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Looking for help with Race to the Stars4FractiousLemon2018-03-06 11:10:00
Acing rewards.3Sir monacle2015-11-07 19:57:00
Need co-players for some levels2Batdroopy2015-11-04 10:10:00
lbp 3 story levels1burgerstupr2015-09-17 07:50:00
Manglewood 4 Player Rocket Race2ItzDennisz2015-08-20 09:13:00
grass material bunkum lagoon5papidj2015-03-03 03:59:00
PS4 4P race?1Kewes182015-02-20 12:05:00
Organizertron Quest Goodies2Mainframe2014-12-15 14:17:00
"0% Quest's"3Darkavenger_132014-12-15 09:00:00
Can't unlock level in Ziggurat3TheCountessZ2014-12-13 21:24:00
Don't Look Down pin2hoosierdaddie2014-12-12 16:43:00
Evil Newton Costume & Credits Song?18TheOddGamerYT2014-12-11 20:38:00
Soo... LBP3 Story Top or Flop?42TheOddGamerYT2014-12-10 22:10:00
Connections between LBP3 and previous games10Apple20122014-12-09 19:58:00
Expectations are too high24Apple20122014-12-09 08:11:00
Manglewood 2x area Level Link not appearing.12keanine2014-12-08 23:30:00
Missing prize bubble from Bunkum Lagoon HUB (spoilers, maybe)2Remy2014-12-07 20:55:00
What level do you get the slot machine head for Toggle?10tealsummernights2014-12-07 05:57:00
Bear with us. [SPOILERS!]4CamostarAtIsabella2014-12-07 02:32:00
Impossible to get 100%?4Darkavenger_132014-12-06 19:26:00
I need help in Manglewood too2Apple20122014-12-06 17:35:00
Problem story mode2The-RraptorR2014-12-06 12:25:00
Best LittleBigPlanet story mode?8AnonymousGlasses2014-12-06 05:53:00
Bunkum Lagoon Help.7SirenScribble71892014-12-05 02:01:00
Snow Material - Ziggurat Theme6LittleBigSnooth2014-12-04 22:30:00
Bunkum Lagoon was a bit of a mish-mash?7The11thWheatley2014-12-04 20:03:00
I need moar stickers!!!1Wolfeniczar2014-12-04 04:31:00
Manglewood Hub: 4 frozen bubbles, how to get? [May involve SPOILERS]5LittleBigDave2014-12-04 00:39:00
Popit Academy Connectors Level Missing prize bubble?2LittleBigDave2014-12-04 00:32:00
Bomb Survival reference in Ziggurat Main Hall6Apple20122014-12-03 17:38:00
The Great Escape Problem5GribbleGrunger2014-12-02 22:16:00
4 player part, send me a message friend request too8Aero8272014-12-01 21:00:00
I can't find one of the quests in Ziggurat7JakePutz2014-12-01 17:14:00
Glitch in Little Big Planet 3 - Junkum Lagoon map10Unknown User2014-11-30 21:05:00
Destroyed a prize bubble in Bunkum Lagoon and it didn't respawn.7CiXwOw2014-11-30 13:11:00
Bunkum Lagoon - Locked Level Help!3GLiTcH22014-11-30 07:34:00
Four Collectables In Introduction16GribbleGrunger2014-11-29 23:41:00
Bankum - Boost Boots help4deemazing2014-11-29 23:23:00
Miss collectabel7The-RraptorR2014-11-29 22:19:00
Where can i find the sticker for the introduction3The-RraptorR2014-11-29 15:12:00
How do you unlock the water material? (Spoiler on 1st reply to thread)2choalover2014-11-28 17:46:00
[BUGGED/HELP PLEASE] Contraption Challenge: The Wheel Deal1Grovfu2014-11-28 07:35:00
Need 2 people for the manglewood swamp level that requires 4 players14kevinunknown5132014-11-27 21:48:00
[BUG] Missing prizes in Hub2Snoki692014-11-27 17:06:00
challenge room: bear with us2EinRobot2014-11-26 22:48:00
Looking for people to ace 2x and 4x Player levels with!2X-FROGBOY-X2014-11-26 22:03:00
How do you unlock the powerups?4Apple20122014-11-26 19:22:00
The Great Escape- Prize bubbles impossible to get4Azmodan452014-11-25 20:40:00
Any tips on how to get Dinner at 8 trophy8Apple20122014-11-25 19:02:00
Keeping track on bells7chronos4532014-11-25 05:27:00
(PS4) Final Boss level4Teatrees2014-11-25 03:12:00
Question about Prologue3Pikot2014-11-25 02:19:00
Missing prize bubbles from Stitching Manor?7yugnar2014-11-25 00:05:00
In newtons lab..15Apollo_6782014-11-24 23:27:00
How many collectibles per book? (comparative purpose)3clearwolves2014-11-24 08:12:00
help x2 story levels!1xDukii2014-11-24 04:44:00
Reuniting a party for all multiplayer sections in the game12yugnar2014-11-24 04:34:00
Who wants to finish the Manglewood swamp x4 level?7chongue2014-11-24 03:36:00
Is it just me?23Apollo_6782014-11-24 03:04:00
A big reason for a lot of the story mode glitches.22rushinplay2014-11-23 23:38:00
Didn't get Prizes from Final boss?8Menen1012014-11-23 23:18:00
Glitch in The Wheel Deal2getyourwings52014-11-23 16:09:00
Manglewood Swamp Help5Rustbukkit2014-11-23 01:23:00
"The Great Escape" prize bubble issue (tiny spoiler I guess if that matters)14chronos4532014-11-22 16:45:00
Glitching in Bunkum Lagoon3Jovial-Fire2014-11-22 15:16:00
Get the x2 in "Belly of the Beast" With 1 player2DawnBreaker_232014-11-21 23:47:00
Collectabells7Sehven2014-11-21 21:32:00
Bunkum Lagoon items?1fly_4_a_jedi2014-11-21 19:07:00
Correction: this trick does NOT get the 4x prize15Sehven2014-11-21 01:41:00
How to get the last story gadget?4Darkrider92014-11-20 22:56:00
THE GREAT ESCAPE! Question, and how I aced it.3Archon4532014-11-20 22:42:00
Ziggurat Contraption Challenge Location?6Razortehkill2014-11-20 19:13:00
Any suggestions on the joust level?11Biv2014-11-20 15:38:00
sticker switch in the first level (intro level) [possible spoiler]4EinRobot2014-11-20 15:31:00
Aceing "Challenge Room: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" (Possible Spoilers)10Opt1mus_2014-11-20 12:32:00
Ziggurat Grand Hall Prize bubble? (Possible Spoilers) 23rd12Archon4532014-11-20 01:56:00
Access to Ziggurat10Snoki692014-11-20 01:37:00
I Can't Spawn In Ziggurat's Hub???4mr_D222014-11-19 11:45:00
I Broke Manglewood Swamp... Minor Spoilers I think...15DistantWords2014-11-18 21:50:00
This story mission is killing me! Help! **minor spoiler**11SirGreenDay2014-11-18 18:40:00
Can Prologue - Needlepoint Peaks be aced?7blastroid2014-11-18 15:21:00

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