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The wiki has never had a full collection of articles for LittleBigPlanet PSP's story levels, but we were fairly close. While rummaging through my notes I found the original markup for Mountin' Excitement, the most recently updated PSP article. Here's what it looks like:

{{infobox story
| lbp = psp
| theme = Alpine Run
| prizes = 30
| desc = Begin the search for the Hans children.}}

'''Mountin' Excitement''' is the first level of the [[Alpine Run]] theme in [[LittleBigPlanet PSP]]. Roaring out of [[Golden Sands|the desert]] on [[Prince Funubis]]' roller coaster, [[Sackboy]] crashes into a cabin belonging to [[Clock Hans]] and breaks the Creator Curator's machine. As his children have gone missing, Hans sends his guest to retrieve them while he repairs the damage.

Obtaining a key later in this stage unlocks the [[Roque n Roller]] side level.

===Collectible prizes===
The following list is constructed in the approximate order that prize bubbles are encountered within the level, with items at the top appearing early and those at the bottom near the end.
:# Big Cog ([[Stickers|Sticker]])

:# Mountain Shoes ([[Customise Character/Feet|Costume Feet]])
:# Mountain Hat ([[Customise Character/Head|Costume Head]])
:# Dirndl Skirt ([[Customise Character/Legs|Costume Legs]])
:# Alpine Lederhosen ([[Customise Character/Legs|Costume Legs]])
:# Dirndl Top ([[Customise Character/Torso|Costume Torso]])
:# White Shirt ([[Customise Character/Torso|Costume Torso]])
:# Pigtails ([[Customise Character/Hair|Costume Hair]])

:# Hand ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Grandfather Clock ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Office Clock ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Pink Clock ([[Stickers|Sticker]])

:# Fist ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Skater Body ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Skater Head ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Fragile ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Yodel Hand ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Call Me ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Waistcoat ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Snow Flakes ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Newspaper Collage ([[Materials/LittleBigPlanet PSP|Material]])
:# Cable Car ([[Goodies Bag|Object]])

:# Ripped Cardboard Box ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Roman Clock Face ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Cow's Head ([[Customise Character/Head|Costume Head]])
:# Cow Front ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Blue Paper ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Angry Cow ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Wire Fence ([[Materials/LittleBigPlanet PSP|Material]])
:# Hand n Cuff ([[Stickers|Sticker]])

===Level complete gifts===
:# Green Carpet ([[Materials/LittleBigPlanet PSP|Material]])
:# Alpine Run ([[Backgrounds|Background]])
:# Feel AM ([[Music/LittleBigPlanet PSP|Music]] by Lindstr?m & Prins Thomas)

===Aced level gifts===
:# Minute Hans ([[Stickers|Sticker]])
:# Corrugated Sheet ([[Materials/LittleBigPlanet PSP|Material]])

===Collected all gifts===
:# Window Doodle ([[Stickers|Sticker]])

{{PSP Levels}}

Every earlier level had an article with at least this level of detail. All later levels need one whether or not we rebuild the whole site. There may be a lot of new content to discuss but the old games won't be forgotten.
2014-07-13 02:57:00

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