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[LBP1] Tutorials [Archive]

Archive: 288 threads

Crown head-wear for Sackboy!9Ryanz192012-01-04 14:34:00
NEW GLITCH!! [Maybe]4Unknown User2011-09-05 18:13:00
Quick Creator Tips3Unknown User2011-07-21 20:55:00
How to rotate motor bolts at precise angles3Xario2011-02-08 00:23:00
Normal DLC on Collector's Edition3mutant_red_peas2011-01-22 11:23:00
The Egolance Throne10Unknown User2011-01-19 23:08:00
LBP2 Teachings/Tips4Nurolight2011-01-16 23:54:00
Musicboxes4Unknown User2011-01-11 18:24:00
Curious Luck4IStwisted2011-01-07 05:21:00
Documenting a level3PerfectlyDarkTails2011-01-05 20:54:00
Creating a glowing outline picture6Jayhawk_er2011-01-05 01:02:00
Guide to lbp photos9Unknown User2011-01-01 21:50:00
ag4 Tutorials: Best tips for creating5Unknown User2010-12-23 16:07:00
HD Level Badges - Experienced Help2user creationater2010-12-21 10:42:00
Planning Decent and Fun series or Levels9Unknown User2010-12-18 05:30:00
ag4 Tutorials: Costumes1Unknown User2010-12-17 19:18:00
Advanced Chrome Glitch Techniques7Blue Helmet2010-12-17 07:30:00
Dont be Selfish To New LBPC People4Unknown User2010-12-16 00:34:00
How to 'ghost' objects for 3D backgrounds11Entity2010-12-06 02:32:00
Merge Objects using Checkpoints!15Blue Helmet2010-12-03 03:13:00
ag4 Tutorials: PS3 Theme/Background...5Unknown User2010-11-26 22:30:00
How to UN-NAUX6Unknown User2010-11-24 19:49:00
Best 100% Story prizes guide!3Merc2010-11-14 20:27:00
How to make a succesful clan24Unknown User2010-11-12 05:01:00
The Un-hazard Button11BangGhost2010-11-10 00:06:00
Creature Brain Gap Glitch5RibShark2010-11-08 19:19:00
Is there any way to recover paint9Twilightoutcast2010-11-07 16:36:00
Jets glitch8Gui_Rike2010-11-06 01:50:00
Multi-Input Logic - for Luos_Desruc1mutant_red_peas2010-11-01 21:14:00
non lethal plasma12calyst_aayla2010-10-31 18:37:00
Flickering Light Tutorial (Easy Logic)3Unknown User2010-10-31 07:17:00
Corner edit with 2 people!13Unknown User2010-10-20 16:08:00
Tutorial: How to make a working hovercar9flamesterart2010-10-20 01:58:00
Bang126's Creating Tips (Updated Weekly)15Bang1262010-10-19 18:43:00
Chrome glitch methods5lifeiscrapislife2010-10-19 14:21:00
The Beautiful Scenes Guide14septamus1122010-10-18 23:43:00
Invisible Powerups!21Super_Clone2010-10-16 18:41:00
Nariko Dress Trick4Dazzle Eyes2010-10-08 20:55:00
Glowing Skeleton (post leerdamer)11Benoas2010-10-07 17:30:00
How to: Make the THOCK Material24septamus1122010-10-06 02:52:00
Copying Sackboy34GreatWhite0002010-10-06 00:31:00
BETTER thermo cheating glitch10dragonights2010-10-05 03:34:00
How my music puzzle works in "Bunnies Just Wanna Have Fun"9Foofles2010-09-30 19:00:00
Warp Speed in three easy steps7Unknown User2010-09-30 01:30:00
Kooky Kody's Kraptastic KustomCheckpoint Tutorial7kodymcq2010-09-23 23:56:00
Very Rare chrome glitch54kieran2010-09-23 14:39:00
Level Icons Tutorial6Unknown User2010-09-22 19:33:00
How to: Make Glowing Designs16septamus1122010-09-21 22:17:00
Teleporter - Two methods14Unknown User2010-09-20 23:50:00
Level ideas :)9kieran2010-09-18 15:41:00
Animated Signatures5Struanmcd2010-09-13 20:53:00
Background Movement Tutorial4Unknown User2010-09-10 09:06:00
Back to front decorations4lifeiscrapislife2010-09-09 10:01:00
How to make a 1-layer sensor switch (not mine, I heard it somewhere)5mutant_red_peas2010-09-08 18:19:00
How to make a TOWER DEFENSE in Little BIg Planet10nowblink2010-09-08 01:54:00
scary faic glitch and how to1endgame2010-09-08 00:13:00
How to make your own addtion calculator useing BCD calculator,basics of numeral logic18Shadowriver2010-09-07 17:20:00
How to make a currency system5nowblink2010-09-07 02:27:00
Tutorial:How to make an explosion.4Arnald232010-09-07 01:51:00
How to make a Karma Tracker3nowblink2010-09-06 09:16:00
Tutorial Advance Wheel Detection1nowblink2010-09-06 09:13:00
How to make a direction board (Selection Menu)8nowblink2010-09-06 02:28:00
JackofCourse's Creator Notes (Illustrated)11Weretigr2010-09-04 20:48:00
How to make a robot....10nowblink2010-09-04 05:15:00
Separate Checkpoint Spawn System For 2X!8KlawwTheClown2010-09-03 22:18:00
Look at your pod from the outside!11OK11242010-09-02 19:20:00
How to make a good Horror Level.4Unknown User2010-09-02 01:54:00
How to make x,y sackboy tracker3Inferno2010-09-02 00:44:00
Ability To Use O Button as a Command.21Unknown User2010-08-31 18:12:00
A guide to Logic Signals, Wireless Logic, and a special method of Demitting13robbit102010-08-29 14:42:00
Editable "popped layer"21YEAH_NAH2010-08-26 05:25:00
The Definitive List of Guides and Tutorials16schm02010-08-25 18:53:00
LBP Wheel Rotation Detect & Uncut Advanced Hydralics5Arnald232010-08-25 15:42:00
AssassinatorRFC's guide to cutscenes18AssassinatorRFC2010-08-24 07:46:00
AssassinatorRFC's guide to cutscenes2AssassinatorRFC2010-08-24 07:30:00
Tutorial Requests1Holguin862010-08-23 00:04:00
tips on how to make a decent horror level14wait wtf2010-08-21 01:13:00
a modification of Aya042's "How To Avoid Distorted Avatars" with mirror glitch9Unknown User2010-08-20 14:27:00
Copy without changing the texture pattern (of eg. lava)12Rogar2010-08-18 21:59:00
How to make a mag key switch trigger radius go across the entire map7bob is named bob2010-08-18 20:51:00
DLC-Free Paint Switch2Drakora2010-08-13 00:49:00
How to make Thermo Vision12septamus1122010-08-09 00:09:00
How to skip the create mode tutorials13Arnald232010-08-08 00:18:00
How to get a PERMANENT Black Poppit! 15 INSANELY EASY STEPS!22littlebigmeteor2010-08-07 04:50:00
Small, invisible & GRABBABLE material6lifeiscrapislife2010-08-06 17:02:00
Disabling 'O' button5Saku4012010-08-05 16:04:00
How to make sweet rims for your cars4IStwisted2010-08-05 07:27:00
Different Sensor Areas8ViniciusBR112010-08-04 01:53:00
How to make a Creator Entrance26Arnald232010-07-31 22:59:00
Logic Workshop45Incinerator222010-07-31 03:17:00
Complete Downloadable Content Guide7tanrockstan342010-07-27 12:12:00
Extra Layer Tool Tutorial13comphermc2010-07-22 18:32:00
Tutorials List9ViniciusBR112010-07-18 18:59:00
How to get free Marvel Kit Stickers (Well three of them anyway)7theamilien2010-07-18 15:52:00
How to Upload LBP Photos to the Internet41Incinerator222010-07-15 01:41:00
How To Recreate The Walkthrough Materials Glitch (Post-Leerdammer)16Aya0422010-07-14 20:27:00
Making Extreme Camera Angles9warlord_evil2010-07-10 22:23:00
Nonagon Revealed7Marauder472010-07-02 20:59:00
LittleBigPlanet Glitch - Syncronised(ish) Sackboy Swimming!13Arnald232010-06-29 14:43:00
Funky scoreboard3Strangepom2010-06-27 15:22:00
Editing PSN Avatar for LBP6warlord_evil2010-06-25 05:24:00
LBP Collapsing Bridge6Arnald232010-06-22 19:58:00
piston string9johnrulz772010-06-07 00:48:00
Did you know you can edit copied objects?2johnrulz772010-06-05 03:50:00
Border/Top Changer GLitch5ViniciusBR112010-06-03 19:18:00
Dissolve without Dissolve - A Tutorial on the Best of Creature Brains16Sunrise_Moon2010-06-02 06:03:00
LittleBigPlanet-Magic Mouth Tracking Camera Tutorial12Arnald232010-06-01 01:11:00
How to create a great spark effect21theamilien2010-05-29 12:10:00
How to Unlock Locked Community Levels10warlord_evil2010-05-26 16:56:00
How to make a cool Night Vision16ViniciusBR112010-05-17 02:04:00
Paint n' Fire Glitch: Tutorial9warlord_evil2010-05-16 22:43:00
How to cope with the loss of a level or your PS3 (YLoD)14TOWERS_85_872010-05-09 15:45:00
Theck & Thack Sublayer Guide46Incinerator222010-05-09 00:50:00
LBP In-Game Censorship List51Incinerator222010-05-06 01:44:00
Tutorial Spotlight22RockSauron2010-05-05 23:16:00
LBP Scoring System Analysis & Guide19Incinerator222010-05-02 19:32:00
Digital devices6onturenio2010-04-28 14:37:00
Heckboy's Thermometer Studies8Heckboy882010-04-24 02:23:00
Sourceless lights, invisible spikes, and a couple other tricks [UPDATED 4/29]22Sehven2010-04-11 03:49:00
[GUIDE] Flare Skull's Lost Book Of Creation7Flare Skull2010-04-08 00:45:00
LBP 101: How to Make a Flickering Light2Woflgod2010-04-03 16:38:00
How to get only the head of the hammer object8ViniciusBR112010-04-03 03:55:00
More ways to save thermo5SR20DETDOG2010-04-03 01:36:00
Dual Publishing4Widget2010-03-29 15:52:00
Merging Objects or Materials aka Compression Tool62damaz102010-03-26 15:13:00
Normal Uncensored Words in LBP29qrtda2355662010-03-20 22:07:00
How to make automatic point systems10X-FROGBOY-X2010-03-14 00:28:00
How To Recreate The 3D Layer Glitch79Aya0422010-03-13 18:20:00
Free water!!!!!!!!!!!!20YEAH_NAH2010-03-12 23:28:00
Discworld: Tips and tricks - video tutorial9TheAdipose2010-03-11 21:31:00
How To Seriously Cheat The Thermo155Aya0422010-03-11 18:55:00
The Complete Guide to Secret Materials and Stickers358trip0902010-03-10 22:07:00
A Guide to the Corner Edit Tool8lbpholic2010-03-10 15:13:00
How To Cheat The Thermo37Aya0422010-03-09 14:42:00
LittleBigBosses18Holguin862010-03-05 11:49:00
How To Avoid Distorted Avatars And Level Patches When Using Custom Stickers40Aya0422010-03-03 21:31:00
New (?) Waterfall Mechanic Tech Demo49rtm2232010-02-23 02:32:00
A quick guide to Hysteresis9Shadowheaven2010-02-22 14:28:00
How to make a basic character - video tutorial!7TheAdipose2010-02-21 12:47:00
How to use the 3D layer glitch - video tutorial!17TheAdipose2010-02-16 19:41:00
How to make any material be like a mirror52ViniciusBR112010-02-03 17:49:00
Level design - How to start your project and how to finish it (within three weeks)46Luos_832010-01-26 21:18:00
how to attach a bolt to sackboy!12theswweet2010-01-26 15:31:00
Pictures on forums3alex2010-01-25 16:54:00
How to force players to bounce14Syroc2010-01-23 10:15:00
Tutorial: how to cut story object and gain new amazing materials4POLLOePILLA2010-01-21 10:56:00
How to make a Story/Community Material editable16ViniciusBR112010-01-18 14:47:00
materials in one spot after Mm patch1Unknown User2010-01-12 09:49:00
Glitch: Blowing up any material4Hunter444672010-01-11 06:30:00
"How to make good scenery" tutorial videos - forest and logic!16TheAdipose2010-01-10 21:48:00
Creating Your Level: The Four P's13MrsSpookyBuz2010-01-09 14:32:00
"How to make good scenery" Tutorial videos - The Temple15TheAdipose2010-01-07 14:31:00
"How to make good scenery" Tutorial videos - The Boat!18TheAdipose2010-01-03 22:21:00
My Step-by-Step Guide for Being Inspired!14Plasmavore2010-01-03 20:31:00
Complex Shapes Tutorials: The Visual Guide42Incinerator222010-01-01 04:13:00
How to grab things small as you wish9POLLOePILLA2009-12-30 23:55:00
"How to make good scenery" Tutorial videos - The Cave!25TheAdipose2009-12-29 11:34:00
How to ace the Kraken Easily!12Plasmavore2009-12-24 12:25:00
LBP Water: Physics Details27LittleBigDave2009-12-23 18:26:00
How to decorate your level really well3NinjaLukeI2009-12-22 21:18:00
Easy Glitch Layer Backgrounds9magjistar2009-12-21 21:22:00
Making Metals, Wood, Stone, Etc. Movable *THE SECOND WAY*7psman0122009-12-20 20:14:00
Make your Pod move side to side41psman0122009-12-20 14:48:00
How to, rquest thread4Adrian9022009-12-19 22:50:00
The ability to grab any material in Create Mode7Botak_boy2009-12-18 08:18:00
Most Slick Material18Ticklethis2752009-12-12 17:47:00
How to make a custom SWITCH which you can customize to do whatever you want9lbpholic2009-11-21 06:06:00
Calculating Speed5Ayneh2009-11-15 18:30:00
Anti-Thermo Emitter16warlord_evil2009-11-13 13:49:00
LuisBravo1's videos2lbpholic2009-11-13 12:15:00
Defcon01 Videos11Defcon012009-11-09 01:56:00
Converting absolutly any item into its material equivalent.24theamilien2009-11-08 20:52:00
Level Badge Creating 1016amuseme5432009-11-08 17:08:00
Layer Glitch FAQ - Get the most out of your custom backgrounds/foregrounds36Teebonesy2009-11-02 23:23:00
DLC-Free Paint Switch: How to Make One4Drakora2009-11-02 20:20:00
Creating Landscape6TheAristocrat2009-11-01 08:54:00
Adding music level music to your story level4enodrawkcab2009-10-30 17:41:00
How to Make Tracks13manixbmw2009-10-27 17:31:00
the cogs(text only)8solid-snake2009-10-25 03:56:00
Player Counting-Multiplayers16srgt_poptart2009-10-24 03:30:00
Using two controllers in create mode, tips4Gilgamesh2009-10-23 14:32:00
How to Make a Escalator3manixbmw2009-10-20 18:57:00
How to make a good boss??6Unknown User2009-10-20 13:02:00
Testing and breaking your own levels8Gilgamesh2009-10-19 18:23:00
Creating Editable Invisible Material In Seconds25Incinerator222009-10-18 03:37:00
Need inspiration to think up a good level name?13Asbestos1012009-10-16 20:09:00
How do you create flashing lights?6CloudStrife_ca2009-10-16 06:25:00
How to make a Player Tracking Turret9manixbmw2009-10-11 22:22:00
Grabbing a invisible object6LittlePlanetBig2009-10-11 21:44:00
how to make a GOOD hoverboard!16theswweet2009-10-11 05:16:00
Easy Searching18warlord_evil2009-10-11 04:23:00
How to make rectangular sensor areas!51Treas2009-10-08 00:00:00
Helpful Threads and Links25Sunrise_Moon2009-10-06 03:07:00
Everything about the Cool Levels Pages.73RangerZero2009-10-05 18:04:00
The "How To Make Your Level Look Good" Video Series35KlawwTheClown2009-10-01 22:27:00
Creating truly random Randomizers!32Treas2009-09-28 13:15:00
How to Make a Touchable Checkpoint20ViniciusBR112009-09-28 02:05:00
[GLITCH] How To Make Scoreboards With Custom Screens6KlawwTheClown2009-09-25 00:45:00
Comprehensive Thermo Overview and Guide148comphermc2009-09-23 02:07:00
LittleBigPlanet Creator Mini-guide4manixbmw2009-09-21 18:20:00
Gravity Manipulation40warlord_evil2009-09-20 20:30:00
How do you create a score tracking system?9Fleakitten2009-09-18 02:58:00
Unofficial Privacy setting24Kern2009-09-17 17:00:00
How to make and INSANELY secure password8chezhead2009-09-15 23:23:00
How to make Elevator w/control and doors16manixbmw2009-09-12 12:45:00
How to make mech/walker's legs5SeniorGhost2009-09-12 11:14:00
How to make a tread?3SupaSack342009-09-10 21:36:00
how to make a Glitched Skeleton Skin6manixbmw2009-09-09 10:19:00
Co-op Levels3Kefkaas2009-09-07 21:55:00
Variable Length Pistons (Stops at different locations)44comphermc2009-09-07 04:00:00
How to get your EXP up?12acdramon2009-09-07 03:26:00
What are logic tools???2Raiden2009-09-06 00:10:00
Strange Glitch! AAAHHHHHH!5PSN:AAM27302009-09-05 17:32:00
Impact sounds10acdramon2009-09-04 04:23:00
How to get signature pics to show3acdramon2009-09-04 03:22:00
Do I get a Crown if my level reaches 100,000 plays?18SackBoy982009-08-31 05:36:00
Stuck trying to name a level?5acdramon2009-08-30 02:09:00
How to i win "Play, Create and Share" points in LBP?8ViniciusBR112009-08-29 14:42:00
How to create stich2Td4life2009-08-22 16:12:00
How To Play You'r Own In Game Music22Td4life2009-08-22 16:07:00
How to pick a movie level to make on LBP.6PSN:AAM27302009-08-19 02:04:00
Those cool sacks cutouts - how?30Vinceluk2009-08-18 18:22:00
Taking Apart Story Objects16Drakora2009-08-10 22:37:00
Want Gameplay Items, Smaller?6XHaveNoMercyX2009-08-10 21:20:00
Tutorial:Create a timer players can dynamically increase using a powerup system!(56k)11Unknown User2009-08-10 00:53:00
Making a Paint Switch without MGS Pack12Drakora2009-08-08 21:27:00
The LBPC Costume Item Archive76Unknown User2009-08-04 22:02:00
Creating "fake" hazards13goldenclaw132009-08-04 01:39:00
Trading Creation Tips7chezhead2009-07-31 21:42:00
Aslox's Guide to LBP Movies2KillerAslox2009-07-31 20:55:00
A How to on making layers, and putting objects in the background - TEXT ONLY18Unknown User2009-07-29 12:13:00
Making a level look good.12chezhead2009-07-29 05:40:00
How to make your levels in 3D14Loreyz2009-07-28 03:22:00
attatching things to sackboy22theamilien2009-07-26 12:30:00
Creator tips from Creators2Botak_boy2009-07-25 14:06:00
How do you make links?5javi haguse2009-07-24 14:53:00
Adam's Basic Guide To The Wobble Bolt6Adam90012009-07-21 16:54:00
How do you fight lack of inspiration?.38SrAbsolution2009-07-20 15:17:00
Movie Database Error1Nace3692009-07-16 20:20:00
[guide] How to get pictures for your LBPC F4F11element2009-07-15 17:37:00
Taking an in-game screenshot for PC17goldenclaw132009-07-15 06:52:00
Fixing Text Issues Before Publishing To The Masses5RickRock_7772009-07-14 04:50:00
How to keep views the same while enlarging stickers2tjb06072009-07-10 18:08:00
Guide on Promotion: "How to Get Your Level Played"4zim19852009-07-08 18:21:00
Something I just noticed about LBP.38tjb06072009-07-07 06:25:00
I started a Blog2Cpt_Sainsburys2009-06-21 22:31:00
Changing the background of the scoreboard21Kog2009-06-17 03:04:00
Back Up your LBP Data. Here's why and how.43rtm2232009-06-08 19:23:00
Expanding sticker effect on eyes9Lady_Luck__7772009-06-07 22:56:00
A Solution For Eliminating Emitted Object Dissolve Smoke10RickRock_7772009-06-07 18:00:00
[Glitch] 'Ghost' materials15Entity2009-06-03 16:25:00
Jackofcourse's Guide to Creating: UPDATED 18/9/09 Section 10 added.33jackofcourse2009-05-23 16:31:00
New glitches: Sharp Materials + Thick Invisible Material22Dexiro2009-05-22 23:39:00
GATES (instructions)13Alexxerth2009-05-21 00:52:00
[Guide] How to maximize plays and possibly get on Cool Levels.10brnxblze2009-05-17 19:28:00
Little things/tricks some don't know.36brnxblze2009-05-17 08:03:00
How to create 'fake' paintballs16Entity2009-05-13 02:00:00
How to make your own Anti-Color platforms AFTER CY!8DJLols2009-05-12 08:07:00
Smaller Scoreboards9DeathJohnson2009-05-10 13:11:00
Resizing the unresizable17Silverleon2009-05-09 04:30:00
Make an invisible wall of any material.7Silverleon2009-05-09 04:05:00
Logic: The Pudding of LBP119feloneouscat2009-05-05 16:52:00
Using Explosion Dust and Paintinator Splashes like stickers7Fjonan2009-05-04 13:23:00
How to use teh force in LBP13oldage2009-04-29 18:37:00
Extracting Tweakable Lasers in Cornish Yarg, Creating a Laser Wave30Unknown User2009-04-28 22:36:00
Perma Switches & Timed Events5DanC2009-04-25 15:51:00
Custom Colour Correction with Create Pack9GruntosUK2009-04-23 22:19:00
Hiding the big red cross that cancels the jetpack and paintinator!!!12GruntosUK2009-04-23 21:19:00
The Global Lighting Tool Official Guide9Coxy2242009-04-23 17:45:00
Placing explosives in your enemies9v0rtex2009-04-23 01:08:00
How to get the coloured Magic Mouths21Silverleon2009-04-18 02:15:00
videos on how to ace first steps8Unknown User2009-04-17 21:06:00
how to pt music of you ps3 on your lbp6Unknown User2009-04-17 14:53:00
How to tetherless jetpack30Jaeyden2009-04-16 12:19:00
Cinematic control using magic mouths: Do's and Don'ts18Thegide2009-02-25 20:27:00
What makes a good level - definitive thread13Coxy2242009-02-20 11:59:00
Units, Measurements and more81Walter-Kovacs2009-02-17 16:40:00
How to Make Noticable Custom Badges28Bear2009-02-04 14:18:00
GUIDE: How to get more plays on your level.62wexfordian2009-01-27 14:53:00
Wyth's guide to a polished level while retaining a sane mind6Wyth2009-01-21 11:05:00
How to Tame the Pesky Wobble Bolt20Inspectigater2009-01-19 15:45:00
Tutorial Spotlight31ConfusedCartman2009-01-09 00:10:00
Odd Censored LBP Words249Whalio Cappuccino2009-01-02 07:05:00
How to get the creative juices flowing31Elbee232008-12-02 10:09:00
When should I publish my level?16Elbee232008-12-01 15:36:00
Creator Tips50Linque2008-10-29 11:55:00
Problems & Solutions44Forsaken2008-11-09 17:28:00
Advice on creating a good level : Ultimate Edition43flakmagnet2008-10-20 14:59:00

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