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I modded Minecraft :)

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Typically I don't mod Minecraft beyond texture packs, but now I've added a few visual mods, and a few gameplay ones, and I've really enjoyed it.


The jungles look amazing but are really tasking on the framerate.


A nice, peaceful woodland.


A view of my humble home in single-player. The trapdoor leads to a work-in-progress mine and cellar with supplies.


My home from the outside. A little fence keeps the baddies from surprising me at the front door.


My home and my farm.


The view right behind me after I took the screenshots of my house. Beyond that little wood is a village.

I'm using the following mods. Most of these could be used on a lower-end computer, but the shader one is the most demanding.

Autosapling - Automatically plants saplings that land on grass I think. Pretty neat.

Better Foliage - I think this is the one that makes my trees really leafy, adds plant-life to water and other places, and adds falling leaves to forests. Overall a great mod that doesn't effect gameplay.

Chunk Animator - A strange mod some may not like. Instead of chunks just appearing when loaded, they rise into place.

Dynamic Surroundings Unofficial - A sound mod that really, really makes Minecraft come to life. It adds sound to otherwise fairly silent areas. In forests you can hear birds chirp and leaves rustle. In oceans you can hear waves crash. In jungles you can hear exotic wildlife. In caves you can hear the low moan of wind - overall a great mod.

Fast Leaf Decay - Instead of leaves floating in the air when you chop down wood, they decay in under 5 seconds. Very handy I think.

Gravestone Mod - When you die a gravestone is made for you, and all your items are kept in it. If you want them back, then return to the gravestone and destroy it. You'll also get a note of details about your death when you die.

Optifine - Big mod that lets you tweak graphics options to get Minecraft to run how you want. Also needed for shaders.

Roguelike Dungeons - This adds buildings to the overworld that may appear ordinary or intimidating - but all of them have dangerous dungeons beneath them with dangers and treasures.

RTG - Realistic terrain generation. It's what makes the trees look like how they do above, it also tweaks the biomes to behave a little more like how they would in real-life. Biomes are also larger, but not as large as real-life biomes (they're probably the same size as Minecraft's vanilla big biome setting).

Sound Filters - Another great sound mod. Makes your audio sound different depending where you are. Like if you're underground, footsteps and sounds echo and cause reverb.

SUES Shaders - Last one I'm using. It's what adds all the shadows/bloom/atmospheric lighting to the game. It also has great water, cloud, and weather shaders. It even adds global illumination! It's very demanding on PC's though.
2016-11-08 03:48:00

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Wow, nice collection. I have played the demo on PC. And full version on every ps version.

Is there a good alternate shader to the seus one. It was like 20-30 fps in low settings.
2016-11-09 04:05:00

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Wow, nice collection. I have played the demo on PC. And full version on every ps version.

Is there a good alternate shader to the seus one. It was like 20-30 fps in low settings. I actually play the game at 1280 x 800 resolution. Fortunately with Minecraft, a small screen resolution doesn't mean much because the graphics are already so chunky/blocky looking anyway, so smaller resolutions aren't really noticeable even on larger screens.

I'd recommend you do the same. If your screen is 16:9 (1920 x 1080), then you should set the resolution to something like 1280 x 720. If it's a 16:10 ratio like mine, then 1280 x 800 would be best so you can avoid stretching.

Overall the smaller resolution should really make the game run better with shaders. If you need help figuring out what you should scale your resolution down to, post your screen resolution here and I'll help you out. (Just right-click your desktop and click "Screen resolution" to see what resolution your screen is set to).
2016-11-09 17:36:00

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing those. I never realized that stuff existed to make it look so much better. 2016-11-09 22:53:00

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This is a late reply - but I love what they've done to MC. I think the mods reinvigorated my interest in Minecraft. It's just so peaceful to play now - really a good game to play if you're stressed and just want to relax.

If anyone ever needs help installing these mods, just ask and I can probably help out a little by giving a few pointers.
2017-03-26 15:55:00

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Wow! Those look great! I've never really played Minecraft. I played for a few minutes on the iPad but never just all out played. I know it's now on PS4, what do you recommend I get, Stories or just the main Minecraft game?2017-03-26 16:16:00

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Wow! Those look great! I've never really played Minecraft. I played for a few minutes on the iPad but never just all out played. I know it's now on PS4, what do you recommend I get, Stories or just the main Minecraft game?

I would recommend the main Minecraft game. I've never played it, but Stories is a single-player game set in the Minecraft world. It has none of the Minecraft gameplay (as far as I know). It's a Telltale game, and I think you essentially play it like like an interactive TV episode - you talk to characters, solve puzzles, do quick time events, etc. So if you're gonna play a Telltale game, I hear their other titles are much better and I would say skip the Stories game unless you're really into all things Minecraft.

Minecraft itself is an entirely different beast. You can play it in single-player, or with others online. You can also play creatively where you don't worry about combat and stuff, or you can play in survival where there's enemies who will try to get you. I think the best way I've heard Minecraft described is that it's like Lego. You collect blocks and resources, and you can use those blocks to put together things like your own home and farm - it can be very relaxing and fun. (You also don't have to build something like a simple home, you can build whatever you want.) (https://www.google.com/search?q=cool+minecraft+creations&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjLhLm8xvTSAhVJMyYKHVHOB50Q_AUICCgB&biw=1680&bih=944) It's also very fun to explore the world - it's all procedurally generated, so no world is the same - but they all share things like hidden caves, abandoned mineshafts, villages, dungeons, and more. (Also, if you don't like collecting resources, there's modes like Creative Mode that just let you build with infinite supplies).

Also kids love the game, so if you have a younger sibling or child then it can be a lot of fun to play it with them and explore together.
2017-03-26 17:09:00

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I once played Minecraft on our family's old computer (it was laggy as hell), yet I enjoyed it.

These days I play Minecraft on my father's PS4 whenever I am in his place. Probably once a week.

I do wish that I had Minecraft in my laptop with all those mods, because those mods are freaking beautiful!
2017-03-26 23:19:00

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I play Terraria on my Vita and love it. I understand that it's similar. I mean, it's not 3D roam around but I still love it. Mine blocks, make stuff.2017-03-27 19:28:00

Posts: 8424

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