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Getting all the prizes on 1 level4ryano7752012-08-01 21:11:00
Where are my keys?6Frenzie2012-05-05 09:24:00
Quest for 100%5TheBigMan07062011-11-29 20:57:00
Easter Egg in The Gardens Background?7lemurboy122011-11-23 17:54:00
hunt for the devil costume4TheBigMan07062011-10-29 02:00:00
100% Goodies Prizes Help2Unknown User2011-10-22 20:06:00
Who's aced all the levels in the Canyons?18HellFire23452011-09-14 22:40:00
Most Hardest Level ?21Unknown User2011-09-08 10:48:00
Shaemus' Ace Quest [LBP1]1Xshaemus2011-08-30 01:40:00
LBP Speed Run!4RabidJellyfish2011-07-19 20:56:00
Dlc5Unknown User2011-06-07 16:21:00
missing item2illdisposed2011-02-24 08:00:00
Dungaree Bottoms Missing.3Unknown User2011-02-20 13:34:00
Just noticed this.3Number7Million2011-01-17 21:59:00
Acing all the levels..20DrunkMiffy2011-01-03 17:49:00
Mario reference ?6vezonfan012010-12-21 02:47:00
Seriously!6user creationater2010-12-20 14:09:00
Easter Egg in Jetpack Tunnel!21Blue Helmet2010-12-13 20:09:00
Completed everything?26Unknown User2010-11-28 11:59:00
all story mode items (Temples)7FEAR2010-11-26 17:02:00
Do you know this?7FEAR2010-11-25 19:19:00
all story mode items (islands)1FEAR2010-11-25 17:56:00
all story mode items (Metropolis)3FEAR2010-11-24 04:29:00
Cowboy Costume on Story Levels4mixinghoney2010-11-23 22:47:00
all story mode items (Wedding)1FEAR2010-11-22 16:54:00
all story mode items (Savannah)3FEAR2010-11-22 03:43:00
all story mode items (Gardens)1FEAR2010-11-21 21:28:00
Lol! Funny thing2Kirpy2010-11-16 18:44:00
Hardest Level...Boom Town!2BillyMays2010-11-12 01:29:00
meercats kingdom2Unknown User2010-10-11 17:29:00
The Meerkat Kingdom's "interesting room"49OmegaJirachi2010-10-02 05:14:00
A trick on how to ace all survival challenges.7sackruler9052010-09-23 07:48:00
Last item in boom town help!5nagrom_172010-09-16 19:01:00
Does anyone know where to find a walkthrough for the Marvel Levels?3Pulsemap2010-09-08 23:54:00
Where do you find the search light item in the MGS pack levels?4Biv2010-09-08 14:52:00
Best Mm Level (My Opinion)3chinook32010-09-07 21:42:00
I can't find the Island Level in story mode :(7Unknown User2010-09-02 17:53:00
Level That Gave You The Most Trouble?14Unknown User2010-08-26 08:44:00
OMG! strange collector glitch!23Future Scatman2010-08-18 22:05:00
[Resolved] %100 in get a grip. HELP!4foobfighters2010-08-11 14:11:00
The mines x2 challenge:Just me + 2 controllers11JayJSE22010-08-09 21:52:00
I just aced ALL of the survival challenges in the game.33littlebigmeteor2010-08-09 02:24:00
How to ace the dancers court (EASY)20PlayStatiowned2010-08-05 21:18:00
Star glasses!6Mikestar1232010-08-05 19:58:00
song location?2wait wtf2010-07-31 18:59:00
Hardest level to ace(DLCs and minigames count)22Eronninja132010-07-28 07:12:00
Meerkat level :)5Jonaolst2010-07-13 17:24:00
Can't believe I never noticed that before (the mines)9Madafaku2010-07-10 21:00:00
Acing The collector1huntedstorm2010-07-05 10:22:00
the gardens10reca1012010-07-01 20:49:00
Funny Fails36andypandy4592010-06-28 19:13:00
'NOOOOOO!! WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!" moments153Phosphorus152010-06-21 16:27:00
The worst Bunker contraption?3Thunderstruck2010-06-18 19:11:00
The Bunker Vs the Collector's Lair39Unknown User2010-06-15 19:17:00
Dungaree Bottoms Missing2Super_Clone2010-06-10 22:36:00
100% Complete Buddies9Thikr2010-05-31 04:55:00
Can you Ace story levels in single?3Unknown User2010-05-27 03:56:00
The Real Final Boss16Silver392010-05-17 01:39:00
1M points in boom town14Strangepom2010-05-08 02:02:00
Stuck between levels?4oceanside322010-05-07 15:08:00
Booty Master and PotC Booty Master Help8AlephZero2010-05-05 01:49:00
[venting] Cursed Cursed Bay!20waffleking232010-04-20 13:00:00
One prize to find on Boom Town8Matimoo2010-04-14 17:24:00
Construction Site Key?3Doopz2010-04-14 11:02:00
In search for help getting all items/100%/ace4Unknown User2010-04-13 03:09:00
The tips and tricks of story9Joshofsouls2010-04-07 08:33:00
4x player area in the Frozen Tundra4GreatWhite0002010-04-05 05:21:00
Could use some help acing "The Bunker"2Stega2010-04-04 06:06:00
The 2 player part in Boom Town5Shhabbazz2010-04-04 02:50:00
Costume Questions..2Unknown User2010-04-02 02:03:00
Having issues with The Canyons story level19OutcastNeedhelp2010-03-31 01:57:00
The Bunker9agrx2010-03-22 13:39:00
10th time completing LBP soon3WESFUN2010-03-16 21:51:00
What level can you get the diamond material? And how?5xCandiiQueen2010-03-07 12:14:00
Aced Games Prizes (WARNING SPOILERS)9Castleland2010-03-06 21:17:00
What's your favorite story level music?120Smart_Alex2010-03-03 04:21:00
story mode plot queston (spolier)21m500games2010-03-02 11:27:00
can 3 people get together and help me collect the 2x, 3x, and 4x areas?4TomBurkhart2010-03-02 04:20:00
Need help finding the second key in the wedding reception.6Ruzzle2010-02-20 10:25:00
Need help for The Metropolis. (WARNING SPOILERS)2Unknown User2010-02-18 20:28:00
One item missing on Dancer's Court.10Frogmeister2010-02-18 17:11:00
Need some help...6Lyall2010-02-18 01:17:00
I can help you ace/100% the story.6IheartLBP99992010-02-16 14:20:00
Can anyone be my partner to complete the X2 parts?5xCandiiQueen2010-02-13 16:24:00
Cool levels page isn't working well.3Ruzzle2010-02-13 14:21:00
Cant seem to find all the prize bubbles.3Ruzzle2010-02-13 14:10:00
Your Least Favorite Story Level or Area88trip0902010-02-03 18:40:00
Quick material question3ElectrizCity2010-02-03 03:41:00
Acing "The Bunker": It's pretty tough.82MackTheHunter2010-02-01 06:27:00
What is your favorite Story Minigame?22kernom2010-01-18 18:48:00
need some help?2lilseth00142010-01-18 00:11:00
What story level made you really angry200kernom2010-01-17 15:12:00
HELP - The Bunker (can anyone ace it with me?)10Unknown User2010-01-15 03:51:00
Looking for the spanish song from the Wedding...5XOAcireXO2010-01-13 18:21:00
collecting all the score bubbles2jakew1612010-01-10 14:58:00
How are you doing in story mode?58SavageCaptor2010-01-04 04:29:00
Can't play The Dancer's Court12Arkei2010-01-01 15:43:00
POTC: Cursed Bay28Bombw872009-12-30 19:14:00
Premade stuff for levels.. Good Idea?33MrJak2009-12-29 15:20:00
Whats Mm levels has you broken?25chimpskylark2009-12-27 17:50:00
Aced The Collector, but now I need help...4davestanley2009-12-27 16:08:00
Diving for Treasure exploit / easy way9Shadowheaven2009-12-24 10:34:00
About the PotC levels...30Sack-Jake2009-12-23 04:30:00
So Frustrating! But Amazing too.11bolle2009-12-22 16:49:00
I finally did it!7TC22009-12-17 03:35:00
Ace Survival Challenge5Unknown User2009-12-14 17:19:00
"Canyons" 100% Completion3MegaRock352009-12-14 16:14:00
The Guide to Acing Levels16Grimdour2009-12-08 20:45:00
Where do I find more music?4Unknown User2009-12-03 23:38:00
Sensei's Stupid Castle21Unknown User2009-11-29 18:37:00
Fire Pits19ZramuliZ2009-11-24 13:44:00
I have aced The Bunker and The Serpent Shrine.17Testudini2009-11-23 19:05:00
First Steps11ImagiNationFreak2009-11-18 17:56:00
Can anyone help me ace bunker and serpent shrine?22RyuRobin2009-11-17 20:08:00
Metal Gear "The Mission" Level skip glitch9Matimoo2009-11-15 13:36:00
Acing The Bunker causes me so much emotional pain!!!!!14Testudini2009-11-15 01:48:00
Red Kicks5Haleys_Papa2009-11-13 22:29:00
The Mines is not my friend.29Testudini2009-11-10 21:47:00
The mighty gods of LittleBigPlanet are shunning me.16Testudini2009-11-10 21:27:00
4 PLayer Challenges with one person15lbpholic2009-11-02 11:03:00
2x player puzzles with one player?7Unknown User2009-11-02 01:14:00
im sorry2Unknown User2009-11-01 06:05:00
So what are the MM level designers busy doing?17olit1232009-10-21 19:23:00
mystery sticker switch22thefrozenpenquin2009-10-12 11:42:00
boom town 12th item2thefrozenpenquin2009-10-12 07:01:00
Please help with story8Ghostfox962009-10-09 16:05:00
What was the most fun level in 'Story'?20iGotFancyPants2009-10-06 21:32:00
What is the Best looking story level66KQuinn94Z2009-09-27 11:22:00
i need some help1lukas2009-09-24 18:44:00
Stupid Sumo's9Bulbasore2009-09-07 06:55:00
Rank the 8 story sections.14keell2009-08-25 02:20:00
Story level Magic??14springs862009-08-19 22:54:00
Favourite story character?139Adam90012009-08-15 18:17:00
Multiplayer in LBP opinions?31ml3232009-08-08 01:18:00
Acing an un-aced level?25Coxy2242009-08-03 12:09:00
I came in 4th overall in the world for Pillar Jumping. What's your highest?6Unknown User2009-07-20 15:54:00
glitchs?36GRapeman12009-07-20 02:04:00
Most Annoying Boss?88DeusJt2009-07-19 01:44:00
The Magicians Place x2.9Unknown User2009-07-16 01:18:00
A question about story15Trinit2009-07-15 11:36:00
Click here for help on story mode.7Adam90012009-07-11 18:18:00
Where is that DERN HEADSCARF.3TheMarvelousHat2009-07-11 02:43:00
How To Ace Tie Skipping!37BlackHairedGoon2009-07-06 19:33:00
Tips for acing! I will update this!15TheMarvelousHat2009-06-21 06:59:00
Favourite/Least Favourite LBP music.40KoRnDawwg2009-05-31 21:46:00
Play in a Day12Jre2009-05-18 22:23:00
Every single 2x 3x 4x levels11StaleSteak2009-05-16 21:15:00
What was the most annoying MM enemy to you?*with and without creatures brains*48LordRattler2009-05-14 07:22:00
I Finally Achieved My Goal...10Arikardo2009-05-09 01:39:00
"The Bunker" - Fastest Aced Time Attack *Video*45Jre2009-05-03 11:20:00
#3 on "The Bunker" scoreboard (1P)27Jre2009-05-02 01:06:00
USSR in the Frozen Tundra39Unknown User2009-04-25 15:05:00
Acing the collector3Trixsterr2009-04-22 19:23:00
2-4 aces each day10StaleSteak2009-04-18 19:29:00
Would Mm levels get spotlighted?2Coxy2242009-04-18 15:56:00
What levels do you lot hate ????36Unknown User2009-04-12 10:02:00
Fire pits minigame9Dexiro2009-04-10 17:35:00
The ace glitch11LuckyShot2009-03-18 00:23:00
Omg!! Aced the bunker!34dkjestrup2009-03-16 05:53:00
Huh. The Collector.20dawesbr2009-03-07 22:41:00
New item problem12iiiijujube2009-03-07 20:59:00
how many other people not like the story's ending?79superBlast2009-03-07 01:40:00
Dancer's Court, Construction Site, and Oni volcano2iiiijujube2009-03-06 03:04:00
Bunker!!!!!!23Bleach117x2009-03-03 00:43:00
Which levels can I get the sword and glowy eyes from?7Sosaku2009-02-28 06:28:00
Your Favourite Story Character55olit1232009-02-21 23:44:00
Is it actually possible to make a level as good as MM's?49olit1232009-02-21 13:32:00
Construction site7Josh 1212009-02-19 10:31:00
Which story level?2iiiijujube2009-02-16 01:48:00
MGS Pack Question!!10mostevilmilo2009-02-09 18:29:00
The Bunker 3x zone where is it?5Zommy2009-02-07 19:28:00
Get a grip problem8iiiijujube2009-02-05 05:16:00
The Collector!! Aceing Annoyance!!22Trixsterr2009-02-04 20:01:00
How did I do this?!6blaze_boi7862009-02-02 18:34:00
OMG I aced "The Bunker" with three people!16blizzard_cool2009-01-31 16:18:00
VR Training Trophy9RAINFIRE2009-01-25 17:34:00
Mm's Unshared goodies.18DRT992009-01-24 21:01:00
Which level was hardest to ACE???177Madafaku2009-01-24 08:40:00
MGS VR Challenge15RockSauron2009-01-24 01:47:00
MGS Act3 Glich/Cheat/Hint27DRT992009-01-23 22:40:00
Need help with story mode? Read me before posting here!2Elbee232009-01-23 09:42:00
Creepy lbp Story, Lbp bug, and level progress5Darkrider92009-01-21 22:10:00
Two questions6pyrimidhead2009-01-20 00:42:00
Odd Bug in VR Training11Mark D. Stroyer2009-01-14 17:12:00
Boom Town x2, only needs 1 person6BizzyBox2009-01-14 01:33:00
Handy tip for getting the chinese festival hat8gripper922009-01-13 19:27:00
Not awarded trophy?4jamisonfitz2009-01-13 09:46:00
***Holds platinum plaque in the air***53tyboogie2009-01-12 23:58:00
What level contains the key prize bubble?7jamisonfitz2009-01-12 06:11:00
Is there any list of songs and how to unlock them?5Robbie2009-01-11 20:40:00
Can you beat 2x's at your own?53SmallLargeEarthling2009-01-10 19:19:00
Magicians place! hardest 2x14Barrid2009-01-09 12:54:00
Where Can I find This? Thread19qrtda2355662009-01-07 23:39:00
what does the neon suit look like?21nagla02009-01-05 21:49:00
Someone willing to help on skate to victory?5bam_emma2009-01-03 15:59:00
Easy Bunker "wheel" ace tip13Darkrider92009-01-02 14:48:00
co-op prize bubble1NOIZ3_DID_IT2008-12-29 04:58:00
Where's that sticker?!1MarkoWolfy2008-12-27 17:30:00
Lighting switch in MGS level pack?11Unknown User2008-12-26 22:52:00
Bird costume8Rhcpmikey2008-12-26 17:39:00
BOOM Town....!17Thee-Flash2008-12-26 10:43:00
100% clear9Rhcpmikey2008-12-26 09:26:00
Wtf!3Rhcpmikey2008-12-25 19:36:00
Items?6Rhcpmikey2008-12-25 13:50:00
Ace the MGS levels?5Rhcpmikey2008-12-25 09:09:00
Beat MGS Levels21BloodFlameX2008-12-25 01:58:00
Missing Items2LittleBigGamer2008-12-24 22:05:00
Raiden LBP suit3Little Big Planet Legend2008-12-24 19:09:00
MGS Trophies15[OGM]CrAcKhEaD2008-12-24 17:48:00
Sad Face :( (STORY MODE HELP HERE)11LittleBigGamer2008-12-24 04:23:00
Meet the Newest Neon Sack4DRT992008-12-24 03:41:00
*collapses*13Tyler2008-12-24 03:38:00
Favorite MGS Pack Levels6Sack-Jake2008-12-24 00:42:00
The Bunker!! OMFG that wheel!!!!!76Unknown User2008-12-22 14:53:00
Hurray and hurrah for a mistake in LBP!3minilandstan2008-12-18 19:53:00
Oh... my... God...23RockSauron2008-12-15 21:28:00
HELP!! Sensei's Castle and the Troubling Wheels5pilottype2008-12-15 20:32:00
Easy Collector Ace! *SPOILERS*4DRT992008-12-13 19:23:00
The Collector; How?14DRT992008-12-09 01:57:00
What kept you from aceing the bunker?36LordRattler2008-12-08 20:31:00
I am the MAN26Unknown User2008-12-04 09:06:00
finally Perfect!!!6Mod5.02008-12-01 20:02:00
Worst minigame in your opinion?1oldage2008-12-01 19:25:00
Skulldozer11oldage2008-11-29 18:24:00
Whats your favorite level on lbp?21McSpazitron2008-11-28 21:54:00
ninja mask?6swizz9772008-11-23 17:40:00
Tutorial level theme14Ryan Williams2008-11-22 18:45:00
How to ace the first level?7HalfSwiss2008-11-22 13:21:00
[ Aced The Collector! ]17BloodFlameX2008-11-22 02:35:00
~Hardest to ace~33BloodFlameX2008-11-21 03:53:00
Gamespot LBP Guide-Walkthroughs/Trophies8BurlapSackBoy2008-11-21 02:03:00
Some items missing on levels2fireneed2008-11-20 04:01:00
Keys in Wedding Reception4Callahan902008-11-19 18:40:00
Finally... beat the canyons17ZachAttack2008-11-19 01:45:00
Something To Note...7floor30132008-11-17 19:45:00
Has this ever happened to anyone?17Gilgamesh2008-11-17 11:26:00
Aced The Collector!19Sack-Jake2008-11-16 23:39:00
4th item in the mines?!?!?!2alexylophone2008-11-16 15:35:00
Boom Town: Worst level?117ZachAttack2008-11-16 06:25:00
95% on the meerkat kingdom! help!3alexylophone2008-11-15 22:09:00
98% on wedding reception! help!10alexylophone2008-11-15 20:03:00
'Other' Walkthrough Under Development8floor30132008-11-15 15:46:00
Burning Forest sticker missing?3SleepyDay2008-11-14 19:01:00
How To Ace The Bunker!27floor30132008-11-13 20:10:00
The Collector's Lair help.5NeoShai2008-11-13 17:49:00
Skate To Victory5Chucky2008-11-12 11:41:00
Am I the only one?20Vecayse2008-11-10 12:05:00
Least Favourite Section?49floor30132008-11-09 17:54:00
Video walkthrough for all levels *spoilers*1Codim2008-11-09 02:41:00
Need one item in Boom Town5BurlapSackBoy2008-11-08 19:19:00
Where is this long cloak/cape from?9Unknown User2008-11-08 04:10:00
Where to hide?7DrunkMiffy2008-11-07 19:34:00
Little Big Ninja2mjuice2008-11-06 22:15:00
Tips for the final boss!11DrunkMiffy2008-11-06 20:38:00
Holy crap!50Tyler2008-11-05 03:28:00
Done.16Code13372008-11-05 01:11:00
Clarification..thanks =]9wuzhennin2008-11-04 20:20:00
Favorite Minigame?11qrtda2355662008-11-03 21:22:00
I beat it! ! ! :d36Sakboy2008-11-03 14:07:00
I can't seem to find all the items in "The Darkness"6Luxxicon2008-11-03 12:49:00
The bank in Boom Town...14Tyler2008-11-03 05:23:00
Collector locations *Spoilers*6RedPanda2008-10-30 16:13:00
LBP Story Line???15Thee-Flash2008-10-30 06:03:00
Boom Town4Jetskye2008-10-28 01:58:00
The Bunker45Unknown User2008-10-27 22:34:00
MM vs User25Thee-Flash2008-10-26 23:41:00
Completed 100% :D35slayer15512008-10-26 14:53:00
line rider level9sack-zilla2008-10-06 22:34:00

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