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X2 areas completed alone.2Gentleman Tom2018-07-28 15:16:00
Expert Creator and QuickFire Artiste Trophy Help3Darthy092018-02-08 00:39:00
Just quick questions.10petethepug2017-09-03 18:20:00
Lbp1 - rip?10molynsi2017-08-01 11:15:00
Calling all LBP1 players...16molynsi2017-04-01 15:55:00
My PS3 Broke! (Maybe) :(7Juyytr55t56y2017-02-20 14:01:00
A video showing LBP's cut content, and alpha/beta footage. Pretty neat.6warlord_evil2016-11-29 00:52:00
Russian characters (letters) as objects?1Sir monacle2016-10-06 14:22:00
PC port or re-release?5Super_Dork_422016-10-04 08:26:00
Help! Pistons, please move again12>er.2016-09-06 19:51:00
Custom LittlebigPlanet 1 music cases.3Sir monacle2016-09-06 10:56:00
That song: Cafe Tacuba - Starting Over1warlord_evil2016-03-13 06:50:00
Unused costume?4thaia20132015-12-15 01:43:00
LBP1 is a complete mess now.4Nickey2112014-11-16 19:50:00
H4H P4P Thread for trophy2Jaxks2014-11-16 01:39:00
lbp.me statistics gone weird3bzr2422014-11-08 19:12:00
Which version of LBP should I buy?4LeviOrDie2014-11-03 04:09:00
Can lbp1 handle 5 players [VIDEO]5The_glitcher17052014-10-02 17:08:00
Has anyone realized the LBP 1 demo introduction level is a different level?4mr_D222014-08-16 14:57:00
The Zee Dude Mystery2dominatordompier2014-08-11 03:12:00
Help with 4x Multiplayer5NioShobu2014-08-09 04:49:00
Playing through the story mode of LittleBigPlanet on YouTube!2MrZebraGamer2014-08-09 00:41:00
LBP Classic Trivia2Teatrees2014-08-08 21:20:00
is it still worth buying?17nickram2014-07-31 22:25:00
Is it safe to publish a level in LBP1?7Tikaki-MooMoo2014-06-30 21:48:00
Patched Glitch2Unknown User2013-11-30 09:12:00
Memories3AgentBanana2013-11-28 18:49:00
Has MM said anything about the broke LBP1 levels?8Hana_Kami2013-11-20 20:03:00
Help for trophies3Unknown User2013-08-12 09:52:00
I've been wondering how to do this2Unknown User2013-06-07 18:02:00
What are your LBP1 Classics?23ShamgarBlade2013-06-02 15:01:00
lbp1 level making3Townzee2013-05-28 21:06:00
Lbp1?3qwerty1234562013-05-28 02:08:00
But embarrassed to say it but..3Foxdie2013-05-15 14:00:00
LBP 1-Interesting Dev Videos And Prototype!1Seant12282013-04-23 02:31:00
Hard levels11Unknown User2013-04-07 19:34:00
New friends needed to help getting "Party Person" trophy6Unknown User2013-03-26 20:12:00
LBP Trophy Cleanup5Wolfdre2013-01-15 20:29:00
How do I attach/glue an object to the floor?4Unknown User2013-01-09 03:41:00
Gifts ?!1Muffin_-_Knight2013-01-06 10:17:00
Getting a certain item in story mode2Unknown User2013-01-05 22:58:00
Five things I don't know how to do or get.3Unknown User2012-12-22 02:55:00
Barracuda Level by MadraAllta3Unknown User2012-12-20 21:53:00
Bullying issues in LBP6Sacko532012-12-18 20:27:00
Need help with x4 areas3AlexStarkie2012-12-14 11:25:00
I need X2 help and I'm offering X3/4 help8Spanex2012-11-29 15:44:00
The Bunker Death Wheel26Unknown User2012-03-07 03:29:00
Little Big Planet Player Stereotypes232gdn0012010-07-18 22:08:00
Favorite MM levels. WARNING SPOILERS!165flakmagnet2008-10-22 12:00:00

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