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Exclusive Interview with Mark Healey

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I believe the original thread was lost in translation when we reorganized, so I'm posting it here so we can still have it.

Here is our exclusive interview with Co-Founder of Media Molecule and Co-Creator of LittleBigPlanet, Mark Healey. We worked hard for this, and they were nice enough to give us some in-depth answers. Give it a read, it's got some great information.

We are a little unclear as to the purpose of the moon. Does it represent local save space or online hosting space? If it is local, then is there a limit to the amount a player can upload?
It represents your local save space (hard drive). There are about 100 slots for to experiment in. There is a limit to what you can upload ? but it will be possible to earn more?.

We have heard of special ?triggers? that detect certain events and deploy an action, such as the breaking of a rope. Could you elaborate on the types of triggers you are including, and how many you plan to include?
We have a set of ?switches? that can be wired up to various items;
?Button? ? This is like the button you might find on a fruit machine ? it requires pressure on it to operate it.
?Two way switch? ? A two position switch ? much like a light switch.
?Three way switch? A bit like the two way switch , except it has a central position, and will spring back to centre when not being operated.
?Sensor switch? This will become active when a Sackperson is close to it (you can alter the range) ? this is much like a traditional ?trigger? as used in many game.
?Sticker Switch? Will become active when a particular sticker is applied on the object it is attached to.
?Grab Switch? Detects that a sackperson is grabbing the object the switch is stuck too.
?Magnetic Key & Magnetic Switch? ? a bit like the sensor switch, except instead of detecting Sack persons, it detects color matched keys ? very very handy?
These are all base level items, and can be combined and used in very cunning ways??to make very different types of games from what you might expect LBP to currently be?.

Is it possible to reward a player a download key to another level upon completion, to create an overarching story while requiring they play them in the intended order?
Absolutely Yes! - for every level you publish, you get a key ? you can then lock levels, and give that key to others - either as a reward in another of your levels ? or by directly sending it to a friend. This is the mechanism we have used to create the story progression that comes with the initial bluray.

We?ve seen the video screens that display information in many levels. Is this something we can create and customize, or an option reserved for the single-player aspect?
These are for tutorial videos ? and there isn?t currently a way of players creating their own ones ? but we would love to add is as a DLC thing in the near future.
We know wooden logs can be set on fire. Will you have other element interactions, such as ice melting or fire extinguishing?
You can set fire to pretty much anything, you can also make things ?electrified?, or turn them to gas, which is very cool.

Is water still planned for the game? If so, were you planning to release it via DLC or in the final build?
By water, I assume you mean ?real water? that acts like real water does! ? This isn?t in the initial release, but we have some cool ideas for how to integrate it into a possible future DLC ? of course, it will have a slight LBP twist to it?..

We have heard of an in-game system that allows you to save an item as a ?blueprint? in order to place that item wherever you would like in the future. How does this system work?
You can capture objects you make into your POPIT, and then use them like you do other objects from Popit ? you can also put them into eggs for vistors to your levels to take away (or try to win)

How dark can we make a level? Can we control the degree of darkness throughout the level(such as making the sun rise when the player reaches a certain point)?
You can make it pitch black if you like. You could fake the sun rising with some cunning switches and light objects?.

Are there any weather effects, such as rain or fog?
There is fog that you can tweak, and you could pretty easily fake a thunderstorm with the right sound effect objects and some ?emitted? rain drops or something.

Are we going to be able to give detailed text descriptions to our uploaded levels, or is the keywords/tags system the only way to describe our levels from within the game?
There is plenty of room for you to add instructions to your creations, each level has a description field, and in your level, you can add ?magic mouths? that talk to the player.
Well, There you have it! Our exclusive interview is now live, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.
2008-10-17 05:00:00

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Again, I still find it very remarkable just how crazy different LBPCentral has turned out. Not only are the members surprisingly sane, not to mention intelligent, but we've somehow managed to get recognized by the developers of this game the site's about, including this stellar example, an entire exclusive interview. *Shakes head in partial disbelief.* It really is crazy. But somehow, it's perfectly normal. Odd.2008-10-17 05:05:00

Mark D. Stroyer
Posts: 632

Wow, so this is an interview by LBPC? ****, I've never been in a forum this popular, well... Ever... 2008-10-18 00:19:00

Whalio Cappuccino
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good work mate

High 5
2008-10-18 01:05:00

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This is definitely a fabulous achievement for this site, and you have to definitely give credit to the mods, the people and everyone else who makes this site. To receive a one to one with the creator is no easy feat .

Well Done Guys
2008-10-18 01:23:00

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Oh, wow. I remember reading this a while back ago, but I didn't know it was LBPC that interviewed him. :eek:2008-10-18 09:26:00

Unknown User

great interview but it did not anwer any questions that i had so it was dispoint, not every one will get their question ask, are you guy going to do any more2008-10-21 16:56:00

Posts: 362

great interview but it did not anwer any questions that i had so it was dispoint, not every one will get their question ask, are you guy going to do any more

I think your thinking of the recent interview that hasnt been done yet!
2008-10-21 17:16:00

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oh my bad, i thought this was that interveiw where we get to ask questions, it said mark heavley, i thought their was only one mark2008-10-22 20:46:00

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oh my bad, i thought this was that interveiw where we get to ask questions, it said mark heavley, i thought their was only one mark
The one I'm currently gathering questions for is to interview Alex Evans.
2008-10-23 00:15:00

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wow cool review!

i like the codes for the series
2008-10-23 00:58:00

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nice interview!!!2008-10-26 05:55:00

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