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Help is at hand2Scorpio13572016-11-12 18:06:00
Magic Mouth Issue2Darthy092016-10-29 21:11:00
How to make an Unskippable Cutscene.6MarkWelby192016-08-16 22:45:00
Opening and closing shortcuts between laps (LBPK)3MarkWelby192016-08-10 22:35:00
Custom weapon issue7Scorpio13572015-09-11 21:10:00
Building race16valious2corvus2015-08-30 21:29:00
Picture posts?... ummm.4valious2corvus2015-08-17 15:35:00
Problems and solutions6valious2corvus2015-02-18 12:55:00
Strange respawning9StJimmysAdiction2014-12-15 18:30:00
Help with pathfollower7gipsy2014-12-13 12:46:00
Learning to drift3valious2corvus2014-12-11 16:15:00
Remove Checkpoint Flags!1maestro268012014-12-04 23:28:00
Straight-away Race9maestro268012014-12-02 00:56:00
Loops18maestro268012014-11-29 16:56:00
Merging Tracks3maestro268012014-11-27 22:13:00
Adding time11valious2corvus2014-11-20 21:12:00
Score sensing for specific players12StJimmysAdiction2014-11-15 23:58:00
remote controlled weapon6valious2corvus2014-11-15 04:52:00
Icon change for weaponators?8maestro268012014-11-11 00:04:00
Shrinking/enlarging objects during game play8valious2corvus2014-11-05 11:51:00
Instant Weponators4maestro268012014-10-30 20:59:00
Custom music?22maestro268012014-10-27 23:18:00
Sackbot/boy costumes.4maestro268012014-10-26 22:04:00
Local playing?5maestro268012014-10-26 13:02:00
Piston movement3valious2corvus2014-10-17 09:57:00
Multi-function movement3valious2corvus2014-10-07 18:55:00
Changing Ground Type8StJimmysAdiction2014-10-06 15:49:00
Dnf?3Scorpio13572014-10-05 17:37:00
Anybody know? ( strafe (sidestep) control)11valious2corvus2014-10-03 11:37:00
Random checkpoints?8Scorpio13572014-10-03 07:27:00
Random question3valious2corvus2014-09-16 14:14:00
Custom weapon problems... need assist.5valious2corvus2014-09-15 21:22:00
Game freezing with random weapon pods9StJimmysAdiction2014-09-13 01:08:00
LBPK Water questions4Froakiebloke2014-08-29 18:36:00
Need help making checkpoint Levels!3CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-29 15:40:00
Adding camera shake to a bouncing object2getyourwings52014-08-28 00:01:00
Working the Hud Meter4StJimmysAdiction2014-08-25 21:55:00
Preventing reset when hit6StJimmysAdiction2014-08-22 13:25:00
Track cannot be played online?5MaxxAmmo2014-08-09 16:55:00
Adding Text in HUD and it's Slanted & Shifting?8MaxxAmmo2014-08-09 03:47:00
My levels are gone.5TeakettleWarrior2014-08-07 19:10:00
mini game logic8Scorpio13572014-08-05 07:49:00
Spawning Sackbots on command in Arena Lvl?4MaxxAmmo2014-07-31 15:58:00
Rotate Motor not Responding to Input when it should be?3MaxxAmmo2014-07-29 22:44:00
Refer a Creator's Planet Plz?6MaxxAmmo2014-07-28 15:04:00
Health Bar Possible?7MaxxAmmo2014-07-28 14:56:00
Question Regarding LBPK Beta4super_kawaii_642014-07-28 07:33:00
Making a speedometer?5YungDaVinci2014-07-26 18:23:00
How to Create Flying Levels?5Arwen2014-07-22 18:17:00
Direction Combiner/ Custom Karts & Tank Tread Question(s)5MaxxAmmo2014-07-20 01:01:00
Plays Not Reflected6DaddyMcQueen2014-06-23 17:38:00
How do I hide items I haven't bought in the Pop-It?5Liati2014-06-15 23:40:00
More thermo needed2Scorpio13572014-06-15 12:23:00
Game Servers problem8yugnar2014-06-14 21:03:00
Can the player label be removed?3Scorpio13572014-06-13 16:31:00
New level help please5Scorpio13572014-06-12 11:03:00
LBPK Advaced Technique5LyLytree2014-06-11 23:49:00
Players Reset in Playable Track Portion?11Plokster2014-06-04 20:16:00
Connectivity problems4StJimmysAdiction2014-06-04 03:36:00
Using karts on other levels.4Sean882014-04-21 14:14:00
Traduction1gipsy2014-02-01 07:30:00
Has lbp karting been fixed?6Dfw862014-01-10 07:41:00
Help! My object wont stop destroying themselves!5Unknown User2013-12-14 10:19:00
Santa Costume not available for LBP Karting PS35Graffin2013-12-08 11:01:00
Emitting solid, stationary objects3StJimmysAdiction2013-11-16 16:47:00
Producing a shield3StJimmysAdiction2013-11-13 16:17:00
Invisible material that reacts to motors?10Luos_832013-11-12 18:38:00
Object based floors issue (race)7Luos_832013-11-10 02:27:00
"Boss" mechanics4StJimmysAdiction2013-10-25 14:38:00
Some logic questions7Sean882013-10-10 13:02:00
Can't reduce the heat11McGuinty_Deluxe2013-10-04 03:50:00
Another Reset Problem3StJimmysAdiction2013-09-23 18:08:00
Conditionally destroying weaponized objects?4StJimmysAdiction2013-09-20 15:20:00
Removing terrain material11Unknown User2013-09-08 22:16:00
LBP content not being recognized in LBP Karting!!!4Unknown User2013-09-07 19:59:00
Possible to stop AI bots from destroying objects3Unknown User2013-09-07 09:59:00
Custom Kart -making lights come on when accelerating w/o upseting user button config?6Unknown User2013-09-06 06:44:00
Possible to emit an object with a danger tweaker on it?5Unknown User2013-09-05 13:01:00
Basic object question5Unknown User2013-09-04 15:58:00
Gravity is 'getting me down'.2Sean882013-09-04 14:11:00
Queue Automatic Level Delete9Unknown User2013-09-04 01:16:00
Enemy AI not to take a shortcut.3Sean882013-08-29 13:00:00
Planet Edit Ate My Levels3KingRyuukuro2013-08-25 23:31:00
Basic create problems3Sean882013-08-24 13:22:00
Reset regulation6StJimmysAdiction2013-08-22 17:23:00
Off Track Error8StJimmysAdiction2013-08-21 19:02:00
Delete standard weaponators6pemko2013-08-16 07:06:00
Noisy Glitch3KingRyuukuro2013-08-16 04:47:00
Creates double karts1Unknown User2013-08-16 04:03:00
Making part of a kart dangerous5atheistsw2013-08-15 16:08:00
How do i make a Kart5Sean882013-08-15 13:53:00
Lag and load times3Henred2013-08-11 07:43:00
Can not Create.. :( game freeze...3Unknown User2013-08-06 22:25:00
Why does my main music stop?5atheistsw2013-07-31 02:24:00
Any experience using visual occluder ??1SergioChileno2013-07-31 02:13:00
Localized Lightning Storm?1Unknown User2013-07-26 23:29:00
Decorating help?11Unknown User2013-07-25 22:14:00
How do I make police lights alternate?8atheistsw2013-07-25 20:47:00
Illogical Logic :(7Unknown User2013-07-25 17:06:00
Botkarts Jump "around" obstacle?18Unknown User2013-07-23 19:37:00
Pathfollower woes11Frogmeister2013-07-21 11:28:00
Turning off the post-race soundeffect?!3Chup2013-07-18 09:47:00
Objects flying around (like bees...^^)7Chup2013-07-17 09:29:00
LBPK.me - ALL photo's gone! :(3atheistsw2013-07-16 19:46:00
Navigation Map Failed :(5atheistsw2013-07-11 23:01:00
Not viable shortcut roads! How to?5Art-in-Heart2013-07-08 18:09:00
Karts following a specific path4theIronHorse2013-07-04 01:35:00
Time Trial Lap Time Glitch1Unknown User2013-07-02 19:45:00
floating and waterfalls15Unknown User2013-06-30 23:43:00
Lengthening batteries on sequencer6damian_tsl2013-06-25 06:03:00
invisble levels on my planet.3Unknown User2013-06-16 11:36:00
Capture Image Bug- need to report this one to MM or United Front3damian_tsl2013-06-13 05:46:00
Capturing images problems (Bug?)7damian_tsl2013-06-13 00:59:00
HUD-less?3damian_tsl2013-06-11 02:00:00
Some help with create5amoney19992013-06-10 07:43:00
multi-select and cloning5damian_tsl2013-06-09 21:36:00
Where to get the tornado?2Buttarms2013-06-08 04:59:00
Taking and Posting Photos in LBPK3KingRyuukuro2013-05-28 02:28:00
How to make teleporter5gipsy2013-05-26 12:19:00
Making hologram material invisible and making sounds louder5Behonkiss2013-05-26 04:11:00
Creating tunnels and caves, and alternate paths in later laps5Behonkiss2013-05-25 20:51:00
Weapon Ratio Tips?3Unknown User2013-05-24 19:07:00
Any good LBPK effects?3aster60002013-05-23 17:10:00
pokemon, battle brains and indefensible weapons1Unknown User2013-05-12 14:50:00
Battle problems!!4Unknown User2013-04-30 16:14:00
How to recreate "Star Fishin" scoring?1Unknown User2013-04-14 03:45:00
what are the symptoms of an over heated level?3EinRobot2013-04-12 23:21:00
Crashing at the start!2Unknown User2013-04-05 00:46:00
Grenade lobbing toy soldiers2Unknown User2013-04-03 22:31:00
FPS - How would I make bots shoot each other?2Ryanz192013-04-03 09:04:00
Any way to shrink your kart?1danthi662013-04-02 23:23:00
Non-Story Game1Unknown User2013-03-31 11:56:00
Online Problems?3koenervon2013-03-25 15:33:00
Kart control suggestions please3Pookachoo2013-03-18 00:09:00
Changing the objective of race1Unknown User2013-03-17 07:14:00
Need help with a certain jump...8CirkuzFr3ek2013-03-14 04:10:00
Basic Logic Help Please6Unknown User2013-03-12 21:49:00
Objects breaking from a set path and then back again?1Remy2013-03-04 20:57:00
Moving objects attached to other moving objects7Unknown User2013-03-02 17:16:00
Decoration is STUCK in pod3Unknown User2013-02-26 01:56:00
"Settings" Option Freezes Playstation2Nick9309302013-02-25 03:51:00
Strange Custom kart Collision.. help?3Unknown User2013-02-23 04:18:00
Corrupt Data4catsand2013-02-22 23:00:00
Is it possible to make floating race tracks?2Behonkiss2013-02-22 00:21:00
Game won't start up2Unknown User2013-02-16 18:03:00
Hiding Player Names/Indicators?3Hiroshige02013-02-15 16:17:00
PS3 freezing when attempting to open my level6Unknown User2013-02-14 22:41:00
LBPCentral Sticker?1Unknown User2013-02-08 03:47:00
Tips on creating a level with controls like the story minigame 'Stuck in a Jam'1Unknown User2013-02-07 18:46:00
Object Modifications3ghostrider1352013-02-04 22:48:00
Costumes and stickers2Unknown User2013-02-03 21:01:00
High-Flying Weapon3Unknown User2013-02-02 23:35:00
Special requirements for transferring data to new PS3?10Unknown User2013-02-02 21:31:00
Emitter, Custom Weapons, Fireworks5Unknown User2013-01-28 05:07:00
Glitchy Planet?3chronos4532013-01-27 22:52:00
Player sensor being triggered by AI5Unknown User2013-01-26 16:23:00
Geopaint4qwerty1234562013-01-23 21:25:00
Capturing an object with moving parts (big wheel)2Unknown User2013-01-21 13:32:00
Sackbots?5qwerty1234562013-01-21 01:56:00
Reducing Level Heat10Unknown User2013-01-18 06:24:00
Respawning on Custom Objects + Black Bar on Pictures?4Plokster2013-01-17 23:28:00
How to make a First Person Shooter?5ConanUltimate2013-01-15 21:09:00
Artificial Idiots and a Room with no weaponators11Unknown User2013-01-15 09:57:00
LBPK soundtrack?3Unknown User2013-01-13 01:52:00
How to make a neat 8 shape in the track?12yugnar2013-01-12 17:59:00
Magnets?8Unknown User2013-01-11 20:56:00
Lobbed projectile emitting obstacles?3Unknown User2013-01-11 19:55:00
How to emit objects on a path?2Unknown User2013-01-11 19:17:00
Score Giver not working3Unknown User2013-01-10 18:44:00
Hud Help Please4Flaming-Wreckage2013-01-08 17:59:00
Karts with Kartinators Kolliding?7Unknown User2013-01-08 16:46:00
Sound objects and the Player Only setting2Eanikran2013-01-07 23:00:00
I need players to spawn on a random checkpoint.9pipo_snake_jc32013-01-06 03:35:00
AI not affected by handling tweaker?5hairybones19972013-01-04 23:24:00
Connected objects/materials (More in the thread)3Silvantor2013-01-04 22:43:00
Terrain Material6Silvantor2013-01-04 19:50:00
HUD on my newest level broken?1MSTER2322013-01-04 00:08:00
this game is broken4Killzone36522013-01-03 02:40:00
Tips for Better Kart Decoration and Custom Karts?10TREMIC12013-01-02 22:50:00
Sounds added to weapons don't work + more.5Unknown User2013-01-02 16:38:00
Object Creator Glitch3Unknown User2013-01-02 16:36:00
Going to start my first LBPK level! Need tips!7chronos4532013-01-02 07:16:00
Deactivating branches?3Buttarms2013-01-02 05:07:00
Survival game with custom creatures as enemies to give you points when killed?3Unknown User2013-01-02 22:55:00
Adding Lava to a Level5Unknown User2013-01-01 23:37:00
Player sensor drops signal with >1 player detected3Eanikran2013-01-01 05:49:00
Weapons not working?7Buttarms2013-01-01 03:23:00
HELP! Sensor triggering early...WHY? Driving me nuts!3Unknown User2012-12-31 01:47:00
I need your tracks! If you like adi's vids please donate :)9TheAdipose2012-12-30 12:32:00
Adding grappling hook to spawn?6Unknown User2012-12-29 19:09:00
Camera help needed!5ConanUltimate2012-12-29 07:47:00
Advanced shapes?20Buttarms2012-12-29 03:54:00
Trying to make a "hot potato" bomb arena level8Unknown User2012-12-29 02:04:00
cross buy2neto3332012-12-28 18:05:00
That Horrible, Horrible Splitscreen Glitch...1Protoraptor2012-12-28 16:52:00
Battle Arena solely on Force Field Material7Verbal832012-12-28 02:46:00
Global ranking2Unknown User2012-12-28 02:09:00
Changing lighting via logic...is it possible?4JudgeSpear2012-12-27 23:52:00
Can you use THIS racing wheel?2Ryanz192012-12-27 22:13:00
Keep getting a reset while making track.7Unknown User2012-12-27 07:55:00
Rollercoaster Idea- but unkown how to make it happen.4theIronHorse2012-12-27 00:48:00
Output on Spawn and Reset Points.2IvoYaridovich2012-12-23 14:20:00
Path follower & Rotation3Flaming-Wreckage2012-12-23 13:59:00
Stopping Karts in Cutscenes.9anarchowolf2012-12-22 09:50:00
Destructible Objects4Wigriff2012-12-20 03:01:00
Countdown Timer5anarchowolf2012-12-19 04:29:00
pre race player input?5TheAdipose2012-12-16 17:47:00
Sack-less Kart Weapon Spawn location.4anarchowolf2012-12-16 07:37:00
Hide the Cart-Cockpit... possible ?7Meribald2012-12-15 14:38:00
Track freezes when I try to edit or play it...6pipo_snake_jc32012-12-12 07:14:00
How to add music to pre-race movie.5Wigriff2012-12-12 03:42:00
I broke the camera!8Wigriff2012-12-11 20:36:00
Avoiding Breadcrumbs5Wigriff2012-12-11 05:44:00
SoundFX modification help.4anarchowolf2012-12-10 08:41:00
Custom wepons pick up makes me crash when I try to Tweak it5Unknown User2012-12-10 06:49:00
Getting more people to play your track.6Wigriff2012-12-09 21:12:00
Specifying Respawn Locations8Remy2012-12-09 15:17:00
CutScene Camera Techniques4TheAdipose2012-12-09 10:47:00
Slowdown issue...3Wigriff2012-12-08 21:57:00
Custom Weapon Pickup Device9Wigriff2012-12-08 05:32:00
In Creation photos are blacked out.3anarchowolf2012-12-07 08:30:00
Dizzy AI2anarchowolf2012-12-07 03:51:00
Making a Smooth, Infinite Conveyor Belt13Remy2012-12-07 01:58:00
How do I make one object follow another?2aratiatia2012-12-06 05:12:00
Countdown Timer and Piston5Remy2012-12-04 23:14:00
2 Questions: Copying a track/moving an object10Wigriff2012-12-04 16:23:00
Global sound tweaker3aratiatia2012-12-03 23:34:00
Forcefield issue3Wigriff2012-12-03 22:03:00
Score Giver won't give individual points1SirGreenDay2012-12-03 20:46:00
Invisible, non-colliding material?10aratiatia2012-12-03 18:11:00
Help with weapon hit detection and scoring.3SirGreenDay2012-12-02 22:17:00
Object flickering...5Wigriff2012-12-02 01:20:00
How Can I Make a Bumper Car mini Game????4Unknown User2012-12-01 23:37:00
Scoring Q's for 1st person shooter.1SirGreenDay2012-12-01 23:26:00
Crash when using custom objects1Dfw862012-12-01 19:50:00
Are stats reset when you republish like in LBP?2SirGreenDay2012-12-01 19:22:00
Can't sticker scoreboard?5SirGreenDay2012-11-30 23:39:00
Can you disable pre-race title animation?1anarchowolf2012-11-30 23:12:00
Game freezing5Unknown User2012-11-30 10:58:00
Can you add wheels to custom karts?6SirGreenDay2012-11-28 20:38:00
Actors Brain and pathing10Unknown User2012-11-28 02:01:00
Quick Question3zzmorg822012-11-27 14:48:00
importing costumes???17Unknown User2012-11-27 08:26:00
"out of bounds" problem7SirGreenDay2012-11-27 04:14:00
Settings Menu Help3iBubek2012-11-27 03:29:00
Problems with Sensors5Zohnar2012-11-26 17:38:00
Movie Cameras/Sequencers/Track Introductions4Shamanate2012-11-25 23:37:00
republishing6TheAdipose2012-11-25 15:05:00
Music doesn't play consistantly throughout the level5SirGreenDay2012-11-24 20:50:00
Is there any way around the trophy glitches...?15The5rozos2012-11-23 20:41:00
Some sounds are recategorized from LBP2 to LBPK8JudgeSpear2012-11-23 03:11:00
Displaying Notes During Pre-Race Cutscenes5neonrage02012-11-22 16:12:00
why dont things work like they should?4SirGreenDay2012-11-21 20:26:00
Piston / logic problem3SirGreenDay2012-11-21 18:19:00
AI wont use shortcuts4Dfw862012-11-21 17:30:00
Unicorn Costume?15Chris---Kristy2012-11-21 06:04:00
What are all of thw karts in the global settings for?3SirGreenDay2012-11-21 02:30:00
how do you make it so racers have to use specific karts?4SirGreenDay2012-11-20 21:21:00
Switcharoo?5zzmorg822012-11-20 20:25:00
Troubke making a closed loop path4SirGreenDay2012-11-20 18:43:00
Grapple hook not working8SirGreenDay2012-11-20 16:36:00
Sound Effects, Focus, and Focus Music3Manlius10A2012-11-20 16:22:00
Help with pathfinders!13yugnar2012-11-19 20:54:00
Fire Wall?7zzmorg822012-11-19 17:27:00
Missing items in "Future Perfect"4aratiatia2012-11-19 09:42:00
Gameplay Sequencer Help4iBubek2012-11-19 00:17:00
Path followers on a loop1Dfw862012-11-18 18:12:00
Track above the ground?11yugnar2012-11-18 17:58:00
My head is about to explode! Help needed.9SirGreenDay2012-11-18 16:14:00
How do you create an arena?2SirGreenDay2012-11-17 23:51:00
how do you create tunnels?4SirGreenDay2012-11-17 22:39:00
Sensors, Strings & Problems2Chup2012-11-17 16:31:00
Jerky grapple point4Dfw862012-11-17 05:11:00
Having an issue with game not allowing off roading.3Thegeckoo2012-11-16 18:15:00
A Door That Opens Like a Door10Remy2012-11-16 03:15:00
Any luck with custom karts?1Dfw862012-11-15 21:51:00
Creation Mode: Custom Confusion7Unknown User2012-11-15 07:35:00
Creating a tight spiral1Lokno2012-11-15 04:00:00
Golden Aura?7Super_Clone2012-11-14 22:33:00
Invisible Material3Unknown User2012-11-14 22:31:00
Activate logic on kart when hit with custom weapon?5TheBeardyMan2012-11-14 22:28:00
100% on Future Perfect?2zzmorg822012-11-14 02:52:00
Sackbot logic - Collect and deliver4Arastoph2012-11-14 02:27:00
What's wrong with the stickers!?11Unknown User2012-11-13 01:30:00
Problems with movie cameras1Dfw862012-11-12 19:25:00
Custom HUD for speedometer3Dfw862012-11-12 10:02:00
Making a Custom Race HELP!!!3Unknown User2012-11-12 08:34:00
Opening/Closing Shortcuts6Ostler50002012-11-11 22:23:00
how to change sackbot/horter?8user112012-11-11 19:49:00
Problem creating a custom weapon6Behonkiss2012-11-11 19:13:00
Grid gets displaced?2Chicoleunis2012-11-11 15:51:00
How to delete breadcrumbs5Unknown User2012-11-11 03:02:00
Help with handling tweakers, controlinators and kartinators1Dfw862012-11-11 02:24:00
How to make a grappling jump?7Sackie2012-11-10 22:35:00
Smooth dual stick "custom kart" movement2airide1012012-11-10 19:09:00
Second player appears in my pod2Unknown User2012-11-09 17:08:00
Help making a tunnel13Unknown User2012-11-09 17:04:00
Cheated Leaderboards again...3Unknown User2012-11-09 15:02:00
Split Screen Sound1Unknown User2012-11-09 05:06:00
Why does it say I have 100% prizes on levels I haven't played yet?9Unknown User2012-11-09 01:26:00
Setting Menu Freeze7Chris---Kristy2012-11-09 00:21:00
Specifying who the AI will be6Unknown User2012-11-08 23:48:00
Boosting at the start of a race?6Behonkiss2012-11-08 15:59:00
Local Multiplayer?5Unknown User2012-11-08 01:49:00
Creating a Replica Bowser Castle?4Unknown User2012-11-07 23:51:00
Using a ramp7Dfw862012-11-07 21:53:00
Beta level avalaible to rebuild in final version of lbpk?2Unknown User2012-11-07 21:49:00
Is getting a star like aceing a level?6Dfw862012-11-07 03:24:00
Player Colour?3Chris---Kristy2012-11-07 01:07:00
I pre ordered lbp karting and...7LittleMonster2012-11-06 23:32:00
Create Mode3Unknown User2012-11-06 10:53:00

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