 18:05:00
Power ups...30LukeCF2010-08-11 15:05:00
Movers3LEXMARK2952010-08-11 05:32:00
LBP1 DLC on LBP2?6QuAcKeRz122010-08-10 20:24:00
What will you build25the_holey_monkey2010-08-10 17:41:00
LBP2 Logo Font?4Unknown User2010-08-10 13:01:00
Direct Control Seat Mapping22DrShmoogle2010-08-10 04:18:00
Lbp2 info!3iBubek2010-08-09 23:08:00
My LittleBigSite!25boomx2equalu2010-08-09 22:14:00
Direct Control Seat/ Mover Orb questions8ThePineapplizer2010-08-08 23:52:00
Will LBP2 levels run on LBP1?27dirts79702010-08-08 08:58:00
What do you think?6Werewolf072010-08-08 05:05:00
A Possible Slight Problem With Local...?17KlawwTheClown2010-08-08 04:26:00
Probably the most epic rant on here.33pilsburydoughboy552010-08-08 00:34:00
Will LBP2 ruin multiplayer gaming?46Sack-Jake2010-08-07 21:18:00
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coustume tutorial revolution7Mikestar1232010-08-07 19:25:00
The biggest little big dissapointment of all time.24littlebigmeteor2010-08-07 18:12:00
I'm a few hours away.8littlebigmeteor2010-08-07 07:58:00
Who all will be getting LBP2 when it releases?24GreatWhite0002010-08-07 07:24:00
Surprise!12Unknown User2010-08-06 16:51:00
New LittleBigPlanet 2 Adventure Trailer2puppet882010-08-06 03:12:00
10 Things I noticed in the new LBP2 Trailer20Unknown User2010-08-05 21:38:00
Sackbots holding objects.2Unknown User2010-08-05 21:17:00
New trailer costumes35Mikestar1232010-08-05 19:29:00
LBP2 art photos of Play magazine7The_Lil_JoKeR2010-08-05 14:07:00
Quick, LBP2 was NEVER announced... what would we be doing?19littlebigmeteor2010-08-05 08:18:00
LBP2 Favourite feature poll22PlayStatiowned2010-08-05 08:06:00
When do you think we'll unlock major stuff in Story Mode?8RockSauron2010-08-04 20:54:00
Europe Release Date and Collector's Edition2MasterCreator2010-08-04 19:41:00
In need of major help!4kiwidog2010-08-04 18:43:00
Yay pre-order13snaker2010-08-04 11:26:00
An lbp2 costume.9Lgjoka20022010-08-04 06:15:00
repetitive games people will create37wait wtf2010-08-03 18:17:00
LBP2 decorations !4vezonfan012010-08-03 17:13:00
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LBP2 vote of the year!47Nordin2010-08-03 01:44:00
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I just can't take my time with a level I'm creating7Fumo1612010-08-02 13:42:00
Official Playstation magazine features LBP2. WITH SCANS!28grayspence2010-08-01 19:23:00
Any Requests?16littlebigmeteor2010-08-01 07:08:00
Pre-Ordering LBP2 C.E. Shipping15Unknown User2010-08-01 03:25:00
Can we Change the Pitch of Songs and Use them in LBP2?3Smokeeye1232010-07-31 23:53:00
Best pre order costumes poll20kiwidog2010-07-31 04:56:00
Help4kiwidog2010-07-31 04:48:00
Cars In Race Levels?!?13Snrm2010-07-29 14:03:00
Favorite New thing in lbp2 that you know of?3Unknown User2010-07-29 05:33:00
Game Jam Levels Im LBP2?9IIIDevoidIII2010-07-28 20:42:00
First thing you're gonna do in create mode59maddoggnick962010-07-28 18:48:00
Need some help...6alexbull_uk2010-07-28 18:16:00
Games in LBP216RockSauron2010-07-28 17:08:00
Confirmed Costumes in LBP237Sack-Jake2010-07-27 18:39:00
LBP 2: A Train Wreck Waiting To Happen?12Gamefreek24the2d2010-07-26 20:17:00
Creator Curators and other names revealed?15bs58qw2010-07-26 19:39:00
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LittleBigPlanet 2 Fan made sticker kit (By me)17The_Lil_JoKeR2010-07-26 05:44:00
Does any one know exactly what music will be in lbp2?10Delirium2010-07-25 23:48:00
Question..12iTriangle2010-07-25 13:52:00
With the new lighting engine...3IIIDevoidIII2010-07-24 23:35:00
Just to Confirm!!Help10Snrm2010-07-24 23:25:00
Trying to Explain LBP2 to Mom11Fumo1612010-07-24 19:38:00
a little problem im having with the lbp2 projects and planning threads10supersonic562010-07-24 16:35:00
Music Copyright Problems?8Evan_the_Paxman2010-07-24 07:49:00
More Muppets Costumes11CYBERSNAKE2010-07-24 07:07:00
Where will you pre-order?4Strodigy2010-07-24 00:05:00
LBP 2 Pre-order3Arnald232010-07-23 21:05:00
What will you bring to LBP2? Huh?37MrFunctionality2010-07-23 16:38:00
Will Stephen Fry be narrating in LBP2?10SenGoku-Shunsuke2010-07-22 12:10:00
Telling your friends about LBP 211Unknown User2010-07-21 21:20:00
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Move required for LBP2?10RSQViper2010-07-19 16:19:00
Lady Gaga in LBP260maddoggnick962010-07-19 03:40:00
A dream3WESFUN2010-07-18 16:14:00
Does anyone feel like I do.46Madafaku2010-07-18 04:23:00
How excited are YOU for LBP2?19Unknown User2010-07-18 02:20:00
Play Create Share Remix LBP"4Pattington_Bear2010-07-15 21:21:00
Mm question asking11Alternative_sack2010-07-14 21:08:00
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Lbp2 cool levels: - [Enter your suggestions]48XXGrEEn0Xx2010-05-11 18:50:00
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Amount of levels you'll be allowed to post14GreatWhite0002010-05-11 04:04:00
DLC redesigned?5Testudini2010-05-11 03:36:00
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LittleBigPlanet 2 Plot22Testudini2010-05-11 03:14:00
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Level ideas for LBP28Schwem002010-05-11 01:43:00
Survival levels and H4H28cheesemuffins992010-05-11 01:27:00
New Pop-It Features!2cstb2010-05-11 01:22:00
Anyone else think Sleepyhead will be the next Get It Together?9dandygandy27042010-05-10 22:24:00
Remaking/updating your lbp1 levels for lbp2?6Art_of_Tyler2010-05-10 21:55:00
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LBP2! I hope its not like LBP21clarkdef2010-05-09 23:46:00
They are going to be needed, voice actors!39blizzard_cool2010-05-09 15:41:00
Infotain Me (Song Licensed for LBP2)... What do you think of it?17Heckboy882010-05-09 02:18:00
Who will make the 1st level on LBP2?23Pattington_Bear2010-05-08 21:43:00

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