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Transferring items from vita to lbp25thesparklingbluepo2017-12-22 16:48:00
Hooks And Beats Level Prize Help3Thug_Life_EQ2016-06-13 01:59:00
How to make an emitter shoot flames?8Flare20Blaze2016-05-15 03:53:00
activity info reset and broken levels8Ninjaballz282016-02-08 01:42:00
Need help with the DC level pack4Gold2016-01-07 09:37:00
Preview Mode won't toggle?2koltonaugust2015-03-04 05:52:00
About the Background Layers1ShadowArcticWolf2015-02-28 23:30:00
do littlebigplanet vita marvel items...1mastercrazyhand2015-02-21 01:12:00
Note Text Draw Distance6SEWO972014-11-16 22:44:00
Pixel Art Help1Zohnar2014-11-04 19:51:00
Day/Night Cycle6Eli2014-10-29 20:58:00
Rotate object by touch3Solid_Justice2014-10-20 15:58:00
Music creators: Help needed!1wolfbrother1172014-09-14 18:53:00
A door/teleportation glitch???4axoh172014-09-03 23:55:00
Sackboy rising2jaffakree5032014-08-30 06:44:00
Music Location?3LuckyMax52014-08-24 18:53:00
Marvel Arcade Pack Save Wipe1LuckyMax52014-08-24 18:47:00
"Downloads" crashing the game6minecrafter04822014-08-23 03:33:00
Walk on Walls/Ceilings?8L1N3R1D3R2014-08-22 02:32:00
DC Level Pack.....2Megax Rocker2014-08-20 13:22:00
On Thin Ice in LBPV?17The11thWheatley2014-08-16 15:17:00
Help needed with '1 note at a time' music in level.3Unknown User2014-08-06 20:06:00
Multi-hit system5Mac-fox2014-08-05 20:15:00
Could someone please record my LBPV level and put it on youtube?1IcyFlamez_2014-08-04 07:36:00
Memorizer Compression?5koltonaugust2014-07-29 06:14:00
Lighting Issues!4INVADER_DOOM2014-07-27 05:34:00
Pink Goo?5CamostarAtIsabella2014-07-26 19:19:00
Bomb Level with ludicrously low frame-rate?2JLU513062014-07-26 00:11:00
What glitches from LBP2 work in LBPV?6YungDaVinci2014-07-20 05:42:00
Scoreboard Activates Too Soon4JLU513062014-07-09 00:13:00
Need more logic help5Kender422014-06-30 18:48:00
Need Hologram Help Please!!4Xprodigy2014-06-20 04:13:00
hitbox troubles!5wolfbrother1172014-06-19 19:58:00
Need help making logic for "Secrets" count5Kender422014-06-14 06:05:00
Music Help Needed6Zohnar2014-06-06 12:04:00
How do people even make levels in this game?!?10stryder122014-06-01 06:17:00
Timesaver DLC problems.5Woutery2014-05-20 11:15:00
DC Comics Pack Level Link Malfunctions3L1N3R1D3R2014-05-18 18:24:00
DC Comics Levelpack Problem...2TJ2010-OLYMPICS2014-05-12 22:18:00
"One way entrance"9wolfbrother1172014-04-25 13:01:00
DLC DC Comics premium levelpack - problem5Mokum_GTT2014-04-20 10:28:00
NOooooo!6smartysloan2014-03-27 06:13:00
NEED HELP, money system.3Archon4532014-03-09 19:50:00
Object Stability with Wobble Bolts [SOLVED]3airide1012014-02-27 01:32:00
Endless rotations!!!10Skalio-2014-02-26 10:09:00
need help with "secrets found" board at end [Solved]12biorogue2014-02-18 14:03:00
Sackbot Sliding4koltonaugust2014-02-17 01:53:00
Save Data Error? Can't play LBPVita...5Darkcloudrepeat2014-02-14 23:22:00
sackbot respawn issues7smartysloan2014-01-21 14:50:00
Roll, Tilt, In/Out Help with Controllinator4getyourwings52014-01-12 06:20:00
Dividing a signal by three, rounding off and such...4Bitter Sweet2014-01-02 06:37:00
Santa Hat Unavailable2Matt-XIII2013-12-13 12:41:00
I lost my vita game!?!?2TEAM-O_and_A2013-12-12 20:33:00
weapon timing problem3IeatFrogs2013-12-12 11:35:00
need some help making winch operated bridge3jdeactor2013-12-09 14:25:00
How do you make hazards spread to adjacent objects?9IcyFlamez_2013-12-05 04:24:00
Custom 3D layer item help4catsand2013-12-03 03:00:00
Pull lever on wall?4Losse2013-12-02 02:14:00
Where is this decoration from?5Skalio-2013-12-01 21:44:00
[SOLVED] Impact sensor delay (bullet problems)5airide1012013-11-22 01:59:00
How do I edit the thread topic? (Solved)3greyfox19802013-11-02 10:11:00
Can't access LBP servers [SOLVED]25Schark942013-10-18 20:15:00
how to rate a level - YAY! (solved)3greyfox19802013-10-17 06:41:00
In/Out Gaps4Filipuntik2013-10-16 20:20:00
I need some beta testers. Anyone is more than welcome to participate =]13IcyFlamez_2013-10-15 07:32:00
Right stick! (resolved)4Filipuntik2013-10-08 16:59:00
Game Save Data error!!10Skalio-2013-10-03 16:49:00
"Spotlight" in LBPV4Filipuntik2013-10-02 16:33:00
Help with an Inventory System11DigiOps2013-09-30 03:21:00
[Solved] Bullet destroy on impact problem3airide1012013-09-28 18:11:00
Making an object unable to rotate4ShadowArcticWolf2013-09-22 20:54:00
How to make 3 wheel track vehicle? (solved)8greyfox19802013-09-21 15:22:00
Rewinding Woes...3L1N3R1D3R2013-09-19 22:37:00
How can I make it so an object blocks off a beam of light & a motion sensor?5IcyFlamez_2013-09-18 00:17:00
Pendulum problems!4Unknown User2013-09-17 13:15:00
Draw a line with emitters..?7Bitter Sweet2013-09-16 19:42:00
Flinging Logic Has Bad Consistency10L1N3R1D3R2013-09-12 03:14:00
What is the secret to make the effect used in the level Nocturnal?6IcyFlamez_2013-09-09 22:46:00
Rapid Fire Emitters (solved)8Rayn Sideways2013-09-06 02:40:00
Littlebigplanet vita savedata error3himoks2013-08-29 16:27:00
Point-bubbles don't work...4Chup2013-08-26 13:19:00
X Y Z Axis Help9Unknown User2013-08-25 12:59:00
Touch Logic16doggy972013-08-23 06:43:00
Score Giver - decreasing the score by 10 every second?4Kyesty2013-08-18 15:44:00
Can anyone help with lighting effects11Unknown User2013-08-17 17:26:00
Tilt Sensor - Left/Right Bug.6Kyesty2013-08-16 21:24:00
Sackbot Grapple Hook?4koltonaugust2013-08-15 00:13:00
Profile Corrupt any fixes?5Lordwarblade2013-08-12 06:39:00
zombie level questions12IeatFrogs2013-08-12 03:42:00
Co-creating..2smartysloan2013-08-10 01:56:00
Multi-layered Notes6hyperdude952013-08-09 21:05:00
Publishing changes some colours/switches in levels (again!)7jaffakree5032013-08-09 13:05:00
Circuit Puzzle Help2triforceguy12013-08-08 15:02:00
[REQUEST] Music Sequencer - Life in the Mines5triforceguy12013-08-08 12:59:00
Is LBPV kinda broken with the latest patch?2yugnar2013-08-08 05:09:00
Profile corrupt! Please help me!3Kyesty2013-08-06 21:32:00
Impact Sensers10Bitter Sweet2013-08-02 21:08:00
This frog won't jump!5smartysloan2013-08-02 15:34:00
Ideas for my next level?4woulieka2013-08-01 02:03:00
Can't publish level! (But I can edit it)8yugnar2013-07-31 19:58:00
Can anyone help me make this simple task which I cant do!8Kyesty2013-07-29 17:47:00
How to add level links to signature on LPBC?7Kyesty2013-07-25 21:42:00
any fellow mucisians that can help with the sequencer.12smartysloan2013-07-20 17:25:00
How do I make a touchable block disappear and reappear on a timer?8Unknown User2013-07-15 06:37:00
save-data error... PLEASE HELP!!!!12IeatFrogs2013-07-12 16:32:00
Rotation and scaling problem3Roosterland2013-07-11 17:21:00
New Background + Sticker Panel animation11Unknown User2013-07-11 01:27:00
Real-Time Strategy7dudeman7792013-07-10 16:54:00
Touch layer changing stuff things3gamerguy54322013-07-10 02:44:00
All Checkpoints Activate At Once4xxMATEOSxx2013-07-03 05:02:00
EDIT: Completed my tasks. Thanks for help to fellow members.2WyomingMyst2013-06-28 17:05:00
3d camera glitch10wolfbrother1172013-06-27 19:55:00
Help with sticker panel platformer4Unknown User2013-06-26 04:09:00
Summer Creator Kit4ratchetruler2013-06-20 06:52:00
Touch Sensor Multiplayer2Unknown User2013-06-19 13:32:00
Interactive Music Sequencers?1Woutery2013-06-10 11:12:00
Touch Sensor on Sticker Panel7Shamanate2013-06-10 05:04:00
start and stop motion6Unknown User2013-06-09 15:51:00
Controllinator allocation3Unknown User2013-06-03 22:07:00
inverting output values.3repulsor1012013-05-31 23:05:00
Changing text colour in Magic Mouths10bossveg2013-05-27 00:11:00
Level links and custom sticker help2Unknown User2013-05-25 06:29:00
Toggling Music5Unknown User2013-05-23 21:30:00
Menu and level select logic help!3Unknown User2013-05-19 12:58:00
emitter + sensor2Unknown User2013-05-19 00:00:00
How do I make a rocket launcher (with touch)?2Momoli13442013-05-18 18:12:00
Need logic help: Checking numbers2Chdonga2013-05-13 17:08:00
Making a rhythm game level1Behonkiss2013-05-09 07:28:00
Corrupt File!6repulsor1012013-05-06 13:30:00
DLC costume problem1dragonboy2692013-05-05 00:54:00
Having troubles with Scoreboard11Gwaeron2013-05-04 13:24:00
Can't access level!7Woutery2013-04-30 22:07:00
Best way to go about making a Kart?8repulsor1012013-04-27 21:44:00
Making objects go invisible mid-gameplay6repulsor1012013-04-25 20:52:00
Help with touch control5rOckalOvEer x732013-04-24 19:23:00
Toggle Dephysicalize?7vitamin_arrr2013-04-23 09:58:00
Challenge Zone error8JetArtois2013-04-18 20:35:00
Error when i look at a Profile.24Seant12282013-04-17 22:41:00
Switchable Sackbots4rodfocov2013-04-15 22:43:00
How do I make a Point system3dudeman7792013-04-14 23:07:00
Touch Sensor Help.3Unknown User2013-04-14 04:41:00
what is position in layer?6IeatFrogs2013-04-11 11:24:00
hud on sackperson?6IeatFrogs2013-04-11 11:20:00
I can't get my endless runner to work right?6dudeman7792013-04-11 01:20:00
weighing down invisible material3thebombdrop2013-04-07 18:29:00
Publushed level suddenly gone...11Mokum_GTT2013-04-06 10:57:00
How do i make tilt stuff?5Woutery2013-04-03 20:59:00
Selector Help5Unknown User2013-04-02 20:55:00
Mine able Material?5Unknown User2013-03-29 01:31:00
Bioshock Pack not appearing in store4Blue Helmet2013-03-23 02:28:00
Help! Music in level not playing13rodfocov2013-03-21 18:40:00
how to male a fully working checkpoint :/5thebombdrop2013-03-20 22:46:00
sackbot not picking up bubble points anymore...7Unknown User2013-03-19 01:08:00
How can I stop pushing?8Bitter Sweet2013-03-16 09:07:00
Sticker Display Bug4L1N3R1D3R2013-03-11 22:29:00
Score Giver help1Unknown User2013-03-11 16:04:00
Oversized Sackbot7poorjack2013-03-09 21:53:00
Downloadable Content Error5Unknown User2013-03-09 19:55:00
Camera behind the sackboy (side-view 3D camera)2Kapum2013-03-09 17:59:00
Creationator7thegeckofreak2013-03-08 04:08:00
Copied Emitter is Rotating Object 90 Degrees Right3Bitter Sweet2013-03-07 21:18:00
Serious help needed! Please6Unknown User2013-03-07 13:39:00
3D camera on LBPV?4Unknown User2013-03-06 15:23:00
need help. with speech bubble4TulsaTom2013-03-06 12:55:00
Need help with error: C2-12828-15Unknown User2013-03-04 23:13:00
Losing saved objects3LukeCF2013-03-04 04:24:00
Question about Thermo Usage of Custom Microchip stickers3VnGamer2342013-03-02 00:31:00
sackbot not moving in play mode9Roosterland2013-03-01 10:33:00
Rear touchscreen2thegeckofreak2013-03-01 02:58:00
'Player Color' for Notes doesn't work3VnGamer2342013-02-28 11:39:00
[LBPV] Restoring Corrupted Create Spaces From Backups6Wolfdre2013-02-27 21:47:00
Mm Pick Pin?2Nick9309302013-02-27 20:01:00
Constant "Recent changes ..." Error, Foreign controls, and profile corruption3EleoMod2013-02-26 14:27:00
How to make Multi-player Cameras --> SackBots (VS)4Unknown User2013-02-25 04:46:00
w/o piston13Roosterland2013-02-24 14:43:00
Touch Sensor Trouble3Kalawishis2013-02-24 14:37:00
Advanced Movers vs Followers, Speed Issue4VnGamer2342013-02-21 07:40:00
power up indicators?3wolfy_6162013-02-19 17:46:00
Missing "Square Battery" object2EleoMod2013-02-19 15:16:00
stoping an object from moving13wolfy_6162013-02-16 14:02:00
moving backround?3Unknown User2013-02-16 07:05:00
Fonts:10LukeCF2013-02-13 19:41:00
Emitted sequencers (Question for my TTT)3LukeCF2013-02-09 05:49:00
Saved Glued Objects Detaching?5Super_Clone2013-02-07 22:31:00
Analogue Signals .. ARG!!10Bitter Sweet2013-02-07 07:02:00
Moving a block a certain distance from left to right or right to left8TulsaTom2013-02-04 19:34:00
All kinds of broke!6Masseyf2013-02-04 19:18:00
How do you recreate the LBP PS Vita Extra Layers?6EleoMod2013-02-04 17:57:00
'Snake' Style Game: Moving on a grid.4LukeCF2013-02-03 17:33:00
making an object rotate?5wolfy_6162013-02-02 20:36:00
:) using decorations for more than decorating:)5TulsaTom2013-02-01 01:55:00
moving feet15wolfbrother1172013-01-31 18:48:00
Touchable Buttons3Bitter Sweet2013-01-29 23:00:00
Laser Pointer?4Unknown User2013-01-29 20:30:00
How do I remove the stand from the Power Up Remover!?!?23jwwphotos2013-01-29 18:11:00
Controlling an object3Solid_Justice2013-01-29 10:23:00
What the!? Trial Mode?7Krondelo2013-01-28 23:34:00
Is there a way to put stickers on 3D back Layers?2cakito1232013-01-28 18:55:00
making a car4IeatFrogs2013-01-28 15:30:00
Tips for making character portraits5wait wtf2013-01-28 05:55:00
Teleporting3Unknown User2013-01-28 01:36:00
touch screen sensors failing when rear touch is detected3evret2013-01-27 14:11:00
Basic Touchscreen menu4Unknown User2013-01-27 08:07:00
Making the camera follow a sack bot3Unknown User2013-01-25 20:10:00
Curving conveyor belt8Akapome2013-01-25 05:06:00
Camera4Ryuka2013-01-24 18:58:00
Tilt Help2gamerguy54322013-01-24 00:59:00
Music Transition help.5catsand2013-01-23 23:22:00
Impact Sensor - No "Include Touching"?6DistantWords2013-01-23 00:58:00
2D Level creation?7Unknown User2013-01-22 03:27:00
shooting sackbot?3IeatFrogs2013-01-21 14:51:00
Where oh where is that dust material1TulsaTom2013-01-20 20:48:00
Mvie cameras and sound4TulsaTom2013-01-20 17:18:00
Climbing4TulsaTom2013-01-20 02:55:00
Help with some RPG features? (Ex: Map, Health)3Unknown User2013-01-19 17:29:00
cant ace la marionetta6gamerguy54322013-01-19 16:01:00
Making a spotlight10TulsaTom2013-01-18 19:53:00
Sounds and when something moves?6TulsaTom2013-01-18 15:41:00
Save game data?2Unknown User2013-01-18 03:30:00
What is the level customization like?9Unknown User2013-01-17 23:36:00
Using one memorizer to record multiple events4Taffey2013-01-17 17:43:00
Was wondering is here a list of somesort for all the crafting materials in LBP Vita4TulsaTom2013-01-16 18:09:00
downloads page crash6wolfbrother1172013-01-16 15:33:00
Trying to recreate "Very Awesome 3D Tool" from LBP2 - Stumped!3dal-n-pok2013-01-15 22:44:00
System for players to be ready + Sackbot Teleportation1Rough-Tea2013-01-15 21:59:00
Missing DLC16Super_Clone2013-01-15 18:55:00
Memoriser issues....5Shade_seeker2013-01-15 13:48:00
How do you make moving circular objects stick to ceilings?7IcyFlamez_2013-01-15 01:35:00
Anyone else having problems publishing lvls3TulsaTom2013-01-13 17:00:00
Cut scene stuffz4gamerguy54322013-01-11 04:39:00
LBP Vita Friends list/touchscreen bug2Unknown User2013-01-09 20:20:00
A more elegant solution?7fullofwin2013-01-08 22:40:00
How many times can you use the network pass?3Harvey_312013-01-07 19:06:00
[Solved] Change materials' organize display4airide1012013-01-06 22:06:00
When a note is emitted it doesn't show.4Kalawishis2013-01-06 18:34:00
Anyone know how 2D/3D was done...13Unknown User2013-01-05 13:10:00
Door Help4Unknown User2013-01-05 00:35:00
is there a way to make two objects that...4cakito1232013-01-04 03:23:00
making a movie3IeatFrogs2013-01-03 16:21:00
Help making lasers4Unknown User2013-01-03 10:07:00
I published a level, but didnt...8gamerguy54322013-01-03 01:29:00
Creating Lava2Unknown User2013-01-01 23:30:00
swimming sackbots?7IeatFrogs2012-12-30 16:49:00
zombie level help10IeatFrogs2012-12-28 13:50:00
Data-trophy-thingy4nysudyrgh2012-12-27 19:33:00
Corrupted save4Slurm2012-12-27 12:58:00
failed to connect to players2neto3332012-12-26 22:50:00
Controlinator for specific players2danthi662012-12-24 20:39:00
Force Wormhole?2koltonaugust2012-12-23 07:52:00
Regarding the Layer Glitch3KlawwTheClown2012-12-22 15:24:00
Screenshots2unc92sax2012-12-22 01:37:00
Downloading the Cross Controller Software4Normo2012-12-20 08:55:00
Need controlinator help!6Akapome2012-12-18 22:06:00
Followers and height3Unknown User2012-12-17 06:24:00
Downloading levels with level links3Unknown User2012-12-17 04:26:00
Respawning player & control seat together?5Repawn2012-12-13 18:44:00
Santa hat and Beard unavailable7Skalio-2012-12-12 10:22:00
Cross controller date8qwerty1234562012-12-11 17:20:00
How can I make to stabilish the maximum inclination for vita in a controlinator?5cakito1232012-12-08 20:37:00
Switches like 2-way, 3-way switches don't work, please help :(!4Unknown User2012-12-06 17:51:00
Savegame issue4Chup2012-12-06 15:34:00
how to make Checkpoints apear only if score is above 0 ?5Unknown User2012-12-05 16:08:00
Hello, I need help with the Look At Rotator4Unknown User2012-12-05 06:14:00
Help with Movie Cameras on Sackbots3Unknown User2012-12-05 00:19:00
Help with pixel animation8kskingsven2012-12-02 17:18:00
Changing Material of the Floor7Unknown User2012-12-02 05:22:00
Emitter help.2Unknown User2012-11-30 17:10:00
Vertical Roation on Objects12Unknown User2012-11-27 21:49:00
Ps vita store to buy lbp vita2Unknown User2012-11-26 00:31:00
[Level Creation Help] In game menu3Unknown User2012-11-25 23:44:00
[Level creation] Hints to create a puzzle game with tiles1Unknown User2012-11-25 12:31:00
Music change whilst in controllinator4Poshy2012-11-24 22:34:00
Making impact sensors ignore tagged objects11ChrisF21122012-11-24 20:59:00
Memorizers for multiplayer...4airide1012012-11-24 13:44:00
Touch Sensor activation gestures4airide1012012-11-23 17:30:00
Gravity Rush costumes not showing as purchased on Vita2Behonkiss2012-11-21 05:13:00
Too much for LBP?9catsand2012-11-20 00:06:00
How to take photos?4Skalio-2012-11-18 02:17:00
Online Pass: Included with digital purchase of game?4Unknown User2012-11-17 18:53:00
3D layer "glitch"5doggy972012-11-16 18:34:00
Can't seem to trigger any LBP.me pins for Vita.2WyomingMyst2012-11-15 06:24:00
Can't seem to find the Hockey Helmet in "The Mainframe Heist" level.2WyomingMyst2012-11-15 05:09:00
I want to sell my Physical Copy and buy a Digital Copy7Unknown User2012-11-14 16:51:00
Wat?7nysudyrgh2012-11-13 19:54:00
Making an LoZ-ish RPG10Unknown User2012-11-13 11:58:00
Transfer content help!5Unknown User2012-11-12 15:33:00
[Solved] Movie camera cancels when pressing O5airide1012012-11-12 04:45:00
Visuals12unc92sax2012-11-10 21:29:00
Why is crashing my game?2neto3332012-11-10 19:04:00
Glowing Sackboy Problem8Unknown User2012-11-10 06:11:00
Basic level creation tips ?3Unknown User2012-11-08 23:33:00
Note Text Vanishing2Unknown User2012-11-08 06:03:00
Emit in a random spot within an area?6Unknown User2012-11-07 23:32:00
Rotate 90 degrees7Unknown User2012-11-07 23:23:00
"Visible in Play Mode" option set to Off : also off in Create Mode ?6Unknown User2012-11-06 22:47:00
Poison water7Unknown User2012-11-05 10:38:00
Trophies not popping8Unknown User2012-11-05 03:18:00
Logic help; repeating random sequences and such?10DP6943772012-11-04 00:01:00
Well I just lost all my LBPV save data15Unknown User2012-11-02 21:33:00
Player lives3catsand2012-10-31 23:57:00
How did they make the lava in High Pressure Cellar?18snowyjoe2012-10-31 13:23:00
Audio lag?12Normo2012-10-30 11:25:00
I think this means LBP@ and LBP items are coming to VITA!9danthi662012-10-29 23:06:00
Paint tool5danthi662012-10-29 22:28:00
DLC costumes2danthi662012-10-29 22:21:00
Movie Camera fades broken?1FlipMeister2012-10-29 19:08:00
Repositioning Notes/Text4Unknown User2012-10-29 01:20:00
Enabling Tilt and Rotation Functionalities without the use of a Controlinator?3Night Angel2012-10-28 04:59:00
music to silence?5bigcosmos2012-10-28 01:41:00
Advanced Mover staying on issue!4Unknown User2012-10-28 01:40:00
An object emitting itself2Unknown User2012-10-27 10:58:00
Is there an FAQ or tutorial somewhere about Menu Screens and Level Selects?4Unknown User2012-10-26 21:27:00
Isometric Camera ?4Unknown User2012-10-25 16:36:00
Touch help3Unknown User2012-10-25 12:54:00
Turning the Vita & Gravity-Problems7Chup2012-10-24 20:39:00
Movie Camera as Game Camera?4koltonaugust2012-10-24 06:09:00
hulk cosutme7neto3332012-10-24 05:19:00
2 player cameras2Unknown User2012-10-24 00:11:00
in/out mover & Touch-Problems6Chup2012-10-23 10:16:00
Touch overide chip?6Poshy2012-10-22 12:16:00
Selecting an option4Unknown User2012-10-21 23:24:00
Emitted Tags not working? Help Please5Unknown User2012-10-21 20:54:00
can?t play online4neto3332012-10-21 17:35:00
In/Out Movers not working properly5Wolffy1232012-10-20 17:35:00
Strange numbers with timers on speed scale4kemengjie2012-10-19 14:35:00
level link help please2wolfy_6162012-10-18 21:08:00
Invisible Spikes Material?2Wolffy1232012-10-18 00:32:00
Beg: LittleBigPlanet Vita Knights of Old Preorder Code3Unknown User2012-10-17 01:52:00
Lighting tips?6fullofwin2012-10-16 20:58:00
Cross Controller Software?3futureboy2012-10-16 17:19:00
Creating Unbreakable Joints?9ChrisF21122012-10-16 01:17:00
wrong VITA catagory3futureboy2012-10-15 18:39:00
Need help with Menu1Unknown User2012-10-14 11:29:00
Create mode crash tips?4koltonaugust2012-10-14 08:06:00
Tilt Control Help!4unc92sax2012-10-13 20:14:00
Hide Touchscreen Create widgets9koltonaugust2012-10-11 23:24:00
How do I make the touch material switch layers at either front or rear touch?4Unknown User2012-10-11 21:11:00
Any Spotlights?11Kiminski2012-10-10 13:39:00
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