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[I]A Future MM From LBP4 and Dreams 2.[/I]

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Have I gone too far? Is it essential to talk all about it know?
But the future? Will Media Molecule ever survive its hoard of success? Media Molecule in my obvious perspective is THE best game developer know to human, and I will not let MM decay its history. So let us talk this future, yes, just in case for MM to survive. Let us start.

INFORMATION 1: Summurizing
This may count as an exposition to build up the pressure of talking to this for an essential reason, pointed on MM.
So Dreams yet now is still in production in MM seemingly it seems like too many players - LBP4. Well, that may be true. Rumours like "More graphics" or "New characters" etc. is a start of a new, yet, another rumoured game to use another game saga/franchise - LBP saga. Dreams may be heir to all series, to me I just made a random rumour that Dreams may close off he Tearaway saga, in addition, to close the LBP saga. This brings to another inferring point.

INFORMATION 2: Dates to the games
Rumours have made Dreams and LBP on the brink of thinking and solving to break what another meanings there are, forward to dates on games to realease some games if possible. We know that Dreams may have a realease during the following stages of 2018 or 2019ish, think after 2018 or 2019. What will happen? The urture is not official to be anounced, MM has been silenced to the future and dates. Modern days may be nigh. TEST
2018-05-16 13:38:00

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LBP4 seems pretty far too me, although even impossible. There is not much too add to LBP except for more space for creations and maybe a 3D mechanic. At least when you think about it for minutes. Dreams is a pretty new IP, so I suppose there will be updates and DLCs for at least 2 years. MM created the LBP franchise and I think that made them stand out as creative. I don't think their name will be forgotten. Same as with Naughty Dog. They continue to amaze us with their work.

Dreams looks like the thing we wanted from LBP and it offers more tools. LBP is a great franchise and I'm feeling nostalgic when talking about the nice moments I had here or in LBP1. But it might be over soon, in a few years.
2018-05-16 19:25:00

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There will come a day when they shut off servers for LBP and even though I barely play the game now that'll be a sad pandaface day.2018-05-26 13:08:00

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I bet the servers will be up for at least 3-5 more years. LBP2 and LBP3 still have lots of activity compared to LBP Vita, so shutting down the servers seems unlikely to me, at least in the near future.2018-05-27 08:14:00

Posts: 1172

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