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[LBP2] Ideas and Projects

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LittleBIGPhysics: Investigating the Laws of LBP212PlayerPolymathic2018-02-12 19:52:00
Cardboard (Multiple-choice Routes & Endings Level)4SmithyBlacksmith2017-01-06 19:52:00
The Reitselai Dragons Play - Rattleroam11Retsamehtmai2016-10-11 07:07:00
Creator for hire9Lucidess2016-07-21 21:47:00
[THE SACKBOY PROJECT SHORT] Yours Vs Mine1Ashe2016-05-23 03:57:00
Sins [Series, Project]1Ashe2016-05-14 18:44:00
Unfinished LBP2 Projects (With POTENTIAL?? O.O)1Ashe2016-05-14 06:58:00
Two-Faced [Series, Project]1Ashe2016-05-09 03:10:00
THE SACKBOY PROJECT {Hub}2Ashe2016-05-05 05:57:00
militia and My Story [ Series, Projects ]2Ashe2016-04-24 05:46:00
THE SACKBOY PROJECT: CONTINUATION [Series, Project]1Ashe2016-04-09 02:22:00
The Reitselai Dragons Play - Meta Crystal (Super Smash Bros 64)11Retsamehtmai2016-04-03 18:37:00
Akiyama Miko Series1Ashe2016-03-16 23:19:00
The Akihiko Series [Series, Project}2Ashe2016-03-01 23:46:00
SACKBOY [Series, Project]6Ashe2016-02-28 23:40:00
The Reitselai Dragons Play - Rhythmic Hollow19Retsamehtmai2016-01-19 03:55:00
Procedurally generated level12JL - wopdido2015-12-31 15:12:00
creepy christmas with a 5-level-long action top-down christmas shooter game out now!2devoutsatan2014-12-15 18:00:00
[Video] 2D Top-Down Point & Click RPG Concept Demo9Ryuhza2014-12-14 00:59:00
Project: Run Sackyboy! Run!7lil_Pandachildx32014-11-24 19:00:00
How do I start my own community project?9sonicfan-12014-11-14 17:00:00
Lava Lamp Survival. I'm not sure what to do with it.1Jacob467192014-11-13 04:12:00
MGS Swiss Army Tank1TSFRJ2014-11-12 22:51:00
PROJECT: Controllable Robot (1P & 4P)3JoePlaysLBP2014-11-07 10:15:00
The Untold Story: Beginning of Legend (CANCELLED)5AxisTheLegend2014-11-05 00:20:00
Endless Runner Help4Dobbed2014-10-25 23:54:00
Chinese Shadows [1 to 4 players, platformer]6Pierre-de-Lune2014-10-23 15:28:00
Room ideas for future levels7Vintovka2014-10-21 19:33:00
Cardboard platformer3KeesieOilcorner2014-10-19 12:07:00
Gladiators: Master of battle. (Arena TD game)12Sharfik19952014-10-16 18:59:00
Temporal Traverse - Again2Seku2014-10-11 06:02:00
Project: Space nomad2antonovtum2014-10-09 21:32:00
Something SIXAXIS7amiel4455662014-09-30 06:19:00
(Pictures) Project: FINAL FANTASY VII: CRISIS CORE Music Gallery1TenebrisNemo2014-09-29 14:41:00
Space Oddity - A new LBP2 Level5Lex The Dragon2014-09-27 22:52:00
Niala's Garden(Animated Short)2EverTone222014-09-20 13:58:00
The Changed Ones: Battle Arena3EverTone222014-09-18 02:53:00
Little big planet create team!7kevinkillr12014-09-16 02:47:00
Tomb Raider Level3Slappsi2014-09-15 16:33:00
Project frost6kevinkillr12014-09-14 18:06:00
*Sea Legs: A "Rock it" Ship adventure. (pictures included)5DreadRandal2014-09-08 12:20:00
A final project for LBP2!5yugnar2014-09-06 20:50:00
Chalkboard Platformer Level!2ChrisUbi2014-09-06 18:52:00
Warhammer 40k - Waaagh!-Slayer [1p]6Shaggy Vinci2014-09-03 22:51:00
Medieval Level (NEED HELP)6TheSuperSack45752014-08-30 18:13:00
Wall-E: Journ-E to Work by Tom-550_1Sonicthefellow72014-08-30 02:49:00
Legend of the Elements1TlCKLEFWOP2014-08-25 00:10:00
LBP2 Infinite Worlds Logic3magnumninja2014-08-22 23:07:00
Battleships in the making for three years!2raptor426942014-08-21 23:18:00
An awesome project5OrreKorris2014-08-20 19:52:00
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker1thefutureman982014-08-20 16:36:00
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter15Verbal832014-08-19 21:36:00
Could you please try this unfinished level and give me some suggestions?9The Actual Kid2014-08-17 06:16:00
Speed of Sound6TlCKLEFWOP2014-08-15 18:34:00
Here's an object I'm going to make?1amiel4455662014-08-12 14:23:00
Helpers for new level: 'Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!'3Chinkaz52014-08-12 12:27:00
A Four-part, Cinematic Level Series15Banker2014-08-11 22:31:00
My Music Sequencer Level2Thug_Life_EQ2014-08-11 22:27:00
Music Collaboration! Need people to take part!1raptor426942014-08-09 17:00:00
The World Of Light & Dark Matter1KyleDoubleU2014-08-06 21:33:00
Sackboy Talk Series on YouTube6Teatrees2014-08-06 07:27:00
Seans FPS Weapons, WIP Thread4Seant12282014-08-06 05:19:00
Danto Saga3Jonarrthan2014-08-05 18:10:00
"Live on Stage - Sacks on 45: LBP-Medley5CuriousSack2014-08-05 17:03:00
MAGE: 1-4Player Action-Adventure RPG7SilverTriforce72014-08-04 22:24:00
I have made to many levels! D: Heeelp?!13raptor426942014-08-04 20:19:00
Duskvale (Working Title) - A Hack 'n Slash Fantasy RPG6Tynz212014-08-04 19:48:00
RPG creation hope you'll like...5TranscendantAether2014-08-03 18:12:00
(LBP2-LBP3 Projects) ChromaScan, Comics, & More3Bryan_Zuckerberg2014-08-01 21:58:00
[REC] Project - My Projet6SackDream2014-08-01 16:56:00
MVP_Creators User Choice Level Projects (VIDEO)1magnumninja2014-07-30 18:31:00
Beta - The Vintage Attic IV7Jauw2014-07-28 18:58:00
Goodbye LBP2 Community Montage7Teatrees2014-07-25 22:31:00
Bad House Survival7Kato2014-07-25 19:34:00
[Cross Controller]Trigger Happy Trap Time5koltonaugust2014-07-23 06:15:00
"Live on Stage - X" by CuriousSack1CuriousSack2014-07-20 10:44:00
Is making a Cross Controller Level a Good Idea?8Krymzonsky2014-07-19 00:59:00
Open World 3D Multiplayer: Need Testers6TlCKLEFWOP2014-07-16 20:15:00
Post Apocalypse Story Based Game. (PLEASE HAVE A LOOK)7thefutureman982014-07-16 17:11:00
Want to be a Beta Tester?4Pellemannen2014-07-15 21:03:00
Obscure Shack (A work-in progress)2SakuraLBP2014-07-15 02:45:00
The filmish idea of Funny world 3 :P4SeVeN1612014-07-08 21:58:00
Moons In Motion Applications are now open!1Ethan23lol2014-07-06 20:49:00
Make and Female Voice Actors Needed! (Cookie as a prize!)1Five-Ate-Five2014-07-03 15:46:00
Sack Labs - series3YungDaVinci2014-07-02 05:47:00
Shape Shooters2Hellobob52014-06-29 15:04:00
Clip of my ESB Carbon Freezing Scene5Verbal832014-06-26 04:15:00
Printz Diaries 2-B. Progress, ideas, general musings :)5rialrees2014-06-25 15:05:00
A great PARTY is coming!3Art-in-Heart2014-06-24 21:58:00
Cooperative Conundrum (A 2-Player Co-op)3theonlybub2014-06-20 18:13:00
Tower Defense11Tom-Builder2014-06-16 23:16:00
Martin the Spartan Card Battle2Verbal832014-06-06 22:04:00
Is.... is this even possible? ....14amiel4455662014-05-23 06:39:00
Wire in1amiel4455662014-05-17 06:39:00
Top 5 With Clive: Creating Levels (Movie)2Teatrees2014-05-09 01:34:00
First LBP 2 Level Created! Bounce Pad Survival2Tipico2014-04-30 23:24:00
Beta testers needed!11calvin_and_kyle2014-04-29 21:45:00
Gothic Costume Level in the works!!!8calyst_aayla2014-04-21 19:09:00
Constructive Obstruction5Wafflegod3452014-04-15 23:42:00
The Creepy Mansion2burgerstupr2014-04-15 06:40:00
New Hidden Objects Level49Greensmurfy2014-04-12 00:49:00
Brutals community level picks4Brutal2014-04-08 22:20:00
top down race hub2Brutal2014-04-07 01:22:00
new proyect in the way3vusco2014-04-07 00:15:00
Co-Dependance7amiel4455662014-04-04 17:35:00
Techno platformer3Brutal2014-04-04 04:05:00
The Labyrinth: Dimensions2Macasadia2014-04-01 11:14:00
Zone control(LBP2 story version)1Sharfik19952014-03-26 16:18:00
MY level flappy defence3burgerstupr2014-03-26 07:33:00
Speech Synthesis4Ayneh2014-03-14 16:52:00
Next Western Sack. Action RPG with puppet10clarkdef2014-03-08 06:03:00
Virtual Girl21Ayneh2014-03-01 18:33:00
Sonic Lost World Level9Sonicthefellow72014-03-01 16:40:00
Niel & Oki - A 2 player story driven platformer3Tmjtk2014-02-23 02:28:00
Project: Toad Calls U1FreeAim2014-02-17 14:38:00
Sorry For The Delay On My 3 Upcoming Levels.2Thug_Life_EQ2014-02-12 02:37:00
Hellyeah's First Series5HellYeah19822014-02-10 05:35:00
Sack Skirmish - A 1v1 turn-based platform fighter1Tmjtk2014-02-09 21:19:00
Planetary Defence Force: Planet Qasar1Sharfik19952014-02-09 17:04:00
Fat Bot Prototype (A verses game I'm working on)1BLAHBLAH10002014-02-07 16:42:00
Open World Game ( Project THE NEXT BIG THING ON LBP)11thefutureman2014-02-06 16:20:00
Assassins Creed 4 Project1thefutureman2014-02-05 19:12:00
Little Big Life - Ocean Blue and Sunset Red3Okami2014-02-03 20:26:00
I'm baaaack with a new project!16Macasadia2014-02-02 22:30:00
A fencing game inspired by Nidhogg2BLAHBLAH10002014-02-02 14:14:00
The Great Score Bubble of the Ancient Sackthings - Basecamp Hub5James-p2014-01-24 01:06:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 Create competition?2BLAHBLAH10002014-01-19 02:52:00
Cross Controller Level #2 (Racer/Platformer)1RecruitPS_22014-01-15 22:39:00
New Movie, in Development. Vampire Hunters.1Archon4532014-01-13 07:50:00
Cuboid Sandbox1BLAHBLAH10002014-01-12 04:19:00
Decisions; A choice-oriented adventure-ish game6Tmjtk2014-01-10 01:48:00
Another Cross Controller Level (TRAILER INCLUDED)1RecruitPS_22014-01-10 00:04:00
Zombie game for LBP310venat2014-01-05 09:29:00
Working on Cross Controller mini game/level3RecruitPS_22014-01-03 19:07:00
New Jump Level project I'm working on!2BLAHBLAH10002013-12-29 04:49:00
Need Beta Testers for A Racing/Combat Level1Kalawishis2013-12-15 18:19:00
Project: Reddit1TheMonkeyBlade2013-12-14 06:17:00
DC versus Marvel PVP5SEWO972013-12-13 20:17:00
Music Sequencing1DaddyMcQueen2013-12-13 11:45:00
Maybe an LBP version of the Wii?4TEAM-O_and_A2013-12-12 19:33:00
Parcheesi board game with a home made look (pictures)2DreadRandal2013-12-09 03:32:00
The great score bubble of the ancient sackthings part 2...Level progress....2James-p2013-11-27 18:23:00
The Odder Adventures: Cinematic Series1TheOdderOtter2013-11-27 06:51:00
hidden gems1supertwinbros142013-11-26 04:45:00
JumP Jump - beta1Sirr2013-11-25 05:44:00
Mysticism: Dungeon Trials - Single Player1Archon4532013-11-24 11:28:00
LBPE project2Unknown User2013-11-23 17:19:00
Community Pick? Two great levels.4Archon4532013-11-22 04:42:00
Christmas Projects That Are So To Be Coming Soon...4Tikaki-MooMoo2013-11-20 15:42:00
Zombie(bot?) Level (Name not decided)5Felyne2013-11-18 07:48:00
Upcoming Christmas Level Sneak Peek!4DebonaireToast2013-11-16 23:31:00
Experienced LBP2 Creator Looking For Someone To Make A Project With3TelephoneWire2013-11-12 01:02:00
Boss Fight3TheSuperSack45752013-11-11 01:12:00
New Movie: "The Upcoming"6TheSuperSack45752013-11-10 01:00:00
What Ive been doing and What Im going to do!1thefutureman2013-11-08 20:35:00
A First Person Adventure3SEWO972013-11-08 18:59:00
A Gadget To Build Logic Fast and Easy5SEWO972013-11-07 13:43:00
DABS A Gadget To Increase/Decrease Difficulty.23SEWO972013-11-07 13:24:00
LittleBigRTS3Unknown User2013-11-06 19:43:00
A move inspired evel that doesn't require move4sactonio122013-10-27 17:48:00
Title Screen5TheSuperSack45752013-10-25 21:39:00
Ideas queries for my almost complete project?4Spaceraoul282013-10-25 21:09:00
Project-JoE edogan11Unknown User2013-10-22 01:15:00
Little big hero5TheSuperSack45752013-10-22 01:10:00
Cliffs of Aquila6Jauw2013-10-15 14:16:00
My idea for a labyrinth game6BroNraptor2013-10-12 17:49:00
FeltTales! (woohoo!)5Unknown User2013-10-10 00:19:00
Mech game project2shanzenos2013-10-07 04:47:00
Brick Factory27DreadRandal2013-10-06 19:24:00
NexusCore7Nickey2112013-10-04 17:40:00
New LBP Fansite!3Teatrees2013-10-04 05:42:00
NinjaMan 2: Long Time No See [Stealth MetroidVania]1Codybean12013-10-01 04:21:00
Project Request Service!1Jorel415336252013-09-29 00:13:00
Metal Gear (MSX REMAKE) Metal Gear Solid ALPHA BUILD7magnumninja2013-09-28 20:15:00
Need help with project7Unknown User2013-09-22 23:41:00
Scoreboard Puzzle1amiel4455662013-09-21 21:12:00
Super Mario Bros. Creator Pack (Any interest?)7bluearth2013-09-21 13:41:00
Morrowind Rebuilt - A Role Playing Game11Shaggy Vinci2013-09-19 02:17:00
Lead and destroy some things2FurryFox12013-09-16 05:19:00
The Haunted Mansion5Burnvictim422013-09-11 06:34:00
New level idea?8TylerSD2013-09-11 02:16:00
Grand Theft Auto 54thefutureman2013-09-10 07:54:00
Sly Cooper and the Horrific Hounds6Madman_Asunder2013-09-06 23:52:00
Need help on upcoming level1bzrgzr2013-09-05 20:04:00
Top Down 2D RPG5dyna2013-09-04 18:28:00
devices in lbp2?2dexterlab972013-09-04 10:11:00
Sonic Devoid7Nitranon772013-09-01 22:27:00
HitBoy (Featring variaty of game tools)3thefutureman2013-08-31 22:39:00
Tower of Babel2Jaquan12542013-08-29 17:36:00
Future Ideas On lbp2 and lbpv1thefutureman2013-08-21 21:52:00
Dark Matter The Wall-LBP2,Vita,and Hub1Seant12282013-08-20 20:34:00
Netherworld - Lost Souls8Shaggy Vinci2013-08-20 16:34:00
[New Project] Share Sackboy? by Kenann863Elfiooh2013-08-18 22:26:00
Male/Female Serious Voice Actors needed4Unknown User2013-08-18 13:40:00
[Work In Progress - 5%] Survival of Life: Midlands3temple19972013-08-18 12:02:00
Playable Piano Music Gallery5MusicMan2342013-08-17 07:36:00
MASSIVE HELP WANTED: The Game of Chance9Reblskum6662013-08-15 05:39:00
Toy's and Devices ?5Alex-Raven2013-08-15 03:39:00
Martin the Spartan: Chapter 1 "The Last Spartan"8Verbal832013-08-14 21:57:00
LittleBigStealthWarfare4Unknown User2013-08-11 08:26:00
I want some help on a spectacular Dota lv im creating! (WARNING COMPLEX)5IdeaBanka2013-08-10 01:43:00
Help needed on Metal Gear Solid 5 Project5thefutureman2013-08-08 23:19:00
Dungeon Break10Tynz212013-08-08 21:07:00
ARC-H100 Microchip. Advanced Health system on one chip with dynamic customization.10Alex-Raven2013-08-08 20:25:00
Killzone Shadow Fall4thefutureman2013-08-07 01:26:00
Zombie game8thefutureman2013-08-07 01:07:00
I need help with my Stranded Levels3The_Kainesaw2013-08-02 05:04:00
The Hammer (the Boss)8Unknown User2013-07-31 02:47:00
Murder Mystery Tournament9The_Kainesaw2013-07-31 01:15:00
Need EXPERIENCED designers and Logic specialists!1Unknown User2013-07-30 07:36:00
Test&Play [LBPC11]Sack Jones & Spicy: The search for the holy stone.4DT-KAOSU2013-07-24 16:10:00
North Lake 2.07Spaceraoul282013-07-21 12:15:00
The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask PS3!5Unknown User2013-07-20 21:03:00
LBPC 11 level needs testing9aratiatia2013-07-17 20:37:00
Pacific Fever1Awesome_Guy2013-07-16 18:10:00
Bookworm little big adventure a RPG spelling words game5AndilX2013-07-15 20:14:00
Futurama- The Level Series (Creators Wanted!)3Radio4472013-07-14 00:01:00
Two Zeldas1thefutureman2013-07-13 18:06:00
Top-Down Car Shooter - Renegade Ops3Unknown User2013-07-13 17:36:00
Base Wars 23FurryFox12013-07-13 06:02:00
Poll (Decide Layout for a Futuristic Militarized 2v2 Base Battle) Updated with Pics6MusicMan2342013-07-10 18:14:00
MusicMan Picks #2 Level Entry2MusicMan2342013-07-08 20:14:00
Community Collaboration Conundrum (TripleCO.)9Unknown User2013-07-03 01:31:00
The Broken Dreams of a Melancholy Rainbow7Kato2013-07-02 13:57:00
(LBPC11) Seeking for a partner3Radio4472013-07-01 20:01:00
Any Batman fans?3Unknown User2013-07-01 08:41:00
I've been working on a Bloons Tower Defense level4amiel4455662013-06-29 20:14:00
Izzo (movie)3Anatole2013-06-29 17:11:00
(LBPC11) The Red Balloon Boy2Bryan_Zuckerberg2013-06-29 03:30:00
Rhythm Game Idea1Kato2013-06-28 14:31:00
Stranded [Survival/Action Game]4LJRobey2013-06-28 08:13:00
MusicMan Picks6MusicMan2342013-06-26 15:29:00
Crazy People! I Need CAMEOS In A Level14Kato2013-06-24 20:41:00
[Top-Down Shooter] Civilization-Zer09Unknown User2013-06-16 20:22:00
Dream Castle Of Zenan (Part of my Dream World series)5Thug_Life_EQ2013-06-14 19:57:00
Future level idea (POLL)3Sean882013-06-12 13:52:00
"Give Me Five - Homage to Paul D."3CuriousSack2013-06-11 14:36:00
Ghosts (Comedy Series) UPDATE #7: Episode 6 Out Now!13Rangers-12013-06-10 21:32:00
Kaleidoscopic Biohazard [FILM] - Updated 8-14-20135Rapidkirby3k2013-06-08 14:47:00
The S.S Cosmos6Unknown User2013-06-07 17:01:00
a little preview of my new level6vusco2013-06-07 10:04:00
Locomotion Commotion - Survival Platformer on a Train! (Need Logic Help)449er Nation2013-05-30 19:36:00
Moons In Motion Application - NOW OPEN!1Ethan23lol2013-05-30 00:02:00
Storm at Sea1Kato2013-05-29 20:03:00
Battleship level9XxHAMADEHxX2013-05-28 23:15:00
Community level hub for unknown creators6Brutal2013-05-28 00:17:00
The factory of a better tomorow remix1Brutal2013-05-27 22:10:00
Littlebigplanet Creepypasta: Clive's Suicide (level?)7Five-Ate-Five2013-05-27 19:21:00
[LEVEL SHOWCASE] A short way to showcase your own levels quickly!1Unknown User2013-05-27 01:19:00
The Curse of Hatred [RPG]28Sport_dude2013-05-26 18:26:00
Indiana Jones and the infernal machine3Erikson242013-05-26 10:17:00
We should copy levels59Unknown User2013-05-26 06:32:00
Need good music creator to help with my MGS5: The Phantom Pain level2minifat2013-05-25 05:36:00
Luos's unfinished work18Luos_832013-05-21 19:23:00
Lbp2 girp2BLAHBLAH10002013-05-21 18:05:00
Banjo & Kazooie [1P Adventure]4Slappsi2013-05-21 16:22:00
Converting Lbp2 Project to Lbp310venat2013-05-17 07:03:00
Armored Camaro?6XxHAMADEHxX2013-05-16 19:34:00
MVPs Selects program1TSFRJ2013-05-16 17:49:00
Jet Fighter Combat [1p]8Shaggy Vinci2013-05-16 00:19:00
LBP Community Movie2Unknown User2013-05-15 14:37:00
Shooter game?4XxHAMADEHxX2013-05-15 05:05:00
supmike's untitled street drag racer4DreadRandal2013-05-14 19:16:00
Craftworld Gardens5Ostler50002013-05-11 17:09:00
Haunted mansion duengon crawler .9Brutal2013-05-11 07:07:00
Gta Style Adventre6thefutureman2013-05-11 02:45:00
Aqua teen mini game insult master7Brutal2013-05-10 05:43:00
Good Quality Made Vehicles (coming very soon)16Thug_Life_EQ2013-05-07 22:27:00
Samurai Jack9Verbal832013-05-07 22:09:00
Sackwheels turbo rpg11Brutal2013-05-07 21:22:00
Top-Down Survival Horror Game; Postions Open!2GunslingerShane2013-05-05 10:13:00
8-bit rpg2Brutal2013-05-04 21:00:00
Funny Film 2 (Sequel)1Kalawishis2013-04-27 22:04:00
A really awesome but complicated idea I have.8amoney19992013-04-26 17:28:00
Need help finishing level! ( Queen - We Are The Champions Live)5LuisMatheus2013-04-23 18:32:00
Cuddles the Cuttlefish4Kato2013-04-22 17:59:00
Unseen Enemies3Kato2013-04-22 14:29:00
Rocket Race [2-4p Racing Shooter]8Shaggy Vinci2013-04-21 21:37:00
Dark Matter: The Invasion (LBP2/Hub)6Seant12282013-04-20 01:25:00
"Ghost metro 3D" future level5Sharfik19952013-04-19 18:19:00
New LBP Top-Down Mode3Jauw2013-04-19 11:53:00
Crystal Crisis 27Kato2013-04-19 01:09:00
18 wheeling11DreadRandal2013-04-18 00:22:00
Circus in the Forest (Platformer) (Cross-Controller)1amoney19992013-04-14 07:17:00
Arabesk The Untold story8slufoot482013-04-14 01:06:00
Not just any Fairytale!1Tawni_Owl2013-04-10 23:38:00
Tribal Wars (Top down RPG) New Experiment.3RonPierce2013-04-07 23:41:00
The original Little Big Planet story mode remake project!2Unknown User2013-04-05 20:35:00
Neo 17 Retro Space Shooter (Music Theme Request Or Help Needed)3Thug_Life_EQ2013-03-31 07:15:00
Dissidia Final Fantasy (Help wanted)11leono2013-03-28 18:08:00
Space Wars4Unknown User2013-03-24 07:49:00
Spartacus: The RPG3Skaterjoe142013-03-24 02:31:00
Sequel to Jedi Arts13Sehven2013-03-22 22:59:00
A Clockwork Orange recreated in LBP210Codybean12013-03-21 15:50:00
Need ideas now3Jacob467192013-03-20 19:02:00
Lbp movie in real life! (halp)6Five-Ate-Five2013-03-15 18:23:00
The Gaming of Tomorrow ? IDEAS FOR HIRE1Rapidkirby3k2013-03-14 15:35:00
A Vacuum Packed Adventure!1Okami2013-03-13 08:47:00
Little Big Skyrim (Hangout/Role Play Level Project)1kkoenig2013-03-12 23:59:00
Playtesters wanted for new Ungreth level13Ungreth2013-03-11 10:36:00
subject14 ver2.0 (PLATFORMER)1Unknown User2013-03-06 13:58:00
Battleships - Conquest of Guadalcanal (2-4P action)6Shaggy Vinci2013-03-05 19:57:00
Galaga (Recruitment)4Unknown User2013-03-03 03:31:00
Sonic characters6Sonicthefellow72013-03-02 14:26:00
Remnants: The Climb (Epicness in a tv)7EverTone222013-03-01 22:33:00
Need Help Making a Movie!2Unknown User2013-02-27 18:45:00
Project: Spider Man (Recruitment)2deboerdave2013-02-26 00:38:00
A True Old-School RPG5Unknown User2013-02-23 18:51:00
The Great Musical Collaboration Experiment No. 223weirdybeardy2013-02-22 20:57:00
Advanced Top Down Space Shooter.7Archon4532013-02-22 11:48:00
Bones Breaking?2Wickedrob2013-02-20 04:34:00
Sonic Fracture3Sonicthefellow72013-02-20 03:09:00
Ravnica: The Guilded Tour5Brandon2013-02-19 06:43:00
Stop motion idea2Five-Ate-Five2013-02-18 18:20:00
A Matter of Purple Matter1Protoraptor2013-02-16 13:19:00
Battle vs. Zombies:The game5mdkd2013-02-14 19:42:00
Project: Unknown name2Anatole2013-02-13 17:48:00
Valentine level hub?1Five-Ate-Five2013-02-10 10:00:00
beyond the roots [part 4]: help picking a name10vusco2013-02-09 16:53:00
The Forsaken Sack9JKY2013-02-08 12:54:00
A New Urban Ninjas?3Unknown User2013-02-08 03:36:00
Attention all film makers!1Blackbeltnick952013-02-08 01:28:00
Castles - The Silk Road War9Shaggy Vinci2013-02-05 17:25:00
Need suggestions and actors for film2Unknown User2013-02-02 12:31:00
Another Littlebigplanet2 Channel!1Five-Ate-Five2013-02-01 00:15:00
LittleBIG Portal3Unknown User2013-01-29 19:05:00
The Alliance Platformer2Unknown User2013-01-27 09:53:00
Cool Ideas2Unknown User2013-01-24 20:38:00
BFAPRP: Big Fat Ambitious Pokemon Remake Project- Help Wanted!11Unknown User2013-01-23 15:23:00
LBC: Little Big Clash7Unknown User2013-01-20 04:46:00
crash bandicoot series1Unknown User2013-01-18 22:32:00
Multiplayer Sackbot fighter2Unknown User2013-01-17 15:25:00
NEW Marvel vs DC BETA OUT!16ahzman3502013-01-16 22:22:00
New gameplay for my horror level series4NeonSudagatz2013-01-16 18:05:00
Assassins Creed III level!3Papp-CASS_7772013-01-15 17:07:00
Shipwrecked2Seku2013-01-14 14:04:00
Refreshing An Abandoned Series: Aurora Somnis5Fang2013-01-14 01:33:00
Rocket Rush - Revamped! (HELP WANTED)4Buttarms2013-01-13 07:03:00
No Name as present.5Unknown User2013-01-12 23:39:00
Middle Earth - The Untold Chronicles (A Lord of the Rings spinoff)16stryder122013-01-04 22:52:00
My current project: Actually coming along1FreeAim2013-01-05 09:40:00
Neo 17 Retro Space Shooter Game3Thug_Life_EQ2013-01-04 03:54:00
Pranky Larry : the point & clik adventure series1Zhibou2013-01-03 12:16:00
Yugnar's Old Goodies1yugnar2013-01-03 05:24:00
The Watchers3Sonicthefellow72012-12-30 15:23:00
The GDK Project2TheNeoFelicity2012-12-29 20:46:00
Broken Pipes (Platformer)2Spaceraoul282012-12-29 19:25:00
Heros of Myth (Playstations Allstars-like Bralwer+Story) Updated!14RonPierce2012-12-28 06:29:00
Someone should help me think of a story....6IcyFlamez_2012-12-28 04:06:00
Fruit Ninja Move?1waaghgork2012-12-27 22:55:00
New Survival Project4Fotografht2012-12-26 10:49:00
F/A 18 Hornet 4.0 (w/ trailer)1bluearth2012-12-26 05:12:00
Playstation All Stars Adventure- A Sony Platformer55RockSauron2012-12-25 18:05:00
Story Enemy Project2AlexStarkie2012-12-24 04:32:00
Sack-ich - The Psychic Sackboy1Unknown User2012-12-23 17:59:00
Savahannah Troubles4shodge1232012-12-21 19:06:00
Mighty Eagle Mining Company, Est. 18671theIronHorse2012-12-21 06:03:00
Silent Hill 3 Tribute Level Series21Rem252012-12-19 23:18:00
Battle arena (top-down shooter) Deatchmatch1Sharfik19952012-12-18 19:44:00
base A1Unknown User2012-12-18 19:24:00
Da impossible Sidescrollar [1-4 Players]1Shaggy Vinci2012-12-18 03:07:00
LittleBigSonic Beta17Sonicthefellow72012-12-17 03:33:00
Ferrari Legend (1st Person Racer) (Video Teaser)6bluearth2012-12-15 01:19:00
Good level suggestions of mine3Unknown User2012-12-13 11:51:00
Ideas for War themed lbp2 level?1Unknown User2012-12-12 17:54:00
Star Wars: Massive Action Game w/ images12bluearth2012-12-10 05:21:00
I need creator help13Sonicthefellow72012-12-10 00:53:00
Kinetic Rush6Seku2012-12-09 07:24:00
Frosty the snowman project1Sonicthefellow72012-12-08 21:00:00
"Silenced By The Night" by Keane (Music Video)2craigmond2012-12-07 14:49:00
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Platformer1theIronHorse2012-12-06 04:42:00
Legend of Zelda: The oblivion cubes1Unknown User2012-12-05 01:03:00
Project Elizabeth11LJRobey2012-12-04 17:49:00
LBP2 Home Showcase3Thug_Life_EQ2012-12-04 23:58:00
Assassins and Stuff4Unknown User2012-12-03 05:31:00
Xenotech Arena5Unknown User2012-12-01 18:05:00
Soldier (Beta Test)4Unknown User2012-11-30 16:06:00
Want music?10bizkitboii2012-11-26 23:58:00
WIP: Imagination's Enigma1aar26972012-11-26 23:08:00
3D Tic-Tac-Toe1Brannayen2012-11-26 21:50:00
Glow World 21Apple20122012-11-26 20:59:00
Another Costume Giveaway Level?2flyinhawaiian2012-11-25 14:54:00
Paper Plane Toss3Unknown User2012-11-24 06:33:00
Mine Train Rollercoaster Ideas7theIronHorse2012-11-23 21:29:00
Story of Umbral: Cadrin X1Unknown User2012-11-21 01:53:00
Survive A Horror Film1RonPierce2012-11-17 01:48:00
[preannouncement] DreamCreators' Advent1CuriousSack2012-11-15 09:52:00
Formula 1: Grand Prix Simulation5bluearth2012-11-15 02:32:00
Super Mario Bros. 4 Development Diary3bluearth2012-11-14 18:52:00
LBP2 Music Video (I Need Help).1Thug_Life_EQ2012-11-14 17:06:00
Tower of Creation (Top down Transformation RPG game) **Video Preview** UPDATED!10RonPierce2012-11-11 03:42:00
SackDroid - Part 1 (An Adventure Game)8Kalawishis2012-11-11 02:58:00
Slender9flyinhawaiian2012-11-02 02:17:00
Sack Ninja 101(DEMO)1Unknown User2012-11-01 19:54:00
ethical modders needed1Unknown User2012-11-01 16:34:00
Hey what I should add to my level name 1969 Mercury Comet version 2?4jonjeter2012-11-01 15:31:00
The Vintage Attic3Jauw2012-11-01 13:16:00
O d i n j e m s [ rpg/fighter]3Nxzluzxiii2012-10-31 01:25:00
Donkey Kong (NES) Clone4Unknown User2012-10-30 07:04:00
Birth of Crash Bandicoot1JohnD2012-10-26 12:16:00
Saikyo KoKou - Kanji Gallery3waffleking232012-10-26 11:17:00
First Person Racer11Kaboosh992012-10-26 06:11:00
Upcoming level!2Unknown User2012-10-26 03:20:00
Some FPS stuff I've been working on6DrCell2012-10-25 23:53:00
Doctor Who - Levels16FreeAim2012-10-25 14:20:00
project djinn-littlebigmystic(openworld adventure)help wanted,ambitious game (updated5Unknown User2012-10-24 19:40:00
Seattle Rush: Adrenaline packed 1-2 player Racing Game4bluearth2012-10-22 05:56:00
Zombie projects2Mdoodle222012-10-22 01:34:00
Medieval Quest6Unknown User2012-10-22 00:20:00
LBP Trvivia Game Show!1Unknown User2012-10-19 12:24:00
The Temporal Traverse10Seku2012-10-19 09:25:00
The Mini-Game Mash-up Series4Okami2012-10-18 17:33:00
new tower defense concept2yodavid2012-10-18 06:20:00
Liquid_'s LBPC9 Diary2Liquid_Blood_2012-10-17 18:39:00
A factory themed platformer Im thinking of making5Unknown User2012-10-16 02:45:00
Exidus5Jonarrthan2012-10-15 19:36:00
Recreating the Metal Gear Solid gameplay10MatrixEchidna2012-10-14 17:08:00
Any voice-acting dudes wanna help?3Unknown User2012-10-13 15:30:00
Grandington Tales: A FP, 3D, Free Roam, RPG2SuperROBO12012-10-11 12:47:00
Action-roleplay free roam RPG series4Unknown User2012-10-11 05:05:00
Personal Computer ( An object under progress)3Unknown User2012-10-11 03:28:00
Is there a 12 step program for starting new projects? Here's 2 more1DreadRandal2012-10-10 15:12:00
Beyond the Roots [part 3]: 60% finished5vusco2012-10-08 23:48:00
Anyone interested in an LBPC: The Game 2?94RockSauron2012-10-04 22:43:00
Sudoku: Rand. gen'd puzzles of varying difficulty 4 virtually endless replayabillity.3DreadRandal2012-09-30 23:25:00
Dark Days (Top-Down RpG)14Unknown User2012-09-26 11:07:00
The Walking Dead (Video Game) (LBP2 Project) -Help Wanted-2Unknown User2012-09-25 20:23:00
Mystica & Mystica Arena - RPG/HackandSlash style Multiplayer17RonPierce2012-09-23 20:54:00
Nuclear Winter Wonderland (RPG) Story Update13Awesome_Guy2012-09-19 20:29:00
My new 3 part in-the-works Series: Atlantis3TJ2010-OLYMPICS2012-09-18 03:27:00
A remembrance to one's past levels1Unknown User2012-09-17 23:52:00
KPMIV Update (Just About Done)3Thug_Life_EQ2012-09-17 19:43:00
A Quest for Grammar and Literacy!18bluesteel7892012-09-16 15:27:00
PROJECT UKLEPTON: A Sci-Fi Shooter6Unknown User2012-09-15 00:52:00
Futurama Game/ custom made Level pack1Unknown User2012-09-14 23:13:00
Beyond the Roots [part 3]: cooming soon3vusco2012-09-14 14:10:00
Nature Restore a Tower defense story game1HyperFlash2012-09-13 21:56:00
New Level Pics3Unknown User2012-09-11 01:37:00
Project: Settlers of LBP (Catan)4Unknown User2012-09-10 07:50:00
Incredible Idea: Art Deco11rodfocov2012-09-08 22:49:00
Pseudo Cluedo (working title: LBP themed board game level based on "Clue(do)")20DreadRandal2012-09-08 20:10:00
My latest LBP2-Project: The sixth musical showroom1Unknown User2012-09-08 17:46:00
All of my LBP2 projects!3yugnar2012-09-05 02:17:00
Spartacus: The RPG19Skaterjoe142012-09-02 11:35:00
My Progressive level entry2grey_jeep2012-08-31 05:04:00
The New and Improved Sackboy!4Unknown User2012-08-30 02:47:00
The Red Girl and the Magical Forest (Working Title)10Skaterjoe142012-08-28 14:23:00
Gradington Tales7SuperROBO12012-08-28 12:52:00
Deep Space Dog Fight3DreadRandal2012-08-27 15:15:00
Teh art of stealth8Razortehkill2012-08-27 00:01:00
The Dark Forest Saga3star the shi tzu2012-08-26 12:45:00
Curse of the Dragon - a music-teaser-level by CuriousSack4CuriousSack2012-08-25 20:52:00
Fruit ninja2Xtrahuman2012-08-25 19:28:00
LittleBigDiscovery ~ Island Hunt for the Golden Egg Triplets2DP6943772012-08-24 18:15:00
Level Series3HellYeah19822012-08-23 23:23:00
Forest of the Wise Owl7CirkuzFr3ek2012-08-23 17:50:00
Time distortion4Dfw862012-08-23 07:03:00
Aero Spartan: Warriors of Pirate Bay (Sidescrolling Shooter) (Releasing Soon)3RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo2012-08-23 01:21:00
Epic new level!!!1Unknown User2012-08-22 18:54:00
A Force For Order - Level Series4Ostler50002012-08-22 12:09:00
DayZ: LBP2 Version!6Unknown User2012-08-20 20:59:00
Untitled "littles" and "secret of NIMH" inspired story driven platformer.1DreadRandal2012-08-20 19:44:00
Progress on Ravens Hollow2Sean882012-08-20 13:53:00
Silent Hill like horror level12Unknown User2012-08-20 06:02:00
Roman Themed level.8SP33D-0842012-08-20 01:21:00
Beyond the roots [part 1] [part 2] 95%6vusco2012-08-18 09:41:00
Cave explorer Survival1Dfw862012-08-17 12:32:00
LBP Diablo7Brannayen2012-08-16 21:41:00
Top-Down Strategy Game1Unknown User2012-08-15 12:01:00
creating school ?7supertwinbros142012-08-14 22:33:00
A Carnival Of Madness6craigmond2012-08-14 17:40:00
Rpg ideas for new project?3Razortehkill2012-08-12 20:54:00
Minecraft Project3Lbphart32012-08-11 16:38:00
Dead Nation1Mopkins2012-08-10 23:57:00
Castle explorer5Dfw862012-08-10 12:28:00
Beach Blanket Demolition1DreadRandal2012-08-09 15:45:00
Hawx Project7Unknown User2012-08-09 15:44:00
Simplicity: A top down Puzzle-explorer3Eternal_Rise2012-08-09 08:32:00
Kim Possible Costume Level and KPMIV Update2Thug_Life_EQ2012-08-08 23:53:00
Rooftop Rampage!3Unknown User2012-08-06 23:44:00
Vehicular combat on an "endless" beach... (my first vs. level)1DreadRandal2012-08-06 20:16:00
Nuclear Winter Wonderland (Update)4Awesome_Guy2012-08-05 23:30:00
"Bound" 1-2 Player Platformer Hack & Slash/Shooter RPG12Dortr2012-08-04 03:06:00
Full Tutorial Objects2Unknown User2012-08-03 21:19:00
opinions about my new project "beyond the roots" :)4vusco2012-08-03 18:19:00
P.A.I.N The Major Level. Need Volunteers11Unknown User2012-08-01 22:34:00
Justice League: Need 3 people!4Skaterjoe142012-07-30 03:24:00
ice age extinction project frost1supertwinbros142012-07-29 08:37:00
MARVEL Themed Pinball Machines "First Look"2curtislarkin2012-07-28 22:32:00
Need someone to make mario/banjo kazooie style music1jjdragon2012-07-28 22:18:00
Revolutionary Top Down Level5Archon4532012-07-28 20:55:00
Pushing Daisies level/two-part level7Smudge2282012-07-27 20:12:00
Darkness Falls [Top-Down RPG]16LJRobey2012-07-26 20:58:00
A realistic zombie apocalypse ( A good one)8Unknown User2012-07-26 04:27:00
Craftworld: The Heist4Unknown User2012-07-25 17:21:00
Music/Audio Pushing5Unknown User2012-07-24 20:06:00
New Zombie Game Rising6venat2012-07-24 17:34:00
The "DayZ" Project for LBP2 ( The Realistic Multiplayer, Zombie, Survival Horror)5Unknown User2012-07-24 10:30:00
Avalonia Graphical Style9synchronizer2012-07-22 23:44:00
Undead Frontier Level Series3Awesome_Guy2012-07-22 22:49:00
a halloween level inspired by teebonsey1supertwinbros142012-07-22 10:07:00
Soldiers of Virtue [1-4 Player Online Multiplayer 3D FPS] Multiplayer Testing! Join!1Codybean12012-07-21 06:48:00
New Frontier Project [VERY EARLY PRODUCTION]4Awesome_Guy2012-07-20 23:38:00
An Original and Unique Idea.. I Think..32Wolffy1232012-07-20 21:14:00
The Outlaw Project - Level Series11Jauw2012-07-19 22:57:00
Ideas for a New Project...2venat2012-07-19 03:54:00
Detailed Car: Weineck Cobra4aleparad2012-07-18 10:29:00
Super Wacky Minigamey Pathalozonasploitationonthon1lemurboy122012-07-17 19:04:00
Davincci Last Stand 30% progress1HellYeah19822012-07-15 19:29:00
Idea for level2Unknown User2012-07-15 19:03:00
Maverick (Teaser Trailer)3WoodburyRaider2012-07-15 18:35:00
PLCC4 beta testers wanted please!4aratiatia2012-07-15 07:49:00
Lord of the rings project5Unknown User2012-07-14 01:05:00
Weaponizer Series1amoney19992012-07-13 18:36:00
Music Gallery, Theater Style!1craigmond2012-07-13 16:22:00
Sackature testing chambers2PixelJam2012-07-12 15:36:00
Inside the sewers (Looking for Logic wizards)5RecruitPS_22012-07-11 01:19:00
Umnamed Nature Level [WIP]2Acrokids2012-07-10 15:31:00
Punk Rawk Show1Nick9309302012-07-10 03:41:00
A Crazy race level with no name yet1CarfDarko2012-07-09 23:38:00
Interactive Portraitures1RecruitPS_22012-07-09 21:23:00
Special Forces "The Tactical Stealth Shooter"22jgsstl2012-07-09 06:13:00
Sands2AbstractFlesh2012-07-08 21:00:00
Battlefield: lbp2deschuttes22012-07-08 16:45:00
Zombitron (V0.8: Packapunch)6Unknown User2012-07-08 01:52:00
Poll: Pokemon Snap!!3SilverTriforce72012-07-07 18:13:00
Power-up Platformer Project1Unknown User2012-07-07 03:15:00
Opinion on a beta test5Sean882012-07-06 14:41:00
Project Blockado: Barricade Heros1Unknown User2012-07-06 14:38:00
Invasion: The Series1Unknown User2012-07-05 01:46:00
Dr. Mario1Unknown User2012-07-04 22:13:00
A pong style VS shooter idea.3curtislarkin2012-07-03 19:01:00
The Gaia Legend1Unknown User2012-07-03 01:59:00
Looking for a creative group for a series of levels1Pickle9622012-07-02 19:55:00
2-4 player laser chess1Brannayen2012-07-02 00:49:00
Cyborg Beta Testers Sign up!9artise2012-07-01 13:56:00
I need some input on a shooter level7OodlesofNoodles2012-06-30 23:11:00
NEW BIG PROJECT CALLED : The Last Of US16Unknown User2012-06-30 20:11:00
Squarelord - A strategic level about squares2Unknown User2012-06-28 22:32:00
Sony vs Nintendo for Vita/ps33Teepeenocks2012-06-27 23:02:00
Velox Nation 2 - Ultionis5Ostler50002012-06-27 19:38:00
Red VS. Blue: Clash of the Colors (In Progress)1Sackpapoi2012-06-27 19:22:00
Flood Fighter (2-4 Players)2curtislarkin2012-06-26 16:30:00
Glow World1Apple20122012-06-25 01:41:00
Raven's Hollow...screenshots (hopefully) :-)14Sean882012-06-24 15:00:00
Zombie Epidemic (Started 6/1/12) [v0.58]50BIGGamerer2012-06-23 22:19:00
London 2012 Summer Olympic Games3Unknown User2012-06-23 04:31:00
Help with new Olympics level2Unknown User2012-06-21 02:32:00
City RPG ideas?1bigl0uc0ntra2012-06-20 01:40:00
Team of the Voice (Voice Actors Guild) CALLING ALL VOICE ACTORS!13acdramon2012-06-19 15:12:00
Misadventures of Dareti Katain. (Recruiting Team)18Lord-Dreamerz2012-06-19 00:18:00
Cartoon Invasion (RPG + Video)2RonPierce2012-06-18 21:52:00
Operation ZER03LJRobey2012-06-18 17:49:00
Cyborg (Info)11artise2012-06-17 16:49:00
Sly Cooper: The Thievius Raccoonus (project)2Unknown User2012-06-14 02:27:00
2 new projects1Unknown User2012-06-13 23:53:00
SackDroid: An RPG Series of Sorts4Kalawishis2012-06-13 20:36:00
Winter Help5Unknown User2012-06-13 17:28:00
Minecart Riding Object dropping Versus Game (needs a logic guy)9RecruitPS_22012-06-13 00:50:00
Ice Cream Platformer10bluesteel7892012-06-12 18:45:00
Any advice from the side?4shotgun_692012-06-12 07:38:00
Project Llama Shooter. Update: Version 3!20DarkDedede2012-06-11 00:00:00
LBP Laser Chess8Brannayen2012-06-10 20:46:00
I need your help!2Glitchfish2012-06-09 23:18:00
THe Great Score Bubble of The Ancient Sackthings12James-p2012-06-09 16:02:00
"Parabolic" Preview6aratiatia2012-06-09 13:10:00
Dawn-Breaker8Drico-JD2012-06-09 07:30:00
The WerkShawp (Spelling Errors Intentional)1Unknown User2012-06-08 01:10:00
Tank Buster (Ver 2.0) Changelog3Nick9309302012-06-06 23:01:00
Your Opinion1craigmond2012-06-06 20:19:00
New level on the way: Just Cardboard2Unknown User2012-06-04 23:59:00
Foxtrot Team 3: Project Uklepton ( A Sci-Fi Shooter )14Unknown User2012-06-04 18:36:00
My big project in LBP, Boggle9Bbody2012-06-04 03:59:00
Music Experience (Title subject to change)2kkoenig2012-06-04 00:58:00
Tomb Of The Lost Pharaoh. Yes.3Sackpapoi2012-06-02 10:36:00
A new RPG that I don't have a name for!5Unknown User2012-05-31 13:49:00
FINALLY...lol11Sean882012-05-30 13:14:00
LBP Minecraft18vigge422012-05-30 08:31:00
Romeo & Juliet (1/2 Year Long Project)2Unknown User2012-05-29 03:20:00
Into the bowells of Hell...Sackboy's Inferno, a level series starting very very soon!6Unknown User2012-05-28 13:32:00
★ Journey of the Cosmos ★ (Previously LBPJourney)4Night Angel2012-05-27 21:25:00
Avengers "Enhanced" Costumes6EdReedFan202012-05-26 04:56:00
Enigma [REBOOTED]26Halfire2012-05-25 17:15:00
Reviewing your levels!7waaghgork2012-05-24 09:48:00
An unusual post- legal ideas6Sean882012-05-23 20:44:00
Citizens ~ Build Your Own City and Rule it! ~35waaghgork2012-05-23 09:58:00
The Penrose Conspiracy, Updated with New Story3Bryan_Zuckerberg2012-05-22 02:39:00
I want to make music for your levels!19Unknown User2012-05-20 14:49:00
Cardboard Calamity (work in progress)2Unknown User2012-05-20 04:19:00
Artifacts of Ralesk (An attempt at a classic LBP adventure)3grayspence2012-05-19 17:18:00
I need Hide N Seek Basis1Unknown User2012-05-19 14:31:00
An future level.4Unknown User2012-05-19 13:17:00
Beta Testers for Jak & Daxter Survival level needed.5Jedi_19932012-05-18 18:35:00
Fl0w ~ Life could be simple... Music Help!1littlebigveteran2012-05-18 09:09:00
Cuberz2Unknown User2012-05-18 07:37:00
Lost Ages Remastered - Part One: Edyn2Deftmute2012-05-17 19:34:00
Optimus Prime3Killzone36522012-05-16 01:58:00
Music [request]2Deurklink12012-05-14 18:34:00
Sackbot Mario Bros11Unknown User2012-05-14 10:36:00
KPMIV Update1Thug_Life_EQ2012-05-14 06:32:00
Typing Tool4Halfire2012-05-13 03:45:00
Galak-Z Raiden: Resurgence (800 Million Total VARIATIONS)10RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo2012-05-13 02:42:00
My nearly finished ALU11Fotografht2012-05-11 23:21:00
I Was Just Wondering Something...8SLS102012-05-11 05:11:00
The Cascade Project249er Nation2012-05-10 01:16:00
Overheated! Platform Figher8Dortr2012-05-08 22:17:00
Square: Evolution2LJRobey2012-05-08 03:01:00
Last Hope (RPG) [Project] Paladin Preview!7RonPierce2012-05-08 17:32:00
LittleBigParty [Competitive]6Unknown User2012-05-06 18:31:00
Sack Fighter10LJRobey2012-05-06 05:46:00
Top-Down level2Unknown User2012-05-06 03:13:00
Conduit Flux: A Motion Comic Strip Concept4Verbal832012-05-05 18:14:00
Creator's Toolkit v7.1 translated into Spanish7SebasSBM2012-05-05 17:03:00
The Dream Project9kirbyman622012-05-05 10:59:00
Objective X1Unknown User2012-04-28 12:59:00
Infotainer1Kaboosh992012-04-27 21:22:00
Transformers1Lord_Vile712012-04-27 19:34:00
Ship Shooter (Working Title)2Unknown User2012-04-27 02:53:00
City Platforming2BillyCrash1002012-04-25 20:32:00
U.F.O Hunter 2 - The Dreamland Chronicles3Unknown User2012-04-25 19:10:00
Persona Zero. A new level or level series1Thug_Life_EQ2012-04-25 15:34:00
Back To The Future: Paradox (music needed)23Mr_Fusion2012-04-25 13:40:00
Discuss these class mechanics/ resource systems. Last Hope mmo1RonPierce2012-04-23 20:40:00
"Tank Buster" 2.01Nick9309302012-04-23 06:18:00
Tanks that make their own route. Help???4TomBurk2012-04-22 23:15:00
Nick930930's Musical Challenge!!!1Nick9309302012-04-22 04:14:00
Minecraft - The LBP Adventure1Rangers-12012-04-20 21:26:00
Awesome Awesome Awesome levels about to be pumping out of the Walking Dead team!1Cydaddy2012-04-19 05:49:00
Metal Gear: Vr missions9DreJ12122012-04-17 04:29:00
Map designers WANTED5Unknown User2012-04-17 03:27:00
A Level Made by You!1Unknown User2012-04-17 00:14:00
Microwars (Testers, Feedback & Suggestions Welcome)15Ostler50002012-04-16 11:04:00
Let me review/destroy your level.13midnight_heist2012-04-16 06:54:00
LBP2: The Dreamer Guardians14Unknown User2012-04-15 19:20:00
New member-new idea- need crew3Frenzie2012-04-15 13:58:00
A City Manager/Builder/Tycoon game1waaghgork2012-04-15 13:43:00
2 project ideas1Unknown User2012-04-15 11:49:00
Shrinking Sackboy3Unknown User2012-04-13 15:01:00
The Walking Dead project!2Cydaddy2012-04-13 05:07:00
U.F.O Hunter 2 - The Dreamland Chronicles1Unknown User2012-04-13 04:28:00
The Void (RPG)11Undarivik2012-04-12 21:14:00
Exact Legend of Zelda Remake (NES)14Clayton2012-04-12 03:10:00
Game Over, new level in the works1Unknown User2012-04-11 20:04:00
Between projects1Sean882012-04-10 15:21:00
Need a team7Unknown User2012-04-10 00:44:00
LBP Pac Man9Brannayen2012-04-09 21:20:00
Animus [Massive LBP2 Project, near completion]1Unknown User2012-04-09 19:00:00
Like Zombies? Good at creating in 3D or have you had experience making microchips?1Cydaddy2012-04-08 22:21:00
Spy pursuit (Kind of minigame)1Unknown User2012-04-07 19:47:00
--Steamclunk's Marvelous Machine--15Arastoph2012-04-07 19:29:00
Jetsack botride3PixelJam2012-04-07 19:16:00
Sackbot underwater1Unknown User2012-04-07 06:15:00
Monopoly Project1SebasSBM2012-04-07 04:22:00
Looking for a team3Unknown User2012-04-06 23:27:00
Need help with my level, The Great Middle East Adventure1Unknown User2012-04-06 18:45:00
Monkey King (Journey to the West)2Captain_Dinosaur2012-04-04 05:30:00
Allen503's Mind-Grabinator!1Unknown User2012-04-04 03:39:00
Advanced Online Multiplayer Shooter/Strategy Game (WIP)16Wolffy1232012-04-04 02:20:00
ZControl system: an easy-to-install set of logic to control your Zombie levels2Eanikran2012-04-03 19:30:00
Zombie Task Force2Unknown User2012-04-03 03:47:00
Copyable Teleporting character!2RonPierce2012-04-03 02:53:00
Looking for a team!7Unknown User2012-04-02 18:54:00
Sackfist Show-Help Wanted2Robmandx2012-04-02 16:54:00
ALU (my project in progress)5Fotografht2012-04-02 06:26:00
LittleBigPortal6zeldafan1772012-04-02 05:04:00
LittleBigPortal1zeldafan1772012-04-02 05:03:00
A "New" Kind of Platformer7Kalawishis2012-04-01 17:19:00
Real Creators are now looking for new members!1Chaos_Martin2012-03-31 04:54:00
Last Hope - Multiplayer RPG (Updated 5/10/12)27RonPierce2012-03-30 07:06:00
Working on a new invention3Unknown User2012-03-28 22:54:00
Teaming up3Unknown User2012-03-28 14:26:00
The Uberhighway 2 - A Project in Need of Direction1Ostler50002012-03-27 20:17:00
I'm making 3D Titanic6Unknown User2012-03-26 19:31:00
Lbn tribute level2Unknown User2012-03-26 16:23:00
Dreaming Demons3Unknown User2012-03-26 05:58:00
Brand New Levels!2G-Gilgamesh-G2012-03-26 02:22:00
ASM2LBP2 - Assembler to LBP2 Logic (idea)5OrwellianStuff2012-03-25 17:39:00
Minecraft-Style Level?3MegaNarwhal2012-03-24 03:23:00
[The Ugly Level Experiment]13Dhana7772012-03-21 01:58:00
Factory of Yesterday (Beta testing!)4Unknown User2012-03-21 00:18:00
First Person 3D camera - smooth rotation concept19Mopkins2012-03-20 21:40:00
I have an ambitious idea3Unknown User2012-03-20 07:11:00
Song for fast platformer?!1DeKa13572012-03-18 16:40:00
*CREATORS WANTED* New level series.2Unknown User2012-03-18 14:54:00
''Dreaming In the Day'' Project by Tendon1197Unknown User2012-03-17 12:15:00
RPG idea's8Skaterjoe142012-03-17 10:50:00
The Haunted House Journey4Apple20122012-03-16 05:35:00
A Really Cool Idear5Unknown User2012-03-15 22:21:00
(LBR-05) Evil Russia Cartoon (Series Levels)1Unknown User2012-03-15 18:28:00
Idea for large game worlds (2000 times the size of our solar system)12Ayneh2012-03-15 16:58:00
Germ warfare Minigame Concept3Unknown User2012-03-15 15:10:00
Dust to Ashes - A Medieval Fighter10BrosefJenkins2012-03-15 12:54:00
The most Muppetnational Metalhead Adventure in the Dream World.4Unknown User2012-03-14 21:50:00
InFamous7jgsstl2012-03-14 19:38:00
Spectrophobia: Fear Itself6poorjack2012-03-13 12:00:00
Hunted (Project)1Unknown User2012-03-12 23:49:00
Create your own Adventure LBP2 Style1Apple20122012-03-12 07:37:00
The Lord of the Rings and the Fellowship of the Ring3Skaterjoe142012-03-09 04:01:00
Dynamic Ammo16fly_4_a_jedi2012-03-08 14:10:00
MKxSF Fighting Level11HBK892012-03-07 03:37:00
Kingdom7Unknown User2012-03-06 21:25:00
INVADER Pinball1Unknown User2012-03-05 16:38:00
The massive war project1Potunator2012-03-04 22:29:00
Beset and Subtlety [Project]1SuddenEnigma2012-03-04 06:20:00
Omega-174Unknown User2012-03-03 10:20:00
Die Hard level11TEENWULF2012-03-02 13:13:00
Little Big Metal Gear5Foxdie2012-02-28 16:36:00
Left for Dead 3 <LPB Cronicals>2Unknown User2012-02-27 13:33:00
BurgerTime3Unknown User2012-02-26 19:01:00
(Discussion) Detective Duo49Robmandx2012-02-26 16:30:00
LBP "Ninja warrior"5Unknown User2012-02-25 20:48:00
LBP Realm Creators3Chaos_Martin2012-02-25 17:48:00
Versus Tower Defense Team Wanted7fly_4_a_jedi2012-02-25 17:15:00
Titanic 100th Anniversary (Project)6Lbphart32012-02-24 15:19:00
Craftworld Aleste69Antikris2012-02-24 09:57:00
What do you prefer?5Blackbeltnick952012-02-23 23:14:00
Beside Humanity: Hellion Wish18Darkcloudrepeat2012-02-23 23:08:00
Group effort! A work in slow progress . . .1Unknown User2012-02-23 18:58:00
Stratego1KnutsoPX2012-02-23 15:17:00
A giant ogre that can summon demons.3Unknown User2012-02-23 11:07:00
The Puzzling Priest2Unknown User2012-02-23 02:14:00
Welcome to "Eden"3lazuron72012-02-22 14:05:00
No Name Yet :s10Valeview2012-02-21 18:07:00
Welcome to the "Stray Sack" the bar of the mutual aid8Haru-2012-02-21 17:55:00
T_T H.A.M. Certified Fire fight pack comming soon2InfinitiMinded2012-02-21 08:32:00
Ideas for Concepts or level?3Unknown User2012-02-19 03:39:00
Parkour/Freerunning Hero?14flyinhawaiian2012-02-19 03:25:00
T_T Sack abilities3InfinitiMinded2012-02-18 17:21:00
inFamous Freeroam3Kaboosh992012-02-17 08:54:00
theme for my arcade rts1Smudge2282012-02-16 22:43:00
Ideas for minigames!1DeKa13572012-02-16 17:02:00
i need ideas to build D:7Unknown User2012-02-16 03:48:00
Build-Off7TomBurk2012-02-16 00:24:00
Teaser for my first upcoming game...3Unknown User2012-02-12 13:12:00
Uprooted Part 21stryder122012-02-11 22:48:00
Red Riding Hood - Level Series10Jauw2012-02-11 14:43:00
Harry Potter Move Level- Some Help Appreciated5EdReedFan202012-02-11 01:42:00
Forest-falls1Unknown User2012-02-11 01:11:00
Team Fortress Sack: A TF2 Level for LBP2/Level Pack for LBP21Unknown User2012-02-10 00:50:00
"Just Another Space Shooter"5nk8272012-02-09 22:50:00
Ash_uk1s untitled project1Ash_uk12012-02-08 20:43:00
Grand Chase: Craft (Title Pending)7SuddenEnigma2012-02-08 07:35:00
Kid Chemelion; LittleBig Mess2Eternal_Rise2012-02-08 04:58:00
Metroid Pulse1Syber_Knight2012-02-08 04:04:00
The s.a.c.k factory1Unknown User2012-02-07 23:57:00
Multiple level ideas. HELP Wanted3Unknown User2012-02-07 17:41:00
I made 2 cars3jonjeter2012-02-07 13:30:00
Plains of Cubea; A Beta-class Bomb Survival3Eternal_Rise2012-02-07 10:54:00
Project: Neon Deux1chronos4532012-02-07 01:31:00
Spaceballs Level series coming soon9Thug_Life_EQ2012-02-06 18:43:00
Red Moon1Destroyer55632012-02-06 05:27:00
Robin Hood {Project}16Butaneflame2012-02-06 02:28:00
The Great Revival ~ Aurora Saga?3Fang2012-02-05 21:00:00
Breaking (Sort of) new ground here, Need some opinions. :)9grayspence2012-02-05 05:53:00
A Tale of Six- Fountain of Youth1lazuron72012-02-04 01:37:00
Project is Helicopter2jonjeter2012-02-03 13:18:00
Valentine's day level :)10Unknown User2012-02-02 23:59:00
2 survival levels thats a bit different1HyperFlash2012-02-02 22:46:00
Need a creating partner8Unknown User2012-02-02 00:10:00
Little sis first big project! Making Clue (that one board game)2Unknown User2012-02-01 23:44:00
LittleBigRussia Part 3 & 47LordMagicPants2012-02-01 21:16:00
My Project is....1jonjeter2012-01-31 22:50:00
Phantasmagoria9emoguy2012-01-31 20:41:00
I Need A Fighting Stage For My Battle Bots1Unknown User2012-01-31 16:04:00
My Mass Effect Idea: One Big Series4Unknown User2012-01-30 21:33:00
An LBP2 group/clan idea.2Unknown User2012-01-30 12:15:00
Decoration-only Platformer (Savy Plains??)15Macasadia2012-01-29 06:15:00
Decline of Alice9Breezy-The-Pro2012-01-28 20:06:00
Save States6Unknown User2012-01-28 17:49:00
Coffee Shop - 1 sack or 2?1Unknown User2012-01-28 00:08:00
Next Few Months - Planned.1Unknown User2012-01-27 14:03:00
Kim Possible Mission IV Part 2 first look at the HUD System3Thug_Life_EQ2012-01-27 03:15:00
The LittleBigKillzone Project31Hawk142012-01-27 02:54:00
Planetoidz [VS.]1LMMN2012-01-26 13:14:00
Loaded...remember that game?2Unknown User2012-01-26 11:30:00
The Blank Fabric Theatre1Unknown User2012-01-26 02:05:00
give meh ideas to build and i will built it!6Unknown User2012-01-25 21:33:00
The Void8Undarivik2012-01-25 19:29:00
Nautilus project and much more1Unknown User2012-01-25 10:39:00
Upgrades5Unknown User2012-01-25 03:02:00
F15 Eagle - Advanced Fighter Aircraft1bluearth2012-01-25 02:17:00
Anyone good at furnitures??3jonjeter2012-01-24 22:02:00
Arrow Of Destiny.5Seveni_72012-01-24 19:17:00
Battleships3Philosopher2012-01-24 19:13:00
Series Project...?3Macasadia2012-01-23 20:50:00
Death cam (Help!)4Cpt Yanni2012-01-23 18:47:00
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy : Lost In Time5temple19972012-01-22 13:23:00
Two Projects for Skilled Creators6Unknown User2012-01-22 06:37:00
Kim Possible Mission IV first images1Thug_Life_EQ2012-01-20 19:22:00
Another Tower Defence??5chronos4532012-01-19 20:42:00
INTERCEPTOR - 1 min Trailer1bluearth2012-01-19 07:12:00
The Printz Diaries, Chapter 2: Pumpkins and Slippers68rialrees2012-01-17 10:34:00
Kim Possible Mission IV full level is on its way.1Thug_Life_EQ2012-01-17 08:59:00
Klausland: Liberation Day4Unknown User2012-01-16 06:22:00
deadring project with controllable frank west (give ideas and tutorials)1Unknown User2012-01-16 02:32:00
Escape Artist2JspOt2012-01-16 00:45:00
Need Font Artist (Project Secret)2Matt-The-Silent2012-01-15 22:04:00
8-Bit Beats World-1 [8-bit Platformer]!!!4Sackpapoi2012-01-13 18:03:00
Open world crime game3Unknown User2012-01-13 05:19:00
what i should make next car?4jonjeter2012-01-12 21:43:00
Against Grey Lady [Action-Platformer] Updated6Unknown User2012-01-12 19:31:00
Craftworld Aleste: design process of a boss fight5Antikris2012-01-12 12:25:00
[UPDATED: Jan 16] Futuristic Noir Project [PICS]14piggabling2012-01-11 22:53:00
Space Shuttle: Mission to Repair Hubble4bluearth2012-01-11 05:19:00
Cybernetic Adventures Omega (With Trailer Video)4JustinArt2012-01-11 01:15:00
Pokemon RED/BLUE6Unknown User2012-01-10 20:46:00
World Of Skyland5doggy972012-01-10 15:06:00
Designer available7Sean882012-01-10 14:15:00
Terraformer3Tyranny682012-01-09 21:54:00
The Paint Pack Project1Unknown User2012-01-08 23:57:00
Stay Tuned for 2 Potential Hits!1Unknown User2012-01-08 21:52:00
Pokemon Gym Badges?! (Daily Challenge 13)15Robmandx2012-01-08 16:30:00
Invasion: Masari6Unknown User2012-01-08 03:06:00
Ultra Turtle Blaster Extreme Release! *VIDEO TRAILER*19nunsmasher2012-01-08 00:52:00
RedTek Electronics1Unknown User2012-01-07 23:44:00
Solitude (Still Thinking of a Good Name)3Sackpapoi2012-01-07 13:26:00
Twin Stick Complete - I Think2Unknown User2012-01-07 08:03:00
NASCAR: UPDATE - First Screenshots of "The Big One"7bluearth2012-01-07 06:27:00
My Creating Mindset2Unknown User2012-01-07 02:17:00
"Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd (Sequencer + Level)2Nick9309302012-01-07 01:53:00
Sink my ship! (how?)7Cpt Yanni2012-01-06 09:40:00
BeMoved (Match 3)1koltonaugust2012-01-06 03:15:00
Final Fantasy Crystalva Rerelease1venat2012-01-04 22:25:00
20 Jumps level? >:P2Macasadia2012-01-04 15:48:00
what next muscle car im go make?10jonjeter2012-01-04 01:06:00
city level2jonjeter2012-01-03 22:07:00
Stranded (Island Survivor RPG Level)3Unknown User2012-01-03 19:24:00
Super Smash TV4Unknown User2012-01-02 00:06:00
The Dream Catcher28CYMBOL2012-01-01 18:03:00
Shaloon's Grand Workhouse [Traditional Platformer]2butter-kicker2012-01-01 12:53:00
Free Lawn Mower Giveaway-Lawn Mower Test1ffjjbb2012-01-01 03:21:00
Music for my level2burton180002012-01-01 00:41:00
Earth Defense1Unknown User2011-12-31 22:37:00
The Magical Journey of the Cube! Contains Clowns and Free Ice Cream1Sackpapoi2011-12-31 20:22:00
any ideas, guys3Unknown User2011-12-31 15:00:00
The Legend of Zelda [Remake] MUSIX PLEASE4Unknown User2011-12-31 05:47:00
Current Projects3Unknown User2011-12-31 03:18:00
LBP 2 Multiplication and Division15Unknown User2011-12-30 23:54:00
4 player versus snowball fight. [Need names]6LMMN2011-12-29 12:47:00
Project Hobo7Unknown User2011-12-29 05:38:00
Visionary-publishing Dec. 29th9CYMBOL2011-12-28 22:48:00
LittleBigMadden; can it be done?1SackBolt2011-12-28 04:27:00
The downfall of avalonia 2 train idea1Unknown User2011-12-27 03:45:00
Phantasy Star 8.Bit Official Soundtrack1Unknown User2011-12-27 01:41:00
Weapons and shields8OutcastZeroOne2011-12-25 00:44:00
Quest for Beach Runner's Skin2RakasaPlus2011-12-24 15:16:00
Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: Passion & Suffering [Development Thread]10Fang2011-12-24 03:57:00
Sack-Napped (Project)1Unknown User2011-12-23 21:36:00
Railworks: A Railway-Themed Level12SalieriAAX2011-12-23 20:55:00
Imagine(working title)5majormel842011-12-23 04:53:00
Pokemon Crystal Remake (Now continuing as exams have finished)88SkaterOllie7952011-12-22 19:57:00
LBPMedia Videos [118]4samalot2011-12-21 20:39:00
Dungeon Defenders level3HyperFlash2011-12-21 04:01:00
Rotate 'Em Duology2starkastor2011-12-20 02:34:00
im planning to make a Las Vega city3jonjeter2011-12-19 14:55:00
The Conquest Of Domination - Fighter Vehicles2Elifia Kamigawa2011-12-19 04:27:00
UFO Blaster (minigame)1zories2011-12-19 04:16:00
In time......(working title.)3majormel842011-12-18 23:54:00
what level should i make next?1harbingernaut2011-12-18 01:18:00
Sub Attack (Submarine Attack)1Thug_Life_EQ2011-12-17 20:15:00
Asylum of the Lost; Bring Extra Undies.3Sackpapoi2011-12-17 16:26:00
Why is My Hideout Underwater!? My new project1Unknown User2011-12-15 14:27:00
Just another random health system idea people might like10SSTAGG12011-12-14 15:08:00
KPMIV Part 2 with more Kimmy Features3Thug_Life_EQ2011-12-14 03:46:00
Wall - E Top-Down RTS1Jauw2011-12-13 21:43:00
Chalkboy23The_Lil_JoKeR2011-12-12 12:22:00
Stranded (Level Progress Thread)4Matt-The-Silent2011-12-11 20:35:00
Untitled Christmas Level5craigmond2011-12-10 16:48:00
Looking for testers1Unknown User2011-12-08 11:58:00
Looking to help6Tipico2011-12-04 19:16:00
Top-Down City11Elifia Kamigawa2011-12-03 11:55:00
Project Speed10DreJ12122011-12-02 03:41:00
im working on my car door for my new car :P1jonjeter2011-12-01 13:20:00
Sackboys magical photo album1PixelJam2011-11-30 16:44:00
The Labyrinth 21Macasadia2011-11-30 16:25:00
Turret Defense2Macasadia2011-11-30 16:22:00
Realm Of the discarded.2Valeview2011-11-30 15:16:00
The Factory4Lajuro2011-11-28 17:47:00
Appear at my Battle Arena1Chaos_Martin2011-11-28 14:53:00
A Short Horror Story.1CarfDarko2011-11-28 11:21:00
Seeking members and alliances1Unknown User2011-11-28 02:23:00
Top-down zombies-Zirkus der Toten2Unknown User2011-11-27 22:41:00
Christmas RPG project (Inspired by Skyrim)5hyperdude952011-11-27 17:20:00
Harry Potter PS Move Wand Level3EdReedFan202011-11-26 23:13:00
"Der Zauberer: Platformer3Unknown User2011-11-26 20:18:00
Super mario bros. Lbp in a super new fresh way! What do I else have to say?8Yassinius2011-11-25 19:09:00
Sackthing's Quad Attack!1TheBigMan07062011-11-25 02:00:00
The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: Move Capability3Unknown User2011-11-22 15:35:00
The Creator's Toolkit is back!12robbit102011-11-21 19:35:00
Level Project - Platformer4Unknown User2011-11-21 17:40:00
Variety Show4Unknown User2011-11-21 07:38:00
Atlantis Level Project!4Jauw2011-11-20 21:26:00
Craftworld Aleste - Some music14Antikris2011-11-20 10:41:00
Gears of War Horde Mode remake1BloodShot90012011-11-20 00:03:00
Super mario bros.1Yassinius2011-11-19 20:25:00
Little Big Ghosthouse10CarfDarko2011-11-18 12:25:00
LOTM Christmas Theme Idea1Unknown User2011-11-17 05:31:00
Two-Stage Super Rocket by Guitarman731starkastor2011-11-17 04:03:00
VR Shooting Gallery3Brannayen2011-11-16 03:48:00
promote and advertise9L-I-M-I2011-11-14 14:59:00
LittleBall Z8Robo49002011-11-14 04:51:00
Thanksgiving is coming soon3L-I-M-I2011-11-11 14:44:00
Project I2killerbrainbow2011-11-11 06:44:00
Hight Tech Free Runner2Unknown User2011-11-10 18:11:00
The "Elementalis" Project7Arastoph2011-11-10 03:07:00
Black and White 2 Style Level (RTS)5Clayton2011-11-08 14:33:00
I need music for my level.5Unknown User2011-11-08 14:00:00
Space Shaker Album1Unknown User2011-11-07 08:05:00
Jam Kerblam Advanced1Unknown User2011-11-06 16:19:00
The LittleBig Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (Recruiting Help)12travis544492011-11-05 19:08:00
The Explorers75CYMBOL2011-11-05 19:01:00
Tabletop (Turn-based, top-down, strategy RPG)3Unknown User2011-11-03 20:29:00
Hit the Road, Sack!14StarrKable2011-11-03 14:28:00
Terraformer3Tyranny682011-11-03 03:53:00
A new RPG, Aeon Seeds35Haru-2011-10-31 14:44:00
SewerCide: The last mission14RainbowtipsFort2011-10-31 12:11:00
Project Revamp and Eternal_Minis4Eternal_Rise2011-10-31 04:58:00
Stop the prize give away levels on cool pages7balunn2011-10-30 08:13:00
[Project] The Dump2Unknown User2011-10-29 20:57:00
Dont Feed The Animals: To be released?4drei2011-10-29 10:02:00
Story Plot: Deciding Love10BonBonBoi2011-10-29 06:44:00
Ash_uk1s Projects [Update] added some videos2Ash_uk12011-10-29 00:02:00
My first 2 lbp2-projects (no screenshots)2Fotografht2011-10-27 20:02:00
Guillie Gear: MeinKraft (Tactical 3D First-Person Shooter Adventure)9Codybean12011-10-27 04:29:00
The Printz Diaries, Chapter One: Apples & Diamonds6rialrees2011-10-26 13:25:00
A Lost Voice.18Valeview2011-10-25 19:17:00
Rpg Project: T3cH'd OuT5donta1332011-10-24 22:56:00
Futuristic RTS (Real Time Strategy)7Unknown User2011-10-24 14:46:00
Music from games needed please1Chaos_Martin2011-10-23 23:33:00
The Mysterious Wizard5Unknown User2011-10-23 23:18:00
'Sledgehammer' Music Video Sackinima Project9DjOuroboros2011-10-22 15:58:00
The legend of the five keys [series] projects1Unknown User2011-10-21 12:59:00
Introducing my new series: Marsh!(Mario Sunshine meets Oddworld)1jjdragon2011-10-21 02:18:00
Logician(s) / Movie Maker(s) needed !10Unknown User2011-10-20 19:56:00
◘ ADVANCED Sackbot Logic (Vampire) ◘4Unknown User2011-10-20 02:51:00
LBP Kingdom Hearts32Darkcloudrepeat2011-10-18 23:21:00
Skyrim Trailer2lbp2goty2011-10-18 09:51:00
Huge Level: Project Eden6Unknown User2011-10-18 03:36:00
Dark Snow1Unknown User2011-10-17 19:21:00
Versus Minigame - Cauldron Chaos1lbp2goty2011-10-17 06:53:00
Reality LBP show13Robmandx2011-10-15 19:38:00
Christmas Level3Unknown User2011-10-15 15:44:00
Galactica-The Tale of A Hero (Newest Project)3fighterwindplus2011-10-15 03:28:00
I Am Number Four2benia1232011-10-15 03:07:00
4th fundemental pillar of lbp?6Smudge2282011-10-14 20:27:00
Music Makers Needed1Unknown User2011-10-13 21:02:00
Potential Project16Eternal_Rise2011-10-13 05:51:00
Just A Dream?14Valeview2011-10-12 13:07:00
The Elder Threads V: Craftrim10Matt-The-Silent2011-10-12 04:10:00
Ninja Dojo1Unknown User2011-10-10 18:03:00
Music wanted2Chaos_Martin2011-10-10 17:27:00
Kim Possisble Mission IV Project Closed.4Thug_Life_EQ2011-10-10 03:57:00
Gardians of Craftonia major update7fly_4_a_jedi2011-10-09 17:55:00
Da Vinci's Workshop1doggy972011-10-09 13:25:00
Wired With Death4Unknown User2011-10-08 19:45:00
Little big planet 3 - the next chapter2Unknown User2011-10-08 18:37:00
Realistic space level23Unknown User2011-10-08 14:48:00
METROID: Across the Stars1Narwhal2011-10-08 03:25:00
Too Dark?9Loafsy2011-10-08 02:08:00
A Day at the Beach - Brainstorming5flyinhawaiian2011-10-08 00:11:00
the Last Queen of Neverland (LBPC5)9poorjack2011-10-07 17:08:00
Paper Mario Type Level3Unknown User2011-10-05 20:04:00
Sack Settlement Role playing game team required7Chaos_Martin2011-10-05 19:32:00
Eddie Izzard Cake or Death team6Chaos_Martin2011-10-04 22:40:00
Era of the Rails/ History through LBP3Unknown User2011-10-04 06:24:00
New level series5Unknown User2011-10-02 02:29:00
LittleBigToons (Paw'd episode 2)9Robmandx2011-09-30 18:42:00
Omnipotence TD8Turtlelink22011-09-30 16:55:00
Want your level recorded?53Robmandx2011-09-29 19:57:00
SackSettlement team!5Chaos_Martin2011-09-29 14:26:00
LBPC HQ need a very active forum member14Chaos_Martin2011-09-29 12:52:00
Star Trek the next generation8Perfectnothing002011-09-29 05:16:00
The 50 Ideas Every Creative Should Know5schm02011-09-28 02:21:00
Cool Pages8MegaNarwhal2011-09-27 20:39:00
3D landscaper needed4Chaos_Martin2011-09-27 19:23:00
The end of the world as we know it2Unknown User2011-09-27 13:31:00
Em-Te: Attack of Mr. Bergmans6Em-te2011-09-26 21:00:00
The Sands Of Creativity [Working Title]5Unknown User2011-09-24 15:11:00
Voice actors needed!1Unknown User2011-09-24 13:01:00
Project Impossible6Speedynutty682011-09-24 06:36:00
A Day With Mr. Putty7lemurboy122011-09-22 17:55:00
my projects3jonjeter2011-09-21 23:17:00
Angry Birds?3Unknown User2011-09-21 20:23:00
Time Traveler?16Macasadia2011-09-20 19:29:00
Great music writer needed!2Unknown User2011-09-19 19:51:00
Thinking about finishing a new Zelda music level.1Unknown User2011-09-19 11:38:00
ghostbusters on the move1Unknown User2011-09-19 06:12:00
Upcoming horror game.4Unknown User2011-09-19 01:28:00
Marvel vs Capcom vs MK vs Sony vs Looney Tunes1Unknown User2011-09-18 21:24:00
Sci-Fi vs Fantasy13fighterwindplus2011-09-18 20:38:00
Remote RGB hologram array11Unknown User2011-09-18 15:28:00
Zurvival (RPG-Side Scrolling-Zombie Game)2Unknown User2011-09-18 03:29:00
Needed: Ideas for a Point and Click Adventure6Unknown User2011-09-17 21:55:00
The Sacks Continuum (recruiting ppl)3oblivios2011-09-17 19:08:00
LocoRoco!4BeaversLikeWood2011-09-17 12:59:00
Spaff Appreciation Day-inspired level1Unknown User2011-09-17 11:41:00
How to Build Things #2-Viewer's Choice (You choose the topic!!!)1cheese77102011-09-17 05:06:00
New project pixel platformer5Ash_uk12011-09-16 12:17:00
Project: Artist1poorjack2011-09-16 09:32:00
Kim Possible Mission IV has been posted1Thug_Life_EQ2011-09-16 01:02:00
A new horror/thriller in progress1Unknown User2011-09-15 21:14:00
Kim Possible Mission IV Update: Play as Kim!!1Thug_Life_EQ2011-09-15 07:55:00
litte big planet 2 hearted3Unknown User2011-09-14 23:18:00
Level name!6Unknown User2011-09-14 20:54:00
cult of movement1trianglepigsquar2011-09-14 20:53:00
Codename: Llama5DarkDedede2011-09-14 18:53:00
New's on Arcade Quest(some really bad news and good news)4majormel842011-09-13 03:40:00
ALICE Non-Actor Recruiting749er Nation2011-09-13 03:03:00
Sackboy Meets The Incredibles (Issue #1)2Behonkiss2011-09-12 23:16:00
One BIG movie finale3craigmond2011-09-12 20:13:00
First time trying1doggy972011-09-12 13:20:00
Ultra Turtle Blaster Extreme (8-bit Platformer) - Preview Thread w/ Pictures!9nunsmasher2011-09-12 06:28:00
Media Molecule broke the vertical 3D Cameras! Want them Back? [Project]20Codybean12011-09-12 03:38:00
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LBP Artists Gallery1Chaos_Martin2011-09-11 10:12:00
CRYSACK - crysis in LBP!14Hawk142011-09-11 05:27:00
Tug o' War Tourney1Tellous2011-09-10 21:36:00
World of tanks5Matt-The-Silent2011-09-10 18:02:00
Angel Falls11craigmond2011-09-10 17:34:00
Angry Birds! (Move level)4Alternative_sack2011-09-10 14:12:00
Recruiting a music maker1InfiniteTwilight2011-09-10 01:10:00
Cookie 'n' Creme's Earthcake Quake1keanine2011-09-09 22:43:00
Hy guys! A new level!5hershysnickers52011-09-09 13:00:00
Untitled Horror Survival Game2emoguy2011-09-09 04:43:00
Ethrion5fighterwindplus2011-09-09 01:25:00
For Zelda fans! Forest Temple7Unknown User2011-09-08 22:37:00
Testers wanted!1Masseyf2011-09-07 19:47:00
Music Theory 10110comishguy672011-09-07 18:02:00
Motion Control, w/out Move.1Dante952011-09-07 16:38:00
Alice in Wonderland Recruiting (SECRET UNTIL 9/13)3249er Nation2011-09-07 05:04:00
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Boo! Did I Scare You?16112042011-09-04 20:49:00
Three New Projects From a New Forum Member10Unknown User2011-09-03 01:52:00
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24 Hour Create Challenge! - "Risk" board game AI13SSTAGG12011-09-02 08:48:00
Abductinators!3Unknown User2011-09-01 03:46:00
Aurora Crystallis: Storyboard Artists Needed(?)4Fang2011-09-01 02:57:00
The Heliorian (Space Ship for roleplaying)1J_wulfke2011-08-31 14:50:00
I need some Requests!1ishotthesherrif2011-08-31 09:59:00
LittleBigToons46Robmandx2011-08-31 02:46:00
Dimentia Poll: The Coma5Clayton2011-08-30 08:05:00
Open-World Parkour Level3Unknown User2011-08-30 06:29:00
Waiting... For My Ruca!3poorjack2011-08-30 06:08:00
Amnesia -The Dark Descent-20SPARTANDUDE9242011-08-30 03:58:00
"The Mercenaries" Community Poll 35SSTAGG12011-08-30 02:29:00
Crede in Eskaya [rpg]3robbin12322011-08-29 14:40:00
Robin Hood's Level Series4Jauw2011-08-29 09:40:00
A series or separate levels?2abyssalassassin2011-08-29 00:56:00
Ultimate zombie survival7wally-2172011-08-29 00:02:00
Ultimate zombie survival1wally-2172011-08-28 23:57:00
The InventingKing's Hotel Project (Helpers Wanted)3Unknown User2011-08-28 00:54:00
Around the world in one level [EUROPE] (LBT)7Robmandx2011-08-27 17:12:00
Meet the Bitmins!13Tadao-ZM2011-08-27 05:43:00
LittleBig Horse!1Unknown User2011-08-27 02:35:00
New LBP 2 Project!! and Developer Diary3Unknown User2011-08-26 22:55:00
I need ideas for my mech :L1Xshaemus2011-08-26 15:30:00
Kill zone1Unknown User2011-08-26 04:45:00
I made an 8 player demo.2Unknown User2011-08-26 02:01:00
Music from the LBP prototype "craftworld"5HellFire23452011-08-26 00:05:00
LBP2 Saving System: Stickers Vs Codes7Rpg Maker2011-08-25 14:55:00
Sackmagnet [Beta testing]8Slurm2011-08-25 10:46:00
Infamous 1: Project3CLC4life2011-08-25 02:49:00
Offering help3Sean882011-08-24 23:28:00
The Lost: To Continue?10standby2502011-08-24 22:32:00
Skate School Take Over (PREVIEW VIDEO INSIDE BUT NEED IDEAS))4SkaterOllie7952011-08-24 10:51:00
The Ultimate Project: The "Crashable" Car7Unknown User2011-08-24 00:54:00
Group for Create levels on LBP 24Unknown User2011-08-23 18:36:00
Attention to Fans of: Steampunk ships/ Airships/ Pirate ships1ishotthesherrif2011-08-23 11:15:00
Shadow of the Colossus (Work in Progress)1Sackpapoi2011-08-23 09:59:00
Aperture Labs (Portal 2, mainly the moving panels)2Unknown User2011-08-23 09:14:00
[WIP] Labyrinth (nice art of using game cameras and sixaxis)4Katil922011-08-23 06:48:00
The Calamitous Computer Caper (W.I.P., taking layout suggestions)1Behonkiss2011-08-23 04:07:00
LBP looney tunes (idea)1Robmandx2011-08-23 02:37:00
Call of Cthulhu: The Levels of H.P. Lovecraft36poorjack2011-08-22 23:20:00
Need FF7 music please10Chaos_Martin2011-08-22 08:54:00
LittleBigToons Inc2Robmandx2011-08-22 02:07:00
What Did I Do To Deserve This My Lord?1fly_4_a_jedi2011-08-22 01:08:00
Move level ideas6Alternative_sack2011-08-21 22:27:00
Shaun of the dead community level kit.1Alternative_sack2011-08-21 19:14:00
Music Gallery by Claydohwizard12Clayton2011-08-21 15:43:00
Help decorating my first level?2Trader3472011-08-21 06:23:00
HELP WANTED! Final Oracle3Unknown User2011-08-20 20:02:00
[Project] Farwest (Need help for translation fr to en)4mish802011-08-20 13:21:00
Blaster! Side-scrolling space shooter3Unknown User2011-08-19 02:08:00
Dimentia (LBPC6?)68Clayton2011-08-18 03:36:00
Help Needed!1Unknown User2011-08-18 01:55:00
Arcanists: A Remake2Julianotis12011-08-18 00:37:00
making my first level!6Unknown User2011-08-17 18:11:00
Hundreds of Creators Making 1 Game Together!!!1Unknown User2011-08-17 06:45:00
QR Code Encrypter/Decrypter, Encrypted Save data creator12Unknown User2011-08-17 00:10:00
Call of Duty: LittleBig Ops Fps1Unknown User2011-08-16 22:41:00
Simon Memory Game?!2Unknown User2011-08-16 04:55:00
Team create2Robmandx2011-08-16 00:13:00
Moon Base Catastrophe (lbt)6Robmandx2011-08-15 14:23:00
H&S Ninja Level2Unknown User2011-08-15 14:00:00
Velox Nation - (Trial testers and Audio needed)140Ostler50002011-08-15 12:52:00
Space Station A.I - help needed!1wolfy_6162011-08-15 12:13:00
The Only Way is Down2Unknown User2011-08-15 03:37:00
Through the Eyes of A Sackboy6Unknown User2011-08-14 18:41:00
Desent of Darkness: The rise of Xero4Unknown User2011-08-14 17:48:00
LBP Musician's Guild10schm02011-08-14 03:04:00
Making a Working Computer9Phazerz1232011-08-12 18:49:00
Sonic Scram!3Unknown User2011-08-12 12:37:00
CLOSED* "The Mercenaries" Community Poll 22SSTAGG12011-08-12 10:05:00
a memory card microchip?14majormel842011-08-11 16:41:00
Kingdom Hearts based action/adventure series(Working Title)6AbsurdAj2011-08-11 05:44:00
LEGENDARY Staff Recruiting449er Nation2011-08-11 01:20:00
I Need Ideas5Unknown User2011-08-11 00:28:00
ArabesQue25Unknown User2011-08-10 23:09:00
LittleBigPlanet3 Beta testing project11Unknown User2011-08-10 19:41:00
Densetsu no Kage (sackbot help needed!)4LBNinja2011-08-10 18:02:00
a pool level Standard and 9 ball and maybe more1Unknown User2011-08-10 07:39:00
The Essential Platformer No. 1; "Neon Highway" [ I NEED PLATFORMING IDEAS! ]4flamesterart2011-08-10 05:43:00
Donta133 and I's Top-Down/Sideview Sci-Fi RPG.2Unknown User2011-08-10 05:29:00
Recreation of dijecks movement algorithm3Unknown User2011-08-10 03:29:00
The Testing Facility (5 part series)7Unknown User2011-08-09 19:20:00
The Totally Obssesive Collection of Complete Awesomeness5TheLawnStink2011-08-09 16:33:00
"The Mercenaries" Community Poll7SSTAGG12011-08-09 09:45:00
LittleBigToons (JOBS)15Robmandx2011-08-08 16:07:00
1 Final Fantasy 7 level (No ATB)9Chaos_Martin2011-08-07 23:48:00
bodies under the waves an all new lbp2 horror experiance4runand_tell_that2011-08-07 21:45:00
Little Bug Planet (Help wanted)4Robmandx2011-08-07 21:44:00
Omnidroid2Unknown User2011-08-07 11:28:00
Coming Soon....Crisis at the Orbitron Space Station1Brannayen2011-08-07 01:29:00
Little Big Planet Central series3Robmandx2011-08-07 01:09:00
Last Days: The Fall of Elithia -- RPG Project32Aegonian2011-08-06 22:20:00
LittleBigToons (HELP WANTED)4Robmandx2011-08-06 18:45:00
LittleBig Arcade14benia1232011-08-06 04:25:00
Adventurous Platforming Action Story3donta1332011-08-06 03:49:00
Second Project: Costume Showcase3Unknown User2011-08-05 23:37:00
LittleBigPinball *BETA*3Unknown User2011-08-05 21:53:00
My First Level3Unknown User2011-08-05 14:12:00
Futuristic level3Unknown User2011-08-05 13:57:00
BLACK OPS ZOMBIES : MOON (1-4 Players) COMING SOON !3SackBoy982011-08-05 05:29:00
Hysteria Of Mayhem (show level, needs voice actors)1Unknown User2011-08-05 03:11:00
{} Tale of the Vampire Princess {} (Project)5Rather Tasty2011-08-04 22:58:00
Toolkit to create complete shooter levels (Sackbot X tools)6Linque2011-08-04 22:40:00
super smash bros brawl level 1 target test3Sunbunny232011-08-04 14:35:00
The four lords of destruction (WIP) very much3huntedstorm2011-08-04 07:18:00
Phantasy Star SMS [Project]6Unknown User2011-08-03 21:03:00
Tale of the stars!!(making a demo and more!)3majormel842011-08-03 20:36:00
-Mercenaries of Peace-9Jedibrad2011-08-03 18:53:00
Caverns of the Lost, part 1 in the making UPDATE: part 226LittleBigDes2011-08-03 13:34:00
Health Meter Toolkit32Unknown User2011-08-02 22:02:00
Sackboy vs the quizler2Robmandx2011-08-02 14:03:00
I want to build an RPG21fly_4_a_jedi2011-08-01 22:28:00
~To Many ideas? Oh the PAIN!~18Lord-Dreamerz2011-08-01 09:45:00
What kind of level would you like to see?6SackBolt2011-08-01 00:02:00
armored warfare (Canceled)7Haru-2011-07-31 03:51:00
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind49SPARTANDUDE9242011-07-30 23:27:00
Logic Workshop2Unknown User2011-07-30 11:32:00
Turn-based Battle system!3NeonSudagatz2011-07-29 20:05:00
Mario Party: Sony Style8Clayton2011-07-29 09:39:00
i was thinking of2BlackThornDust2011-07-29 09:08:00
Space Fighter :: Help Wanted1Alismadia2011-07-29 01:30:00
A New Way of seeing the Dualshock.3Dante952011-07-28 23:48:00
co-op create mode?3Unknown User2011-07-28 20:57:00
Dead Shadows? - House of the Dead1temple19972011-07-28 20:40:00
"Wallace and Gromit: Moon Cheese!" - A Little(Big?) Idea of Mine (ON HOLD)20SSTAGG12011-07-28 20:22:00
Almost 5 Million levels and free DLC idea.3TJLEW2011-07-28 20:03:00
LBP 2 Family house (PROJECT)2Unknown User2011-07-28 15:40:00
Resistance: The Golden Claw Demo now out!9fighterwindplus2011-07-28 10:03:00
*EPIC PLATFORMER PROJECT* Travel Through Time4lbp2goty2011-07-28 08:32:00
Ratchet & Clank: Sacks of Steel2Brandon2011-07-28 07:50:00
War of Souls: aka my neverending project11Sehven2011-07-28 02:05:00
Sackboy Party (Minigames made 34/??)21JKthree2011-07-27 20:40:00
work team for puzzle adveture game2Chaos_Martin2011-07-27 19:45:00
The Coin of the Galaxys (Project Coin)8Nitranon772011-07-26 17:18:00
a city invasion !4Unknown User2011-07-26 14:39:00
inspiration...5dragonights2011-07-26 04:51:00
The Missing Piece (A LittleBigPlanet series)1Scholarship2011-07-26 01:50:00
Defend your castle!13Unknown User2011-07-25 21:52:00
Tin Pin Bowling1Unknown User2011-07-25 20:34:00
Demon Squid Boss Revamped!6Unknown User2011-07-25 08:03:00
Pro realistic car shop (help)3Unknown User2011-07-25 00:44:00
The Temple of Sackuwantu3cthulhu822011-07-24 16:41:00
Project Morphball: A Metroid Prequel3Shadow_Wolf_19872011-07-24 15:00:00
One Layer Level6cthulhu822011-07-24 01:18:00
World Domination - RTS [Proof of Concept]132Unknown User2011-07-24 00:21:00
Proud1Unknown User2011-07-23 04:23:00
10 Things to do in a meeting (FILM)6lbp2goty2011-07-22 10:10:00
mother of all bomb survivals12benia1232011-07-22 02:30:00
Dice / Board Game! (The Smurfs Dice Game)7Unknown User2011-07-21 21:10:00
Help required with horror level!1Unknown User2011-07-21 18:21:00
Call of Duty Multiplayer [Project]37Clayton2011-07-21 10:02:00
Limbo11lbp2goty2011-07-21 07:13:00
The Empire1Unknown User2011-07-21 05:43:00
1-4 player blackjack against a dealer1Unknown User2011-07-21 03:14:00
Project: Soul26Nurolight2011-07-21 00:46:00
PixelTopia simple single plane level3DarrienEven2011-07-20 20:42:00
What do you want?10fly_4_a_jedi2011-07-20 19:19:00
casino roulette and slots1Unknown User2011-07-20 05:45:00
Majora's Mask Prequel (New Trailer!)29kuppokid2011-07-20 03:49:00
The Music Request Center4Destroyer55632011-07-20 02:27:00
Essentials Series1AcAnimate2011-07-20 01:29:00
OLVOR (the most realistic pinball table)7Unknown User2011-07-20 00:46:00
The Un-named Project of Possible Epic Proportions14flyinhawaiian2011-07-20 00:21:00
LBP2 MPL BB Gun1StrikerEOD2222011-07-19 23:12:00
Project: Neon1chronos4532011-07-19 19:33:00
FFVII Aerises revenge on Sephiroth level1Thug_Life_EQ2011-07-19 13:25:00
Just an idea...11ZackBoy2011-07-19 06:10:00
Journey To An Mm Pick.1Unknown User2011-07-19 05:25:00
LBP2 AK74u BB gun7StrikerEOD2222011-07-19 01:13:00
Boom Blox Arcade2Unknown User2011-07-18 17:04:00
X-Men Promo Trailer1craigmond2011-07-18 16:49:00
LBP2 Mac-11 BB Gun8StrikerEOD2222011-07-18 14:31:00
Assassin's Creed: A Ransom Paid In Blood5lbp2goty2011-07-17 08:19:00
Little Big Broadcast Helping Little Big Planet a level at a time!9Unknown User2011-07-16 22:53:00
Elemental Takedown (Multiplayer Deathmatch)2fighterwindplus2011-07-16 21:47:00
The Sack Depression3madmarsrocks2011-07-16 21:24:00
Japanese Language Pack! 日本語パック!8Ayneh2011-07-16 16:08:00
Sac Bandicoot Expansion Pack3Alismadia2011-07-16 16:04:00
A creatinator that fires multiple objects2Unknown User2011-07-16 05:28:00
Any good retro musicians out there?1Unknown User2011-07-15 21:19:00
DD weekly competition!3Unknown User2011-07-15 20:15:00
SURVIVOR open world puzzle survival3Unknown User2011-07-15 12:06:00
the Legend of Artemis: Ballad of the Time Thief23poorjack2011-07-15 03:51:00
NCW Level Listings and statuses.1Eternal_Rise2011-07-15 03:35:00
Group RPG level17Jamaloop2011-07-14 20:54:00
Using [LBPC] tag to find our levels7sp0ngyraver2011-07-14 17:08:00
Sonic The Hedgehog: Project Elements28MiniWeav2011-07-14 15:43:00
Deadville Infection a highly detailed top down zombie shooter18Lordwarblade2011-07-14 03:38:00
OBSIDYA - Chapter 1: Prologue3hardyboys-2011-07-13 20:30:00
The Sly cooper level series~Need help7BlackThornDust2011-07-13 07:56:00
BLOCKS [1 player only] beta (a level for the LBPlanetarium contest)2Slurm2011-07-13 02:51:00
Giving unique id's and signaling channels to emitted objects43hesido2011-07-12 22:25:00
Exploration levels.2Cactii2011-07-12 19:26:00
VGA Planets in LBP5SSTAGG12011-07-12 04:31:00
the ant chronicles ?1supertwinbros142011-07-12 04:06:00
Level: Impossible149er Nation2011-07-12 02:47:00
Legendary - An Amazing Tale449er Nation2011-07-11 22:17:00
Project Community349er Nation2011-07-11 05:35:00
Chronicles of the Unknown26Unknown User2011-07-11 04:29:00
Creating an advanced level, anyone wanna help?8DoomeDx2011-07-10 19:03:00
I need a hard project for a object.1Unknown User2011-07-09 22:01:00
[Near Completion] The Facility - Puzzle/Platformer1Unknown User2011-07-09 18:25:00
Biggest challenge for expert music sequencer creators!14TJLEW2011-07-09 01:02:00
Looking for......1lbp2goty2011-07-08 12:04:00
Ac brotherhood level8lbp2goty2011-07-08 11:32:00
Food Fight (Film)1lbp2goty2011-07-08 11:22:00
Museum of awesome1Unknown User2011-07-08 09:02:00
Metroid Prime Demo out now!!2Unknown User2011-07-08 00:26:00
Cell6DoodVogeltje2011-07-07 18:59:00
Poll of Ideas: Round 2 (OBSIDYA Or...) [UPD]4hardyboys-2011-07-07 16:55:00
Dimension switching2kuppokid2011-07-07 01:09:00
Cakes Will Never Take Me1Unknown User2011-07-07 00:19:00
Super Smash Bros. and hologram annomation2Unknown User2011-07-06 23:07:00
The Great Creation Thief!!8Unknown User2011-07-06 22:10:00
Poll Of Ideas: Round 2 (OBSIDYA Or...)1hardyboys-2011-07-06 21:25:00
Smart Movement (Work in Progress)5kvbkvb2011-07-06 20:23:00
The Little Big Electronica Project8Rapidkirby3k2011-07-05 16:57:00
Insomnia - InDevelopment1Unknown User2011-07-04 21:41:00
~The Adventures of Dareti Katain~5Lord-Dreamerz2011-07-04 01:11:00
Rpg maker 2k9Katil922011-07-02 23:09:00
Relay railway WIP4Unknown User2011-07-02 21:44:00
Flame the hamster(a cartoony adventure)5majormel842011-07-02 21:31:00
Stargate (Realistic)1Unknown User2011-07-02 21:25:00
Clan project2Unknown User2011-07-02 14:26:00
Metal gear solid: Remake5wolfy_6162011-07-02 14:15:00
The LBCreators (big group no spaces xD)1Unknown User2011-07-02 10:16:00
LBP2 - MFPS (Multiplayer First Person Shooter)3Unknown User2011-07-02 06:17:00
Creator for hire :)14Sean882011-07-02 01:14:00
Crysis 2 project6Unknown User2011-07-01 14:59:00
OBSIDYA: Open World (With RPG Elements) Game5hardyboys-2011-07-01 14:44:00
LittleBig Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Online5Unknown User2011-07-01 14:11:00
Ninja Movie [Project]18Captain_Dinosaur2011-07-01 09:51:00
Play testers needed4KnutsoPX2011-06-29 16:16:00
Time Works1waaghgork2011-06-29 09:39:00
Wind Survival24lemurboy122011-06-28 21:49:00
The Rising1Unknown User2011-06-28 20:31:00
Island survival (Suggestions and tips needed!)1LBNinja2011-06-28 20:05:00
LittleBig Terraria ?10TheLittleSoAndSo2011-06-28 19:33:00
LBP2 Project: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children3Unknown User2011-06-28 19:06:00
Little Big inFAMOUS 22Unknown User2011-06-28 02:27:00
The Little Big Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask41travis544492011-06-27 19:49:00
Need assistance with a Large Vehical( ship andspace station)8Unknown User2011-06-27 02:49:00
Need a little help making the KPM opening2Thug_Life_EQ2011-06-27 02:19:00
Rayman Origins E3 2011 Demo in LittleBigPlanet 217Unknown User2011-06-26 18:22:00
Poll Of Ideas!8hardyboys-2011-06-26 15:38:00
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Pics coming soon)2Unknown User2011-06-26 12:12:00
Artificial intelligence2Unknown User2011-06-26 11:13:00
Level Naming17waaghgork2011-06-26 10:16:00
High Tech/Futuristic Lvl7Unknown User2011-06-26 03:26:00
Logic Requests9Unknown User2011-06-26 02:07:00
Voice acting level2Unknown User2011-06-25 20:20:00
LBP2 STORY WORLD SERIES :: SkullCandyWorld [Help?]5Unknown User2011-06-25 18:23:00
Straying from the classic Bomb Survival Concept2Unknown User2011-06-25 16:35:00
Resistance 2 VERSUS MULTIPLAYER1LBP2_Tutorialist2011-06-24 22:27:00
Magicka - LittleBigPlanet Version25Unknown User2011-06-24 15:45:00
A Cinematic Zombie Apocalypse Series314sp0ngyraver2011-06-24 08:49:00
Plants vs Zombies5Zero101002011-06-23 23:24:00
Phoenix Knight (In Progress- Sackbot Logic, Music, Scenery Decorations Needed)16fighterwindplus2011-06-23 22:41:00
Reign of the Super-Man1poorjack2011-06-23 13:34:00
Operation: OMEGA ((LPB2 Level - In Works))9Unknown User2011-06-22 21:35:00
The LittleBig Music-Making Project!56Unknown User2011-06-22 19:55:00
Legond of Sack2Undarivik2011-06-22 19:22:00
Legend of Sack8Undarivik2011-06-22 19:19:00
X-Men Cyclops Sackbot Demo3craigmond2011-06-22 16:57:00
D. Gray-Man series project3TheGoldenFlash2011-06-22 14:01:00
d20 System3poorjack2011-06-22 13:45:00
Board Game Interactive Dice2propatino2011-06-22 12:15:00
Somebody make this song in LBP2, it has to be made!3Codybean12011-06-22 01:15:00
Wired (Currently working title)1Unknown User2011-06-21 23:46:00
Introducing: Medals! PORTAL: ORIGINS4hardyboys-2011-06-21 20:05:00
Platforming project5TheGoldenFlash2011-06-21 15:13:00
In and Out of Darkness MUSICIAN NEEDED1Unknown User2011-06-21 09:36:00
Turret Command [TD] - Working Title.3Unknown User2011-06-21 04:09:00
Artificial Mind (Logic Project)8Unknown User2011-06-21 02:11:00
Artificial Mind (Logic Project)1Unknown User2011-06-21 01:38:00
Night Of The Undead [Working Title]4Nurolight2011-06-20 16:42:00
gestalt/ power rangers like mega zord2Unknown User2011-06-20 11:50:00
WhiteWolf's Next Project1Unknown User2011-06-20 10:56:00
Codename Change, Group Feedback Recruiting. *URGENT*5Darkcloudrepeat2011-06-20 04:04:00
Spartans vs. Elites1Iceychill562011-06-20 03:32:00
Little Big Police Story5Unknown User2011-06-19 11:59:00
Useable Working Guns8Unknown User2011-06-19 05:42:00
LBPC: The Game... 2?84RockSauron2011-06-19 00:20:00
Medievil Movie Pt21craigmond2011-06-18 12:58:00
Galactic Shards - Flames of Obsession - Level Designers Wanted42keanine2011-06-18 11:05:00
Point Shop Beta level4HyperFlash2011-06-18 06:01:00
The Amazing Spider-Man Project (SACKBOT DEMO UP NOW!!!)7TREMIC12011-06-18 04:24:00
earth guardians project1Haru-2011-06-17 23:32:00
Sackbolt Costumes!6SackBolt2011-06-17 19:40:00
Sackboy generations poll2Jakest1232011-06-17 18:57:00
Isle of WestWinds4Cactii2011-06-17 02:22:00
Move Level Ideas13lemurboy122011-06-16 16:36:00
Excitebike remake1flamesterart2011-06-16 15:34:00
Final Fantasy X Remake8Unknown User2011-06-16 14:26:00
First time here and inFAMOUS project5Unknown User2011-06-15 20:19:00
Project - Super Sack World3Unknown User2011-06-15 01:42:00
Gran Turismo: LBP Edition2Unknown User2011-06-15 01:29:00
LB3 : In-Game Convencion Center32ZeusInTraining2011-06-14 20:45:00
Save System and Micro Store2Unknown User2011-06-14 18:54:00
Project: Epically Fun Platformer8Unknown User2011-06-14 02:20:00
New Project - PSV - Ratchet and Clank: Mind Games (Working Title) Need Help2pilsburydoughboy552011-06-13 22:40:00
The Mercenaries: Cooperative Campaign132SSTAGG12011-06-13 05:59:00
Making a top-down survival. But i need help with models.3DoomeDx2011-06-12 18:12:00
Galactic Shards - Flames of Obsession (Looking for a team)22keanine2011-06-12 14:18:00
Aliens! Community level kit help!?1Alternative_sack2011-06-12 14:09:00
My new Project: SteamBot (Music maker needed!)5frexy182011-06-12 13:46:00
Terraria4BeaversLikeWood2011-06-12 11:42:00
Creators in need of inspiration, I have a task for you!1nunsmasher2011-06-12 07:47:00
The Meanie Factory2UberOrbPS2011-06-12 03:08:00
Killzone Invasion project requirement5Chaos_Martin2011-06-11 23:12:00
Sackboy Generations?27Jakest1232011-06-11 22:13:00
Portal: Origins7hardyboys-2011-06-11 18:41:00
Is there another way?2Unknown User2011-06-11 10:46:00
Littlebig inFamous with youtube video and pics (TECH DEMO AVAILABLE)41SkaterOllie7952011-06-11 08:55:00
GBA remake w/ sprites?5Unknown User2011-06-11 06:55:00
Survival: Apocalypse8jgsstl2011-06-11 02:06:00
The Perfect Sandcastle2craigmond2011-06-10 20:14:00
Dragon Legacy1fighterwindplus2011-06-10 13:22:00
Building a (World) Level games. Final Fantasy XI-XIV Online & Pokemon World (Team)1venat2011-06-10 08:56:00
Opinion Wanted For Art-style7RagTagPwner2011-06-10 06:51:00
Kim Possible Mission IV Now in progress2Thug_Life_EQ2011-06-09 07:34:00
this is for angle box2supertwinbros142011-06-09 03:56:00
red redemption project3supertwinbros142011-06-09 03:53:00
Assassins Creed Brotherhood (Official Production Thread) Tech Demo Available!78SPARTANDUDE9242011-06-09 01:29:00
Boss battle: WHAT IS THAT THING!?17Sylux2011-06-08 05:29:00
A Level Hub For Good, But Not Very Noticed Levels2Joey98982011-06-08 03:41:00
Smile For Kill Cam :)10Unknown User2011-06-08 00:47:00
Dear Daughter [Horror Project]29koltonaugust2011-06-07 06:09:00
LBP Projects - Need Logicians!16SPARTANDUDE9242011-06-07 02:09:00
god of war 3 project5supertwinbros142011-06-06 22:19:00
Megaman Zero styled sackbot.1Unknown User2011-06-06 09:59:00
Faux's Mansion.4KoRnDawwg2011-06-05 22:40:00
Intergalactic War! (Project closed :[ )9SSTAGG12011-06-05 21:09:00
LittleBigPlanet2, The Movie!7Unknown User2011-06-05 13:24:00
Free Costume No Fake!!!1Thug_Life_EQ2011-06-05 08:29:00
Please play my Tic Tac Toe Level3Thug_Life_EQ2011-06-05 08:24:00
A Checkers Game...2Unknown User2011-06-05 03:54:00
Level Plot?1Unknown User2011-06-05 03:06:00
The Darkness5Chrree2011-06-05 01:14:00
Requesting Map Help1venat2011-06-04 23:20:00
Pokemon Tree Brown Version1Unknown User2011-06-04 22:47:00
lbp2 2011 tech show52deschuttes22011-06-04 17:12:00
versus arena series1Unknown User2011-06-04 12:42:00
Sonic Surge2tersock2011-06-04 05:42:00
Musical Film1Unknown User2011-06-04 05:16:00
Project code name "HeliosPunk"5Arnald232011-06-04 02:34:00
Future Level (Series) - Help Requested2flyinhawaiian2011-06-03 20:20:00
Project Vivo1Gamerater152011-06-03 19:03:00
Fps 3.01Unknown User2011-06-03 15:50:00
The New Craftworld Project Development Thread.56Eternal_Rise2011-06-03 08:10:00
Inspired1Stunkel2011-06-03 01:20:00
Mario Kart new pictures and a video add!6Ash_uk12011-06-02 16:26:00
Subaqua / deepsea /Coral-reef LV2Erebus2011-06-02 10:21:00
No Way Back9TheLittleSoAndSo2011-06-02 09:27:00
Visionless Platformer4Unknown User2011-06-02 08:31:00
Nick's Many Good Levels in One Day3Nick9309302011-06-02 06:16:00
Bullet Rampage: A Touhou-esque Game.6SuddenEnigma2011-06-02 01:53:00
Mythicos: the Realm of Elves AND Mythicos: Year of the Dark Phoenix28poorjack2011-06-01 14:51:00
Logic help3Unknown User2011-06-01 13:19:00
creater tower1supertwinbros142011-05-30 23:55:00
RIO ( new lbp project help wanted)4Unknown User2011-05-30 23:21:00
Colored Water(projectile)4Unknown User2011-05-30 22:48:00
Overlord1Zero101002011-05-30 21:59:00
Is it possible to recreate this music?10Jakest1232011-05-30 18:54:00
The City3Unknown User2011-05-30 16:28:00
F.u.b.a.r3Unknown User2011-05-30 13:09:00
Sackbot NPCs5Brandon2011-05-30 08:38:00
Modern Warfare 223SPARTANDUDE9242011-05-30 00:09:00
Ttt1Unknown User2011-05-29 17:40:00
Your awesome levels in one awesome museum3SkaterOllie7952011-05-29 11:45:00
The Academy Of Imagination1Unknown User2011-05-29 09:39:00
Metal Gear Trilogy11ballisticola2011-05-28 23:46:00
Lost in time1CragmiteBlaster2011-05-28 20:29:00
Bomberman 64 Versus1Unknown User2011-05-28 15:24:00
StrikeBreakers (1st Person level)6acdramon2011-05-28 13:43:00
New Craftworld (potential series)18Eternal_Rise2011-05-28 02:46:00
PORTAL? New-Brand Game [PROJECT]16hardyboys-2011-05-28 00:14:00
infamous6supertwinbros142011-05-27 21:28:00
Collaborations1Unknown User2011-05-27 18:46:00
The Human Sacktipede: First Sequins6Ungreth2011-05-27 16:36:00
Nick's Upcoming Attractions6Nick9309302011-05-27 01:02:00
Motion Capture Tag Logic Idea4venat2011-05-26 19:32:00
Calling Transformers Movie Fans...3Jakest1232011-05-26 17:57:00
LittleBigPlanets first Skateboard Video1SkaterOllie7952011-05-26 08:21:00
Project Listings.6Eternal_Rise2011-05-26 04:11:00
Boss fight help needed4Unknown User2011-05-25 23:48:00
Creator's Camera System7anthman8522011-05-25 00:43:00
Omega Metropolis18Jakest1232011-05-24 21:11:00
Silent Hill9Unknown User2011-05-24 18:32:00
WarioWare: Tilted!1tersock2011-05-24 04:58:00
I need a certain song made.1Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-24 00:20:00
Boggle (Board Game)4Bbody2011-05-23 22:39:00
Nyan element arena1Unknown User2011-05-23 22:31:00
Collaborators needed6KnutsoPX2011-05-23 22:08:00
LittleBigPlanet2 Project: Help Wanted5Unknown User2011-05-23 20:40:00
Attack of the NERD System17DaSpoony2011-05-23 18:31:00
Recuiting for Final Fantasy Online6venat2011-05-23 07:11:00
Tale Of The Stars( NOW ACCEPTING)3majormel842011-05-23 02:36:00
Torchwood- The spin off from Doctor who10XOAcireXO2011-05-22 21:49:00
Crime and Detection- A 1950's Police Life1TheLittleSoAndSo2011-05-22 19:27:00
project EVIL11nerzdadestroyer2011-05-22 12:02:00
The |New Spheres| Project: A Logfile...1StarrKable2011-05-22 10:41:00
LittleBig DynastyWarriors project1HyperFlash2011-05-22 05:09:00
Upcoming Official Batman Series *Pictures Included*14CYBERSNAKE2011-05-21 14:09:00
Patapon 3 Multiplayer Project4JKthree2011-05-21 05:59:00
Poll Of Ideas (PART 2)5hardyboys-2011-05-21 04:01:00
Sweety level1Squidge992011-05-20 20:04:00
Metriod Prime: ???12Unknown User2011-05-20 17:54:00
Red Star Rising1themaxus2011-05-20 08:12:00
Sequencer Song Request2Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-20 08:02:00
Open Universe16Unknown User2011-05-20 03:07:00
Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Survival (yes, another one...)2Unknown User2011-05-19 21:11:00
Telekinesis Tech Demo3SneakySteve19832011-05-19 20:25:00
Switch 2 {Video and Pics Inside)31craigmond2011-05-19 17:02:00
Reminiscing [A new series by jaropatrickjv]1Unknown User2011-05-19 14:16:00
UFO Fighting2Unknown User2011-05-19 05:55:00
LittleBigMineCraft [MUSIC SHOWCASE OUT NOW!]]62Unknown User2011-05-18 07:32:00
D.A.M.- Destruction at its Max1DominationMags2011-05-18 00:05:00
The Gundam Wing Project - DEMO UP NOW!!!25gevurah222011-05-17 20:28:00
Battle Siege shooter level help request.1Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-17 13:57:00
Metal Gear Solid - New Video4Ash_uk12011-05-17 12:20:00
Sack Of Duty (And A Poll Of Ideas)7hardyboys-2011-05-17 03:26:00
Megaman Sprite Needed!4Unknown User2011-05-16 23:19:00
I'll test your level3Sean882011-05-16 00:09:00
Warehouse 42 (Project)16Wlachen2011-05-15 23:27:00
Minecraft15TheDesertDrifter2011-05-15 11:26:00
How to- Costume creating Tutorial coming soon7calyst_aayla2011-05-15 00:35:00
D00MH4CK3R - Comfirmed Project4Unknown User2011-05-14 15:57:00
people of little big planet who love recreating levels of great video games read this9supertwinbros142011-05-14 09:26:00
Random Maze Generation13anthman8522011-05-14 04:25:00
Doc Oc, Just Cause, and Batman grapple gameplay7evret2011-05-13 20:27:00
The Abandoned Factory6Ash_uk12011-05-13 18:16:00
~Red Sword~ Retro Project.6DarrienEven2011-05-13 00:49:00
Super Afro Samurai Monkeys! - LBP2 version (With YouTube Vid)7LordMagicPants2011-05-12 23:13:00
Medievil: The Fall and Rise of Sir Dan7craigmond2011-05-12 20:59:00
Sackboys PSN Outrage Montages12BeaversLikeWood2011-05-12 12:12:00
Popit15Squidge992011-05-11 19:09:00
Bringing Back the Self-Aware Chip!8Figfewdisgewd2011-05-11 18:12:00
V3 RPG Arena Full Concept22Dortr2011-05-10 21:28:00
Need some help...9Unknown User2011-05-09 17:39:00
My unfinished/completed levels1venat2011-05-09 08:12:00
My unfinished/completed levels1venat2011-05-09 08:10:00
Warehouse 424Wlachen2011-05-09 04:41:00
Portal Test Chambers (First Person)1DominationMags2011-05-09 02:03:00
Dr. Who! (I need voices)14kabirdsall142011-05-08 16:05:00
Kim Possible Mission IV: Dreakins Final Scheme ( Work In Progress)1Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-08 00:05:00
Zombie Infection 2 - RPG level9Unknown User2011-05-07 21:18:00
Important New's Regarding Project Suma2TREMIC12011-05-07 16:53:00
rEdEAD - New epic Action/RPG with an InFAMOUS vibe1Unknown User2011-05-07 03:21:00
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee in LBP2?6Sonik422011-05-07 02:42:00
LBP? Scratch1Cronos Dage2011-05-06 22:30:00
Luos's Sticker and decorations pack64Luos_832011-05-06 13:26:00
Co-op Level1Jakeamorris252011-05-06 10:57:00
Battlefield 301127TehUberZac2011-05-04 20:43:00
Doomsday3Ignition2462011-05-04 17:44:00
My Space Shooter Level. Need Help.8Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-04 07:30:00
BLACK OPS ZOMBIES : Call of the Dead (1-4 Players)9SackBoy982011-05-04 02:54:00
RPG side-scroller or top-down?12ShadowTyphoon2011-05-04 02:07:00
Has anyone tried making...19Hawk142011-05-03 19:23:00
Kim Possible Mission IV Requests1Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-03 09:09:00
The Think Tank (A Community... Thing)16Unknown User2011-05-03 00:41:00
LittleBigTown - The Top Down Hang-Out10Unknown User2011-05-02 03:47:00
Sackbots Detectable Costume Changer (NEW)15Special_D_2011-05-01 11:53:00
Imagination Incorporated13iTriangle2011-04-30 23:40:00
LBPC (Little Big Planet Connected)12Unknown User2011-04-30 22:33:00
Video game music...20nk8272011-04-30 21:00:00
Reversal role!!!!?6Unknown User2011-04-29 19:59:00
New Top-Down Action Packed tank Fighting!1raptor426942011-04-29 17:17:00
PSN Is Down: The Epic RPG16Unknown User2011-04-29 12:39:00
Good? Bad? Maybe?3Unknown User2011-04-29 09:54:00
Adventure of Tiger Knight- Project5zerotiger992011-04-29 03:27:00
Series1Unknown User2011-04-28 22:49:00
funny recreations on youtube I want to show on LBP21venat2011-04-28 15:41:00
Competitive Campaign - Invasion7Unknown User2011-04-28 02:17:00
Wanting to know if this is a good idea8GameRoom2011-04-27 23:27:00
Project Starwars1Unknown User2011-04-27 13:16:00
Topdown stealth game (untitled)10Ash_uk12011-04-27 11:39:00
Story Mode Smackdown!7Jakest1232011-04-26 18:43:00
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Project14Unknown User2011-04-26 17:58:00
Final Fantasy Online [Project]304venat2011-04-26 17:36:00
Ideas for Unknown Threat - Phase 1 (title pending)2Unknown User2011-04-26 01:37:00
Social Creations Group1Unknown User2011-04-25 22:27:00
Outbreak: Recruiting Creators21Brian_Istenes2011-04-25 21:26:00
Side-Scrolling Shooter v0.57Unknown User2011-04-25 21:17:00
Music made with the LBP Music Sequencer4Unknown User2011-04-25 20:37:00
LittleBigPortal11SkaterOllie7952011-04-25 13:06:00
Sack Of Duty [PROJECT]5hardyboys-2011-04-24 23:45:00
Metro 2033 (Need Movie Help)95SPARTANDUDE9242011-04-24 22:37:00
Long Term Project, Need Help6Prince Pixelton2011-04-24 22:36:00
Reaper: Reboot3Ignition2462011-04-24 20:46:00
New level, Your Choice3Unknown User2011-04-24 17:31:00
Poll: What level name is better for my level?11Unknown User2011-04-24 03:34:00
Steampunk Skallywags 2: The Scrap Yard (2 levels)8L1GhTmArE2011-04-23 22:06:00
A creators thoughts..12Unknown User2011-04-23 20:57:00
Military systems and styles for a future clan?2Unknown User2011-04-23 19:50:00
[Idea!] Evasion9Nurolight2011-04-23 17:09:00
Sonic Windows8Unknown User2011-04-23 15:37:00
Soccer Level Testing3Unknown User2011-04-23 13:33:00
V3 RPG Arena Testers/players needed!2Dortr2011-04-23 05:47:00
Need an epic cutscene/opening to my (hopefully epic) level8GreenGhost282011-04-23 05:07:00
Super Salient DELUXE v2: HELP WANTED4Arkei2011-04-23 02:18:00
Jak II and 3 levels14Unknown User2011-04-23 02:04:00
A level series4Unknown User2011-04-22 22:18:00
Lost Ages VI1Deftmute2011-04-22 16:43:00
LBP 3rd Birthday Spinoff (?)5Narwhal2011-04-22 00:45:00
Which would you most likely play?22Brian_Istenes2011-04-21 20:21:00
The ultimate battle car race!1Unknown User2011-04-21 19:12:00
LBPC... World War?24Outlaw-Jack2011-04-21 08:34:00
Board Games18Unknown User2011-04-21 06:45:00
Need some pointers on building and controlling a boss.4GreenGhost282011-04-21 04:55:00
If You've read Malice (The Book), You're Gonna Like This.3DominationMags2011-04-21 03:09:00
007: Quantum of Solace1BeaversLikeWood2011-04-21 01:43:00
Lbp2.5: The dream plague47Jakest1232011-04-20 20:26:00
Night of the Monsters! 3: Indecision 20116SLS102011-04-20 19:15:00
Wooden Wave Skatepark, a skate level like no other3SkaterOllie7952011-04-20 15:29:00
Flying fire3Unknown User2011-04-20 11:21:00
LittleBigDuckHunt3Unknown User2011-04-20 01:21:00
Alpha testing : Chrome Nightmares episode 1.1Unknown User2011-04-19 19:52:00
Pink n Blue Fantasy3Unknown User2011-04-19 19:31:00
The Complex Breakdown3moonwire2011-04-19 14:13:00
?ret? Break: A Two-Part Series3piggabling2011-04-19 00:57:00
Project Logic9Unknown User2011-04-19 00:02:00
"Appeal to Reason" entire album2Nick9309302011-04-18 22:05:00
Dinosaur Idea! LBP21Unknown User2011-04-18 18:54:00
[Fallout Project]24Nurolight2011-04-18 18:03:00
Mini Squadron Collaboration2Unknown User2011-04-18 03:47:00
Soldier BETA OUT NOW!10LBP2_Tutorialist2011-04-18 01:03:00
Level Style Poll1Sean882011-04-17 23:23:00
Super Smash Bros. Rumble!30tersock2011-04-17 22:47:00
The Site LBP21Unknown User2011-04-17 20:37:00
Music Pack 2 (Instruments Pack)7TheBlackKnight222011-04-17 17:26:00
Anyone interested in a collab?27Jakest1232011-04-17 15:57:00
Need an awesome title for my upcoming game.6TheDesertDrifter2011-04-17 09:29:00
2012: need team6nerzdadestroyer2011-04-17 08:37:00
Rythmantics--WIP1EvilWuun2011-04-16 05:58:00
Top-down level pack19Clivefan112011-04-16 05:09:00
Fallout: Isolation (Story Trailer)4Matt-The-Silent2011-04-16 02:09:00
The Mighty Pencil-An Epic 3-Part Series13iBubek2011-04-16 00:43:00
Arcade Quest episode 1 : need help with testing and other stuff24majormel842011-04-15 20:31:00
40 level series12Unknown User2011-04-15 19:51:00
The Ancient cave of reh'Tahl24Luos_832011-04-15 16:06:00
Themes for PvP top down shooter.6Iop3302011-04-15 14:11:00
The Three Castles In The Sky1oblivios2011-04-15 09:19:00
Disaster5Testudini2011-04-15 00:06:00
The Lost Cosmos1Unknown User2011-04-14 19:59:00
Fallout : Isolation42jgsstl2011-04-14 19:14:00
PlayStation Move levels?11captain sack2011-04-14 12:21:00
Racing Sim-ish lvl1Unknown User2011-04-13 23:07:00
Boss need help2Squidge992011-04-13 21:27:00
Jobs in Sack Settlement1Chaos_Martin2011-04-13 16:34:00
The Tribe RPG/Adventure7Erebus2011-04-13 15:26:00
Rythmantics--WIP1EvilWuun2011-04-13 09:00:00
Fallout New Vegas RPG47SPARTANDUDE9242011-04-13 07:58:00
Make New Level?3Squidge992011-04-12 21:40:00
Oddesy to1Matt-The-Silent2011-04-11 23:41:00
Help2Squidge992011-04-11 21:46:00
8-bit Mario4Unknown User2011-04-11 21:22:00
Elemental Enigma on LBP23royalxpirate2011-04-11 00:56:00
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy remake31Sonik422011-04-10 23:10:00
Ideas/Help on Big Project/Logic Behind It?3flyinhawaiian2011-04-10 20:27:00
Overgrown Outpost1dyna2011-04-10 14:40:00
Revolutionary Online Muliplayer 3D FPS73Codybean12011-04-10 07:07:00
sonic sackbot lvl design project20danger sackboy2011-04-08 21:53:00
blackholes3Unknown User2011-04-08 20:45:00
jungle rush [survival challenge]4Unknown User2011-04-08 15:18:00
Zoshua35 Uncovers Remains of an ancient civilization.1Unknown User2011-04-07 06:21:00
FPS help4Unknown User2011-04-07 00:19:00
ElectraCog- My first boss battle!2Unknown User2011-04-06 21:07:00
Project Initiate5craigmond2011-04-06 18:18:00
Wizard: Chapter 1 - From Within (Beta Testing)17comphermc2011-04-06 16:27:00
Looking for workers! (SPACE GAME DUBBED: USS BUDDHA)1Unknown User2011-04-06 01:38:00
Clive:The Game5Unknown User2011-04-05 18:04:00
Soldier: A Mission RPG1LBP2_Tutorialist2011-04-05 04:56:00
Funny multiplayer race- my first level1Unknown User2011-04-04 22:31:00
Spry Jumps (Open Beta)5Unknown User2011-04-04 20:10:00
Pokemon Blue Version9Jayhawk_er2011-04-04 16:12:00
Little Big Casino(help).1METALPUNKS2011-04-04 15:41:00
Mario Bros Battle, CHECK OUT!1Unknown User2011-04-04 00:52:00
Unraveling movie techniques1Megafig2011-04-03 23:55:00
Sackboy & Sony All Stars Racing2tersock2011-04-03 20:58:00
The Microscopic (With Pictures)17Spark1512011-04-03 17:42:00
Rotating Balls5LOLinator v1.022011-04-03 02:30:00
Cyber Man (Special Edition) News #15Unknown User2011-04-03 02:16:00
Special Creating Team2donta1332011-04-03 01:28:00
Sonic the Hedgehog [2011]2tersock2011-04-02 01:51:00
Sack Of Duty (Top-Down Idea)6hardyboys-2011-04-02 01:29:00
Soon posting vids of W.A.T.O weapons tests2Unknown User2011-03-31 23:48:00
Need logic help with Marble Madness remake. Anyone want to collab on this?8LeastCreative2011-03-31 22:58:00
~Nowhere Project~32Lord-Dreamerz2011-03-31 19:49:00
Analogue Logic Toolset2thor2011-03-30 20:33:00
Jak & Daxter Recreated In Lbp227damaz102011-03-30 18:01:00
New level almost done!2WESFUN2011-03-30 17:55:00
The Lion King Movie Level (Anyone want to help?)20Unknown User2011-03-30 06:45:00
LBConnected - Creations Level1Unknown User2011-03-29 22:21:00
The Powerpuff Girls Level Series (Help Wanted)1Unknown User2011-03-29 22:07:00
3d racer multiplayer or top down racer5danger sackboy2011-03-29 20:36:00
LBP2 The Epic Saga announcment!8Unknown User2011-03-29 20:08:00
REAL 3D idea3Unknown User2011-03-29 14:05:00
Aqualia-Yeah, it's coming to PS31LiamTheKiwi2011-03-29 06:58:00
Creation of clan1Unknown User2011-03-28 22:19:00
I made a little sneaking level..2DoomeDx2011-03-28 20:35:00
The Impossible Quiz (LBP 2 Version)1Unknown User2011-03-28 06:51:00
Final Fantasy Xlll11RottenAvocado2011-03-28 06:31:00
Massive "Car World" Project2Nacho2122011-03-28 04:48:00
[LBP2] [COMING SOON] Multi-stop Elevator with Floor Select Panel, Display and some FX3fatman6892011-03-28 04:22:00
Mega Man Legends Remake!! Please participate!1zPlayer2011-03-27 19:09:00
Dodgeball2Vandalite2011-03-27 16:19:00
yeti sasquatch annihilation4Unknown User2011-03-27 03:18:00
autonomous vehicles23tdarb2011-03-27 02:31:00
"Downing Street Fighter" and "Gods of War"4Unknown User2011-03-26 23:01:00
Dreaming of the Sea: An Exploration Adventure1Unknown User2011-03-26 21:43:00
Assasin's creed multiplayer9Unknown User2011-03-26 16:01:00
Sack Abducter1waaghgork2011-03-26 07:38:00
Rampage2hungryhippo2011-03-25 23:03:00
Steam and Sakura: Willing to compose music?1STUPiiDweazul2011-03-25 05:37:00
Looking for 8-bit SFX1darth_sullivan2011-03-25 00:10:00
Sack-City of Ember2Unknown User2011-03-24 18:12:00
Who wants to finish making this? Dead Space 2 costume7Monster2011-03-24 04:56:00
Hover Arcade 3D4Unknown User2011-03-24 01:13:00
A Request for Music4JonnysToyRobot2011-03-23 23:07:00
Uncharted 2- Break and Enter BETA3Sabre_2011-03-23 22:42:00
My new level idea2Unknown User2011-03-23 18:14:00
Lbp2 the epic saga15Unknown User2011-03-23 11:50:00
Emoticon Remake4Green-Tomato2011-03-22 23:00:00
Musician needed for simple project!1CYBERSNAKE2011-03-22 19:21:00
A Path Beyond Platformer1Unknown User2011-03-22 11:53:00
40 Social Mechanics for Social Games4schm02011-03-22 00:18:00
A sort of pet-esque project.1Cactii2011-03-21 23:22:00
Age of war: My massive rpg game58TheLittleSoAndSo2011-03-21 20:40:00
LBP2 Comedy series6Doooomguy2011-03-21 08:59:00
HellCats: Helicopter assault series (TEASER VID UP)26Thegide2011-03-21 02:26:00
Jack almost haz new level finished!21jackofcourse2011-03-21 01:35:00
Project Suma: FINALLY UP!!( And Recruiting!)30TREMIC12011-03-21 00:57:00
Eternal Darkness Chronicles: Platforming Series2Apollo_xD2011-03-21 00:23:00
Book Case Adventure (RPG)3temple19972011-03-20 14:53:00
Steam Wizard3LMMN2011-03-20 13:22:00
White water kayaking simulator3Megafig2011-03-20 01:15:00
Create a Hero!9Joey98982011-03-19 20:32:00
BioShock LBP style18Unknown User2011-03-19 17:29:00
Looking for creators - Project Icarus4nillrecuring2011-03-19 04:19:00
Story Arc levels?1Dapiek Absaroka2011-03-18 20:18:00
Sonic: Elements5MiniWeav2011-03-18 19:05:00
Metal Maze - Looking for feedback4Nudi2011-03-18 17:10:00
Modern Magic- My first W.I.P. on LBP23LWBear22011-03-18 16:45:00
Paper Mario Fans/Music Composers; pay attention!4Unknown User2011-03-18 16:40:00
Need help to complete my first proper level7Unknown User2011-03-18 14:16:00
Project For Japan1Tawarf2011-03-18 09:21:00
To Save A PlayStation3Unknown User2011-03-18 06:36:00
Get Ready For Infamous3DominationMags2011-03-18 04:34:00
Little Big Play It - (Taking Suggestions)3EnterMEUN2011-03-18 03:57:00
A New Damage System!? Advantage in variability, but hard to display *Now with pic*6SSTAGG12011-03-18 03:10:00
Battle los angeles1Unknown User2011-03-18 02:37:00
side-scroller?3bryce_boi2011-03-17 05:04:00
Level suggestions + help3kvbkvb2011-03-17 03:41:00
Jungle Platformer2Unknown User2011-03-16 18:47:00
Saved! Screenshots added! Help Needed!1pilsburydoughboy552011-03-16 18:10:00
floating lightsabers1Unknown User2011-03-16 17:06:00
Need some suggestions for my new level.4PurpleIris882011-03-16 16:56:00
Anime Levels3Unknown User2011-03-16 14:43:00
Call of Duty: Zombies1Bbody2011-03-16 12:03:00
Gear Works5waaghgork2011-03-16 08:07:00
Leopard 2A4 Tank Project14Ayneh2011-03-16 01:51:00
Missfortune1Krustiss2011-03-15 23:25:00
I Need help! with my pod5Unknown User2011-03-15 22:43:00
Space Assassins Vol.220Ungreth2011-03-15 16:22:00
Dance Dance Resolution 2! Now in progress! Help appreciated!6kirbycool2011-03-15 08:35:00
Project "Even more Story Levels!" Need creators!3Unknown User2011-03-15 03:57:00
Pokemon5Inferno2011-03-15 02:57:00
Mind the Gap Crown Contest3Ratchanator2011-03-14 23:30:00
Space Invaders (need help)2lburton2732011-03-14 22:57:00
Help With A New Clan Level?1SlaughterCookie2011-03-14 21:48:00
Grand Theft Auto Ideas/Suggestions15Dangerlove2011-03-14 14:27:00
Henry's outhouse fun1Unknown User2011-03-14 09:00:00
Clivefan11's music service10Clivefan112011-03-13 22:24:00
Mini game creators3tuyyui2011-03-13 19:09:00
Creation vs creation tournament!!1nerzdadestroyer2011-03-13 11:52:00
The Asylum. A Big Horror Project4Iudicium_862011-03-13 03:26:00
4 Factors beta testers!!2Unknown User2011-03-12 22:47:00
Metal Gear Solid : The Actual Remake5jeperty2011-03-12 20:34:00
Huge Level Volunteers (Chance of Mm Pick)9donta1332011-03-12 19:15:00
Kharne- Blood For The Blood God2waaghgork2011-03-12 07:28:00
First person view glitch.2Unknown User2011-03-12 07:16:00
Which Name is More Interesting? (Just a Second of your Time)16TREMIC12011-03-12 04:05:00
Pick-Up/Drop Weapon(Holograms)1PatriotEyez272011-03-12 02:21:00
Midnight Train remake?2Gilgamesh2011-03-12 02:13:00
Prius_A Day In The Factory2GoldenSnake1232011-03-11 23:53:00
Apache (Top Down) UnderConstruction*3Matt-The-Silent2011-03-11 23:00:00
Audioblock2Green-Tomato2011-03-11 13:52:00
Photos for totem(wip)3Unknown User2011-03-11 03:43:00
Incubus Sector - Help Produce an Epic Series!5Siljin2011-03-11 00:34:00
A Show11craigmond2011-03-10 22:00:00
"Sack Surgery" Some tools and tutorials for sackperson modification.4Shiro2011-03-10 20:05:00
Sasha Labs (2-4 players)1LULZ642011-03-10 20:04:00
Ace's Controllinator Factory3Haleys_Papa2011-03-10 18:41:00
Cloud's Fantasy: Eternal Bonds RPG1TheLittleSoAndSo2011-03-10 17:34:00
Good with top down creations???2XELLAmunster2011-03-10 14:47:00
top down singleplayer co-op RPG2Unknown User2011-03-10 09:34:00
The Last Stand4waaghgork2011-03-10 08:19:00
ilomilo: lullaby skies coming very soon54The_Lil_JoKeR2011-03-10 02:06:00
Huge Apocalyptic Alien RPG Project!5Apollo_xD2011-03-09 23:46:00
Frida and The Meanies (Mind The Gap contest entry series)1sade12122011-03-09 19:39:00
Functioning Aeroplanes - requests?1Unknown User2011-03-09 18:06:00
On making MetroidVania's19zabel992011-03-09 16:23:00
Puyo Puyo - Final testing2Shiwayari2011-03-09 15:24:00
sup?(just a update on my projects for lbp2 )1majormel842011-03-09 04:02:00
cubeicide3Unknown User2011-03-09 03:17:00
Lulz64 and the Bubble Thief:an epic RPG [Project Squritle]2LULZ642011-03-09 03:16:00
Ashes ( New Series )3GoldenSnake1232011-03-09 02:44:00
What the not known people of lbp can do3tuyyui2011-03-09 01:27:00
Thinking of doing shark week hub - opinions needed!1Unknown User2011-03-08 10:48:00
The Skee-Ball Project2DominationMags2011-03-08 03:14:00
Weapon Menu Concept3Bbody2011-03-08 01:50:00
Movie level based on book5craigmond2011-03-07 17:37:00
Mouse Trap (the board-game) - Help to shape it1Wayward2011-03-07 13:59:00
Looking for some critisism and a fresh set of eyes6ghostdogg2011-03-07 13:43:00
[Contest] Show me your Sackbot! (It might star in my level!)30Unknown User2011-03-07 07:33:00
"Star TraCer 2: Space Voyage" Project5MarcusBishop2011-03-07 07:15:00
Galaxy Simulation7SSTAGG12011-03-07 04:52:00
Warbirds: Current project.8Eternal_Rise2011-03-07 02:01:00
Mini Story Project "Dreamers"5hiphopliveson2011-03-07 01:24:00
Any one on right now want to....1Unknown User2011-03-06 23:48:00
Community project for not known talent?21tuyyui2011-03-06 23:20:00
final fantasy 1 8-bit remake1malteseassassin2011-03-06 22:12:00
LBP2 Undead Nightmare2GoldenSnake1232011-03-06 20:53:00
Help with "King of the Ant Hill"2larryjoe7012011-03-06 20:46:00
Fruit ninja7Green-Tomato2011-03-06 20:13:00
Need expert costume/sticker designer???1XELLAmunster2011-03-06 09:54:00
Customatrix1Inferno2011-03-06 04:39:00
(wip): Totem1Unknown User2011-03-06 04:04:00
Thinking small level series4burton180002011-03-05 21:42:00
WIP: Super Mario Galaxy19Unknown User2011-03-05 21:32:00
basic agent based modelling in LBP21Unknown User2011-03-05 11:00:00
The Printz Diaries6rialrees2011-03-05 06:35:00
Looking to join a Dev. team.....2Unknown User2011-03-05 02:23:00
I need a music composer6KRX2011-03-04 18:51:00
LBP2 Art Gallery- Communnity Inspired1Unknown User2011-03-04 15:40:00
Chrono Chrysalis Announcement Trailer288Rpg Maker2011-03-04 14:58:00
Idea for fishing minegame2gabindo2011-03-04 13:53:00
Simple race level.7ll_ye2011-03-04 06:04:00
A fighting game project2Unknown User2011-03-04 05:38:00
Film set designer wanted2TyPlaya2011-03-04 04:39:00
LBC - Even more story levels!1Unknown User2011-03-04 03:24:00
Junkyard Ravage4tuyyui2011-03-04 01:20:00
The Little Forest6Kaboom2011-03-04 00:57:00
Rock band song creators needed1Unknown User2011-03-03 21:45:00
Hangout Levels (Am I the only one who would ever play these?)13Shiro2011-03-03 19:48:00
Spider Boss2Unknown User2011-03-03 16:54:00
Project BIROM (Mech) Need Creators3Unknown User2011-03-03 15:05:00
Project NEBULA, A Zany, Classic Adventure! FIRST LEVEL ALMOST DONE!36grayspence2011-03-03 02:15:00
?ropulse Menu Teaser4lyrradXOX2011-03-02 22:43:00
Level Idea: i need a skilled music maker!2Unknown User2011-03-02 16:48:00
Choose your weapon!!2gorillaSEARLE2011-03-02 14:17:00
Pick Your Weapon!!!1gorillaSEARLE2011-03-02 14:16:00
Ingame HUB for underplayed levels3Agarwel2011-03-02 11:56:00
T.he E.nd W.ar Announcement Thread3jgsstl2011-03-02 01:42:00
Sackro Machines V3 *NEW Screenshots*!17CragmiteBlaster2011-03-01 22:41:00
Chocobo Races!1AdenRalumdan2011-03-01 22:36:00
StarStreamer4LOLinator v1.022011-03-01 20:32:00
Real 3D (*NOT* 3D layer glitch) Tech-demo89Fubalicious2011-03-01 08:22:00
My ideas for you the community =)1reefer0072011-03-01 07:08:00
To Find a Bomb (open world, real consequences, finding clues, and a time limit)4Sack-Jake2011-03-01 04:32:00
Gran Theft Prius1rawmen00dle2011-03-01 02:34:00
We need YOUR Opinons!8grayspence2011-02-28 22:35:00
5 Minute5-BlackChris-2011-02-28 11:10:00
Lightsabers4Bbody2011-02-28 03:49:00
Super Salient (arena level), NEED MUSIC, LOGIC, LEVEL DESIGNERS20Arkei2011-02-28 03:24:00
Mega City Remix (AKA Super Mega Planet)6Deftmute2011-02-28 01:38:00
New Community Project [Story Mode]4Apollo_xD2011-02-28 00:53:00
Uncharted level?4Sim7252011-02-27 21:39:00
Triangle Panic Tower Defense8Unknown User2011-02-27 18:05:00
Aurora Somnis [RPG]16thi7662011-02-27 17:34:00
SKYRIM: Challenge of the North (Development Thread)125bloomchild2011-02-27 14:49:00
New Game Project-music needed!, if interested in project other help would be welcomed1Unknown User2011-02-27 12:27:00
The project codenamed HOPE6keanine2011-02-27 12:08:00
Announcement: Community Expansion Pack: Melee Attacks9Alic2011-02-27 02:39:00
Power-ups, lets here what you like!6jjdragon2011-02-27 02:08:00
Euphearma5Inferno2011-02-27 02:01:00
The Logic Land Chronicles21Leafy1012011-02-26 23:35:00
Nordwand1nightwing2011-02-26 23:31:00
army type game-u are the general and a soldier1Unknown User2011-02-26 22:30:00
Enter Extroidix (Working Title)1SmallLargeEarthling2011-02-26 17:41:00
Brand new Technological Level ,Need Help1xSTYLE2011-02-26 17:30:00
Amazing Pancake 3: Fondue Falls!1FlipMeister2011-02-26 13:08:00
The Fate of the Universe and You (needs voice actors)2thecatreturns1232011-02-26 12:49:00
LBP2 SAGA - ideas needed4Unknown User2011-02-26 11:33:00
The Imaginosphere: A Community game project [CANCELLED]19Goober18232011-02-26 03:34:00
I need a name for my level2Unknown User2011-02-25 22:14:00
My first LBP2 movie, and I'm adapting a horrible yet funny one.1Jman21132011-02-25 18:20:00
Top-down Boat Racing2Unknown User2011-02-25 18:15:00
The Madness Series9Foofles2011-02-25 17:59:00
Tribal Wars (Gathering a Team)31Matt-The-Silent2011-02-25 17:05:00
A (Not-So) New Minigame2LittleBigLearner2011-02-25 11:45:00
Multi Ball Project1Fatboyslick2011-02-25 07:14:00
Assasins creed:Brotherhood1Unknown User2011-02-25 00:57:00
Need help and suggestions for my level!4Kobe24Life2011-02-24 21:05:00
Larry's Library Labyrinth24Archideas2011-02-24 16:56:00
Free mustache ride3toxic2011-02-24 16:08:00
Mega Man Re-Creation5Unknown User2011-02-24 10:17:00
Good with SACKBOTS??? NEED YOUR HELP!4XELLAmunster2011-02-24 06:31:00
Project Skyrim (With PHOTOS!!!)17bloomchild2011-02-24 04:23:00
the chopper game1Unknown User2011-02-24 03:19:00
Remnents of the Horizon [New thread]5a_mailbox2011-02-24 01:13:00
Need someone to help me!!!1Kobe24Life2011-02-24 00:27:00
Arutha and The Prison On The West Coast1Unknown User2011-02-24 00:12:00
Dance Dance Resolution! Level link inside!10kirbycool2011-02-23 20:58:00
The Amory Wars: Chronicles3Jman21132011-02-23 20:21:00
My levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2LiamBiggins942011-02-23 18:48:00
DDR level nearly done! Need someone experienced to playtest and improve!1kirbycool2011-02-23 15:55:00
Cyberspace Deathmatch2Nurolight2011-02-23 14:56:00
Final Fantasy Project Crystal: The Fantasy is Relived (New Thread, New Rules)8Fang2011-02-23 03:29:00
Wickwood Tales14sisko2011-02-23 03:21:00
The Ice Hazard!2Infernox2011-02-23 02:20:00
I have been inspired!!! Steampunk Hero: Down the Rabbit Hole11dTOtheTEE2011-02-23 02:11:00
Pinball Tower Climb1dr_murk2011-02-23 02:10:00
The Hero Game(suggestions and name needed)6Unknown User2011-02-23 01:59:00
My Project Series : SAVED!1pilsburydoughboy552011-02-22 23:17:00
12 Labours of Heracles1Unknown User2011-02-22 22:39:00
Psst... Hey You, I have ideas.3JonnysToyRobot2011-02-22 22:27:00
Looking for Ideas2Unknown User2011-02-22 20:46:00
Sack of Mana4Unknown User2011-02-22 19:39:00
Helicopter Strike (Sega Classic)3Hoplyte2011-02-22 19:00:00
Little Big Pokemon!5Apollo_xD2011-02-22 17:26:00
Project Skyrim (WIP)8bloomchild2011-02-22 15:56:00
Lbp2 the epic saga - level series1Unknown User2011-02-22 12:39:00
My first real pinball2Unknown User2011-02-22 08:47:00
Gauntlet2MDAZZO2011-02-22 04:27:00
(Sackatobia) A Big Game Project ={Looking for good Creators}=1The_Wiz_12011-02-22 03:40:00
Death from Above1Bbody2011-02-22 01:38:00
A Case of Despair1Unknown User2011-02-22 01:20:00
Skylands1Unknown User2011-02-22 01:09:00
Lovesick Shooter3Splapp-me-do2011-02-22 00:05:00
Gizoozaa's Chronicle!7Unknown User2011-02-21 23:30:00
the lvl factroy need players to help my for my lvl5haitam12011-02-21 18:39:00
Space Apocalipse1Unknown User2011-02-21 16:54:00
Siren's Song Project (Help wanted :) )1-BlackChris-2011-02-21 11:56:00
Cyberspace: an awesome duel stick game1Unknown User2011-02-21 07:38:00
NinjaMan: Stealth Adventure5Codybean12011-02-21 07:35:00
The Little Big Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask15travis544492011-02-21 05:26:00
(TDMMORPG) World of Warcraft : Cataclysm Remade24Unknown User2011-02-21 03:22:00
Massive 3D City Creation Team3Gel on Hair2011-02-20 23:58:00
Unnamed Project1DrShmoogle2011-02-20 22:50:00
Twisted Metal3Spider-Jew2011-02-20 22:45:00
Suicide Bombing Dots In Dotville (Top-Down Shooter) V2.01Unknown User2011-02-20 22:24:00
Star Wars fighter1Unknown User2011-02-20 18:32:00
Tutorial Team2Unknown User2011-02-20 15:55:00
Romeo and Juliet: Female voice actor needed1MuddledMuppet2011-02-20 13:22:00
Sackboy Bounce (Sackbot's Revenge)6Shantdogg2011-02-20 09:14:00
The Metroid Project33Shadow_Wolf_19872011-02-20 07:20:00
A side scrolling beat 'em up game~10Unknown User2011-02-20 05:09:00
Little Big Matrix6Unknown User2011-02-20 00:53:00
The Domino (decision based gameplay)1acdramon2011-02-19 19:29:00
i need help and ideas for a race4KRX2011-02-19 17:51:00
A Letter from the Queen13TOBSn082011-02-19 14:17:00
Portal 26Symin2011-02-19 14:10:00
Crystal Shadows - An LBP2 RPG47Aegonian2011-02-19 13:48:00
Plants Vs Zombies3.jamo2011-02-19 11:29:00
Robotwars!4ratchetruler2011-02-19 09:08:00
Multitasking Level Ideas3Joey98982011-02-19 02:37:00
Queen the bee i need some desperate help1tuyyui2011-02-19 00:58:00
Minecraft!1Unknown User2011-02-18 21:25:00
3 Projects what one to take further2Drastion2011-02-18 21:01:00
What would you prefer? Top down Metal Gear or sidescrolling?20Unknown User2011-02-18 19:10:00
COD5: WaW 'Semper Fi'5LBP2_Tutorialist2011-02-18 18:16:00
Twin Stick Shooter Help2NinjaHotdog2011-02-18 09:00:00
The Evolution of a Level1Ace292011-02-17 18:25:00
Fallout: New Vegas [RPG]3Apollo_xD2011-02-17 17:26:00
Noob Project4godslam2011-02-17 10:03:00
SandStorm *Offical Thread*3Unknown User2011-02-17 09:55:00
Harry Potter Professors, Randoms, and Death Eaters Costume Project5Shiro2011-02-17 06:13:00
Remnents Of the Horizon [Project:Horizon] Official thread! DEMO OUT NOW!!!8a_mailbox2011-02-17 05:24:00
Veni,Vidi,Vici...an upcoming series3The Adventurer2011-02-17 04:14:00
kingdom hearts project3dragonights2011-02-17 04:05:00
Campaign SN! Building 28Unknown User2011-02-17 01:11:00
Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe13Unknown User2011-02-17 00:16:00
SackBOTastic: Star Wars Community Pack31Jedi_19932011-02-16 23:09:00
The Forgotten Forest6WESFUN2011-02-16 22:29:00
help! Music Composer (dark ambient)12rez4552011-02-16 02:58:00
Vehicle Creator Wanted1Unknown User2011-02-16 02:19:00
Top Down Adventure!1Unknown User2011-02-15 22:41:00
Little Big Lord of the Rings (NEED CREATORS)99TheBlackKnight222011-02-15 21:55:00
Dear Charlotte4automatica2011-02-15 19:37:00
Original Pokemon Tribute5thatmattkid2011-02-15 15:11:00
Cannon Golf!1BIG_C_232011-02-15 04:47:00
Call of duty Nuketown Zombie Survival2Unknown User2011-02-15 03:07:00
Rusty Gulch: A Western Tale3112042011-02-15 02:15:00
Queen cheery the bee1tuyyui2011-02-15 00:45:00
Sackbot X - Teaser thread [Video Released!]3Linque2011-02-14 22:11:00
Castle Crash???12Snake Mountain2011-02-14 19:48:00
LittleBigZelda Engine [Updated Frequently]12Dethoptix2011-02-14 16:26:00
Intergalactic War! (formerly M.A.R.S. RPG)58SSTAGG12011-02-14 05:23:00
Seeking a Creation and Testing Team7Gel on Hair2011-02-14 04:30:00
LBP is separeted. And I hate it18Unknown User2011-02-14 00:12:00
Need Creators and Testers4SquirrelShock2011-02-13 21:46:00
[PROJECT] - Steam Ronin7Shadowcrazy2011-02-13 21:17:00
Esd newfoundland1Ignition2462011-02-13 20:02:00
Ignition246's costume warehouse1Ignition2462011-02-13 18:29:00
Driving Simulator and Physics Processing Unit (PPU)1Unknown User2011-02-13 17:48:00
Queen cheery bee lbp2 project Community project4tuyyui2011-02-13 16:03:00
Need Movie Producers...3Gamerater152011-02-13 15:21:00
Return of the Meanies (help wanted)2TheSwede2011-02-13 14:39:00
Fail1tuyyui2011-02-13 14:19:00
Final Fantasy Project.1Unknown User2011-02-13 09:26:00
Hover-Technology25Shuriken_Star2011-02-13 07:37:00
Upcoming, Revolutionary Fighter, Street Fighter VS....NARUTO?!?!1BIG_C_232011-02-13 06:40:00
Who wanna make a level based off of little red robin hood or any other fairy tale5tuyyui2011-02-13 04:04:00
Project Chrysalis (Boss Fight)16Kog2011-02-13 02:22:00
A cool project: Mining Men!1Unknown User2011-02-13 01:31:00
Abducted! Level Series8gdn0012011-02-13 01:03:00
The Creators of Craftworld UNITE!12FourteenInchGaz2011-02-12 20:21:00
Calling all musicians!4Unknown User2011-02-12 19:57:00
Star Wars Tech Demo2Unknown User2011-02-12 19:33:00
littlebigplanet psp recreation. Creators wanted3keanine2011-02-12 19:31:00
New Era Game Project6Gamerater152011-02-12 17:31:00
Pokemon Battle V31dmakian2011-02-12 16:32:00
The Shadow Wolf's Legacy (A Metroidvania-styled campaign)2Shadow Wolf TJC2011-02-12 16:15:00
Sackcon 2011- sign up for a booth today30Ignition2462011-02-12 07:24:00
Monkey lab need designers1tuyyui2011-02-12 04:23:00
Jungle Space Shooter6Arnald232011-02-12 03:39:00
Mechguru- possibly the first little big pet1Ignition2462011-02-12 00:48:00
Monkey test name wip (creators needed)2tuyyui2011-02-12 00:24:00
MineLayer/Nanobot8LOLinator v1.022011-02-12 00:16:00
Land of Corrupt Bit - Bitti's Blocks2Coconuts2011-02-11 22:29:00
Thinkers needed5Unknown User2011-02-11 20:57:00
A Very Big Idea: Massive RPG6Unknown User2011-02-11 14:55:00
This May Sound Weird...4EliminatorZigma2011-02-11 03:06:00
Spirited Away to a Magical Place Called LittleBigPlanet8Unknown User2011-02-10 22:33:00
Flyover Concept (WIP)6bob-omb252011-02-10 21:39:00
Little big cards2Ignition2462011-02-10 21:30:00
Costume advertisement5Ignition2462011-02-10 21:25:00
The Arbitrary Platformer1Unknown User2011-02-10 18:14:00
the skunk factory project21bobtox2011-02-10 15:32:00
What would you like to see in an alien abduction game?6chillum0072011-02-10 13:39:00
Ten Pin Bowling1Unknown User2011-02-10 13:37:00
My new neon maze level3Julianotis12011-02-10 04:52:00
.hack//sackthing11Ignition2462011-02-10 04:47:00
Mario 64 Koopa the quick race remake!2Unknown User2011-02-10 04:42:00
Creative Commons13Daldrez2011-02-10 02:55:00
Tremor Shock: Decay - action/horror/RPG10rez4552011-02-10 02:52:00
MicroChip Mall7Green-Tomato2011-02-10 00:29:00
ISack Music Player2Green-Tomato2011-02-10 00:26:00
Music Mayhem1Unknown User2011-02-10 00:15:00
Ghost Busters1larrytango2011-02-09 22:57:00
Sackgore - Top down, twin stick shooter.5Unknown User2011-02-09 21:22:00
GAME IDEA - The Last of the Starmakers3Shadowcrazy2011-02-09 21:12:00
Creation Crew! [Creators Needed]3Unknown User2011-02-09 19:59:00
The Waterfall Palace1Unknown User2011-02-09 19:58:00
New user desires level feedback8Redstar182011-02-09 18:14:00
The Best Top Down Racer10Unknown User2011-02-09 17:59:00
Do you need RPG Battle Music? Read :)8Unknown User2011-02-09 16:33:00
[Looking For] Creators9EmbraceFiction2011-02-09 13:51:00
Space Blast 3D Beta v0.7 (feedback please)2steadler2011-02-09 03:25:00
Cinema (Post your movies here)1Chaos_Martin2011-02-09 03:22:00
Looking for a musician for Space Blast 3d3steadler2011-02-09 00:46:00
Tetris Project Thread1Shadowriver2011-02-09 00:37:00
(MUSIC) - Anyone up for a collaboration?7Zommy2011-02-09 00:36:00
Red vs Blue = Sheila vs Warthog1tobiashawk942011-02-08 22:46:00
Penguin Quest RPG1Meowgician2011-02-08 19:44:00
Everything you need to make an RPG5Meowgician2011-02-08 19:39:00
Big projects in need for original quality MUSIC (or re-creations) click here7Unknown User2011-02-08 11:57:00
Video Turtorials!1theonlybub2011-02-08 06:27:00
LittleBigKarts coming soon10Ash_uk12011-02-08 03:11:00
Dance RPG [Recruiting Members]28AeroForce222011-02-08 02:30:00
Im trying to make this song but I need some help....1kirbycool2011-02-08 01:32:00
Sack Olympics 20113Chaos_Martin2011-02-08 00:54:00
Birds-eye Plane game, you all know the ones.2Zommy2011-02-08 00:39:00
i need help in a minigame13KRX2011-02-07 23:32:00
What do you want to try out in zero gravity?36ButchInZero2011-02-07 21:26:00
Little Big Planet: The Evil Professer1Unknown User2011-02-07 21:13:00
I need a level polisher7GameRoom2011-02-07 21:05:00
Blackout (horror survival)6emoguy2011-02-07 20:49:00
Tale of a Hero (DEMO)3Unknown User2011-02-07 19:29:00
Robot Wars Versus (Work in Progress)4rialrees2011-02-07 16:38:00
"Lost In Space"1Bang1262011-02-07 16:11:00
Wizard10comphermc2011-02-07 13:57:00
Looking for some help on a Worms project I'm doing.3smerf12011-02-07 12:43:00
Lbp 2 RPG team8Renegade Assassin2011-02-07 11:27:00
BorderWorlds:Wars-A fan made sequel to Borderlands1BIG_C_232011-02-07 06:21:00
Announcing Space Blast 3D (DEMO 2)3steadler2011-02-07 05:51:00
Tron (versus)1Fuzzynoodle2011-02-07 05:48:00
dogu (working on a fantasy series)2Unknown User2011-02-07 02:18:00
BIG PROJECT - New LBP Computer [Need Contributors]7Unknown User2011-02-07 01:32:00
Sackcraft RTS29Agarwel2011-02-06 22:52:00
Creator's Toolkit - A toolkit full of tools that make creating faster and easier.151robbit102011-02-06 17:31:00
MoonQuest1Unknown User2011-02-06 17:13:00
LittleBigPlanet News5Bang1262011-02-06 08:20:00
Sackbot with energy disc things (concept)1velvetrose2011-02-06 08:03:00
GodZilla vs. Tokyo1KILLA_TODDZILLA2011-02-06 00:09:00
Idea - Operation9Wayward2011-02-05 23:06:00
My own story line.7RotomGuy2011-02-05 22:12:00
radiation zombies1Unknown User2011-02-05 20:25:00
The Platform through Time (HELP WANTED)5captain sack2011-02-05 18:03:00
{Level Idea] Mega Sack - A Mega Man Parody3Sgt Scyther2011-02-05 16:55:00
A Music Request (Yes another one...)1JonnysToyRobot2011-02-05 12:48:00
?ropulse coming early March13lyrradXOX2011-02-05 11:41:00
Paris in the 30th Century4Alexxerth2011-02-05 01:35:00
[Assassin's Creed Project]26Nurolight2011-02-05 00:10:00
The Pirate, The Ninja, & The Viking (65% done)9DarrienEven2011-02-04 22:09:00
Clive's new troubles.7alimista4432011-02-04 20:31:00
Black Ops Zombie Mode : Ascension1SackBoy982011-02-04 20:11:00
Resident Evil: The Sack Chronicles3Ticklemeemo1012011-02-04 19:36:00
Overhead view of exotic cars.1MalibuMumin2011-02-04 06:12:00
Newgrounds Level 26Hero_of_Sages2011-02-04 04:36:00
Little Big Internet Sensations(Film) Recruits3captain sack2011-02-04 01:43:00
Little Big Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars1KamikazeMario2011-02-04 00:52:00
Nick Truth - Not guilty episode 13Unknown User2011-02-03 22:16:00
Sackbot Overide [Level Series]12Unknown User2011-02-03 19:51:00
Little Mad Men (Fully voiced comedy series.)13Robbie2011-02-03 17:11:00
Power Rangers RPG7Plak872011-02-02 23:10:00
Minigame Manor5Unknown User2011-02-02 22:29:00
Turn-Based Battle Engine1Project_MK2011-02-02 22:03:00
[BETA] Clove 0.24spAnser2011-02-02 20:53:00
Re Make of MGS1jeperty2011-02-02 20:38:00
Altergate Project (Working Title)1AbstractFlesh2011-02-02 20:22:00
Risk - The classic strategy game3Unknown User2011-02-02 15:16:00
Megaman [WIP]4xForrest2011-02-02 12:25:00
Ranko's Adventure (exploration and updated game)1linkstar2011-02-02 11:43:00
Music maker needed4D0ughB0y13372011-02-02 05:51:00
Battle Ball! Versus1zuriku2011-02-02 05:18:00
Platypus-style shooter1Unknown User2011-02-02 01:36:00
Music request3Chaos_Martin2011-02-01 23:03:00
Recreate "History of Videogames" Advert1Pontihog2011-02-01 22:50:00
Toy Tank Battle- Need Help on Menus3Unknown User2011-02-01 21:54:00
Welcome to the Jungle(Epic Saga) - Need artists and music designers1Unknown User2011-02-01 21:10:00
Trailer + Level help/ideas1QuantumLaser2011-02-01 20:14:00
Spider-Man Sackbot [Version 1.7]7Spider-Jew2011-02-01 19:33:00
Searching for the most awesome Sackbot costume designer1Linque2011-02-01 17:29:00
Enter: The Little Big Gang5Fumo1612011-02-01 15:59:00
DarKnighT_0_9's Projects List1DarKnighT_0_92011-02-01 11:28:00
[LunarKnight] Need a team!5DarkFray2011-02-01 05:40:00
Sack Hero - working title5Unknown User2011-02-01 04:39:00
Pac-Man1D0ughB0y13372011-02-01 03:01:00
Knights of Morovia1wait wtf2011-02-01 02:36:00
Galaga remake (IDEA)2Alexxerth2011-02-01 01:14:00
"QUEST Of The Crystal Ball" A topdown RPG! A well received DEMO is live *UPDATES*6Lotus_Flow3r2011-02-01 00:52:00
Uncharted 2 Series - creators wanted3keanine2011-01-31 21:38:00
God of War **COMPOSERS NEEDED**4saarraz12011-01-31 21:12:00
Kaiserlome's Creators' Pack2Unknown User2011-01-31 20:33:00
Death Canyon Tower Defense2cheesemuffins992011-01-31 20:09:00
4 player fighting game2Meowgician2011-01-31 19:16:00
mind-bending horror18automatica2011-01-31 17:05:00
Harry Potter movies remake?2LOLinator v1.022011-01-31 16:00:00
LBP Quilt - Community Project34blastroid2011-01-31 15:15:00
Making a version of Intelligent Qubes (Kurushi)1CloaknBlagger2011-01-31 13:33:00
Sackro Machines Championship1Splapp-me-do2011-01-31 12:48:00
Versus level ideas3Unknown User2011-01-31 11:41:00
Help on ideas/suggestions for this scifi-horror level. May contain violent scenes*1necromonger2011-01-31 07:18:00
best idea ever if any one needs1Gunzaman2011-01-31 07:13:00
Victoria's Bakery7kupokupo882011-01-31 07:10:00
Educational Level for Children (Asking for Help)2Shadow_Wolf_19872011-01-31 07:00:00
Project Machinima (looking for team members)3Ryuu Kiba2011-01-31 06:13:00
Pac-Man1D0ughB0y13372011-01-31 05:40:00
Bounce Pad Depot1Unknown User2011-01-31 04:39:00
Join The Kreator's Clan Now for Co-Operative Creating!6donta1332011-01-30 23:44:00
Looking for create help!10wilkesy882011-01-30 22:25:00
I Need Help with Finalising a Concept.3JonnysToyRobot2011-01-30 22:02:00
Lost Ages V **Video Added**31Deftmute2011-01-30 22:00:00
Godfall: An RPG (Help Wanted)34Brian_Istenes2011-01-30 20:35:00
Frozen-Level Series Currently on Trailer7boomx2equalu2011-01-30 19:30:00
Metal Gear versus level5Ghost2011-01-30 17:53:00
SciFi Top Down Beat Em Up.2cousi2011-01-30 13:41:00
Heavy Rain Demo (In Progress)4Unknown User2011-01-30 07:49:00
City Of Darkness5jgsstl2011-01-30 06:43:00
The Doodler2Unknown User2011-01-30 05:38:00
How to Make a Role-Playing Game?2Unknown User2011-01-30 05:06:00
Return of (name in progress)4oNinjaFisho2011-01-30 03:18:00
Age of warcraft- on its way3Ignition2462011-01-30 01:48:00
Rhythm Action Levels1PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-30 01:23:00
Future Vs. Folk!!1Unknown User2011-01-30 00:46:00
The Unofficial LBP "I need a Creating Partner" Thread !1donta1332011-01-30 00:38:00
(Higher)Advanced Movers1Unknown User2011-01-29 23:32:00
Choose Your Own Adventure Level (and other ideas)4EdReedFan202011-01-29 21:26:00
[WIP]Bombs?1Unknown User2011-01-29 20:59:00
(NewProject) The Vast Seas of the Wonderplanes3Unknown User2011-01-29 20:59:00
Glitches 3: looking for glitches20Koolieo2011-01-29 19:21:00
Pinball project1FriedGoat2011-01-29 18:37:00
Take a break from space?5Ignition2462011-01-29 17:40:00
Harry Potter: The Series5SackRacer772011-01-29 17:29:00
Remaking Frantic HD (lbp2 Beta), Want suggestions1Luos_832011-01-29 17:01:00
Rhythm Rockets - an LBP2 rhythm action game2Rotek192011-01-29 16:43:00
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Adventures in LittleBigPlanet1toradrow7772011-01-29 13:49:00
"My Life as a Teenage Robot" levels for LBP22toradrow7772011-01-29 13:14:00
SystemFighter1.jamo2011-01-29 11:29:00
Make a Suggestion!8Unknown User2011-01-29 06:46:00
Star Saviour (new progress vid up now!)23gevurah222011-01-29 02:04:00
LBP2 Gradius parady1Unknown User2011-01-29 01:57:00
Reaper: rebooted- ship designs?4Ignition2462011-01-29 01:54:00
Pokemon Battle Engine V213dmakian2011-01-29 00:57:00
Ghostrider135's Projects3ghostrider1352011-01-29 00:47:00
Slime Soccer1james_L2011-01-29 00:41:00
Devil May Cry LBP5TehUberZac2011-01-28 23:49:00
New greek mythology project1Kn0cked-0ut2011-01-28 22:37:00
The DreamKeeper's Factory6Pattington_Bear2011-01-28 21:29:00
Super Big Fight3DarkFray2011-01-28 21:09:00
I'm Interested in Someone Recreating Blast Corps in LBP2!1Unknown User2011-01-28 19:51:00
Desert Fox (Logic Help NEEDED!!!)2Nick9309302011-01-28 19:50:00
PROJECT: What If? (working title)2Unknown User2011-01-28 19:42:00
Remaking NES Bionic Commando3Beed282011-01-28 18:27:00
Act I: Hope Rides Alone1The Doctor2011-01-28 14:29:00
God of war - the forgotten rose2Unknown User2011-01-28 04:55:00
LBP Rap Battle1Unknown User2011-01-28 04:32:00
[Concept]Item collections and Save system1Unknown User2011-01-28 02:41:00
Helicopter - Inspired by the popular flash game.3Spyder6382011-01-28 01:23:00
Tesla Tower Defense27SSTAGG12011-01-27 22:50:00
Darkness4Gillen2011-01-27 22:50:00
the Eternal Light of a Lover's Heart1poorjack2011-01-27 22:20:00
1 - 4 player project1cthulhu822011-01-27 19:09:00
Rockband/Guitar Hero Working Prototype2Unknown User2011-01-27 18:02:00
Adventures In Wonderland -Project Announcement14Fatedheart2011-01-27 14:59:00
Dreams of Conscious: a movie series.3flamesterart2011-01-27 10:37:00
Idea Help?1xForrest2011-01-27 08:54:00
LBP Pac-Man5D0ughB0y13372011-01-27 05:33:00
Ideas for talented creators1Unknown User2011-01-27 02:25:00
Reaper: reboot (what does lbpc want)1Ignition2462011-01-27 01:44:00
People who love making military stuff in LBP, you'll love this5Unknown User2011-01-27 01:26:00
heavy metal racers project needs collaborators2Unknown User2011-01-27 00:36:00
Ratchet and Clank Inspired... (with screenshots!)12rodfocov2011-01-26 23:57:00
Assackin's Creed/RPG2Riel2011-01-26 23:09:00
the castle crumbles!?1ktmbillyjr2011-01-26 22:32:00
The Dead series1Pikachurpinplup2011-01-26 19:01:00
Chaos In the Cosmos Level Idea8Unknown User2011-01-26 17:18:00
[WIP] Super Mario Bros. NES projekt!!!28Katil922011-01-26 17:04:00
Dubstep/Drum And Bass Music Sequencer?5xForrest2011-01-26 16:41:00
Join A LBP2 Game Development Team of Skilled Creators...118Makrotez2011-01-26 13:34:00
RTS/Unit Pathfinding Ideas1SSTAGG12011-01-26 11:45:00
Acceptance3wolverine_20082011-01-26 04:59:00
Working Pokemon Battle Engine11dmakian2011-01-26 03:21:00
Another Top-Down Shooter1Unknown User2011-01-26 02:04:00
Realistic Top-Down Racing/Driving Project11Unknown User2011-01-26 01:54:00
Need a logic worker (SECRET PROJECT)3Unknown User2011-01-26 01:21:00
Knight vs Knight -- looking for feedback/online testing15Alic2011-01-26 00:40:00
The Lion, the Witch, and the Hall Closet1linkstar2011-01-25 23:27:00
LBP For Noobs Level?7Unknown User2011-01-25 23:08:00
Percy Jackson project.9nikumokatsuru2011-01-25 21:30:00
Level idea: The Cube15demon scutter2011-01-25 20:45:00
Pocket fiends- tons of help needed1Ignition2462011-01-25 20:30:00
I will do custom music for your level!!7sssetz2011-01-25 20:03:00
The Void2moonwire2011-01-25 19:12:00
Working on Cog World!2Louis_-_952011-01-25 18:14:00
Luos's Projects17Luos_832011-01-25 17:55:00
Topsy Turvy Techno Town1Unknown User2011-01-25 17:13:00
A Twist on Shark Survivals2Fumo1612011-01-25 16:28:00
Music Sketches1MuddledMuppet2011-01-25 15:46:00
The Quest for Light1Kirpy2011-01-25 15:40:00
Emergent Behavior2ironfroggy2011-01-25 13:52:00
The Music of Final Fantasy: LBP2 Style!17Fang2011-01-25 06:28:00
MECHINATOR Quest Preview3Sack-Jake2011-01-25 04:09:00
SQUID BOSS FINISHED - First Level (search DrNick95 to play)3Unknown User2011-01-25 03:56:00
Age of warcraft1Ignition2462011-01-25 03:49:00
My next idea; cooperative horror survival!1Unknown User2011-01-25 02:45:00
My best Zombie Survival so far.3Unknown User2011-01-25 02:12:00
Any Photoshop Users? I offer help14Unknown User2011-01-25 00:45:00
Hub defense5Ignition2462011-01-25 00:12:00
Need help with projects...2LordRattler2011-01-24 22:42:00
Multiplayer Football4JackSprat2011-01-24 22:15:00
Portal Concept/Tech Demo12Gawdl3y2011-01-24 20:21:00
The5 present... The Railgun Tank! [WIP]6The52011-01-24 18:50:00
Tron Battle Arena8Brand Newdles2011-01-24 18:18:00
SLS10's NOTABLE 31SLS102011-01-24 06:44:00
Pop'm Sack'm Bro-Bots 2.01ieatspoons092011-01-24 05:50:00
The return of the Holan Wars!1jjdragon2011-01-24 05:32:00
LBP 2 - Unnamed Top-Down Adventure2Unknown User2011-01-24 05:16:00
Outlaw-Jack's BIG 33Outlaw-Jack2011-01-24 04:59:00
Pikmin5112042011-01-24 04:18:00
GTA Esque2Unknown User2011-01-24 03:12:00
Pong8Unknown User2011-01-24 01:26:00
Freedom Fighters : Sacks of Liberation1jgsstl2011-01-24 00:33:00
Attack of the Zombie Sackboys2Sackshade2011-01-23 23:08:00
Fallout C1 + LBP2 XD5Unknown User2011-01-23 22:37:00
Brand new Story Mode by Quinn! (Be Excited Please)25KQuinn94Z2011-01-23 22:27:00
Battle Turtle3Unknown User2011-01-23 22:14:00
The LittleBigPlanetoid (Working name)3DoomedHero2011-01-23 21:45:00
Lizard Park1Unknown User2011-01-23 21:12:00
Aqueous Amoebas5sisko2011-01-23 19:46:00
Music Compostion for Project Horizon!15a_mailbox2011-01-23 18:29:00
Sackboy Soccer1RoryO2011-01-23 16:33:00
Sack Settlement Shops!4Chaos_Martin2011-01-23 15:30:00
Squid Boss?2Unknown User2011-01-23 10:12:00
Texas Holdem anyone??4Unknown User2011-01-23 10:11:00
helpers wanted to make doddle jump lvl1zdyah2011-01-23 09:09:00
Bot Racing3kjdadada2011-01-23 05:11:00
How to Control a Sackbot - help needed6Unknown User2011-01-23 04:47:00
A hub for the masses !!!5Unknown User2011-01-23 03:54:00
Film Ideas1Unknown User2011-01-23 03:26:00
Some basketball remake3Unknown User2011-01-23 03:23:00
Save the UnNatural World2cthulhu822011-01-23 03:13:00
Controller Calamity! a stratagetic platformer4RottenAvocado2011-01-23 01:53:00
Steampunk Workshop2Cpt_Sainsburys2011-01-23 00:55:00
rhythm games7dronti_ti2011-01-22 23:34:00
Its burger time.1Ignition2462011-01-22 21:25:00
I need feedback1Ignition2462011-01-22 20:36:00
Them! ( Working title )3Ash_uk12011-01-22 17:44:00
Item Recreation: Electric Pulse Platform1Monkey!2011-01-22 17:43:00
Recreating Objects from Story and Custom levels12Monkey!2011-01-22 16:55:00
Da Vinci's inventions1FreeAim2011-01-22 16:16:00
The Sims 3 coming asap!2Unknown User2011-01-22 16:11:00
The Legend of Hydrin1Unknown User2011-01-22 12:18:00
A Cupful of Air *Working Title*2CheezeBo2011-01-22 11:14:00
JamoGames Thread1.jamo2011-01-22 11:00:00
My Idea. (AKA would this be lame?)16Madafaku2011-01-22 07:22:00
Leap Into LBP2!5AeroForce222011-01-22 06:45:00
Sack Settlement Show off your house and Levels88Chaos_Martin2011-01-22 03:29:00
Any update ideas?1Ignition2462011-01-22 01:40:00
Sackbot variants6Ignition2462011-01-22 01:00:00
Looking to expand LBP1 Level.3wilkesy882011-01-21 23:18:00
Little big mechanic1Unknown User2011-01-21 22:51:00
Lemmings!5groble2011-01-21 21:49:00
Angry Birds Project3Pattington_Bear2011-01-21 21:02:00
Top down survival shooter1Unknown User2011-01-21 20:33:00
Horror survival F4F7Ghost2011-01-21 19:24:00
Grapple Man: Episode 1 project helpers needed!11Unknown User2011-01-21 17:05:00
I need opinions2DesignedJ2011-01-21 09:02:00
Counter-Competitive Co-Operative Level3warlord_evil2011-01-21 04:48:00
L.O.V.E Conquers All3Unknown User2011-01-21 04:47:00
One Ring to rule them all- LF helpers3Ignition2462011-01-21 03:42:00
Ballant's Journal (Need Female Voice actor and others)1acdramon2011-01-21 03:36:00
Avalonia's Hall Of Mini-Game18Unknown User2011-01-21 03:02:00
Spirit World- a new series1Ignition2462011-01-21 02:58:00
Calling all Music Sequencer Makers to Youtube37EnterMEUN2011-01-21 02:09:00
Ancara's idea station(for those who need/want new ideas for level gimmicks or whatev)1Unknown User2011-01-21 02:00:00
Arcade Machine?1bigkurz82011-01-21 01:46:00
Lets Work Togeather !!!!23Unknown User2011-01-21 01:21:00
My level ideas...1Waffleboy02011-01-20 21:12:00
LemonKings Creation Group(LKCG) Wants you!15BIG_C_232011-01-20 20:52:00
Idea : LBP2 with... a Guitar Hero drum.1ColmiYveul2011-01-20 18:10:00
I have an idea for a 'Game' but no idea how to do it.6Minifig812011-01-20 09:37:00
Future Art Gallery and a Warning1Bloo_boy2011-01-20 05:43:00
Feedback + Help on Mario 8-Bit3Unknown User2011-01-20 03:47:00
Box Of Dynamite Dev group twitter.1a_mailbox2011-01-20 01:07:00
Workin on a Demo Derby, need some help?1BIG_C_232011-01-19 14:01:00
The Banished Of Exile.1Hakz012011-01-19 10:30:00
The Space Station Outbreak2Unknown User2011-01-19 02:32:00
Traveller: (Part1) Island3J_wulfke2011-01-18 13:43:00
Vid cap, right here!11Memodrix2011-01-18 07:31:00
ILLISIUM - {Post-poned For Now}13UmJammerSully2011-01-18 03:19:00
Lock + Toykyo, looking for some talent15Lockstitch2011-01-18 01:52:00
Scott pilgrim vs the Craft world11DRGETRIGHT2011-01-17 20:26:00
Mario Party ( LBParty)2Unknown User2011-01-17 19:41:00
Scott Pilgrim vs The World music3Sabooza2011-01-17 18:29:00
[pics] Penguin Turf War! [Demo Out NAO!!]21rtm2232011-01-17 13:33:00
Pee-Wee's Little Big Playhouse!2littlebigmeteor2011-01-17 05:25:00
Little Big DJ Hero. Help Needed!5Pontihog2011-01-16 21:11:00
I Chose The Impossible, I Chose, LittleBigPlanet!4Unknown User2011-01-16 14:56:00
Project Horizon: Help wanted! [lbp2 game]14a_mailbox2011-01-16 06:17:00
Proyect: Sackbot Remote-Controlled Behaivour2ALEXhatena2011-01-16 00:01:00
The Social City (I'll need actors)3Unknown User2011-01-15 19:51:00
The SackSims1PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-15 19:44:00
Film: A Zombird Apocalypse. Includes *Trailer*11ladylyn12011-01-15 13:24:00
My top down shooter idea!5trianglepigsquar2011-01-15 10:19:00
Mob Complex4rez4552011-01-15 03:00:00
Chains of Time- Moving on to Greater Skies215RockSauron2011-01-14 23:59:00
Multiple Sackbots?5SackbotInc2011-01-13 22:37:00
MasterCreator's Idea Tracker5MasterCreator2011-01-13 20:23:00
Which one would you like me to try and work on?6davestanley2011-01-13 19:10:00
Sackeratinator 3000 - Early Project Look23blastroid2011-01-13 17:40:00
People that didn't play the beta...10Southpaw0202011-01-13 10:45:00
PROJECTS : Cryogenics Laboratory6Devious_Oatmeal2011-01-13 09:22:00
Bomb Maze Game7Joka2322011-01-12 23:49:00
Distance From Sanity8Fail4all2011-01-12 07:24:00
Enders Game...Game3austimerr2011-01-11 21:53:00
Need Help with New LBP2 train.8TSFRJ2011-01-11 20:03:00
Creator Group -- Boundless Sky (Open)1JohnnyLegend2011-01-11 15:32:00
Looking for a Weapon Master4Linque2011-01-11 14:00:00
Silent Hill Project4Ricano2011-01-11 04:45:00
Costume Proyect: New Year, New Game, New Costume!1ALEXhatena2011-01-11 03:45:00
The Lost62standby2502011-01-11 01:07:00
Sackbot University part 1-65Arnald232011-01-10 23:14:00
Project Titan (Nonlinear, 20 level RPG)1Unknown User2011-01-10 23:09:00
Thunderbirds1Ash_uk12011-01-10 21:06:00
The Destruction Machines Trilogy. (not Final)9Unknown User2011-01-10 19:24:00
New Story Mode2KQuinn94Z2011-01-10 18:25:00
Marvel Universe (FEEDBACK PLEASE)3TREMIC12011-01-10 03:06:00
Upcoming Lbp2 Dc lvl6Unknown User2011-01-10 00:40:00
Iggy Eye-Beams(WIP level) - WITH PICS2Unknown User2011-01-09 19:15:00
Directional emitters?7Unknown User2011-01-09 15:03:00
Wario Land, remade for LBP25Unknown User2011-01-09 03:35:00
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Clutch: Eternity3ishotthesherrif2010-09-23 22:15:00
My new Beta-Level project15Luos_832010-09-23 19:20:00
hmm....Maybe an ecsort mission tpye lvl, like the pipe dreams lv.1ninjaSpence212010-09-22 17:19:00
Excitement made my brian expolde!!!13Charleston2010-09-22 16:40:00
Lbp beta!4Jeddi1472010-09-22 08:21:00
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verondog chronicles update 1 :Venramo13vezonfan012010-09-21 22:10:00
The Chronicles of the Golden Sackboy4Alternative_sack2010-09-21 20:04:00
The Dominion Project [Update 2]16TheAffected2010-09-21 06:22:00
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Patience or Solitaire card games in LBP24Unknown User2010-09-20 12:39:00
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Flying Bird Controls? TAK? :O awesome level i dea?15nowblink2010-09-18 23:39:00
Your fav songs in LBP 23Unknown User2010-09-18 23:32:00
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Solar Blades - multiplayer high speed action game w/ pics from the BETA!!!9gevurah222010-09-17 19:56:00
Robots and robot-challenge levels18snarkwise2010-09-16 19:34:00
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[move:Community Contests]Metroid: Sector 12216 Concept Art Contest + Team Member Poll12Narwhal2010-09-16 02:03:00
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arcade quest(first scene)1majormel842010-09-16 01:20:00
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RTS- Real Time Stratigy4TjoxYorro2010-09-14 22:13:00
F-Zero Race Level.16Coconuts2010-09-14 07:02:00
your new level ideas or concepts1Unknown User2010-09-14 06:18:00
bots and 4 player5endgame2010-09-13 20:52:00
Το ταξίδι κατ' οίκον(The Journey Home)3Unknown User2010-09-13 00:37:00
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What about your current projects?5Brand Newdles2010-09-12 22:40:00
Expsplosins and Laughter3Coco Loco2010-09-12 19:29:00
Spidersack: the shatterd dimensions :D4BlackThornDust2010-09-12 15:37:00
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Mechs and horror projects6Delirium2010-09-08 16:22:00
LittleBigSymphony: A Musical Adventure12Beed282010-09-07 20:33:00
the verondog chronicles, part 110vezonfan012010-09-05 22:48:00
OddWorld: sack boy's oddysee teaser poster6rez4552010-09-05 22:24:00
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?ropulse female voice actors1lyrradXOX2010-09-04 12:43:00
'Thump Thump' Sequencer level?2bs58qw2010-09-03 22:13:00
epic rpg adventure1Unknown User2010-09-02 21:53:00
1 level, 3 helpless sackpeople6TheLawnStink2010-09-02 19:48:00
Remaking old levels14TheLawnStink2010-09-02 19:20:00
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[Help!] how get the beta?2Vincenzo87---2010-09-02 12:53:00
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Run Like Your Sacking Depends On It!!!10Testudini2010-08-31 21:35:00
4-8 player PvP Proof of Concept5jakpe2010-08-31 21:17:00
my movie/cartoon plans1mudhut42010-08-31 20:55:00
World Conflict 1-4 player RTS3SSTAGG12010-08-31 17:26:00
airbound warfare [RTS]18huntedstorm2010-08-31 12:06:00
spsc3snail_po012010-08-31 11:15:00
Mw 214Pyro-Hem2010-08-31 07:09:00
Bill Bluffy's world tour (help needed)2Alternative_sack2010-08-30 23:51:00
Back On LBP Tomorrow...!4Unknown User2010-08-30 22:24:00
Fallout Chornicle 2 In Production...1Unknown User2010-08-29 13:06:00
More level concepts sketches8jump_button2010-08-29 10:54:00
LittleBigGuitar Hero!12Symin2010-08-28 21:03:00
Themes for levels?10tomodon2462010-08-28 10:22:00
Blimp Warfare3Schwem002010-08-27 22:25:00
time travel series6artise2010-08-27 17:50:00
This idea will blow your mind.17shotgun_692010-08-26 21:54:00
Chronicle 1: Fallout 1st Level Template Done!7Unknown User2010-08-26 18:12:00
Sakmin! (RTS Game)7Crazed Creator2010-08-26 06:15:00
losing you in littlebigplanet8DRGETRIGHT2010-08-26 02:36:00
Submarine Attack3Unknown User2010-08-26 00:27:00
Level Ideas3Trev01152010-08-25 00:56:00
Chronicle 1: Fallout!4Unknown User2010-08-25 00:25:00
Character Enhancement Editor8Unknown User2010-08-24 14:27:00
Some sackbot ideas2Cheezy WEAPON2010-08-24 12:11:00
?ropulse Update 5: Lum?ro15lyrradXOX2010-08-24 11:05:00
Little Big Da Vincis56Captnmatt2010-08-23 23:37:00
Music, Soundtracks to Levels (sharable?)2Pattington_Bear2010-08-23 19:43:00
Are you up For this?1Sim7252010-08-23 15:20:00
OddWorld: sack boy's oddyesy7rez4552010-08-23 06:29:00
Dark Cloud17malyatrax2010-08-22 20:50:00
A level8bonner1232010-08-22 14:40:00
a cool idea1Unknown User2010-08-22 01:06:00
Sack Figther concept5mattbru772010-08-22 00:30:00
Tremor Shock Episode 2: Decay (NEED TEAM)9rez4552010-08-21 07:25:00
littlebigbrawl9majormel842010-08-21 02:31:00
Grave Sea17warlord_evil2010-08-20 05:20:00
Bomb Survival9WoodburyRaider2010-08-20 01:21:00
hmmm....I need support.6ninjaSpence212010-08-19 14:31:00
majormel84 VS highschool REAL update part 21majormel842010-08-19 08:30:00
majormel84 VS highschool update part 22majormel842010-08-19 05:17:00
Achil Stories 2nd Update!3Ninja Crabby2010-08-19 03:42:00
majorme84 vs highschool1majormel842010-08-18 23:59:00
Night of the living sack(bot)2.jamo2010-08-18 06:43:00
Stitched Dreams3domoqueen2010-08-18 04:29:00
x2 chuck around challenge1Mikestar1232010-08-17 20:56:00
Achil Stories! (Wanna Help?)8Ninja Crabby2010-08-17 02:15:00
Indiana and the Pyramid of Molecule.3jeperty2010-08-17 01:31:00
Who done did that?16LukeCF2010-08-16 23:57:00
Snake16LukeCF2010-08-16 16:39:00
The sack war1Unknown User2010-08-16 15:03:00
Mini Racers!1The age of LOLZ2010-08-16 11:19:00
D-Day!12The age of LOLZ2010-08-16 10:33:00
Not a Giant project, not a level concept, just... and idea3mattbru772010-08-16 02:15:00
Tribe Night Fights!5Ninja Crabby2010-08-16 01:20:00
Inception - The LBP2 Concept13Unknown User2010-08-16 00:59:00
Canabalt Style Level5Tawarf2010-08-15 19:36:00
Kingdom of Fate5Unknown User2010-08-15 18:45:00
What are you gonna do?15Alternative_sack2010-08-15 17:45:00
LBP2 project of the 48 or so hours it will take to make!4Unknown User2010-08-15 13:33:00
Looking for Help: LittleBig Castle Crashers!5Unknown User2010-08-15 08:56:00
'The Negatives'10tomodon2462010-08-15 04:49:00
Zelda Complete Series57Snrm2010-08-15 00:10:00
Platformer or other5Scifiguy2010-08-14 20:47:00
I need a co creator for a massive project2psnGK222010-08-14 20:15:00
Pig Cart4Ninja Crabby2010-08-14 18:10:00
?ROPULSE Update 4: Antagonists and Configurations47lyrradXOX2010-08-14 16:37:00
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World13Sack-Jake2010-08-14 16:20:00
Top Down Water?7Unknown User2010-08-14 14:18:00
Bioshock Infinite11Karkan2010-08-14 09:18:00
Just a Brainstorm...7pilsburydoughboy552010-08-14 05:21:00
Super Smash Sack's!29Crazed Creator2010-08-14 03:28:00
Arkham Asylum9vezonfan012010-08-14 02:25:00
MAPI: Kuadrivium, the class-based coop sidescrolling/topdown mechtastic extravagaza5Arkei2010-08-14 01:22:00
Escape the Hospital10Unknown User2010-08-14 00:00:00
LittleBig Deathmatch8spaceben5672010-08-13 21:38:00
The Unfair Hall of the Mountain King2SLS102010-08-13 19:25:00
LBP City Builder18gdn0012010-08-13 17:46:00
Little Big Air Hockey (2 player)23hm832010-08-13 12:56:00
Fallout 3 Top Down view RPG11jgsstl2010-08-13 04:24:00
?ROPULSE Update: Medi Fr?nko (biggest post yet )14lyrradXOX2010-08-12 22:18:00
Fallback in Time- Egypt6AA_BATTERY2010-08-12 09:26:00
Tremor Shock (Level 2)6rez4552010-08-12 09:08:00
user generated "DLC"4Unknown User2010-08-12 00:57:00
Car derby!3Mikestar1232010-08-11 21:37:00
Civilization Revolution8piggabling2010-08-11 12:38:00
Top-Down RPG4Unknown User2010-08-11 07:09:00
?ROPULSE Update 2: F?rgio22lyrradXOX2010-08-11 01:55:00
Scales of Order (project)13Unknown User2010-08-10 14:20:00
Dreaming3Sim7252010-08-10 10:56:00
Which Games Would You like to (See be) Create(d)9Crazed Creator2010-08-10 05:39:00
interactive movie7artise2010-08-10 02:33:00
No sackbot mechs!! Please!5Unknown User2010-08-10 02:29:00
?ROPULSE Update 1: New Ven?ro47lyrradXOX2010-08-09 23:25:00
LittleBigOrbit [LBO]12PlayStatiowned2010-08-09 06:43:00
Im going to make a Zombie Survival Game.14SackBoy982010-08-09 05:14:00
User generated "DLC"11Unknown User2010-08-09 02:11:00
Top Race1LEXMARK2952010-08-09 01:00:00
bioshock level with plasmids3artise2010-08-08 23:40:00
What Happens in My Moon (Planning~!)8iTriangle2010-08-08 22:21:00
The Glacier Temples2moonpig5332010-08-08 13:33:00
"IF" (Ingenious Fruitions) Now hiring!!67lyrradXOX2010-08-07 21:16:00
Dukes of hazzard themed racer4Mikestar1232010-08-07 19:14:00
Do Sackbots Dream of Electric Sheep?27Duckywolf2010-08-06 23:05:00
FPS Levels?4Jeddi1472010-08-06 02:03:00
Pineapple Planet [UPDATE]90ThePineapplizer2010-08-05 17:58:00
Space Invaders Evolved1PlayStatiowned2010-08-05 07:40:00
Escape Planet Sackbot (May Change)1jeperty2010-08-05 01:22:00
Portal 2 Concept Level3creator4302010-08-05 00:48:00
F4F - Epic Conquest - An RTS game! (Good Idea?)25Tomeh9992010-08-04 20:53:00
Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider - Sheep, Dog & Sackboy2fatman6892010-08-04 18:57:00
Do you think this is a good idea?4Fireshire2062010-08-04 17:54:00
Sackbot zombie attack10ninjaSpence212010-08-04 14:14:00
An easier Demon's Souls level/game3Rasumii2010-08-03 23:47:00
The Musical Delight12moonwire2010-08-03 17:06:00
Sackboys Thread World6The_Lil_JoKeR2010-08-03 09:39:00
Fallout: New Vegas RPG Series15Barnsy_AKA_ash2010-08-02 23:17:00
Sackbots,good or evil!?19vezonfan012010-08-02 21:40:00
Jawbone Productions Short Films8JawboneX2010-08-02 04:26:00
Power Gloves: What can they be used for?9Stoicrow2010-08-02 03:53:00
Rachet and Clank Level Series! Social Group Now Up!60grayspence2010-08-01 15:37:00
Get ready for "Tunnels of the Frontier"2Ninja Crabby2010-08-01 13:02:00
Who wants to help make a wipEout Game?32Unknown User2010-08-01 10:49:00
Cogs HD Level Recording Service Shall Return!15Kog2010-08-01 07:38:00
The Giving Tree (Cinematic Level)6JawboneX2010-07-31 20:55:00
Sonic the Hedgehog (Project Hedgehog)366gamerC0LA642010-07-31 20:27:00
The Floating Islands of Knevada1Quay10002010-07-31 14:44:00
Intel4Unknown User2010-07-31 11:24:00
Need ideas for: "Future Monkey City"32midnight_heist2010-07-31 05:56:00
The One Ring7TheBlackKnight222010-07-31 03:30:00
Master Explorer!4Dexiro2010-07-31 01:04:00
RPG Discussion13Dexiro2010-07-30 23:52:00
sackdoll kung fu3dsdavve2010-07-30 18:44:00
Lbp rpg4the_adhocracy2010-07-30 03:25:00
Guitar Hero/ Rock Band!6Sage2010-07-29 22:36:00
Fallout New Vegas4geddez122010-07-29 18:09:00
Lbw77Unknown User2010-07-29 15:50:00
Fan Made LittleBigPlanet 2 Sticker Kit11Smokeeye1232010-07-29 00:59:00
Sandkings level4nitewalker112010-07-28 20:49:00
Little Big Animal Crossing8edster9622010-07-28 16:08:00
Just thought of a cool idea4Keyeszx2010-07-28 08:36:00
Open world zombie game for LBP2 Creators needed5artise2010-07-26 19:40:00
J. W's ~ 580773Lotus_Flow3r2010-07-26 14:33:00
Evanesced/Shift117' LBP2 Levels!1AbstractFlesh2010-07-25 23:51:00
Cog's Numerous Projects (Machinimas/Levels)8Kog2010-07-25 21:23:00
LBP 2 strategy game!4shadowsythe4567322010-07-25 20:19:00
Metroid Prime style doors4Keyeszx2010-07-25 08:29:00
LIMBO for LBP221acdramon2010-07-24 03:28:00
Disney RPG - With a huge twist32talbot-trembler2010-07-23 16:06:00
SuperZeroes3Unknown User2010-07-22 23:52:00
Discovery Time1Okisaan2010-07-22 21:10:00
Custom Pause Menu9maddoggnick962010-07-22 20:19:00
Mario Party8Doopz2010-07-22 16:13:00
Action/Mini RTS15Dexiro2010-07-22 05:09:00
Alien Swarm: LBP23singularik2010-07-21 22:59:00
Rick Roll in game!2bob is named bob2010-07-21 20:21:00
LittleBigDoomsday...9djpokeboy2010-07-21 20:17:00
Plasmavore's "OzDust"74Plasmavore2010-07-21 19:18:00
SSBB: Snake's Final Smash.22TheOfficialVen2010-07-21 14:07:00
A lbp2 rts6xero2010-07-21 01:50:00
Sack Ninja Showdown11ThePineapplizer2010-07-21 00:31:00
Top Down Shooter (Unnamed)13Unknown User2010-07-20 21:18:00
First Person Sackboy?21Dexiro2010-07-20 16:04:00
"Furry Walls" Music Video5Spider-Jew2010-07-19 07:26:00
Haunting Ground5koltonaugust2010-07-18 21:38:00
lego type levels5flamingemu2010-07-18 18:52:00
Skulduggery Pleasant level series!167Fish942010-07-18 18:44:00
Harry Potter! :D9Gamefreek24the2d2010-07-18 00:17:00
X-men!7Smudge2282010-07-17 15:39:00
LittleBigFortress 2 (An LBPCentral Collaberation Project!)9Sack-Jake2010-07-15 23:09:00
Military-style 4P Optional Series6Unknown User2010-07-15 01:49:00
stick arena Project!21Jonaolst2010-07-14 22:05:00
The Magical Toyworld Journey (back-up plan)1moonwire2010-07-14 21:47:00
Pikmin Concept (Waypoint activating/deactivating help!)18ThePineapplizer2010-07-14 21:18:00
The Year Project7moonwire2010-07-13 20:30:00
The legend of Ash ( Working Title )9Ash_uk12010-07-13 16:46:00
Co-Sack Mansion (2 Players)1ThePineapplizer2010-07-13 16:40:00
Little Sack Little3koltonaugust2010-07-13 07:27:00
ambitious zombie level creators needed!1artise2010-07-12 19:17:00
What could I not create? Lol4Obsessedwithcars2010-07-10 22:33:00
Multi-channel wireless logic, the new light over mag key/switch11Shadowriver2010-07-10 22:13:00
( Axkus's Tomb ) Maybe a working title~34Lord-Dreamerz2010-07-10 07:02:00
Mini Games.15LukeCF2010-07-09 19:31:00
Sacklings (Lemmings)8Unknown User2010-07-09 17:02:00
?eropulse Teaser... (need male and female voice actors)142lyrradXOX2010-07-08 20:11:00
What you are going to create on LittleBigPlanet?244PedroAlex_MPS2010-07-08 09:43:00
Space invaders!!!7Xero Space2010-07-07 07:49:00
RPG upgrade system11Scifiguy2010-07-06 19:16:00
The Sinister Sacks10Spider-Jew2010-07-06 07:22:00
Of UFO's and Grappling hooks, (and/or any other cranes!)7Fishrock1232010-07-06 03:42:00
crazy 8's clan1splicer_82010-07-05 22:55:00
Hλlf-Life 2 (team needed) (Only 2 voice acting places left!)91OJJ098742010-07-05 22:03:00
Cave Panic!6ThePineapplizer2010-07-05 22:03:00
Side-Scrolling RPG82Fancy_Zombie2010-07-05 20:01:00
-Something Simple- (Pendulous Vine)8AbstractFlesh2010-07-05 02:38:00
Global Domination. Is this possible?7SackBolt2010-07-04 20:14:00
SWAT First Person shooter44PPp_Killer2010-07-04 03:48:00
Combat Level in LBP23Ragefulnoobs2010-07-03 21:21:00
Fear of The Light6moonwire2010-07-03 18:43:00
SackWing-X: Defending the LBP Universe!5SupaSack342010-07-03 05:23:00
Remaking Tomba/Tombi! Need help!3CheesyDemon2010-07-02 17:40:00
return fire remake!1Spyre-wolf2010-07-01 15:35:00
Project Title: Germ1DaSackBoy2010-06-30 19:36:00
Diversity Co op levels with Marvel super powers4LittleBigDave2010-06-29 20:42:00
Banjo-Kazooie25AeroForce222010-06-29 05:42:00
Vault Levels in Planning...12Unknown User2010-06-28 21:44:00
Questions about playing as a sackbot super hero22LittleBigDave2010-06-28 19:59:00
Fun with Sackbots19Sporkchops2010-06-28 19:32:00
Double-O-Awesome: Boombeat's Big Bang [IDEA]1ThePineapplizer2010-06-28 19:00:00
Epic RTS41Moony2010-06-28 05:38:00
Big Problems on Little Spaceship - Co-op asymmetric puzzle/platforming3Vertrucio2010-06-27 12:04:00
interactive gerbils (a bit like an RPG, but not so tedious)4Poochuck49102010-06-26 22:08:00
You got sackmail!15djpokeboy2010-06-26 21:43:00
Music videos2The Gentleman2010-06-26 19:19:00
1984 By George Orwell16Keanster962010-06-26 17:19:00
when the creativitys gone.5snail_po012010-06-26 11:00:00
Warhammer 40,000 anyone?15Duke Phoenix2010-06-25 21:16:00
should i make a level based on a song?12AfterBurner99012010-06-25 19:26:00
Untitled Pokemon Project15JspOt2010-06-25 01:09:00
Pokemon:Side Story1Unknown User2010-06-25 01:01:00
Project Action1Unknown User2010-06-24 21:04:00
I might do this...12MasterCreator2010-06-24 20:31:00
Clashcade!6AbstractFlesh2010-06-24 20:27:00
Tile-Based (Frogger) Gameplay1Prince Pixelton2010-06-23 22:41:00
Sackber Studios3Unknown User2010-06-23 21:31:00
A Ball Puzzle1Amigps2010-06-23 21:12:00
Dance Dance Planet9jonlolz2010-06-23 17:58:00
Ideas on GAME Projects Updated13DaSackBoy2010-06-23 16:41:00
Sketches + DUNE project.35Keldur2010-06-23 14:23:00
The Legend of Hydrin series1Unknown User2010-06-23 08:45:00
Tylerburrito's "Shmucks from Outer Space!"20Tyler2010-06-23 06:53:00
LBP Shooter, 2D valleys,and others1The_Lil_JoKeR2010-06-23 05:12:00
SackCraft @ Taoball 210SLS102010-06-23 03:10:00
Little Sackboy: The Dream Master5Beed282010-06-22 23:47:00
Bear Grylls : To Infinity And Beyond!27BlahYourHamster2010-06-22 23:27:00
Oddworld Reboot3acdramon2010-06-22 21:45:00
Mega City 2.0 UPDATED35Deftmute2010-06-22 21:34:00
Sack The Legendary continues in lbp2?5Luos_832010-06-22 19:47:00
Basic "how to make..." guide after beta/release?2dkjestrup2010-06-22 09:49:00
Sound Like A Good Level?28huntedstorm2010-06-21 08:09:00
Steal My Idea please!10Unknown User2010-06-20 01:43:00
LBP2 idea's sketches35jump_button2010-06-19 23:12:00
Would this be something you would want to play?52Testudini2010-06-17 02:43:00
Spyro set-up27Jedi_19932010-06-16 14:25:00
MAPI, the unnamed class-based top down/sidescrolling mechtastic extravaganza27Arkei2010-06-16 01:46:00
Amarisa (Project)3CYBERSNAKE2010-06-12 12:34:00
LittleBigBrother14WilsonLBP2010-06-11 14:47:00
BoF4 battle idea. Is it possible?2Smudge2282010-06-10 16:49:00
The Shadow Dancer1Fish942010-06-07 17:22:00
Oddworld - Sackboy's Oddyssey11Sunrise_Moon2010-06-03 06:52:00
Gamemode Idea12RagTagPwner2010-05-31 21:21:00
LittleBigGalaxy (aka LittleBigPlanet Galaxy)36Testudini2010-05-23 15:58:00
So, what GAME are you already planning?123SupaSack342010-05-21 22:38:00
Left 4 Dead 2 for LittleBigPlanet 2102jjmusicman2010-05-18 05:50:00
Insane Cinematic - An LBP 2 Media Group111Tomeh9992010-05-16 16:14:00
Idea's for level's in LBP 223Junkyardassissan2010-05-16 15:22:00
Chaotic Mayhem 4 Player RPG12Tomeh9992010-05-16 01:59:00
LBP2: Rockband! [New Replica Stratocasters Objects coming]28acdramon2010-05-15 23:08:00
My "short story" game idea!5AbstractFlesh2010-05-15 14:36:00
LBP 2 Modern warfare 2!2shadowsythe4567322010-05-15 03:00:00
Wow, six months to go and ive already got an idea in my head?24grayspence2010-05-15 01:21:00
Mythicos Series Re-Boot7poorjack2010-05-15 01:19:00
shmups6ptwob2010-05-14 14:27:00
(Idea) Twisted Metal type game5AbstractFlesh2010-05-11 13:02:00
LittleBigIsland (RPG Project)10Testudini2010-05-11 01:03:00
Fatal Fantasia142Shadowcrazy2010-05-10 21:50:00
Sci-Fi Level Series with Good & Evil Plotlines66claptonfann2009-11-15 07:50:00

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