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[LBP3] Help!!

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Follower - Lag - How do I keep the follower dead center of the tag?11L-I-M-I2018-12-04 04:48:00
coloring Ornaments3Cogollo20002018-11-03 18:08:00
Help! Some LBP1 musics don't play11Clara Oswald2018-03-25 06:30:00
Where is the My Queue area in lbp3?2Kender422018-03-20 19:51:00
Am I able to get my LBP1/2 Special Edition dlc onto LBP3 on PS4?6arctic_alloy2018-03-12 12:30:00
Darth Vader Costume Help1Darthy092018-03-08 00:49:00
Looking for help with Race to the Stars1FractiousLemon2018-03-06 11:12:00
Missing sensors9Kender422018-03-05 18:38:00
LBP3 LBP3 "Don't go alone" Trophy problem (PS3)4mini212018-03-05 16:24:00
How to get the emitter to emit a powerup6Kender422018-02-17 01:55:00
Upgraded to PS4 and LBP 3, Missing Most of my DLC21Gwenefar2018-02-08 01:28:00
Trailer Problems2Hirunda2018-01-16 01:54:00
Prize missing in: The great escape3thesparklingbluepo2017-12-29 17:47:00
Whale Logic Help2Darthy092017-11-23 16:29:00
Sackbot stuck in controlinator4Super Zack 642017-11-15 22:52:00
I need a little help on something!8cottonkoopa1442017-11-15 18:55:00
Level Links.4Candy2017-11-06 08:32:00
A problem with checkpoints...5SirenScribble71892017-10-08 11:32:00
Missing hook hat. Can't continue in Even Bosses Wear Hats.4roobieroo2017-10-03 16:55:00
Detect when an object is on the floor.3NexusDave2017-09-20 18:41:00
Cutscene dialouge broken?4Edge8the8kid2017-08-07 02:09:00
Hiding Decoration Shadows?5koltonaugust2017-08-05 20:09:00
Can you clear cache in PS4 to join other players?2Matodit2017-07-13 22:07:00
Emitters not emitting in the right layer-Solution3Fatoldsweaty2017-07-07 22:49:00
Issues with frame data and logic2iluminacos2017-07-02 20:23:00
Sackbot Issue2Darthy092017-06-30 22:32:00
Sword Power-up Issue3Darthy092017-06-30 02:52:00
Independent Sequencer2DyMonkie2017-06-21 20:49:00
switching out materials4blueblur982017-06-20 21:54:00
Artificial Intelligence!6DyMonkie2017-06-18 18:29:00
Sauron Duel Help2Darthy092017-06-15 08:47:00
Invisible Sackbot5Bonnell72017-06-14 08:15:00
Namco Classics DLC2SmithyBlacksmith2017-06-14 01:38:00
Angle Finding7Bonnell72017-05-30 03:36:00
Signal Cap Workaround?8Bonnell72017-05-17 09:16:00
Is it possible to publish individual levels and move them into an adventure later?3Behonkiss2017-05-16 02:01:00
Mimicking LBPV Impact Sensor?6koltonaugust2017-05-15 05:40:00
Can you try and test my level ?3Feyneik2017-05-12 19:08:00
How can I grab the platform in-between the invisible wall?2Darthy092017-05-08 19:02:00
Snap photo logic help1venat2017-04-29 22:07:00
Analog Layer Detection14Bonnell72017-04-28 23:19:00
Trying to make a better traffic path-finding system.7Super Zack 642017-04-19 22:06:00
Help with a rhythm game.3CamostarAtIsabella2017-04-04 03:51:00
How you remove the score counter2venat2017-04-01 10:08:00
Few Questions about Remote Tag Senors3venat2017-03-31 11:58:00
Stuck in a glitch on Even Bosses Wear Hats Sometimes - can't finish the game26lisaqkitty2017-03-29 23:31:00
Help with A LOT of Things4Ashe2017-03-27 00:24:00
Steve_big_guns 3d template25koltonaugust2017-03-20 22:25:00
Phantom of the muppet theater1Bitter Sweet2017-03-18 20:16:00
Has ShareFactory been shut down as a way to Import Images into LBP3?4MaxxAmmo2017-03-14 14:36:00
missing costumes3ICBklyn2017-03-01 06:29:00
Thread deleted2dethklokrulez122017-02-24 18:28:00
Can you assign a tag to an entire object?12Super Zack 642017-02-20 04:10:00
Flipping/Mirroring an Animation.4razk2017-02-17 18:19:00
I need some help with a bug5DaFrontPorch2017-02-14 01:51:00
Detecting when Rail Hook is attached to rail?7razk2017-02-14 01:42:00
Need logic people badly7venat2017-02-12 05:52:00
Power charging?2CamostarAtIsabella2017-02-08 01:29:00
ENTER controllinator - does it HAVE to be TRIANGLE?5molynsi2017-02-02 17:27:00
Phantom Obstacle10Ostler50002017-01-02 23:31:00
Cleanup All when destroyed?1koltonaugust2016-12-24 09:37:00
Emitters placing objects in wrong location5koltonaugust2016-12-23 08:03:00
Striped Material in SS kit?7CamostarAtIsabella2016-12-19 23:06:00
Detect which tag is closest in it's radius?7temple19972016-11-20 01:12:00
Exact layer placement?4ballisticola2016-09-29 13:43:00
2-handed weapon?2LBPtony2016-09-27 21:36:00
Transfer tools between adventure levels?1LBPtony2016-09-27 19:40:00
Will I lose all my levels on my Earth if I initialize my PS4?2Darthy092016-09-25 19:50:00
What is the better technique3LBPtony2016-09-22 16:42:00
They Patched out the 3D layers tool well half of it at least....1NeonTheCoder2016-09-04 21:55:00
Need people for Zelda music badly4venat2016-09-02 19:34:00
LBP1 to LBP3 without LBP1?4Prostar2016-09-01 12:46:00
Custom Sackthing Animations + Layer Change5Ostler50002016-08-28 21:42:00
Logic longer seems to work in LBP33Darthvadre112016-08-28 01:31:00
(PS3) Why do I have to be online to use DLC Level Kits?2LuckyMax52016-08-26 21:25:00
Need help finding a material3Uboran2016-08-22 02:32:00
Top-Down Falling/Rising1Okami2016-08-19 15:17:00
Questions about cutscenes and relocating character2Behonkiss2016-08-16 15:16:00
Can't Seem to Get the Marvel Level Kit and Costume Kits on My PS4 LBP35Just_Crusader2016-08-16 06:14:00
Dive in problem :(9DungkieSlush2016-08-12 18:37:00
Normal question.. XD7DungkieSlush2016-08-11 19:59:00
Help me find others to create with6Lucidess2016-08-11 15:49:00
Intelligent sackbot-seek logic4Autz2016-08-10 05:32:00
Top Down Ramps Help!2spencerbro122016-08-09 20:09:00
Help4Real Dope2016-08-08 17:01:00
How do I make the string stay attached to the cardboard?5Darthy092016-08-08 03:02:00
screenshots no longer appear in my popit14mirjanneke2016-08-07 10:14:00
Following Individual Players2CMike90012016-07-30 19:34:00
Electrical decoration.5Sharfik19952016-07-27 20:44:00
Collaboration/Team Projects?7Ashe2016-07-23 01:56:00
Protecting Copyable Levels7CMike90012016-07-19 17:47:00
LBP3 Unicode Symbols1CMike90012016-07-13 04:53:00
How do i fix this glitch?1venat2016-07-13 03:56:00
Organisertron: Worth using or not?3SilverTriforce72016-07-11 08:19:00
Detecting Player Deaths5CMike90012016-07-10 19:07:00
Powerups underwater workaround help1LuckyMax52016-07-06 01:52:00
How do I make the object explode after killing the enemy?3Darthy092016-06-24 22:06:00
remove shadows from decorations4killzoneliberation2016-06-19 15:38:00
move layers without mover7killzoneliberation2016-06-18 15:48:00
Need Help Making LBP Version of Cartoon Theme1FractiousLemon2016-06-12 19:00:00
How do I make my vehicle jump by pressing x?2Darthy092016-06-09 15:14:00
odd time signatures2LuigiM92016-06-09 02:05:00
How do I make the zombie disappear when the sword goes away?3Darthy092016-06-06 17:21:00
Help! I'm looking for 2 decorations.6unknown c2016-06-04 21:18:00
Need help with the controlinator.2Darthy092016-06-03 23:05:00
Consistant Failure5Bonnell72016-05-31 21:26:00
How do I make it so the power-ups in my level can be stored in the sack pocket?1Darthy092016-05-31 15:49:00
No community pictures in paint tool3killzoneliberation2016-05-28 12:34:00
How toget better looking quality photos?3venat2016-05-27 16:29:00
Screenshot Swapping3killzoneliberation2016-05-23 20:35:00
Emitting Solid Objects Inside Other Solid Objects4Ostler50002016-05-23 14:32:00
Material market11killzoneliberation2016-05-21 02:39:00
How can I still shoot the sword even though it goes through stuff?2Darthy092016-05-20 22:01:00
How to Make A Sackbot "Mirror Gag"?3FractiousLemon2016-05-20 21:53:00
Making teams in a level?3SeVeN1612016-05-13 09:48:00
Problems With LBP2 Levels5aster60002016-05-12 20:36:00
Ice Skating Animation3razk2016-05-05 00:03:00
Need music2Sharfik19952016-05-03 18:15:00
Should I move projects from LBP2 to LBP33SilverTriforce72016-04-26 22:14:00
My sackbot dies underwater when it doens't supposed to..3Darthy092016-04-23 20:50:00
Would anyone be interested on working on a top down Legend of Zelda game?44venat2016-04-23 03:08:00
Grief report5Eskimoasd2016-04-21 01:01:00
Rotating Coin?5CMike90012016-04-18 23:29:00
How do I compare analog signals6Darthvadre112016-04-17 14:37:00
Special deaths?5Domofan2016-04-15 11:24:00
Are Magic Mouths with Sequencers on PS4 Broke?6Xaif2016-04-13 23:41:00
Cant Continue after finding and playing as OddSock?!?!3theGreatSackboi2016-04-04 23:05:00
Odd Dynamic Thermo Bug6James-p2016-03-30 11:07:00
Movie camera glitch4turnipeater2016-03-29 23:25:00
Gluing Issues are Still a Thing...9L1N3R1D3R2016-03-29 14:08:00
Destroyer Issues2Darthy092016-03-28 17:42:00
LBP3 Memorizer PS42koltonaugust2016-03-27 08:19:00
Will importing LBP1/2 stuff mess up my LBP3 save in any way?4Hana_Kami2016-03-27 00:30:00
Global Water Tweaker4Darthy092016-03-26 20:18:00
How do I make an object spin but stay in the air at the same time?2Darthy092016-03-24 22:50:00
Silent points6turnipeater2016-03-17 22:30:00
Groupped objects2Em-te2016-03-10 20:14:00
Making things spiral around Sackboy12Xaif2016-03-06 15:55:00
Looking for Musicians and Silent Hill enthusiasts1Devious_Oatmeal2016-03-04 16:25:00
Is it possible to make Small Toggle sink in water3ghostrider1352016-03-02 04:34:00
My friend can't load my profile..1Darthy092016-02-29 00:59:00
My profile is corrupt :(1Darthy092016-02-29 00:45:00
How do I make an emitted object disappear when the sackbot dies?2Darthy092016-02-28 16:03:00
How can I make plasma non-lethal?2Darthy092016-02-26 23:51:00
Destroyer logic question.2midnight_heist2016-02-25 09:00:00
How do I make a sackbot hold and run with an emited object?3Darthy092016-02-25 01:57:00
Transfer materials to PS4?6Rovelius2016-02-24 06:55:00
LittleBigQNA6TheGamerBoy20062016-02-23 20:32:00
[PS4] Can't Open MGS Act 3: The Mission7razk2016-02-22 23:29:00
Looking for a certain material..4midnight_heist2016-02-22 00:51:00
Lightsaber2Darthy092016-02-15 03:38:00
Unreleased Content Questions8LuckyMax52016-02-11 23:52:00
LBP3 Opacity Bug5BLAHBLAH10002016-02-08 03:47:00
Most efficient way of limiting playable layers?5midnight_heist2016-02-06 23:57:00
[storymode] Collectabells / Zom Zom costume issue2midnight_heist2016-02-06 09:09:00
How to make a HP system that goes beyond 10k circuit value10venat2016-02-06 03:18:00
Magic mouth text missing when playing lbp2 levels on lbp36xiSiCx2016-02-03 20:05:00
Sackbot Issue4Darthy092016-02-01 19:46:00
Need help with a sackbot.3Darthy092016-01-31 23:39:00
30 Camera Without Lbp2 Level Glitch5Okami2016-01-31 22:05:00
How can you loop the value of a circuit to make it double the value5venat2016-01-30 16:01:00
How do you Gate/match Circuit # together to make 05venat2016-01-29 12:40:00
Adventure Mode Assistance3chronos4532016-01-27 11:39:00
Strange Signal Behavior1Seku2016-01-27 08:17:00
What is the name of that retro 8-bit music?3Kirby Phelps (PK)2016-01-25 07:42:00
Can't publish level PS45Sharfik19952016-01-19 16:47:00
How do you add signal power amounts together?3venat2016-01-19 00:25:00
Heavy Rain DLC PS44koltonaugust2016-01-18 20:54:00
Board Game Logic?7Okami2016-01-15 22:50:00
Sensing Player Wins?7Okami2016-01-13 21:34:00
3D help6unknown c2016-01-13 15:24:00
Looking for more logic/creative people that wanna work on Rising Fire RPG8venat2016-01-12 06:52:00
Are Story-mode prize bubble giveaways safe?5EDGE_ELITE2016-01-11 16:47:00
Protected pathways through multiple layers8Puntolory2016-01-09 19:58:00
N00b help, please! How to unlock levels??2FunPleaseNow2016-01-08 16:46:00
new materials collected not showing after collection3pdubzi2016-01-06 04:48:00
Multiplication help needed.4Archon4532016-01-03 01:49:00
How to restore your profile if its been corrupted4venat2016-01-02 01:33:00
How to place Stickers on the back side of materials?5venat2015-12-29 22:54:00
No sound on LBP3 on PS37Frogmeister2015-12-28 14:44:00
Looking for help with Menu Logic & Math Logic4venat2015-12-27 06:13:00
How do I download old DLC that's not for sale, on PS4?6godstriker82015-12-26 00:01:00
Making a thing pivot around sackboy.6CamostarAtIsabella2015-12-21 16:15:00
Looking for Voice Actors/Questions about adding voices in4venat2015-12-19 07:57:00
Trial and Error help2wait wtf2015-12-19 03:14:00
Freshman Creator Trophy Won't Unlock3DaFrontPorch2015-12-17 17:17:00
Looking for someone to spell check my work1venat2015-12-14 09:16:00
Quest Activation Not Happening4TEENWULF2015-12-07 17:22:00
Infinite level exit loading2jimydog0002015-12-06 06:11:00
Overheating/Duplication Problem!6PieLordPictures2015-12-06 04:36:00
How do you give scores to people in different controllinators?7burgerstupr2015-12-03 03:37:00
Jumping on objects with a follower5venat2015-12-02 03:19:00
Sackbot NPC Changling possible?1TEENWULF2015-11-30 13:41:00
Sackbots are not getting emitted9burgerstupr2015-11-28 09:23:00
Rotating Circle in Z-Axis?9L1N3R1D3R2015-11-28 03:03:00
Mini-games help.3Sir monacle2015-11-27 19:14:00
How do I make a real time strategy game?5thaia20132015-11-24 15:26:00
I'm looking into loading in areas by emiting them6venat2015-11-23 12:51:00
LBP in-game store broken?5James-p2015-11-19 01:12:00
Advice for my RPG. bunch of questions3venat2015-11-16 12:29:00
Reinstalling LBP3?7Republic2015-11-14 19:42:00
Editing a Team Picked Level8Mr_Fusion2015-11-11 08:20:00
Voting.11Sir monacle2015-11-10 06:37:00
Advancing.5Sir monacle2015-11-05 11:31:00
Looking for help with Music & Logic9venat2015-11-02 23:08:00
Musician Required for Batman: The Justice League Series2Rangers-12015-11-02 16:55:00
Level was broken after update?1Mymagic12122015-10-31 07:15:00
How do you use 3D Materials in lbp3?6venat2015-10-27 03:51:00
DC Comics pack ????5Batdroopy2015-10-24 20:08:00
Dynamic zombot??7Noxul2015-10-22 19:48:00
Back To The Future Missing Object?7GLiTcH22015-10-22 19:05:00
PS3 Thermometer vs PS4 Thermometer3wariomona2015-10-07 12:23:00
How do you get Controlnator sackbots to equip custom items?6venat2015-09-30 09:22:00
Would Someone Be Kind Enough To Teach Me Feedback Loops?10Mutilator182015-09-24 21:55:00
Material Touch Sensor is glitching on me6venat2015-09-23 10:47:00
Thermo Friendly Character menu?5wally-2172015-09-17 20:55:00
Transferring data from one account to another4duckakku2015-09-11 17:54:00
Follower + Advanced In/Out Mover Help4Ali_Star2015-09-11 10:13:00
Create Mode Boost Boots Question3Thug_Life_EQ2015-09-11 03:50:00
Destroyed Sensor5NexusDave2015-09-04 17:11:00
Where do we officially report bugs?2Blue Helmet2015-09-02 10:34:00
Remove Decoration Shadow...7The-RraptorR2015-08-30 12:26:00
Need help with porting LBP 3 saves on PS3 to PS4.2Kalawishis2015-08-29 20:05:00
Can you make only 1 destroyer destroy everything that is glued together?7Darthy092015-08-26 08:08:00
Camera Relative Controls8Kato2015-08-25 23:41:00
Why...?6comishguy672015-08-24 16:44:00
[Sackbot] Momentum?7temple19972015-08-24 16:13:00
Emitter: "reference in play" not working?5evret2015-08-24 03:03:00
Dynamic Thermometer Making Me Cry!4Kato2015-08-23 05:12:00
I think Im going crazy.2ItzDennisz2015-08-22 12:37:00
Custom Sticker Help11Kato2015-08-21 21:18:00
Lbp3 Level Link and Score2Okami2015-08-21 07:06:00
How do you make a sackbot immune to danger and jump really high?3Darthy092015-08-21 05:24:00
Extremely annoyed6ItzDennisz2015-08-20 14:18:00
Health Bar Help! (Yes, another one)5wally-2172015-08-20 02:03:00
Dynamic thermo and self made load screen7star the shi tzu2015-08-18 02:03:00
Momentum7one-mad-bunny2015-08-17 22:23:00
Freeze!4Ant_TKD2015-08-17 18:22:00
How delay the onset, after of the death ?3vusco2015-08-17 05:07:00
99% complete?7LuigiM92015-08-16 21:39:00
Playstation eye camera stickers cant place6Sackben20032015-08-16 20:54:00
100+ layers no longer works?6LuigiM92015-08-16 02:37:00
What is the actual name of a signal splitter in the goodies bag?3Darthy092015-08-16 02:14:00
Does the projectile sensor have an input?5Darthy092015-08-16 01:24:00
Is it possible to make a counter lose life from being shot by a paintball gun?5Darthy092015-08-15 23:33:00
How do I... I have a long question. Please read.3Darthy092015-08-15 00:11:00
Creating a HUD?4Ant_TKD2015-08-13 13:21:00
Is there anywhere else to view the video tutorials?2Behonkiss2015-08-12 23:15:00
Analog Signal Change Detection?11comishguy672015-08-12 03:55:00
Camera System Question11Kato2015-08-11 02:16:00
New Bug! The Thermometer now starts 20% full in empty levels in create mode5askjiir2015-08-10 00:23:00
[Sackbot] How do I make a piece of hologram rotate around my sackbot?5temple19972015-08-06 10:47:00
Crazy Health Bar Question12Kato2015-08-04 19:47:00
Is there a way to not make an object break and disappear?2Darthy092015-07-31 19:12:00
You can no longer take photos with the Playstation Camera in LBP3. Now what?16askjiir2015-07-30 18:19:00
How can you make the player sensor last forever?5Darthy092015-07-30 05:47:00
Anti-gravity on Shardinator Shards?3clearwolves2015-07-27 23:33:00
Dlc problems still....15star the shi tzu2015-07-27 20:23:00
Kill Tweaker Questions21Kato2015-07-27 16:05:00
How get this effect ??8vusco2015-07-26 16:20:00
Memorizer? (PS4)3chronos4532015-03-08 00:15:00
16+ bit Music theme recreation help needed for LBP3 project "Sackboy no Boken"4Teknoman2015-03-06 23:19:00
Any Workarounds For Broken Level Pack DLC?2blacksackman2015-03-06 17:17:00
Did you know you can scamper up walls?3Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-06 13:25:00
PS4 LBP3 fix for DLC LBP and LBP2 content3TSFRJ2015-03-06 12:42:00
Help with a sonic-like spin jump4SackRanger182015-03-04 12:42:00
Emit by Zone?2damian_tsl2015-03-03 05:46:00
PS3 vs. PS4?14LilyHoncho2015-03-01 23:28:00
Score and magic mouth speech not working properly3Lordwarblade2015-03-01 07:02:00
How can I make Bots use my created powerups?6cakito1232015-03-01 02:09:00
Giving Sackbots 3 Lives2rambo34162015-02-28 23:15:00
PS4 Glitch/Bug; Cant move Sackboy5elekro2015-02-28 19:07:00
I can't import a backed-up level!4Dobbed2015-02-27 00:20:00
Top Down Ramps/Stairs.8Archon4532015-02-26 05:54:00
My profile got reset2ItzDennisz2015-02-25 17:09:00
How do I make a platformer17gurren0092015-02-24 22:04:00
Where can I find a good/working 3D camera?6gurren0092015-02-23 23:42:00
locked levels not secure7one-mad-bunny2015-02-23 00:44:00
Create mode - Need help quick, somehow can't place anymore15Sikatsuu2015-02-22 20:12:00
What Are The Names Of The Planets?8SEWO972015-02-21 23:36:00
how do you add levels to a Que in LBP3...4scuzzo2015-02-21 22:42:00
Level glitch1gurren0092015-02-20 15:15:00
I can't connect/join anyone.7gurren0092015-02-20 14:46:00
Collectabells disappearing in Play Mode? (Glitch)3Pan_Ziemniak2015-02-20 12:57:00
Feeling the need to ask...5Prince2015-02-19 22:04:00
latest patch?10one-mad-bunny2015-02-19 12:24:00
Quest logic?2CRISTALSONIC2015-02-18 18:59:00
Is it possible?4Pan_Ziemniak2015-02-18 17:59:00
Sprites and the number of frames.13haythem092015-02-17 21:17:00
Does anyone know how to make a store in Adventure?2Dobbed2015-02-17 18:01:00
Trying to master the Memorizer...18blacksackman2015-02-16 20:27:00
Are subtitles different now?7James-p2015-02-16 19:17:00
To any Creators out there._.2darkknight20102014-12-18 09:41:00
Custom images and audio?10Mighty Mac2014-12-18 01:28:00
Rail Hooks and deceleration: bug or feature?2LittleBigDave2014-12-17 21:54:00
[Solved] Sequencer Delay Problem5Rough-Tea2014-12-17 19:02:00
Backing Up & Loading Saves?8mr_D222014-12-17 18:19:00
OK, I've Done Something Stupid ...4GribbleGrunger2014-12-17 16:14:00
Bubble Animation from "Belly Of The Beast Level"2rambo34162014-12-17 00:16:00
Missing Create Mode Backgrounds5rambo34162014-12-16 22:38:00
Can't progress3LittleBigNinja232014-12-16 22:25:00
How to select multiple items at once..4dirts79702014-12-16 18:47:00
Dynamic thermo issues...1ILoveI6v6I2014-12-16 13:41:00
Help!!! Missing Power Ups!11Wolf_AssasSin_X2014-12-16 08:21:00
"Not availale"??3Darkavenger_132014-12-16 07:23:00
Problems with object saver6Solid_Justice2014-12-16 06:48:00
How do you disable popit for created characters?2Reef19782014-12-16 04:59:00
Ingame installation stuck at 50%11Tyler2014-12-16 02:36:00
Cant take swoop in create mode2The-RraptorR2014-12-15 22:54:00
custom power up, move functions5dsdavve2014-12-15 22:24:00
Level works in Create, doesn't in Play (likely Broadcast Microchip bug)2minifat2014-12-15 21:00:00
Does the max sticker limit still apply to dynamic thermo level?3Hana_Kami2014-12-15 17:37:00
[Adventure] Alternate Entrance15olly_nova2014-12-15 09:59:00
Batteries, sequencer relative?9Rovelius2014-12-15 08:27:00
How to force character change to a specific character?3Hana_Kami2014-12-14 20:22:00
Disable Sackbot Change Button L1 - Problem5blastroid2014-12-14 18:18:00
Walking Along Thin Edges4LittleBigSnooth2014-12-14 16:44:00
Making an Oddsock level..7Shallistera2014-12-14 14:39:00
Broken Animations using character rotators?4keanine2014-12-14 14:34:00
Gold trophy trouble5Darkavenger_132014-12-14 12:24:00
How to make 3D camera?2minifat2014-12-14 07:34:00
Need Help with Opacity Tweaker4AsianLawyer2014-12-14 07:18:00
Backed up level not appearing?!2Remy2014-12-14 03:06:00
3D roller coaster help?1derpington52014-12-14 02:36:00
No Sound Objects After the Update!!!6AsianLawyer2014-12-14 01:53:00
how do i make objects keep momentum with followers?7ToborTheRobot2014-12-13 23:40:00
Illumiantor effect???6CamostarAtIsabella2014-12-13 19:35:00
Tutorials to making pinball tables?13Metalzoic2014-12-13 18:53:00
Guests can't access custom costumes?3Sehven2014-12-13 18:02:00
Making Sackboy's arm animate in a custom powerup?5HellFire23452014-12-13 16:04:00
using in out mover to move object both ways4dirts79702014-12-13 10:27:00
Make a grabble switch so the piston..3dirts79702014-12-13 08:55:00
grabbable thin layer12dirts79702014-12-13 08:43:00
How to prevent Sackboy from automatically changing layers?7Remy2014-12-13 03:57:00
Memorizer question16yugnar2014-12-13 00:16:00
Collectabells, prize collection, and adventures in online multiplayer?1LittleBigDave2014-12-12 18:41:00
How do you change Earth background?7Hana_Kami2014-12-12 17:22:00
Story mode bug1The-RraptorR2014-12-12 15:09:00
Top down Sackbot, Avoiding walls / following tags3nickchic2014-12-12 14:26:00
Swoop loses his wings?7Sehven2014-12-12 07:42:00
(Metal Gear Solid Level kit) ASKING ME TO REPAY ON PS43Unknown User2014-12-12 04:19:00
I need tag sensors to detect a whole object8minifat2014-12-11 21:26:00
Custom Sackpocket Items, need tips4DJLols2014-12-11 19:25:00
How To Make a Contraption Challenge3Craelon2014-12-11 18:36:00
sack boy vs sack bot?11CRISTALSONIC2014-12-11 12:33:00
Death By Drowning7olly_nova2014-12-11 09:58:00
Running up walls and upside down with sackboy?10Mighty Mac2014-12-11 09:18:00
so how do i unlock the rest of the turotials? i only have 259ToborTheRobot2014-12-11 08:46:00
Materials and magnetic keys.10Puntolory2014-12-10 21:03:00
Mirroring Character Animations?3MrLongJohn2014-12-10 20:12:00
Rotating objects on its shaft. possible?4vusco2014-12-10 13:29:00
Can't publish levels5Snoki692014-12-10 04:43:00
Pitch and Yaw rotation on materials?5zupaton2014-12-09 17:49:00
falling debris5jadenepia2014-12-09 14:02:00
Piston problems since LBP 24Darkavenger_132014-12-09 12:11:00
Top Down Bots! :D Curious about the sackbot settings and how they affect gravity.1Archon4532014-12-09 08:27:00
Sliding And Jumping Off Walls.5GribbleGrunger2014-12-09 07:17:00
Emitting from feet? (custom Boost Boots)7razk2014-12-08 22:33:00
A couple of questions7jadenepia2014-12-08 12:02:00
Glitch level broke my game...10dragomanolo2014-12-07 21:29:00
Reducing my joinment in the game!1Darkavenger_132014-12-07 20:07:00
SOLVED: Opacity in Sticker Paint? (w/ controller)3MrLongJohn2014-12-07 19:27:00
Interactive Illuminator?2Female--2014-12-07 19:21:00
Using Swoop in a multilayer versus level12Sehven2014-12-07 19:14:00
In & Out Problems14Darkavenger_132014-12-07 13:41:00
HELP w/ top down sackbot or I give up!!3rave2014e2014-12-07 01:06:00
Quest tracker not working?1DJLols2014-12-07 00:28:00
How to make a custom powerup move sackboys arm?3nunsmasher2014-12-06 23:53:00
A separate follower for each character4aratiatia2014-12-06 20:16:00
is there a way to stop costume changing on a created character4Mark3y_man2014-12-06 19:15:00
So... bots can't use Blaster Handles at all?5Rovelius2014-12-06 10:36:00
My Alternate Account Cannot Import LBP2 Data!15DOJlN32014-12-06 05:17:00
Gradual Light at certain frequencies5jjdragon2014-12-06 02:49:00
Logic help: Programming character to stop moving on button press?4DJLols2014-12-06 01:46:00
Weather Material and Glass3LittleBigSnooth2014-12-05 23:16:00
swimming in space/water material?6tch2014-12-05 22:47:00
How to ride oddsock ?7The-RraptorR2014-12-05 22:04:00
Custom animation?3Biv2014-12-05 20:30:00
Thermometer6Darthy092014-12-05 06:16:00
Material Port?4NotALegend2014-12-05 00:41:00
Angle-ify on Direction Combiner?5Razortehkill2014-12-04 23:33:00
I can't publish a level to my Earth7kaiju_kid2014-12-04 19:46:00
Switching powerups9Sehven2014-12-04 18:26:00
Quest and Sackpocket Questions5keanine2014-12-04 16:52:00
moving in the direction your facing7jadenepia2014-12-04 12:24:00
Story Mode bridge glitch (Manglewood Swamp) Need urgent help!4SackXavier2014-12-04 03:02:00
Unable to use stickers in Create Mode (PS3)2Blue Helmet2014-12-04 00:09:00
Movie Camera Not Transitioning1tdarb2014-12-04 05:09:00
Slanted roofs possible in top down?6Scarface2014-12-03 22:58:00
Creating a Melee Weapon8Nick9309302014-12-03 16:35:00
Changeling sackbot4ANPuroOsso2014-12-03 16:00:00
Question about material in the Popit Puzzle levels.5Lazy_Slacker2014-12-03 16:00:00
Any good way to lock logic to certain players? (Player 1, Player 2,etc)17JKthree2014-12-03 01:46:00
Emitter is destroying my objects3Tricky2014-12-03 01:31:00
Profile Corrupt5dyna2014-12-02 23:24:00
Broadcast microchip3Tricky2014-12-02 23:25:00
were is the move pack2CRISTALSONIC2014-12-02 20:07:00
How can I make a sackboy only area?6Adamjstone2014-12-02 09:48:00
Layer transitions6aratiatia2014-12-02 06:10:00
Can't Access Previous DLC2brtt1502014-12-02 02:44:00
Sackpocket is Empty in Play Mode3WastelanderTort2014-12-02 02:22:00
Swim in the Air?2Nick9309302014-12-02 01:30:00
Transfer single level into Adventure?7Nick9309302014-12-01 22:48:00
How Do I Disable Controls?13CYBERSNAKE2014-12-01 22:28:00
Help making a portal gun.7NexusDave2014-12-01 15:26:00
Can't Find Snow Material?3KoingWolf2014-12-01 02:48:00
Infiniry level?7Sean882014-12-01 00:58:00
Sackboy's position in layer3UndeadMafioso2014-11-30 22:23:00
How do I create the Balloon Power-Up from the Gamescom Livestream?8Dantaru2014-11-30 20:43:00
Swivel Light2raptor426942014-11-30 19:47:00
How do you create a top down game feel so natural like the yeti one in the main game?8Lotus_Flow3r2014-11-30 17:44:00
Bomb Explosions Only Killing on One Plane??11JLU513062014-11-30 11:51:00
How to make oddsock plateform ?5The-RraptorR2014-11-30 11:32:00
Changing a Sackbot's Costume and Behavior by another Sackbot8AsianLawyer2014-11-30 06:21:00
Making a Sackbot Flee From Another Sackbot12AsianLawyer2014-11-30 06:14:00
Can you rotate a object on Z axis??2rave2014e2014-11-30 04:27:00
Look at rotator pivot2Tricky2014-11-30 03:51:00
Trouble with followers2Biv2014-11-30 02:40:00
grab sensor missing5thesparklingbluepo2014-11-30 02:11:00
Controlling animation of decorations?7lionhart1802014-11-30 00:19:00
Is there a way to remove the border in create mode?13rorohokishu2014-11-29 23:41:00
Don't all have my DLC5Darthvadre112014-11-29 20:52:00
Anyone having issues with Paint?1minifat2014-11-29 19:19:00
DLCS tranfer2LBPWORLD2014-11-29 19:07:00
How do I make sackboy walk towards and away from the screen?9TEENWULF2014-11-29 17:01:00
How do i get rid of cricket sound in the pod?, please help...3RONNYNS2014-11-29 15:04:00
I need help with a movie camera bug.3Archon4532014-11-29 10:03:00
Has anybody experimented with Sackboy riding Oddsock or Swoop?3Sehven2014-11-29 07:49:00
LBP2 Levels in LBP32GodlessGOD2014-11-29 07:43:00
Air Tubes: How to apply to all objects?1lionhart1802014-11-29 07:24:00
Top Down AI bots2CHiMES_D2014-11-29 04:18:00
Analogue signals through a selector?4CHiMES_D2014-11-29 03:05:00
Can't import levels into Adventure Map1getyourwings52014-11-29 00:33:00
Why do I just go through the water material? (Warning: May contain spoilers)14choalover2014-11-29 00:14:00
Need help for 3D movement Sackboy for precise front and back layer platforming4Whitemon2014-11-28 22:56:00
Lethal Sackbots2Darthy092014-11-28 22:24:00
LBP3 crashing when I try to continue story mode7fly8fly12014-11-28 20:49:00
Can't move when i'm Sackboy [PS3]2Rackzo2014-11-28 20:09:00
What do these do?8AlexStarkie2014-11-28 19:23:00
Connecting something to a vehicle3jjdragon2014-11-28 17:11:00
A few questions about LBP3 from a non-owner3Avatar_of_Chaos2014-11-28 16:45:00
Levels Being Replaced with Pod4SEWO972014-11-28 14:18:00
Missing LBP3 Tools (With Advance Create Mode On)6typhoonmoore2014-11-28 13:57:00
Need help with Transitioning unlocks from LBP2 to LBP32Ruffed_Up2014-11-28 13:37:00
Analog rounding issues4tdarb2014-11-28 07:37:00
How do I get camera to follow my created sackbot that I control2rave2014e2014-11-28 00:51:00
i have 3-D movement now need 3-d camera or top down1rave2014e2014-11-28 00:48:00
Anyone have a 1st person Cam?4BossCreations2014-11-27 23:23:00
LBP3 Top Down Level Sackbot Lean6BossCreations2014-11-27 23:19:00
Not able to use DLC?2LJRobey2014-11-27 23:18:00
About DLC3The-RraptorR2014-11-27 20:15:00
Cant access Organizertron while in Controlinator8magnumninja2014-11-27 19:01:00
Top down shooter survival spawn logic4CHiMES_D2014-11-27 18:50:00
Local (couch co-op) Multiplayer Totally Borked [PS4]4KaptainKandy2014-11-27 18:15:00
Object Saver vs Memorizer5tdarb2014-11-27 10:53:00
Top-Down Head Twitching16MomoFerret2014-11-27 10:05:00
I need help with the movie camera.3rorohokishu2014-11-27 10:04:00
How do i fix it!!? (head stuck looking up)6Archon4532014-11-27 09:08:00
Top Down level jumping logic?3CHiMES_D2014-11-27 07:28:00
Copy rotation of one object to another11Tricky2014-11-27 02:05:00
Tags not behaving as expected.3poorjack2014-11-27 01:29:00
How... Do i use the gameplay tweaker?7Lord-Dreamerz2014-11-27 01:14:00
How do I make good looking level badges without using paint?2Skyblox2014-11-26 21:17:00
Too Complicated?10Avocado152014-11-26 20:12:00
Can't place stickers... Help?6CHiMES_D2014-11-26 20:04:00
Logic to enable moving through walls?2Remy2014-11-26 19:16:00
Playstation app second screen1aratiatia2014-11-26 18:33:00
3D camera question5GribbleGrunger2014-11-26 11:39:00
Make emitted object follow the player who emitted it4Sehven2014-11-26 08:31:00
best way to "aim" at things in a 3d space?1rorohokishu2014-11-26 22:27:00
Can you turn off the bounce pad sound effects?5Biv2014-11-26 06:20:00
Recreating logic from Evil Newton Toggle Fight1votex092014-11-26 06:05:00
Character Selection Help!4Skyblox2014-11-26 02:42:00
Analog Signal lock? I'm needing a little bit of help with this guys.1Archon4532014-11-26 02:09:00
New twists on old logic components aka: What does "owned by Sackboy" mean?41Sehven2014-11-26 01:49:00
Decorations slide when being placed on sides3Lt_Twinklez2014-11-26 01:35:00
How the heck do I access Create Mode?!?!2HunterEatsHunter2014-11-26 01:27:00
Top down sack bot controller3Tricky2014-11-26 00:55:00
Can't use any power ups or progress.1ogrefist2014-11-26 00:39:00
Score giver tweak team color coded option???1CHiMES_D2014-11-25 21:56:00
(Lbp3) How to make Top Down stages?2Wickedrob2014-11-25 18:30:00
Just to make sure, is there a way to import your profile to PS4?4Biv2014-11-25 14:07:00
LBP3 links: Sites/Youtube (anything)2GribbleGrunger2014-11-25 13:14:00
I think i broke Sackboy... serious glitch.6chongue2014-11-25 08:53:00
resetting saved object and quest data for community levels1kemengjie2014-11-25 07:28:00
I tried capturing a character but it was placed in the wrong spot.3ogrefist2014-11-25 07:27:00
Transmitter Controlinator on Sackbots Captured as Characters3bezerramarela2014-11-25 05:32:00
End of level prizes bug4Crazy7002014-11-25 00:18:00
Secret bounce pads?6Avatar_of_Chaos2014-11-25 00:09:00
LBP3 Soundtrack List?13Woutery2014-11-24 23:05:00
How EXACTLY does one create swinging doors, rolling dice, etc. with decorations?30Undifined2014-11-24 20:07:00
Magic Mouth or other way to show text2Tricky2014-11-24 17:38:00
Can't publish a level!2CHiMES_D2014-11-24 17:16:00
Flip-Flop-Folios [How was the flipping gravity done?]9Iceman11202014-11-24 16:07:00
Horrible Bug5minecrafter04822014-11-24 12:19:00
Door Teleport Transitions. Movie Camera bugging out.1Archon4532014-11-24 08:58:00
Stuck at top of pod - Game broke!10blastroid2014-11-24 16:22:00
Question about broadcasting to player12Sehven2014-11-24 06:19:00
How do you make a sackbot lethal?4Darthy092014-11-24 05:00:00
Space world tool2Darthy092014-11-23 23:18:00
Can I disable sixaxis controls on a character?2airide1012014-11-23 23:12:00
How is the controlinator unlocked?2killmanx272014-11-23 19:47:00
Oddsock sackbot swimming5Darthy092014-11-23 19:44:00
Camera Spy!6TheFourKings2014-11-24 02:51:00
Is it possible to make a power up follow something while it's being held?1RabidJellyfish2014-11-23 18:56:00
Broadcast Chip With Outputs Not Working3xChris6041x2014-11-23 17:46:00
Top Down level with moving platforms???2CHiMES_D2014-11-23 16:49:00
I cant place stickers2bettle012014-11-23 11:57:00
I cant place stickers is this a glitch?3bettle012014-11-23 11:56:00
Controlinator Inputs when on Broadcast microchip (for broadcast to Sackbot)4kemengjie2014-11-23 08:21:00
sackbot Sackpocket question1Darthvadre112014-11-23 06:50:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Stuck in Pod1WastelanderTort2014-11-23 05:55:00
Sackbots can't use custom powerups?1Sehven2014-11-23 04:20:00
Can only sackbots be a custom character?1choalover2014-11-23 03:01:00
How to make a third person lvl?5Darthvadre112014-11-23 02:50:00
Custom character can't copy the owner's costume?1Sehven2014-11-22 23:50:00
Create Mode - unable to use Popit Menu? (PS3 Version)5RotiniNoodle2014-11-22 23:15:00
Major Dynamic Thermo bug!!!1Archon4532014-11-22 22:10:00
Did anyone figure out the Decoration Mount?15silencer7752014-11-22 22:05:00
Quests, why aren't mine working?3Archon4532014-11-22 21:00:00
How do I get slides to interact with objects?7Suziezero2014-11-22 17:39:00
Dlc problem8ANPuroOsso2014-11-22 17:13:00
Making a multi-staged puzzle game. Need help!3wolfos962014-11-22 14:20:00
Why can't l rotate material?11TheFourKings2014-11-22 04:07:00
Transferring LBP/LBP2 PS3 to LBP3 PS4???2Unknown User2014-11-22 03:39:00
How to make a Top Down level?10Gregzilla2014-11-22 00:26:00
Using a central hub for an adventure?4Verbal832014-11-21 21:49:00
Resetting a Character Rotation?1JKthree2014-11-21 21:24:00
Is it possible to match yaw angle with analog stick direction?1minifat2014-11-21 19:36:00
how do you rotate objects like in the story mode?3ropi72014-11-21 17:19:00
Z Axis Rotation?3amiel4455662014-11-21 16:07:00
I need help under standing the ins and outs of the dynamic thermometer8CRISTALSONIC2014-11-22 14:55:00
Controllinator that switches controls to a new controller.3jjdragon2014-11-21 15:16:00
Earth?1fullofwin2014-11-21 14:11:00
Limit to 3 layers?19Khriz1342014-11-21 13:09:00
Don't go alone... trophy not unlocking on ps32Opt1mus_2014-11-21 10:38:00
Launch Spacesuit DLC?5Hana_Kami2014-11-21 07:22:00
How do I edit the slide?3CamostarAtIsabella2014-11-21 02:35:00
Advanced In/Out Mover help (Minor kinda spoiler)3fly_4_a_jedi2014-11-21 01:28:00
I've been told it can be done, can I get a tutorial?1Archon4532014-11-20 23:09:00
Top-Down Help8LJRobey2014-11-20 19:49:00
Disabling/changing Sackboy controls1zoratG2014-11-20 18:39:00
Starting Characters2bezerramarela2014-11-20 06:16:00
Unable to Sticker Sackbots...2TheSonic411252014-11-20 04:21:00
How to help people with DLC problems4XX_sonicfan_XX2014-11-20 03:37:00
What should i do?5Boy2014-11-20 01:35:00
Known Problems15ForgottenEnigma2014-11-20 01:25:00
I. AM. INVINCIBLE! trophy on last nerve4Hana_Kami2014-11-20 00:34:00
LBP3 - Tool and DLC bugs4xx_ixcoy_xx2014-11-20 00:00:00
Can't play community levels with guest on PS4?4Sehven2014-11-19 23:27:00
PS4 PSN DLC Question//Is there a better way?3Beccadex2014-11-19 22:52:00
I lost my DLC!8DaBOSS543202014-11-19 22:31:00
Bugs and glitches thread5EleoMod2014-11-19 22:16:00
Can I get rid of bevels on materials?3tdarb2014-11-19 17:20:00
Not Receiving Level Complete Prizes5RJA000002014-11-19 13:38:00
Can't get Gameplay Tweaker invincibilty to work . . .3Hana_Kami2014-11-19 13:35:00
How to adjust screen size???5Crazed Creator2014-11-19 08:10:00
Missing tools7Snoki692014-11-19 06:13:00
Limited Release Spacesuit (One-size-fits-all) not showing in Store? Anyone confirm?9WyomingMyst2014-11-19 05:59:00
Cannot lock my levels3Snoki692014-11-19 03:07:00
Weird import issue.4Lt_Twinklez2014-11-19 02:00:00
DC Level Kit Broken In LBP3?5tdarb2014-11-19 22:35:00
The Toggle Gnome Costumes aren't working?5Undifined2014-11-19 00:50:00
Can't sticker anything in pod or create mode7lemurboy122014-11-19 00:48:00
No Manual7shoryusatsu9992014-11-19 00:25:00
Can't DL previously purchased level packs.3SirGreenDay2014-11-19 00:22:00
Constant crashes, can't join players and trouble stickering characters1minecrafter04822014-11-19 00:10:00
Issues searching community levels2Azmodan452014-11-18 23:23:00
Bug Blaster from LBP1/2 missing on 3.7DJLols2014-11-18 23:17:00
I lost move pack, toy story kit, and lbp2 goty costumes on LBP316CrankyLandlord2014-11-18 22:04:00
3D camera2zoratG2014-11-18 21:42:00
Question!2GreatWhite0002014-11-18 21:19:00
Where are the Move Pack instruments?2maddoggnick962014-11-18 20:43:00
Memorizer?3fly_4_a_jedi2014-11-18 20:03:00
Sackbots using the power up creator?1zoratG2014-11-18 17:33:00
I can't play the other story levels.11chongue2014-11-18 10:12:00
Can't import LBP2 profile8MrDonoB2014-11-18 07:43:00
PS4 Issues with store13Beccadex2014-11-18 07:20:00
Day 1 Edition DLC code not valid? [EDIT: Now resolved]9WyomingMyst2014-11-18 06:53:00
Where do I download the preorder shirts from?4KlawwTheClown2014-11-18 02:21:00
Disabling the Popit completely?10GribbleGrunger2014-11-16 14:44:00
How do Collectabells work?4minecrafter04822014-11-15 22:58:00
A Wet Question.4CamostarAtIsabella2014-11-14 01:32:00
Blaster Handle4raptor426942014-10-25 15:42:00
Object fading into another...may need help, may be a GLITCH.3Biv2014-10-25 00:48:00
Story Problem?2raptor426942014-10-24 20:11:00
How do Teams work?3Smuffy042014-10-23 01:08:00
Memorizing Quests6koltonaugust2014-10-22 09:16:00
Infinite Levels Wiring5koltonaugust2014-10-22 08:05:00
Why are there outputs on bolts?25Biv2014-10-22 00:13:00
Really Stupid Question About Ending Levels.9GribbleGrunger2014-10-21 11:48:00
How do you use the Wave tool?16Biv2014-10-20 23:23:00
Organisertron5mr_D222014-10-19 12:13:00
How to make 3D movement?79ZNBJ2014-10-17 13:10:00

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