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Wiki Downtime
What happened to the LittleBigPlanet Wiki?
The wiki was damaged several months ago during technical difficulties at LittleBigPlanet Central. As a result, it has been offline awaiting the tender touch of a bold server administrator.

Can the wiki be saved?
There is hope that the wiki can be restored to its former self. If it cannot, however, we will rebuild it! Many of its resources still exist in Internet archives and the personal logs of various editors. One way or another the LittleBigPlanet Wiki will live again.

What can be done in the meantime?
There are many articles to be written and images to be uploaded whether or not the wiki is fully recovered. Everything from The Nightmare Before Christmas Level Kit to LittleBigPlanet 3 will need some love! If you're keen to compile information on such topics in preparation for adding articles to the wiki, this forum is a fine place to discuss these efforts with your peers.

Is the rest of this FAQ going to help us much?
Not quite yet. It's hard to practice editing a wiki while it is offline! A day will come when the questions below have some use! Still, it is fun to pretend that this advice could lead to a really nifty article or two.

Original FAQ
Who can edit the wiki?
Everybody! If you have a LittleBigPlanet Central account you're ready to go. If you don't have an account yet, just scroll to the top of this site and sign up! Your LBPC account allows you to post in this forum and modify the wiki to your heart's desire.

How do I edit the wiki?
There are links at the top of every article to the left of the search box. One of these says "Edit". Clicking it brings up the article's source and you may start making changes to the whole thing as you please! You can also click the [edit] link that appears beside a section of a longer article to modify only that portion.

How do I make a new article?
You can always create new articles if you feel that the wiki is missing some information about LittleBigPlanet. Before charging ahead, however, it is best to consider whether a similar article already exists! If the informative morsel really doesn't seem to be lurking anywhere, there are three ways to get a new article started:

By clicking a red link in an existing article, which indicates a missing page that somebody else wants created
By typing the desired article name in search and then clicking the red link at the top of the results
By typing the name at the end of a wiki url such as "http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/name_here"

We recommend using search as it will naturally find an existing article if the name is already employed. It will also find similar articles, which may reveal a misspelling or other typo. The exact letters and symbols of an article name are everything to the wiki: "Wolverine Costume" and "Wolverine costume" would be completely different articles!

If an article does not exist you will see:

Create the page "Thing You Typed" on this wiki!

Just click that red link to start editing your new article! Remember to use the preview button at the bottom of the editing page to see how you're doing! You can experiment as much as you like, nothing will be permanently added to the wiki until you push the save button.

How do I add links/images/fancy things to an article?
Wikis use so-called "wiki markup" to turn plain text into nifty pages. Most of the time this is accomplished by surrounding text with a certain number of symbols. Putting '''three apostrophes''' around some words makes them bold, for example, and [[A Couple Brackets]] will create a link to the page called A Couple Brackets.

For basic details regarding the construction of an article, refer to our Introduction to Wiki Editing (wiki.lbpcentral.com/Tutorial:Introduction_to_Wiki_Editing) tutorial. You can also look at existing articles to see what tricks other editors have used to make them what they are!

We might not provide all the details of wiki editing. If you want more advance information about it, visit MediaWiki help pages which contains nearly every detail about wiki system:


MediaWiki is full of fancy little features that may or may not be installed on our wiki, of course, so keep that in mind when applying their advice!

Can I upload additional images?
Yes, the wiki has a form (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/Special:Upload) that does just that! Level screenshots and the occasional infographic greatly improve otherwise text-heavy articles. You can browse the thousands of existing images starting from the image category (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/Category:Images), which branches into many more specific groupings. If none of that suits you and you're determined to upload, you can include your image in one of these groups by including a link to the category name, like [[Category:User Images]], in the summary field of the upload form.

Don't forget to choose a licensing option from the form's drop-down menu! Once you upload, your picture can be included in an article by linking to it in the fashion of [[File:Name Of Your Picture.png]]. If you click on the image or search for its name you can view its file page. This includes a File History section which has the option to "Upload a new version of this file", just in case your current image isn't good enough! Only wiki staff can upload new versions of other people's images, but you can revise your own uploads as many times as you like! Refer to the wiki's file policy (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/LBPWiki:Files) for additional information about this process.

What sort of stuff should be on the wiki?
If it's about LittleBigPlanet, it deserves a mention somewhere on the wiki. Everything from stickers to sound effects! Producers to programmers! Costumes to commercials! If there's a lunch box with Sackboy on the front, we want to know about it!

Can I write about myself?
Absolutely! In fact, there is a whole page just about you. Your user page! When you're logged in, you will see a message saying "Welcome, Your Name" in the upper left corner of the site. Click your name to go to your user page! It may be a bit empty to start, but you can expand it however you like. Even if you only write "This is my user page. There are many like it, but this one's mine." Fantastic!

What about larger projects like fansites and collaborations?
The wiki has an entire Community namespace in which team efforts can be detailed. Just create an article named "Community:Whatever Your Project Is Called" and build it up as you please. For example, look at what those clever lads over at the Pocket Moon Podcast (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/Communityocket_Moon_Podcast) have constructed for themselves!

What's a "namespace" anyway?
A namespace is a collection of articles that all begin with the same prefix, like the Community example shown above. Each namespace has its own purpose and varying guidelines for the sorts of things that will be found in it. They are helpful when performing an advanced search (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/index.php?title=Special:Search&fulltext=Search&advanced=1&ns0=1&ns100=1&redirs=0&search=) as you can limit which sections of the wiki will return results.

Articles with no prefix, like Sackboy's (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/Sackboy), are said to be part of the "main namespace" or "mainspace" for short. These are the core of the encyclopedia: informative, objective articles based upon official developments in the LittleBigPlanet series. Though they can be playful at times, these articles mean business!

Articles prefixed with Community:, like Community:Fansites (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/Community:Fansites), are less official and more subjective. Pages in the Community namespace are only concerned with what the Community has to say for itself. Clever things? Silly things? That's for the community to determine!

Articles prefixed with User:, like User:Holguin86 (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/User:Holguin86), are all about individual community members. These may be arranged however the user likes and express all manner of opinion and assorted goofiness. Some lunatic might even camouflage his user page (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/User:Uncuddly) as a regular article! Your user page is the place to express yourself with no worries about building an encyclopedia, so have at it!

Beyond these, there are other namespaces like Template:, which is used for bits of text that are transplanted onto many different articles; Tutorial:, which contains purely instructional articles; File:, which houses images and such; and LBPWiki:, which details policy and other wiki-wide concerns.

What is template?
A template is a ready piece of content that can be reused in many articles. When it is edited, all pages which include it will automatically exhibit the changes. Rather than writing a brand new table for every article that needs one, you can simply place a small tag like:

{{infobox item
|category=Simple Logic
|location=Basic Logic

This example's template creates a nice infobox containing basic information about a gadget. Each line has a parameter which tells the template how to display itself. All templates exists in the Template: namespace and are edited just like regular articles. Each template page acts as a sort of tutorial for itself and includes a list of all the parameters that can be used. You also free to create your own templates! They save a great deal of time for anything you might want to write on more than one article. It is essentially a little mini-article that you will spread across the wiki! As the fanciest templates are quite complex, one should visit MediaWiki for advanced details:


What is sub-page?
Each article can have sub-pages, which are articles that automatically link back to the parent. They are created in the same fashion as a regular article, but instead of typing just the article name you add the subpage name after a slash ("/"). For example, "BaseArticleName/SubPageName". On our wiki there are some pages that grew quite hugetastic, like the list of all trophies, so we split the information for each game onto subpages of the Trophies article. So to see LittleBigPlanet Karting trophies, for example, one visits:


Generally LBPWiki prefers an article to be all in one piece to begin, however, with sub-pages arising in special cases. Moving a big solid page into a bunch of subpages is something to discuss with the community beforehand. You are always free to create subpages of your user page, however, which is useful for many things including the next question!

Is there a way to save my work on an article without changing the original?
You can easily accomplish this by creating a subpage of your user page and storing the edits there. Simply make a new article named "User:MyUserName/MyArticueName". It's your user page so you can keep stuff there for as long as you'd like! Subpages of a user page are like your personal namespace to use as you please: experiment with tables, describe some of your projects, write about salmon... whatever may be useful to you!

How does the wiki get such nice images of individual stickers?
If a sticker is used as a level badge and that level is published, it is possible to see the sticker on lbp.me by viewing the level's badge image and changing the "bm" or "bl" portion of the URL to "ft". This method was first advocated by Icydogs and has been used to obtain and upload many sticker images (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com.org/Category:Sticker_Images) to the wiki.

Who is running this crazy thing?
A list of staff members (http://wiki.lbpcentral.com.org/LBPWiki:Contact_us) is maintained on the wiki. Feel free to contact us by private messages or post a topic on this forum if you have an issue to discuss. We also have a Twitter account: just tweet @LBPWiki (https://twitter.com/LBPWiki) if you only need 140 characters to get the job done!
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