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LBPC HAUNT II: (Part Three) The Full Moon Stands Tall3Outlaw-Jack2018-10-31 09:18:00
LBPC Haunt II: (Part Two) Over The Electric Fence4Outlaw-Jack2015-10-30 09:00:00
LBPC Haunt II: (Part One) A Botched Seance Commence5Outlaw-Jack2015-10-22 16:38:00
I write short stories2wolfbrother1172015-03-04 20:02:00
A Sestina I wrote for school1RockSauron2014-10-27 16:30:00
Best Before Date In A Nutshell.4CamostarAtIsabella2014-08-27 13:40:00
LBP3 Poem4charles--19702014-08-25 10:17:00
Poem: Storm of Sounds1Raku2014-08-03 08:27:00
Poem: Walking Backwards, Running Forwards1Raku2014-07-31 05:34:00
Ode to Craftworld [Poem]2wally-2172014-07-29 22:38:00
Poem: Twisted Reflection1Raku2014-07-29 05:48:00
Poem: Forever known, Fate (WIP)3Raku2014-07-27 04:35:00
The Mutants of Ascarth - a Doctor Who story in progress1The11thWheatley2014-07-26 18:32:00
A few of my old poems8GribbleGrunger2014-06-29 20:10:00
First chapter of a book I'll (hopefully) write.3Kalawishis2014-02-22 17:58:00
Why do I suck at Pet ownership?7Jaquan12542014-02-10 05:23:00
Why do I suck at Mathematics?16Jaquan12542014-02-06 01:17:00
Why do I suck at showers?19Jaquan12542014-01-29 22:51:00
For Puttatitut's Christmas Contest: "A Loving Girl's Acceptance"2Bryan_Zuckerberg2013-11-30 02:51:00
For Put's Contest: The Barn and the Hat4hyperdude952013-11-18 17:14:00
LBPC Haunt II: ... should I?15Outlaw-Jack2013-10-12 02:07:00
My LittleBigPlanet 2 and Karting Songs (Ported from Planetarium)1hyperdude952013-08-21 19:16:00
LBP Poem5charles--19702013-08-12 01:01:00
"Seagull With Nunchucks"?1Sackpapoi2013-03-15 18:51:00
The Worst Kind of Dystopia5Kalawishis2013-03-02 17:03:00
Fatal Fantasia (Rebirth x3..or was it 4?)6Shadowcrazy2013-02-04 01:34:00
A Story Based On LBPK6Protoraptor2012-12-28 23:25:00
LBPC Haunt: (Part Four) Breaking a Cursed Hold8Outlaw-Jack2012-10-15 06:21:00
A Hint of Things to Come1Outlaw-Jack2012-09-22 05:27:00
The Adventurer1Stix4892012-08-06 09:37:00
The Eye of Ender: A Minecraft Story by GDN0015gdn0012012-07-23 23:31:00
Mother Nature3Unknown User2012-05-22 19:09:00
Thread1Xtrahuman2012-05-19 03:03:00
To all the people that destroy people's creations and copy,3Xtrahuman2012-05-19 02:53:00
Trouble3Kaboosh992012-04-09 04:54:00
Worlds Apart110Outlaw-Jack2012-03-19 04:39:00
Metropolis City Tales: Cold as Ice Part One2flyinhawaiian2012-02-26 22:14:00
Manhole2Unknown User2012-01-30 19:10:00
In Peace3Unknown User2012-01-29 13:58:00
My Mind ( a short story about a dream I had)2nerzdadestroyer2011-12-28 10:53:00
The Adventures Of Mitty & Fluffles9Unknown User2011-12-20 07:41:00
Planet of the Noobs3Sackpapoi2011-12-17 09:31:00
Intro section to my untitled novel (work in progress)12rialrees2011-12-12 19:33:00
The Breaking dawn.2Valeview2011-10-28 19:37:00
Destination Unknown - A Time Travelling Short Story1Fastbro2011-10-27 18:45:00
LBPC Haunt: (Part Three) Secrets Yet To Be Told32Outlaw-Jack2011-10-25 07:16:00
LBPC Haunt: (Part Two) A Deadman's Rhapsody7Outlaw-Jack2011-10-23 03:33:00
LBPCentral's Tales of horror13butter-kicker2011-10-18 19:53:00
LBPC Haunt: (Part One) The Troublemakers Three12Outlaw-Jack2011-10-17 07:15:00
THE ENDLESS STORY- created by teh community.6nerzdadestroyer2011-09-04 10:34:00
An Essay I wrote for School (I THINK it's inspirational...)5RockSauron2011-08-29 02:37:00
Battle for Escalaphon - Based on warhammer 40k1Lordwarblade2011-08-26 15:54:00
LBPC: Galactic Epic Adventure Story3RockSauron2011-06-18 23:48:00
A Tale in The West (An LBPC Western)35Outlaw-Jack2011-06-18 07:07:00
LBPC: Duel at Sunset17Ayneh2011-06-01 23:34:00
Lucid Skies of Depression (NOVEL)12butter-kicker2011-04-12 15:35:00
If Only You Knew (poetry)4Outlaw-Jack2011-03-21 07:32:00
The Tale Of Horsie3Testudini2011-03-08 03:51:00
poem tonue-twister thingy6jimydog0002011-02-18 05:04:00
Koyo and the Beast and Red Hornet and the Claw1thecatreturns1232011-02-15 17:31:00
Arthur and the LittleBigAdventure4captain sack2011-01-15 14:55:00
Torn Stitches (LBP Story)8ThePineapplizer2010-12-30 21:03:00
A Christmas too much2domoqueen2010-12-15 00:04:00
sKiP iT! : Messages of Hope2domoqueen2010-12-08 23:26:00
iLEGEND's Poem Anthology3iLEGEND2010-12-03 06:56:00
Talons of Fire [creative writing project]8iLEGEND2010-12-03 06:46:00
War; A Poem1Drakora2010-11-20 02:32:00
The Adventures of Captain Muffins {part 2 added}1Unknown User2010-11-19 01:50:00
Scary Story3Milonster2010-11-11 05:19:00
The Weasels!1Unknown User2010-11-06 13:28:00
On the pain of death3unXpectiD2010-10-18 16:40:00
A Writing Preview3Joshua_is_wicked2010-10-17 03:05:00
Broken Wood's Scarecrow1domoqueen2010-10-17 02:24:00
A poem3unXpectiD2010-10-14 22:34:00
Prisoner8AA_BATTERY2010-10-14 05:30:00
One Moment3domoqueen2010-09-25 23:15:00
~A Beautiful "Leaf" Poem~ (Originally Made By Me)2chinook32010-09-25 02:45:00
~A Sad Story Thingy By chinook3~ [Funny]3chinook32010-09-22 23:50:00
The Swing- A short story by ME4Alternative_sack2010-09-21 21:14:00
My graphic novel plot for "Durode"1rez4552010-09-12 02:32:00
A Poem with No Intended Meaning8ShamgarBlade2010-09-08 23:18:00
o___O9domoqueen2010-08-21 04:16:00
Skye10SR20DETDOG2010-08-10 11:08:00
Far Away From Home Part114LWBear22010-08-08 01:53:00
What happens next?11LWBear22010-08-07 23:03:00
The Collector Avenged, Chapter 5: 5...4...3...2...1...Educate!3Joshua_is_wicked2010-07-28 02:46:00
The Collector Avenged: Chapters 2,3, & 42Joshua_is_wicked2010-07-26 19:25:00
Dream Runner Ep-1 - Pilot2koltonaugust2010-07-26 08:12:00
The Collector Avenged, Chapter 1: Revealing Names.5Joshua_is_wicked2010-07-21 17:05:00
LBPC: War for Existence7RockSauron2010-07-20 17:37:00
The Collector Avenged, Introduction: Media Molecule4Joshua_is_wicked2010-07-19 22:51:00
30003Unknown User2010-07-19 21:55:00
((Working Title))2Kern2010-07-16 22:07:00
New Dimension3lightningbug12010-07-09 16:46:00
THE ULTIMATE DESTINY OF SACKBOY WHO IS PROTAGONIST (A Funny Tale of Bad Grammar)61Kog2010-06-14 01:12:00
Ode to LBP22KablooieKablam2010-06-11 11:44:00
"Doctor," V8DulledDoll2010-06-10 06:30:00
LBP poem7Unknown User2010-06-07 03:18:00
A Love Story (prologue)2Unknown User2010-05-25 00:50:00
the BOUNTY poem6howMUCHforBOUNTY2010-05-20 22:12:00
Through The Cracks12dawesbr2010-05-09 02:05:00
The Creation Of Our World25Unknown User2010-05-07 02:40:00
Lolz4Unknown User2010-05-04 12:28:00
Jb's amazing adventure!23Joshofsouls2010-05-01 11:25:00
Sackboy: And the H4H'er's Curse5Unknown User2010-04-22 17:32:00
Blooming Death - 1st chapter in a book I am tring to write...5moonwire2010-03-29 19:03:00
Nothing: A Story of Creation and Doom10Testudini2010-03-28 17:37:00
A Day To Remember3lbpholic2010-02-18 09:28:00
Doran- A Story in Progress9RockSauron2010-01-30 19:11:00
Testament - spoken word poetry1Unknown User2010-01-27 19:46:00
Need some feedback on this essay, ASAP :D8Astrosimi2010-01-19 20:55:00
F4F: Sentenced to Death8Drakora2010-01-14 01:00:00
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award3pantspantspants2010-01-11 04:10:00
Hope- My Novel Excerpts5Plasmavore2010-01-07 20:32:00
A Poem of Armageddon2Charlemagne2010-01-06 09:37:00
Exciting Fallout 3-Borderlands-LBP fanfiction crossover! READ TODAY NOW!1qrtda2355662010-01-04 06:18:00
The Long and Winding Road10Theap Pleman2009-12-21 06:09:00
Whiteguard-a warhammer 40,000 fiction1The Gentleman2009-12-17 07:23:00
The Legend of the Christmas Turkey1RagTagPwner2009-12-09 05:36:00
Replacement- Now a poem because I'm too lazy to make it an actual story3RockSauron2009-12-01 23:59:00
Query Letter Critiques3pantspantspants2009-11-19 19:57:00
F4F- The Story of Peter: Night of the Undead1CyberSora2009-11-16 20:06:00
The Story of Peter: Zombie Swamp6CyberSora2009-11-15 19:13:00
The real real console wars3Snrm2009-11-14 08:25:00
Sackboy Sackboy3Testudini2009-11-11 16:47:00
The Day The War Started11Testudini2009-11-10 22:10:00
Wings Of Speed5CreateNPlay2009-11-09 21:40:00
Comunity Story: Panda wars17rseah2009-11-07 20:58:00
The Day I Lived16CyberSora2009-10-30 02:34:00
F4F: The Weight of Death38chezhead2009-10-27 02:43:00
Day of the...accountants? ~ OH GOD, THEY WEAR CLOTHES31dawesbr2009-10-26 23:52:00
The Story of Peter: Zombie Asylum20CyberSora2009-10-24 21:49:00
D?j? vu; In 2024, a man pushes a button that changes the world; past, present, future20dawesbr2009-10-23 21:58:00
The lost squadron (story in progress)4Nathannj12342009-10-13 17:58:00
Deadly: My book10Snrm2009-10-01 22:09:00
Sonnet of a gargoyle2Coxy2242009-09-28 22:44:00
Can somone Evaluate my Short essay?10Snrm2009-09-21 23:53:00
The Balance6MrsSpookyBuz2009-09-11 20:01:00
Replacement4RockSauron2009-09-09 01:07:00
Still working title... Chapter 1 out!14chezhead2009-09-03 03:02:00
Twilight Eyes16MrsSpookyBuz2009-08-24 23:20:00
A Riddle8Burnvictim422009-08-15 08:17:00
my nameless short story9inferedmonkey2009-08-15 06:31:00
Preview for an upcoming story (Preview 1)14Kog2009-08-14 04:50:00
Alone1Outlaw-Jack2009-06-30 19:44:00
Poetry1BSprague2009-06-30 18:03:00
Fallout 3 Type story4FlameAtNight2009-06-30 15:59:00
My old pokemon comic: Brainy and the blind17moleynator2009-06-21 18:48:00
Sacky Ep one- Where's Jalapeno3robotiod2009-06-15 12:57:00
The Future Yet to Come9RockSauron2009-06-07 02:14:00
Dawes and the philosophers crown7moleynator2009-05-28 00:18:00
A man and his bench2solidturtleman2009-05-12 18:01:00
Dawes & Rock's Make Your Own Adventure3dawesbr2009-05-10 18:22:00
In the Name of Science16RockSauron2009-05-07 00:34:00
The Adventures of Dave and Mailman - Warning Stupidity Overload12RockSauron2009-05-06 00:39:00
LBPC: The War26Bear2009-05-05 15:14:00
Naruto Generations2Narutard672009-05-05 14:05:00
LBPC: Tactical Espionage Action46RockSauron2009-05-02 23:32:00
LBPC: The Pokemon8qrtda2355662009-05-02 22:26:00
Magikarp: A Song7qrtda2355662009-04-30 02:05:00
WW2 story15Unknown User2009-04-27 23:01:00
Ghostly Story Reviews13Bear2009-04-26 16:17:00
Wings Of Speed7CreateNPlay2009-04-25 23:17:00
The Unknown ~ Chapter XII ~ Act II ~ "An Action Adventure Horror Story!'8Kog2009-04-25 01:53:00
Evolution - Chapter I-X ~ "The best user made thing on the website"118dawesbr2009-04-24 20:07:00
Sci-fi story4Echonian2009-04-19 06:53:00
The Crimson Articles: The End of Royalty17Echonian2009-04-17 23:32:00
Lint to Sack6Bear2009-04-17 16:27:00
Hunted8Burrich2009-04-17 00:52:00
My stories8Echonian2009-04-15 19:44:00
My prose collection (copyrighted)2LuckyShot2009-04-12 17:36:00
What is captivity?13Stix4892009-04-12 06:13:00
An Awesome Fake Article I wrote16qrtda2355662009-04-12 05:16:00
The Mirage - A short poem.5Xenifus2009-04-12 02:26:00
The Unknown ~ Chapter I - XI ~ Act I ~ 'An Action Adventure Horror Story!'90Kog2009-04-01 01:05:00
Some bits and bobs - Creative Writing Stories.6dawesbr2009-03-26 19:58:00
Nothing Matters16qrtda2355662009-03-25 01:36:00
Knife Leg the Panda Strangler: An Epic Tale10qrtda2355662009-03-21 04:04:00
LBPC: The Villain172RockSauron2009-03-21 00:42:00
~Hamsalad's: Undead Hope~*Chapter: 14*204Hamsalad2009-03-19 19:49:00
Story Time with Cog11Kog2009-03-08 05:40:00

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