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Has LBP.me Always Had Tutorials?3koltonaugust2018-07-08 19:59:00
new quests glitch found?10blueblur982017-08-21 01:22:00
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Age Restrictions2blacksackman2017-06-26 18:47:00
LBP3 players, I need you to please help me out on a LBP3 survey for my master thesis3thestudent2017-05-05 23:50:00
Top List of everything wrong in Little Big Planet 33venat2017-03-27 09:54:00
It's all just... gone.10molynsi2017-02-11 21:04:00
new 'glitch' weather effect found?6blueblur982016-12-03 00:06:00
Endless Survival Vs Timed Minigames6Ostler50002016-09-04 18:16:00
LBP3 new user - My experience7Autz2016-08-10 03:53:00
Legend of Zelda, Sights of Shadows Pre Alpha1venat2016-07-16 09:03:00
Just uploaded two songs to soundcloud3CuriousSack2016-07-15 15:28:00
Creatinators Spawn Unremovable Glitchy Garbage1Blue Helmet2016-07-09 00:50:00
super sad: deleted moon and costumes due to history pack6star the shi tzu2016-06-22 18:50:00
very disappointed with the newest selection of instruments5LuigiM92016-06-19 03:08:00
Favorite Spongebob Level Kit Level?2Zachinator2016-05-07 17:20:00
Is LBP3 Still Alive?10gurren0092016-04-17 14:31:00
Story mode1Jonarrthan2016-04-07 00:02:00
Does anyone else feel annoyed by the long loading times of LBP games?10gurren0092016-04-03 23:17:00
post your littlebigplanet jokes here2blueblur982016-03-22 20:56:00
LBP3 Dive In Montage 34BLAHBLAH10002016-03-18 03:56:00
New pod glitch4burgerstupr2016-02-06 23:50:00
What's the difference between Swoops and Jetpack?13Kirby Phelps (PK)2016-01-22 00:48:00
Yay button25koltonaugust2016-01-15 18:27:00
New Eye and Ear Candy3tabycatmeow2016-01-08 22:53:00
Being charged for God of War set even tho I can still get Kratos costume free?3Silverleon2015-12-28 11:19:00
Can someone explain this2burgerstupr2015-12-28 03:46:00
Adi's complete LBP playthrough needs YOU and your ideas!1TheAdipose2015-12-26 07:39:00
Prerelease images2thaia20132015-12-25 13:26:00
Which Tune?2koltonaugust2015-12-25 06:12:00
LBP3 Glitches - SINGING PROFILES!3mandogy2015-12-03 11:42:00
LittleBigPlanet Christmas Countdown 2015 Recruitment Thread8yugnar2015-12-02 04:57:00
The Sackies 2015 Are Upon Us!8PieLordPictures2015-11-11 16:19:00
LBP3 VS LBP2 Performance2Koenji2015-11-04 07:08:00
LBP store bug7thaia20132015-10-28 04:00:00
LBP 1, 2, and 3 100% game save PS31Noxul2015-10-22 03:15:00
Reviews4craigmond2015-10-09 23:23:00
LittleBigAudio Music recording submission thread1Shadowriver2015-09-19 04:09:00
Creator Curations1Samuasp2015-09-17 22:17:00
Does litte big planet 3 still have loading problems/framrate issues on ps33XxHAMADEHxX2015-09-16 03:45:00
Creation Time-lapse Video2sakusaku2015-09-12 19:31:00
Pssst, Hey! Wanna know a secret?11Schark942015-09-03 19:17:00
Profile Corruption - Big, Small or both?2ShiftyDog2015-08-25 21:35:00
Menus or Overworlds4Ostler50002015-08-22 20:30:00
Just Bought LBP3 - Advice?7Ali_Star2015-08-18 13:29:00
LBP Load Time Test1AL2009man2015-08-10 05:26:00
DLC Timesaver Content3Pookachoo2015-03-06 18:29:00
Unreleased Toggle DLC1flaidan2015-03-05 04:23:00
Mysterious Fog1CuriousSack2015-03-01 10:42:00
Opacity Tweaker1Apple20122015-03-01 04:38:00
I Locked the adventure I'm creating by mistake, and now I can't select it anymore <33cakito1232015-03-01 02:25:00
New Community Trend that could ruin LBP361gurren0092015-02-28 22:22:00
Tranfer Savegames?2elekro2015-02-28 21:21:00
3D levels4gurren0092015-02-20 14:43:00
Thermometer Overheating Too Easy16blacksackman2015-02-19 16:37:00
Broken character glitch fix2KlawwTheClown2015-02-19 02:13:00
Welcome Back! Which new character is more handicapped, Toggle, OddSock, or Swoop?12EleoMod2015-02-18 05:05:00
When will Cross-Controller compatibility be available?1EleoMod2015-02-17 23:17:00
So... When Will I Get My Stuff Back Again?5DOJlN32015-02-17 21:20:00
Does anyone else have leftover Collectibells?6The5rozos2015-02-17 06:01:00
Move Pack Unavailable6Apple20122015-02-15 19:52:00
LBP3 Post 1.05 Bugs27TGPomy2015-02-15 18:51:00
Did you know you can scamper up walls? Ha, ha!9madmarsrocks2015-02-15 18:23:00
The problem with 3D platforming in LBP313minifat2014-12-18 03:25:00
want to dc season pass...but2bigcosmos2014-12-17 21:48:00
Autofilter ... What does it do?2GribbleGrunger2014-12-17 14:00:00
Story Quests Messed Up1flaidan2014-12-17 04:07:00
Top Down Experience?1KingerBrocku2014-12-17 03:37:00
Can't import LBP 2 profiles into LBP 3 on PS31MalcolmHB2014-12-17 00:45:00
No Love For Swoop.9GribbleGrunger2014-12-16 19:33:00
Trophies transfer2ShiftyDog2014-12-16 10:05:00
Dephysicalizing woes5JKthree2014-12-16 08:18:00
Can't place stickers6Normo2014-12-16 06:25:00
Broken Trophy Popit Academy Term 14darkknight20102014-12-16 03:06:00
Follower/Stabalizer (why?)6GribbleGrunger2014-12-16 02:31:00
Secret Background5CamostarAtIsabella2014-12-16 00:26:00
Transferring Data Idea???3Unknown User2014-12-15 19:59:00
DLC Issues2Dantaru2014-12-15 00:06:00
Littlebigplanet 3 vs Littlebigplanet 218gurren0092014-12-14 21:54:00
DLC from the online UK store5zoratG2014-12-14 21:07:00
Link some mini games so I can que4comoutsid3222014-12-14 12:01:00
Share Play2Sehven2014-12-14 07:44:00
LBP3 US to EU region transfer4roops672014-12-13 23:39:00
Removed Pins? and other related3Darkavenger_132014-12-13 18:35:00
Lbp.me filter results with tags?3airide1012014-12-13 18:24:00
Special Edition DLC not counted8Apple20122014-12-13 17:47:00
Create Mode Cursor Glitch6Xaif2014-12-13 16:13:00
Is the Rabbids Invasion DLC actual LBP3 DLC or misplaced DLC?7Hana_Kami2014-12-13 13:43:00
Certain DLCs Are Not Put Onto Accounts Properly6DOJlN32014-12-13 06:37:00
Has anyone managed to finish the Muppet DLC?11Metalzoic2014-12-12 20:31:00
Online Problems4Quagmire4german42014-12-12 13:42:00
Cant get more clever:,(8Darkavenger_132014-12-12 08:51:00
Can you disable sack pocket?4blacksackman2014-12-12 08:31:00
PS3 or PS4?4aceofthorns2014-12-12 04:55:00
LittleBigPlanet 3's licensed music selection is rad.12Nickey2112014-12-12 04:12:00
I'm Not Playing Anyones Level Until Saves Can Be Disabled.17GribbleGrunger2014-12-11 19:18:00
Where is the playstation move DLC?5Mighty Mac2014-12-11 18:19:00
Metal Gear Solid Premium Pack Issues [LBP3 PS4]2KingQuicksilver2014-12-11 09:39:00
Glitches and bugs galore!9Frogmeister2014-12-10 22:02:00
Locked Adventure map...1Takelow2014-12-10 13:08:00
Most Underused Theme?18blacksackman2014-12-10 07:52:00
Used LBP online playable?10iSanny2014-12-10 05:21:00
Is my LBP3 premium guide or game wrong?5bigcosmos2014-12-10 03:28:00
It's Dead, Jim16poorjack2014-12-09 21:10:00
Any idea when the dlc will be available and working?4dirts79702014-12-09 18:55:00
DLC Purchased on Vita... Transfer to Ps4?3Nick9309302014-12-09 15:57:00
Still Missing DLC?2Nick9309302014-12-09 15:54:00
My level is getting hearts and I know for a fact people are playing it but....4charlie710912014-12-09 07:40:00
I getting LBP3 for PS4...9TranscendantAether2014-12-09 01:38:00
Will I be able to download my LBP Karting Beta Vest in LBP3 (PS4)?3Tman5962014-12-09 00:19:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Physics14DannieSam2014-12-08 23:24:00
Sesame Street Easter Egg2CamostarAtIsabella2014-12-08 22:53:00
Video/Level - Secret Official LBP3 Items13blastroid2014-12-08 22:45:00
LBP3 Sack-a-thon! Guinness World Record Attempt at PS Experience1ramkibainu2014-12-08 22:01:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 WhatsApp Group! :D3cakito1232014-12-08 16:00:00
The Flashlight and the create any hand held gadget...4dirts79702014-12-08 08:12:00
Insert custom pictures into my levels...1dirts79702014-12-08 08:07:00
Severe Framerate Drop5Nick9309302014-12-08 05:44:00
New Problem since patch !13darkknight20102014-12-08 01:13:00
Playstation Experience Community Event?2JKthree2014-12-07 21:04:00
Sumo digital will they abandon us? :(6rave2014e2014-12-07 20:51:00
Video/Level - Star Wars VII Trailer Remake8blastroid2014-12-07 18:57:00
Community Question!2blacksackman2014-12-07 12:36:00
A really weird unused song from LittleBigPlanet 34Nickey2112014-12-07 10:01:00
Haven't been able to join a single game since the game launched.5Generik7772014-12-07 01:20:00
Little Big Planet 3 Comedy Sketch #21raptor426942014-12-07 00:14:00
Freeze when i start the game1The-RraptorR2014-12-06 13:08:00
About the dynamic thermo (Updated)6smasher2014-12-06 12:30:00
I'm not feeling this game...50dyna2014-12-06 11:14:00
Does anyone feel like, not compelled to create anything?17rushinplay2014-12-06 03:48:00
Hinge tool?3Apple20122014-12-06 02:53:00
Dynamic Thermometer Not Good for Adventure/RPG games?38Rpg Maker2014-12-06 00:01:00
Livestream Tomorrow + Run Sackboy! Run! Shirt Giveaway1Teatrees2014-12-05 23:31:00
trouble loading levels after patch1jadenepia2014-12-05 12:43:00
Missing Power Ups in Create4Wolf_AssasSin_X2014-12-05 12:17:00
Swoop Phoenix costume help5SackXavier2014-12-05 09:19:00
A suggestion for Dynamic Thermo users2ILoveI6v6I2014-12-05 08:09:00
UV tool on Dust Effect3Razortehkill2014-12-05 05:12:00
Do I need to use the 'Unlock' feature if my LBP1/2 profile is already imported? (PS3)2The5rozos2014-12-04 20:23:00
Quick Questions!7TenebrisNemo2014-12-04 18:27:00
Anyone else having level saving issues [PS3]?3MomoFerret2014-12-04 16:49:00
Patch 1.3 installed, still missing almost all my sound objects?29AcAnimate2014-12-04 13:08:00
[PS4] No Pod Background4KlenCrio2014-12-04 07:42:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Deal for $20 Off? Now?? Shady I'd Say...12DOJlN32014-12-04 05:48:00
Little Big Planet Childhood Ruined13Teatrees2014-12-04 01:13:00
Bug: Small movements are not detected by controlinator w/Tags4blastroid2014-12-04 01:07:00
Where are the tutorials?7minecrafter04822014-12-04 00:35:00
Theck, Thack, etc. are broken8Blue Helmet2014-12-03 21:26:00
Starting LBP3 tools/objects are missing (PS3)3Bladex612014-12-03 18:59:00
Spacesuit got taken down too soon...8ShiftyDog2014-12-03 12:07:00
Sackbot affect on Thermal11Verbal832014-12-02 23:50:00
What LBP3 did right...50Rogar2014-12-02 21:33:00
LBP3 Stickers and Decorations1Lady_Luck__7772014-12-02 19:40:00
LBP3 Collected Objects1Lady_Luck__7772014-12-02 19:39:00
LBP3 Materials and where to find them3Lady_Luck__7772014-12-02 19:11:00
Dynamic thermo is not working2Willman42014-12-02 18:06:00
LBP1 content didn't transfer1Iwan_Jones_102014-12-02 17:02:00
Another fantastic glitch, courtesy of our friends at Sumo Digital6fantaman40002014-12-02 16:47:00
Share Play6Pixelatic2014-12-03 09:35:00
Touchpad Support3Pixelatic2014-12-02 11:24:00
Community Lists?9blacksackman2014-12-02 10:44:00
I really wish..26Menelaus2014-12-02 09:29:00
I can't play with other players3rushinplay2014-12-02 04:43:00
Princess costume3Tricky2014-12-02 01:24:00
This Game is a Disappointment42hoosierdaddie2014-12-02 00:56:00
LBP3 Comedy Sketchup!1raptor426942014-12-01 23:09:00
Uninstall LBP 3 without delete my saves !3The-RraptorR2014-12-01 19:03:00
Remove transferred items from lbp34Eyeball_272014-12-01 18:49:00
DLC problems2Eyeball_272014-12-01 17:10:00
Game.co.uk pre order1Eyeball_272014-12-01 17:07:00
Unusable content found in levels?9muffin19942014-12-01 15:00:00
Not sure how to start?7Menelaus2014-12-01 13:13:00
Object Animation Tweaker - Some Confusion1Devious_Oatmeal2014-12-01 10:44:00
is it possible to add more than 5 sack pocket items?4ToborTheRobot2014-12-01 08:27:00
Lbp2 levels2carringtonandrew2014-12-01 06:23:00
Adventure map missing decorations?13Lord-Dreamerz2014-12-01 03:45:00
About Adventure Maps5chronos4532014-12-01 03:23:00
Major issue purchasing DLC5DJLols2014-12-01 02:36:00
An User Failed to Load Your Profile Error1flaidan2014-12-01 02:30:00
Found a creepy glitch today...1MactheDiabetic2014-12-01 02:24:00
Need Help Finding Material from Poppit Puzzle Levels5rambo34162014-11-30 23:57:00
Looking for online players2Hero_of_Sages2014-11-30 22:41:00
An upgrade: Resetting ALL save data & progress?2ChrisUbi2014-11-30 21:41:00
how do i backup LBP3 profile to ps+?9ropi72014-11-30 19:52:00
Blaster Handle Problems7L1N3R1D3R2014-11-30 18:14:00
Has the PS Store been fixed yet?4chronos4532014-11-30 18:11:00
Constantly freezing in create mode PS46raptor426942014-11-30 18:11:00
Platinum Trophy is Impossible12Jonzuk2014-11-30 18:18:00
Nothing new in Music Sequencers?2TenebrisNemo2014-11-30 12:45:00
LBP3 Mats and where to find them!9poorjack2014-11-30 11:14:00
Question about transfering profiles lbp1/26xDukii2014-11-30 07:35:00
My level is being spammed... lol2cart_man9682014-11-30 03:08:00
Spaceman Suit16blacksackman2014-11-29 18:51:00
Can't place stickers in create mode. [PS3]12CamostarAtIsabella2014-11-29 14:42:00
I am a bit concerned...8badkitten8102014-11-29 12:08:00
Thinking of buying.. Questions3Menelaus2014-11-29 11:02:00
I've just published a trailer!2Dobbed2014-11-29 07:43:00
Turn off toggle's size ability and give him a sack pocket8TEENWULF2014-11-29 11:03:00
LBP3 Music Sequencer1raptor426942014-11-29 00:34:00
PS3 Playability after 1.2?5MrLongJohn2014-11-28 22:46:00
can we have a free DLC as compensation?24ramkibainu2014-11-28 22:00:00
PS4 or PS3?11Five-Ate-Five2014-11-28 20:46:00
I just did the best thing in LBP3.5Woutery2014-11-28 16:10:00
Best playable character7Apple20122014-11-28 15:54:00
Who likes bacon?!1raptor426942014-11-28 15:35:00
New YouTube Channel1raptor426942014-11-28 15:00:00
Is it true?5AlexStarkie2014-11-28 05:46:00
How does the quest stuff work?3cart_man9682014-11-28 02:42:00
Some kind of material5chronos4532014-11-28 01:36:00
How do I filter out LBP 1 & 2 levels OUT!!!!!5rave2014e2014-11-28 01:05:00
Why Have Permanency And Preloader?12GribbleGrunger2014-11-27 19:14:00
Important Question9blacksackman2014-11-27 08:52:00
Most Overused New Feature?16spiffyspleen2014-11-27 02:35:00
How to find good Community levels?4minifat2014-11-26 22:14:00
Will there be a demo?101111dav92014-11-26 21:24:00
Is this game worth buying at the moment?10Normo2014-11-26 20:25:00
LBP3 Dance Party | This is what I want to do in LBP3:1XX_sonicfan_XX2014-11-26 19:05:00
Launch Shirt3ItzDennisz2014-11-26 16:05:00
Looking for Create Mode Buddies!2Radishwins2014-11-26 00:10:00
How to use stickers7Wickedrob2014-11-25 18:33:00
DLC on Multiple Accounts4Grat2014-11-25 18:30:00
Is there a LBP 3 materials list anywhere?12Biv2014-11-25 14:34:00
The question that everyone on earth needs to know the answer to is..4MrDonoB2014-11-25 08:14:00
The importing glitch1FattyMcintosh2014-11-25 06:43:00
Need LBP3 friends2Pikot2014-11-25 02:46:00
Legendary Minecraft youtubers playing LBP3 = hilarity2Monster2014-11-25 00:05:00
A Few Q's: Changes from LBP 22MrLongJohn2014-11-24 20:55:00
Terrible Bug with Progress Boards3L1N3R1D3R2014-11-24 17:23:00
LittleBigPlanet 3: Announcing Community Challenges and the Sack-a-thon!5Lbphart32014-11-24 15:48:00
Costume question!4TranscendantAether2014-11-24 09:00:00
Show your adventure maps!2bonner1232014-11-24 01:39:00
Infinite Loading Screen (Very annoying)4f3am42014-11-24 01:06:00
Two large problems/oversights when playing with Guests.6mako942014-11-24 00:25:00
So I bought the LBP 3 Shirt Pack1cart_man9682014-11-23 22:00:00
PS4 LBP3 questions, plaese help me.3TranscendantAether2014-11-24 05:40:00
Joining random games?4Hero_of_Sages2014-11-23 21:31:00
Help DLC Problem3Crazy7002014-11-23 21:20:00
3 Deadly Bugs3Jonzuk2014-11-23 19:30:00
Infinite sensor range?4AcAnimate2014-11-23 17:06:00
Youtubers who feature levels?3Azmodan452014-11-23 13:38:00
Look what I found..4Teatrees2014-11-23 06:34:00
What's with the community levels loading too long?4swoop222014-11-22 23:00:00
A Quick Few Questions About LBP3 PS3 And PS43Thug_Life_EQ2014-11-22 19:01:00
Anyone interested in doing the Challenge Room: Race To The Stars x4 area?8silencer7752014-11-22 17:47:00
[Request] IDEA for LittleBigPlanet 31Boy2014-11-22 17:32:00
How do I get the objects from LBP2 that's on PS3 to LBP3 on the PS4?4nfsinternational2014-11-22 14:18:00
"A player failed to load your profile" ?4Princess2014-11-22 13:59:00
Missing Gameplay Objects.2CamostarAtIsabella2014-11-22 13:40:00
Does anybody know if there will be a buy all collectibles from story kind of thing?10Halfire2014-11-22 13:14:00
Did I miss the space suit dlc?2Lt_Twinklez2014-11-22 12:34:00
DLC Prices bubbles6vegetaalex662014-11-22 09:43:00
Can't save planet settings, and pod backgrounds have disappeared.9MomoFerret2014-11-22 05:09:00
Oh my StevenI I just did a Twirly Bird (literally)2ChrisUbi2014-11-22 04:42:00
How do you disable comments on the new lbp.me?2AnonymousGlasses2014-11-21 23:59:00
Toggle Costume Glitch.2TheSonic411252014-11-21 23:26:00
Can't find the song from E3 gameplay and intro level4the_pavs2014-11-21 23:09:00
Importing levels from the Beta?1Monster2014-11-21 22:35:00
Loud Noises when playing3fly_4_a_jedi2014-11-21 21:59:00
His can1SirGreenDay2014-11-21 21:32:00
Is the sticker glitch a known problem?2HellFire23452014-11-21 21:14:00
What are these 3 new "things" in the news section?2SirGreenDay2014-11-21 21:04:00
Statistics Counters1blacksackman2014-11-21 18:24:00
Best LBP1/LBP2 to LBP3 PS3 Import Procedure?3DistantWords2014-11-21 18:19:00
Platinum Trophy is Mine.2lve_msg2014-11-21 17:49:00
Questions for PS3 and PS4 differences.8f3am42014-11-21 16:40:00
Sumo Digital needs to step up about our inaccessible DLC.3SirGreenDay2014-11-21 12:06:00
Pre-order questions (European Player)6dddcm2014-11-21 10:40:00
So does anyone know where is the week one LBP3 rare t-shirt?15yugnar2014-11-21 04:33:00
No longer able to grab stickers from levels1Beccadex2014-11-21 01:23:00
Looking for people for Manglewood x4 Challenge!10Darkrider92014-11-20 22:48:00
Subscribe And Watch This Guy3GribbleGrunger2014-11-20 21:44:00
Nick Picks!1Nick9309302014-11-20 18:35:00
Anyone want to tackle the x2 areas in lbp3 on ps4?10silencer7752014-11-20 18:31:00
2 locked levels. How do I unlock them?2SirGreenDay2014-11-20 17:37:00
Bug / Glitched Image8pj152014-11-20 15:18:00
Awesome LBP3 Moments (so far...)3mr Radical 56012014-11-20 15:07:00
Non-bug issues with the Special Multiplayer levels. (and more)1JKthree2014-11-20 14:17:00
Lbp2 Level update2Snoki692014-11-20 11:51:00
Missing Music in the PS4 version.1poorjack2014-11-20 08:09:00
Fewer Sound Effects in the Sound Object6DaSackBoy2014-11-20 07:02:00
Things I have found missing from LBPV to LBP310fly_4_a_jedi2014-11-20 06:25:00
If I were you, I would backup your profile. Heres how.13DreJ12122014-11-20 03:01:00
Does anyone else dislike the new community level menus?3Alfrottos2014-11-20 02:48:00
My Opinions, and bugs encountered.4Archon4532014-11-20 01:33:00
Where is the LBP3 Rare Launch Shirt!?3cart_man9682014-11-20 01:33:00
Broken parts of created levels4Beccadex2014-11-20 00:44:00
DLC Solution for PS4 people While We Wait10pj152014-11-20 00:33:00
The Object Saver is a Life Saver22Rpg Maker2014-11-19 23:56:00
Can I buy the rare 1 week tshirt without lbp3?7Ksklklslk2014-11-19 23:33:00
Possible explanation for LBP2 items not carrying over?6DJLols2014-11-19 23:28:00
Pins3blacksackman2014-11-19 20:44:00
Having to re buy dlc i all ready own :/4Lbphart32014-11-19 17:52:00
Playing LBP2 levels in LBP3...19fullofwin2014-11-19 15:30:00
"No Content Found" when trying to play previous DLC8SirGreenDay2014-11-19 15:16:00
Freezes when I try to make a character.3Reef19782014-11-19 14:57:00
It's really too bad about all the glitches...the game is great17Biv2014-11-19 14:12:00
Amazon Preorder Conundrum1amiel4455662014-11-19 07:12:00
Randomly lose all pop-it items?6Bladex612014-11-19 02:07:00
Notes?10koltonaugust2014-11-19 01:32:00
goodbye lbp2, hello lbp3!2Apollo_6782014-11-19 00:23:00
Dive-in and Issues joining players.3Kur02014-11-18 23:51:00
Sticker Painting with Analog Sticks.1MomoFerret2014-11-18 23:34:00
No LBP3 preorder for PS3 on UK store?9James-p2014-11-18 20:37:00
Pop-it freezes...3Nedritarian2014-11-18 18:39:00
Can't sticker Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop?4Bladex612014-11-18 18:32:00
Frame Rate Drops/lag1Rpg Maker2014-11-18 18:31:00
Open letter to Sumo: please reconsider your decision on cross play...10Flyojumper2014-11-18 18:23:00
Any changes to the music sequencer?8Biv2014-11-18 16:24:00
PS Plus Required for PS4.1MomoFerret2014-11-18 15:50:00
Did the Invisible Material transfer?13Biv2014-11-18 14:31:00
How to transfer your stuff from lbp2 to lbp39Beccadex2014-11-18 09:48:00
Where did all the music go?3SirGreenDay2014-11-18 07:45:00
So how is LBP3?13The11thWheatley2014-11-18 07:32:00
lbp 3 stuck at installing moon and community1HellYeah19822014-11-18 06:54:00
LBP3 is out now in North America!2Jocko 992014-11-18 06:01:00
PS3 Digital copy freezes when importing LBP2 profile9Bladex612014-11-18 05:20:00
(Update: GT video review - counter) IGN/Gamespot video review36catsand2014-11-18 05:16:00
The grind is real guys.10Lt_Twinklez2014-11-18 02:43:00
WOW The game seems to be pretty short. Only 3 WORLDS! (mild Spoilers)9Mandaju822014-11-18 02:01:00
We already got LBP3 Levels in the community!51111dav92014-11-18 01:52:00
Playable time for digital preorder7minecrafter04822014-11-18 00:22:00
Any LBP3 reviews surfaced yet....3James-p2014-11-17 17:22:00
Update before release?2minecrafter04822014-11-17 12:12:00
About the psn pre order shirts,5N_Domixis2014-11-17 03:21:00
What does the rare t-shirt look like?20flaidan2014-11-17 01:11:00
DEVS: Is There An Upgrade Program For LBP3?3GribbleGrunger2014-11-16 23:42:00
For those who are old school4amiel4455662014-11-16 23:09:00
A Question about DLC9alieninators2014-11-16 22:00:00
What's so special about the Pumpinator?5The11thWheatley2014-11-16 16:51:00
How will backwards compatability work?2themaxus2014-11-16 15:34:00
Lbp3 Pre-Load4mr_D222014-11-16 15:00:00
[VID] LittleBigPlanet 3 BETA - Glitches (and other stuff)1CodemanPSX2014-11-14 10:05:00
can you make 3D objects from scratch?6Jacob467192014-11-14 06:10:00
LBP3 PS4 old DLC transfer17minifat2014-11-13 22:58:00
So apparently I will be able to keep all my objects if I publish a level with them in4Jacob467192014-11-12 20:36:00
Pre-Order Disc or Digital?5ShiftyDog2014-11-12 09:53:00
LittleBigPlanet?3 will be released in the US in less than a week.21EleoMod2014-11-10 22:45:00
Question About Adventure Mode4GribbleGrunger2014-11-10 11:13:00
LBP 3 Trophy List.16Rabid-Coot2014-11-10 08:10:00
LBP3 Countdown9Tom-Builder2014-11-06 22:18:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Demo4LuckyMax52014-11-05 22:14:00
Can we "force" open multi-player or match-make?4RonPierce2014-11-04 05:23:00
LittleBigPlanet 3: Top 5 Reasons To Be Excited16MrZebraGamer2014-11-04 02:45:00
Any news whether Smooth McGroove remix will be in the final game?7THE-73est2014-11-04 00:46:00
Wasn't allowed to Pre-order6dyna2014-11-03 18:03:00
Nodes Now Have Resets3GribbleGrunger2014-11-03 09:19:00
What annoying bug do you wish will not exist in LBP3?6f3am42014-11-03 03:49:00
The Mysterious Case Of The Extra Layer24GribbleGrunger2014-11-03 00:25:00
Collector's Edition5liamhaaa2014-11-02 16:50:00
All flat platforms in top-down to 3D3kevinunknown5132014-11-02 03:44:00
Last Beta Community Levels17CodemanPSX2014-11-01 22:04:00
Top Down View Janky4GribbleGrunger2014-10-31 09:29:00
Pod Music2GribbleGrunger2014-10-30 14:04:00
Group Publishing5RockSauron2014-10-29 23:26:00
Any words on a digital edition?6Rovelius2014-10-29 21:53:00
BETA to LBP3 question9dyna2014-10-28 22:29:00
Fading decorations?3Willman42014-10-28 21:17:00
Unable to open beta?2raptor426942014-10-28 20:43:00
Does ALL pre-order DLC get released eventually?4The5rozos2014-10-28 04:37:00
DLC Content Found For LBP3 On My PS45GribbleGrunger2014-10-27 01:46:00
What can you do with the Adventure Crater?5EleoMod2014-10-26 23:18:00
OMG! Swoop? SWOOP?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! [Swoop + Popit powerup... swoop broke]9AcAnimate2014-10-26 23:00:00
Ordering from Amazon2RockSauron2014-10-26 22:41:00
Power ups tutorial. [Request]2reecehodgson2014-10-26 22:11:00
Custom Animations?3reecehodgson2014-10-26 20:50:00
Glitched materials In The PS4 Version Of LBP35GribbleGrunger2014-10-26 19:07:00
Give me pictures of all of the tools and items in LittleBigPlanet 3's tools bag2EleoMod2014-10-26 18:59:00
A LBP Christmas Countdown Recruitment Thread31yugnar2014-10-26 18:12:00
Cloud Saves???6reecehodgson2014-10-26 15:08:00
More lbp3 content?1Sean882014-10-26 14:44:00
Is it be possible to come to the end of an infinite level? (P.S. I'm not in the beta)13Jacob467192014-10-25 23:39:00
Published Levels Limit14Puntolory2014-10-25 14:14:00
What are the requirements for the beta?9alexgonzalez4092014-10-25 13:48:00
Decorations Are Just Pale/White10GribbleGrunger2014-10-25 11:38:00
Where Do You Get These From?4GribbleGrunger2014-10-25 10:55:00
Rail Hooking on wrong Rails9Bonnell72014-10-25 03:15:00
RIP Theck & Thack7ShiftyDog2014-10-25 00:29:00
LBP3 to a Logician39Bonnell72014-10-24 05:22:00
LittleBIGplanet 3 DOES have a thermometer on both PS3 and PS4! ...But.7AcAnimate2014-10-23 22:10:00
Can you choose who can see something?14Lt_Twinklez2014-10-23 18:36:00
Making music in LBP 3?8TenebrisNemo2014-10-23 14:21:00
Community Levels.4ryder2492014-10-23 04:31:00
1GB Level Backup Per Level! (PS4)5SEWO972014-10-23 01:29:00
Will the pins function properly?3FattyMcintosh2014-10-22 23:10:00
Missing Decorations And Objects In Create8GribbleGrunger2014-10-22 19:52:00
Memorizer?6GGMerlin2014-10-22 13:44:00
Don't Leave It To The Community To Show What LBP3 Can Do.16GribbleGrunger2014-10-22 01:01:00
Will the Ps4 DLC be broke?5FattyMcintosh2014-10-21 20:47:00
Is LBP3 Much More Awkward Or Is It Just Me?15GribbleGrunger2014-10-21 02:26:00
Has anyone been able to import the invisible material?8Biv2014-10-21 01:15:00
Missing stuff?3fullofwin2014-10-20 16:59:00
Show us your Sackboy! (LBP3 Edition!)9DominationMags2014-10-20 16:39:00
New 'Filter Chip' Found18GribbleGrunger2014-10-20 04:16:00
24 Days Till LBP3 Comes Out!3CamostarAtIsabella2014-10-20 00:46:00
Hype or no hype?!10Apollo_6782014-10-19 15:59:00
Would you like to increase the multiplayer cap in LittleBigPlanet?3?24hamorgan2014-10-19 12:19:00
LBP 3 Beta: What would you do?11FattyMcintosh2014-10-19 07:00:00
Some things I'd like to talk about, regarding LBP3 Beta launch. Steven Isbell6silencer7752014-10-18 07:44:00
My complaints...9TranscendantAether2014-10-18 07:16:00
Beta Item question.2TranscendantAether2014-10-18 05:56:00
Important question.6TranscendantAether2014-10-18 04:57:00
cross but news2nickram2014-10-17 21:04:00
Experienced beta user, please explain how to use the new stuff.4Biv2014-10-17 15:14:00
Beta bug3mr_D222014-10-17 11:59:00
So what's actually possible?16Cheatster9000x2014-10-16 21:10:00
Has the trophy list been revealed yet?7RabidJellyfish2014-10-16 17:54:00
LBP3 Beta Glitch8ryder2492014-10-16 02:04:00
How does the LBP3 beta determine which levels you can bring over from LBP2?5Biv2014-10-16 01:43:00
How to import LBP2 Data to PS4 beta? Beta testorz plox help14Seant12282014-10-15 22:49:00
I found glitches how do I report them?34TranscendantAether2014-10-15 22:43:00
Can someone give another guy a code?6dominatordompier2014-10-15 20:54:00
Any LBP3 beta tester or forum mod, Please Help me report a profile bug3Flyojumper2014-10-15 20:39:00
Cross Compability5RockSauron2014-10-15 19:52:00
4 Players ?14samalot2014-10-15 17:51:00
Nda has been lifted :d2I_AM_L_FORCE2014-10-15 17:21:00
OK now I feel like crying12The_glitcher17052014-10-15 16:58:00
NDA Lifted. Post anything "New" here. Impressions as well.53Biv2014-10-15 16:35:00
How Will You Be Picked For The LBP 3 Beta ?8YoungBoy19592014-10-14 20:33:00
New Littlebigplanet 3 footage IGN2The_glitcher17052014-10-14 16:25:00
Depression... why steven why.29The_glitcher17052014-10-14 16:20:00
DLC, Multiple PSN Accounts, and PS413Ryuhza2014-10-13 23:35:00
Lbp hub3Syndrome2014-10-13 02:09:00
Sackboy WALL-WALKING (Z-AXIS) sighted!5Mandaju822014-10-11 18:38:00
What are the benefits for LBP3 of PS4?40TranscendantAether2014-10-09 04:16:00
Littlebigplanet 3 to have a form of tobacco?41111dav92014-10-07 22:18:00
So Top Down Games19RockSauron2014-10-07 20:27:00
Will There Be An Open Beta For LBP 3?3YoungBoy19592014-10-04 01:17:00
Anything you are worried about LBP37badkitten8102014-09-28 18:51:00
Power Up Custom Curiosity!8TheFourKings2014-09-26 23:49:00
Toggle fan art4JellyBellyScout2014-09-24 03:36:00
Questionable Pictures For A Look.1CamostarAtIsabella2014-09-23 22:32:00
leaked photos2XX_sonicfan_XX2014-09-23 00:14:00
What will replace Cool Pages?13blacksackman2014-09-22 13:38:00
Fan Made LittlBigPlanet 3 Trailer1ryder2492014-09-22 04:18:00
more layers more love7cuddelbunny2014-09-21 22:10:00
Canadian Retailer Pre-Order Bonuses for LBP3 (Canada)1KAPBAM2014-09-21 19:37:00
Do the developers actually read LBPC and other forums for ideas?31TimeLordBlue2014-09-21 02:23:00
What Projects Will You Guys Create With All The New Features?26rambo34162014-09-20 22:21:00
lbp3 none dlc content transfer to ps427cuddelbunny2014-09-20 03:15:00
What are you most excited about for LBP3?14mr_krispy_kreme2014-09-19 09:51:00
PS3 or PS4?7RockSauron2014-09-18 20:59:00
lbp3 nda releast date theory10cuddelbunny2014-09-17 19:23:00
What will you guys first do when you get LBP 3?44himan123456782014-09-16 11:29:00
LBP3 on ps4 regarding DLC question3silencer7752014-09-15 13:55:00
LBP3 and GTA V November 185rave2014e2014-09-14 23:11:00
[Video] LBP3 Beta15DyfanH2014-09-14 23:04:00
scerd2cuddelbunny2014-09-14 20:59:00
Question about "UI" making in LBP35RonPierce2014-09-13 19:05:00
Lbp3 Info12XX_sonicfan_XX2014-09-12 22:04:00
LBP.me - What improvements need to be made?7mr_krispy_kreme2014-09-10 08:30:00
Run Sackboy! Run! What do you hope to see?16mr_krispy_kreme2014-09-05 08:14:00
Hey guys! I made a tumblr blog!2JacksCo2014-09-04 21:58:00
Does anyone know how profiles transfer between lbp2 ps3, and lbp3 ps4?26trianglepigsquar_2014-09-03 15:52:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Wishes Thread21YoungBoy19592014-09-02 02:42:00
Will there be a X Y and Z axis?3rave2014e2014-09-01 19:39:00
I heard LBP 3 could play previous gamesv level, but can PS4 and PS3 play together?15himan123456782014-09-01 18:01:00
LBP3's Theme?6sackchief2014-09-01 03:45:00
Hope you guys love LBP Beta!2himan123456782014-09-01 00:30:00
Lbp 3 story mode character!7CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-31 14:05:00
vita control of lbp3?6nickram2014-08-31 12:20:00
Beta6HellYeah19822014-08-31 04:45:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Facebook Page for Community Levels Showcase4TheJamster19922014-08-31 00:13:00
Did i just find LEAKED video on the LBP 3 Beta?7cart_man9682014-08-30 15:23:00
Swoop photoshop paint8JellyBellyScout2014-08-30 05:26:00
Alternative ways to obtain first week item?12sonsilv2222014-08-29 21:32:00
LBP3 Merchandise Wishlist!7mr_krispy_kreme2014-08-29 07:21:00
create lbp trailers at fanexpo canada4JonL212014-08-27 02:21:00
Beta Bug Blaster9ryder2492014-08-25 17:40:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Fan-art.1TheBlueSackboy2014-08-25 17:24:00
LBP3 Beta gone LIVE! (which Im sadly not in :( )2minecrafter04822014-08-24 03:48:00
I cant wait to get lbp3!!!25Unknown User2014-08-23 23:12:00
Questions Regarding DLC....12Godzilla2014-08-22 23:16:00
LBP 3 Beta: Do you think there will be a public beta?36omarguy2014-08-21 23:05:00
Infinite Lvls Conformed!9CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-20 15:58:00
LBP on PS415raptor426942014-08-20 12:04:00
Extra Layers in LBP310ShiftyDog2014-08-19 02:22:00
We can run in circles now!!!12rave2014e2014-08-18 22:40:00
Pre ordering more than one copy9RenoTonakai2014-08-18 08:25:00
LBP3/PS4 Bundle?9TheMorta2014-08-17 19:07:00
Question6Sharfik19952014-08-16 12:24:00
LBP3 BETA gone live?62raptor426942014-08-15 23:18:00
LOOK!! Create Mode Demonstration.4rave2014e2014-08-15 22:43:00
Music in LBP34alieninators2014-08-15 18:22:00
LBP3 PS3 and PS4 cross play? Cross levels?9airide1012014-08-15 16:44:00
list of create tools5ZNBJ2014-08-15 04:06:00
Gamescom Presentation Analysis27KlawwTheClown2014-08-15 00:23:00
Some questions regarding LBP3...3alieninators2014-08-14 17:27:00
The Pod31minecrafter04822014-08-14 06:20:00
How will the level mattress work?10Jacob467192014-08-13 04:17:00
LBP3 Music List1Jovuto2014-08-12 21:22:00
Thermo Spotted?11TheSonic411252014-08-12 21:04:00
LBP3 and Shareplay20ForgottenEnigma2014-08-12 19:49:00
New Trailer! :D11theIronHorse2014-08-12 19:44:00
I So Can't Wait For This!!! LOL3Thug_Life_EQ2014-08-11 22:50:00
Toggle and DLC4dyna2014-08-11 22:49:00
Why Glitchers Are Important6Ultimatben2014-08-11 17:24:00
Why Glitchers Are an Important Part of LBP26Ultimatben2014-08-11 16:48:00
Is 16 layers enough?15raptor426942014-08-11 13:01:00
LBP1 and LBP2 stuff transferring to PS410ropi72014-08-11 09:47:00
Are we going to be able to play LBPK on LBP3?13rave2014e2014-08-11 01:23:00
Little Big Planet 3 less impressive.12raptor426942014-08-10 14:10:00
Little Big Planet 3 Updates?4raptor426942014-08-10 13:59:00
Lbp3 private beta?4woltronx2014-08-10 05:36:00
LBP3 BETA Needs GLITCHERS, Steveni's friends wont do!132Ultimatben2014-08-09 02:49:00
how the create modes gonna be like8woltronx2014-08-08 21:38:00
Some lbp3 fanart!8JellyBellyScout2014-08-07 20:03:00
What Platform Should I Pre-Order First?17Tikaki-MooMoo2014-08-07 17:44:00
LBP3 facebook group is now up!1fly8fly12014-08-07 17:33:00
A question about the PS4 version thats scaring me11Seant12282014-08-05 23:42:00
The Release6blacksackman2014-08-05 20:44:00
LBP3 Beta5Scotty2014-08-04 16:57:00
Level Stitching/No More Thermometer!!!53rambo34162014-08-04 13:41:00
Favorite LBP3 character?8Bladex612014-08-02 19:36:00
Beta...9KingstonSupreme2014-08-02 14:11:00
Are Sackbots returning?10purpledragon2092014-08-01 01:28:00
Where are you going to Pre-Order from?33Smuffy042014-07-31 22:49:00
Rope?14LittleBigDave2014-07-31 22:43:00
Will LBP3 Require Playstation Plus Subscription?39Hana_Kami2014-07-31 12:43:00
Bring the Boo Rating Back?40Smuffy042014-07-31 02:48:00
Favourite Character?19fly8fly12014-07-30 22:04:00
LBP 3 has quests?!22EinRobot2014-07-30 15:34:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 T-Shirt Pack13SwagosPuntos2014-07-30 09:30:00
Pre-ordering LBP3 in the UK?6fly8fly12014-07-30 08:32:00
Nda?2amiel4455662014-07-30 05:42:00
LBP3 Dragon age DLC - What if I pre-ordered before?2osvaldo_mtz2014-07-29 18:37:00
Discussion: Do you think that the thermometer will be improved?3swoop222014-07-29 03:15:00
My LBP3-ish Oil Painting! What do you think? :)3Sackboy1272014-07-28 20:57:00
If LBP was 3-D?12rave2014e2014-07-28 01:14:00
LBP 3 Coming to March?9LAHOMMIES22014-07-27 20:46:00
LBP 3 Beta and what not !13Syndrome2014-07-27 12:57:00
LittleBigPlanet is "floaty", opinions?15fly8fly12014-07-26 17:38:00
Can you receive a LBP3 beta code on this site?3fly8fly12014-07-26 17:36:00
16 layers is a lot.11YungDaVinci2014-07-26 04:20:00
Adjusted Physics11SEWO972014-07-26 02:43:00
What happens with 3D Glitch levels?2aster60002014-07-26 00:17:00
Pre-order LBP3 or buy it on launch day?6SwagosPuntos2014-07-25 14:00:00
Cross-Platform Multiplayer34SEWO972014-07-24 04:10:00
Powerup creator thingy4OrreKorris2014-07-23 09:24:00
Will LBP3 be Cross-buy?6Croned2014-07-11 23:04:00
multicontroller handling1Deftmute2014-07-11 03:02:00
Has LBP jumped the shark?5Treppemanss2014-07-08 23:35:00
LBP3 Data Transfer?12TheGoldenFlash2014-07-08 20:28:00
anybody ever have an idea for a level...2EinRobot2014-07-08 18:30:00
Balloons5DaFrontPorch2014-07-08 14:38:00
Try and predict the LBP3 Levels/Zones.6Lord-Dreamerz2014-06-30 07:56:00
Questions about the LBP3 Beta26theonlybub2014-06-20 01:05:00
What new types of logic would you like to see?129TimeLordBlue2014-06-19 17:59:00
A rather interesting LBP3 interview by Polygon :)2AcAnimate2014-06-18 14:13:00
Wondering Why LBP3 Didn't Go The 3-D Route??27rave2014e2014-06-16 01:15:00
Postponing Publishing until LBP3?9James-p2014-06-15 19:36:00
Has littlebigplanet 3 brought you back?48Gentleman Tom2014-06-15 18:10:00
Want to Help With the Unofficial LBP3 Subreddit?10Croned2014-06-12 21:24:00
Which system will you play LittleBigPlanet 3 on?123Chazprime2014-06-12 14:27:00
LittleBigPlanet 3: Everything We Know So Far!204hyperdude952014-06-11 04:26:00
Is Swoop overpowered?52Ayneh2014-06-10 18:16:00

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