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Official Rules

Common sense goes a long way here. We want you to have fun, but not to the extent of making others feel threatened or uncomfortable. This is a family site. Just as in LittleBigPlanet, we have members here of all ages. However, we moderate this site, not the levels or the comments in the games - that is Sony's job. If you find yourself in trouble for breaking the rules, please look at it from our perspective - try to figure out what you did wrong and why it provoked us to take action. If you have questions concerning an issue, please ask. We are here to help...but ask via pm rather than in the particular thread.

Do not derail threads! For example, posting about your new level or thread just because that one has more activity. Also if we come in to get a thread on track or ask others to calm down and you have issues, ask us via a PM. Doing it in the thread just further derails the thread.
Please try to stay on topic and post only if you have something to contribute to the conversation. We are quite lenient in most cases and love to have fun, but please stay aware of the topic and get back to it asap.
Do not bump threads! Posts with no new information, solely designed to 'bump' existing threads are not allowed. Do not reply to older threads, especially those looking for some sort of response or answer. We don't mind adding 'actual feedback' to an older Level Showcase thread, but replying to an old thread is unnecessary.
Please avoid creating duplicate threads. Yeah, we are excited about whatever you want to say too, but only one thread is needed on any one topic at a time.
No spammy threads. Threads with no real topic or too vague that cause posts to be mostly spam.
Please avoid double posts.You may only make two consecutive posts in the same thread after that period only if you have new, substantial information to add, which you feel is necessary for others to see. Otherwise, please edit your previous post. If you wish to respond to more than one post at the same time, use the Multi-Quote feature, which can be found in the lower-right corner of each post. Select the posts you would like to respond to and click Post Reply at the bottom of the thread.
No inappropriate content. This includes sexual references, drug-related content, vulgar content and comments that attack, insult or goad other members. Advertising is permitted to an extent, but only where it's useful to the community, e.g. related to LittleBigPlanet. Generic advertising, including in signatures, is not permitted.
Please no foul language! We have a wide range of ages on this site so be mindful. You can use mild language, but do not bypass the language filter. Asterisks (*) will replace any bad language automatically. As long as you don't bypass the filter on purpose and you aren't too vulgar, some language is allowed. That being said, this is still a family site. Think of this site like a Disney movie: don't use words that are not appropriate for a site meant for all ages. This also pertains to links to other sites containing inappropriate material in any form. If it is outside of our language rules and filters, it is not allowed. We have a very special relationship not only with Mm, but with Sony. We will enforce this rule to keep that relationship.
Be respectful! Please remember that this is a community site and that discussion of potentially sensitive or controversial subjects (such as religion and politics) is allowed, but will be carefully moderated. Calm, reasoned debate is encouraged and you are free to express your options - as long as you remember to respect the opinions of others. Goading or forcing others into debate is considered trolling or bullying and is neither allowed nor appreciated. Please use common sense and your best judgment. We also have a no naming/shaming policy here. We understand that others don't always play nice, but calling them out by name is not allowed.
Do not post privileged information. Any information covered by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Sony, Media Molecule, or any affiliated parties is also considered to be Inappropriate content. This includes, but is not limited to, any information regarding any LittleBigPlanet Beta. Note that this rule still applies even if you, yourself, have not signed the NDA. This goes double for those working for any the affiliates on the game itself. Unless you have clearance to disclose and say that as such, please abide by your NDA.
Abide by the EULA. Do not post any information derived by hacking the game or its DLC, or information about how to hack the game or otherwise circumvent the LittleBigPlanet EULA.
ONLY ONE account per user. Please do not make multiple accounts for the same person, however righteous your intentions.
Piracy or gamesharing is not allowed in any form on the forums. This includes discussions or posting of links to sites relating to gamesharing or methods of pirating games and any other media, or even encouraging/organizing such activities.
Don't take it upon yourself to be a moderator! If you notice that someone has broken the rules, report the post in question with the report button. All of the staff will be notified and decide how to handle the issue. Leave it to our staff to enforce the rules - that's our job. Taking matters into your own hands will only derail the thread and create a more of a mess.
Please no arguing with or harassing the staff. Discussion (as outlined above) is one thing in an appropriate thread or PM, but airing your grievances out in public is not appropriate (i.e. Rule 2). Taking any discussion with our staff to outside media such as Twitter, Facebook or PSN about a site disciplinary action will be treated as if it were sent via the LBPC messaging system. That means those messages are subject to additional infractions, silencing and/or banning as decided on a case by case basis.
Oh... and even though we feel we shouldn't have to mention it, PLEASE NO H4H of any sort on this site. Rise above it and earn them.

Infraction System

Any time you break a rule, you will get a PM (called an "infraction") detailing why the infraction was given, which post the infraction was given for, how many points the infraction is worth, and when it expires.

Each infraction has an associated point value and lifetime. The more severe the offense, the higher the value and the longer it takes to expire.

You can view the infractions you've received (if they have not yet expired) by heading to your User CP (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/usercp.php). It will be in the center of the page, under the heading "Latest Infractions Received".

Each infraction is based one of the Official Rules. If we add new rules, we'll add new infractions, but we'll keep you guys updated in both scenarios.

These point values will accumulate depending on how frequently (if ever) you break the rules.

Once you reach a predefined number of points, the system (read: not a human being) will automatically ban you for a predefined number of days.
These points do expire, so don't think an infraction will stick with you forever. Too many infractions in a given time period, however, and you'll be automatically punished.

Overall, this system will be much more standard and automated, so you can keep track of how close you are to a ban. However, that does not mean that you may play a points game with us. That is being disruptive, but attempting to stay below a certain value. In most cases, we will just go ahead and insure you are helped you out the door sooner, so to speak.

We still reserve the right to ban without first serving an infraction if the offense is considered severe enough.
We also will consider a higher level of infraction in the case of someone that has a history of them. Even if the current point value is zero. We feel you should have learned from your prior mistakes.

Automatic Bans
As previously mentioned, depending on the number of infraction points you accumulate, you could face an automatic punishment. At first you will be "Silenced"(more on that below), after which you could end up being banned for a number of days (in severe cases, permanently). More points will mean a harsher punishment.

4 points: Silenced

You will lose the ability to post anywhere on the forums until your infraction value drops below 4 points. This usually means waiting until your points expire. Keep in mind: If you manage to accumulate 6 or more points very quickly, you will be silenced and banned for the specified number of days. Your silencing will lift independently of the ban, so you may come back from a ban and discover you are still silenced. It all depends on the circumstances.
5 points: 2 week ban

You will be banned for 2 weeks, after which you will be reallowed access.
6 points: 1 month ban
You will be banned for 1 month, after which you will be reallowed access
7 points: 2 month ban
You will be banned for 2 months, after which you will be reallowed access.
8 points and up: Permanent ban
You will be banned permanently, and will not be reallowed access. Any attempt to evade a ban (such as making another account) will result in an IP ban.

Now, let me make one more thing clear: these automatic punishments are implemented extremely rarely. We're not dictators - we have this system in place only so you can keep track of the rules you've broken more easily, if at all. The average user will never need this system - it's here solely for the very few that will.
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