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The Logic for School Girl Horror...Simplified?1Ashe2016-05-18 01:42:00
Animated Book Tutorial4CuriousSack2015-08-31 07:39:00
Losing all your DLC 10/27/2014 "EASY FIX"4kevinkillr12014-10-27 20:09:00
"Duck Glitch" New Method3TheExpertz_2014-10-17 16:32:00
How to fix Dive-In Glitch7maestro268012014-10-14 23:56:00
Remembering Dead Enemies EASILY (kind of)2amiel4455662014-09-24 05:14:00
How to get a signal greater than 100% on LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller PS Vita1EleoMod2014-09-20 17:59:00
Remove ALL wire lag (in a chip) thermo free!1amiel4455662014-09-11 07:34:00
How to do division accurately and instaneously3amiel4455662014-08-31 19:15:00
How to make Green Goo from DC comics4Sharfik19952014-08-16 18:23:00
How to make a menu3alieninators2014-08-16 13:44:00
Best way to compare percentages5amiel4455662014-08-16 07:23:00
Color Glitch4Smuffy042014-08-02 15:50:00
Non-Latency Flow Gate5amiel4455662014-07-04 23:45:00
Recursion with Logic Probes (thermo efficient probes)3amiel4455662014-06-19 04:07:00
pulsating zooplankton7CuriousSack2014-06-08 18:06:00
Reset to a value (feedback loop addon tutorial)1amiel4455662014-05-25 23:20:00
Send/Receive Analogue Rounding1amiel4455662014-05-20 06:12:00
Utilizing Clock Error1amiel4455662014-05-20 03:59:00
learn the feedback loop... seriously...15amiel4455662014-05-11 08:10:00
making a higher than 100% situation NOT gate1amiel4455662014-05-05 05:26:00
Axis locking1amiel4455662014-04-22 05:32:00
Working with latency7amiel4455662014-04-13 21:47:00
Other tips on how to make clean logic (and why)9amiel4455662014-04-13 05:05:00
Thinking Outside the Box in Bit Compression7amiel4455662014-04-08 01:57:00
Analogue Cycling1amiel4455662014-03-11 08:44:00
How to Create a Custom Money System4airide1012014-03-10 21:53:00
Helpful Bug with the Cape2amiel4455662014-02-16 07:29:00
Invisible checkpoints, entrances, powerups, etc.2Gui_Rike2014-02-02 21:47:00
Wiring Cleanly7amiel4455662014-01-18 19:01:00
Timing with division1amiel4455662014-01-17 08:00:00
Oscillating decoration spinner3aratiatia2014-01-06 19:48:00
How to Make a Level2FurryFox12013-12-29 23:15:00
Some mini logic tutorials/tips5amiel4455662013-12-07 05:56:00
How to make invisible material!1ThaPiero99Xx2013-12-01 01:17:00
Small Small Grid (For those with detail OCD)2amiel4455662013-11-27 16:23:00
Ingame Intangible Activation2amiel4455662013-11-22 07:17:00
Requests for logic tutorials?2Felyne2013-11-20 04:57:00
Merge Glitch (Alternate Method)3Felyne2013-11-18 06:38:00
1/2 speed repeater2amiel4455662013-10-12 17:09:00
How To Make Any Material Invisible(You Can Also Draw With It and It Can Curve!)4Robo49002013-10-10 03:06:00
having trouble with logic?2Unknown User2013-10-04 03:14:00
Thick to Thack: A Pumpkin Lid that really fits!3Pookachoo2013-10-01 22:08:00
Everything I Know3Seku2013-09-29 09:24:00
Picture tools for levels2Khodex2013-09-25 20:27:00
Dripping Blood4Sean882013-09-18 12:36:00
Logic tutorial requests?12amiel4455662013-09-15 15:58:00
Rotate Stopper3amiel4455662013-09-10 06:56:00
Sound advice2Sean882013-09-04 13:29:00
How to make a realistic player sensor3amiel4455662013-08-21 17:10:00
how to make a realistic lava material no dlc5Unknown User2013-08-17 20:52:00
How To Make A Gun Reload And Have Sound Effect (Semi-Auto gun or Auto gun)1dexterlab972013-08-17 14:54:00
How to make a one/only gate2amiel4455662013-08-15 07:53:00
Limited tick repeater1amiel4455662013-08-15 07:41:00
3 simple override gates (logic)1amiel4455662013-08-15 07:33:00
How to make your own 3D emmiting tool2amiel4455662013-08-13 17:56:00
Mirrors :D4amiel4455662013-08-13 17:45:00
Simple alternative to a gravity tweaker4amiel4455662013-08-13 17:32:00
Counter Linking System2amiel4455662013-08-13 17:26:00
Accurate counter based logic1amiel4455662013-08-13 16:45:00
Positional Timer3amiel4455662013-08-12 23:26:00
WyomingMyst presents "Code Entry Systems" for LBP2.1WyomingMyst2013-08-11 23:23:00
Music creating tutorials10MastaBlastya2013-07-31 08:14:00
Merge Glitch4Caliboy45992013-07-25 04:45:00
An alternative way to make 3D3amiel4455662013-07-23 17:57:00
Delayed Spawn and Activation Guide For Wormholes7SirenScribble71892013-07-20 23:54:00
Adding Clouds3Sean882013-07-20 04:24:00
Attack-Sack!4FurryFox12013-07-14 23:42:00
How to block people in LittleBigPlanet 29mh6370992013-07-05 02:44:00
How to makev a detailed window22Sean882013-07-02 14:44:00
Johnny Depp costume tutorial5Unknown User2013-06-25 18:29:00
Custom Gravity - Properly walking on walls and the cieling8Unknown User2013-06-07 06:00:00
How to build a 3D room/warehouse (1 of 2 :-BASIC CONSTRUCTION)5Sean882013-05-29 14:09:00
1 use pickups6Sean882013-05-26 14:17:00
The Weight is over....6Sean882013-05-25 02:07:00
Patrol sackbot : how to make a better AI5Khodex2013-05-11 17:24:00
How to make a sackbot5leono2013-05-03 23:37:00
Short range teleportation8Djibees2013-04-29 19:34:00
LBPC Post/Thread Editor Mode Tutorial1Jauw2013-04-24 12:19:00
Stretch Objects To Any Height/Width Ratio9Rogar2013-04-09 21:37:00
Sackbot switch for 1 or 2 players6Khodex2013-04-03 18:46:00
Change water's appearance7Khodex2013-03-26 13:29:00
Using Wormholes Without Teleportation7L1N3R1D3R2013-03-23 20:46:00
Merged Score Bubble Glitch - Tutorial9Jauw2013-03-18 21:22:00
Uploading Album Photos2Jauw2013-03-16 20:55:00
Implementing LBP.me Photos4Jauw2013-03-15 18:15:00
Handweapons Controllinator logic?4SCHWITZER-19452013-03-08 15:55:00
Ragdoll death animations4BLAHBLAH10002013-03-03 23:28:00
Switching Between Sackbots2Jauw2013-02-24 16:07:00
Creativity - My tips and tricks :)4Rovelius2013-02-24 03:38:00
Dead-Man's Switch!2Unknown User2013-02-07 16:57:00
How to make a realistic (human like) ragdoll2BLAHBLAH10002013-02-05 21:24:00
Easier way for making ragdoll joints1BLAHBLAH10002013-02-05 21:13:00
My random create advice. Including Tips & Tricks! (Last update ?2/26/2013?)22Lord-Dreamerz2013-02-02 06:13:00
:-) using decorations for other than decorations :-)12TulsaTom2013-01-31 21:12:00
Guards: Three-Dimensional detection system1MatrixEchidna2013-01-09 04:28:00
Tutorial Requests..?6Wafflegod3452012-12-27 20:10:00
Save / Load Data6Seku2012-12-24 23:33:00
Brand new little discovery about the Cross-Controller pack!8Intangir852012-12-19 23:46:00
Sound Sensor Switch3Unknown User2012-11-17 16:09:00
List any visual tricks you know here!!!17RonPierce2012-11-12 05:49:00
Top-down ramps4dermZ962012-11-08 20:56:00
Ragdoll Death Tutorial1Unknown User2012-10-31 14:05:00
Super-Bot Tutorial3Unknown User2012-10-28 16:47:00
Weeping Angel & Player Sackbot4Unknown User2012-10-26 12:30:00
Yet another way to divide signals.8Kalawishis2012-10-25 03:56:00
Potential Way of Dealing with "Tag lag"5Ali_Star2012-10-24 11:37:00
Sackboy death detector (no sackbot needed, single player only)5MatrixEchidna2012-10-22 15:26:00
Division of Signals4Seku2012-10-15 09:00:00
Equally Spaced Objects5Seku2012-10-15 08:18:00
Lock something with a password1Khodex2012-10-11 09:09:00
Delaying buttons!3dermZ962012-10-07 12:34:00
How to make a piston STOP.5Ben212012-10-07 02:04:00
Very Awesome 3D Tool16lve_msg2012-09-14 05:19:00
Youtube level/tutorial recommendations4dermZ962012-09-13 19:45:00
Movable view11Khodex2012-09-06 16:56:00
How To Do A Thingie45Unknown User2012-09-06 04:04:00
Artistic Levels without Lag42Pookachoo2012-09-03 21:39:00
Covering the basics - Part 2!3dermZ962012-09-02 18:49:00
Mini-tutorial: How to pause the sequencer.3yugnar2012-08-14 17:52:00
Record movement without need of Playstation Move. (Even better)4Sport_dude2012-08-11 06:46:00
Tutorial on sky effects5Razortehkill2012-08-06 12:35:00
Covering the basics - How to build a level (Part 1)7dermZ962012-07-25 15:21:00
How to make the camera follow the sackbot you're controlling5Unknown User2012-07-25 01:14:00
Better Decorating Tutorial (great aesthetics)12ATMLVE2012-07-21 05:53:00
Glow-On-The_Glow! (PotC DLC Req.)1dal-n-pok2012-07-18 17:11:00
YT: LBP2CHANNEL tutorials5Unknown User2012-07-17 23:34:00
Invisible Materials4dal-n-pok2012-07-13 19:27:00
How to make a vacuum with the creatinator!15dermZ962012-07-08 23:27:00
Zeus's Behind an' Stuff - A Guide to Special FX!6Kaboosh992012-07-08 04:09:00
Nudge Tool Give-Away and Tutorial Level10Pookachoo2012-07-06 20:02:00
Lag Free Merge Tool15septamus1122012-07-04 15:59:00
Transfer of analog signal through impacts15Dortr2012-07-02 18:43:00
How to capture photos and save on your computer! (FOR ALL LBPs)8Ryanz192012-06-26 17:21:00
LBPvP Tutorial1Halfire2012-06-26 02:16:00
Tutorial- How To Become Popular In LBP2!69Unknown User2012-06-25 07:12:00
All about Repulsorlift Tech. (Useful for hovercraft, landspeeders, and even UFOs!)4Angantyr2012-06-22 19:34:00
Top down shooter tutorial (Part 2)2dermZ962012-06-19 20:00:00
Natural Direction Detection for Sackbots8CYBERSNAKE2012-06-18 23:11:00
Top-down shooter tutorial (Part 1)1dermZ962012-06-14 19:00:00
Build your own 3D/Extra Layer Tool (cascade)18Pookachoo2012-06-12 22:34:00
Jump logic, the simple way.3dermZ962012-05-24 23:06:00
Tutorial: Getting a Powerpoint or Keynote in LBP24Unknown User2012-05-24 11:30:00
Making Working tanks treads! (No pictures, sorry)4Unknown User2012-05-18 16:10:00
Simple - Using sequencers effectively2dermZ962012-05-17 23:17:00
How to make a Helicopter with Spinning Blades4bluesteel7892012-05-16 20:19:00
How to make a basic health bar8LJRobey2012-05-06 18:25:00
Interesting Attract-o-tweaker property2DreJ12122012-04-28 02:09:00
Random Sackbot Spawn (basics)1dermZ962012-04-26 17:59:00
Making stairs7Sean882012-04-26 13:47:00
How to add emotion to a sackbot15Antikris2012-04-19 00:43:00
Working With The Emit/Destroy Technique9damaz102012-04-17 18:47:00
Sackbot Tutorials for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced LBP2 Creator11Unknown User2012-04-17 06:54:00
Aesthetic tips - Decoration tricks!14RonPierce2012-04-11 21:12:00
Using The Music Sequencer2mutant_red_peas2012-04-09 18:06:00
Decided to start it too :D8dermZ962012-04-04 18:08:00
[25/06/2012] The LittleBigPlanet Create Guide9malrotheo2012-04-01 03:14:00
Adding Car Detal...6comeroiroc2012-03-30 03:46:00
Recording sequencer music on a PC5Unknown User2012-03-27 04:23:00
Making a Platformer: "Easy as pie!"11L1N3R1D3R2012-03-26 21:29:00
How To Make The Object Stay on Mid-Air Without The Dark Matter16Unknown User2012-03-10 11:56:00
Sackbots alive and moving around underwater9LittleBigDave2012-03-02 23:14:00
How to tame the wildest beast of LBP2 Logic (aka Signal/Object ownership)6Shadowriver2012-03-02 02:41:00
How to create 3D Rotation15ballisticola2012-03-01 23:30:00
Another way of Waypointing4CloaknBlagger2012-02-22 20:01:00
A better Flame/Torch effect.13LittleBigSnooth2012-02-20 21:15:00
Emitter tutorial3Robmandx2012-02-17 16:11:00
Waypointing13Shadowriver2012-02-15 02:51:00
Completely Useless Glitch11Kaboosh992012-02-10 01:34:00
How to: Make a dash function for sackbots.2Unknown User2012-02-05 11:24:00
Sackbots: Moving Through Platforms4SuddenEnigma2012-02-03 13:06:00
Attract-O-Tweaker made more glowy!14Chaos_Martin2012-01-31 12:39:00
How to make a Sonic the Hedgehog looping32Antikris2012-01-28 20:53:00
Tube/Pipe sucking logic. (Uses Attract-o-tweaker)14Lord-Dreamerz2012-01-26 21:44:00
Step by step to making a movie17Robmandx2012-01-25 23:48:00
Controlinator Trickery14Antikris2012-01-22 14:17:00
LBP2 COSTUMES!.. How to make a basketball costume!5Unknown User2012-01-15 19:35:00
LBP 2 Tech: Missles1Unknown User2012-01-13 01:25:00
Advanced Plane Tech15Unknown User2012-01-09 02:31:00
Endless Breathing Glitch (Fish Glitch)1Giftfrosch2012-01-05 17:14:00
New glitch: Invisible Sackbots with visible costumes!2Blue Helmet2012-01-03 20:34:00
Step by step to making a good level34Robmandx2012-01-02 03:05:00
How to prevent logic from being off1Unknown User2012-01-01 18:50:00
Variable Probability and Adding "Luck" to Your RPG Logic11shane_danger2011-12-14 15:50:00
Motion Sensor!3mutant_red_peas2011-12-10 07:54:00
How to make realistic light saber handles5supertwinbros142011-12-07 04:56:00
Some Tutorials made by me3Lajuro2011-11-20 14:04:00
A multi-story, callable elevator tutorial6OrwellianStuff2011-11-20 09:12:00
Slap Sensor - Walkthrough9Wolffy1232011-11-19 04:01:00
how to make invisible walls/path12jorgedasack2011-11-17 17:34:00
Simple Makeshift Randomizer6Xaif2011-11-07 19:17:00
Health system with feedback loops18Unknown User2011-11-06 20:00:00
Direction Detection A.I in sackbots12RainbowtipsFort2011-11-03 10:19:00
How to make Bubbles! (without bubble machine)2Sackpapoi2011-11-02 18:01:00
How to Make Structures Collapse - Tutorial (Youtube)1Wolffy1232011-11-02 01:47:00
How to make a Homing Missile3xquake2011-10-31 23:42:00
sponge that sticks to walls but can be pulled and dragged8GribbleGrunger2011-10-30 09:42:00
Mechanical Iris Tutorial5Unknown User2011-10-27 02:11:00
Music Sequencer Thermo Reference (MSTR)10zupaton2011-10-21 12:02:00
Creating The Ultimate Scoreboard6tdarb2011-10-19 23:37:00
Save on Thermo/Add infinite detail18GribbleGrunger2011-10-17 18:16:00
Sackbot / Player - Fall damage5samalot2011-10-15 23:22:00
a trick with sillhouette material and outline1Unknown User2011-10-10 22:01:00
"Local Cam" 3rd Person perspective/Top Down rotation7Dortr2011-10-08 03:58:00
How to Make More Realistic Grass23lemurboy122011-10-06 23:24:00
Fixing Wonky Advanced Movers7xero2011-10-05 22:06:00
Sackbot Checkpoints -- My Way4Speedynutty682011-10-03 02:43:00
Racing Detector1hershysnickers52011-09-30 02:04:00
Tutorial on Glitched aeroplanes! (Preview)6Unknown User2011-09-27 19:11:00
Illustrated guide to Movinator Rotate/Twist controls6Balorn2011-09-24 04:52:00
Move Paint Tool: Detailed Paintings11Bremnen2011-09-23 12:01:00
How To Make Huge Checkpoints, Powerups ect(Brain Crane Required)1lve_msg2011-09-22 18:16:00
8-way directional movement from analog stick and d-pad3Ayneh2011-09-22 16:14:00
Custom Animated Characters/Character Boxes3Bremnen2011-09-21 15:32:00
Use Brain-Crane in your levels without Move31Lord-Dreamerz2011-09-20 18:52:00
Sticker Panel Animation (The easiest way)22Butaneflame2011-09-19 22:07:00
Little Big Planet 2 Video Tutorial Requests?16keanine2011-09-19 19:33:00
The Ultimate Move Pack Tutorials...7Bang1262011-09-17 12:18:00
Changing Movinator Cursor!4Bang1262011-09-16 22:39:00
tricks with opaque meterial17dragonights2011-09-14 21:05:00
Paint like a.. semi-pro!3Tellous2011-09-14 14:40:00
Clean voiceover.31OmegaSlayer2011-09-13 09:41:00
How to create fonts if you're non creative like me13tdarb2011-09-12 07:53:00
Speed Sensor -quick speed trap tutorial example4Butaneflame2011-09-11 05:21:00
LBPlanet2Logic - How to Make a Controllable Sackbot (Can Collect Score Bubbles)4Wolffy1232011-09-10 19:39:00
LBPlanet2Logic - How to Make Your Controllable Sackbot Shoot Objects out of its Arms2Wolffy1232011-09-10 19:34:00
LBPlanet2Logic - How to Make Layer Shifting Platforms - (Feat. BrosefJenkins)1Wolffy1232011-09-10 19:31:00
begginers guide to Logic Enginnering P19Unknown User2011-09-10 02:08:00
Importent notice about unicode contols icons and update 1.066Shadowriver2011-09-07 05:04:00
How to build things #1-Telekenisis5cheese77102011-09-07 03:15:00
Figure of eight platform9GribbleGrunger2011-09-06 19:56:00
How to glitch Hamster Tubes3Unknown User2011-09-06 01:02:00
LBProject2Torials12Jauw2011-08-30 09:23:00
Memory Saving Animation10venat2011-08-26 09:07:00
Limit Flickering When Using Animated Holograms and Basic Character Animation Tutorial7nunsmasher2011-08-24 09:47:00
How to make Simple Beatboxing (Music)6Unknown User2011-08-22 14:40:00
Designing a Great Platform Level - A Language Toolkit23Mr_Fusion2011-08-22 09:47:00
How to be a confident Newbie17GribbleGrunger2011-08-19 15:23:00
Special Effects5hershysnickers52011-08-17 02:50:00
Another way to make objects top down.16lve_msg2011-08-14 18:50:00
How to: skins creating9calyst_aayla2011-08-09 20:45:00
My Tutorial Level2Unknown User2011-08-07 23:32:00
Walkthrough Material Tutorial2POOP20022011-08-02 09:44:00
How To make A Wireless Damage Sensor9fighterwindplus2011-08-01 05:43:00
How to add a in game taken picture here on the forum. [EASY]11Sport_dude2011-07-31 05:50:00
Score coding. (Data Transfer and more)3Sport_dude2011-07-30 18:46:00
[Glitch] How to Merge Objects with a Checkpoint8Torkass2011-07-30 14:23:00
[Glitch] How to Create a Beam of Light Without Any Lamp in your Level14Torkass2011-07-28 15:43:00
How to make Sackbot automatic slap sensor10zzmorg822011-07-27 00:15:00
How to fix infinite jump using the wall or any other contact (sackbot) [SIMPLE]8Sport_dude2011-07-26 04:08:00
How To Understand And Create Your Own Logic [PART 2]8DoodVogeltje2011-07-20 17:23:00
How to make a sackbot double jump(Simple way)9zzmorg822011-07-19 21:03:00
How To Understand And Create Your Own Logic [PART 1]14DoodVogeltje2011-07-18 15:34:00
How to make a sackbot roll17zzmorg822011-07-16 20:58:00
How to prevent a selector cycling back on itself.19Bang1262011-07-16 14:07:00
Final Fantasy XI Logic Tuterial (Breadcrum Advanced Follower)3venat2011-07-16 11:14:00
How to make a creatinator destroy anything {neat little trick}7Unknown User2011-07-13 05:34:00
How to make floating magic eyes1Unknown User2011-07-11 21:27:00
How to make an opening/closing door.18Sackpapoi2011-07-10 19:22:00
Detecting changes over analogue signals (detect increase / decrease)12hesido2011-07-10 10:40:00
How to buffer events (and use it with a counter)44Antikris2011-07-08 22:42:00
How To: Control Two or more Things with one Controlinator4Unknown User2011-07-08 22:37:00
Safe 2 Use Midget-Glitch in Create Mode!8GreenGhost282011-07-08 17:39:00
How to make a simple counter16Antikris2011-07-07 23:54:00
How to make your own shirt(video included)8zzmorg822011-07-07 23:09:00
Doc's Workshop - RTS Cursor Molvement20Mr_Fusion2011-07-04 12:40:00
LBP2-Design Team #1: Visual Aspect27Arnald232011-07-01 15:51:00
Disco Avalon! (Glitch + Picture) 100% safe3LBNinja2011-06-30 19:47:00
How to Make a Complex Light Sequencer (without batteries)15sp0ngyraver2011-06-28 09:18:00
Follower-Based Moving Platforms6nk8272011-06-26 02:14:00
3D Sackbot Rotating Glitch14nunsmasher2011-06-24 21:51:00
How to make a multiplayer teleporter6Unknown User2011-06-24 19:16:00
How to be a GOOD SPORT in LBP2!20LBP2_Tutorialist2011-06-24 07:30:00
How to make a level interesting!16Sport_dude2011-06-24 06:13:00
NEW Sackboy Cloning Glitch Info and Tutorial17Unknown User2011-06-23 02:12:00
Bright and colourful Fire Effect!20TheGoldenFlash2011-06-22 15:57:00
Centralized and deferred counting using circular signaling3hesido2011-06-22 01:54:00
How to Create a Password System for Long Games11Shadow Wolf TJC2011-06-21 17:41:00
Level Creation Guide8Unknown User2011-06-19 14:17:00
Old movie [Black&White with flicker]-esque camera2liamdaniels2011-06-18 22:17:00
Decoration Tips and Techniques37Unknown User2011-06-18 21:46:00
Perfect Custom/Double Jump8ScorpSkull2011-06-18 16:47:00
Flame Effect Tutorial6hershysnickers52011-06-17 03:58:00
Mini tutorial: Applying different analogue signals to a single input11hesido2011-06-16 09:25:00
curing spawnpopcancer!4LBNinja2011-06-16 05:20:00
Follower Facts3L1N3R1D3R2011-06-15 19:07:00
Tips to Making a Platformer Level2LBP2_Tutorialist2011-06-12 22:41:00
FOR BEGINNERS: Custom Sackbot Controls3LBP2_Tutorialist2011-06-12 22:04:00
tutorial: movie making!2Unknown User2011-06-12 10:19:00
Pixel Perfect Sticker Capture and Placement (for animation and pixel art)5hesido2011-06-11 15:45:00
Perfect looking Level Badge/Icon Maker7pete007d2011-06-08 02:52:00
Glitch: Sackbots immune to water!5Unknown User2011-06-05 10:53:00
Brand New Broken Power-Up Glitch!3Unknown User2011-06-03 17:14:00
1 use powerups5Sean882011-06-01 21:21:00
How to make stickered holo without the holo texture23Antikris2011-06-01 19:45:00
Very Simple Light Sequence1craigmond2011-05-30 11:43:00
Special Orbs/Secrets & Reward Systems3LBP2_Tutorialist2011-05-29 16:46:00
Priority behaviors of selector and how to make cool AI logic out of it4Shadowriver2011-05-29 13:59:00
There's Something about Bounce Pads3Unknown User2011-05-27 20:33:00
Custom grid movement using selectors [update]16hesido2011-05-27 13:50:00
Nearest Player Controlinators, How Do They Work?7Antikris2011-05-27 09:45:00
Demitting and Molding effect2Unknown User2011-05-24 18:39:00
Using paint without the MGS pack7Unknown User2011-05-22 00:07:00
Toggle Between Controlling Sackbots8Unknown User2011-05-18 22:13:00
Invisable Walkway (No Dark Matter or Hologram required)3Unknown User2011-05-08 00:05:00
How to limit an object's movement to a bounding box, smoothly37Antikris2011-05-06 22:25:00
Sackbots and Destroyers3FlipMeister2011-05-04 19:10:00
Moving Words (Movie Effect)6LBP2_Tutorialist2011-05-04 04:13:00
How to create glitched holograms....35ShadowTyphoon2011-05-04 03:04:00
Bumble Bee Suit7Squidge992011-04-30 23:12:00
Single Digit and Percentage Scoring!19shane_danger2011-04-29 22:12:00
How To Make a Good Level15Unknown User2011-04-29 16:12:00
Rust13Squidge992011-04-29 12:40:00
glitch tutorial: speed paddling and film set glow4nerzdadestroyer2011-04-27 17:37:00
How To: VERY Low Thermo Holo Designs8septamus1122011-04-27 00:04:00
Holographic HUD in depth3the Ion Pulsar2011-04-26 06:56:00
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