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Replay Value...19valious2corvus2014-10-03 04:49:00
Add new editing update8valious2corvus2014-09-23 01:03:00
New to forum, being a guest3valious2corvus2014-09-21 10:47:00
FPS combat arena8StJimmysAdiction2014-09-15 20:11:00
Contest Suggestion9Scorpio13572014-08-22 23:22:00
Filter out the trophy hunters3Scorpio13572014-06-08 11:46:00
Karting Kommunity : What would you like to see?27hyperdude952014-02-20 15:53:00
C o - c r e a t e m o d e . . .2DreadRandal2013-10-01 18:58:00
Things I want to see8Xtrahuman2013-07-12 19:56:00
The "Official" LBPK Suggestions Thread!2BlueCrow2013-07-03 08:22:00
An Open Plea to UFG to support LBP: Karting properly!15atheistsw2013-06-25 15:41:00
Republishing with Team Pick rosette2Pookachoo2013-05-03 19:27:00
Remove the Online Pass8Unknown User2013-04-24 06:48:00
This Freezing Issue Needs Addressing [Video]3Unknown User2013-04-14 18:04:00
Cloning Material Objects Suggestion3Unknown User2013-03-09 14:03:00
Branches Create Holes Where They Connect1Unknown User2013-03-05 21:34:00
Speed5Sonicthefellow72013-02-19 01:23:00
Some of the materials need an overhaul.10Eanikran2013-01-07 23:25:00
Game host generated level playlist4JudgeSpear2013-01-06 19:49:00
Race replay movies2JudgeSpear2012-12-26 17:21:00
More Vote Options6Remy2012-12-24 21:42:00
Polygon Edit Tool (Corner edit?)3Mooshywooshy2012-12-14 09:29:00
Larger Breadcrumbs & Race Respawns2Remy2012-12-13 01:36:00
3D Mover1aratiatia2012-12-09 05:57:00
Level Links and Object Responsive Battle AI.8anarchowolf2012-12-07 12:00:00
Better Menus and Display Area1kkoenig2012-12-06 21:48:00
Opacity slider3Wigriff2012-12-04 14:12:00
Custom Icons (stickers/pictures) for weapons!6The Don2012-12-03 23:24:00
Party's should all follow!!!!1Unknown User2012-12-03 04:16:00
Bolts, strings, and rods.11BLAHBLAH10002012-12-02 16:41:00
Sticker Glitch7BLAHBLAH10002012-12-02 16:21:00
Allow a playgroup to edit levels together1JudgeSpear2012-12-02 03:03:00
2 Create GRIDS needed - Terrain and Track laying1blackwiggle2012-11-28 07:53:00
Music Sequencer9JudgeSpear2012-11-25 05:32:00
Drive underwater2JudgeSpear2012-11-24 01:24:00
Music10Unknown User2012-11-19 19:52:00
Re-roll copies style and proportion of start position1Lokno2012-11-18 00:10:00
Better Cool Pages1Mdoodle222012-11-17 23:49:00
A way to escape from a race blocked from finishing by a stuck AI3TheBeardyMan2012-11-17 10:07:00
A.I. while playing online killing the fun playing against human players.6blackwiggle2012-11-15 12:35:00
Less auto grouping1Dfw862012-11-15 09:29:00
We don't need no roads1Dfw862012-11-15 07:51:00
On-Screen Indication of Off-Track/Out-of-Bounds in Preview Mode4Lokno2012-11-15 06:10:00
Better redo system1Sackie2012-11-14 19:40:00
Draw a path by driving your kart.8Lokno2012-11-14 06:25:00
Why?18Unknown User2012-11-12 16:35:00
Changing AI Costumes10Jakest1232012-11-12 01:23:00
Some tools from lbp22Dfw862012-11-11 21:34:00
Corner Editor3Unknown User2012-11-11 19:29:00
Preview Kart Speed2Manlius10A2012-11-09 15:59:00
Temporal invulnerability after portal.5yugnar2012-11-08 21:09:00
LBPK Hopes13Mdoodle222012-10-23 01:27:00
backwards compatibility?13Yassinius2012-10-04 15:21:00
LittleBigPlanet Karting not ruled out for PS Vita10GribbleGrunger2012-09-26 16:46:00
LittlebigKarting.ME4Sacko532012-09-15 10:01:00
pod7Jonarrthan2012-09-09 02:31:00
The Possibilities7RickRock_7772012-08-31 16:19:00

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