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Buying LBP VITA for OFFLINE use only! Save Error / Profile Bug Question5Nytician2017-08-03 22:39:00
free DLC found on vita's PS store3blueblur982016-10-02 05:20:00
Lbp karting vita?6Sir monacle2015-11-11 21:06:00
A Vita Christmas Countdown 3 'Hub Thread'1yugnar2014-12-18 02:51:00
Rare Beta Test Costumes on Store?4LuckyMax52014-11-25 00:00:00
Who would like to help?1BurgerDTM2014-11-08 20:30:00
Shake Your Vita!6Eli2014-11-02 21:08:00
A Vita Christmas Countdown 3 Recruitment Thread42yugnar2014-10-26 18:07:00
(DC Level Pack) Cheetah Costume?4LiamTheKiwi2014-09-29 07:04:00
Costume DLC4ShadowArcticWolf2014-09-21 22:17:00
So does this game work?5ryano7752014-09-19 02:23:00
Carnivalia Object?5CamostarAtIsabella2014-09-09 12:21:00
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Profile Size bug9EleoMod2014-09-02 19:22:00
Should I get PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet?5ryder2492014-09-02 05:08:00
Earth Loading and better integration with the Vita's multi-tasking features.3minecrafter04822014-08-23 03:27:00
Worth Buying?19blacksackman2014-07-31 14:55:00
300 MB patch3catsand2014-07-23 21:25:00
Flickr App? [WORKING AGAIN!]6koltonaugust2014-07-22 09:58:00
curious gamer.3midopower2014-07-14 21:07:00
Some amazing levels still get overlooked and I'm trying to get some noticed5Mdoodle222014-07-05 19:34:00
[Sony Fixed issue!] WOW, What a way to screw your customers LBPV7Kender422014-07-03 12:49:00
Lbpv 216catsand2014-06-10 21:48:00
How do the cool pages work in this game anyway?4IcyFlamez_2014-04-05 20:50:00
Your Favorite Levels?2comishguy672014-03-22 21:49:00
Level Length10catsand2014-03-02 05:33:00
Splat destroyer5catsand2014-02-19 22:27:00
Looking for a few good sacks2smartysloan2014-02-18 15:26:00
Annoying sackbot glitch :(1Skalio-2014-01-22 22:35:00
In-game Sound Recording!3Woutery2014-01-21 12:30:00
DC Comics DLC35catsand2014-01-08 21:47:00
Is LBP Vita a single player game?7AmazingKittyCat2014-01-08 04:33:00
A Vita Christmas Countdown 2 'Hub Thread'15yugnar2013-12-11 03:25:00
Free Tearaway costumes being sent out in japan?2dragonboy2692013-11-30 01:06:00
Dark Matter: The Rise: Competitive levels small sorta contest.3Seant12282013-11-25 05:23:00
A Vita Christmas Countdown 2 recruitment thread29yugnar2013-11-22 00:37:00
Could use a hand (LBPV)8Foxdie2013-11-20 09:37:00
What the hell is going on with my psn!?8Woutery2013-11-10 10:34:00
Needing BetaTesters for my New level - Prisoner Of Unlimited Limits10cakito1232013-11-01 02:40:00
I'm completely screwed. (Resolved!)6Woutery2013-10-29 17:47:00
Playing again on someone improved levels.7greyfox19802013-10-28 04:05:00
How do you guys feel about levels with a lot of links?12IcyFlamez_2013-10-21 03:38:00
What sort of level player are you?5greyfox19802013-10-19 18:19:00
Who has has tried emitting/destroying most sections of your level to stop slowdown?13IcyFlamez_2013-10-18 23:09:00
How do you get your level played?9greyfox19802013-10-15 07:18:00
anyone want to create some vita levels3hi-fi_genius2013-10-13 19:19:00
Festive Goodies Pack objects in my Popit?!6Chunky1042013-10-11 17:57:00
Just wondering few things...10doggy972013-09-30 17:51:00
Should I join you? (Vita? Yay or Nay)9butter-kicker2013-09-29 17:54:00
Are there any real rpg levels besides BOUND?2Unknown User2013-09-25 03:20:00
Inactiveness aaaaaaaaaaa4Woutery2013-09-20 21:32:00
So i'm pretty sure that lame republishing exploit from LBP 1 & 2 still works right?5IcyFlamez_2013-09-08 22:36:00
Glitched Sack-eating plant costume9Pulparindo152013-09-03 02:46:00
Vita Sackie Awards 20138Kyesty2013-08-31 22:10:00
PS Vita + Cross Controller pack DLC2Skell1nton2013-08-17 19:34:00
Another vita contest?3thegeckofreak2013-08-17 19:11:00
Wanna be a BETA tester? Look this way!10Pellemannen2013-08-04 13:35:00
What do you look for in a great Vita platformer?16Kyesty2013-07-28 01:30:00
Little Big Planet Vita level music creator?6Kyesty2013-07-25 23:38:00
I just got into a locked level...32Woutery2013-07-21 20:58:00
So has the networking aspect of the game improved in the last six months?4Xenon2013-07-17 17:01:00
Anyone had their levels moderated on here?16Woutery2013-07-16 23:00:00
I want this game badly... BUT7Unknown User2013-07-16 14:45:00
100,000 LEVELS!!!(well nearly...)7thebombdrop2013-07-13 14:55:00
Dark Matter: The rise submissions open!1Seant12282013-07-10 03:17:00
Marvel Arcade Pack Question, please help :)4cjworkshop2013-06-20 15:18:00
Wanna Join?1xxMATEOSxx2013-06-19 00:15:00
More hearts than Yays15Sunbunny232013-06-17 21:09:00
Looking for BETA Testers ...18nysudyrgh2013-06-10 19:23:00
How many online would you say?11Dawslbp4life2013-06-10 03:38:00
Is there any contest going on for vita?8cakito1232013-06-05 01:49:00
I randomly have Tarsier's objects! :O8Woutery2013-06-03 16:28:00
Time Saver dlc help plox5Unknown User2013-05-30 17:22:00
I'm needing some Beta testers for my level! Anyone? :) PLEASE.31cakito1232013-05-18 23:05:00
Can you use the Vita in any way to improve the LBP2 experience?4Rpg Maker2013-05-11 03:20:00
I Can't Bring Myself Back to LBP14unc92sax2013-05-10 03:47:00
PLease close1repulsor1012013-05-08 22:30:00
Need Vita friends.4Chdonga2013-05-05 20:38:00
Sack It To Me: Marvel Arcade Pack Available Now!4Jauw2013-04-22 23:54:00
Little Big Forum Picks... okay?4Woutery2013-04-19 08:37:00
the new vita only contest23thebombdrop2013-04-08 19:11:00
A new LBP game coming on the Vita !14Gwaeron2013-04-05 10:59:00
What makes you feel proud on LBPV?11Woutery2013-04-03 16:55:00
5 New LBPV Pins! Alludes to new "Favorites" function!8Wolfdre2013-04-03 15:51:00
[TALK] Leaked vs Released Avengers Content DLC2Wolfdre2013-04-03 14:39:00
Paintinator... is that you?4Pulparindo152013-03-31 04:55:00
The Marvel - Arcade Pack will be available NEXT WEEK! LBP PSVITA13Lbphart32013-03-26 16:10:00
Shouldn't we be getting 'More Stories' DLC soon?7The5rozos2013-03-25 21:10:00
Online Create Glitch!!8Pulparindo152013-03-25 05:21:00
Invisible Sackboy Glitch7doggy972013-03-22 19:16:00
why i love lbp ps vita14burgerstupr2013-03-21 06:26:00
Benefits of of a vita before i buy it?19Mokum_GTT2013-03-20 06:29:00
A note regarding patch 1.0819Syroc2013-02-27 12:50:00
Time-saver pack not working?9mew2ds2013-02-23 01:14:00
Timesaver DLC unlocks 135 new create objects! Avengers + New Icons16Wolfdre2013-02-15 17:06:00
Moons In Motion Vita - Apply Now! :)7Ethan23lol2013-02-15 13:23:00
What are your favorite game assets (materials, stickers, etc.) ?14Taffey2013-02-15 01:51:00
Want a lbpv create partner..9Unknown User2013-02-13 16:40:00
LBPV Update 1.07 out now14JKthree2013-02-12 03:12:00
Does anyone know how one might import the Japanese game to the States?3comphermc2013-02-08 02:54:00
Vita Problems :(4SuperROBO12013-02-06 02:49:00
?Cool levels?5Pulparindo152013-02-04 23:10:00
Two Tetherless Jetpacks?5dal-n-pok2013-02-01 19:33:00
want to meet new little big planet friends:P3Unknown User2013-01-30 22:31:00
Looking for Friend2Shamanate2013-01-28 06:24:00
LBPV is worst expirience I've had online since I stopped using a modem.11Xenon2013-01-26 19:07:00
Check this out9Blue Helmet2013-01-26 07:17:00
Well this is depressing....2IcyFlamez_2013-01-26 02:27:00
Cross controller pack4Roosterland2013-01-24 01:33:00
Any exclusive DLC coming?2Behonkiss2013-01-24 01:03:00
can u make materials as a prize in your level2TulsaTom2013-01-21 00:29:00
Impossible to edit/play level on moon16Pellemannen2013-01-19 14:00:00
OST on YouTube3Woutery2013-01-18 12:20:00
cool youtube channel5thebombdrop2013-01-15 19:46:00
My thoughts on lbp vita6Jonarrthan2013-01-06 03:35:00
Need Help plz on publishing4TulsaTom2013-01-05 20:23:00
Count Your Logic3Kalawishis2013-01-03 20:37:00
The Flooded Forest3Unknown User2013-01-02 21:52:00
Is it true that levels are generally laggy-er in this compared to LBP2?4IcyFlamez_2013-01-02 21:27:00
very laggy online4IeatFrogs2013-01-02 18:38:00
Other people's levels you should try.9frosty_greenacre2012-12-31 02:10:00
cross-buy update1frosty_greenacre2012-12-28 17:14:00
Things to do while waiting for create mode to rewind20aar26972012-12-28 04:22:00
need help with cross control6Unknown User2012-12-28 03:40:00
New Vita Owner6Super_Clone2012-12-27 20:06:00
How does the music sequencer compare to LBP2?15IcyFlamez_2012-12-26 00:22:00
Glitchy pod music after 1.06 update13danthi662012-12-23 17:56:00
Sackboy has a voice?9craigmond2012-12-22 22:51:00
lbp vita video thread2IeatFrogs2012-12-19 11:38:00
A Vita Christmas Countdown 'Hub Thread'38anoken2012-12-16 13:40:00
Gravity shifter7Akapome2012-12-15 11:09:00
Screen burn in warning!!10Unknown User2012-12-14 02:57:00
LBPV Update 1.0513cakito1232012-12-12 00:21:00
Remaining DLC costumes2FlipMeister2012-12-11 19:59:00
Someone...? ?_?4cakito1232012-12-09 23:56:00
Online loading issues6catsand2012-12-04 20:44:00
I have a vita!11Woutery2012-11-24 21:31:00
Free costume packs6catsand2012-11-21 21:28:00
Question4Mdoodle222012-11-21 02:55:00
5 Things10bluesteel7892012-11-19 21:36:00
Would Copying Music be a Copyright Violation?7unc92sax2012-11-19 21:19:00
PS VITA Players!9Unknown User2012-11-18 16:31:00
Team Pick Missing!!!5unc92sax2012-11-12 23:51:00
Top of Cool Pages = Team Pick14unc92sax2012-11-09 03:02:00
Darn.8catsand2012-11-06 02:24:00
Creating on the Vita9tripple_sss2012-11-04 18:17:00
Something up with the servers today?5JKthree2012-11-01 22:42:00
Full and Flat layer Material?5ChrisF21122012-11-01 02:30:00
Finally got it!15xero2012-10-31 00:50:00
What is the name of the song?7konnron2012-10-27 05:41:00
What instruments are in the game?5DrCell2012-10-26 04:06:00
Vita Creator Union13rodfocov2012-10-26 03:12:00
Online-issues patch coming!22yugnar2012-10-23 01:49:00
Have this happend to anybody else?9doggy972012-10-22 19:46:00
Hollow costume?8Skalio-2012-10-20 15:14:00
Caching and updating scores on downloaded levels.3Xenon2012-10-17 16:44:00
Pre-Order DLC Codes3catsand2012-10-16 18:28:00
Oddball Factory?8futureboy2012-10-15 09:43:00
Publish VS or Co-operative?3Xenon2012-10-14 23:47:00
Signup thread for "First Among Equals" 4-player trophy18Taffey2012-10-14 16:47:00
random crash and not saving??3wolfy_6162012-10-14 14:50:00
Online Create18koltonaugust2012-10-13 04:44:00
Someone Just Tried to Buy my Next Level42ChrisF21122012-10-11 14:09:00
Download levels question[SOLVED]3danthi662012-10-11 01:20:00
Please Mm8danthi662012-10-10 02:56:00
Small Rant (and an excuse to catch up with things)14CyberSora2012-10-08 20:04:00
How can i make something stretchy?2ythyth2012-10-07 16:22:00
Subject7CyberSora2012-10-07 03:23:00
What is the pink material?11cakito1232012-10-07 00:00:00
Dlc3craigmond2012-10-04 19:26:00
Framerate warning option for create...9fullofwin2012-10-03 13:27:00
Pod Music4Pulparindo152012-10-01 03:36:00
Would really like to see something interesting19RecruitPS_22012-09-30 20:21:00
LBP2 update for PSvita4wolfy_6162012-09-29 17:59:00
TerminalGamer's LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Pick of the Week2Unknown User2012-09-29 06:19:00
Will the tutorial button go away from my pop-it once i complete all the tutorials?2ythyth2012-09-29 00:06:00
The PS vita microphone have a good quality?4cakito1232012-09-28 21:28:00
Are the servers overloaded57Agarwel2012-09-28 10:26:00
Totally Useless Logic13comphermc2012-09-27 21:18:00
Just looked at the LBP Vita trophy icon... Really?1The5rozos2012-09-27 20:05:00
How much it LBPV costs in US Store?7cakito1232012-09-27 19:44:00
NO reverb!??2wolfy_6162012-09-27 14:39:00
Paintanator?14Unknown User2012-09-26 18:29:00
LBP1 + LBP2 Story Costumes?6Nick9309302012-09-24 22:47:00
Show us your Pod (Vita Version)8SkaterOllie7952012-09-24 21:35:00
Not many costumes?15Number7Million2012-09-23 21:32:00
Calling all lbp vita beta testers. (If you we're in the beta)17silencer7752012-09-23 21:00:00
Is it really that we can record Sound effects?5cakito1232012-09-23 19:36:00
looking for LBPV friends...3wolfy_6162012-09-23 11:13:00
.....Annnnndddd..... Wat? ;-;8DominationMags2012-09-22 23:56:00
And then? ...8cakito1232012-09-22 22:20:00
Backup your save...19fullofwin2012-09-22 02:11:00
Interesting theory about LBPV's ending (Spoilers)7The5rozos2012-09-21 23:28:00
I got my copy of LBPV in the post today...1Unknown User2012-09-21 16:48:00
LBP DLC and Other Topics3Unknown User2012-09-21 12:32:00
Bubble power-up... Where did it go?8The5rozos2012-09-20 21:03:00
Create and OLED screen...6fullofwin2012-09-20 16:27:00
BUGS (List yours here)70blastroid2012-09-19 20:10:00
Has anyone tried recreating the 3D layer glitch?22lemurboy122012-09-19 17:36:00
Anyone tried to make an FPS, yet?8Unknown User2012-09-19 16:16:00
So annoyed!!1Protoraptor2012-09-19 07:58:00
My one complaint about this game.20Unknown User2012-09-19 05:24:00
Show Your Sackboy!21anoken2012-09-19 01:15:00
Hello im new here, just had a question.1Unknown User2012-09-19 00:16:00
Copy-Rights...12GribbleGrunger2012-09-18 02:06:00
Are we allowed to talk about the levels?8Number7Million2012-09-18 01:36:00
lbp vita rare dlc item need money will work for it4supertwinbros142012-09-17 23:08:00
Vita battery draining when suspending LBPV.13Xenon2012-09-17 22:46:00
Sticker for Story Mode Sticker Switch (Spoilers Maybe)8VelcroJonze2012-09-17 21:48:00
Unicodes in PS Vita and pink text21Shadowriver2012-09-17 21:09:00
Online to be turned on September 18th2Hero_of_Sages2012-09-17 01:30:00
Walmart Premium Shipping?7unc92sax2012-09-16 23:38:00
Where's the Paint Tool?5lemurboy122012-09-16 22:51:00
Decorations Tutorial?9Unknown User2012-09-16 12:08:00
LBPV servers down?8Hero_of_Sages2012-09-15 19:36:00
Not again...12qwerty1234562012-09-15 01:50:00
My LBPV signature.4The5rozos2012-09-14 18:34:00
Your psn usernames5Unknown User2012-09-14 03:50:00
So... Is the LBPV/PS Vita Bundle only for Europe?5The5rozos2012-09-13 22:20:00
Vita DLC Now On LBP.com4Chris---Kristy2012-09-13 02:28:00
Is anything from the main games transferable?6Behonkiss2012-09-12 22:23:00
Japan only?!22qwerty1234562012-09-10 21:55:00
In Game Load Times?42GribbleGrunger2012-09-08 10:57:00
Just to be COMPLETELY sure-9PixelJam2012-09-08 09:02:00
LBPV OUT on some stores?!8ythyth2012-09-07 16:52:00
Which three features are you most looking forward to?7GribbleGrunger2012-09-05 21:36:00
How will you get the game?18ythyth2012-09-05 16:16:00
How relevant is the touch functions?9yugnar2012-09-04 01:45:00
Some clarification about co-op create for the vita38ythyth2012-09-03 16:06:00
Memory Cards4amoney19992012-09-02 17:05:00
Are we going to know who made LBPVita's story mode levels?5yugnar2012-08-30 21:27:00
Digital version will be able to preorder?14cakito1232012-08-23 20:57:00
Some interesting answers about LBPV from Tarsier3cakito1232012-08-19 21:14:00
LBPVita or LBPKarting?52yugnar2012-08-17 21:37:00
"Will LBPV replace LBP2?" And other interesting matters.152yugnar2012-08-10 21:54:00
Tarsier, Is LBPVita Made Of Stretchy Material?11GribbleGrunger2012-08-10 18:21:00
We can't create with friends in LBP vita at launch...16cakito1232012-08-10 18:02:00
Physical or Digital?26Kiminski2012-08-09 11:03:00
[HELP] How much space does a LBP Vita level uses?27yugnar2012-08-08 22:32:00
Would you recreate your LBP2 levels to the Vita?13yugnar2012-08-05 20:41:00
Questions about sackboy in LBPVita! :D4cakito1232012-07-30 02:26:00
What are your plans for LBPV?19amoney19992012-07-26 22:33:00
PlayStation Vita grip accessories30Taffey2012-07-25 23:41:00
I Can't Take This Anymore!36unc92sax2012-07-04 19:57:00
Ridiculousness...9Tellous2012-06-27 08:02:00
Didn't get in the beta and have a PS Vita...read to find out why25Teepeenocks2012-06-19 04:29:00
My Vita Screen20unc92sax2012-06-18 15:57:00
Unicode/Hidden Symbols VITA3Unknown User2012-06-18 12:02:00
Where are you all?16GribbleGrunger2012-06-18 00:57:00
Lbp vita question!2ILOVEMYGF522012-06-09 04:03:00
Will you actually create on the beta?20ATMLVE2012-06-08 15:45:00
LittleBigVitarium2Jauw2012-06-07 10:28:00
PSVita Price May Be Cut!46unc92sax2012-06-06 18:45:00
lbp ps vita thoughts17Sunbunny232012-06-06 06:24:00
Contented?21GribbleGrunger2012-06-02 16:30:00
Taking Photos!8lemurboy122012-06-02 16:29:00

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