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Site Rebranding82GribbleGrunger2017-12-20 09:17:00
LittleBigCentral logo as a sticker29CuriousSack2017-04-21 12:27:00
Minimum donation!?8molynsi2017-02-02 19:33:00
How do i post my LBP.Me info into my Signature11SmithyBlacksmith2017-01-06 23:09:00
Emoticon suggestions19CamostarAtIsabella2016-12-27 23:55:00
Access issues.6waffleking232016-11-30 07:36:00
unable.to.sign in on netbook4Kender422016-10-18 07:47:00
A building school for new LBP players17mdkd992016-10-13 18:01:00
Too many subforums.3smash9092016-09-05 15:59:00
General LittleBigPlanet1Ostler50002016-09-04 18:21:00
Add what game your level is made in in the level showcase6JL - wopdido2016-07-23 17:10:00
Watch threads/receive notifications?3Unknown User2016-04-16 17:07:00
This site22Jonarrthan2016-04-07 00:06:00
Site stuff.3Sir monacle2016-02-26 10:39:00
LBP3 categorie discription and published levels categorie7mdkd992016-02-14 00:15:00
Notifications4koltonaugust2015-12-30 03:41:00
Possible New Showcase Genre?4Vervesack2015-12-18 15:24:00
Extra rule request for the News & Media section.3Lord-Dreamerz2015-12-11 09:19:00
Guests to members.6Sir monacle2015-11-29 15:12:00
Needs :Swoop2:10dominatordompier2015-11-15 01:08:00
Moar preset avatars!5thaia20132015-10-19 02:33:00
LBP3 Site Banners7Ostler50002015-09-11 21:15:00
Next create marathon?1CamostarAtIsabella2015-08-21 13:32:00
So...when will the community spotlight be updated?3Kalawishis2015-08-19 07:50:00
Admins too hostile36XX_sonicfan_XX2015-08-17 00:13:00
Little broken things.1Rabid-Coot2015-08-15 12:04:00
Lack of Mr. Key emoticons12Woutery2015-07-25 22:06:00
Lack of Swoop emoticons12dominatordompier2015-07-25 19:08:00
When's the next contest?6Yonderland2015-02-26 18:01:00
Can't accsess LBPC10blacksackman2015-02-25 08:13:00
A bit late?5Hero_of_Sages2015-02-23 03:51:00
Where's the Wiki?10ShadowArcticWolf2015-02-22 17:23:00
profile picture??8valious2corvus2015-02-21 11:25:00
Change username?3ShiftyDog2015-02-15 22:52:00
Tweet a little more during down time.4Rabid-Coot2015-02-15 18:43:00
Level showcase HTML3AlekkusuFuyu2014-12-15 17:15:00
LBPC Site Pictures3blacksackman2014-12-12 20:18:00
LBPC Chatroom!7Mighty Mac2014-12-11 13:03:00
Can't post replies6julesyjules2014-12-09 18:36:00
Easier Comments|Make it easier to make letters bold, colored, and changeable size6XX_sonicfan_XX2014-12-05 03:11:00
Dedicated Tips n' tricks forum?7AcAnimate2014-12-02 22:15:00
Level showcasing3chronos4532014-12-01 20:59:00
A Creator Spotlight?7XX_sonicfan_XX2014-11-20 22:05:00
"Plays LBP3 on:" entry field?1RockSauron2014-11-20 17:14:00
Donations Problem7XX_sonicfan_XX2014-11-19 01:30:00
Yay! We are back!!6jwwphotos2014-11-12 11:14:00
Last pages that don't exist.4Rabid-Coot2014-11-07 22:59:00
Issues with automated log-off27AxisTheLegend2014-11-06 22:25:00
Lint? How can I change that?4maestro268012014-11-02 01:55:00
Sackboy Prestoric Moves Thread In Other Games Thread.8CamostarAtIsabella2014-11-01 18:31:00
Question Category4maestro268012014-10-26 22:28:00
Picture Submit Button On LBP/LBP2 Level Showcase Thread????10CamostarAtIsabella2014-10-26 12:43:00
media shout out tread6cuddelbunny2014-10-24 20:42:00
Image Help1LJRobey2014-10-22 23:51:00
Thumbnails4Charizmaa2014-10-22 13:37:00
More Themes?3TheExpertz_2014-10-19 00:14:00
Mobile forum8samalot2014-10-17 12:19:00
Run Sackboy Run Fourm?8dominatordompier2014-10-13 05:37:00
Database problem3EleoMod2014-10-11 21:09:00
When LBP3 Is Out?6CamostarAtIsabella2014-10-03 21:37:00
How do you Change that Title Under your Username?7Alfrottos2014-09-26 20:46:00
lbpc xp?5SeVeN1612014-09-24 09:22:00
Can you still give Reputation?3EleoMod2014-09-23 16:00:00
What are the donater perks?6XX_sonicfan_XX2014-09-22 22:31:00
Promote creating an account!11XX_sonicfan_XX2014-09-18 01:43:00
Add more categories for Groups2EleoMod2014-09-17 15:51:00
I think there's something up with the heart emote.3KlawwTheClown2014-09-16 00:56:00
Suggestion for a New Rule13ChrisUbi2014-09-09 00:29:00
signature image help9SeVeN1612014-09-06 18:00:00
Stickers As Profile Pic!6CamostarAtIsabella2014-09-02 01:31:00
cant send private messages13WESFUN2014-09-01 13:39:00
Name Change?14mr_D222014-08-31 14:47:00
Navigation Bar4raptor426942014-08-22 01:21:00
Concerning the green rectangles under your avatar6hamorgan2014-08-21 11:54:00
MY Spotlight Question5CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-20 12:29:00
LBP Central Spotlight qusetion9Sharfik19952014-08-17 15:56:00
How to change Forum Header2Tylerthedragon2014-08-13 03:12:00
Profile Ranks?11hyperdude952014-08-12 20:20:00
Making things easier on the frequent forum users6amiel4455662014-08-11 19:47:00
Site Format10L-I-M-I2014-08-09 20:47:00
Awqrd Help6XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-09 07:58:00
Logo7VeryCoolMeLBP2014-08-05 13:35:00
Account Suspension3dyna2014-08-05 09:36:00
Awards Not Shown?7Smuffy042014-08-02 23:16:00
LBP level spotlight4Scotty2014-08-01 10:18:00
Multiple Moderators for Groups4SwagosPuntos2014-07-30 22:58:00
Logging in6RenoTonakai2014-07-30 19:55:00
LBP C App?5YoungBoy19592014-07-28 03:37:00
Back to mobile?3YungDaVinci2014-07-26 19:27:00
I couldn't post for 3 years14renefoetsie2014-07-26 10:46:00
What happened to wiki.lbpcentral.com?5Teatrees2014-07-25 05:04:00
Smilies16Ali_Star2014-07-24 10:58:00
Moderation3whateverg2014-07-22 19:15:00
How does one become more than Lint?10YungDaVinci2014-07-20 18:47:00
Will LBP2 Spotlight continue existing?6cakito1232014-07-14 20:04:00
Contest Ideas3sackboy2062014-07-13 15:03:00
LBPC Podcast1hyperdude952014-07-06 19:13:00
Level Showcase posting issues2Deftmute2014-07-05 17:15:00
LBPC Logo!3RV-20132014-07-01 21:47:00
so uhh10chronos4532014-06-30 08:21:00
Could a mod change my username?28The5rozos2014-06-25 20:44:00
Meet the Staff VII26jwwphotos2014-06-21 19:05:00
Temporary Level Showcase Alteration1piggabling2014-06-20 01:38:00
Lbp321flamingemu2014-06-12 16:18:00
LBPCentral requests/comments5StJimmysAdiction2014-06-12 15:53:00
A Question4Sackativitron2014-06-11 02:41:00
some things15jimydog0002014-05-24 18:25:00
Small suggestion.3Lord-Dreamerz2014-04-30 02:18:00
...and we're back!32jwwphotos2014-04-01 02:49:00
Add the "Thanks" tab to Mobile1L-I-M-I2014-03-22 00:02:00
Can't post in a single thread?7RockSauron2014-03-08 15:26:00
Cptcha Code doesn't work at Registration27Shaggy Vinci2014-02-24 20:49:00
Signature Question3madcowj2014-02-18 02:26:00
Honest concern7FreeAim2014-02-15 14:50:00
Can't remove members from a group or delete group?5Darkcloudrepeat2014-02-10 07:14:00
LBPCentral Wiki offline24aratiatia2014-01-21 22:47:00
Custom theme for LBPC4Ayneh2014-01-03 23:16:00
LBPCentral help5BLAHBLAH10002014-01-01 02:25:00
We're back! And look who followed us home :)36Taffey2013-12-29 01:58:00
First topic now the site is up again!11Woutery2013-12-28 19:42:00
Suggestion: Auto-Lock 1 year+ old threads.16Lord-Dreamerz2013-12-10 18:54:00
Off-topic Confusion8Apple20122013-12-08 20:15:00
My thread won't appear?3ILoveI6v6I2013-12-08 18:29:00
H7ThaPiero99Xx2013-12-01 13:38:00
And what would you have done?18Taffey2013-09-29 07:24:00
LBP Central Site on PS Vita?4ShadowArcticWolf2013-09-25 23:05:00
A Disturbing Trend.67Kalawishis2013-09-22 21:14:00
Chatbox4Anatole2013-09-21 10:57:00
when will we see a LittleBigPlanet Hub sub-forum?8DreadRandal2013-09-18 15:36:00
I keep getting this strange square22WESFUN2013-09-06 19:29:00
Self-Moderation7qwerty1234562013-08-25 23:06:00
Quick LBPC question4Caliboy45992013-07-31 01:49:00
Forum Level system?5Unknown User2013-07-25 22:07:00
Titles?8Radio4472013-07-13 21:24:00
New PSN, do I need a new account here?2SilverTriforce72013-07-07 22:03:00
Spotlit Level Pictures9craigmond2013-06-16 18:33:00
Enter proplem2Spaceraoul282013-06-13 18:37:00
User title problem12TheUltraDeino2013-06-03 20:46:00
New Site for New MM game?19RockSauron2013-06-02 20:56:00
why are you blocking my theads?19shady04202013-05-31 03:14:00
LBPC please read 24shady04202013-05-31 01:52:00
To LBPC please read!7shady04202013-05-30 23:39:00
Finding who's in charge7charles--19702013-05-23 21:25:00
Donor Questions3L1N3R1D3R2013-05-21 14:01:00
Issue With Quick Reply?21Ali_Star2013-05-17 15:34:00
Wow!2Unknown User2013-05-17 02:15:00
Logging into this site6XxHAMADEHxX2013-05-15 06:38:00
Using a PS3, how can I upload pictures without having to click the pink links?6Unknown User2013-05-10 00:56:00
Why was my Tearaway preorder goods thread removed?26Wolfdre2013-05-09 20:56:00
WIKI - Did you know?2nysudyrgh2013-05-06 19:25:00
My thread isn't working2jpelgrom2013-05-02 14:05:00
My avatar isn't animated.6Woutery2013-04-21 11:39:00
Question about report button11Seant12282013-04-20 17:25:00
Im Trying to delete a thread! help?6Seant12282013-04-19 21:00:00
Reputation Bars and XP12Jauw2013-04-17 14:39:00
It would be nice if LBPCentral used picture emails :D6Ryan86me2013-04-11 12:21:00
LBPC Reddit5ryder3562013-03-31 03:56:00
accidently reported a msg3mirjanneke2013-03-26 10:18:00
Dear Mods, Admins,10Luke_MK_II2013-03-25 10:44:00
BBcode issues6Beccadex2013-02-28 22:29:00
LBP Level Showcase1Nick9309302013-02-27 16:36:00
LBPC Logo7Anatole2013-02-18 11:30:00
Blog: Background Images -> Invalid Properties1VnGamer2342013-02-18 09:54:00
Quick Question:2Kalawishis2013-02-17 14:44:00
Strange bug...2Protoraptor2013-02-13 21:29:00
Why?2cakito1232013-01-27 04:05:00
LBPC Bullying5FreeAim2013-01-15 14:59:00
So...3Woutery2013-01-14 19:38:00
Pictures are not Appearing in Threads i have posted in.7Sacko532013-01-14 00:49:00
LBP.me link in signature4gamerguy54322013-01-08 03:47:00
Creator Spotlight Apply??5yoghurt20002013-01-07 17:48:00
A little doubt.8yugnar2013-01-07 02:48:00
Strange Award Behaviour7EverTone222013-01-01 16:10:00
Blogs are "up"! :)1RickRock_7772013-01-01 15:37:00
Question about these locked threads6Apple20122012-12-28 17:42:00
Time Stamp on all posts12mr Radical 56012012-12-10 16:41:00
Ability to Lock your own threads.3zzmorg822012-11-27 23:31:00
MAYBE it's time to move MM auto posting somewhere else9OmegaSlayer2012-11-27 16:26:00
My reccommendation for lbp central15SCHWITZER-19452012-11-27 01:38:00
Confirmation!4xero2012-11-20 04:17:00
Can't get Rid of my Old Group5Sacko532012-11-17 23:49:00
Header Picture Question10waffleking232012-11-14 23:19:00
Simple "Don't move me" request.3RonPierce2012-11-14 23:17:00
User Tagging4Ali_Star2012-11-12 14:57:00
Confusing!?7Woutery2012-11-12 10:31:00
Custom Titles?7bluesteel7892012-10-24 18:31:00
Newcomer FAQ's8Valeview2012-10-19 20:16:00
Market14Diatosta2012-10-16 19:35:00
LBPCentral Shop is not working?4Patofan2012-10-15 16:43:00
New Cheeses?2Woutery2012-10-15 09:31:00
Earn Points feature4Diatosta2012-10-13 21:02:00
Threads that need to be locked6Apple20122012-10-13 04:16:00
Showcase Filtering1koltonaugust2012-10-12 05:59:00
Blogs are Down41koltonaugust2012-10-09 02:38:00
When the LBPV Spotlight will be out?10cakito1232012-09-28 01:45:00
Trying to post a level, but a message pops up quickly and my level doesn't post5joelombardo8302012-09-21 21:46:00
Is recreating locked threads against the rules?10Apple20122012-09-21 19:01:00
Won't be created a ''Level Showcase'' For LBPVita?3cakito1232012-09-20 22:36:00
Chat room?3Unknown User2012-09-18 20:29:00
Forum does not function well under Chromium.3kirbyman622012-09-17 21:50:00
LBPVita Enhanced Forum?5L1N3R1D3R2012-09-17 03:47:00
Avatar Help2DominationMags2012-09-14 23:24:00
We need MOAR CONTESTS!!!4Ben212012-09-09 20:13:00
LBPC Official Facebook Page?1OodlesofNoodles2012-09-07 03:35:00
help?5himan123456782012-09-06 21:06:00
N00b needs help!7Unknown User2012-09-05 03:29:00
How important are donations?3gamerguy54322012-09-01 17:09:00
Do you think this site will be down again?7Apple20122012-09-01 13:33:00
LBPC XP Store6gamerguy54322012-09-01 00:21:00
Empty Threads17Unknown User2012-08-31 21:21:00
Why are there so many guests?!6gamerguy54322012-08-29 02:56:00
LBP News DLC New Cheeses Site Stuff New Features Community Content Other Things3Chris---Kristy2012-08-28 06:53:00
Question (Title under my name)33Silvantor2012-08-27 15:52:00
LBPC Spotlight Censorship (disabling reviews/comments on the Hubs)12Pookachoo2012-08-26 22:46:00
LBPC store15gamerguy54322012-08-26 20:43:00
We need MOAR Contests!19SSTAGG12012-08-21 22:33:00
There will be a Spotlight for LBPvita too?5cakito1232012-08-20 23:05:00
the awards problem6Sunbunny232012-08-18 09:53:00
Some suggestions for this forum.12Lord-Dreamerz2012-08-11 20:58:00
Duplicating Spoiler Tags1gdn0012012-08-10 21:20:00
Site down?14Super_Clone2012-08-08 20:05:00
Spoilers and their mobile Versions8SilverTriforce72012-08-06 02:30:00
How do I disable notifications?5Apple20122012-07-30 19:12:00
karting fourms9Sunbunny232012-07-25 23:03:00
LBPC Chat?14HellYeah19822012-07-23 08:13:00
Forum Question....7Unknown User2012-07-22 03:49:00
Testing Scripts in CMS App Recommendation1RickRock_7772012-07-21 15:25:00
Error when I try to view threads26Doopz2012-07-21 13:35:00
LBP.me Link Fix Coming?7WoodburyRaider2012-07-20 13:58:00
LBPKarting Section?9DominationMags2012-07-18 00:42:00
Signature issues2curtislarkin2012-07-14 17:32:00
Posting Glitch6Dragonvarsity2012-07-12 19:13:00
LBP Karting Official SubForum2Nick9309302012-07-11 01:49:00
UFC/San Diego Employee Rank color3Shadowriver2012-07-09 16:38:00
Cool Projects25RockSauron2012-07-07 20:23:00
How do I put my levels in my signature4Apple20122012-07-07 19:10:00
Strange Award?3Sackpapoi2012-07-07 18:29:00
Email Notifications1RickRock_7772012-07-05 15:08:00
LBPC Spotlight Search Engine7biorogue2012-07-04 20:05:00
LBPCentral Mobile Version Help Needed9SilverTriforce72012-07-03 23:37:00
How do you post pictures?7Apple20122012-07-03 15:27:00
LBP Karting fourms?2Sacko532012-07-03 05:05:00
Meet the Staff IV58warlord_evil2012-07-02 08:46:00
Where Do You Post Forum Tutorials?5L1N3R1D3R2012-06-28 15:22:00
Why can't I use tags?1Apple20122012-06-27 04:33:00
LBPCentral down...again!?6Ungreth2012-06-24 06:08:00
Just Wondering5PGdafrog2012-06-22 13:02:00
Expanding Advertisements10Doopz2012-06-21 18:45:00
Forum questions6dutch2012-06-20 13:32:00
An app?3Unknown User2012-06-19 17:15:00
Quick Reply Bug6PGdafrog2012-06-19 17:15:00
Lists?2Cobaltor2012-06-19 03:07:00
Can't get images into posts for showcase thread!10Hana_Kami2012-06-16 16:05:00
Advertisements on the page...58Unknown User2012-06-12 13:56:00
I have trouble uploading a profile picture (URL)1Unknown User2012-06-11 22:41:00
Lbp karting section?8Unknown User2012-06-11 02:39:00
Donation bar12Unknown User2012-06-10 05:11:00
Standard User Viewing 'The Vault'11Ostler50002012-06-09 17:10:00
XP is back?11kirbyman622012-06-09 15:25:00
The Headline Threads Disappear?5Sackpapoi2012-06-08 16:25:00
How Can I Change the Title of My Thread?3L1N3R1D3R2012-06-05 23:05:00
Bring the costume photo topic back?14Lord-Dreamerz2012-06-04 11:41:00
(Checked and partially solved) Level Recommendetion2OmegaSlayer2012-06-04 07:48:00
Man, I love this site13Teepeenocks2012-06-03 04:15:00
thread order7WESFUN2012-06-02 02:46:00
Automatic Logout?2Apple20122012-06-01 03:01:00
Only one video maximum per post?4lemurboy122012-05-31 18:00:00
LBP News section needs updating?2Valeview2012-05-28 19:28:00
Um...3zzmorg822012-05-25 21:05:00
My Text Has Gone Bold!3DominationMags2012-05-23 22:03:00
Why aren't we allowed to make goodbye threads?9Apple20122012-05-20 21:46:00
My many questions that I need answers to4Unknown User2012-05-20 21:07:00
Can't save changes to my siggy :(6Sehven2012-05-17 07:58:00
Gray user titles4Apple20122012-05-17 02:48:00
LBPC is a charity now.13Unknown User2012-05-08 10:40:00
Username2anoken2012-05-07 21:28:00
Expand Image On Signatures16Tynamite2012-05-07 02:04:00
Level 1 again?4Apple20122012-05-05 17:10:00
LBPC Pins14dragonights2012-04-23 20:42:00
Question4ConverseFox2012-04-21 17:17:00
Ultimate Upgrade Issues3Undarivik2012-04-11 20:19:00
my idea3Unknown User2012-04-11 04:33:00
Animated Avatars7Jovuto2012-04-10 21:34:00
How do you change this?5Apple20122012-04-07 16:38:00
Points Market Issues15unc92sax2012-04-04 01:59:00
The Spotlight Search Engine3nysudyrgh2012-04-03 20:11:00
Picture uploading issues...6Unknown User2012-04-03 13:41:00
Delete a thread5Unknown User2012-04-03 09:53:00
How to Upload Animated Sigs?4Kaboosh992012-04-01 00:45:00
WEIRDEST THING EVER! (I need a lot of help to solve this mystery, so get in here!)16CyberSora2012-03-31 04:09:00
Are these topics allowed?7Apple20122012-03-27 22:16:00
Good Idea for LBP Central5Unknown User2012-03-27 18:47:00
Games4Apple20122012-03-26 18:02:00
New Cheeses1ThisDudeRufus2012-03-26 03:15:00
i need to know -4Unknown User2012-03-25 17:18:00
"View Latest Post" Link Not Working?2Sackpapoi2012-03-23 20:48:00
How do you become moderator?3Apple20122012-03-22 02:38:00
Reputation17DominationMags2012-03-17 19:09:00
Time to change the pictures?63ATMLVE2012-03-17 16:30:00
Market Not Working?5MegaNarwhal2012-03-17 03:05:00
How do you post LBP2 game photos?6Unknown User2012-03-11 03:53:00
Help with Signature3Unknown User2012-03-08 23:27:00
Unsubscribing from invite-only group discussions3Kern2012-03-01 19:58:00
How do you edit/finish/delete polls?3Darkcloudrepeat2012-02-28 18:45:00
Trophy trouble on the forum2LittleBigSnooth2012-02-24 09:38:00
Tech stuff - Adobe Flash Player crashes3OmegaSlayer2012-02-21 09:46:00
Signature Trouble?5flyinhawaiian2012-02-20 14:42:00
Permision Groups? Wat?3nysudyrgh2012-02-18 20:24:00
the rules and mods on here make no seance20Unknown User2012-02-16 18:38:00
A Couple of Suggestions9Ali_Star2012-02-15 10:13:00
Signature helpage4LittleBigSnooth2012-02-14 10:05:00
cant post on old forms ?2Unknown User2012-02-11 19:40:00
VM Troubles with fairly new members??6Unknown User2012-02-10 07:08:00
LBPC XP Points taken away?3Darkcloudrepeat2012-01-30 04:30:00
Please add a tutorial explaining the XP system, and how to earn XP.4Unknown User2012-01-27 03:34:00
Upload photo issue4Cobaltor2012-01-27 03:22:00
Having trouble with LBP.me info7Cobaltor2012-01-26 02:00:00
Attempting to go to wiki returns 404 error.6Unknown User2012-01-25 05:13:00
How can I have levels under my post?12The_Lil_JoKeR2012-01-22 23:53:00
Thank You, Staff!14flyinhawaiian2012-01-18 18:37:00
What's the matter here?4FreeAim2012-01-18 18:21:00
Someone's hacking our site?77Schark942012-01-14 22:03:00
Browsing from console or mobile device6Ayneh2012-01-11 20:26:00
Cant Post new level in Level Showcase?3bluearth2012-01-11 04:23:00
Can't. Thank. Posts?7Valeview2012-01-08 14:27:00
The option "find all posts" doesn't show all my posts6SebasSBM2012-01-07 23:34:00
Tapatalk for LBPC?5Dortr2012-01-07 00:45:00
Level Showcase Problem2Sackpapoi2012-01-06 16:30:00
Bot Protection(Aka Anti Bot Movement)19Tyranny682012-01-06 10:19:00
Site Question/Feedback that doesn't deserve its own thread.13n00bsack2012-01-03 10:04:00
Editing Avatars6Sackpapoi2011-12-31 15:30:00
Editing Posts7PGdafrog2011-12-29 14:22:00
lbp2 forum level signature6Unknown User2011-12-26 09:39:00
Christmas Decorations11111dav92011-12-20 02:39:00
Reviving OLD threads5Lady_Luck__7772011-12-19 17:10:00
picture posts6tripple_sss2011-12-15 22:07:00
LBPC downtime15biorogue2011-12-11 15:00:00
Groups6Undarivik2011-12-09 21:07:00
Site slow to load?9Snowspot2011-12-07 12:58:00
music1SenneChuChi2011-12-05 06:19:00
Animation Help3hershysnickers52011-12-04 04:16:00
LBPCentral App for IOS and Droid17dogcity9992011-11-26 01:54:00
Trophies1Undarivik2011-11-25 03:38:00
Referals?6nysudyrgh2011-11-23 15:14:00
New 'Music' Forum!4nk8272011-11-23 02:14:00
My Thread6BloodShot90012011-11-20 15:35:00
posting levels help6GribbleGrunger2011-11-10 10:45:00
Showcase2Unknown User2011-11-09 04:08:00
a section for LBP Vita3lark98-22011-11-09 03:05:00
LBPC Awards?28nysudyrgh2011-11-06 09:52:00
A 'Welcome' Change16SR20DETDOG2011-11-06 02:36:00
Uploading Images3alaskadawn2011-11-03 05:46:00
Banner ads24biorogue2011-10-30 18:32:00
Teh Official RIP thread11OmegaSlayer2011-10-24 12:34:00
Blog help4biorogue2011-10-21 14:40:00
Notifications broke6biorogue2011-10-19 12:55:00
Another Random Question... :P6Speedynutty682011-10-19 00:49:00
This place is great but...16Unknown User2011-10-18 05:23:00
What happened to the creator spotlights? :/4Dortr2011-10-17 18:31:00
[SOLVED] Reputation Points14Speedynutty682011-10-13 04:02:00
Signature5Unknown User2011-10-11 21:53:00
Help with new profile^^2Unknown User2011-10-09 17:00:00
Threads being removed3Chaos_Martin2011-10-07 19:23:00
Alternate LBPC Contest Threads...2Unknown User2011-10-06 20:45:00
Making images links5Ayneh2011-10-02 18:10:00
Reply with Quote Not Working?11Undarivik2011-09-29 01:16:00
Community Spotlight consideration for works in progress4Fobstar492011-09-27 02:24:00
I cant make my avatar a GIF?7DominationMags2011-09-26 23:41:00
Creator Spotlights?5Skalio-2011-09-25 01:00:00
LaurenJohnson, MikeEdwards, PaigeHoward & Robert Green?9Mr_T-Shirt2011-09-20 18:59:00
Intrusive Ads3xero2011-09-15 04:19:00
vBulletin Message5Unknown User2011-09-14 21:25:00
LBPC in Sacksettlement1Chaos_Martin2011-09-11 10:56:00
Posting meassages...?5Wolf_AssasSin_X2011-09-11 05:48:00
Some Spring Cleaning8biorogue2011-09-09 21:16:00
Ideas for Website Header12Roneranger2011-09-08 17:58:00
Help Section - Resolved Option11standby2502011-09-08 01:38:00
The "Thanks" Button24tdarb2011-09-06 05:16:00
What's that green thing under your avatar?10cheese77102011-09-05 04:35:00
Notification Alerts5Lady_Luck__7772011-09-03 16:47:00
Site Title Reset Itself?5nunsmasher2011-09-03 08:05:00
Site help4Unknown User2011-08-31 00:03:00
Level Showcase Title no longer lbp.me?4xxMATEOSxx2011-08-30 02:36:00
LBPC Tutorial Compilation Idea12RickRock_7772011-08-25 20:21:00
LBPC Signature ID7Roneranger2011-08-25 17:01:00
Delete account?2Unknown User2011-08-25 06:16:00
View all post's question4Unknown User2011-08-24 10:49:00
LBPC Shoutbox6Dante2011-08-22 00:54:00
How to change your username?13Unknown User2011-08-21 05:39:00
LBPC Awards16biorogue2011-08-20 20:37:00
IMG Help749er Nation2011-08-19 05:01:00
Inform the community why there's no chatroom!3Sport_dude2011-08-18 02:38:00
Lbpcentral chatroom3flamesterart2011-08-17 22:41:00
Cool Levels - Level Showcase13Ali_Star2011-08-17 13:13:00
Green Square thingies?5LBNinja2011-08-16 05:51:00
Signature 911349er Nation2011-08-13 04:03:00
LBPC Exp6tanrockstan342011-08-11 14:56:00
Remote Avatars Too Large?3Unknown User2011-08-11 13:52:00
LBPcentral.com pin and more!46Domik122011-08-11 09:03:00
Is it possible to delete threads in Level showcase?3romancrisis2011-08-11 00:57:00
a game development thread?2dragonights2011-08-09 09:00:00
LBPC website question.6Unknown User2011-08-09 06:08:00
Generally prettier site13Unknown User2011-08-09 06:03:00
Long Page Loading Times4WoodburyRaider2011-08-09 03:39:00
questions about hazbell13dragonights2011-08-08 20:48:00
LBPC Chatroom16wolverine_20082011-08-08 18:07:00
How to change to F4F thread?5romancrisis2011-08-08 12:19:00
Profile picture.3alaskadawn2011-08-08 05:50:00
How to put lbp.me Links into my sig?4flyinhawaiian2011-08-07 16:20:00
All symbols and game graphic icons?6Unknown User2011-08-04 02:56:00
Problems with LBPCWiki4Hallm32011-08-03 20:14:00
Spam!?7craigmond2011-08-03 12:52:00
Photograpghy Problems6luckray2011-07-31 17:54:00
Little question about the free profile upgrade :)7Sport_dude2011-07-30 03:00:00
Reduce the time to report posts6OmegaSlayer2011-07-29 12:35:00
LBPC help.3fighterwindplus2011-07-28 22:45:00
Um...7StaticLinuxpro2011-07-28 21:45:00
Upload/HD Pics7fighterwindplus2011-07-28 03:41:00
A suggestion6StaticLinuxpro2011-07-27 15:27:00
How do you permanently delete group topics?5Darkcloudrepeat2011-07-26 22:44:00
Site idea :)11zzmorg822011-07-26 14:57:00
Connection (to site) issues4waffleking232011-07-26 03:31:00
Reputation and upgrading titles?7Joey98982011-07-25 03:05:00
Users having trouble registering11sp0ngyraver2011-07-23 07:12:00
LBP.me signature glitch14dragonights2011-07-22 01:03:00
Lint6luckray2011-07-19 18:32:00
Site Run by Monkeys and Bias Kids29LoVeRiCe2011-07-20 16:51:00
Awards Page3Captain_Dinosaur2011-07-20 14:05:00
How Do I Delete A Thread7Unknown User2011-07-20 02:58:00
How do you delete your own threads? (Answer in the thread)4TheGoldenFlash2011-07-19 20:19:00
No PSP suggestions14craigmond2011-07-16 14:53:00
What thread?5craigmond2011-07-15 17:33:00
Change username3Unknown User2011-07-15 05:17:00
May be in wrong section, but...2PSN:AAM27302011-07-14 16:13:00
My PSN wont link...Why?3Unknown User2011-07-13 19:12:00
Confusion on Awards...449er Nation2011-07-13 03:50:00
More about me space?1Dortr2011-07-12 20:02:00
Overall Activity glitch or.....?5Sport_dude2011-07-12 04:15:00
My Title...749er Nation2011-07-11 05:41:00
Picture uploading7Willman42011-07-10 23:09:00
help with thread!! really annoying me5wolfy_6162011-07-09 11:51:00
The thing above.3Exemption2011-07-06 17:59:00
Adding a chat? Here at lbpcentral?10Sport_dude2011-07-06 06:17:00
Mods..17Exemption2011-07-06 02:32:00
...huh?!!!5LBNinja2011-07-05 22:11:00
Erectile dysfunction!?8Ungreth2011-07-04 21:57:00
Lbpc xp?4Unknown User2011-07-04 01:57:00
"Lint?"7Unknown User2011-07-01 23:04:00
update the news on the home page7tabycatmeow2011-07-01 22:24:00
Achieved the ''Rare'' Overdrive Trophies but..6Sport_dude2011-06-30 04:18:00
HALP! (forum help)5LBNinja2011-06-29 20:56:00
Adding photos to groups4SSTAGG12011-06-28 07:30:00
Can we add a 'get together' section?3Unknown User2011-06-27 02:57:00
DLC tab2biorogue2011-06-22 20:57:00
VITA game forum?56OJJ098742011-06-22 17:10:00
How do i upload pics3Unknown User2011-06-22 01:15:00
Upload Photos from hard drive to posts8nk8272011-06-21 17:40:00
Message for awards ?10nysudyrgh2011-06-20 18:25:00
Displaying pictures on LBPC3Sean882011-06-20 02:32:00
How do I use the [LBPMELEVELURL] tag?4Unknown User2011-06-16 02:37:00
Member Map8ConverseFox2011-06-16 01:01:00
can you change a threads name?5SkaterOllie7952011-06-14 21:34:00
HELP! gif not working in avatar!8LOLinator v1.022011-06-14 17:05:00
"by" in the forum main menu.4dbibby882011-06-14 10:54:00
LBP Vita section on the Wiki3ConverseFox2011-06-14 08:14:00
Overdrive Trophy3anoken2011-06-09 23:50:00
The Suggestions Forum4robbit102011-06-06 17:32:00
LBDictatorShip26Unknown User2011-06-05 21:25:00
Attacking the 'bad guys' is okay?13flamingemu2011-06-05 13:38:00
The LBP Central XMB Theme11ZeusInTraining2011-06-05 00:37:00
Censorship by Morgana and Comphermc23Unknown User2011-06-04 16:30:00
F4F Receipts8WoodburyRaider2011-06-04 15:31:00
Site Principles.15Creekey2011-06-04 01:28:00
Phrases underneath forum ID/hearts/levels, over avatar?6SSTAGG12011-06-03 20:44:00
This just shows what I mean... LBPC erased my thread3Creekey2011-06-01 23:56:00
I would think these forums would be a little more... " Flamming"6donta1332011-05-29 01:21:00
Gif signature7Unknown User2011-05-28 10:20:00
Awards? Buh?3roux-2011-05-22 11:47:00
More people?4Angelgozen2011-05-21 20:06:00
Question on the Thanks button on each reply3tripple_sss2011-05-19 00:54:00
Can't post in the Level Showcase?3Unknown User2011-05-18 09:58:00
More admins?32Super_Dork_422011-05-18 08:30:00
Dissapearing 'Find Other Happy Gadders' section.4dbibby882011-05-16 23:35:00
LBP PSP Contest Section8Random2011-05-15 17:14:00
Why hasnt LBPC done a contest in a while?7WESFUN2011-05-15 03:24:00
Picture Not Showing.3Unknown User2011-05-13 21:28:00
99.9%12craigmond2011-05-12 21:46:00
Who is the original creator of LittleBigPlanetCentral?11robbit102011-05-11 19:49:00
Annoying ad11Shadowriver2011-05-11 14:09:00
ASL! and LBP.me!14Dortr2011-05-08 18:27:00
uploading photos6Brannayen2011-05-08 14:26:00
What ever happened to the give rep feature8WESFUN2011-05-08 13:54:00
Giving Fames9hamorgan2011-05-07 19:44:00
Bring the chat back?14WESFUN2011-05-07 16:17:00
One-Click solution (suggestion)6xero2011-05-04 21:34:00
Help4Jakeamorris252011-05-04 08:42:00
cross sentence2wait wtf2011-05-04 03:46:00
How do you...3theonlybub2011-05-04 00:54:00
wonky LBPC XP updates?3Thegide2011-05-03 23:11:00
Word filter14OmegaSlayer2011-05-03 09:58:00
LBPC Virus/Spyware Scam Spotted!16Nick9309302011-05-02 02:01:00
How to get a siniture under your post?6SkaterOllie7952011-05-01 08:25:00
Forum Help4venat2011-04-30 03:53:00
Are my Posts Being Deleted?47Unknown User2011-04-25 16:12:00
give xp as prize8Ignition2462011-04-25 00:56:00
Better TimeZone Data.3Unknown User2011-04-24 11:46:00
Slight confusion... or me being dumb..6Dortr2011-04-23 20:33:00
LBP Art Thread4SkaterOllie7952011-04-23 15:46:00
More "Notifications"2nk8272011-04-23 14:12:00
Green things?5Squidge992011-04-23 09:28:00
Quick Custom title question6UberOrbPS2011-04-22 05:21:00
Annoying Advertisement!6Unknown User2011-04-17 21:37:00
LBPC community and creator spotlights.72Arnald232011-04-17 19:13:00
Market place question6Aven1981_UK2011-04-16 18:20:00
Why Won't my Avatar Animate?6Kern2011-04-15 17:56:00
How do you...4Unknown User2011-04-15 17:50:00
User Title Error4anoken2011-04-15 11:48:00
Nothing serious3craigmond2011-04-14 18:18:00
Return of the chat5OmegaSlayer2011-04-13 08:55:00
How come hearts and level data arent showing up under name?4Godzilla2011-04-12 20:30:00
Quote?3L1N3R1D3R2011-04-10 22:29:00
.PNG avatars not working? D:5Alec2011-04-10 15:53:00
Very Basic Question15damaz102011-04-05 16:54:00
Question about picture uploading3Cactii2011-04-05 00:07:00
A Favicon!11yoda97yoda2011-04-04 17:35:00
What about a LBPC Android App?1Unknown User2011-04-02 17:23:00
Expandable sections in posts/signature?3Unknown User2011-04-01 01:03:00
the reaction to the "The stupid copyer!!" thread23Unknown User2011-03-31 15:59:00
subcribed threads2biorogue2011-03-31 13:42:00
Five star ratings4Unknown User2011-03-30 15:17:00
LBP Central Donation5Unknown User2011-03-29 09:37:00
Why no mobile version?6Super_Dork_422011-03-28 15:39:00
Reporting pms by mistake4OmegaSlayer2011-03-28 12:57:00
Stats Gone?4standby2502011-03-28 00:35:00
Rename "Thanks"19Unknown User2011-03-27 11:29:00
Site randomly going really slow?20Testudini2011-03-25 15:04:00
Help posting from PS31the Ion Pulsar2011-03-25 06:38:00
Spoilers1waD_Delma2011-03-24 14:56:00
How to search for my replies9Unknown User2011-03-24 12:24:00
How about new contests? Like where's waldo!1Unknown User2011-03-23 23:40:00
Boolean searching7Unknown User2011-03-22 13:41:00
Keep getting viruses from this site!20TheBlackKnight222011-03-21 21:12:00
Reviewed levels section2Luos_832011-03-20 21:01:00
Whats the diffrence between "LittleBigPlanet" and "LittleBigPlanet for Ps3"?5Doooomguy2011-03-20 09:07:00
MM Pick Level Badges Obscure Text8Unknown User2011-03-18 16:41:00
Cross-Site Community Contest2mr Radical 56012011-03-18 01:34:00
Judgemental admins13tuyyui2011-03-17 05:45:00
there should be a goodbye section2reiko572011-03-14 00:58:00
LBPC PSN Chat11Unknown User2011-03-11 06:21:00
LBPC Chat3Haleys_Papa2011-03-10 14:24:00
This doesn't belong here but...24AssassinatorRFC2011-03-10 01:16:00
Costume Forum9BloodShot90012011-03-07 22:44:00
Lbp level URL tags help!3PerfectlyDarkTails2011-03-04 18:19:00
Exempt Veteran Users From Perma-Bans79KoingWolf2011-03-04 17:29:00
How do you delete threads here?3Rpg Maker2011-03-04 15:11:00
How to post a pic?2CYMBOL2011-03-03 00:51:00
Not leveling up on lbp community6tuyyui2011-03-02 00:01:00
More categories for groups!1LOLinator v1.022011-03-01 20:26:00
Still can't put links in signature2Arkei2011-03-01 02:58:00
iPod aplication6Bbody2011-03-01 01:59:00
Posting Photos in the Level Showcase3Unknown User2011-02-28 18:53:00
Putting pictures for the showcase2jjdragon2011-02-28 15:42:00
Deleting posts that have no text, or don't want anymore. Maybe hide them.11Unknown User2011-02-28 08:31:00
always logged in5biorogue2011-02-27 13:52:00
Uploading Photos.2thespacemonkey1872011-02-24 08:47:00
Forum games in the open10Merc2011-02-24 02:30:00
LBPC is like LBP...11Unknown User2011-02-23 18:11:00
Lbp 2?4Unknown User2011-02-23 03:54:00
Problem with Posting Level Icon Link....7Astronaut2011-02-22 12:23:00
Further lbp.me integration?7PerfectlyDarkTails2011-02-21 18:31:00
Some new Avatars8flamesterart2011-02-21 03:03:00
Competition stuff4kieran2011-02-20 18:33:00
Thread location at bottom of page2Unknown User2011-02-20 11:35:00
LBPC should have a forum game section6Clivefan112011-02-19 21:29:00
Is it possible to always, automatically "go advanced"?9tetsujin2011-02-18 19:45:00
uploading photos2Unknown User2011-02-18 08:56:00
error I keep getting11WESFUN2011-02-17 21:59:00
Screenshots indicator11Chump2011-02-15 14:43:00
I'm lost with the wiki !3ColmiYveul2011-02-14 22:21:00
How to Make LBP.me stats appear!1donta1332011-02-14 01:37:00
Whatever happened to the "New Market Items"???8theswweet2011-02-13 20:04:00
Why am I "lint"6IndyFord2011-02-13 18:40:00
What is F4F?9The Adventurer2011-02-13 15:54:00
Animated Avie2Dylanlip2011-02-12 04:27:00
confused by lbpc level rankings2biorogue2011-02-12 01:12:00
Help3dylan-is-cool1232011-02-09 23:57:00
Yay and Boo Smileys5Mr_T-Shirt2011-02-09 21:30:00
Groups?3Ignition2462011-02-09 05:02:00
Why isn't my LBPme stats above my name??9donta1332011-02-08 23:06:00
Ideas and Projects?3anoken2011-02-08 22:46:00
Asking before moving a thread?3theonlybub2011-02-08 16:53:00
Please add reply Icon over in Level Showcase1RSQViper2011-02-07 15:55:00
Posting Pics on LBPC?8FEAR2011-02-06 19:35:00
Tip of the day - feature idea1sny2011-02-06 10:38:00
LBP2 Smilies Pwease? - Made Some7warlord_evil2011-02-05 21:07:00
A General Help Section?5WoodburyRaider2011-02-05 16:44:00
PSP/PS3 Community-Contest Mash-Up10Gravel2011-02-05 15:09:00
Spotlight Videos on LBP23mutant_red_peas2011-02-03 21:21:00
Sack Settlement wonder3Chaos_Martin2011-02-03 15:09:00
What is the Recommendation Second Class Trophy?3RSQViper2011-02-03 14:25:00
Two LBP.me user profile links.6SackRacer772011-02-02 19:26:00
Custom Title Not Showing Up3EliminatorZigma2011-02-02 17:16:00
Are there more than three items in the shop?4Leafy1012011-02-02 13:57:00
Help2Unknown User2011-02-01 22:35:00
Stupid Quesion >.<3PetStars2011-02-01 14:53:00
Migratory threads?3Rogar2011-01-31 22:53:00
image link3Chaos_Martin2011-01-31 22:31:00
Question >_<1Bloo_boy2011-01-31 15:09:00
Allow me to link images.4RibShark2011-01-30 19:04:00
Other Fansite Links5mutant_red_peas2011-01-30 18:45:00
LBPC Chatroom11Sivious2011-01-30 03:17:00
Lbpc3LukeCF2011-01-29 21:30:00
LBPC LBP.me4.jamo2011-01-29 11:32:00
Little image by my user name in posts2Bernkastel2011-01-29 06:58:00
[PRIVACY ISSUE] LBPC Ads are trying to violate my privacy (without permission)6fatman6892011-01-28 02:13:00
How about adding a serious discussion thread?2Unknown User2011-01-28 00:02:00
I noticed a new trend that I think must stop now.15RangerZero2011-01-27 18:10:00
LBP Wiki Contributions2Unknown User2011-01-26 06:37:00
LBPC Mobile14Unknown User2011-01-26 01:45:00
Site referral trophy3Jayhawk_er2011-01-26 01:07:00
...what?2Unknown User2011-01-26 00:37:00
Automatic Hyperlinking to Images1Gawdl3y2011-01-25 20:10:00
A great tribute1Unknown User2011-01-25 18:11:00
Direct Queueing On Spotlights!6mutant_red_peas2011-01-25 07:00:00
How do you change the message under your user name from Lint?10Unknown User2011-01-25 01:27:00
Posting things in the showcase.4Unknown User2011-01-24 23:10:00
LBPC Record1Unknown User2011-01-23 21:33:00
Bigger avatar!6shadow35962011-01-23 08:37:00
New(?) Error Message9KoingWolf2011-01-23 00:35:00
More things to spend LBPC XP on3groble2011-01-21 21:06:00
LBP2 and LBP1 Prefixes for Level Showcase13Kog2011-01-21 18:07:00
Contests Section3ConverseFox2011-01-21 15:30:00
Making LBP2 smilies?12Silverleon2011-01-21 11:15:00
Movies and Music thread for lbp23wait wtf2011-01-19 01:29:00
Re-Decorate lbpcentral ? for lbp212DeusJt2011-01-18 22:09:00
Seperate lbp2 level showcase?2Luos_832011-01-18 17:55:00
Inappropriate Adverts?25Unknown User2011-01-18 17:49:00
Sending xp does not work!! *help*2chinook32011-01-16 21:58:00
Help me with my profile? FREE CAKE!1EinRobot2011-01-16 21:04:00
Viewing images5MasterCreator2011-01-16 16:09:00
lbp.me3biorogue2011-01-16 07:36:00
Project Sub-Forums3UmJammerSully2011-01-14 10:48:00
My sig pic is small!4captain sack2011-01-13 22:09:00
Site Question?6PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-13 21:43:00
LBP.ME Intergration suggest > Level database8Luos_832011-01-11 17:25:00
Just one question6Unknown User2011-01-11 15:29:00
Chat?12jkarow2011-01-11 03:02:00
1,000,000th Post44Mr_T-Shirt2011-01-10 04:02:00
Recommendations for the LBPC site5FEAR2011-01-09 20:20:00
Meet the Staff III118comphermc2011-01-07 05:42:00
PM post icons go off the page9Doopz2011-01-05 23:00:00
"BB Code url is not allowed."4Arkei2011-01-05 03:41:00
attaching photo's in posts.5sellfcon2011-01-04 09:46:00
App for that?6WCF7__2011-01-03 00:36:00
Help Me Please!8Unknown User2011-01-02 20:54:00
Improved visibility of Cool Levels category6XXGrEEn0Xx2011-01-02 18:09:00
Level Spotlight Notification?8wolverine_20082011-01-02 02:50:00
Mobile or app versions3PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-01 16:34:00
Huge names and titles8Syroc2011-01-01 13:41:00
The 2nd Annual LBPCentral Awards Show! **Winners!**43CyberSora2011-01-01 06:00:00
Posting Templates for Sharing the Fun Forum6comphermc2010-12-30 15:50:00
Photos in Posts?3Destiny_Waits2010-12-29 02:27:00
Ideas and Projects/Projects and Planning F4F1Tomeh9992010-12-28 22:35:00
Mobile Theme11Voltergeist2010-12-28 14:09:00
LBP for PSP?4anoken2010-12-28 03:24:00
Organizing Level Showcase with Sub Forums?22Bloo_boy2010-12-27 17:43:00
Community Projects and Site Involvement28RockSauron2010-12-26 18:17:00
Why not have chat boxes in groups?6Devious_Oatmeal2010-12-26 08:49:00
AV8SCAN Pop-up? (Possible Virus Warning!)7dragonember2010-12-26 03:28:00
Deleting Threads5Unknown User2010-12-24 22:15:00
New Troll Smiley6anoken2010-12-24 03:15:00
Going back and forth posting pictures1Devious_Oatmeal2010-12-23 12:04:00
Proposition 'Like'23wolverine_20082010-12-23 01:29:00
LBP2 Release Countdown1Nana9972010-12-21 20:24:00
Posts Not Appearing?6kirbyman622010-12-21 13:28:00
Level Showcase posting form should have a LBP.me URL field2Antikris2010-12-21 10:24:00
Two Questions8Retro2010-12-21 07:33:00
Main Menu Fail?8McSquizzy2010-12-20 06:23:00
Reply Button Fail?5McSquizzy2010-12-17 05:47:00
Auto thread suggestion idea.2wev992010-12-12 20:17:00
May I...3robbit102010-12-12 08:20:00
New Theme3MasterCreator2010-12-10 17:32:00
Creator Spotlight; How long would you like the videos?17Weretigr2010-12-09 21:46:00
Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves should have it's own Forum.5Fishrock1232010-12-09 03:11:00
Spoiler Tags: Broken?11Beed282010-12-08 14:15:00
New Creator Spotlight?12GreatWhite0002010-12-07 00:26:00
Why am I getting Pop Up ads?2Kern2010-12-05 20:42:00
Help with photo albums!2Unknown User2010-12-05 15:45:00
Help with LBPC Beta Thread3Xero Space2010-12-04 22:21:00
My first group5Cauan-XV2010-12-04 20:03:00
~~Forum Nuissiances~~12BillyMays2010-12-04 03:21:00
The 2nd Annual LBPCentral Awards Show! **Voting Closed**226CyberSora2010-12-01 06:04:00
Is the spotlight fair?27OriginalCreator2010-11-29 20:43:00
The 2010 LBPC *OTY Awards!5mutant_red_peas2010-11-29 20:32:00
Do you get XP back when you purchase something?9Unknown User2010-11-28 11:01:00
When's next spotlight?2OriginalCreator2010-11-28 03:40:00
Profile update2OmegaSlayer2010-11-27 06:58:00
LBPCentral Advertisements?3illuminationx2010-11-27 04:04:00
What does F4F stand for?10Unknown User2010-11-26 22:02:00
new chease?3dragonights2010-11-25 14:55:00
How do u upload pics??2FEAR2010-11-25 03:01:00
LBPC Community Spotlight: The Levels1mutant_red_peas2010-11-24 16:26:00
anybody else having problems seeing avatars and pics?3KILLA_TODDZILLA2010-11-21 01:15:00
Reply with Quote4mutant_red_peas2010-11-20 19:01:00
Ads...38ceejayem132010-11-18 21:33:00
LBPC may give me malware?2Testudini2010-11-18 02:38:00
Congrats! 13,000 LBPC Members!16CheezeBo2010-11-17 18:12:00
"Duplicate Threads"3BillyMays2010-11-17 17:40:00
Personal Gaming Schedule for profiles1flamesterart2010-11-16 00:59:00
Raising Level Showcase awareness.14Silverleon2010-11-15 00:34:00
lbpc picture question7AssassinatorRFC2010-11-14 21:45:00
We should have an "Ask Abby" section in the Forums3wolverine_20082010-11-14 06:04:00
gif help4ryder3562010-11-14 01:32:00
The Thing Under the iD!3mutant_red_peas2010-11-13 21:57:00
What's a good way to earn Lbpc XP?3BillyMays2010-11-12 20:33:00
Getting my Signature to 500X150 pix4KILLA_TODDZILLA2010-11-12 03:05:00
Signitures?3Unknown User2010-11-10 11:05:00
Forum Newb Question?5Cheddars2010-11-09 01:06:00
How to get LBPC XP feature5Benoas2010-11-07 19:05:00
N/A Thanked Posts4booXely2010-11-06 21:57:00
pics not showing in Showcase??1Brixx1012010-11-02 03:01:00
PS3 Browser compatible site...?3rodfocov2010-11-01 23:00:00
PSP Section2Fading-Dream2010-11-01 13:53:00
How do I change my profile name?3LiamTheKiwi2010-11-01 05:48:00
LBPC Spotlight in LBP26Lockstitch2010-10-31 19:12:00
Trophies2Doopz2010-10-31 12:42:00
Can we fix the 100% trophy?3flamesterart2010-10-30 13:33:00
Lbp2 pictures for the picture rotation at page top.5flamesterart2010-10-29 22:13:00
(Minor)Site glitch5Gui_Rike2010-10-29 18:23:00
A Quote Searcher!11flamesterart2010-10-28 23:57:00
2 pretty cool ideas7howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-10-28 13:45:00
Do You Want To Run The Plug-In? NO! I just want the Search Button to work Dagnabbit!!13Rustbukkit2010-10-28 02:16:00
Custom Titles3Random2010-10-28 00:28:00
Using anamations instead of pics on top of page3WESFUN2010-10-27 21:39:00
Please stop notifying me of awards I've won!5Weretigr2010-10-27 19:09:00
Using HTML anchor tags. Please help.6LFiers2010-10-26 19:22:00
Possible New Community Trend/Habit3WoodburyRaider2010-10-26 03:58:00
Signature Difficulties6Merc2010-10-24 23:59:00
Hey!7Twilightoutcast2010-10-24 22:14:00
LBPC: The Trading Card Game58RockSauron2010-10-24 02:34:00
Lbpc+lbp.me7Gui_Rike2010-10-23 20:16:00
I Need Help On Lbp Central!!!2Unknown User2010-10-23 15:19:00
?????????2Unknown User2010-10-23 14:15:00
IPhone 4/Android Site App20Shadowcrazy2010-10-21 07:02:00
Visual Site Overhaul14Shadowcrazy2010-10-21 06:50:00
Whats going on5WESFUN2010-10-21 04:18:00
Foofles for LBPC Mascot!29Silverleon2010-10-21 02:32:00
What is the most thanked post on LBPC?15Obsessedwithcars2010-10-21 00:19:00
Ability to move your threads5flamesterart2010-10-20 02:45:00
Meet The Community Spotlight Crew!125Aya0422010-10-19 23:14:00
pm?2kieran2010-10-18 21:37:00
'What's New' is missing! D:51Doopz2010-10-17 23:13:00
Portable PSN ID!8The age of LOLZ2010-10-17 10:09:00
Advertisement Blocking Parts of the Forum! D:5KlawwTheClown2010-10-17 06:07:00
The right time to buy...2Random2010-10-17 03:31:00
Why Is My Sigpic So Small?12Tikodor2010-10-16 19:21:00
Titles / Signatures1Unknown User2010-10-16 18:28:00
Creator/Level Spotlight questions11CheezeBo2010-10-16 07:47:00
Suggestion for new forum8MasterCreator2010-10-15 19:36:00
Mobile Site3Flashwire2010-10-15 03:02:00
Rabbit or Duck Question?15EinRobot2010-10-13 15:48:00
"My Creations" link6Powershifter2010-10-12 18:02:00
XP Contest Giveaway?12Unknown User2010-10-10 09:03:00
My posts not showing up on "Find All Posts"???2TheLBPexperience2010-10-10 01:53:00
More Sub-Forums?5Unknown User2010-10-09 18:41:00
Spoiler BB code question.9Darkcloudrepeat2010-10-08 17:35:00
Stupid question--How do I edit a thread title?2Biv2010-10-07 23:53:00
Am I Special?! *DON'T BOTHER READING THIS, HAS BEEN SORTED*.6PygmyOwl2010-10-07 21:19:00
Activity Awards rant.8Fishrock1232010-10-07 18:33:00
Donation history??1flamingemu2010-10-06 17:35:00
T-shirts!!!21moonwire2010-10-06 15:30:00
The Quiet Ones2Purple*2010-10-06 05:56:00
How do you add gameplay photos into thread?4donta1332010-10-05 02:57:00
Broken XP bars? (RESOLVED)2X-FROGBOY-X2010-10-04 23:08:00
Filling-Up, the other 2 weeks...16Gravel2010-10-04 16:51:00
Closing the news boxes3GreatWhite0002010-10-04 03:32:00
Custom title help!!6Jovuto2010-10-01 17:49:00
Mod's should have unlimited, or greatly expanded inboxes.5Fishrock1232010-09-30 04:36:00
An of site smiley pack!3The age of LOLZ2010-09-29 20:53:00
User search feature2MasterCreator2010-09-29 20:22:00
A Thread Problem7Emogotsaone2010-09-28 22:54:00
31 or 30 !?!?!?10OK11242010-09-27 23:14:00
I am being randomly signed off!2Darkcloudrepeat2010-09-27 02:55:00
ANybody help!6Sim7252010-09-26 09:42:00
Should LBPC Have a new theme?21CheesyDemon2010-09-26 03:51:00
What does F4F mean?2the_adhocracy2010-09-25 03:55:00
Do stats carry over into tabs?5theamilien2010-09-24 17:41:00
I don't know how to....7theonlybub2010-09-23 23:10:00
I feel stupid o.o Lol8kieran2010-09-23 15:18:00
Need help!!!!3shadow35962010-09-23 04:15:00
These forums are in need of...33onaga6662010-09-20 16:43:00
Removing thanks button?3GreatWhite0002010-09-20 04:04:00
Webcomic Sub-Forum?11Doopz2010-09-19 22:56:00
Remote File Too Large?!?3anoken2010-09-19 22:06:00
lbpc forums dying22Unknown User2010-09-19 20:50:00
LBPC XP cant find the give away option?!5Arnald232010-09-19 16:44:00
character title bug6AA_BATTERY2010-09-19 04:48:00
What file format do animated avatars take?15theamilien2010-09-17 17:08:00
Trophies3RockSauron2010-09-16 22:40:00
Please halp mah3werty1312010-09-16 22:02:00
Can't respond to visitor messages3Syroc2010-09-15 10:51:00
lbpc profile help!6Fun_Flyer2010-09-15 00:12:00
I think I goofed.8ThePineapplizer2010-09-15 00:08:00
What size sig?5anoken2010-09-14 23:51:00
"Find all posts" doesn't seem to work.19Marioface52010-09-14 15:24:00
Market purchase bug?8huntedstorm2010-09-14 09:13:00
The site doesn't recognize my blog entry1onturenio2010-09-13 08:32:00
Market take ma points? :/28OK11242010-09-12 19:21:00
Editing the Thread Title?3PygmyOwl2010-09-12 18:55:00
Market discount7shadow35962010-09-12 07:38:00
Bronze Activity Award oddity?8TheZimInvader2010-09-12 01:38:00
Maybe Arcade Games ???9howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-09-11 21:25:00
a question about signatures2TjoxYorro2010-09-11 21:11:00
Change to F4F?4Unknown User2010-09-08 21:15:00
LBPCentral iPhone App8OK11242010-09-08 00:02:00
Remote File too Large?8PygmyOwl2010-09-07 17:45:00
New Pictures?2Unknown User2010-09-07 11:18:00
Name change?19SpeedyMcKnuckles2010-09-06 21:29:00
Chat Box2Rasumii2010-09-06 12:25:00
Creative Writing Revamp5theswweet2010-09-06 03:54:00
Video Section6Unknown User2010-09-05 20:12:00
Animated avatars6Alternative_sack2010-09-05 09:10:00
Upload Pictures to this site3Regan Spor2010-09-04 14:18:00
Ranks List5TehUberZac2010-09-04 01:30:00
Maximum signature size?12Fishrock1232010-09-04 00:10:00
"Featured" Blogs4rtm2232010-09-03 12:09:00
My Replies broken3Syroc2010-09-01 14:02:00
Currently offline? But i iz online.5AA_BATTERY2010-09-01 09:02:00
LBPC XP Glitch?14tanrockstan342010-08-31 17:45:00
The colour for the sidebar (or whatever it is called)11moonwire2010-08-31 14:23:00
never noticed THAT!!!65Alternative_sack2010-08-30 20:37:00
A different point problem.4theonlybub2010-08-29 23:09:00
Chat box!!8illuminationx2010-08-29 20:31:00
Big Sig??!!5Alternative_sack2010-08-28 22:37:00
Point Problem11Unknown User2010-08-28 19:52:00
Help!4Raito2010-08-28 18:22:00
Help! My Sig won't Upload Properly!7PygmyOwl2010-08-27 13:22:00
Site revamp for LBP2?16tomodon2462010-08-26 08:41:00
ipod app - tapatalk1nowblink2010-08-25 23:45:00
Where ma trophy???13shadow35962010-08-25 20:23:00
Where's lbp?2Mastadom2010-08-24 06:39:00
where do i put ym signature3nowblink2010-08-24 06:16:00
Do I still only have one puny bar :(7AssassinatorRFC2010-08-24 00:33:00
Community Spotlights don't do justice to levels and creators64OmegaSlayer2010-08-23 20:19:00
VERY Strange Glitch...17Doopz2010-08-23 12:13:00
My name is pink!?!36qrtda2355662010-08-21 23:37:00
Group Subscriptions4Doopz2010-08-21 21:16:00
'Tutorial' Sub-forum separated from 'Help!'..?3ViniciusBR112010-08-21 02:31:00
Cool Level Sub-Forum for PSP6anoken2010-08-21 02:09:00
Picture Posting Help3Unknown User2010-08-20 20:01:00
LBPC's Secret!58Voltergeist2010-08-20 18:33:00
Will I Get Banned?5Tap Dat App2010-08-20 03:49:00
Multiquote Deactivation Broken9comphermc2010-08-19 15:40:00
Banner and links of levels??9psyntens2010-08-17 23:07:00
Cell spacing/padding between avatar and rep bars?5midnight_heist2010-08-17 13:46:00
Reputation suggestion19shadow35962010-08-16 06:11:00
Choose Trophies visible5anoken2010-08-16 03:20:00
Can you change the thread title for a level showcase thread? LOCK3Rottinghouse2010-08-15 23:14:00
RSS Feeds1Holguin862010-08-15 21:44:00
Signature question2Unknown User2010-08-15 20:21:00
Level Up6Alternative_sack2010-08-15 10:43:00
Referrals?3theamilien2010-08-15 09:52:00
Tutorials20RockSauron2010-08-14 22:18:00
PS3 Friendly Forum Skin?9Riggedid2010-08-14 06:26:00
"Find all posts" is lagging7napero72010-08-13 20:07:00
"Thanks" on forum games?4JayJSE22010-08-13 13:24:00
Messed up XP8anoken2010-08-12 21:10:00
I was wondering6shadow35962010-08-12 07:27:00
How do I add spoilers? *please lock*6Dragonvarsity2010-08-12 02:54:00
Select all2Strangepom2010-08-11 10:56:00
URL BB Code in Sigs4anoken2010-08-10 22:41:00
Just a question!4shadow35962010-08-10 06:44:00
Attachments won't show up D:4Fish942010-08-10 00:01:00
I cant post topics on the level shocase forum8Unknown User2010-08-09 18:54:00
Quick links - My replies1MegaBlob2010-08-09 00:08:00
"find all posts" query5midnight_heist2010-08-07 22:40:00
ARG: 5 UNDEFINED? Whats that?4grayspence2010-08-07 14:18:00
A sugeestion for the benefit of everyone10AssassinatorRFC2010-08-07 00:23:00
Reputation Question40MasterCreator2010-08-06 15:07:00
A quick question...possibly a suggestion11Reality Checker2010-08-05 22:05:00
Im so scared11nowblink2010-08-05 06:52:00
Site not found.7Alec2010-08-03 14:53:00
In-group thanks11Strangepom2010-08-02 21:40:00
How is the overall activity measured?16Strangepom2010-08-01 09:20:00
Did someone play a joke on me?20Ungreth2010-07-31 12:10:00
How do you make a signature and avatar?3extreme2fl2010-07-26 21:44:00
Tab icon13swanbrown2010-07-26 18:29:00
How do you get your threads in Whats New?6extreme2fl2010-07-26 16:15:00
suggestion to rep4Jonaolst2010-07-25 15:56:00
I don't know!3shadow35962010-07-24 05:20:00
How do you change your "subtitle" ?7Weretigr2010-07-23 23:22:00
Change name of thread?9anoken2010-07-23 23:09:00
"Want to vreate games?" Ad won't leave! :/3Silverleon2010-07-23 09:31:00
Date of birth10standby2502010-07-23 01:39:00
Gifting XP?9Unknown User2010-07-22 19:44:00
Conversation with myself.4Strangepom2010-07-22 08:47:00
Trophy Notification28Syroc2010-07-21 08:31:00
Video Game Design Advertisement at the Header9Night Angel2010-07-21 05:59:00
Noooooo!!!5Emogotsaone2010-07-21 04:11:00
LBPC Website Header Pics32Arnald232010-07-21 01:40:00
Rating own threads?14anoken2010-07-20 18:14:00
I should have the 31 days registered trophy.3lifeiscrapislife2010-07-20 12:58:00
:boo: changed to :o22Snrm2010-07-20 01:57:00
Profile says I lost -992 points for posts...5Arradi2010-07-19 20:00:00
4x 100 points trophies??6oblivios2010-07-19 17:10:00
Groups join request5Strangepom2010-07-19 08:52:00
Exp Shop Ideas58Incinerator222010-07-19 01:35:00
LBPC Trophy Ideas23Arnald232010-07-18 20:08:00
Trophies, what about them?6moonwire2010-07-18 12:31:00
I'm stuck in a group [Resolved]3robbit102010-07-18 08:03:00
LBPC award name9Arnald232010-07-18 00:36:00
Psp creator spotlights?9The Forgotten2010-07-17 23:53:00
What the Doopz?17Kern2010-07-17 22:41:00
levels, points?324flamingemu2010-07-17 22:37:00
my join date14flamingemu2010-07-17 18:48:00
Profile Upgrades?1ViniciusBR112010-07-17 17:49:00
Signature17mutant_red_peas2010-07-17 09:28:00
Guide To BBCode Tags48Doopz2010-07-16 20:35:00
Site security issues?23Gilgamesh2010-07-15 20:03:00
LBPC Chat9Saku4012010-07-15 13:16:00
Add-on Suggestion1Enlong32010-07-15 04:25:00
How do you make spoilers?25The Forgotten2010-07-13 10:05:00
A task list in the control panel1dTOtheTEE2010-07-12 18:54:00
Wow I feel like an idiot...8Madafaku2010-07-10 20:33:00
Ipod/iphone app!27nowblink2010-07-10 03:06:00
Ranking List9Barnsy_AKA_ash2010-07-08 22:15:00
Group catagories5Strangepom2010-07-07 13:14:00
The 'Comment under my username/above my avatar'17Mr_T-Shirt2010-07-01 13:26:00
Image popup thing3tjb06072010-06-30 06:11:00
LBPC/LBP Wiki80RockSauron2010-06-26 21:01:00
I have a proble with "Reply with Quote"[Resolved]9Muskwa_12010-06-25 14:30:00
No Privacy!!!15drei2010-06-23 09:17:00
The Suggestions section7Strodigy2010-06-23 00:14:00
Search system display posts as results?2snowyjoe2010-06-22 23:45:00
A 'Simple Question, Simple Answers' Thread?2kirbyman622010-06-22 07:41:00
Ability to lock your own threads [Resolved]8Phosphorus152010-06-22 04:44:00
FAQ/Guide section5bs58qw2010-06-21 15:24:00
Responding to help6shadowsythe4567322010-06-20 16:53:00
User Search Box6Unknown User2010-06-19 23:24:00
Can i have a username change, please?10robbit102010-06-18 06:56:00
Little green bars3Strangepom2010-06-14 23:11:00
That box you get when you click an image3robbit102010-06-13 07:28:00
MNR Central Has Expired?3Unknown User2010-06-12 03:27:00
second psn24swanbrown2010-06-12 01:03:00
Reputation4Boomy2010-06-09 20:06:00
Level Showcase Sub-Forums7Tomeh9992010-06-09 00:16:00
Number of posts per page in groups15Syroc2010-06-07 18:28:00
Improved Group Controls3Voltergeist2010-06-07 14:15:00
Has anyone noticed the Guests on this site?10ConverseFox2010-06-05 14:12:00
Linky sig fail?4Unknown User2010-06-04 16:17:00
Sarcasm13Super_Dork_422010-06-03 21:00:00
"Settings" button doesn't work for ps3?2Joshofsouls2010-06-02 22:26:00
What is it?25Super_Dork_422010-06-02 19:28:00
Why doesn't the community spotlight appear on the front page no more?3AbstractSam2010-05-31 22:00:00
Separate PS3 threads from PSP ?9mistervista2010-05-31 13:20:00
LBP Exp Shop Ideas70RockSauron2010-05-30 23:15:00
User Photos on Banner10Weretigr2010-05-30 15:49:00
Report Button7RockSauron2010-05-30 12:07:00
A "Post your very first level" thread?12Brixx1012010-05-30 04:07:00
yo CC, why aint no SWF bbcode?3Unknown User2010-05-29 03:55:00
What happened to LBP2 posts in the news feed?3Holguin862010-05-25 17:28:00
I'm not able to see blog discussions for anyone9Unknown User2010-05-24 09:45:00
Lock LBP1 suggestion forum?9OneEyedBanshee2010-05-23 13:43:00
More Moderators?2Doopz2010-05-22 23:13:00
A Rookie Spotlight?55Bloo_boy2010-05-20 23:09:00
Arcade2Doopz2010-05-20 22:00:00
Rudeness to others108Fenderjt2010-05-20 12:27:00
Deleting profile comments?4Joshofsouls2010-05-20 10:09:00
I have an idea!6YEAH_NAH2010-05-19 08:20:00
Link up our PSN accounts.9Xayias2010-05-19 05:29:00
Fonts, Do We Really Need Them?22Doopz2010-05-18 20:08:00
messed up code in my level thread..3midnight_heist2010-05-18 14:11:00
Latest posts3Thunderstruck2010-05-17 22:31:00
Post count?2flamingemu2010-05-17 22:03:00
What's Happening?39alexbull_uk2010-05-17 18:25:00
Go Back to V4.0.1 ?16Doopz2010-05-16 19:21:00
Can't mark forums read10Gilgamesh2010-05-16 15:01:00
New posts13Boomy2010-05-16 09:15:00
These green bars..12KablooieKablam2010-05-16 02:13:00
"Disagree" Button13Silverleon2010-05-16 00:38:00
Moblie version please4supersonic562010-05-15 23:32:00
Randomized signature5Thunderstruck2010-05-14 21:12:00
LBPC Virus!!14jjmusicman2010-05-14 19:04:00
Dont make it where you log out after 5 minutes..2drei2010-05-12 19:07:00
What's going to happen to the forum?5SmellyBadger2010-05-12 17:44:00
LBPC Experience- Switch to new mod or wait?8RockSauron2010-05-11 00:12:00
Deleting/Changing Polls?3Jedi_19932010-05-10 19:34:00
Customizing your profile.12Fenderjt2010-05-10 13:28:00
Guest Spotlighter Idea17CCubbage2010-05-10 02:57:00
Getting logged out5jonlolz2010-05-09 03:52:00
Revised Stickies4Incinerator222010-05-06 00:54:00
"The Death of Cool"?6Jagrevi2010-05-02 20:00:00
I made an IRC channel for LBPC2Gui_Rike2010-05-02 12:17:00
Bold Users9Silverleon2010-04-30 10:33:00
The mutli Colored sig shop is DEAD!1Snrm2010-04-30 02:33:00
Petition to Uncensor a Word59Voodeedoo2010-04-29 03:35:00
Be able to "Heart" levels in the Showcase4qrtda2355662010-04-28 11:03:00
Heart Smily?5Blackfalcon2010-04-24 17:38:00
awards?2flamingemu2010-04-24 12:24:00
Painful Feedback5orang3dragon6122010-04-22 01:51:00
Mnrcentral.com5RockSauron2010-04-22 01:17:00
When a thread takes to long...8orang3dragon6122010-04-22 01:06:00
Quotes19flamingemu2010-04-21 19:56:00
My idea10Joshofsouls2010-04-21 01:58:00
You may not upload animated images?9puppet882010-04-21 00:41:00
The forum3flamingemu2010-04-20 21:41:00
Banning for no reason is not okay.29theonlybub2010-04-19 06:17:00
LittleBigVideos - Can we intergrate them ?1samalot2010-04-18 19:22:00
Make the limit on sigs bigger15qrtda2355662010-04-17 20:45:00
Just a quick question16Joshofsouls2010-04-15 20:39:00
Home Page2Doopz2010-04-14 23:54:00
The Return of a Chat Topic or "Spam Can"25RockSauron2010-04-14 22:57:00
Glitches7Unknown User2010-04-14 17:58:00
Lbp rp14blanejoyner2010-04-14 02:13:00
Should the Rep System be Removed?131CyberSora2010-04-12 02:06:00
Groups and search bar.4Doopz2010-04-11 23:18:00
Meet The Staff II690comphermc2010-04-11 20:23:00
Just an idea.2agrx2010-04-11 05:51:00
Consideration133CCubbage2010-04-10 18:22:00
Overpassing Spoiler tags on PS3 browser5Silverleon2010-04-08 10:03:00
Something i really want fixed6Joshofsouls2010-04-07 15:04:00
Automatic different colours.3Doopz2010-04-05 20:42:00
Notification Of Someone Posting On Your Profile1Splash2010-04-03 22:10:00
Gender45Chrree2010-04-03 02:19:00
Two ideas22Chrree2010-04-01 04:28:00
Just noticed2shebhnt2010-03-31 22:47:00
Post Count20Wardi962010-03-28 16:28:00
LBPC Smilies195warlord_evil2010-03-26 04:45:00
category idea1Unknown User2010-03-26 04:18:00
A Missed Feature of Mine...7Voodeedoo2010-03-25 19:55:00
Deleted group discussions appear in search2Gilgamesh2010-03-24 13:02:00
blog question and suggestion1shebhnt2010-03-21 19:20:00
LBPCentral EXP7ViniciusBR112010-03-19 15:22:00
No More Creator Spotlights?4thekevinexpress2010-03-19 04:36:00
To Bottom Anchor3SR20DETDOG2010-03-17 13:08:00
im getting negative rep for no reason13WESFUN2010-03-16 18:12:00
Disable images/videos for new accounts26Gilgamesh2010-03-15 13:18:00
Posting a F4F level3onturenio2010-03-15 12:48:00
Constant Bumping8Incinerator222010-03-15 03:33:00
Server Errors, Help me!47comphermc2010-03-14 17:08:00
rep and titles10flamingemu2010-03-13 19:19:00
i want moving signuture7WESFUN2010-03-13 06:26:00
My rep is whacked18KQuinn94Z2010-03-11 21:37:00
LittleBigShop7Boomy2010-03-09 06:26:00
Members from August-October 2009 arent getting higher rep.59Deviantgeek2010-03-08 17:57:00
the titles7flamingemu2010-03-08 16:25:00
What are the green things under our avatar?6puppet882010-03-07 17:38:00
LBPC: The Game Information8Vacant_Face2010-03-07 17:05:00
LBPC not working in Puerto Rico?9RockSauron2010-03-05 22:41:00
Level Showcase Needs Help12lbpholic2010-03-04 22:02:00
Subscribed appearing in notifications.3Doopz2010-03-04 18:49:00
Would this avatar be apprpropriate?3Unknown User2010-03-02 11:49:00
More variety - Less of the "Community Spotlight" and "Creator Spotlight Icons6Weretigr2010-02-28 12:13:00
A 'Creators' section.32jackofcourse2010-02-26 18:46:00
Theme Song (as suggested by WESFUN)50Ragfell2010-02-25 00:04:00
Thread Search4damaz102010-02-24 16:15:00
if this site had a trailer what style would it be4WESFUN2010-02-24 12:03:00
theme song12WESFUN2010-02-23 12:50:00
Organizing the Official News section4Thegide2010-02-22 18:14:00
signature image link problem6midnight_heist2010-02-22 10:40:00
Features still not working23mistervista2010-02-21 01:20:00
Can't upload Pics...11Silverleon2010-02-20 22:59:00
how much rep is needed to have two green bars24WESFUN2010-02-18 20:20:00
More Stuff for LBPC Exp Store (when it returns)11RockSauron2010-02-18 00:31:00
Can't search "ICO"6Beed282010-02-16 15:08:00
Idea for levels and recommmendations forum4RCIX2010-02-16 10:57:00
My "Whats New" and "Read Forums" is messed up4Kern2010-02-16 10:46:00
gallery?3midnight_heist2010-02-16 09:41:00
A Few Annoyances With Groups9Leather-Monkey2010-02-14 22:39:00
New message button.1Ruzzle2010-02-14 22:09:00
Really small pictures.6Doopz2010-02-13 20:33:00
How to nominate someone for a creator spotlight?15RCIX2010-02-13 11:53:00
Changing Votes3warlord_evil2010-02-12 05:02:00
Sticky Situation1CyberSora2010-02-12 03:21:00
Database Error?6Kern2010-02-11 07:40:00
Problem With Subscribed Thread/s?4Leather-Monkey2010-02-08 19:58:00
Various question8thirdgunner2010-02-08 06:12:00
Suggestion for Community Spotlights9roux-2010-02-08 03:37:00
Spoilers don't work with PS3 browser7Unknown User2010-02-07 14:56:00
Won't let me submit a level thread from my ps33bonner1232010-02-06 21:38:00
An idea for the Suggestions forum4RCIX2010-02-06 08:18:00
Wonderful8Ragfell2010-02-02 23:58:00
Commmunity Contests without XP21rtm2232010-01-29 13:19:00
Being signed out while typing a message in is really starting to annoy me now6mistervista2010-01-27 13:01:00
Maybe something new to furoms1Abd_Viper2010-01-27 11:43:00
Minor bug...4v0rtex2010-01-26 15:35:00
LBPC: The League13RockSauron2010-01-26 00:06:00
For some reason I can't use "reply with quote"8RangerZero2010-01-21 17:04:00
Spoiler Error3dawesbr2010-01-21 00:17:00
Spoilers are Broken12rtm2232010-01-20 18:36:00
Sudden script error7Thegide2010-01-20 14:34:00
Where is the Store?3Unknown User2010-01-20 14:01:00
New Site Theme2Emogotsaone2010-01-20 01:11:00
Group link error1Gilgamesh2010-01-19 20:01:00
Can't seem to find the Tutorials Section !!2Apu2010-01-18 14:47:00
Grammar!88thekevinexpress2010-01-17 20:49:00
Bring back the Gallery! (well, asap)7JawboneX2010-01-16 01:37:00
Chat area2WESFUN2010-01-14 18:48:00
The login bar... :(7Beed282010-01-13 22:02:00
Do you like the upgrade?57Draden64362010-01-13 08:32:00
game title1buddy_hamster1232010-01-12 06:17:00
+exp6Unknown User2010-01-08 04:17:00
Editing blog tags3Thegide2010-01-06 17:47:00
how do i send gifts?2Kern2010-01-05 11:25:00
Justification Formatting1Kern2010-01-05 09:24:00
Sig exchange MIA?8theswweet2009-12-30 18:03:00
Delete Account4NinjaAssassin262009-12-30 16:23:00
Site crashing/hanging23MrsSpookyBuz2009-12-30 16:06:00
Chat not working...5Doopz2009-12-28 17:40:00
Internal server error?!?!5Doopz2009-12-28 16:45:00
Animated Avatar Problems2Incinerator222009-12-28 01:35:00
When will you start the next round of " survive this " ?7Unknown User2009-12-27 20:39:00
Lock/delete please.2kirbyman622009-12-24 10:29:00
why doesnt my sig appear?5Mopthefloo2009-12-24 00:12:00
I can't edit my post6Syroc2009-12-22 20:23:00
Object Spotlight?6DRLONG2009-12-21 04:18:00
Where are the Game Stickers?2Tomvis2009-12-20 05:32:00
'Recent posts'7jackofcourse2009-12-20 03:55:00
Showcase Levels - PSP6Gilgamesh2009-12-13 16:56:00
Is there a list of the Threads that you made posts in?5Tomvis2009-12-12 23:50:00
Locked thread?4Doopz2009-12-11 22:46:00
Random scrolling.5Doopz2009-12-11 22:01:00
a slight complaint...9Unknown User2009-12-11 05:07:00
Database Error?29Syroc2009-12-09 19:32:00
Where did the chat go? D:12Sackwise2009-12-08 21:34:00
Specific Ad Choices?5King_Tubb2009-12-08 02:32:00
A "See who's online on LBPC" list?15konniksanders2009-12-07 15:59:00
Deleting/editing posts8Doopz2009-12-06 11:55:00
Having A new Problem with Comet Chat10KQuinn94Z2009-12-04 18:17:00
Quick question about forum protocol15TheAdipose2009-12-04 15:05:00
Levels tab3deboerdave2009-12-04 14:47:00
Quoting Messages with Quotes in them5Drakora2009-12-03 16:46:00
Profile Page Pre-Made themes1RagTagPwner2009-12-03 05:55:00
stickers(or whatever their called)5lifeiscrapislife2009-12-01 20:58:00
Some sort of differentiation for PSP threads18v0rtex2009-12-01 16:03:00
Blog Enhancements Request9rtm2232009-12-01 02:14:00
Tutorial Question4Drakora2009-11-30 23:29:00
Follow groups (likek following someone on twitter)6Deviantgeek2009-11-30 00:04:00
Object Showcase: Logic Section3Kern2009-11-29 22:22:00
Br4??3Unknown User2009-11-28 19:40:00
Again with the Cometchat issues14Kern2009-11-25 20:12:00
My feedback9clarkhopes2009-11-25 06:03:00
Apps4RagTagPwner2009-11-24 23:32:00
Spoiler tag problems14Gilgamesh2009-11-22 15:31:00
2 Questions3lbpholic2009-11-22 12:20:00
LBP PSP Contest Section3Drakora2009-11-22 07:48:00
Psp psn5Schwem002009-11-21 20:28:00
Spoilers in Social Groups1Drakora2009-11-21 18:57:00
I wish the boards were more heavily populated29Slit5182009-11-21 16:29:00
~An idea~11rseah2009-11-20 07:52:00
Unchangable Font Color4warlord_evil2009-11-19 01:30:00
I have a question....?4Doopz2009-11-18 17:42:00
Search Members by Location?3enodrawkcab2009-11-18 15:55:00
LittleBigPlanet Central10Haleys_Papa2009-11-14 21:59:00
'Levels' Tab6piggabling2009-11-14 17:07:00
my user cp is broken7Kern2009-11-10 07:45:00
Can't Create Threads9Haleys_Papa2009-11-10 04:48:00
Experience Change - Don't Freak Out25comphermc2009-11-08 23:32:00
Bring back Sigs and avatars in the shop7Snrm2009-11-07 15:46:00
debate section19oldage2009-11-07 13:26:00
ChatRooms in CometChat issue3dawesbr2009-11-05 23:30:00
Tags - Auto-gen too short10dawesbr2009-11-05 21:07:00
um is it just me8rseah2009-11-05 07:43:00
animated avatars (file format)6theamilien2009-11-02 18:34:00
Youtube embedding changed?14Astrosimi2009-11-02 01:20:00
Minor LBP PSP Forum Issue5CyberSora2009-11-01 21:50:00
album order11lifeiscrapislife2009-11-01 15:35:00
The 1st Annual LBPCentral Awards! *WINNERS AND NOMINEES!*105CyberSora2009-11-01 01:54:00
Yet another CometChat issue11dawesbr2009-10-30 02:37:00
Some minor problems w/ the front page news.5Darth J4642009-10-29 02:42:00
Comet Chat Problem12GruntosUK2009-10-29 00:24:00
Profile Customisation Issue8Bear2009-10-27 23:07:00
Unreasonable wordfilter77dawesbr2009-10-27 02:11:00
PLEASE ADD A STICKER!! please!5XxWormholexX2009-10-26 04:11:00
PS3 Browser Freeze5Festerd_Jester2009-10-25 23:19:00
Something happen to ARD?15Unknown User2009-10-25 04:18:00
NOOOOOOO!!!!(my rep went wack!)15theswweet2009-10-24 17:49:00
Signature Question7Drakora2009-10-24 00:35:00
Editing posts with embedded youtube videos15rtm2232009-10-21 22:25:00
When level links happen, community spot light should get a level?8Asbestos1012009-10-17 19:49:00
Lbp Sticker Request thread5rseah2009-10-14 09:50:00
F4F...Why not? Because there's lack of maturity31OmegaSlayer2009-10-13 07:27:00
New Smilie - Heart32Unknown User2009-10-13 05:11:00
:P instead of :p?18Sunrise_Moon2009-10-12 04:03:00
Profile videos (LBP related ones only)10XxWormholexX2009-10-12 01:06:00
Warnings and their effect on activity?9Unknown User2009-10-11 11:41:00
Avatar Swapping?13Unknown User2009-10-10 03:27:00
what just happened?8Kern2009-10-09 23:04:00
failure in the XP give-away system27oldage2009-10-05 21:51:00
uhhh...i got a free avatar from the experience shop!5theswweet2009-10-04 03:40:00
Level threads - Big and Blue2Kog2009-10-01 03:20:00
You specified a tag that was too short. A tag must be at least 3 characters.2rseah2009-10-01 01:27:00
Sig stuff6rseah2009-09-28 21:44:00
User CP - PS3 Browser.4Leather-Monkey2009-09-26 17:11:00
"LBP for PSP" Forum Is Now Available9CyberSora2009-09-26 01:52:00
Holy goodness!9Mopthefloo2009-09-24 03:33:00
tab disappearing act7Littlebigdude8052009-09-23 04:50:00
Better Censors20Incinerator222009-09-22 21:21:00
LBP PSP Forum5CyberSora2009-09-22 05:44:00
LBPC won't load on Konqueror2tjb06072009-09-22 05:17:00
CometChat Smilies8Kog2009-09-22 02:47:00
More contact infomation added?5Adam90012009-09-19 23:16:00
about profitability of some LBPC merchandise8mattbru772009-09-19 21:36:00
dismiss all button20deboerdave2009-09-19 20:22:00
add competion teirs3mattbru772009-09-19 04:35:00
Add More Arcade Games7Sunrise_Moon2009-09-19 04:12:00
personal favorites5deboerdave2009-09-17 16:41:00
"Buy" Objects with Experience?3Sunrise_Moon2009-09-17 05:17:00
User awards!46chezhead2009-09-13 21:22:00
A Language Section?3snowyjoe2009-09-13 07:03:00
Where did all the new headers go to?10Zwollie2009-09-11 12:55:00
Album Links3PSN:AAM27302009-09-10 01:50:00
Usermade Sub-forums3Dexiro2009-09-10 00:21:00
Firefox keeps crashing when I use the reputation button.4TripleTremelo2009-09-09 09:57:00
Theme falls back to mobile when logging in8Unknown User2009-09-07 19:06:00
A small glitch with auto-updating threads8dawesbr2009-09-07 02:12:00
tech chat?4oldage2009-09-03 15:38:00
Spoiler, posting, and just general problem10BassDeluxe2009-09-01 01:38:00
Sub-Pages3Snappyguy2009-08-30 23:57:00
Edit LBPC?8Schwem002009-08-30 23:51:00
albums5ViDi--ViCi2009-08-29 17:48:00
Music8ViDi--ViCi2009-08-28 23:16:00
What are some ways to get EX points in LBP?14PSN:AAM27302009-08-28 00:30:00
last visited time bugged?8Comet Wolf2009-08-26 17:18:00
Requests Page5dmigetson2009-08-23 21:24:00
Topic thumbnails for level and object creations3sqweak2009-08-22 14:29:00
A bit disorientating?22deadmensboots2009-08-20 22:25:00
1000 ACTIVE users!20MrsSpookyBuz2009-08-20 15:18:00
:D and ;) and :rollyeyes:16Adam90012009-08-19 18:31:00
5,000 Character Limit (PM)4BSprague2009-08-19 02:31:00
MNR Central Tab10Unknown User2009-08-18 19:35:00
Mailbox.9Unknown User2009-08-18 00:06:00
Mobile theme.14Adam90012009-08-17 00:40:00
About custom title.5Unknown User2009-08-16 18:01:00
Leveling Up Problem8Zhion59912009-08-12 18:48:00
Subscriptions...15tjb06072009-08-12 05:18:00
Fix this pleas12Unknown User2009-08-11 20:52:00
Stickers Limit5Flame Dragon2009-08-11 20:16:00
Picture advertisement4Unknown User2009-08-08 17:53:00
White Screen Pulse?19warlord_evil2009-08-08 00:47:00
BB code options??5Rhyfelwr2009-08-04 21:52:00
Bug Reports?6Mother-Misty2009-08-04 13:03:00
[lock please]5S-A-S--G-U-N-R2009-08-03 03:19:00
Social Groups with Threads9Pitcard2009-08-02 19:31:00
Sharing Great Levels9OmegaSlayer2009-07-31 09:01:00
Make the object showcase only visible to members too?9oldage2009-07-30 15:13:00
Personal Thread Stickies11Walter-Kovacs2009-07-29 22:12:00
Increase Timeout?4Rhyfelwr2009-07-29 14:57:00
Annual Competitions (Peferably, Team Head-2-Head)2Outlaw-Jack2009-07-29 00:00:00
Avatar help5Ricano2009-07-28 22:57:00
User friendly navigation?5Unknown User2009-07-27 14:46:00
sig help9Unknown User2009-07-27 13:39:00
New usergroups? :D7Unknown User2009-07-27 04:27:00
"Ivony" advertisement5Unknown User2009-07-26 18:20:00
Rep glitch?10Adam90012009-07-26 14:24:00
Just a Little Bug11ArtVenom2009-07-24 16:09:00
Trying to submit level4odiumsolo2009-07-24 11:08:00
Signature Image Limit?15Unknown User2009-07-23 20:28:00
MNRC tab removed, new tab there?4oldage2009-07-23 11:03:00
More Sig Image Space7Noremac4692009-07-22 03:42:00
Strange Poll Issue6BSprague2009-07-22 01:21:00
Site Advertising22Rustbukkit2009-07-19 21:26:00
Reputation and Crowns7Unknown User2009-07-18 03:30:00
New Site Layout?8Unknown User2009-07-16 22:30:00
What am I?12Unknown User2009-07-16 14:53:00
Unnecessary tabs/add-ons?10Unknown User2009-07-16 01:26:00
Questions.10Unknown User2009-07-16 01:22:00
LBPC/ MNRC tab?14RockSauron2009-07-15 18:58:00
What's happened to the Distinguished Users?24Coxy2242009-07-15 17:29:00
Hearts.3BlackToof2009-07-15 17:06:00
Where'd the Social Groups tab go?6brnxblze2009-07-14 05:34:00
R4R tag... just a thought14LuckyShot2009-07-13 03:10:00
'Special Items'5TheMarvelousHat2009-07-12 20:15:00
Make tutorials more prodominant?10adlingtont2009-07-12 00:04:00
Group cutoff5Arkei2009-07-09 16:15:00
Make a tab for "Recommendations"5brnxblze2009-07-08 17:08:00
Problems with Front Page?7RockSauron2009-07-08 16:57:00
Lost my typing ARRGH4J_THUNDER2009-07-08 06:44:00
Removing F4F3midnight_heist2009-07-08 00:12:00
Problem with the top of the website.3RangerZero2009-07-05 22:24:00
How to upload pictures3theamilien2009-07-05 14:24:00
HIgher PM sending limit?6Astrosimi2009-07-03 23:25:00
Can't "dismiss" announcements from the front page2RangerZero2009-07-03 02:03:00
Blog tags missing2Gilgamesh2009-07-02 13:28:00
Chat Box10Sack-Jake2009-07-02 01:52:00
The top banner pictures4theamilien2009-06-28 20:44:00
Signatures do not show up when posting from mobile view?9rtm2232009-06-26 12:59:00
lint and them little crown picture things5theamilien2009-06-25 18:05:00
What's up with Youtube?8qrtda2355662009-06-25 02:47:00
Who gave me Reputation?36rtm2232009-06-25 00:37:00
Is LBPC the only non fanboyish site on the net?26blizzard_cool2009-06-24 15:40:00
Signatures and stuff12theamilien2009-06-23 20:18:00
Gallery thumbnail sizes3midnight_heist2009-06-21 10:37:00
Individual Stats page?11KoRnDawwg2009-06-19 07:51:00
How do judges decide for the winner on a competition?7tjb06072009-06-18 17:37:00
Move the Community Spotlight Archive?8ryryryan2009-06-18 14:36:00
I'm a noob to these forums, so. . .9TheMarvelousHat2009-06-15 18:25:00
Multi-Quoting.8Silverleon2009-06-14 18:47:00
lbp central18theparkman12342009-06-14 16:39:00
Social Group Thread Subscription or Notification3dcf2009-06-14 15:06:00
Lite style not working. (EDIT: fixed)4tjb06072009-06-10 05:01:00
Contribution points8Sage2009-06-09 02:13:00
Image limit for Signature11tjb06072009-06-08 01:27:00
Tutorials3mindphaser742009-06-08 00:15:00
LBP for psp15Pinkcars2009-06-07 06:14:00
Error when editing blog entries from Your Blog2Gilgamesh2009-06-03 15:24:00
Complaint about search feature4Eldrazor2009-06-02 19:37:00
Tired of wondering...10johnrulz772009-06-01 21:32:00
Unable to access LBPC site sporadically16Elbee232009-05-30 09:41:00
Automagical Nested Quotations5rtm2232009-05-28 18:19:00
Where would...4iiiijujube2009-05-27 06:32:00
PSP compatible LBPC5Frogmeister2009-05-26 13:15:00
Help5theparkman12342009-05-25 18:17:00
Site Colours.3ChocolateBox2009-05-23 02:09:00
Round 1 - Object creation (Pilot)3XVS11002009-05-21 22:44:00
In the CP...6iiiijujube2009-05-21 05:38:00
Dropdown link problem3dawesbr2009-05-20 20:46:00
object creation competition26XVS11002009-05-20 14:31:00
LBPCentral Problem1001philip012009-05-19 21:16:00
Simpler forum view?6Syroc2009-05-19 18:21:00
A "Levels" section13Silverleon2009-05-17 17:55:00
Blog Image Limit6Burrich2009-05-16 14:20:00
No Space After Ending BBCode3Unknown User2009-05-14 02:43:00
Improved Social Groups16RockSauron2009-05-12 21:54:00
LittleBigPlanetCentral Suggestion~~ Woo!1101philip012009-05-11 21:21:00
10000 char limit not enough!15feloneouscat2009-05-11 14:34:00
Date created on threads4OverWork2009-05-10 01:36:00
Typo in level showcase2oldage2009-05-09 22:52:00
Suggestion: Other Media6Code13372009-05-08 03:52:00
Suggestion: No. Comments on newest blog3dawesbr2009-05-07 18:14:00
Going slow22bindibaji2009-05-05 07:39:00
Everything is all...differenty10dawesbr2009-05-04 19:13:00
Community Spotlight Bumps4Kog2009-05-02 16:24:00
No Jokes?!13Silverleon2009-05-02 10:22:00
Searches: The New System5dawesbr2009-04-30 20:28:00
Playlist4Coxy2242009-04-30 16:50:00
LBPC problems?4Silverleon2009-04-29 02:25:00
Site Filmers4Kog2009-04-29 00:35:00
Blog and Gallery?6Silverleon2009-04-28 06:00:00
Can't upload any more pictures...10Silverleon2009-04-27 00:15:00
"White" users (new usergroup?)19dawesbr2009-04-26 22:50:00
Helghast sticker...3tjb06072009-04-26 00:31:00
A little bug/qwerk5dawesbr2009-04-24 19:43:00
'New posts'8moleynator2009-04-23 21:34:00
A little bug?7oldage2009-04-23 18:17:00
Site suggestion12brnxblze2009-04-23 03:54:00
01philip01 - ip banned1801philip012009-04-22 19:41:00
Giving XP6Silverleon2009-04-22 06:13:00
profile page post history1deboerdave2009-04-21 14:37:00
I thought you were trying to REDUCE the size of the forum :P6dawesbr2009-04-21 12:46:00
Spell Checker Not Working3Kog2009-04-20 23:34:00
The Level Showcase needs to be fixed7Sackdragon2009-04-20 02:32:00
Order?18Snrm2009-04-19 21:51:00
Albums?2Snrm2009-04-19 05:45:00
2 suggestions18dawesbr2009-04-16 22:16:00
Weird bug10dawesbr2009-04-16 14:31:00
Previous Post Times8S-A-S--G-U-N-R2009-04-15 23:58:00
Typo7Pinchanzee2009-04-14 21:27:00
Mobile Version of the Website?18adlingtont2009-04-12 23:34:00
Killian for distinguished user!40oldage2009-04-08 20:47:00
This Concerns the Community Spotlight Threads16graygoose2009-04-07 19:07:00
LBPCentral Text-Only Chatroom15dkjestrup2009-04-07 09:58:00
GLITCH: Rate your own thread7tjb06072009-04-07 00:16:00
i forgot to mention!8EvilTikiGod2009-03-31 01:48:00
The shop.15Silverleon2009-03-24 23:26:00
Limit to the amont of profile messages?????5dorien2009-03-24 21:11:00
Spam can??6Don Vhalt2009-03-24 17:18:00
Writing Forum14Kog2009-03-21 03:09:00
Poll Viewing3Kog2009-03-20 19:54:00
A + after the username7dawesbr2009-03-14 11:50:00
SOTW needs more places9LuckyShot2009-03-13 12:02:00
Session cookie4neilj992009-03-13 10:18:00
Steam Tags5Kog2009-03-09 23:23:00
Social Group Error3Sackdragon2009-03-09 23:02:00
Youtube embedding... how to get it widescreen?3Thegide2009-03-09 21:40:00
Caption Contest is BACK! Please pass on the message if possible :)6Pinchanzee2009-03-08 23:04:00
Arcade forum.25superBlast2009-03-03 04:15:00
Movies/TV16Boomy2009-02-28 21:12:00
LBPC worth $6000!40Snrm2009-02-24 17:58:00
Gallery not generating thumbnails2Morrinn32009-02-23 09:10:00
LBP Central Sticker Pack5olit1232009-02-22 20:59:00
Naming Spoiler Tags and URL Tags5Kog2009-02-22 06:51:00
Not showing new blog12DRT992009-02-22 03:00:00
Problem with Uploading Caption Contest Entry6uzman2009-02-21 23:52:00
Problem loading user profiles?14RockSauron2009-02-21 19:14:00
Can't access profile9Takelow2009-02-21 19:13:00
"The Vault"?6dawesbr2009-02-20 23:21:00
Editing posts8Boomy2009-02-19 09:29:00
custom points?11Snrm2009-02-18 20:57:00
Site header images12misterwonderloo2009-02-18 11:40:00
LittleBigPlanetCentral Group?901philip012009-02-17 00:27:00
change birth date4Snrm2009-02-16 19:06:00
New skin problem33Yarbone2009-02-15 07:40:00
can we change our ranks? if so, how?3kodymcq2009-02-15 05:23:00
[X] Levels published shown in profile24oldage2009-02-13 18:42:00
Question about losing experience points and rep?9wexfordian2009-02-13 10:11:00
News redundancy7Gilgamesh2009-02-12 15:42:00
F4F Abusers6Dimo11382009-02-10 16:01:00
buying a sig5Schwem002009-02-09 23:07:00
Final Thoughts30Ace2009-02-09 17:23:00
Vote now editing5Don Vhalt2009-02-08 09:46:00
Spoiler problems12Pinchanzee2009-02-07 01:03:00
Post Count Missing?4Unknown User2009-02-05 19:50:00
Reputation Question14Madafaku2009-02-04 20:04:00
The new locations for user groups7RockSauron2009-01-29 22:46:00
2 Ideas18LittleBigPlanetFan2009-01-25 15:20:00
Spam can....11Hamsalad2009-01-24 18:37:00
Signature3S-A-S--G-U-N-R2009-01-24 16:57:00
Recent Changes Feedback50DrunkMiffy2009-01-23 23:17:00
Something I just have to say28qrtda2355662009-01-23 21:04:00
How to put threads in sigs7misterwonderloo2009-01-23 12:16:00
Artwork and Designs Forum Change?5RockSauron2009-01-23 00:46:00
Custom avatar, signature and username change stickers1Killian2009-01-22 23:42:00
On-site Sackboy Costume Modifier?5Sackdragon2009-01-22 02:18:00
Description for all reps.34Snrm2009-01-20 22:09:00
A quick note about the "Site Projects" section...3RockSauron2009-01-19 01:48:00
Erm, have i joined at a bad time?21Pinchanzee2009-01-17 22:57:00
Level Rating System16Thee-Flash2009-01-17 21:36:00
useless posting7Dexist2009-01-17 18:18:00
What's with all the lock?15LFF2009-01-17 17:25:00
A LBPC Wiki?33RockSauron2009-01-15 23:03:00
"Adult" Forum.14Unknown User2009-01-14 10:37:00
LittleBig Planet Profile- finding lbpcentral levels in-game7cornontheCOD2009-01-14 03:33:00
Beta-Testing User-Created Levels?10Wyndo2009-01-13 22:38:00
Poor Decision.30Unknown User2009-01-12 13:42:00
"New Post" Button glitch11OverWork2009-01-12 03:51:00
Blog help3Pinchanzee2009-01-10 19:41:00
Level review website/page thingy11Luos_832009-01-07 15:10:00
A sonic sticker in the shop43Sonic54112009-01-07 02:34:00
Blog Character Limit6Burrich2009-01-07 02:13:00
A suggestion after the BANNED fiasco5dorien2009-01-05 20:40:00
New way for opening a thumbnail7oldage2009-01-05 15:22:00
The New Look2rz22g2009-01-04 05:50:00
Annoying forum "glitch?"5Pinchanzee2009-01-03 19:27:00
What does this + stand for...?8Thee-Flash2009-01-03 03:46:00
Is there a limit on the spoilers you can use, or is this a bug in the forums?2Elbee232009-01-02 03:42:00
chat box or shout box?9Big Boss2008-12-28 20:44:00
edit button.7muttjones2008-12-26 09:49:00
Just noticed something7Boomy2008-12-24 17:51:00
Your in game lbpcentral ads29ifire12008-12-24 04:18:00
XP?11Rhcpmikey2008-12-22 08:28:00
Activity for Forum Browsing9Gondito2008-12-21 23:21:00
small suggestion for Fourm games Fourm16Don Vhalt2008-12-21 00:25:00
Request for a new site rule - descriptive thread titles17Linque2008-12-21 00:14:00
SUPER moderators?11oldage2008-12-18 11:17:00
Possible to enable Showing New Visitor Messages on Mobile?4RockSauron2008-12-17 22:04:00
What happens when your rep reaches 0?14oldage2008-12-15 19:46:00
Is there a way for me to turn on my notification for when I get PMs?9Unknown User2008-12-14 23:49:00
Entry Box Issue2Unknown User2008-12-14 04:29:00
Change :o8Snrm2008-12-12 21:18:00
For the future: A level review section17Elbee232008-12-11 03:52:00
Banned User Log7BassDeluxe2008-12-10 00:04:00
Repping Limit6muttjones2008-12-09 07:18:00
Increasing the amount of images that can be added to blogs13Elbee232008-12-07 12:56:00
Rants/Raves Section?6LittleBigPlanetFan2008-12-06 23:10:00
Forum Styles2Sage2008-12-06 17:55:00
Forum search not working5Gilgamesh2008-12-05 14:45:00
Gallery for siglines6DarkDedede2008-12-04 20:28:00
Rules exception, linking to other sites?8Gilgamesh2008-12-04 11:40:00
Accolade Question4Unknown User2008-12-04 00:07:00
Quoting not working?7GuyWithNoEyes2008-12-03 12:19:00
Censorship.5Unknown User2008-12-02 19:44:00
IRC Room?2NeoShai2008-12-02 19:42:00
Profile upgrade prices?6DarkDedede2008-12-02 07:19:00
Site Filmers - How do they work?14ryryryan2008-12-01 03:21:00
glitch?5Snrm2008-11-30 21:35:00
Elite Trophy Restock6Unknown User2008-11-30 03:12:00
I know how to edit my thread! Lock :P6Killian2008-11-28 08:45:00
You guys aughta....14Unknown User2008-11-26 01:35:00
Spell Check8Unknown User2008-11-25 23:33:00
Points for playing the arcade?5Unknown User2008-11-25 23:24:00
can i?21Ineedhelp92008-11-25 17:34:00
Concerning Bugs in LBP2DarkDedede2008-11-24 17:57:00
I'm confused about linking to other sites.4Unknown User2008-11-22 13:49:00
Shop Error3HalfSwiss2008-11-22 02:24:00
Striked Out Text6Code13372008-11-21 21:57:00
Organizing level showcase6Gilgamesh2008-11-20 20:52:00
'new posts' display1Risen2008-11-17 14:07:00
A suggestion for a plugin for this forum, to "Prevent Doubleposting"21Forsaken2008-11-16 18:38:00
A post limit before posting a new thread in the Level/Creation showcase.17ryryryan2008-11-13 01:45:00
Peoples levels displayed on their profile8tedalaki2008-11-11 16:08:00
mobile3ea94922008-11-08 05:08:00
Activity award / My Trip16Thee-Flash2008-11-06 03:25:00
Another LBPC Superlative contest?30RockSauron2008-11-03 21:23:00
Upload vids8Unknown User2008-11-03 03:53:00
Chat4Pinkcars2008-11-02 06:20:00
XP possible bug8Snrm2008-11-01 07:39:00
Chat Room!18Unknown User2008-10-30 06:29:00
A way to promote our levels?4Unknown User2008-10-29 06:11:00
Registering another account3Yana2008-10-29 01:48:00
Creator's Toolbox forum?3LordDax2008-10-28 17:34:00
Pay you guys to put our levels up?12Unknown User2008-10-28 00:12:00
Question about threads4Coltfirearms2008-10-27 00:58:00
Level of the Week!13mikeniccy2008-10-26 04:02:00
A theme data bank!4Unknown User2008-10-25 23:33:00
How do you get trophies?4MC Banhammer2008-10-25 17:39:00
profile backgrounds? how?2Unknown User2008-10-25 09:37:00
animated avatars?8Unknown User2008-10-25 08:51:00
A LBPC Best Creations Level1Unknown User2008-10-25 07:33:00
A LBPC Level?6Unknown User2008-10-25 07:29:00
Groups4Snrm2008-10-25 04:31:00
Help me wit XP4MatthijsNL2008-10-23 17:23:00
Why was the site down?9Unknown User2008-10-22 21:51:00
Meet the Staff139Code13372008-10-19 07:03:00
Problem with the force threads?23Whalio Cappuccino2008-10-18 02:58:00
What happened to the complex profiles?4Whalio Cappuccino2008-10-17 04:45:00
maybe..i say maybe :p11Raampiej2008-10-16 10:36:00
a quick quesiton about experiance15RAINFIRE2008-10-16 02:40:00
"Your signature contains too many lines and must be shortened."12Forsaken2008-10-15 18:20:00
User created themes2Unknown User2008-10-15 13:42:00
Grey Rep4Maltay2008-10-14 17:34:00
Removal of Arcade games where you can blatantly cheat3Linque2008-10-14 13:13:00
hmmm why2Thee-Flash2008-10-14 08:34:00
Reputation, New Profile, & Little Things15Unknown User2008-10-14 04:24:00
User Titles13Mark D. Stroyer2008-10-14 03:48:00
special items8ea94922008-10-14 01:29:00
Suggestion - LBP Suggestion / Feedback forum5Linque2008-10-13 17:17:00
Hey, um...7Unknown User2008-10-11 22:05:00
Separate Forum for Forum Games26Code13372008-10-11 18:22:00
Forum games shouldn't add to postcount3Unknown User2008-10-11 05:13:00
WTF is up with the new Profile Set Up???60Unknown User2008-10-11 02:28:00
PAC man13Snrm2008-10-10 02:42:00
XP8Snrm2008-10-10 02:13:00
Top Friends25Maltay2008-10-09 17:11:00
Daylight Savings7muttjones2008-10-09 10:07:00
How can I view the rep I have received?6UmJammerSully2008-10-06 05:50:00
Member status10Simplton2008-10-06 04:52:00
Chat2Sonny2008-10-05 21:50:00
Edited Posts5aer0blue2008-10-05 07:18:00
Quick Reply9Sonny2008-10-04 07:32:00
Suggestion, Buying and Selling sections of the forum8Unknown User2008-10-01 22:07:00
Rep History20Forsaken2008-10-01 12:21:00
Notification Bug5Mark D. Stroyer2008-09-29 17:15:00
Is it only me?13Unknown User2008-09-29 10:49:00
Deleting stickers18Thee-Flash2008-09-29 08:04:00
Being able to make groups send you reports4RockSauron2008-09-29 00:34:00
Suggestion - Changing Thread Title [FIXED!] TEST13Linque2008-09-28 22:29:00
Who runs this site10jerry_camp2008-09-28 02:47:00
jak not jax3muttjones2008-09-27 12:41:00
Animated Avatars in LittleBigExperience ?3BurlapSackBoy2008-09-26 20:12:00
Can we change the title of our threads?1BurlapSackBoy2008-09-26 18:14:00
Thread Directory at the BOTTOM of threads7balth2008-09-25 22:41:00
General Chat21Mark D. Stroyer2008-09-25 17:27:00
LittleBigPlanet News Stickies10Linque2008-09-22 16:27:00
Mobile Theme Issue3HobocidalManiac2008-09-21 21:02:00
When LBP Actually Comes Out...7Sack-Jake2008-09-20 22:42:00
About the Bronze,Silver,Gold,Elite Trophies9Whalio Cappuccino2008-09-20 22:41:00
How about coloured usernames?44Forsaken2008-09-20 20:42:00
Gallery Ease of Use5ScytheOfGrim2008-09-20 19:50:00
A good idea for the Future...10124545224124122008-09-20 19:49:00
events blocked for non members?17muttjones2008-09-20 08:27:00
Where's By Cartman?4Sage2008-09-19 22:43:00
Suggestion8Maltay2008-09-18 08:04:00
Text Under Avatar....17Unknown User2008-09-18 01:07:00
For lbp or CC!!!18124545224124122008-09-18 00:35:00
"Share" section!5DrunkMiffy2008-09-17 19:54:00
Small Rep Feature?7DrunkMiffy2008-09-17 17:05:00
New Forum Section Suggestion7aer0blue2008-09-17 07:17:00
XP on littlebigcreation.com?1muttjones2008-09-17 06:57:00
Rep awards?11Sage2008-09-16 02:47:00
Post Reputation System9DrunkMiffy2008-09-15 20:09:00
Friends on ya profile2muttjones2008-09-15 07:28:00
Hyperlink plz9124545224124122008-09-15 02:27:00
This is a forum, right?15Forsaken2008-09-13 19:54:00
Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Smilies2muttjones2008-09-12 05:22:00
more/remove character limit12Reshin2008-09-12 03:58:00
The "Home" link sends you back to lbpcentral.com...10aer0blue2008-09-07 18:43:00
Contests3Unknown User2008-09-07 16:18:00
Site Affiliates?15Unknown User2008-09-06 02:01:00
Creating and Managing Custom Shops2Sack-Jake2008-09-06 01:44:00
Hexxagon perfect score tweak...5mrbobbyboy2008-09-05 16:44:00
Change the Suduku score table!7mrbobbyboy2008-09-04 11:22:00
Item/Object location table...9mrbobbyboy2008-09-02 09:09:00
Blocking Users10Unknown User2008-09-02 05:07:00
Mobile Optimized Version of Forum?15bbroman2008-09-01 22:03:00
Change topic images.1Sack-Jake2008-09-01 04:12:00
Creator-own Sticker Poll!5mrbobbyboy2008-08-31 14:10:00
An explanation in to the points system please4muttjones2008-08-31 13:59:00
contests3Thee-Flash2008-08-31 07:56:00
Erm... why do I have a bronze arcade award?5Code13372008-08-30 20:35:00
LBPC - How to find someone in your region to avoid lag?3QuozL2008-08-29 13:07:00
Little Big Podcast?44Snarglegarf2008-08-28 13:35:00
5 line limit7Code13372008-08-25 04:14:00
LBPC Regions9Dropbear2008-08-23 05:20:00
Post Rating System6Unknown User2008-08-22 00:31:00
Spell Check for posting10BurlapSackBoy2008-08-21 16:04:00
PSN Sharing.15DrunkMiffy2008-08-20 18:04:00
Arcade Annoyance...10Stix4892008-08-20 10:14:00
Irc or chat application?3docpac2008-08-20 07:04:00
IMG Problem7Unknown User2008-08-20 01:55:00
Crop The Stickers6Gondito2008-08-20 00:52:00
Spoiler Tags29Code13372008-08-19 23:28:00
music15Thee-Flash2008-08-19 08:07:00
Bring back the bars under the names...6124545224124122008-08-18 03:49:00
user upgrades13redstar19932008-08-18 00:38:00
No more 10 letter limit15bbroman2008-08-17 23:46:00
Sarcastic Smiley37redstar19932008-08-17 18:44:00
I suggest...11Unknown User2008-08-17 16:37:00
I suggest...a chatroom!65aer0blue2008-08-17 16:34:00
Mod abuse!!!10124545224124122008-08-17 08:05:00

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