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[PSP] Everything Else LBP for PSP [Archive]

Archive: 726 threads

Gawd, there needs to be new levels!! And about Yellowdet's community "update"5arabellac-Thorn2013-02-10 15:32:00
My PSP broke4ceLLCUbe06182012-11-17 01:39:00
Water please!!!11Unknown User2012-11-11 22:20:00
Another PS3 or Vita discussion.9Woutery2012-11-09 20:58:00
Pictures!6Woutery2012-10-16 17:18:00
PS3 or PSVita59gamerguy54322012-08-18 20:50:00
The good, old times...41Schark942012-08-01 14:10:00
A Request13Fastbro2012-07-08 19:57:00
Turbo Pack?9L1N3R1D3R2012-06-22 15:23:00
This is not a thread I wanted to make...2unXpectiD2012-06-04 00:25:00
Congratulations PSP Spotlight Crew!1Lady_Luck__7772012-05-28 19:06:00
Goodbye guys!11Woutery2012-05-23 13:46:00
LBP Vita Creators26Nick9309302012-05-14 06:19:00
Recommendations and Reviews- PSP1unc92sax2012-05-12 04:58:00
LBP Vita beta72Wertpol2012-05-09 16:33:00
PSP Contest: robots37Sunbunny232012-04-18 02:56:00
New Forum Pictures!23unc92sax2012-04-05 22:58:00
Playing LBP PSP on a Vita, impressions and information.53Xenon2012-03-15 21:45:00
I am baaack !!1Muffin_-_Knight2012-03-12 17:34:00
Are you selling your psp to get a psvita?83unc92sax2012-02-20 21:01:00
What will happen to PSP?34Unknown User2012-02-09 20:25:00
We will fight to save psp31unc92sax2012-02-07 01:24:00
Kill the n00b10unc92sax2012-02-03 01:10:00
Freesia-LBPC9unc92sax2012-01-29 22:09:00
lbp2 powerups contest37Sunbunny232012-01-14 01:46:00
.:Crafty Cut-Scene Contest Results!:.11doggy972012-01-13 16:40:00
What's Your Excitement Level for LBP for Vita?299amazingflyingpoo2012-01-11 12:43:00
Rant on unnecessary Load Times5Fading-Dream2011-12-23 16:18:00
Spam Thread2unc92sax2011-12-20 03:13:00
Gyroscope Vehicle Contest37Ricky-III2011-12-19 01:10:00
Finally got it9biorogue2011-12-14 01:21:00
Problems with my PSP16doggy972011-12-10 20:19:00
Favorite Level of All Time6unc92sax2011-12-07 23:23:00
Reviews for your best creations!35Wertpol2011-12-05 21:37:00
What is it?42WoodburyRaider2011-12-03 01:06:00
Judging! Crafty Cut-Scene Contest23doggy972011-12-02 18:33:00
Bubbles8junk-Warrior72011-11-27 19:06:00
Corrupted Profile Restoration Service1Ricky-III2011-11-21 00:40:00
Crafty Cut-Scene Contest.95aceofthorns2011-10-29 15:30:00
The Community's Top Levels of All Time6Fastbro2011-10-27 19:32:00
*Results* Create Something New Competition42WoodburyRaider2011-10-16 02:01:00
This game is turning into huge crap.32Unknown User2011-10-11 23:09:00
LBP PSP Contest Crew Signup Thread15nysudyrgh2011-09-13 20:27:00
Arcade Assault1nysudyrgh2011-09-05 18:57:00
Background Theme complaint23MrObycyek2011-08-29 16:08:00
Lighting Flicker Glitch5WoodburyRaider2011-08-27 23:40:00
One Last Level....5butter-kicker2011-08-22 19:28:00
The featured levels.10nysudyrgh2011-08-17 11:07:00
I be Trollling :P25Struanmcd2011-08-04 21:06:00
What Would Sackboy Say? - A PSP Caption Contest - Round 655CyberSora2011-08-02 22:30:00
PSP Previews (Feedback in Progress/Not Accepting Currently))26WoodburyRaider2011-08-02 04:46:00
The Bubble Munch Contest!40anoken2011-08-01 17:32:00
Hello, how have you been?21TheNerd2011-07-31 06:26:00
Ohai, it's been a while.8Hellobob52011-07-28 01:14:00
Thinking of getting psp lbp13WESFUN2011-07-11 15:36:00
CyberSora's Week Long Trip (For Teh Lulz)20CyberSora2011-07-09 04:03:00
Dr. Fastbro Interview Archive14Fastbro2011-07-07 13:27:00
LittleBigPlanet Vita: Pros and Cons60Fastbro2011-07-06 18:42:00
About DLC (officals)26doggy972011-07-05 13:16:00
PSP Contest Crew presents: The Sporty Scene Contest21nysudyrgh2011-07-03 00:03:00
The Top 100 LittleBigPlanet Levels of All Time73Fastbro2011-07-02 19:50:00
PSP networking glitch?10jkarow2011-06-29 03:21:00
LBP Central in Levels11Unknown User2011-06-28 14:07:00
Where do you start your levels?11WoodburyRaider2011-06-23 02:45:00
PSP Contest Crew presents: The Minigame Master Contest37nysudyrgh2011-06-18 19:09:00
Contest1Unknown User2011-06-18 00:19:00
What levels will you make in the Vita?27TheUltraDeino2011-06-17 05:01:00
Into the Future: PS Vita36sackboy77892011-06-15 11:40:00
Differences between lbp ps3 music and lbp psp music2Unknown User2011-06-13 10:52:00
LBP For PSVita: Officially Announced. Info & Thoughts2anoken2011-06-07 02:56:00
Weird Background4aceofthorns2011-06-02 20:30:00
Favorite Level?17Random2011-05-28 02:07:00
Random's PSP Reviews: Now With Extra Tiger Blood!61Random2011-05-24 00:32:00
LBP PSP free download.21Hellobob52011-05-21 22:34:00
*MODS Please Lock This Thread* LBP PSP is Alive!28WoodburyRaider2011-05-21 01:49:00
Artuom631 ???18nysudyrgh2011-05-18 17:43:00
Hey everyone!91Captain Rule2011-05-17 22:36:00
PSN Is Back Online!!!!2Balgarino2011-05-15 02:46:00
How long do you like levels to be?20Coxy2242011-05-10 18:39:00
Kickstart LBP PSP5CheezeBo2011-04-29 15:07:00
Interesting Graph26anoken2011-04-26 04:11:00
logo ?9nysudyrgh2011-04-17 18:40:00
PSP Suggestions Forum6Ricky-III2011-04-17 04:18:00
My thoughts17Fading-Dream2011-04-16 15:41:00
Should I finish Cutscene Tutorial?4Ricky-III2011-04-15 23:34:00
How long will it last?18aceofthorns2011-04-15 22:55:00
Should I finish my series?16Silver392011-04-06 03:38:00
My level longlist...31unXpectiD2011-04-02 11:35:00
who is still left ?131nysudyrgh2011-04-01 21:40:00
Protest against Critisism46Unknown User2011-03-23 21:29:00
Love Sack competition43Wertpol2011-03-15 15:13:00
Pay Respect to the Questor here4butter-kicker2011-03-11 19:33:00
Might Get PSP28warlord_evil2011-03-04 04:17:00
Possible LBP NGP Feature revealed4Darth J4642011-03-04 03:00:00
Rumor: MM developing lbp psp2 in-house!17spok222011-03-01 01:05:00
A Jolt of Life4The-Questor2011-02-28 15:49:00
LittleBigVid #16 *It's A-LIVE*2CheezeBo2011-02-27 09:46:00
my pod glitch3Unknown User2011-02-27 01:49:00
NGP: My Worries about LBP PSP's Future68anoken2011-02-24 04:00:00
LBP PSP Questions5kabirdsall142011-02-23 05:48:00
An Interview with BlueBulletBill8CheezeBo2011-02-18 21:15:00
LittleBigVid #15 *NOW ONLINE!*7CheezeBo2011-02-17 07:06:00
Have thay cancelled the kindred project?18Unknown User2011-02-16 17:40:00
Will cambridge fix turbo materials?3spok222011-02-14 00:50:00
[PSP] FEEDBACK SERVICE: WoodburyRaider and The-Questor1WoodburyRaider2011-02-11 00:01:00
LittleBigVid Live Q&A Session12CheezeBo2011-02-07 17:47:00
What you want for LBP for the PSP?4EleoMod2011-02-04 19:56:00
List of All PSP Create Mode Glitches +Tutorials34Ricky-III2011-02-02 21:05:00
What if...7aceofthorns2011-02-02 19:27:00
LittleBigVid #13 *Important News*2CheezeBo2011-02-02 17:24:00
sackboy's voice9Fygar27352011-02-01 21:14:00
PSP2 LBP2 Possible Story suggestions?3PerfectlyDarkTails2011-02-01 20:30:00
Level ratings upload?3Unknown User2011-01-30 07:37:00
Returning to Create1Fading-Dream2011-01-30 05:39:00
Price drop!5JetArtois2011-01-29 16:32:00
Sorry :/10ConverseFox2011-01-28 01:47:00
LittleBigVid #12 is ONLINE!5CheezeBo2011-01-26 20:10:00
wearable vehicles5Fygar27352011-01-26 18:28:00
How come Cambridge/MM don't fix the hacked scoreboards?6Unknown User2011-01-26 14:05:00
NEW? Copy Your Published Levels Back to My Moon!6WoodburyRaider2011-01-26 03:01:00
PSP content needed on the LBPWiki!32Taffey2011-01-26 00:29:00
LittleBigVid #1119CheezeBo2011-01-19 17:21:00
It needs to be said...8Fading-Dream2011-01-14 05:08:00
LittleBigVid #101CheezeBo2011-01-12 06:58:00
Glitch Land 3: Need some Glitches17Struanmcd2011-01-10 21:54:00
LittleBigVid #917CheezeBo2011-01-05 18:01:00
Concerning the Mag Sack and Lethilize Your Sack Glitch.4Random2011-01-04 23:52:00
How to improve the LittleBigVids *IMPORTANT*22CheezeBo2011-01-03 07:07:00
Want your PSP stats under your avatar? ;)63Taffey2011-01-02 04:58:00
Strange camera glitch!9Wertpol2010-12-29 19:55:00
GoodBye For Now!:(8SketchNZ2010-12-28 21:06:00
LittleBigVid #822CheezeBo2010-12-28 13:28:00
new glitch (i think)8Unknown User2010-12-27 13:32:00
Naughty Turbo Pack Materials17eagerneph2010-12-27 03:13:00
i just got lbp 4 psp!17littlebigveteran2010-12-26 15:45:00
A LBP sequel to PSP is extreamly possable!8Ragefulnoobs2010-12-26 02:38:00
Mag Key on Sackboy?32ConverseFox2010-12-25 21:08:00
Lethalize your Sackboy!35Random2010-12-25 14:45:00
Non-Lethal Spikes3ConverseFox2010-12-24 15:36:00
new accounts?4Riolu172010-12-24 01:45:00
Which "Level that palys itself"....5Unknown User2010-12-23 19:43:00
The PSP Side's Future...107Fastbro2010-12-22 22:16:00
Apoligies to the Christmas Gang3Iceychill562010-12-22 20:38:00
Level halt..3Hellobob52010-12-18 14:44:00
Tentacles3Unknown User2010-12-17 19:17:00
Transfer PSP data to PS3??5snowyjoe2010-12-14 21:26:00
Improtance of no more DLC. (slight edit)61LukeCF2010-12-14 18:41:00
The 12 Days of Christmas Mega-Thread85anoken2010-12-14 03:14:00
Random's PSP Reviews2Random2010-12-13 20:47:00
Random's PSP Reviews26Random2010-12-13 20:34:00
Spawn Glitch8R2NK2010-12-13 02:39:00
Jimmy d's glitches7jimydog0002010-12-12 04:31:00
Is lbp having server issues?5trianglepigsquar2010-12-11 13:47:00
Community Levels Glitch8lego122010-12-10 23:33:00
do stickers affect load times?4trianglepigsquar2010-12-10 16:53:00
an awesome (unpublished) vid of a level7jimydog0002010-12-10 11:01:00
Random Glitch: Animated Material/Patterned Gas6LBPLOVER99992010-12-09 16:28:00
Who's you hearted creators?2aceofthorns2010-12-08 23:23:00
Another Glitch! :P5ConverseFox2010-12-08 02:44:00
Strange Glitch20Unknown User2010-12-08 00:46:00
What would you ask...?21CheezeBo2010-12-07 18:49:00
Help with music please!3jimydog0002010-12-06 09:31:00
Christmas PSP Wallpaper2Unknown User2010-12-05 17:19:00
I smell a revalution... or toast10unXpectiD2010-12-04 00:00:00
Lbp psp dlc prediction.2SockFace2010-12-03 23:23:00
SackPerson Showcase7The-Questor2010-12-02 16:36:00
Festive Avatar month3SketchNZ2010-11-30 09:24:00
What could a touch screen PSP mean for LBP?14Weretigr2010-11-29 20:47:00
Jak and Daxter DLC Please!!!3junk-Warrior72010-11-29 15:44:00
My name is changed.11ConverseFox2010-11-28 21:17:00
Should I move my podcast?10CheezeBo2010-11-28 20:11:00
How Do I Take ScreenShots On LBP for PSP10Astronaut2010-11-28 14:38:00
Hello??? DLC????27SockFace2010-11-27 15:24:00
Where is the tongue?6ConverseFox2010-11-27 05:24:00
Harry Sacker91Alismuffin2010-11-26 01:31:00
PSN Name Poll9ConverseFox2010-11-25 15:31:00
Questions and Answers [PSP]3Struanmcd2010-11-24 13:37:00
SeekingTruth86's Paranoid Guide to Avoiding Level/Profile Corruption17SeekingTruth862010-11-24 07:01:00
How to make a Basic Boss Battle4Struanmcd2010-11-23 19:20:00
Merry Sackmas!3junk-Warrior72010-11-23 15:02:00
Water and Multiplayer Will Not Happen!!!15junk-Warrior72010-11-22 15:54:00
updating your level2jimydog0002010-11-22 07:45:00
(Speculation) LBP2 on PSP237DrCell2010-11-22 04:42:00
Creators block14ode12342010-11-22 01:00:00
PSN Name12ConverseFox2010-11-21 02:55:00
What should I make next?15Struanmcd2010-11-20 14:11:00
STATUS UPDATE (Struanmcd)10Struanmcd2010-11-18 20:07:00
What's the difference between Little Big Planet for the PS3, and Little Big Planet fo19virgilsc2010-11-18 04:08:00
A question to PSPers....8sackbot142010-11-18 02:42:00
Taking the Mountain to Mohammed3KILLA_TODDZILLA2010-11-18 02:34:00
Level Series Update1junk-Warrior72010-11-18 01:12:00
Happy Birthday Little Big Planet for PSP!!!5ConverseFox2010-11-17 21:02:00
real water?17aceofthorns2010-11-17 16:24:00
Custom Costume4junk-Warrior72010-11-17 03:26:00
I am starting to hate LBP PSP.6himoks2010-11-16 18:06:00
Questions from someone thinking of buying PSP/LBP8Hana_Kami2010-11-16 10:24:00
Server Down Time?5CheezeBo2010-11-16 07:31:00
PSP themes3jimydog0002010-11-14 02:03:00
Best DLC?10marie_lbp2010-11-13 19:12:00
Help!6Fading-Dream2010-11-13 19:07:00
PSP Hates Me...13ode12342010-11-13 17:32:00
Tips for dealing with an overheated level w/ starter template10Xenon2010-11-11 23:12:00
The TRUTH..LBP is ART12Iceychill562010-11-11 17:34:00
Arrrrrgh!! STUPID THING!3LiamTheKiwi2010-11-10 23:44:00
Something BIG is being REVEALED8Iceychill562010-11-10 22:45:00
What to do for fun on LBP PSP11Astronaut2010-11-10 21:51:00
That's No Community Moon...28Unknown User2010-11-09 15:46:00
How much is LBP as a Download?8Struanmcd2010-11-08 19:22:00
How am I doing?13Struanmcd2010-11-08 19:07:00
Featured, uh... level.10SalieriAAX2010-11-08 17:26:00
About the "Everything Else LBP for PSP" Forum17jeffcu282010-11-08 14:19:00
Why do Pistons Hate Me?8Silver392010-11-07 16:56:00
Help1CheezeBo2010-11-06 14:44:00
Please help!5marie_lbp2010-11-05 01:30:00
DLC question?5marie_lbp2010-11-01 18:24:00
Publishing Without Wifi8PygmyOwl2010-11-01 09:48:00
Little problem in the Manual6ConverseFox2010-10-31 16:43:00
LBP PSP Timeline!31Fastbro2010-10-30 20:00:00
Where's the Scissor Tool!!!!3RoxasSora3582010-10-29 00:08:00
Corrupted Materials2CheezeBo2010-10-28 10:31:00
F4f5CheezeBo2010-10-27 18:11:00
Left out?16unXpectiD2010-10-27 13:38:00
The Best DLC packs8CheezeBo2010-10-26 18:17:00
Kindred overload7RoxasSora3582010-10-26 17:09:00
What are the best ways to get plays on your levels?6CheezeBo2010-10-26 11:22:00
PSP2 - An opening for LBP PSP2????46CheezeBo2010-10-25 21:16:00
How do I work a Sprung Bolt?15RoxasSora3582010-10-25 19:02:00
PSP Camera5Random2010-10-24 22:52:00
Out of interest24CheezeBo2010-10-24 14:57:00
I got something to express also...2Random2010-10-24 01:54:00
What LBP songs sound Christmassy/Wintery?9CheezeBo2010-10-23 19:43:00
A question4CheezeBo2010-10-23 12:13:00
An Upcoming Creator Spotlight8CheezeBo2010-10-23 08:17:00
I got something to express.10Ragefulnoobs2010-10-23 01:49:00
epic level fail7Riolu172010-10-22 08:46:00
A Restart Glitch9PygmyOwl2010-10-21 21:43:00
Lego sackboy!3Fygar27352010-10-20 18:10:00
My level is not working?5anthonyjr22010-10-19 20:47:00
Broken old levels3HappyGreenCactus2010-10-17 16:09:00
Waiting for the Community Spotlight28CheezeBo2010-10-17 14:22:00
What is a DLC5Unknown User2010-10-17 13:27:00
Should I get the Turbo pack?2TheLongArmedOne2010-10-17 11:26:00
Best way for PSPers to make PS3 look-a-like Pictures7CheezeBo2010-10-17 09:53:00
How to share levels: The Magic Crater Method27Taffey2010-10-17 06:53:00
Level Backup4Unknown User2010-10-16 21:10:00
Giving Up .5Unknown User2010-10-16 18:19:00
My LittleBigPlanet fansite6CheezeBo2010-10-15 19:55:00
Spotlight Archive3Bovrillor2010-10-15 12:44:00
Level went from 5 stars to 3 in one play...?4morris62672010-10-15 07:02:00
How do you make normal material dissolve?8anoken2010-10-15 03:07:00
Joystick Issues3anoken2010-10-15 03:03:00
Request: Pictures of My Level2WoodburyRaider2010-10-15 01:21:00
Favorite costumes?6Fygar27352010-10-14 19:14:00
[glitch] How to make a gyroscope6napero72010-10-14 10:59:00
Multi-Function Car Control Help3WoodburyRaider2010-10-14 00:01:00
A New glitch12CheezeBo2010-10-12 19:45:00
Staying Motivated6Random2010-10-11 20:56:00
HELP! Reclaiming thermo11Xenon2010-10-11 08:05:00
The Halloween Costume thing4CheezeBo2010-10-11 06:43:00
I Cant Do It !13Unknown User2010-10-11 02:36:00
First section of OitO:P beta ready3Pete19912010-10-11 01:46:00
A cry for help!2Pete19912010-10-10 20:10:00
Save data6Flashwire2010-10-09 22:46:00
What are you more excited for?24Random2010-10-09 21:54:00
LBPC LOGO Can I use it in my Levels?23LiamTheKiwi2010-10-08 23:49:00
(Bye)5Struanmcd2010-10-08 18:43:00
LBP2 For PSP?!10chinook32010-10-07 02:59:00
Avatar2anthonyjr22010-10-06 00:38:00
When is the next DLC?8SockFace2010-10-05 20:24:00
Spreading that Halloween Cheer!7Silver392010-10-01 23:03:00
12 Days of Christmas Downloadables *2ND WALLPAPER ADDED*11CheezeBo2010-10-01 19:14:00
New glitch11CheezeBo2010-10-01 17:13:00
LittleBigPositive!21Alismuffin2010-09-30 12:53:00
I thought this was a kid's game!55The-Questor2010-09-27 20:28:00
What's your all-time favorite material?25anoken2010-09-26 19:19:00
Off LBP for 2 weeks.11MattLikeChicken2010-09-25 22:40:00
Who Has Halo Reach?11SketchNZ2010-09-25 05:56:00
Ali's Skill Building Lessons [Lessons 1-3]43Alismuffin2010-09-24 03:22:00
cry my heart out18lbp is awespme2010-09-22 22:45:00
In dire need of help!9The-Questor2010-09-22 06:30:00
The Evil Analogue Stick of Death...14PygmyOwl2010-09-21 20:42:00
What would you like to see in a feedback?6TheNerd2010-09-21 09:04:00
The number of community levels!7ConverseFox2010-09-21 04:12:00
sliding glitch24nerzdadestroyer2010-09-20 10:32:00
Logic Confusion4Aj0j2010-09-18 21:47:00
Materials and their Weights6Aj0j2010-09-18 19:13:00
Beta Testing? Wha?4PygmyOwl2010-09-18 14:46:00
I'm going away :)7CheezeBo2010-09-18 12:40:00
weirdest giltch ever encountered18nerzdadestroyer2010-09-18 11:20:00
Sig pic2Hellobob52010-09-15 19:20:00
Best Water?8Unknown User2010-09-14 22:20:00
My Top 50 Levels of 2010!95Fastbro2010-09-13 21:18:00
save load data failed because....1Unknown User2010-09-13 00:44:00
how do u make material invisible?3Unknown User2010-09-13 00:41:00
Wall climbing!?26sackboy77892010-09-13 00:30:00
Hearted Levels Help2Iceychill562010-09-12 21:25:00
The Main details on the 'Fame' System5CheezeBo2010-09-12 17:16:00
Fansites8ConverseFox2010-09-12 04:00:00
Invisible material in latest version?10metsfan10252010-09-12 02:15:00
Huge Problem!!!6anoken2010-09-11 23:54:00
Recording Gameplay?1gamerguy50002010-09-11 17:21:00
Save Data Failed1Iceychill562010-09-11 01:41:00
Status Changing3Struanmcd2010-09-10 19:18:00
I am so stupid :/12MattLikeChicken2010-09-10 06:33:00
Help me please4MattLikeChicken2010-09-09 23:48:00
Create rituals?3Captain Rule2010-09-09 05:48:00
* B3's Review Thread *28Voltergeist2010-09-09 00:55:00
PSP vs PS337Coro2010-09-08 02:17:00
PSP Collected All Gifts but NO PRIZE?5WoodburyRaider2010-09-08 00:00:00
Piston angle bug?3Unknown User2010-09-07 22:00:00
UMD problem10Random2010-09-07 20:12:00
How To Prevent People From Cheating22anoken2010-09-07 01:02:00
New and very odd glitch7The-Questor2010-09-07 00:12:00
Who has the most creator hearts?59The-Questor2010-09-07 00:06:00
Great LBP PSP Levels5MattLikeChicken2010-09-06 06:48:00
LBPC Meanies :(10MattLikeChicken2010-09-06 06:43:00
Sound Of Music? And Assassins Creed Costumes1MattLikeChicken2010-09-06 06:23:00
New hidden sticker!!!!!2ConverseFox2010-09-06 05:56:00
What is this weird silence?5Balgarino2010-09-06 04:24:00
Creating a simple teleporter16Unknown User2010-09-05 20:38:00
Journey To Disneyland BIG NEWS4MattLikeChicken2010-09-05 05:47:00
Something BIG Is Coming Update!6MattLikeChicken2010-09-05 05:05:00
Great news for people wanting to see more from me.3ConverseFox2010-09-04 04:26:00
The Big Debate - Should creators have a score on their levels?20Struanmcd2010-09-03 20:38:00
Red Screen Glitch8austimerr2010-09-03 16:38:00
It's Almost Coming! XD48CyberSora2010-09-03 02:17:00
Logic Help19kitcheninja2010-09-01 20:26:00
How do you share levels on the Psp?13austimerr2010-09-01 17:54:00
Lever Stuck9timecatcher2010-09-01 15:23:00
Best way to take pictures?37SirPaper2010-08-31 19:10:00
Next Logic system ideas13ConverseFox2010-08-31 03:35:00
Valmassoi's Bubble Combo Glitch13anoken2010-08-31 01:13:00
Come to LBPC! level idea33SketchNZ2010-08-31 00:12:00
A Rant against the Cheaters18Struanmcd2010-08-30 21:47:00
BIG Signatures8CheezeBo2010-08-30 11:14:00
Need help finding item4PiffleAngel2010-08-30 04:54:00
Choosing Material *Help Needed*5anoken2010-08-29 20:56:00
Rating Question3anoken2010-08-28 16:07:00
Psp Creator Spotlight?51Balgarino2010-08-28 02:19:00
Sad for some, awespme for others35lbp is awespme2010-08-27 02:27:00
What do you think should be our next level kit from the playstation network???33MattLikeChicken2010-08-26 19:18:00
News showing every time I connect to moon.8The Forgotten2010-08-26 18:12:00
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6 Layers Glitch5Spark1512010-02-03 02:10:00
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Suggest a costume for Taffey's Sackboy20Taffey2010-02-01 17:50:00
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How do you unlock rockets?1GCPaja2010-01-29 22:08:00
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Thin gas3Pete19912010-01-29 19:08:00
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Making waterfalls?6Fastbro2010-01-08 18:58:00
Cant find all the items in story mode!3Juiceboy1252010-01-07 23:27:00
Changing your name?6fabioisonfire2010-01-07 00:45:00
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PSP vs. PS3: which platform fits which levels?16Rogar2009-12-09 16:00:00
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Was LBP PS3 This bad at launch?12zeldarocks2009-12-08 04:23:00
Fullmoon (sharing levels by data)37JKthree2009-12-07 05:43:00
My gripes with the game12ryryryan2009-12-06 22:50:00
What are all the main problems?3KQuinn94Z2009-12-06 17:35:00
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6,925 levels online to date!29jackofcourse2009-12-04 16:49:00
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Walkthrough for LBP PSP?6Fozzie892009-12-02 20:27:00
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Capture tool dynamic/static trick3duvalla092009-12-02 14:48:00
Wobble bolts and rotation, gluing1Gilgamesh2009-12-02 13:53:00
Capture tool experimentation18Gilgamesh2009-12-01 13:55:00
How to capture an object made of captured objects7Gilgamesh2009-11-30 23:15:00
Material shifting experiment, results confirmed!33Gilgamesh2009-11-30 02:07:00
how to uplaod lbp levels to lbpc3SanSalvador2009-11-29 23:38:00
Emailed bugs to sam_protagonist, got feedback9Unknown User2009-11-29 11:16:00
Republishing levels5Gilgamesh2009-11-28 18:48:00
Everything on my moon has broke! Just as i was starting my new level!6Unknown User2009-11-28 18:15:00
Making a PSP level is not so bad11Gilgamesh2009-11-28 18:04:00
It's a conspiracy8zeldarocks2009-11-28 08:45:00
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Community Level Comments???4dsgeeno12009-11-26 11:23:00
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Missing prize bubble in 'Walkabout' level4mistervista2009-11-26 00:25:00
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