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Why was the name Lift Off changed to Into the heart of the Negativatron?11dominatordompier2014-10-24 05:45:00
Freaking Body Invaders!! Help?4scuzzo2014-09-09 13:49:00
LBP2 vs LBP Vita: Which had the better DC Comics levels?8sackchief2014-07-28 06:20:00
Music?3Woutery2014-06-15 23:35:00
Which(part of) levels were a complete ***** to ace?37SirenScribble71892013-08-20 01:54:00
I just realized something!7Xtrahuman2013-06-16 20:19:00
Interesting Little Easter Egg in Cross-Controller Pack4Protoraptor2013-05-11 08:34:00
Move Pack ending7Unknown User2013-04-20 07:23:00
Story mode glitch!?9dolphins-r-lame2013-03-20 06:51:00
DLC: metal gear level pack, need an item list2Unknown User2013-02-11 21:05:00
your favourite minigame12Unknown User2013-01-14 20:38:00
i cant collect the final item on this level!!!!!!!!3Unknown User2013-01-05 15:00:00
I am trying to Ace and get 100% on all story levels. anyone else?33Unknown User2012-10-14 21:20:00
The negativitron should of been given away. Just like the collector!8danthi662012-09-08 20:04:00
The LittleBigPlanet 2 Muppets Pack Story Levels1Unknown User2012-07-04 08:53:00
Your personal views on story mode42Apple20122012-06-30 20:34:00
The Muppets Premium Level Kit - Collectables List6Unknown User2012-06-02 12:41:00
250.000 Score bubble pin!?!4Unknown User2012-05-26 23:55:00
Short Hampster Tube1Xtrahuman2012-05-25 19:45:00
Eve Higganbotham4Xtrahuman2012-05-19 03:20:00
Bang for Buck - Help me get that 4x Prize Bubble3BillyCrash1002012-05-12 09:04:00
Where in the world is Avalon Centrifuge? 100% Prize Bubbles3BillyCrash1002012-05-11 17:28:00
I've yet to platinum LBP2...33Tynamite2012-05-07 13:21:00
Anyone have advice?8Foxdie2012-04-27 08:04:00
Your favourite Story Chapter? (LBP2)30Patofan2012-04-14 12:13:00
What do you think of the Move Pack games?1Apple20122012-04-04 03:32:00
Muppets help.4Unknown User2012-04-02 11:42:00
Could you list all of Victoria's quotes?4Unknown User2012-03-20 08:21:00
Why is the 50x Multiplier pin limited to story mode?5Apple20122012-03-12 04:20:00
Hidden Message8Unknown User2012-02-13 22:57:00
Backwards compatibility11Unknown User2012-01-17 20:18:00
Using PS Move in LBP2 Story levels?6AcAnimate2011-12-12 15:22:00
Trophies glitched?15Brannayen2011-11-26 19:23:00
Where is this decoration?7Unknown User2011-11-06 16:37:00
CuratorConspiracy?23Valeview2011-10-23 01:08:00
100% Goodies Prizes Help3Unknown User2011-10-18 05:27:00
My greatest challenge...10Unknown User2011-10-15 03:00:00
Waterfall material: I can't find!!!SOLVED4Valeview2011-10-14 15:21:00
Anyone Notice This [Move Story Related]16RibShark2011-10-09 08:20:00
White Neon Eye Anger5Undarivik2011-09-13 02:31:00
The sackboy situtation9TheUltraDeino2011-09-02 00:14:00
Which is Harder???15Unknown User2011-08-30 02:55:00
Cosmos INT Music3Undarivik2011-08-29 15:05:00
Acing Kling Klong...14L1N3R1D3R2011-08-28 03:32:00
What do you think has a better storyline?14HellFire23452011-08-26 16:20:00
I never find the time to play Story Levels1Flame Dragon2011-08-26 10:12:00
Prize bubble locations3Tricky2011-08-22 20:11:00
Comparing The Characters of LBP2 to LBP113Vector-Espio-Fan2011-08-19 09:16:00
Toy Plastic in Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Negativitron?9TheSwede2011-08-15 00:00:00
Story Level Shortcuts?2RabidJellyfish2011-08-12 22:26:00
Help with Lined paper10Protoraptor2011-07-29 11:40:00
Ace!!!!!!!49lbp2goty2011-07-25 10:05:00
How come Clive is so awesome?38Unknown User2011-07-24 04:05:00
Ethnicity and Animals5iinov82011-07-18 17:13:00
plz help6Unknown User2011-07-12 08:57:00
About to get platinum!9LBNinja2011-07-11 17:21:00
LBP2 Items Assistance.2Tecnoguy12011-07-11 13:43:00
Anyone got "Aces in Spades"?22Sackpapoi2011-07-10 19:46:00
The Waterfall-material - Where is it?3DoomeDx2011-07-08 23:17:00
1 Prize missing on the first level of eve's asylum!4LBNinja2011-07-08 19:42:00
Can someone give me the pictures of Clive's old emotions?2littlebigmeteor2011-07-06 01:49:00
Odd story mode glitch.6Captain_Dinosaur2011-07-05 06:58:00
The New alliance Member16fighterwindplus2011-07-01 04:32:00
Clive, Da Vinci and Eve's Old Costumes20lemurboy122011-06-25 01:56:00
What are the time periods the Story is based off?11Unknown User2011-06-16 09:12:00
Story Mode: Worth the price of admission?31Unknown User2011-06-15 22:15:00
Avalon's secret identity10Unknown User2011-06-15 13:05:00
Music in "Flying in the face of Danger"3Ali_Star2011-06-12 22:50:00
My kids are too smart for my own good!!!31Brannayen2011-06-02 03:12:00
What would you change?33iinov82011-05-29 14:07:00
Is it the same sackboy?23Unknown User2011-05-29 11:06:00
Story likelesses16craigmond2011-05-04 18:08:00
Whats up with Eve?24nk8272011-05-04 13:04:00
Prize bubble #1 Up and at 'em7AwesomeArnold2011-05-03 10:13:00
Music Finding Help3Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-03 09:06:00
Were is the Jelly-Blueberry material.?22Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-02 06:40:00
Were is the Jelly material.5Thug_Life_EQ2011-05-01 10:10:00
What's Messed Up With The Story Characters:14Unknown User2011-04-30 17:29:00
Sackbot redemption Key!2Unknown User2011-04-29 13:00:00
Tower of Whoop Highscores?14m4tr1x352011-04-28 20:32:00
What's Your Favorite Story Mode Level?10Unknown User2011-04-26 00:12:00
Which was More Difficult?50Madafaku2011-04-25 18:24:00
OMG! MOMENTS :a moment that you will never forget42METALPUNKS2011-04-25 17:28:00
Lack of contraption prize bubbles28Unknown User2011-04-25 17:24:00
pink is TOTALLy his color...28iinov82011-04-23 17:05:00
Vanity, Insecurity, Short Tempers and Self Absorbence!9Jakest1232011-04-22 19:56:00
Weird Get Away.13GranolaCrunch2011-04-22 18:46:00
LBP2: tidbits and eastereggs17iinov82011-04-18 17:33:00
Poll:Favourite Creator/Story Book11craigmond2011-04-17 13:54:00
What kind of LBP2 story character are you?35Denim3602011-04-17 10:33:00
The EVIL Gobotron13Unknown User2011-04-16 00:09:00
Mysterious matrix phone10Unknown User2011-04-13 10:35:00
Which character had the best introduction song?4Unknown User2011-04-13 04:45:00
Skipping5daddy_doodle2011-04-10 17:13:00
The journey of Clive....12tomodon2462011-04-09 23:52:00
Kinda disappointed...4IronSkullKid992011-04-09 22:46:00
A Hidden Past?10Number7Million2011-04-09 20:29:00
Why Two locked level after completing game?7blackwiggle2011-04-07 14:03:00
Invasion of the mysterious purple squiggly thing!!11Protoraptor2011-04-04 18:17:00
Missing only 1 prize bubble4Brannayen2011-04-04 16:24:00
Where can I find goggles of any sort?9Unknown User2011-03-30 21:28:00
Avalon Centrifuge looks like Barry Gibbs from The Bee Gees.17captain sack2011-03-29 22:58:00
waterfall material?6Unknown User2011-03-27 14:36:00
Where do you find the water material??4Unknown User2011-03-27 03:46:00
Cannot Use Powerups Playing Story Levels7karebu722011-03-27 03:11:00
favorite littlebigplanet boss.19Cactii2011-03-26 16:45:00
Story Mode battle: LBP vs LBP221Rpg Maker2011-03-22 21:15:00
How to get the story's x3 prizes with only 2 players!2Unknown User2011-03-21 05:39:00
circuit board material?4Unknown User2011-03-19 22:38:00
Aceing the Negativatron is a pain in the bum36smerf12011-03-19 22:34:00
Negativatron decoration?4Unknown User2011-03-19 14:26:00
Water Material?8Unknown User2011-03-14 23:41:00
Pardom my ignorance, but about the new characters...10GribbleGrunger2011-03-14 22:42:00
Was the story a bit short?9Unknown User2011-03-12 21:08:00
Costume/Red Hair Question8XxRoCkBaNdMaNxX2011-03-12 16:18:00
indiana jones costume6nerzdadestroyer2011-03-12 10:05:00
Favorite Prizes11lemurboy122011-03-11 16:07:00
**Why were the Sackbots taken to the Factory of a Better Tomorrow?**5littlebigmeteor2011-03-10 04:38:00
Heart eyes2dogcity9992011-03-10 02:14:00
Can't find a specific object? Ask me!18flamesterart2011-03-10 01:23:00
Heartbroken30PSN:AAM27302011-03-10 00:40:00
So how does that make you Feel...11Unknown User2011-03-09 21:51:00
HELP! Find that song in LBP2!7GreenGhost282011-03-09 04:09:00
Early LBP2 Story Script54oiram462011-03-07 13:26:00
Green shrub-like decoration: can't find it16Aselrahc2011-03-07 05:41:00
Cloud Material?2Green-Tomato2011-03-06 21:04:00
Hoodie?5Leafy1012011-03-05 02:39:00
Searching for the Wizard Hat4dr_murk2011-03-04 22:35:00
Material Skins?!22Julianotis12011-03-04 02:02:00
Is there a 100% prizes video walktrough?4blizzard_cool2011-03-03 20:53:00
Can any of you ID the track?3Unknown User2011-03-03 19:34:00
Trying to find the wings to put on sack boy Help!9Thegeckoo2011-03-03 18:11:00
Why does Dean wear a metal mask?9Unknown User2011-03-03 18:06:00
Where to find Green Tassel?6Unknown User2011-03-03 13:20:00
So I gave Eve and Higginbotham a haircut...29littlebigmeteor2011-03-03 04:06:00
Problem. Need help figuring out what's wrong with Ace of spade 107ConverseFox2011-02-28 22:29:00
Cakeinator Prize Bubble Blunder?6Haleys_Papa2011-02-28 16:25:00
Where did I get the burlesque outfit?6Unknown User2011-02-27 17:45:00
Sadness - Cinematic music?2iliketosayblah2011-02-27 13:15:00
The search for the dynamic water material7jorge_7492011-02-27 10:33:00
Where is the pixel filter material?11Arkei2011-02-26 20:14:00
Higginbotham hates Avalon?-Easter Egg18captain sack2011-02-26 20:08:00
Where do I find this music??2Unknown User2011-02-26 03:41:00
Help with last level!5MeYouAndTheRadio2011-02-26 02:19:00
Dynamic Materials (Help)2Vergil2011-02-25 11:33:00
Bang for Buck Items Help5captain sack2011-02-25 03:48:00
Spinning Spiral Not Spinning?6TheSwede2011-02-24 22:41:00
Where is the carrot top?8Rae2011-02-23 21:33:00
Water Material2Unknown User2011-02-22 18:40:00
What level is the watery material in?7Apollo_xD2011-02-22 16:28:00
Which story mode is the best?7Unknown User2011-02-22 06:11:00
Need Help On 'Flying In The Face Of Danger'3Teh_Geo2011-02-21 23:37:00
Red eye decoration!2Unknown User2011-02-20 19:10:00
The Blue Animated Material in Eve's Asylum?7piggabling2011-02-20 15:27:00
Most Glitches in Versus Levels?2FEAR2011-02-19 16:30:00
Music HELP!5Gamefreek24the2d2011-02-18 17:02:00
Levels Not Required For "Ace Story Mode" Trophy6Danny3932011-02-18 03:33:00
Help with special wings18Julianotis12011-02-17 00:58:00
Craftworld, LittleBigPlanet, Cosmos,Wonderplane, Imagisphere...14weirdybeardy2011-02-16 14:08:00
NEON Material ?4sellfcon2011-02-16 06:51:00
What's your favourite LBP2 music?82indydegrees12011-02-15 23:15:00
I only need 8 more items and my computer can't run any kind of video2Unknown User2011-02-14 01:15:00
LBP2 Multiplayer Zones10Danny3932011-02-13 22:16:00
Please kill me now ._.5Unknown User2011-02-12 09:19:00
Dynamic Skins11Unknown User2011-02-12 01:31:00
Possible Way to Prevent a Freeze When Replaying the Final Boss?3KlawwTheClown2011-02-11 23:22:00
Cosmos background?12steadler2011-02-10 06:27:00
Im So **** Close!!!19Manny776072011-02-10 00:53:00
Fireflies When you're having Fun. BUBBLES DRIVING ME INSANE...2 left...5Unknown User2011-02-09 22:21:00
Problem getting all objects. please help!5Unknown User2011-02-09 08:58:00
Hm. lbp noob, stuck in early level. lols10sherifffruitfly2011-02-08 15:00:00
interactive music?3Leafy1012011-02-08 13:23:00
Is there a way to break Block Drop/Super Block Drop?6littlebigmeteor2011-02-08 07:32:00
clive thread5ryder3562011-02-08 02:12:00
Attack of the Mutant Marshmallows-Method to the Madness?18captain sack2011-02-07 23:42:00
OK this is really annoying me now5JayJSE22011-02-07 18:28:00
Attack of the Mutant Marshmallows-- Unintentional Homage?8EliminatorZigma2011-02-07 17:34:00
Glitches Galore in Gripple Grapple2lve_msg2011-02-07 06:57:00
About Huge Peril For Huge Spaceship...12Beed282011-02-06 11:35:00
Your favourite?29OriginalCreator2011-02-06 00:06:00
Bang for Buck, last three prizes?3firstar2011-02-05 21:15:00
Enemies that made you want to yell out in anger?46LordRattler2011-02-05 14:54:00
Eskimo Suit2RotomGuy2011-02-05 07:08:00
story level neon is on and what to do to get it3damon103122011-02-05 06:08:00
Prize Bubbles broke3Unknown User2011-02-04 23:52:00
prizes in full metal rabbit3Smudge2282011-02-04 18:59:00
Compiled list of x2, x3, x4 Prize Bubbles4Wayward2011-02-03 14:44:00
Breaking Story Levels?59KlawwTheClown2011-02-03 12:59:00
happie costume?8Unknown User2011-02-03 11:02:00
Baby face costume2themaxus2011-02-03 08:07:00
How to obtain Cakinator or Tesla Coils23Unknown User2011-02-03 06:29:00
Swirly eye, lollipop thing3daddy_doodle2011-02-02 23:51:00
Prize Bubble 19 in Pipe Dreams5Unknown User2011-02-02 19:38:00
Sackbot Bounce6Alternative_sack2011-02-02 15:17:00
What is the name of the song from the first part of the final boss?7Cauan-XV2011-02-02 14:36:00
Current Affairs electric shock8Unknown User2011-02-02 03:03:00
antenna has anyone found this?9pete007d2011-02-02 01:49:00
Why Change The Name??6ktmbillyjr2011-02-02 01:37:00
ACED and 100% in less than 2 days10Cauan-XV2011-02-02 01:36:00
Finally Aced The Cosmos...(And Tons of Advice)14Night Angel2011-02-02 00:13:00
Where do I get the music played during the Bravery Test Race?2Crownz2011-02-01 21:15:00
The Story of LittleBigPlanet 224EliminatorZigma2011-02-01 17:52:00
Your Top 5 Favourite Levels?1Fastbro2011-02-01 17:50:00
Wedged in the Negativitron??? LOL14Unknown User2011-02-01 13:04:00
Aces In Spades 10 Tutorial15BillyMays2011-02-01 04:27:00
One million on level 14googleit362011-02-01 01:58:00
What "worlds" are connected?22Alexxerth2011-02-01 01:38:00
Hang About...7Alternative_sack2011-01-31 18:14:00
Geometry boy?4Alexxerth2011-01-31 13:33:00
Bang for Buck- item 34Unknown User2011-01-31 10:40:00
Share your best ranking in Story Mode4Julianotis12011-01-31 04:26:00
Cosmos Levels: Hardest to ace?19Julianotis12011-01-31 00:32:00
Whatever happened to that 3D shooter? :-(21Fastbro2011-01-30 20:31:00
What is Clive?73Alexxerth2011-01-30 20:02:00
Gobotron is hard21ZipCity2011-01-30 19:06:00
How do you ace rookie test?6Unknown User2011-01-30 15:00:00
Can't ace currant affairs!!!!5Alternative_sack2011-01-30 11:48:00
LBP Foreshadowing.7Pontihog2011-01-30 04:51:00
Flaskboy Skin...ARGH!5112042011-01-29 20:32:00
Flaskboy Skin?4Unknown User2011-01-29 20:14:00
What are your favorite worlds in order?37Unknown User2011-01-29 18:55:00
Victoria Levels = Tim Burton33Unknown User2011-01-29 17:31:00
Has Anyone Completed LBP2?9FEAR2011-01-29 14:51:00
Avalonia is BOOOOORING!!!59OmegaSlayer2011-01-29 08:53:00
Fireflies when you're having fun.. Help9reefer0072011-01-29 08:45:00
last level of avlona4ryder3562011-01-29 06:02:00
Just got my "Aces in Spades" trophy13Sivious2011-01-29 05:11:00
I want Dr. Higgenbotham levels!16Bernkastel2011-01-29 03:49:00
Where is the 46th prize bubble in Gripple Grapple?5oNinjaFisho2011-01-28 23:44:00
'Huge spaceship' Thrust material?10Alexxerth2011-01-28 22:08:00
Easier way to Ace Negativatron15Bernkastel2011-01-28 10:29:00
Rts1Unknown User2011-01-28 01:26:00
Where is the pixel rendering filtering material?12LittleBigDave2011-01-28 00:06:00
Sort of plot gap?29Alexxerth2011-01-27 12:16:00
Eve and the final battle10wait wtf2011-01-27 05:48:00
I Just Realized...14Unknown User2011-01-27 04:51:00
Larry Da Vinci babbling?17Spazz2011-01-27 00:14:00
sackbot redemption flaw1LordMagicPants2011-01-26 20:27:00
The 'Meanies' Scream Profanity!8aar26972011-01-26 11:21:00
Why an Asylum?17wolverine_20082011-01-26 05:12:00
My story of woe . . .8googleit362011-01-26 03:10:00
Futuristic city background?17Alexxerth2011-01-26 00:34:00
Eves asylum is my favourite level but im having trouble completing costumes4Unknown User2011-01-25 22:04:00
Full Metal Rabbit: 2 Prize Bubbles problem!6RedSoakedSponge2011-01-25 21:57:00
Higginbotham Knows Everything22Fumo1612011-01-25 16:16:00
I Aced 19 story levels in a row with no trophy (my advice)6Sivious2011-01-25 07:31:00
First in the world for Mind Control!1Unknown User2011-01-25 05:41:00
Favorite Story Level in LBP2?6Tap Dat App2011-01-25 04:12:00
Cosmos 100%4112042011-01-25 01:56:00
Does any one where you get that angel-like fairy costume?4Unknown User2011-01-25 01:43:00
Using your friend as a projectile?16Alexxerth2011-01-25 00:44:00
Where is the candle?6idontknow922011-01-24 23:01:00
World 1-very familiar to an old favorite3jjdragon2011-01-24 20:51:00
Troupe With Rookie Test4Unknown User2011-01-24 06:43:00
The Negativitron Speech84wait wtf2011-01-24 03:45:00
Best Prizes?4Super_Clone2011-01-24 02:46:00
Favorite boss fight?17wait wtf2011-01-24 00:41:00
Craving Chocolate..10Unknown User2011-01-24 00:37:00
Clive's Old Voice?4Tap Dat App2011-01-23 23:36:00
What's after Cosmos?18adalond2011-01-23 22:03:00
Story Mode YouTube Videos in HD3undergroundHD2011-01-23 20:51:00
LBP2's Easter Eggs & Secrets List192Mr_T-Shirt2011-01-23 18:14:00
Aced 100%9googleit362011-01-23 08:15:00
LBP2 Full lets play/walk through :D10Unknown User2011-01-23 07:32:00
Invasion Of The Body Invaders, where do I find the song for this?2Kobe24Life2011-01-23 07:26:00
Who is your favorite LBP 2 Character?150wolverine_20082011-01-23 07:07:00
Sleepyhead?10Strodigy2011-01-23 01:48:00
Missing Story Levels (according to Trailers)14Tap Dat App2011-01-22 21:10:00
LBP1 Characters in Eve's asylum?!40Unknown User2011-01-22 19:43:00
The Meaning of the Story of LBP245Bloo_boy2011-01-22 16:17:00
15 Sackbots in 'Heavily Secured'2Kirpy2011-01-22 14:55:00
Where is the key in "The Sackbot Redemption"?2Darkrider92011-01-22 14:29:00
Wheres the flowing water material?16Sputnik_152011-01-22 06:18:00
Acing = IMPOSSIBLE!50littlebigmeteor2011-01-22 05:10:00
Where are the story levels from Beta?5Kobe24Life2011-01-22 04:24:00
Anyone else throw sackbots into electricity during the Factory levels?7Alexxerth2011-01-22 03:19:00
Acing "Into the Heart of the Negativitron"6Jayhawk_er2011-01-22 02:58:00
Up And At 'Em Help.11Unknown User2011-01-22 02:48:00
How to cheat the flying prize bubbles in Gripple Grapple9Shadowheaven2011-01-21 19:47:00
Perfecting Tower of Whoop8Sivious2011-01-21 18:24:00
Need hlp on part 2 of where in the world is Avalon3wizaerd2011-01-21 17:47:00
How to 100% Story Mode ALL BY YOURSELF9MMLgamer2011-01-21 14:32:00
Anyone have a list of 2-4x's and which level they're at?14SnipeySnake2011-01-21 02:17:00
Aced Negativitron and well..26Fumo1612011-01-21 01:11:00
Eve... scares me. :/71IheartLBP99992011-01-20 12:33:00
Panda Costume?16Super_Clone2011-01-20 02:50:00
Favorite Music?62Sack-Jake2011-01-20 00:18:00
The Introduction!6ghik162011-01-19 20:41:00
Into The Heart Of The Negativitron: HARDER THAN IT SHOULD BE!34Testudini2011-01-19 20:33:00
No Close-Level Post?12jEpiik2011-01-19 20:22:00
Any One Else Feel Story Mode Is Too Easy?50austimerr2011-01-19 13:06:00
What level's got yer knickers in a twist?49Memodrix2011-01-19 11:01:00
Flaskboy Skin?10Super_Clone2011-01-19 03:15:00
Eve's Asylum Easter Egg18Number7Million2011-01-19 00:14:00
LBP2 100% Walkthrough29McFlurriez2011-01-18 17:49:00
Your Favourite Level?54alexbull_uk2011-01-18 16:03:00

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