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Open for questions7Scorpio13572016-05-15 12:59:00
Adjusting motors/pistons/hinges...1valious2corvus2014-11-15 06:24:00
How to: Use 'Snap Mode On'1valious2corvus2014-10-31 05:10:00
Making more with less thermo3Scorpio13572014-10-25 21:35:00
Sackboy secrets2valious2corvus2014-10-08 17:14:00
Shared Blueprints: Fps+4valious2corvus2014-10-05 18:30:00
How to make your Track change at Lap 2 or 32gipsy2014-10-04 16:19:00
How to make a High Detailed Custom Kart8gipsy2014-10-04 11:26:00
Boosting off start1valious2corvus2014-09-26 03:07:00
Prize bubbles4Scorpio13572014-08-09 00:00:00
Lower the heat!1Scorpio13572014-06-15 21:08:00
How to Drive With the Head Upside Down.4gipsy2014-06-13 15:56:00
Beginners Tutorials!9Scorpio13572014-06-11 22:30:00
Score bubbles6Scorpio13572014-06-10 16:35:00
Directed Respawn and Teleportation5StJimmysAdiction2014-06-05 20:37:00
How to Make a Kart Transformation During the Track1gipsy2014-02-28 17:41:00
How to Make the "Taking Away" Effect From A Tornado3gipsy2014-02-23 14:45:00
How to Write Text with the Color You Want Without Using a Box or Magic Mouth3gipsy2014-02-23 14:41:00
Decorate your level boundaries2Laidbackcat2014-02-22 09:22:00
What tutorial would you like?1Sean882013-09-29 13:16:00
How to build a PtP Rally1Sean882013-09-11 00:56:00
TIP for recover budget in your levels4SergioChileno2013-08-16 19:18:00
Advancded Shapes using the Sticker Template5Buttarms2013-06-04 13:20:00
Video Tutorial #8 - Platforming! Cameras! Handling!...and more!5TheAdipose2013-01-26 15:30:00
How to make a song play during the pre-race cutscene every time4JudgeSpear2013-01-06 05:09:00
Video Tutorial #7 - Cutscenes! Cameras! Actors! Transmitters!9TheAdipose2012-12-30 00:33:00
Best tip in track making.1Unknown User2012-12-22 16:07:00
The LBPK Quick Tips topic!5JudgeSpear2012-12-22 15:15:00
Occluder Sheets - My Understanding3Manlius10A2012-12-17 18:58:00
Video Tutorial #6 - The Eliminator! New Game Mode! Threshold! Logic!13TheAdipose2012-12-09 14:44:00
Threshold Numbers List5TheAdipose2012-12-09 09:08:00
How to make the force field work like the hologram(from LBP2) in LBPK.12zzmorg822012-12-05 22:07:00
Cut Scene Cinematics and other oddities4Unknown User2012-12-05 01:22:00
Video Tutorial #5 - Custom Boosters, Sounds, Emitters, Sponges and Level Design!10TheAdipose2012-12-01 14:53:00
Video Tutorial #4 - Arenas, Weapons, Sack Ops!10TheAdipose2012-11-29 22:39:00
A Few Tips For Faster Racing4ShamgarBlade2012-11-27 17:06:00
Video Tutorial #3 Shortcuts, breadcrumbs and More!6TheAdipose2012-11-25 16:16:00
Video Tutorial: SkyTrack, Jumps and Banks10TheAdipose2012-11-19 22:10:00
Video Tutorial: Your First Track8TheAdipose2012-11-18 21:47:00
Looping path followers4Dfw862012-11-18 21:03:00
aar2697's Helpful Findings and Tips3aar26972012-11-18 16:46:00
Track design tips and tricks12Unknown User2012-11-13 20:26:00
Save... Yourself from Grief (2014 update)23Pookachoo2012-11-13 20:01:00
Making text tutorials1Dfw862012-11-11 21:43:00
Video tutorials4TheAdipose2012-09-21 07:04:00

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