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[LBPV] Ideas and Projects

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Pairs Unleashed Vita6CuriousSack2017-09-14 17:21:00
Story platformer project27mdkd992017-01-15 14:33:00
Darkness of mankind [Openworld]11mdkd992016-11-18 07:19:00
Battle with Zombies [TopDown] new project2mdkd992016-10-11 22:04:00
[Idea] Darkness (Platformer)10mdkd992016-08-18 11:38:00
In the works: an old top-down shooter revived.47wolfbrother1172016-07-14 14:56:00
VITA | Common Colors3doggy972016-05-11 14:27:00
Psychological Horror level3ratalsoni12016-04-24 00:56:00
Maze: A Puzzling Game2ratalsoni12016-04-16 17:27:00
Battle with Zombies 2 - Nukehouse (TopDown)15mdkd992016-02-06 02:37:00
Hollows5mdkd992016-01-10 14:39:00
Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm [TopDown]3mdkd992015-12-13 00:31:00
BWZ - Oh russia [Christmas Update]2mdkd992015-12-12 11:23:00
3D adventure [idea and create level]1mdkd992015-11-17 23:59:00
Cursed trains 2 - Salvation [VITA]2mdkd992015-10-20 23:12:00
Versus Battle at Marine Lab7vinniegnsb2015-02-22 20:28:00
Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception5himoks2014-12-13 13:36:00
Idea/ in production: A slow-paced, co-op action dungeon crawler.8a_mailbox2014-12-06 03:22:00
BWZ- Snow base (TopDown Shooter)5mdkd992014-11-15 15:26:00
Sackorama: Future Travels8Tikaki-MooMoo2014-11-13 03:28:00
Windows XP Simulator (Working-Title)7Eli2014-09-09 15:27:00
Kim Possible Mission: IV PSVITA Version Project1Thug_Life_EQ2014-09-06 02:54:00
Freddy is coming, to haunt your ps vita34wolfbrother1172014-09-02 15:07:00
A Horror Story11axoh172014-08-31 21:19:00
Music Showdown2VeryCoolMeLBP2014-08-16 00:18:00
A Project Teaser9whateverg2014-07-11 03:31:00
Which project first? Open-World SuperHero or DungeonCrawler6SilverTriforce72014-06-20 21:49:00
Sack Wars3AirHunter2014-06-13 20:15:00
Objective X6airide1012014-06-09 20:15:00
Lets fly1Sandro87082014-05-25 20:48:00
I'm Back With a Project Idea!4unc92sax2014-05-23 00:16:00
Science at it's Finest (ft. Bill Nye)7Tikaki-MooMoo2014-05-07 15:39:00
[Idea] Unnamed idea that wont suck.1Seant12282014-04-04 01:07:00
Cursed Trains/1 player8mdkd992014-03-23 01:37:00
[:Level:] Rocket Cavern5Tikaki-MooMoo2014-03-11 15:44:00
[Battle With Zombies] Nukehouse - 1 Player3mdkd992014-02-27 01:00:00
[F4F] Testers desired. Team Picked Creator.3LukeCF2014-02-13 06:15:00
Zombie Infection 1: Recharged2Mdoodle222014-01-05 04:05:00
"Jetpax"9Woutery2013-12-29 23:32:00
Need some playtesters2THE-73est2013-12-13 05:41:00
Frost Man8Sunbunny232013-12-09 01:59:00
Someone interested in creating a song for my upcoming new level?5TUL102013-12-02 03:50:00
Need to add in multiple route or ending for my level.7greyfox19802013-11-02 10:26:00
Need an idea for a level that involves listening. Help please! (School Project)2IcyFlamez_2013-10-30 22:26:00
Ratchet&Clank: Apogee's Last Adventure14rodfocov2013-10-29 06:41:00
Happy Holloween!14Woutery2013-10-05 20:13:00
World's Hardest Game Coming to LBP Vita!4ShadowArcticWolf2013-09-28 03:46:00
Keyboard with touch controls?12ShadowArcticWolf2013-09-22 21:21:00
ReVITAlizing LTTP2ShadowArcticWolf2013-09-22 21:12:00
Making a very Deus Ex Human Revolution inspired level48IcyFlamez_2013-09-18 00:14:00
La Marionette themed level2Unknown User2013-09-07 17:08:00
VitaCraft - Minecraft in LBP Vita - Beta Testers Needed!5Kalawishis2013-09-01 02:04:00
Windows 7 Vita Edition BETA4qwerty1234562013-08-25 22:10:00
Lost Souls [RPG]21Gwaeron2013-08-22 16:38:00
RPG-Fighter: The Time Trigger/The Frozen Flame7Papp-CASS_7772013-08-17 04:04:00
Soldier base - Zombie Survival (1-4 Player)1mdkd992013-08-15 14:42:00
Battle with Zombies (Vita remake)4mdkd992013-08-07 04:09:00
Ratchet and Clank: Travel To The 2nd Dimension38Sunbunny232013-08-01 04:41:00
BETA: The Other Side by comphermc23comphermc2013-07-28 22:18:00
Murder Mystery: Good Griefable?5Jedi_19932013-07-26 16:31:00
Gem Hunter1Chup2013-07-16 13:41:00
Sackboy vs. hollows! BETA1mdkd992013-07-13 13:13:00
coming soon: The first 35 days6wolfbrother1172013-07-12 16:09:00
The Cave4mdkd992013-07-11 11:37:00
LBP1 Remixed... Is it worth finishing? (pictures inside)16The5rozos2013-07-10 20:34:00
The cave(platformer)3mdkd992013-07-10 08:53:00
Real Time Strategy!3dudeman7792013-07-07 01:26:00
That APE Stole my PRINCESS!1whateverg2013-06-27 12:18:00
An update+Project updates and announcements3Seant12282013-06-26 00:47:00
Red Racer8Woutery2013-06-17 20:12:00
Rusher X4Sunbunny232013-06-16 06:18:00
Custom Player Template.1Woutery2013-06-07 22:54:00
-Top Down Shooter with Campaign and Multiplayer-4bluesteel7892013-05-29 12:10:00
Rotation Creations!9Darkcloudrepeat2013-05-29 01:39:00
Pokemon Vita Version (Trust me it's not the same old Pokemon vita remake)11PokeMario2013-05-22 22:20:00
Tumblewood Cliffs (Formerly Outback Jack)14nysudyrgh2013-05-22 20:07:00
Unnamed Platformer7repulsor1012013-05-21 23:46:00
PSP Classics Revitalized72Schark942013-05-13 18:11:00
Something SQUARED is coming4Pulparindo152013-05-09 00:00:00
Fun Pharaoh10Woutery2013-05-04 10:39:00
Puzzle game from Sharfik19953Sharfik19952013-04-27 16:00:00
Tower Climbing4burgerstupr2013-04-26 22:25:00
The Sketchlands [PLCC5 Entrystuffs]16nysudyrgh2013-04-25 21:06:00
Creating new levels1Unknown User2013-04-25 16:05:00
Purple Platformer (You can test it!)17Woutery2013-04-21 09:54:00
Dark Matter: The Rise5Seant12282013-04-20 01:38:00
The most advanced FPS engine on LBPV16Seant12282013-04-19 00:00:00
I need some ideas for a character1dudeman7792013-04-14 23:22:00
Studio Ghibli Themed Levels3rodfocov2013-04-14 01:11:00
line world1burgerstupr2013-04-07 08:35:00
Unnamed Level Project9Woutery2013-04-03 16:05:00
Pushover1Meribald2013-04-02 13:54:00
My demon souls level beta test2Unknown User2013-04-02 06:02:00
Super Ultra Magnificently Mega Microgame$!7bonner1232013-03-31 00:45:00
Titanic (1997)2Mokum_GTT2013-03-29 23:10:00
Wouter's Music2Woutery2013-03-29 11:03:00
Oppurtunity For Skilled Developers6Unknown User2013-03-26 17:35:00
A New Idea on How to take back LBP3amiel4455662013-03-21 04:51:00
Do You Like This Artistic Style? (DevilRhino)(2013)9Kyesty2013-03-20 21:52:00
Paradoxum Soul2Ash_uk12013-03-17 22:14:00
Breakout... Your Pinballs?!?5LukeCF2013-03-14 04:32:00
Project Arcade Hell6poorjack2013-03-10 19:21:00
What should my next project be?4dudeman7792013-03-03 23:29:00
JustinArt's LBPV level series project4JustinArt2013-03-02 18:18:00
Pac Man- Battle Royale6Unknown User2013-02-28 15:29:00
My new shoot 'em up project !11Gwaeron2013-02-26 15:41:00
Back With a New Project!6unc92sax2013-02-24 20:33:00
Wiosna (Visual Novel)3wait wtf2013-02-18 04:20:00
a hollows tale...3thebombdrop2013-02-16 22:19:00
New project - Tilt the Egg! [New screenshots!]8Pulparindo152013-02-15 20:50:00
Ideas:15LukeCF2013-02-13 15:46:00
An homage to a movie franchise I loved as a kid12Slurm2013-02-11 21:49:00
Bubbles - 2D Platformer4LJRobey2013-02-09 02:46:00
The Awakening2Drico-JD2013-02-05 11:28:00
Golden Gate Bridge Bomb Survival ideas8Unknown User2013-01-29 23:13:00
A shooter game i need help with.8Woutery2013-01-28 16:01:00
Trapped - A survival challenge for 1-4 players19jwwphotos2013-01-28 01:13:00
LBPV - Sackbot Domination (Shooter)5DistantWords2013-01-24 21:04:00
Which of these (arcade/mini) games should I make/not make?3aar26972013-01-24 06:06:00
Bored What to build?!?3Unknown User2013-01-22 21:50:00
Would to see 2 player board games adaptations4RecruitPS_22013-01-21 06:19:00
Demon souls demo level (WIP)7Unknown User2013-01-20 23:22:00
Zombie Infection on ps vita!5Mdoodle222013-01-17 21:28:00
Puzzle box of boxes coming soon to a vita near you3TulsaTom2013-01-12 21:18:00
(Woutery's?) Forest5Woutery2013-01-06 15:57:00
World of Skyland1doggy972013-01-03 22:03:00
My Project: Faster Than Light3Unknown User2012-12-30 04:41:00
So maaaany ideas!6yugnar2012-12-29 23:20:00
Ash_uk1s level(havent got a name for it yet)3Ash_uk12012-12-11 22:47:00
Noir thriller - Coming soon!7Skalio-2012-12-09 01:01:00
A level-type thing I'm working on75Taffey2012-12-07 18:20:00
Placid Jazz5rodfocov2012-11-17 23:40:00
Cube Watching Simulator5FlipMeister2012-11-11 21:15:00
GraVitas6ChrisF21122012-11-08 05:35:00
Asylum14unc92sax2012-11-06 23:25:00
TouchBlox [Minigame]2Chup2012-10-27 09:38:00
Labyrinth9unc92sax2012-10-24 03:25:00
Is is possible... "FTL: The Game" level6Sackrates2012-10-16 23:58:00
Kugelblitz! ( A fun space Strategy game!!)1Awesome_Guy2012-10-14 22:38:00
RPG-Platformer: The Power of TILT42koltonaugust2012-10-09 04:45:00
Hoard of the DigiBots - LBP Level series3Protoraptor2012-10-08 20:58:00
Create Mode Sackbot3ChrisF21122012-10-08 03:56:00
Halloween Boss level2Unknown User2012-10-07 18:45:00
The Bunker - LBPVita Remake1Unknown User2012-10-06 01:30:00
Sackature Science Moon Testing Facility.13Sackrates2012-10-03 06:43:00
Nights' Bright Sides4doggy972012-09-30 14:20:00
Evernight4Wertpol2012-09-26 20:28:00
World of Platforming (Platformer)4Nazar_Ops2012-09-25 08:04:00
☆ The Space Temples Saga ☆8Night Angel2012-09-25 01:10:00
Zombie Fling 2.06Nick9309302012-09-23 23:07:00
Crimson Raven7venat2012-09-23 23:03:00
Mythicos: Deus Vita Episodes35poorjack2012-09-22 19:51:00
The Legend of Sackenstein44unc92sax2012-09-22 17:30:00
Tank Mayhem: Warehouse Showdown out as soon as servers are up !!4Unknown User2012-09-18 00:31:00
MooMoo's Back babeh!! and so is "Floating Space Rocks" now completely remastered!3Unknown User2012-09-15 22:08:00
The Meter Toolkit8Unknown User2012-08-02 04:37:00
The life begins (Project Vita)17Sunbunny232012-07-23 18:45:00
The Beginning10unc92sax2012-07-20 15:25:00
Has anyone published a level yet ?5ILOVEMYGF522012-07-15 03:13:00
The Implausible Exam(working title lol)14SLS102012-06-06 00:47:00
Level Ideas?86L1N3R1D3R2012-06-02 22:00:00

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