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Background Goodies Bag3MineValubleOres2018-02-23 09:57:00
Magic Mouth Questioner (New Logic)2Stromsburgdude2018-01-05 08:52:00
Color Adjuster Chip6venat2017-03-20 06:28:00
More electro swing!3CamostarAtIsabella2017-03-04 17:29:00
Pomplamoose music!2CamostarAtIsabella2016-11-24 17:08:00
star wars DLC packs2blueblur982016-08-12 09:31:00
Battleborn dlc costume pack1sackboyfan2016-07-16 15:40:00
New Music DLC2DukeD122016-07-09 22:21:00
uses for floaty fluid2LuigiM92016-04-30 19:28:00
Delete uploaded photos1Eskimoasd2016-04-19 23:23:00
Update on State of Community7Bonnell72016-04-03 21:36:00
Cool Page?3Ola20202016-04-02 03:47:00
3D gameplay2burgerstupr2016-01-11 04:53:00
Memorizer Tweak4koltonaugust2016-01-05 11:34:00
Quest Tweaker1koltonaugust2016-01-02 04:44:00
LittleBigPlanet Level of the Month4AxisTheLegend2015-10-21 02:38:00
Question about the upcoming LittleBigPlanet Hub4Yatterhog2015-10-03 14:25:00
Persona 4 costume pack.1CamostarAtIsabella2015-09-29 01:16:00
Indestructible option for connectors3JAMARK12015-09-14 03:53:00
Amputation Tweaker4JAMARK12015-09-14 03:44:00
Classical music DLC4Jonarrthan2015-08-12 14:18:00
Reversible Sound Effects4jaffakree5032015-08-07 07:03:00
Add a Costume Tweaker5minifat2015-03-07 19:52:00
Platforming tips!4gurren0092015-03-01 05:29:00
LBPVita and LBP Karting Music Pack8THE-73est2015-02-23 19:46:00
Costume DLC: physical features should change texture to match skin (as some do now)2LittleBigDave2014-12-17 19:22:00
Make Sackpeople not look at word balloons.4Tyler2014-12-17 17:26:00
Better Search.3psn_zerocub2014-12-17 00:50:00
Dlc you want to see in lbp3!11LittleBigNinja232014-12-17 00:36:00
A better sackpocket.3eyepet20022014-12-16 21:42:00
Dr Who Level Pack5GribbleGrunger2014-12-16 08:04:00
Costume Lock/Community DLC2AlekkusuFuyu2014-12-15 19:23:00
The Light Tweaker5TheSonic411252014-12-13 19:08:00
Unbreakable Pistons14blacksackman2014-12-13 09:59:00
Show item quantity in SackPocket2LittleBigDave2014-12-12 19:04:00
Resizable level badges on Adventure Maps4LittleBigDave2014-12-12 18:58:00
Record Character animation tweakers5AlekkusuFuyu2014-12-12 18:55:00
Quest Progress on Level Badge2rrad10n2014-12-12 14:38:00
View Mode tweaker4modernknight2014-12-11 21:49:00
Free island creation8Darkavenger_132014-12-11 18:11:00
Guardians of the Galaxy DLC6blastroid2014-12-10 14:24:00
Bring back Pod loading9minifat2014-12-09 23:06:00
The Dream Tweak4blacksackman2014-12-08 10:54:00
Game of thrones Lord of the Rings!!4Darkavenger_132014-12-08 09:59:00
Animation speed option for the decoration mount.3AcAnimate2014-12-06 12:34:00
SHAREboard8flaidan2014-12-05 04:00:00
Bring Back the Dive In feature18xx_ixcoy_xx2014-12-04 23:55:00
Make grab sensor's character setting include sackbots of that character1TheBeardyMan2014-12-01 08:12:00
Controlled Sackbots using sackpocket and organizatron5UndeadMafioso2014-12-01 02:41:00
Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE!!!12LoVeRiCe2014-11-30 04:28:00
So... Why isn't there a LittleBigPlanet movie?10mr_D222014-11-28 12:59:00
material edges/corner points controllable with logic9ForcesWerwolf2014-11-27 21:01:00
sticker mover4ForcesWerwolf2014-11-27 20:09:00
A tag for "local multiplayer" and "online multiplayer".3mako942014-11-26 00:41:00
Placing photos in the sticker creator1Lt_Twinklez2014-11-25 20:21:00
Give us division please!20Willman42014-11-25 11:42:00
Bring back stars n hearts36poorjack2014-11-25 01:47:00
Ability to recolor materials or decorations placed on Your Earth/Moon or character2Menen1012014-11-24 01:58:00
Shadows (Fix already included)3bluearth2014-11-24 00:52:00
Puffy in the sky14TheFourKings2014-11-23 19:14:00
Real Time Cycle tool and Current Time tool3LoVeRiCe2014-11-23 13:12:00
Cool Pages Adjustment4Mean_Creek2014-11-23 04:04:00
Infinite Bendy Rail Loop3LoVeRiCe2014-11-22 23:56:00
Let you change the subtitles language.1chongue2014-11-22 21:55:00
Bring back the Circuit Node features3tdarb2014-11-22 16:46:00
Hmm, how about all the sounds we had available in LBP2?6Archon4532014-11-22 09:21:00
More Levels and Costumes for the New Characters2LuckyMax52014-11-21 17:48:00
Power up editor5TheFourKings2014-11-20 18:17:00
Sackpocket for Sackbots6Archon4532014-11-20 04:13:00
Ability to Prevent Players from Playing LBP2 levels in LBP37KlawwTheClown2014-11-19 13:27:00
Timesavers Pack38TheSonic411252014-11-19 03:52:00
Visualized Tool Suggestions3Bonnell72014-11-18 16:13:00
This may not be a suggestion, it's more of a question.9Nickey2112014-11-16 19:46:00
Deforming Option for the Material Tweaker5clearwolves2014-11-16 08:00:00
LBP Vita levels Compatibility (Idea/Concept)3clank2362014-11-13 01:05:00
Can we have a "bump" sound effect?3Jacob467192014-11-12 21:43:00
Animated Stickers6GribbleGrunger2014-11-09 14:12:00
Custom decorations2hm832014-11-09 08:12:00
Concerns and suggestions about backwards compatibility for new players.17instro2014-11-08 23:34:00
Ideas5Sean882014-11-07 14:04:00
The Ability To Change The Material Sackoy (And Friends) Are Made Of13GribbleGrunger2014-11-07 10:25:00
A follower that stays with sackboy.9Reef19782014-11-07 02:42:00
LBP3 having servers8gurren0092014-11-05 21:41:00
5 People Able To Play At The Same Time12LeviOrDie2014-11-03 21:51:00
Option to disable the whooshing sound when your going at high speeds?11dominatordompier2014-11-02 14:56:00
Separate Layer Detection in Tag Sensors5koltonaugust2014-11-02 05:39:00
A telekinesis chip.20reecehodgson2014-11-01 12:39:00
Some suggestions for the broadcast microchip1amiel4455662014-11-01 05:56:00
100% Controllable Camera Angle2f3am42014-10-31 19:49:00
Word Fonts36TheFourKings2014-10-30 11:45:00
Sensible Suggestions For LBP326GribbleGrunger2014-10-30 11:02:00
Square Sensor Zones36GribbleGrunger2014-10-30 09:10:00
Walking Animation Actually Makes Sackboy/Sackbots Move.2GribbleGrunger2014-10-29 16:50:00
Power Orbs6reecehodgson2014-10-28 09:04:00
Allow Shareplay with the LBP3 Beta8GribbleGrunger2014-10-28 04:26:00
Turn Off ALL Built In Sounds1GribbleGrunger2014-10-27 22:50:00
Copying whitelist2mr_D222014-10-27 13:30:00
Scaling multi-port logic, open chips and Reset / Zero out values.1AcAnimate2014-10-26 21:56:00
Ideas for hats!3reecehodgson2014-10-26 20:27:00
Rainbow Materials!1reecehodgson2014-10-26 19:06:00
Touchpad To Button Binding??4reecehodgson2014-10-26 17:39:00
Logic For Newbies.7reecehodgson2014-10-26 15:27:00
Grabby Options!4reecehodgson2014-10-26 14:56:00
Airtight in material tweaker7dominatordompier2014-10-25 16:43:00
Climbing Stairs Animation.7GribbleGrunger2014-10-25 04:05:00
All Pod Music tracks as collectables2TheSonic411252014-10-24 21:23:00
Automatic Layer Transparency13GribbleGrunger2014-10-23 00:37:00
Music Instruments4TheFourKings2014-10-23 00:21:00
How about a reward if you bought the other numeric editions?7chongue2014-10-22 18:17:00
Save current logic state.11AcAnimate2014-10-21 22:50:00
Bring back the 4 unreleased themes?15FattyMcintosh2014-10-21 00:46:00
Custom Power Up Capability11TheFourKings2014-10-20 16:14:00
Save Object Lock20NARUTO25062014-10-20 05:51:00
Visibility specific to players2Lt_Twinklez2014-10-19 21:24:00
DLC Animation Ideas!10TheSonic411252014-10-19 04:16:00
Fixing God Mode Glitch4choalover2014-10-18 23:39:00
Grid toggle, Grouping and Instances.9AcAnimate2014-10-17 19:07:00
OPTION: Autosave in Create Mode or Save Level Reminder #LBP3Wishes10madmarsrocks2014-10-17 08:16:00
who should the voice actor be for lbp 35nintenguy2014-10-16 23:38:00
Powerup making possibilities11ZNBJ2014-10-16 10:21:00
Ability to make your own costume pieces?7ZombieTV322014-10-16 02:45:00
people in themes3garcia_hollow182014-10-15 20:30:00
Costume Piece and Mood Sensor plus Others6TheSonic411252014-10-15 01:43:00
Paintballs3dominatordompier2014-10-13 21:57:00
Bring back the ice hazard?12dominatordompier2014-10-13 21:40:00
Pre-Recorded Cinematics Option1TheSonic411252014-10-11 19:32:00
Zero Gravity actually being Zero Gravity5Lt_Twinklez2014-10-11 14:44:00
Mutiple Magic Mouths/text boxes displayed at a time, which are customisable.3daz36262014-10-11 05:40:00
More suggestions, since my previous ones were apparently realistic enough lol3daz36262014-10-11 00:59:00
Some vital tools/ideas I would like to see in LBP3 (hopefully not too unrealistic)7daz36262014-10-10 22:55:00
No More Hearts, Yays, or Plays Pins19flaidan2014-10-07 23:59:00
Previous Voices & Voice Custom3TheFourKings2014-10-07 22:31:00
More themed objects!18Laxen3332014-10-05 14:03:00
More real life Hazards!10Laxen3332014-10-05 13:41:00
Use of the Select Button / Moving Good Grief to Start Menu11TheSonic411252014-10-04 18:01:00
Emitter that stamps3MMLgamer2014-10-04 09:56:00
better paint tool7cuddelbunny2014-10-04 07:23:00
Split Screen Option?2airide1012014-10-04 00:49:00
LBP3 Sticker And Decoration Dissusion Thread.11CamostarAtIsabella2014-10-03 21:45:00
More Music Sequencer Ideas2TheSonic411252014-10-03 01:47:00
scor bored prize points1cuddelbunny2014-10-03 01:18:00
Pin Hats and Backpacks!4Devious_Oatmeal2014-09-30 03:29:00
Pixel-Artist Friendly Tools3Dobbed2014-09-28 19:14:00
Invincible Sackbots and Other Manipulation7TheSonic411252014-09-28 18:30:00
Voice Filters for Magic Mouth3TheSonic411252014-09-27 16:02:00
Auto Parallax Scrolling16GribbleGrunger2014-09-27 14:40:00
Local Music Object3MMLgamer2014-09-25 06:20:00
LittleBigPlanet Vita Costume Packs for LittleBigPlanet 38TheSonic411252014-09-25 05:02:00
Music Suggestion2amiel4455662014-09-25 01:27:00
Material Rotator, Surface Editor, Solid to Light Matter, Stray Paint9TheFourKings2014-09-24 20:31:00
Title Screen Creator & Hud Creator5rambo34162014-09-21 22:57:00
Optional Voices for Sackboy & Friends3TheSonic411252014-09-21 16:25:00
Something minor (forums)1amiel4455662014-09-21 06:55:00
Better scoreboard2XX_sonicfan_XX2014-09-20 18:07:00
Sackboy/Sackbot HP Meter. (The Advanced Counter)4TheSonic411252014-09-20 02:22:00
Live link ingame video5amiel4455662014-09-19 09:10:00
butten senser9cuddelbunny2014-09-19 00:16:00
Generic backgrounds6Biv2014-09-18 01:52:00
Cool Creators?1rarfi2014-09-17 19:06:00
invisible senser15cuddelbunny2014-09-17 01:21:00
rainbow meteral13cuddelbunny2014-09-16 23:47:00
We need Boos Back!59XX_sonicfan_XX2014-09-16 22:07:00
Fix the randomiser!11The Don2014-09-16 14:52:00
Steveni please let us comment on ur profile again.2Ola20202014-09-14 00:19:00
Green Screen (not what you think)7MMLgamer2014-09-13 16:15:00
TV Screen Material/Youtube Manipulation6TheSonic411252014-09-12 21:42:00
Cool Page in Front Again11Ola20202014-09-12 15:41:00
A better working censor system5Jonarrthan2014-09-12 00:53:00
Power-up Tweaker4Devious_Oatmeal2014-09-10 20:59:00
Grouping5Devious_Oatmeal2014-09-10 20:44:00
Solid/Liquid/Air Tweaker2Devious_Oatmeal2014-09-10 20:26:00
Playstation eye compatibility3Turtle-man20002014-09-10 12:50:00
HUD Mode in Create (With Pictures)7Shadenmonk2014-09-10 04:28:00
Material Eyedropper8Menen1012014-09-09 02:15:00
Pod ideas2TheSonic411252014-09-08 04:01:00
A collection of slight additions9HomocidalChicken2014-09-06 02:57:00
Hopefully LBP 3 will be like no other LBP.9himan123456782014-09-05 02:21:00
dynamic curve.tool.7DreadRandal2014-09-04 20:43:00
Theck, thack, thock.14DreadRandal2014-09-04 19:13:00
A front/back toggle for edge editing on a single/multi thick layr material edit.11DreadRandal2014-09-04 19:08:00
best idea in the world7amiel4455662014-09-03 04:01:00
My Suggestions and Ideas.3Sean882014-09-02 14:25:00
Global Material Changer.12GribbleGrunger2014-09-02 07:59:00
ps4 red and blue controllers in pod16Laxen3332014-09-01 19:05:00
The Attatchable Claw4Menen1012014-09-01 09:34:00
Material changeinator4ZNBJ2014-09-01 01:12:00
Spawn Delay2TeakettleWarrior2014-08-30 00:53:00
Player-Specific option in Follower, Controlinator, etc.8JonL212014-08-28 06:34:00
Sackbot Versions of New Characters & Other costume ideas12TheSonic411252014-08-28 03:09:00
Sack on a String : New Item/Power-up for attaching sackboy to the world7Menen1012014-08-27 07:20:00
Twitch Switch3ForgottenEnigma2014-08-24 23:48:00
Colour Tweakers8KlawwTheClown2014-08-24 22:03:00
LBP.me Profile Colours4KlawwTheClown2014-08-24 21:16:00
LBP 2 & 1 Community Levels In LBP 34SuperSonic7092014-08-24 04:24:00
Tweakable Notes And inputs for notes2Mdoodle222014-08-23 19:27:00
My Amazing Idea9AnonymousGlasses2014-08-23 18:59:00
Awesome idea to get rid of copied levels!3minecrafter04822014-08-23 02:17:00
We want 3-d spheres!5rave2014e2014-08-22 18:22:00
Save your Progress through a Level! & Simplified Controller Layout Graphic7bluearth2014-08-21 21:15:00
Realtime clock switch20Frogmeister2014-08-21 20:13:00
More types of bodies for Sackboy / Using build materials on Sackboy11Menen1012014-08-21 07:12:00
Tools we want for RPG's and Adventure games13Rpg Maker2014-08-21 01:52:00
Custom Hud and Start Menu Manipulation4TheSonic411252014-08-20 22:12:00
More options for water/ New water hazard ideas33Menen1012014-08-20 02:18:00
Spectating when dead6XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-19 22:26:00
Teleport Logic, Object Flipper & Sky Box22bluearth2014-08-19 07:52:00
Turn Of ALL Sound Effects4GribbleGrunger2014-08-19 03:35:00
Checkpoint outputs6chronos4532014-08-18 21:35:00
video trailers for lbp2 levels without turning them to lbp3 levels?3ForcesWerwolf2014-08-18 13:09:00
Sumo digital please read things we the community want changed!4rave2014e2014-08-17 19:17:00
Jail Toggle Coustume.2CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-17 18:42:00
Customizable Pop-it Colors19L1N3R1D3R2014-08-17 18:39:00
Level Background shouldn't take up thermo10YungDaVinci2014-08-17 17:49:00
Filters6amiel4455662014-08-17 02:38:00
Level Tabs!14XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-17 02:33:00
My Top FIVE Suggestions For LBP3!5TheMorta2014-08-16 06:33:00
Unused Story Missions as DLC in LBP3.4Teatrees2014-08-16 06:17:00
Videos!15XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-15 23:46:00
DS4 and Brain crane7ForgottenEnigma2014-08-15 12:46:00
Mover Priority5Thepowaofhax2014-08-14 21:02:00
HUD layer4Sharfik19952014-08-14 20:44:00
Online Non-Shared Screen Game1SwagosPuntos2014-08-14 17:29:00
Shrek DLC17SwagosPuntos2014-08-14 17:17:00
More suggestions.6JellyBellyScout2014-08-14 06:19:00
splitscreen2ZNBJ2014-08-14 02:04:00
Maybe a new LBP 3 Launch Rare T Shirt15cart_man9682014-08-14 01:58:00
Music Uploads!7raptor426942014-08-14 01:54:00
Improved Organization/Menu Navigation4Ryuhza2014-08-14 01:36:00
More sounds.5Sharfik19952014-08-13 22:00:00
Awesome suggestion!!! 111!!!!9purpledragon2092014-08-13 21:49:00
Video implementation!5amiel4455662014-08-13 21:27:00
Compiling of all the things I want.8Lord-Dreamerz2014-08-13 18:38:00
3D!16reece87652014-08-13 18:05:00
Dynamic Sackbot Costume Changing3YungDaVinci2014-08-13 17:10:00
Moar Camera options?3XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-12 06:05:00
Block Feature?13cart_man9682014-08-12 05:39:00
Text colours1Jonarrthan2014-08-11 23:18:00
If possible3Jonarrthan2014-08-11 19:12:00
Compatible Drawing Pad9LoVeRiCe2014-08-11 12:10:00
Suggestion list8JellyBellyScout2014-08-11 05:02:00
Better tutorials9ZNBJ2014-08-11 03:35:00
Sort Reviews by Newest.3lve_msg2014-08-10 23:51:00
Cooler pod?21XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-10 18:49:00
Pod hangout?2Shadowbender092014-08-10 11:28:00
All costumes from lbp vita and lbp karting gets avaliable in lbp33smash9092014-08-09 23:34:00
Popit Customization and Online Passes6minecrafter04822014-08-09 17:56:00
Variable Layer Priority2LoVeRiCe2014-08-09 11:37:00
Symmetrical Stickering and Decorating?11TeakettleWarrior2014-08-09 04:58:00
Better creatures, please!5KlawwTheClown2014-08-09 01:13:00
Tweening materials and objects8LoVeRiCe2014-08-08 10:58:00
Left Bank Two in the LBP3 intro?5dominatordompier2014-08-07 17:33:00
save own changed costume parts / hide costume parts4ForcesWerwolf2014-08-07 14:13:00
LBP3 Public Beta? I know you're reading this Steven...23XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-07 14:01:00
Bring back all the rares.10holow_tips182014-08-07 10:38:00
make the sackbots bigger.4holow_tips182014-08-07 10:31:00
Word Filter/ Report Spam Button3Chitin Birds2014-08-07 07:41:00
Global Weather Effects2TeakettleWarrior2014-08-07 06:37:00
bring back the bouncy head!5Seant12282014-08-07 05:20:00
Littlebigplanet3 costume ideas15peanut1life2014-08-06 23:34:00
Coloured Text2dyna2014-08-06 22:32:00
>:U2chronos4532014-08-06 22:07:00
Goodbye Copy Button? PLEASE!94XX_sonicfan_XX2014-08-06 07:03:00
Forum Picks6Sharfik19952014-08-05 17:37:00
Sackbots that can swim and go under water!17raptor426942014-08-05 10:27:00
Music Sequencer1raptor426942014-08-04 23:40:00
Convert Captured Objects into Stickers?7comishguy672014-08-04 23:09:00
I have no idea what to call this idea but I like the idea so here9dominatordompier2014-08-04 17:08:00
A time tweaker12dominatordompier2014-08-04 17:02:00
optional reason text for declining / busy icon6ForcesWerwolf2014-08-04 16:07:00
Invisible level edges.3Sharfik19952014-08-04 11:27:00
Customize pod controller8ZNBJ2014-08-04 08:41:00
3D cameras6ZNBJ2014-08-04 08:30:00
Translucent material6Tman5962014-08-04 05:58:00
Advanced Focus on Music.3Tylerthedragon2014-08-03 16:13:00
Ghost Tool3rambo34162014-08-03 04:09:00
The News Section5Smuffy042014-08-02 03:41:00
The Planets15dyna2014-08-01 22:15:00
New Bots10SackRanger182014-08-01 16:45:00
A Sub Category to Team Picks11SEWO972014-08-01 07:33:00
Better Hazards11dyna2014-08-01 02:14:00
Danger Tool+7ThomasMurphy672014-07-31 11:06:00
Improved / Replaced Pod!15mr_krispy_kreme2014-07-31 08:25:00
Music sequencing. (2nd music-related thread)4purpledragon2092014-07-31 01:33:00
Controllnator entering- new options3Darthvadre112014-07-30 20:32:00
Queued levels5Jonarrthan2014-07-30 10:32:00
Climb Tool3rambo34162014-07-30 03:02:00
More Water Variations4rambo34162014-07-30 02:57:00
Using PlayStation App on LBP35fly8fly12014-07-29 14:00:00
Memorizer Improvements13koltonaugust2014-07-29 08:40:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 DLC Ideas171mexicanwarrior622014-07-28 23:41:00
Custom Textures!7zouz_2014-07-28 22:56:00
Putting categories on your planet9fly8fly12014-07-28 06:47:00
LBP3 Ps4 Possibilities5stryder122014-07-28 04:44:00
Water Material4SwagosPuntos2014-07-27 22:09:00
Multicolored lights3YungDaVinci2014-07-26 23:11:00
wind system (control how strong and what direction wind is at)13assassinhedgehog2014-07-26 03:34:00
Invisible Option1koltonaugust2014-07-24 09:38:00
Controlinator/emitter options6KingerBrocku2014-07-24 01:01:00
Water physics12OrreKorris2014-07-23 09:16:00
Bigger moons to compensate for increasing number of levels?8wally-2172014-07-19 18:18:00
Local MP Split Screen18YungDaVinci2014-07-19 00:02:00
Editing HUD, like in Karting but better11YungDaVinci2014-07-18 23:57:00
Turning on the y-axis5YungDaVinci2014-07-18 20:48:00
Music Sequencer in LBP329TheMorta2014-07-17 23:20:00
Merge with LBPKarting?5L1N3R1D3R2014-07-15 21:08:00
few of my important suggestions3Sharfik19952014-07-10 22:07:00
Touch from LBPV?6JLU513062014-07-09 00:28:00
More then 4 players23DaFrontPorch2014-07-08 16:32:00
Universal Lives Chip and Global Light Sensor3Thepowaofhax2014-07-06 18:18:00
Creator Leaderboard on LBP.me8GribbleGrunger2014-07-06 07:34:00
Upload video to LBP.me5ForgottenEnigma2014-07-02 18:06:00
More awkward requests1MMLgamer2014-07-02 16:44:00
Controller Features4MMLgamer2014-07-01 10:40:00
Cool Pages in the front!17sega425962014-06-30 19:24:00
Online Mode problems!4rave2014e2014-06-30 04:54:00
More focus/larger Music Sequencers8Tylerthedragon2014-06-29 18:51:00
Replace Material Function5Tynz212014-06-29 02:30:00
Quicksand Material6Thepowaofhax2014-06-29 02:05:00
Music55Deftmute2014-06-27 21:02:00
Better Statistics10jaffakree5032014-06-27 06:21:00
No copying?10Rhn5star2014-06-26 22:23:00
All Collectables Please182GribbleGrunger2014-06-26 01:26:00
Dephysicaliser chip please.3GribbleGrunger2014-06-23 11:03:00
Level Compressor!8Kamee992014-06-23 01:44:00
New menu and popit menu! & pod ideas4rave2014e2014-06-18 20:18:00
Stuff We Want Changed In LBP334rave2014e2014-06-15 23:55:00
A short list of suggestions4Jonarrthan2014-06-15 21:06:00
A Suggestion For The Developers And Sony (HI!)4GribbleGrunger2014-06-13 01:05:00
What do you want to see the most in LBP3?73Reef19782014-06-10 20:15:00

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Die Nutzung dieser Webseite erfolgt ohne Speicherung personenbezogener Daten. Es werden keinerlei Cookies, Logs, 3rd-Party-Plugins etc. verwendet.