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Chdonga: Sonic and the ultimate machine (13 minutes long film)1mdkd992016-06-13 17:35:00
adding lbp psp community levels: is it possible?8wolfbrother1172015-03-06 09:16:00
LBP Vita Needs more stuff!5Megax Rocker2014-09-30 23:56:00
Multiplayer Create4DaFrontPorch2014-07-08 16:39:00
Remove the discard changes button.11Woutery2014-02-15 22:11:00
The LBPV online server should includes PSP and PS3 versions.7greyfox19802013-10-12 18:18:00
Online Friends Not Showing up3L-I-M-I2013-10-08 19:51:00
Thick/Thin Logic4Bitter Sweet2013-10-03 19:07:00
Sackbots that don't fill the thermometer6jaffakree5032013-07-16 07:39:00
Ad Hoc Mode6airide1012013-07-15 17:27:00
PSP's Rare Stickers? :36nysudyrgh2013-05-06 20:01:00
Sorting Downloads2repulsor1012013-04-24 22:57:00
User-enterable text to use in Speech Bubbles10Woutery2013-04-22 09:40:00
A mess on my earth! >:(19cakito1232013-04-20 16:27:00
player hearts4thebombdrop2013-04-14 17:16:00
Earth Blocking9QuinnBarnett2013-04-01 20:54:00
EXPLOSIVES that can be modificated1Unknown User2013-03-12 14:56:00
Level back up8deboerdave2013-03-06 19:12:00
Image Import Tool1Blue Helmet2013-02-27 23:19:00
Should have a bigger story mode? Maybe imports1Unknown User2013-02-19 16:59:00
multi-player create2thebombdrop2013-01-22 15:24:00
they should port some levels from lbp21thebombdrop2013-01-22 15:21:00
HUD Vertical / Horizontal Shift Tweak3LukeCF2013-01-09 18:04:00
Allow creators to make loading screens that sync with the game's loading2aar26972013-01-02 09:52:00
LBP2 <Music Sequencer> LBPVita5Papp-CASS_7772012-12-28 20:14:00
Background DLC?6yugnar2012-11-14 02:44:00
Clean up the Live Screen Activities4koltonaugust2012-11-04 23:07:00
New Ways to Find Good Levels5ChrisF21122012-11-02 03:50:00
LBPV and BP2 crossplay7danthi662012-10-30 21:35:00
draw-able sticker panels4jaffakree5032012-10-24 08:19:00
Disconnection After Leaving Sleep Mode7FlameAtNight2012-10-08 18:42:00
Please give our sackfolk REAL and proper climbing skills!44Unknown User2012-10-06 20:01:00
Fixing Multiplayer [Technical Suggestion]4Unknown User2012-09-29 11:47:00
Donwload progress bars7Agarwel2012-09-29 07:36:00
Painting3Nick9309302012-09-26 22:46:00
Layer adjustment 'pull tabs'2SSTAGG12012-09-23 18:51:00
Grid on/off Button on screen6Chicoleunis2012-09-23 13:14:00
Filter Out P4P Levels19blastroid2012-09-23 04:29:00
No more "ghost glue"7a_mailbox2012-09-22 18:13:00
Controlling Sackboy's head movement7Behonkiss2012-09-21 03:57:00
create mode freezing3Sunbunny232012-09-20 21:19:00
Cross play and Co op Create?4Hero_of_Sages2012-09-18 23:04:00
where's the Level Showcase thread for PSVita?4kaiju_kid2012-09-18 02:31:00
bug discussion5Unknown User2012-09-16 21:15:00
DLC You Would Like to See In LBP Vita88Lbphart32012-09-06 05:40:00
Will we get LBP2 kits on the Vita eventually?5GribbleGrunger2012-09-03 23:21:00
Are the buttons on the Vita pressure sensative?14GribbleGrunger2012-08-27 20:14:00
The LBP Music Sequencer12Flyingpotaotoman2012-08-26 18:39:00
So does Sackboy respond to being touched?12Xenon2012-08-22 17:45:00
Liquid Material (Is it possible?)27GribbleGrunger2012-08-18 10:42:00
Drawing Custom Stickers4bossveg2012-08-15 19:36:00
LBPVita Could Be Huge If ...81GribbleGrunger2012-08-05 07:23:00
Some questions about the multiplayer.8Unknown User2012-08-05 00:12:00
Will the crappiest and most useless feature be in LBPV?6Unknown User2012-08-03 20:14:00
Suggestion about dephisicalyzer.4cakito1232012-07-30 01:55:00
What do you think is the hold-up with LBP Vita?32The5rozos2012-07-26 19:04:00
Important Question That Will Determine the Fate of LBP History7Unknown User2012-07-26 08:59:00
Touch by default or not?18GribbleGrunger2012-07-16 22:48:00
Mysterious "LBPVita 'Kit'"42pilsburydoughboy552012-07-14 03:29:00
Release Date Leaked?6unc92sax2012-07-11 22:59:00
Some nice tool & powerup ideas of mine.4Lord-Dreamerz2012-06-26 22:33:00
Levels Could Be Much Bigger In LBPVita...27GribbleGrunger2012-06-22 02:04:00
LBP2 Levels in LBPVita ?2AcAnimate2012-06-21 08:11:00
3 layers in LBPVita?14LBNinja2012-06-21 04:35:00
I wish if there was top-down View6ILOVEMYGF522012-06-18 06:29:00
Sensible Suggestions For Tarsier Studios And Double Eleven146GribbleGrunger2012-06-12 20:46:00
Touch Screen Games6unc92sax2012-06-12 15:14:00
Will The Copy Button Still Be There?22Sackpapoi2012-06-05 16:50:00
Certain colours invisible on sticker panels8GribbleGrunger2012-06-03 02:55:00
Gameplay Kit Improvements16L1N3R1D3R2012-06-02 22:14:00

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