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[PSP] Suggestions [Archive]

Archive: 123 threads

community projects3Unknown User2010-12-21 00:17:00
Kindred Rewards12Iceychill562010-12-19 22:59:00
LBP for PSP...2!!!!5Unknown User2010-12-18 04:43:00
Most Played Search Option6ConverseFox2010-12-05 05:49:00
Help Wanted!6Ragefulnoobs2010-11-26 01:55:00
The General Potential Graphical Improvements Thread28Snicklin2010-11-24 14:12:00
Which Would You Rather Suggest to Cambridge?50The-Questor2010-11-15 18:12:00
The Vacuum Material9ConverseFox2010-11-09 01:54:00
"Friends"11Random2010-11-01 23:26:00
Material Tweakage10anoken2010-10-31 04:17:00
Idea's and Suggestions Needed: LBP PSP Celebrating One Year of Portableness.3Ragefulnoobs2010-10-31 01:40:00
LBP for PSP FAQ5Silver392010-10-26 22:59:00
A cutscene tool?11Kelemonopy2010-10-19 16:34:00
Your images as stickers?6Kelemonopy2010-10-19 16:27:00
A proper MyPod would be nice.14Unknown User2010-10-17 13:42:00
How about online co-op8Unknown User2010-10-17 13:37:00
Suggestion34Unknown User2010-10-17 13:19:00
Can we get camera support?5TheLongArmedOne2010-10-17 12:25:00
Level Tags: Let's Get Reorganized!3Unknown User2010-10-16 08:12:00
Trophies?34LiamTheKiwi2010-10-13 06:04:00
LBP PSP, Celebrating 1 year of Fun!!6LiamTheKiwi2010-10-11 06:56:00
Camera Angle Question7izhuk2010-10-08 15:52:00
Hopeful DLC15Iceychill562010-10-02 02:17:00
Ratchet and Clank DLC1Iceychill562010-10-02 02:07:00
Minigame Tutorial?16ode12342010-09-29 04:38:00
Custom music imported from memory stick! Spread the word!29Snicklin2010-09-28 15:00:00
Eraser7Random2010-09-27 20:37:00
Help With Boss10ode12342010-09-26 23:39:00
What could be the answer to all of our lighting problems26DrCell2010-09-26 02:21:00
Glitching help?21Flashwire2010-09-25 18:52:00
Need Some Help5ode12342010-09-24 04:43:00
Nw level of mine coming out in about a week!!!!!!3jhk112010-09-21 02:32:00
Any advice for me9jhk112010-09-21 00:28:00
Stickers & community.4sackboy77892010-09-12 02:14:00
Wobbly Material! :D11Wertpol2010-09-09 21:56:00
Beginner Logic Pack Released16Struanmcd2010-09-09 20:39:00
Coma16himoks2010-09-08 16:40:00
New Level Pack?3Iceychill562010-09-07 19:01:00
Lbp2 dlc2Iceychill562010-09-06 17:53:00
Lbp2 dlc2Iceychill562010-09-06 17:45:00
2 Words: Global Tool6Unknown User2010-09-02 01:14:00
A MediEvil pack!31DrCell2010-08-24 03:48:00
Journey Overworld remake? :(10Spark1512010-08-17 06:03:00
A (Big) List30DrCell2010-08-09 05:06:00
A Notification System!3CyberSora2010-08-08 22:14:00
Sack Mansion2crazy5552010-08-04 15:58:00
In LBP PSP should have more space for downloaded levels5himoks2010-08-01 11:27:00
(Feedback) Logic Pack PSP15Struanmcd2010-07-29 21:16:00
(Developer's plan) Logic Pack292Struanmcd2010-07-29 21:04:00
Fill up My Pod!50Struanmcd2010-07-23 11:22:00
Publishing12Unknown User2010-07-17 04:25:00
whats up with create mode?!27Shadenmonk2010-07-13 01:50:00
Invisible material?4youstink782010-07-04 20:22:00
Random crashing and editing glitches.2Ragefulnoobs2010-07-02 22:15:00
Moving Objects to the Other Lane12TheNerd2010-07-02 04:36:00
Achievements/Trophies!!!!7Unknown User2010-06-26 08:40:00
Logic Pack PSP124eagerneph2010-06-26 00:24:00
Auto search.4Captain Rule2010-06-24 01:28:00
not fill in7shanester2010-06-20 21:35:00
Invisible cameras and zone viewing4The Forgotten2010-06-13 15:47:00
Chinchillas!4Captain Rule2010-06-08 05:23:00
New Magnet tool19SketchNZ2010-06-07 09:21:00
Sackboy fragrances6ConverseFox2010-06-06 23:55:00
Glowing material6ConverseFox2010-06-06 23:14:00
lighting30wombat122010-06-01 12:03:00
Random Emitter!9Fastbro2010-05-27 19:56:00
Bolts that actually work...8Bovrillor2010-05-24 12:25:00
Mirror tool13Entity2010-05-17 18:44:00
Rear View7Bovrillor2010-05-10 16:59:00
View Mode?10Fastbro2010-05-05 16:19:00
Navigator Button?10TheNerd2010-05-05 10:56:00
Sticker Corner Editor4Archy11212010-05-03 14:58:00
Front View Switch8amazingflyingpoo2010-05-01 05:54:00
In Game Level Recovery11Alismuffin2010-05-01 02:32:00
Lbpc awards!17fatcat14132010-04-30 20:22:00
Better Search Options10Bovrillor2010-04-26 13:59:00
Capture Sackboy6Alismuffin2010-04-24 09:26:00
Changeable Background colour for level icon...8moonwire2010-04-23 20:33:00
Impact/Touch Switch3Alismuffin2010-04-21 11:10:00
Improved Gluing24Silver392010-04-10 18:50:00
Mechanical Material [suggestion]7Alismuffin2010-04-09 06:01:00
The list of needed things20jonlolz2010-04-03 17:21:00
Costume Requests20SockFace2010-04-02 23:59:00
Decorations11ConverseFox2010-04-02 20:16:00
Selection of Music on LBP PSP24Spark1512010-04-01 22:12:00
'I Race Dead People' PSP LBP33SockFace2010-03-31 22:14:00
Adjustable points for race gates2Xenon2010-03-31 01:38:00
Is anybody gonna create a Contraption Challenge for the PSP?6fol1n[US]2010-03-29 04:02:00
Republishing not resetting plays7Unknown User2010-03-28 20:03:00
Acing Levels - Help???19SockFace2010-03-28 14:39:00
DLC Theme Ideas23Silver392010-03-27 19:59:00
DLC Costumes LBP PSP6SockFace2010-03-27 11:54:00
Better Costume Customization9CyberSora2010-03-19 23:15:00
Static point bubbles6Xenon2010-03-18 14:53:00
LBP PSP Costumes5SockFace2010-03-13 13:38:00
LBP PSP What would you like?10SockFace2010-03-13 13:28:00
A Sticker Cutter4LittleBigLearner2010-03-11 18:40:00
Fill Tool8masterlemons2010-03-11 00:12:00
A little improvement of the copy tool...6moonwire2010-03-08 17:16:00
Crime Story2Lleonard Pler2010-03-07 00:27:00
The placing of the "fingerprint" sticker5moonwire2010-03-01 17:09:00
Film effects.6tominater122010-02-24 08:08:00
Lights and Lighting Control48CyberSora2010-02-24 02:24:00
Paint Tool?3tRnH2010-02-18 23:53:00
Being able to turn off the beginning movie.8tominater122010-02-16 02:58:00
Online?17TheNerd2010-02-14 08:17:00
All I want...4SalieriAAX2010-02-12 11:05:00
More Customizing options in Little Big Planet for PSP MYPod7Holyshield2010-02-12 01:42:00
LBPCTG For PSP(?)13starkastor2010-02-09 23:29:00
Thickening Stickers!3Fastbro2010-02-07 18:50:00
LBP portable and PSP camera7Holyshield2010-01-26 03:27:00
Make Your Level Smoother8Stormy312010-01-07 16:01:00
create mode suggestions.6illius2009-12-05 21:37:00
"EUREKA!: A Sack Full of Adventure"11Sackrates2009-11-28 23:09:00
Inivsible material6Unknown User2009-11-27 22:49:00
Bolts and Pistons...9Sackrates2009-11-27 00:04:00
Transfering Captured objects from PSP to PS3 (and vice-versa)7JKthree2009-11-22 04:39:00
Idea for PS3 to PSP Compatability8FULLGORR2009-11-22 04:19:00
dissolve question8ingewanduh2009-11-20 17:17:00
I know this is REAL late :D How would you streamline LBPSP create?5Unknown User2009-11-17 19:22:00
Questions About LBP PSP37Dante952009-11-10 18:29:00
Pros and Cons about LBP PSP41Voodeedoo2009-10-25 20:20:00
Size of downloaded levels in LBP PSP, Speculation and Guesstimation5RyoxSinfar2009-10-06 19:05:00

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